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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, September 12, 1867, Image 2

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Ttpmriri'ntip RnnnirtVi
OPFI VEIn Dodge's Building over Siteland's
toreJ connr Nam and locust birtet, Aait
CJ' the C'curl Lome, '
For Terms kn see 4th Tee
TTn iha lirncat circulation of any pa
vtr in Vinton County. Advertisers and
others trill please mate a note of this.
Democratic State Ticket.
Election—Tuesday, October 8, 1867.
For Governor,
AU.EN 0. Til UK MAN, of Franklin.
Fcr lieutenant Qaroor,
PA.SIELS. I'HUof Holmi.
f ' for Treasurer,
tr.C. FULTON, of Crawford.
For Auditor,
JOnS licELWEE, of Eut'er.
For Attorney Of neral,
FRANK n. HTJR-D, of Knot.
For Judge of Supreme Court,
Jadge THOMAS M. KEY, of Hamilton.
For Controllei of Treasury,
WIUIAM EI1EP.1PAN, ofWilliami.
For Hoard of Public Works,
ARTHUJt HUGHES, of Cuyahoga.
For RtpresentallT,
For Prosecuting A'torney,
For Surveyor,
for Commissioner,
On Constitutional Amendment, giving
tfegroes the Right to Vote and
hold Office:
Tat Drmocr&tio Executive Committee or
Vinton Count, announce th. following dmu
ings in the several Townships:
,.nr. no r. iv.
BATURDAY, September u b. Speaker.-
ij. Dana and A J, &waim,
ZAIEiKI, Madison Township, SATUR
DAY. September 14th. 0 T Gunning and
D B fhivel
, i T m I
TUESl'AY, 8epelember 17th, John Mayo
. 1 , D
n..nnn WtTrtlST nAITBP ri.l.M T n '
HirrisoD Township, WEDNESDAY,
September 18ib. . Speaker 0. T.
Gunoiugand D. B. Shivel.
ber 2l't. Sf oaken Arch. Majo and
hip, SATURDAY, September 2lt.
Speaker D. S. Dana and P. B. Sbivet.
September 24th. Speakers J. Mayo
and (i. W. Pitcher.
Jackson Townahip, WEDNESDAY,
September 25th. 1). B. Shivel acd G.
W. Piloher.
September 28th, Speakers Arch.
Mayo and others.
Bih, Speakers Arch. Mayo and ohters.
Our friands in the varions loealities will
le that the neceaaary arrangements are made
fur holding tha meetings.
- Uea ot all purlieu areinvitedt
Meeting at Eagle Furnace.
A Democralio meeting was held at Eagle
Furnace Uat tiglt. 0. T. Gunning made
an excellent speech.
- Another meeting will be held at Eagle
Furnace on Dtxi Wednesday night, the ldtb
last. Able speakers will address the aset-
liitr, Let than be laigs crowd. Men of
ail paiics are Infiud.
Vote against J ones tor tho State Sen
ate! He is in fvor of euorraoui taxa
(iJo, tod friend to the bond aristocrats
H'ho pay pu taxea.
the land, and that to them is commit
D. 'ted the legislation of tho country
Tni democratic mie at sla-
GROVE.-The meeting at Sla-
gle's Grove, on Saturday last, was or
ganizod at one o'clock by calling D.
B. Shivel to the chair, who, in a very
brief manner, gave a fow hints at the
present policy of tho fanatical rulers,
by way of an introduction, to the
Hon. Arch. Mayo, when he arose and
proceedod to discuss at length the
most Important issues of the present
His very able and talented speech
will long bo remembered by the many
true patriots of the country. Although
the meeting was not as large as was
promised, yet it was a very respecta
ble crowd composed of attentive and
thinking men. The able and unan
swerable arguments adduced will do
good work, in the bands of the noble-
hearted men composing the meeting.
