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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, September 19, 1867, Image 1

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Democratic Enqfuirer
"i.'w. ioww, "iito AMD puorsiiroi.
TpfFICSJn JJodgt't Building, over Swetlandi,
Mlore, corner Ham and locutt atrtet, i,att
.il z'.rtf'..':: ,gf .th-Court lionu, i
,.,;.K. For Ttfnii: 4o, ee 4th Pg
THPH8DAT, . - BSPtEMBEB 19, 1887
' -Jlas tKe largest cimdation of any pa
per in? Vinton County. Advertisers and
others yoill please make a note of this.
Democratic State Ticket.
Election—Tuesday, October 8, 1867.
, . . . - For Governor, . ;
ALLEN 0. THCttMAN, of Franklin.
- For Lieutenant Governor,
I'-;..1. DANIELS. UHL,of Uolmes.
. For Treauurer,
Dr. 0. FULTON, of Crawford.
' .'. For Auditor,
' JOHN McELW EE, of Butler.
For Attorney General,
..i J FRANK U. IIUED, of Kno.
For Judge of Supreme Court,
Judge THOMAS M. KEY, of Hamilton.'
1 For Cbntrollei of Treanury,
-WILLIAM SHERIDAN, of Williama. ,
' ' For Board of Publio Works,
. " - AUTI1UR HUGHES, of Cujahoga,
On Constitutional Amendment, giving
'Negroes the Right to Vote and
noia ujp.ee:
; For Rcpri-sentiiilTe,
,. For Proeeouting AUorney,
j For SurTeyor,
i . T ' B. C. 6TE1NBR00K.
- For Cemmissioner,
Tut., eamnaip-n is moving in that
1 0 w
noble spirit of independence and ar
gumentative power that is carrying
hnmfl" conviction to the heart and
judgment of every person who is well
disposed to the good order and hap
piesB of the country. In tho hands
of the faithful patriots of the country.;
devoted to the cause of Constitutional
liberty; the Union of the States and
the Constitution unimpaired ; and
with facts that can not be refuted, the
Democracy is making rapid strides in
the midst of the people; and the hope
may be favorably entertained that
Ohio. willTedecm herself from under
the curse and thraldom of the fanati
cal; faction of the North who have
wejl "nigh ruined the country, and
threaten its entire destruction.
Wjiepeve you can find a man that
mfe'top and. talk with reason upon
the difficulties that now endanger the
entire people, you may reasonably en
ter'taib the fond belief that that man
hai'afl interest for your happiness aa
we&a'ij his own. And when you find
a man. of this " character, you have
foud. one' who has not laid aside
pripcile and become dishonest On
thither hand, when you find a man
who is lost to all- reason and common
semie.? who knows nothing to say but
"traUor,'Vcopperhead," and "sym-1
MnlkiAM " rnn hawAfAiini o man urir.h I
pathizer," 'you fyave. found a man with
wh)5flMf would be dangerous to trust
your life.-' He has J3ecdme a raving
wild, crazy fanatic, and i knows not
ho'fo. talk, only, to abuse you and his
neighbor, perhaps the only friend he
has-'wh would do him the smallest ot
favQrsiiJ he regards, as a '."traitor,'
"rebel)" or "copperhead." - - y '
ravejjthe, country;', oyer and you
find this class of men in almost every
neighb'orhood-'-mett who have become
strangers to law and order and tram
ple undeV foot the Constitution of our
Govegjment. .."With such men there
is but little, hope; ; They pray fo$ war
again inpreforence to peace and har.
mony and, the happiness of the entire
country. .
: Such men are worse enemies to the
country cthan : the roving bands
highway robbers, arid will . even dare
to molest the happiness of the citizens
of the country rather than promote
its hatipiness: Some of this same
class of cititizens go' so far , as to say
that they to-day perfer war and bloodshed
in preference to that' iff harmony
and the benign influence of peace.