The littlo "Giant Speaker" of the
country spoke for three hours, in that
smooth and peculiarly attractive man
ner so natural to the man, advancing
6tep by step, adducing argument after
argument, and produced such facts, in
exposition of the policy ot the fanati
cal faction now in power, that the
many honest Republicans present were
convinced of tho truthfulness of his
arguments, and went homo thinking
upon the deplorable condition of our
once happy and prosperous country
but now distracted and dividod union
of States; the Constitution impaired
and our liberties endangered by hav
ing trusted too long those crazy fanat
ics who would now damn evory per
son and State in the Union, and offer
them upon the political altar of ruin
as a sacrifice, all for tho honor of the
polite, patriotic, and Loyal Negro.
That "Loyalty, when dissected ana
examined, means "treason made
odious," and "treason made odious"
means to disfranchise every Democrat
in tho Sfates, unless he will support
"our policy" is made plain from the
fact that these factionists are placing
rebols in office down in the South,
whose garments aro yet wet with the
blood of Union soldiers slain in bat
tie, in preference to the noble goner
als of Ohio, who aro not in favor of
"our policy," but who are in favor of
the Union of the States and the Con
stitution unimpaired,
i Tho Union of tho States, the Con
stitution of our Fathers unimpaired,
and equal and exact justice in the ad
ministration of the laws, with the
several States under tho Constitution,
is what the people now want. The
question for the people to decide now,
Is: Shall wo have the Union of tho
C?-fttia9 rtt oil oil TtTA ViOTTA WftrOft fVlOTl
monarchy in its most despotic form?
Let the people of the several States
consider themselves the sovereigns of
uibu lur luciuDvi vcE), niiu lucu ivi tatu
other. Let the people once consign
themselves to the idea that the gov
urnmMit of thfl mnntrv belonfrs onlv
to a few military satraps, and destruc-
j . r t
tion will soon ensue monarchswill
. O
stand upon the ruins, and our happi
ness will be forever gone. ;
Farmehs! Mechanics! and Labor
ing Men! are you in favor of "work
ing from early dawn to dark of day,"
the hope that you may be able
sometime to pay oif the National debt,
which is steadily increasing? Or are
you in favor of redeeming the Bonds
with greenbacks, thus stopping the
enormous interest of One Hundred
and Eighty Millions of Dollars, annu
ally, which has to be paid by you in
The safest way of sending money
by money orders there is no dan
ger of its being lost. Money orders
can now be obtained at the McArthur
Post Office upon Post Offices in all
parts of the United States. A list of
the Money Order Post Offices may be
seen by calling on J. K McLaughlin,
Post Master at this place.
The Portsmouth Republican says
tho Portsmouth Times does not state
the Negro Suffrage question fairly,
We know of no one who can Btato it
as dark as tho Republican.
Tat Portsmouth Republican learns
that Judge Johnson has decided not
to grant the preliminary injunction in
the caao of the Furnacemen vs. Ports
mouth Branch of the Marietta & Cin
cinnati E. B. in other words, a de
cision against the Furnacemen. This
suit was brought by tho Furnacemen
against the Railroad Co. for charging
too much for freights.
Wi ask oar present subscribers whs are
anxious to forward the Democralio eaoses,
secure now subscribers for the Enquxbii.
Vinton County Normal Institute.
Tho Vinton County Teachers' Asso
ciation held its first Institute, under
its present organization, during the
2d, 3d, 4th, 5th and 6th days of Sep
tember, 1867, .
Fifty-five teachers were la attend,
anco and all had a very ploasant and
instructive time. Members manifest
ed a lively interest in the exercises
and gavo a prompt and punctual at
tendance. Professors Eli T. Tappan and W.
IT. Yocno, of tho Ohio University,
were in attendance and gavo instruc
tions in the best manner of conducting
Common Schools.
The evening lectures were largely
attended, showing that the people of
McArthur feel a decided interest in
the advancement of tho cause of edu
cation. Steps were taken toward the
organization of Township Teachers'
Associations, and a committee of three,
consisting of Messrs. Perdue, Darby,
and UEFiaH, were appointed to report
the views of the Association upon the
nronriotv cf croatins the office of
County School Commissioner and a
suitable petition to present to the Leg
islature the coming session praying
thenj to give the subject thoir consid
eration. The first Saturday in April
was agreed upon as the time for hold
ing a meeting to .make necessary ar
rangements for the holding of an In
stitute for the year 18G8.