" Sufh meh afe entirely lost to reason
and common sense; they have become
politically insane. - Though to-day
these are . found in the ranks of the
political -stumpers of the "BO-called''
Union party, and belong to every cast
and grade, from. the highest to the
lowest, of the campaign stumpers;
Ben Wade being one for instance.
The only argument these men are
urging upon the people is a rehash of
old political prejudices engendering
strife and discord -i-with the howling
cries of "traitor,", "rebel," "copper
head," "butternut," and "sympa'
thizer I" exhorting men to stand fast
"go not thence" all for the purpose
of accomplishing their own destruc
tive schemes and spoliations of the
"Would it not be much better for
these factionista and destructionists to
use arguments of reason and the in
torest of tho people at large than to
appeal to the passions of the mind,
engendering strife, discord, and un
happy feelings, not only to themselves
but to all with whom they converse?
We think it would. "We are certain
of one thing, at least: it would prove
their sincerity for the welfare of the
Government to come out and "reason
liko men, instead of vile abuse and
personal slang. "While these men are
not only trying to humbug the honest
portion of the people upon questions
of policy of the Government, they
are seckiug to enforce Negro Suffrage
with all of its hateful measures upon
the people, giving no cause why such
a measure should be imposed; while
other political maniacs or consummate
fools Bay, they consider the Negro far
better and more entitled to exercise
the elective franchise than tho ."red
mouthed Irish," or the "lop-eared
Dutch 1" Such assertions have been
made by men of high political stand
ing, and men of a .lower grade, who
do not reside far away. What do
they mean? and who are they? They
are men who prefer war and blood
shed, ruin and devastation, to that of
Union, harmony, and peace ; and such
expressions, low and vulgar as-they
may be, are made only for the purpose
of bringing on difficulty.
These expressions, or their equiva
lents, are the only arguments adduced
in favor of the Union party and the
prosperity of our Government,; by
many who bear the rank and title of
gentlemen in our midst.; With shame
to them, may it be said, that they are
greater enemies to the Union, of the
States and the Constitution of our
fathers than the worst rebel in the
world, or any sympathizer with rebellion.-'
K.-V V----
While these men are thus pursuing
this course, we say to the noble and
patriotic men who have gone forth in
the defence of our common rights, the
,f and the Constitu-
tion of pur fathers unimpaired, to no.-
bly wield the sword of argument by
producing such facts in the . history of
this party as will show the spirit and
intent of the leaders of this faction
and . put a quietus upon , their course
forever afterward. . When the . people
are made to see by adducing facts too
plain fo be mistaken, and are shown
just what 0 these men are determined
to do, they will never vote oif act with
them; for it is, first, presumed that a
majority of the people are honest, and
their intentions are to do right, alj
though they, sometimes may err j bat
justico, reason,' ahd'eommon sense are
the creat pillars of argument in -the1
promotion of right and the prevention;!
uon 01 wrong, juci we ipeopie in
ve8tiffatxand consider justice-- ustice
first and justice last.' Justice, seated
high-upon Reason's throne, measures
out her gifts to the rich and poor alike
to the native and foreign citizen
equally and; her benign . Influences
are alike felt by all over whom she
reigns."' . . -., " '.'
Tax-Payers of Vinton
Examine and compare your tax. receipt! of
(be past Ate years with thoie of the prtrioui
five years, and determine from them which
parly, the Demooratio or Badioal, has bank
rupled the country. '
IS you are in furor of inoretaed ' taxation
rote the Negro Suffrage tioket and yon will
ha it. ; - .
A combination of bond-holders and monpo
lists nominated that ticket in order to get
immense appropriations from the State,
if the Radicals suoceed in eleoting a majori
ty of the members of the Legislature, and if
you vote for it you vote saddle upon the State
an enormous debt, which will paralyse in
dustry and bankrupt the treasury.