After regular business was disposed
of, the following officers were elected
4br the coming year:
President, M. E. Barnes; Vice Pres
idents, L. 0. Perdue, J. S. Huhn, and
Frank Darby; Secretary, J- M. McGil
livray; Treasurer, A. W. Asbury; Ex
ecutive Committee, C. D. Gist, B. F.
Albin, J. J. Defigh, and D. B. Ziogler.
Mr, McDonald Lottridgo offerod the
following resolutions, which were
passed unanimously:
Whereas, With a full sense of the
benefit we have received, and tho ob
ligations we owo, Therefore, we, the
members of the Vinton County Teach
ers' Association, have
Resolved, That to Professors Tappan
and Young we tendor our heart-telt
thanks for their nblo and earnest ef
forts in our behalf, and feeling our In
ability to discharge the debt of deep
gratitude devolving upon us, wo leave
their reward with Him who doeth all
things well, knowing thev will receive
the recompense 01 solt.approbation,
which so surely follows a noble and
o JP .
generous enort lor tne elevation ana
advancement of humanity.
Resolved, That to our trionds of the
choirs of the M. E. and Presbyterian
Churches we tender our best wishes
and earnest thanks for tho music fur-
uished duriner the sessions of tbia In
stitute and for that kindly interest in
our welfare which their course has
made so raanife&t.
Resolved, That last, though not least,
wo ieel our lnaeoteaness to Messrs.
Barnes and McGillivray, our President
and Secretary, for their eflorts in or
ganizing this Institute and tho cheer
ful and prompt manner in whicli they
have' discharged tho flutics of their
Resolved, That the minutes of this
mooting be published in tho county
Hon. A. Mayo. The Central Com
mittee have secured the services of
Hon. Archibald Mayo, one of the
finest . stumpers in Southern Ohio, to
address a series of township meetings
next week, in this county. V e hope
he will be greeted with nne meetings.
Chillicothe Advertiser.
A number of Eadicals of pur town
aro going from school house to school
house in different parts 6f Vinton
county, telling a few persons at each
place what bad fellows tho "Copper
heads," the "Butternuts," the "trai
tors," &c., are, but avoid saying any
thing about the real issues of the cam
paign. They howl very loud about
what some Democrats dono during
the war. They say little or nothing
about Negro Suffrage; nothing about
the poor man working day after day
to pay taxes while the rich Badical
stumpers sit in rocking chairs all day
and grow fat off the interest they re
ceive on the Bonds they hold ; not a
word of truth about tho financial con
dition of the country; and not a word
in favor of taxing Bonds. All are in
favor of the poor men working forev
er and paying two-thirds of their
earnings to tax-gatherers. Jones, the
candidate for the Stato Senate, is in
favor of it; Fee, tho candidate for the
House of Eepresentatives, is in favor
of it. Neither of them care any thing
for the poor laboring men they want
to', 'get into office, and want the poor
men. to vote for them.
California Election. The newn
from oslifornia is indeed very refreshing.
With a hearty good will, the Damocracj
and Conservatives of Vinton eonnty
ay, "All hail, California I" Every
Democrat feela jubilant over the glorious
news. The Democracy feel encouraged
now, tod are going to work with a will
and determination - that ia worthy the
oanse for rbiob. they are contending
Go to work, Democrats of Vinton coun
ty I Work until the polls close on the
8th day of Ootober, and be prepared to
hear more good news !
First Gun for Constitutional
Two Democratic Congressmen.
A Democratic Legislature!
[Special dispatch to the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 5. 1867.
California sends greeting to all Con
servative citizens at the Ea9t, having
elected Henry H. Haight, Governor,
by many thousand majority follow
ing in tho footsteps of .Connecticut,
and improving upon her example.
Tho Legislature is Democratic, and
the State is thoroughly redeemed. Two
Congressmen are elected, and tho third
is believed to bo. Let Ohio join the
Have You Heard from
There was an eleotioa in Maine on Mon
day, and the result is almost a disaster to
the Radicals. Ws hare not full returns yet,
but the news is coming in very much as U
came from California. Erery dispatch im
proves it. Late on Monday night the tele
graph announoed that three-sevenths of the
State had been heard from, which reduced
the Radical majority of last year ciue-fil-tetnths.