Abe you in favor of giving
the JN egro the right of suffrage,
the right to hold office, the right
to sit on juries and try men of
your own color, the right to force
his choldren into your schools
and into the seat with the chil
dren of your white neighbor who
is not able to send his children
away to a select school? "We
think you will vote liTOI
Tubes Months for - .Nothing.
Look at this Offer. The Publishers of
tho American Agriculturist show their
enterprise by offering that valuable
journal free for the remaining three
months of this year to all new sub
scribers for 18C8, (Vol. 27,) who send
in their subscription during this month
of . September. The cost of . the jtyrt
culturist is only $1.50 for a year, or
four copies for $5, so that $1.50, (or
$1.25 each for four persons.) if sent
to the publishers this month, will se
cure the paper for fifteen months. We
adviso all to make haste to accept this
offer. The money could not be better
invested, for that paper, at its present
subscription price, is one of the cheap
est in the . worm, it is designed-lor
the Farm, Garden, and Household.
It has readers almost everywhere,
among the .old and the young, and
not its least recommendation is the
fact that the children are delighted
with its Boys' and Girls' Department.
Each number contains 32 to 44 large,
quarto papes, full of interesting and
valuable matter for readers both in
country and city. Its Engravings are
costly ana beautirul, and calculated
not only to please the eye, but to im-
firove the taste. We have also seen
rom month to month exposures "of
the various Humbugs and Swindling
Operations of the day, which .must
have saved tens of thousands of dol
lars to the unwary. We are sure you
will thank us for bur advice if you
sond your subscription at oaeo to the
Publishers, Orange judd & Uo.,.41
Park Bow, New York City. . ,
Jones and Feb, who are in
favor of negro children attend
ing the white schools in Vinton
county, love to ride about and
see the poor white men " .
, Tugl Teili 8weatl
Still harder each day than before.
It will go to keep niggers and bondholders up
j ' . And the wolf away from your door.
Go la the polls and vote against
them, and against the proposed
amendment to the Constitution I
If there is a single soldierin
Vinton county who served in
the late civil war, and periled
life to make the negro hia politi
cal, equal, he must do an excep
tion to the rule that other and
nobler motives impelled himV ; j .
Read' vour - tickets over carefully
before Toting, and ' see that they have
not been dove-tailed by one or two
Radical candidates having been placed
thffobn'And ba Bureihat they have
at thcL'bqttqtn - ; -; ; ;
Constitutional Amendment;., NO!v.
' Poob, hard-working men of
Yiriton county 1 Jones and Fee,
two rich men who are extremely
anxious to get into office, are
willing to see you : -' j . - : i
"' Work! - Workl ' Wotti V. 1 I '
; From dawn to the dusk of day, .
For your hopes are oruibed with a weight of
debt ;. - J -j- '- -'J -'-,! - .
j ' ; , That toil of jour life; Won't py -( ..
-lon't vote, for ;th'emt T
i ..
Thk annual taxation in Ohio, under
Democratic rule, used to be as follows :
State and loeal taxes,
Federal taxes.
$16 000 000
ToUl, . - - 1 $23,000,000
Thisrwas at the rate of about 810 a
head upon each person in the the
State. Now, look at it last yoar,'tin
der Radical ascendency: . ; ,:.;.
State and looal taxes, ; . , ; .$21 000 000
Federal taxes, " . ' ' ,' ' . 67 000.000
Total, , , $78,000 000
Thoso figures are obtained in this
way: Ohio pays about one-tenth of
the expenses of the Federal Govern
ment. Last year they amounted to
$570,000,000, which would make our
share $57,000,000,. as above stated.-
In the days of Democratic ascenden
cy the Federal Government only cost
$70,000,000 a year, and our share was
but $7,uuo,uuo. We are now taxed in
Ohio thirty-two dollars upon each per
son, or about two hundred dollars to each
fambjt. Is it any wonder that our
people are groaning under a burden
of taxation, when from each family
$200 in taxes,. direct and indirect, has
to. be obtained? Only think of it,
nearly $80,000,000 taxes wrung out of
the hard oarnings and industry of the
State each year I
The people havo a remedy for this:
Restore the Democracy to power, and
they will pay off the bonded debt in
greenbacks, and thus save in interest
alone one-third .of all the Federal
taxes. They will save another third
by reducing the army and navy, and
by retrenchment of expenditures.