Lattr dispatches prove that one-half of
the last year's glgantio Radioal majority of
27,000 has been swept away! A liemocratie
gaiu has been made in a hundred thousand
votes palled of U 000!
There is no use talking. The people are
determined to rebuke the corruption, tba
usurpation and the N'egroism of the Repub
lican leaders.
The Whit people of this country are capa
ble of self government, and they will prove
it beyond a doubt by voting out of power tho
party leaders who have falsified every pledge
tbey heretofore made.
Demooiats and Conservatives, rejoice and
take courage!
Von against Fes for Kopresentative.
He will, if elected, vote for that old ty
rant, Ben Waie, fur United States
Senator. Ben WADE has been misrep
resenting Ohio in the Senate long
enough, and ho must be defeated by do
feetiop such enemies to poor men as
John Fee.
The payment of the publio debt in
greenback is becoming more and more
popular every day. Jooea and Fee are
opposed to this mode of paying off the
debt, , They bad rather soe poor men
wotk at thirty cents per dsy and give
twenty cents per dsy to the bondholder
than have the dubt paid in that way, or
ever have the bonds taxed! Ore l)ig
eersl Coal Dieeeis, Wood Chopper.
Railroad Laborers. Farmers, and all
other laborers, what do you think of
that? Go to the polls and vote against
such tyrannical men.
Strange But True. During the
campaign last fall, there was a groat
harangue about Dr. Moore having
made unlawful charges in his office,
while acting as Auditor, and that the
people had to pay $150 for his "in
competency," &c! Now we learn
through very good authority that at
tho present session of tho Commis
sioners his competitor and successor
in office, presented an extra charge of
8100 over and above his lawful salary,
of which he was allowed 880, after
considerable drumming of the Com
missioners! For the sanio thing Dr.
Moore charged nothing.
On Tuesday evening, tho large
school house at Prattsville was filled
to overflowing, while, many could not
be seated, where they listened to D. B.
Shivel, (J. T. Gunning and A. J.
Swaim's arnimonts with that pro
found attention and good order that is
seldom equalled. "White!" is the
motto of the people!
A brutal prize fight occurred near
Hamilton, Butler eoonty. one week ago
last Saturday, between Aaron Jones and
Mike MoUoolo, for 82,000, After thirty-four
rounds, in eaob of which Mo-
Coolo bad all the advantages he was de
clared tbe winner of the fight. Jones
had a rib broken, and was terribly pun
ished. It is estimated that $20,000
ohanged hards on the fight, and it was
witnessed by probably five thousand
Ex-Governor Curtin, of Pehnsyl-.
vania, one of tho sainted high priests
of the Badical party, says:
."A Dutchman is not like another
person; he has two skulls, ana in or
der to get an idea into his head, you
must break one of his skulls."
A Loyal Negro is a hundred times
better than a red-mouthed Irishman
or a lop-eared Dutchman. A Vinton
Many other quttations of similar
import and like spirit can be produced,
as emanating from the larger guns of
the Eadical party of Vinton county!
Foreigners, think on these things t
The Scioto Oazette. printed at Chil
licothe, has been enlarged, and is the
largest and oldest paper printed in
Ohio. It was established in 1800.
Messrs. T. D. and S. A. Fitch are its
present editors.
"The Chronicles cp Zaleski.'
We have concluded to sttJpond the pubi
lioation of " The Chronicles ol Z.lesli"
until Ootober 10, 1867, when the lsi
Chapter of tbe First Book will bo pub
lished; anion the 17ih of October we
will commence the- publication of the
Second Book, ia whieh will bs found a
complete history of the u Lord," -begin,
oing at tba time he ws in ths War in
Old World. Those haviog e knowledge
of the acts and doiogs " of lbs 'Lord"
will please communicate iIip snmo to us
in the meantime, as the Sscoud Book
will be ?ery interesting.