Thus we can approximate to the old
limit of taxation.
"Give us the Nigger vote and influ
ence, or we perish I" cry the Radicals.
"Perish and be 1" reply the
Democracy; "we cannot permit you
to degrade the White race by elevating
the Nigger to Political Equality."
The Feast to Which Radicals Invite
the American People.
The result of Free Negroism, after
an experiment ot seventy years, in
Ilayti, according to the written state
ment of a foreign resident, is:
27te indolence of the Negro has
brought the once splendid plantations to
1 "Thev now gather coffee only from
the grown wild trees."
Mr. B. B. Underhul, tho author of a
work just published in London, enti-
.. . wrr- , r i - mi nr I
tied " Trie wesi inaies- j.neir Aiorai
and Social Condition," ' says:
"We passed by many or through
many abandoned plantations, the build
ings in ruin, the sugar mills decayed,
and the iron pang strewing the road
Bide,crackod and broken.' ... ,, ,,r ,.
"In the time of the French occupa
tion, before the Revolution of 1793,
thousands of hogsheads of sugar were
produced ; now, not one, , , All is decay
and desolation." ' 1 1
"The hydraulio -works, greeted at
vast expense for ... irrigation, have
crumBlM fo" diist., The ploxr is dn Un
known implement of culture.' '"'
"A coiintryso capable of producing,
lies uncultivated,' and desolate.' Its
rich mineB are neither explored nor
worked and its beautiful woods rot
in the soil where they grow." '
; Americans, the above is only a brief
of the workings of the blessings of;
freedom : thB Radicals . desire to dia-
grace Americans wun. Aireauy we
freed Negroes of the South reqire a
Fraedman a. iJureau, at a cost pi zut
000,000 a year to support them.
White men pny this money, . ,.a f
Tho Radicals olaime4 the Negroes
would prpve a self-supporting element
Are they? Let the, , tax-payers an
swer. White ' me'n work for the jri
terests of White rneu and hurl this
Radical-Abolition-Negro; party" from
power by your ballots!; Their every
act, looks to the'degradatioii of White
Americans aatf the elevation of black
Neerocs. Speak ; ia thunder tones on
Tuesday-, -the 8th" day of October, in
favor of the White race if youfc woul4
rjwserve vwr ff eedom:: af-Amrican
i ? i.. '
Id 1790, Hijti was 1a State of
prosperiiy, with a papttlstion of 500,000,
of which 38,1:80 were whites and 23,370
free oefoet; the remainder were slaves.
In 1793, the freedom of the Negroee
was deoreed, and the grand experiment
of V impartial freedom", oommeuoed
In 1790, the exports wore vsluud al$27,
828,000, aa follows . , .-. ...
v."SaVr, ftu. .,, , . U.'. 163,405.22(1 ,
Coffje, lbs ......... . . 68,151,180 "
. Col ton, Ibi ...... . ' 6,286,126
ladigo, lbs.. . . . .... . . . : 930,016
Thirty years' after erosnoipalion, In
1826, the figure! stood thus : ; - . :
Boftar, ft . . .............. 32,864
, Coffee, lh . 321,189,348 :
Cotton, Ibi ., 620,973 :
Indigo ................. none
- In 1819, tho' latest statistios we havr.
the exports were;
Sopar ".'..'.v. ... .'.v;. .none"
Coffee, lb 30,608,343
Cotton, lbs ........... - 544,516
Indigo, lbs.. .......... ; . uout
The present value of Hayti'r exporU,
seoording to Senator Sumner, ire $2.
673,000. ;; ; :. ;
What a picture I The exhibit shows
that from the date of the. impartial"
plan lo the present their exports tuve
fa' lea off $25,155,000! '.
The Negroes bare kbaodooed tho plan-
tstioos, eujMf mills are rottin? lo the
ground, , buildings in ruios, and the
wortpless JNegroes are utterly incapable
of bringing Oder out of their degrada
tion. . '
Wbita men I the Radicals invito you to
the same feast of ruin siid degradation
in Amerio. They implore yon with
tears in tbatreyes, and 5 20'saod 7 30'
sticking out of their pocket, fo oast
yonr ballots to make America s teoond
Ilayti. Uske the Negro ygar eqoal,
politioally, and you will very soon tee
btm elevated to plaoo of trust by tbe
Radioalii. And then look .out foe tia rain
of our country.
Tax Radical cays; "This contribut
ing to koep up oripples paid while the
war was going on, but its all over now,
and I d satisfied with my reoord in the
affair. I'm found and well, while my
poor neighbors are diseased by oold and
starvation ; let it go so; all my time is
taken up , watching the, money market j
my Honda are good in tbe market for a
premium of 13 per oenr, on the dollar.
gold interest on the coupons and exempt
from taxation. Go aay oripples; you
don't pay I" ' ' , ,
Soldiers, remrmoor these braggarts at
the ballot-box on Tuesday, the 8th day
Spirit of Democracy.
Fkef Negroism. In 1834 Garrison
predicted that the wAmerioan : Slave
System must inevitably perieh from
starvation." :
Let us examine the facts;
In 1800 the West India Islands ex-
oorted 17 000.000 DODods of cotton, and
the United States 17,788,803 pounds.
lo lsoJ tbe VYcBt Indies emancipated
their slaves, - -
In 1840. lust seven years, the West
Indies exported only 866,157 pounds of
cotroo, while the United States exported
743,941,061 pouodb!
JJoes that look aa though tbey wera
starving to death in thj United States?
Poes it not look mors like tree Negroism
starvation in tho' West Indies? ..
Fits dollars in ereenbacks araequiv-
Utlo three dollars In gold -
rife dollars in sold ara equivalent to
seven dollars in greenbacks. ; 1 "' -' '
Do you ee where the shoe pinches the
Boodholdiog Radical when you talk of
paying him hit interest in greenbacks at
par, instead of gold at 40 per oent, ' .
Thk revenue collected by the Govern
moot is to pay gold rinteres on Radical
Itonds, ' r.A i ;i '
TBI Radioals will no doubt distribute
counterfeit tickets with , the hop of de
creasing the Demeoratle majority - iB
Vinton County. Arrangements should
ba immediately . made throughout lha
county to defeat the suocess or snob
rascality. Wabhont for . every kind of
CoHABiTixa Eauality'is the eqnalitv
souaht for by the wool-loving, Radicals.
nothing short of that will satisfy their
cravings for ths Nigger. Then they pan
ay" ;.
" 'Tinweet,ta know thert'a an eye will mark
our coming,
i.nd grow brighter when we come."' : -!
a Oh, how ' sweet ' Dinah m ths yard
lorrouuded'hy half-doiou little half-
breed Radicals,, ;( 0Yv- "t'r.rS-X-vs
- Mnaawnr V. -air---
-,;. U; . ,.
Tnt revenue oollected by thfli Govern
ment is to psy gold interest on Radical
Pl-ACS no reliavoe whatever In reports
circulated by the Radicals' on tbe eve of
tbe eleo'ioo, ' They sre only niaJe for
political effect, and have not the shadow
of truth for their foundation.
.eottf. w. Koifciaa. 4.viujucm, s.wuoaXM
Si . GOETZ r& CO;,
All Kindt of, CasUri md.Bed.Fattminci.
Ougar-bano lZlXla
A,.,' " . M. Maohinery Repiutitm. 4one. Tha
Ware Mnnufictured i tha t'onndtrii (oldiJ
low can hebomnt ioanyMarkef; i
viriTon couhtv mim
IMCQLy tla.ixyr OtoJLo4
1 aUlDXMT. OAlKIia.