To the authors of the Chronicles we
tender our thanks for writing, in a plain
and truthful style, tbe history of tba
city the ''Lord," the British Pound,
(now deceased,) the Chief Pig Driver,"
od "Peter Plumfull," now ed.tor of the
Sunday morning paper printed in tbe
"Lard's" old i'riotiug Office, whore
bad whisky rules tho rlsy.
State FAia.-Tl'e Stato Fair will ho
bald thi year at Davton, commencing
Mnnrlav. SeDt. 27. The railroads will
oarrv passeugers at half-fair, and stock
destioed for tbe pxhtbition tree 01 cuargp,
It is expected that the approaching fair
will be I bo Boest one that bus beeu held
for number of years.
All The Same. Some Radicals who
Bag at the negro voting amendment mmii
tbey wont go it. but will vote the ticket.
I H. filSIVFJ,,
Attorney nt ijaw,
I IX attond promptly to ll leftid btuinen en.
triiKtml to his cam. In v
iton and soioiDing
July 11
Id tio Com ttf suae.
TM PORTER ol, French, German and Italian Violin
T(.e 'IVaile supplied on th mot liberal terms,
General Wtitern Agent for
From the Faotoilesoftlin mot of the Crt.rBATM
Maksri, which t Will nun low itir cmh.
(wniii Plnnnn tnkpn In ftchr te 'ornen.
feVri&no anil Orpins for iale uud to rent, by the
amount paid for leut being applied to pur
cho. if desired.
Si27Agent for Cabinet Organs and Pianos
wanted in every town ia OLio, Indiana and
Jons c::rRcn,j.,
June 27, ISOV-t Cincinnati, O.
Attorney cvt Xvw,
WILL st'enrt vrcmp'.lyto nil IpithJ bnnini n
trusted to his care in Vinlnn and JnckKon coun
ties. Office I) ItddWridgo'n Ivr.w Huililmu, south
t corner M:iin and MarkM streets upxinirs. Mr.
Mayo Is in pwtnwidup with Porter ImliadwfiT o
Jacknoii county, who can always m iouuu, uuring
vnenticn, at tho oClce in Ji-'1.5on, Ohio.
Hay 30, 18GT-U
'l'HANKFULfor the literal Twtrona! weired for
L thotwo patyeiw, he would, y tn thou dosir
Ing hi" professional jcrvioes, that he may always Iw
found at Ilia OtAce or residence, on Mum Sireel, un
less absent on professional business.
February 28, 18ii7-ly
Lragest Book Agency in
M'Kcnzie's, 10,000 Receipts,
T1IROU8H aeenU I-now ofter to the public an en
tire new edition ot McKrJ.im'a C;kat Fhiit
KtCEIPT BOOK, COI)ia.ning me uiranenm ! urei
quarter or contury. ine iiereuiyiio niw
wood cut" are all new and alone coat S4,uK). The
articles on Agriculture, Horticulture and Rural and
liomestio Economy, ara worth to the Fanner and
KardHiier nfveral timea its cost. The reeipei tor
cooking, preferring, picklinp. confectionery and
ctinring. ehould be in Ihe possesion ol erery house
wife. Ihia department alone is more cmnpieie hmq
valuable than any other work erer published on this
iihieut The diseases of the horse, catilo, hoes.
and other animals, are treated of at great length nno"
complete directions given lor treutment, Th da-
panmenta 01 aiecicine. orewiug
Wrfi.mi.rv. Blear hinff. Tannine. Pa.nting. Varniah-
es, cementa, o are all that could be desired
More than aeventv distinct iuhjecta are orefnly ex
amined and treated of. 1 ia unquestionably the
best book cf the kind ever published, either in this
country or Europe. Price, handsomely bound in
cloth, $4,0Oj a heep, J4.60.
Sold only by Subicriptio.
Men and women, of character and ability, wanted
as canvasser, to whom ir fituble Employment will
begnaranteed. For circulars and full particulars
send at once to agents.
For samples ot the GOLDEtrTKN , enclose
two stamps and they will be sent with circulars.
Address M. V. B. COWEN, UFayette, Indiana
J.V. BO WEN, Aaisr.
A Setter Pn Than Oillott't Pen.
Yf WARRANTED to be equal to the gold pen for
Vy ease and beauty ol writing, fully aa flexible,
and more durable than any steel pen ever manufac
tured. Will notcorode. They are endorsed by aome
of the best business men In the country, men who
know what a good pen is. Traveling amenta wanted
to introduce the GULDEN PEN throughout the
West, and also other saleable artlc'es. Two sixes.
No. 1 for general use; No 2, extra fine point, lor la
dies' use. Tbey are put up in neat elide boxes.'each
box containing IS pens. Price 9 cents per box.
Bent, post-paid, to any addrosa on receipt ol price.
Money refunded, Ifthcy do not prl ve aatisfaction. .
AdressM. V.B.OOWENr UFsyette, Indiana,
Jiiie ST 1ST-Sm
300,000 Presents to SubtciiUtr1.
One Cash Prespnt of 840,000.
One Cash Present of 820,000.
One Cash Present of 810,000.
Ono Cajh Present of $5,000.
Two Uf.h Presents of 52,500 h.
Read full Schedule cf Presents Lelovt.
Each certificate of stock i accompanied withe) .
Worth Mori ot Retail than tLe Coat dt
And also Insures to the hoMtf
Prtaent ia the Great Distribution,
Tie Washington Library Company
It chartered bj the Ftato of Pprin5lvnia, -and Of
ganizedla aid ct'lLe
Riverside JnsUtuto
for Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphani ,.
Incorporated by tbe Statu of N. ,
Auri) 8, 1867.
Situate at Kiversfdo, Burlington count, No
Jersey, ia founded for the purpose of gratu
Itoualy educating the gnns of deceased Sold
lerg and Seamen the United Stales.
Tho Hoard of Trnsteei consists of the followtn
well-known citi Jens of PvnnsyiTaiim and Now Jviraeji
Iluu. William Mann,
Distriol Attorney, Niiladeljjlila, P.
Hon. Lewis R. Broom all,
Ex-Chief Coiner U. 8. Mint, end Resordgr
' of Deed, Philadelphia, Pa.
lion. James M. Scovel, New Jersey.
Hon. rV. W. Ware, New Jersey.
Henry Gorman, Efq ,
Agent Adams' ExproES, Philadelphia, ft).
J. E. Coe, Ksq ,
Of Joy, Coe & Co., Philadelphia.
TsturRT Ctr-ArisifKT, ffaihington. D. O.Xrrll
18, 18i7. urTwe or Internal HeTeuue; Having reoeiv-
ad satisfactory evidence that the proceeas of the en
terprise condu.:td by the Washington Library Com?
puny will be dcToled to clinri ta'. le uses, ptruilsslcn
is hiMotiy granted to said company to conduct audi
entrpno exrmpt from all charge, whether nxro
apvciai tax ur otlicr duty. i.. A, 11ULL1NH,
Tlic Tin siting ft) n Library
In oriier that the biun-vnleiit object setfrrth mthle
cin-ulnr may be succroefnllf accijupliMied, hive ta.
sued a senea of tino t teel-pinta tngrnvings, which
are put on subscnptif.n at prices much below theut
retell vnli. Certificates ofHtotkin the Wahlngtoa'
Library company will bo Issued, stamped with (lie
seul ul ti e company, and signed by the acoretary.
.None others aro genuine.
Any person sending us One Dollar, or pay.
ing the same to our local Agents, will reoeive
imtnediatelya fine Steel Plate Engraving, at
choice from the following list, and One Ceis '
tificate of Stock, insuring One Present ia
our published schedule.
Otit Doar Engravings
No 1 "My Child! My ChildV No!
"They're Savedl" No 3 "Old ficventy-si j
or, the Early Days of the Involution"
Any person ptiying Two Dollars will r
ccite either of the Steol 1'I.nUs, ut choice, and
Two Cerlilicatcs of Stock, thus becoming en
titled Two Present"!
Two bolUr Enirav'ngt.
No. I'Wajliiiigton's Couruhip." No. 9-"Wh-iLj('w'a
La3t Interview with his .Mother,"
Three Dollar Engravings.