I. a BCHDT, , ' ' 1. U. DODOl, 'f n , 'I ADW wer,
a. r. tiii, . . , 9. v. BAnvias, , , iui itaovt,
"" k. A. At'HIlti V
HAVING formed a oo-nartiierihi'pfor the purpoi
of Conrinntintr r
and with amplo facilltioa for the frunsaetlon of any
bua.neaa perwining to legiMmato Banking, we teniae '
oui aorvicea to tle butie public irenerStlv.
BU.NW,. Monejr loaneci .at reasonable ratea 6a
(1nt.ft hi. nflr R.Danii. . J .. T..- . .
ana for aale. Interest paid on time deposits.
ii.uu.i?i.i.iu .emit money to- romga VOVa
trim can obtain TrafU at our Otfioa, .
February 7,l07-ly ' '
: i Vr--
Om Door YTeii Dam Will J ro'$ Stort, Mrtk
Sidt Main Strttt, . ,
Deal in Ezohange, Government Soourl.
tiai, Stoolc, Bonds, Gold and Silver, &o.
Deposits received. Interest paid oa time
deposits. '. (
- C'olleoiions made at all accessible points
in the United States. ' i
United States Revenue Stamps for sale. ,
All business done on the most liberal teroj
and with the utmost promptness.--,
- February VW67-ly . ... . . . . . . ' '
AFTER an absence of two years, oflara hit prrt.
feaional aervlcea to the oititeaa of AUeaavUla)
and surrounding country,
MirOTi.il, 1BDT-U
Attorney at Xtd"ixrt
r . MeARTHUR, . OHIO,- - r
With practice in the Courts of Vinlon, 'AtHaoij'
and Jackson Countiea : also, m tha UuitM
8tafes Courts ot tha Southern District of Ohio; '-')
: Urnca Second btory of Dayis' Building, on Xata
Street. .' .;J:'-.f .
January U, I88T-tf . , ' ,
j. j. McDowell,
AttoiraaQy at Xaw
.... , .AID . . 'I'MIjTV
U. 8. Claim. Affent, t (-'-.T.
HriI(L praotiae in Vinton and adjoining tuntlM,
VVc Also, Deputy Cloliector of Internal JteTaaua.
Ortica In the Vinton County Bank. .
Jixnt'il.Wl 6m . .t .,, - u :""-: '
JOIIN C. STEVEXSOlf,-'. r , . ,
" iiCKBdN o. fi.,ofltot';.::ii
WlLLpraotica in the Court of IJaokaon, yntor
and other counties. " ' ".. '
January 24, l86T-tf , , ji.. :. :. ; . dii
RICHARD : ORAIGy"1 1 1 2
MoArtliur, OlxlO, ,
AVINO been licensed to dispose of property by,
public auction, he will prompir
aturnd ull auc
Hons in Vinton county wheoaQlicited, - r . t.- pj.
Offica-Shivel'a Law Office, in the Court Bouaax
August 1, 1867-tf
AttojcMxey at Xiawt
WILL attend promptly to all legal enalnaaa a;
trusted to his care in Vintnp and Jackson coo.ii.,
tiea. Office la Doddridge's Kcx miilrtinar, aouth,' ',
west corner Main and Marketatreew upeiaira.; ttt. .
Mayo lain partnership with Porter UuUadwsyo
Jackson county, who van alwaya ba found, aurlod1-
vacation, at the offio in jaouoa, uoio, .-, :
May30,W7-W .- ... ., . ... , , . p
T'HAKKFULtbr th liberal pstroaage recelred for'"
ths two past yeara.be. would say tothoslor;
ng hia profes'tonal seMinea, that he may always b
ound at his Office or reaidenoe, en- Main btraat
tsa absent on profacsinnal btiaincsa.
"' February ?1, 18liT-lj

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