Any rers-on pkymu 'l hreo liollara will receive tha
benutirtil steel t bite ol "iti.me I mm the War,'1 an4
'i hieo ceititiuatvs of stock, becoming eutillad to
'i'ilrde 1'reseuTa,
: Pour Dollar Engravings.
Any person paying Knur Dollars shall receive th
Inraeand braiitilul aieel 1'late uf "The Perils ut Our
Forefather," and Four certificates ol suck,nu
tling them to Four rresmu.
Five Vollar Engravings.
Any person who pays Five Dollar, shall receive
the K,rga and spleiwid stol Pldleof lThe Msirma
of P(ltall)nts,', nud Five curtifloatea of stock, uu.
tlii Rlheni to Kie I'renei.is.
The eiifirnvins and certificates will he doliverl .
to each Huhsonucr at our Local Ajjenciev, ui sent
by mail, yost paid, or xprei, ai muy be orusreit.
'hi v'jrsnixaT0x library cowpant
Will award Three Hundred Thousand Dollore
To the j iShureholdersi
Oa WeUsie6duy, Septetober i!5ib, 186T
At I'liiladelphla, Vu ,
Or at the Institute, Hivirnds, N. J.
1 Cash Present
1 Cash Present
1 Cub Present
1 Cash Present
2 Cash Presents of $1 SCO
1 llnudsoffiu Country Residence;
Stable, (irouods, &c, Ueiniitu
town, Philailelpiiia
1 Double Hcsidvnee, thros -story
brick, Candon N. J.
1 Coal Depot, Offices, Slieds,
Ground, ith business establish
ed, No 1314 Washington Aveouo
Phindelphia ' '
1 Country Residence, Riverside,
N J. with Ground. Fruits. &0.
1 8,009
10 000
i i iiree-siorv coiinjje. lot, o.
20 Vuhinble building lots, K.vr.lde, (300
1 Klfguiit Turnout .'anlly carriage.span of
hori-tis, Harness, &n., comiilete,
10 Va noble Building Lots, Riverside, J30C
1 beautiful silver-pray horse, 16 hands
high' sued by the celebmted import, d
Arabian Horse, TBliphr' also, a light
Pond Wsgon, weight 14U pounds, with set
of superior single harness, ic, niakinif a
first-clans etublishnwut,
20 Pianos, i.iOO earh
2" M elodians, S2-2U ea-ih.
8 Rosewood aewhig ruac-hmea, $300 each
10 Family Mvlm; mnohinAa. fell in
J 009
inn n.Tu" ; i won w,uw
AO Fine rrnl.i u-t.tf.liMU. l.tm.irA,i .yrz
.3 Camel'sUIair shawls, one thouiund dol
lars each
2 Camel's hair shawls, three thousand dol-
kirs each
S Haiidanme Loco shawls, $280 each
1" CuehmereshawU, fitty dollars each
20 silk tliess patterns, seventy-five dollais
60 city building lots, I17& each
The remainder will consist ol silverware,
Musical Boxes, Op ra Glasses, p0c,.t
biblKM, andd HV-reiit articlos ot KiuA
Uient and use, amounting to
' 1,M
: u,os ;
All tho properties given clear of lncurr-branoe.
7ow fo Obtain Shares and Engrr.ringt,
Send orders to us bv mail, endnama t.-. ... ... .
twenty dollars, either by Cost Ottloe ordtra o'riiia
should be sent by draft or express, . ' 0Un
1U Biiurss wiiu engravings ' $ 9 R9
25 shares with engravings , . ' ' J 23 M
50 shares with engravings l(j
75 shares with engravings 69 00
100 shares with engravings SO 00
Local AgontH wanted throughout the Uni.
ted Slates.
The Assooiation have appointed tts Reest.
vers, Messrs. OEUKOE A. COOlvG & GO
whose well know integrity and business eav
perienoe will be s effioleut gmiantee thai
the mouey entrusted to them will be prompt
lj applied to the purpose stated.
Addres. all letters and orders to --
GJiO. A. COOKJi & COM Ttfinkeri. -,
88 South Third bu eet,
Receivers fof.tne Washington 1 ii.urr Cn
. July 4, 1867-em '

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