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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, September 19, 1867, Image 2

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Democratic Enquirer
t. . soar, venca iK nwliM.1 .
CFUVEl ttoigt'tB-a'dilws w EuttUnt
(As Ccvt Vonti,
For Te rme we h Pge 1
OTnmATr " . ' " T" gETIEMBEE 19, 1887
TTn, Inrnrzt circulation Of (Mil Vd-
, iJUl) J - - . J
vr in Tinfon County. Advertisers ana
Democratic State Ticket.
Election—Tuesday October 8, 1867.
j ; , For Governor, -. , .
,','' ALLEN G. THUKMAN, of Franklin.
Fer Lieutenant Governor,
DJLNIEL8. riIL,of Ilolmej." "
,;..v . Tor Treasurer, '' '
Dr.C. FULTON, ofCrawforl.
For Auditor, , .
I - JOHN JlcELWEE, of Butter. - "
For Attorney Oeneral. - M
FRANK U. KURD, of Knoi.
ry Tor JniJge of Supreme Court,
- Jndge THOMAS M. XEY, of Hamilton.
For Controller of Treasury, ;
"" Jor Board of Public Work, .
1 '" --ARTHUR BtfJTIES.of Coyahol '
n ' yor gut Senator, '
Of Gallia oounty.
jOn Constitutional Amendment, giving
Nigracs ike Right to Vote and
hold Office: ' '
For Rtpreentatlve,
Jer Prosecuting A'torney,
- DAVID B B 11 IV EL ,
Tor Surveyor,
Tor Commissioner, .
for Jultioe of tbePetoe,
'JUL. ' , J-.-Xip jT. -v (
Tb Dfmoeratio ExeeutWo CommUteo of
Vlnion County announce the following meet-
Jogs in the several Townships: '
R.n,.mh5i!t , Rnk.r.-.Aroh. Mao'
tod oiher. . -
hip, SATURDAY mUHT.Sep'ewoer
2lt. Speker8-D. S. Dsn and D. B.
Snivel. ; y
NIGHT, September 24:h. Spkn
J. Mayo iod U. W. Piloher. ; ?
JsokeoD Township. WKDNEfDAY
NIGHT, September 25th. ;B.Shtrel
tdG. w;Pilober; ;
NIGHT, September 23ih. Speaker
Arch. Mayo tod otber.
October $ih, Speskeri Arch, ilajo
nd ohtera. . .
Oar friends in the various localities will
see that tbe necessary arrangement are made
for holding the meetings.
Wen ot all parties are invited!
to public uotiuj the Democracy of Elk
Township met at the Court Unuie, ot
Vf Jnefidey eieniog, beptember 18th, for
tb BQrpofto of noujioatlog a ctodidate
for Jottice of tbe Pdsoe. Oo motion
the meeting organized by eatlliog -Elder
J. Brine to tba tbair and appointing
James Milono 3ecertry. The objest of
the tneatiog wss then suited when,
On motion. Samuel CJ. Case waa.nom
inated for Joatioa of the Ptace by cola''
nation. . .
Oo motion, It -wag ordered that the
prooaodiofra of tho oaeetirg be published
ia tbe Democratic Junquirer.
Oa motion, the meeting adjourned.
Tax firm of Dan. Witt & Baos. is
now,, represented in the Eastern
market by buo the members, who is
making fall purchases for CASH.
ISext week their .customers may look
V' a ' larrm fin J 'comt)lcto , stock of
M .... - - J" , J
everything in thoir line tho most
beautiful and fashionable assortment
All that ia neccsary for us to say, is
ainrply to call attention to the fact,
as everybody now understand that
their House is the place to buy goods
especially selected for this market at
Tax-Payers of Vinton
Look "here 1 " 'We are now taxed in
Ohio thirty-two dollars Upon each per'
son, or about two hundred dollars to each
family! Is it any wonder that our
people are groaning under a burden
of taxation, when from each family
$200 in taxes, direct and indirect, has
to' be obtained? Only think of it,
nearly $30,000,000 taxes wrung out of
the hard earnings and industry ot the
State 6ach year! ' " ' ', .
Go to the polls on Tuesday, the 8th
of next month, and vote against Jones
and Fee, the Radical.. Bondholders'
candidates for Senator and Represent
ative, and every other man on that
ticket I -' .' r
They are in favor of this enormous
taxation ! " "' . ,. '. a ,.. .,
Down with .this outrageous, taxa
tion ! . ;
Put it down at the ballot box I ;
Jfow is the time! '''
Good! Although we can not give
to Andekw Johnson the support we
wish we could give an Executive, we
can not fail to ascribe praise where
praise is justly due, ; 4
Trrz John Porteh, it is well known,
has been seeking a rehearing by a
Court of Inquiry of the: charges pre
ferrod against him during the war.
These charges, although not of a po
litical nature, will soon - be proven to
have bocn tho emanations of political
animosity. ' : ' " 1
. Aeain we sav. Good! Let us have
more of it; there ia law; there is jus
tice. : Let, us be made know :it from
the legal acts of those whoBe duty it
is to act legally. ' If Andrew Johnson
them soon, attempt his impeachment.
Let them not wait until the second
Tuesday of October has thrown a
halo of Democratic glory over two of
the first States of : the Union. Let
them not wait until Ohio and Pennsyl
vania have proclaimed their will at
tho October cloction, or it will be ev
erlastingly too late. Make haste, Jim.
Ashley, or atou have failed aa an im-
peachist! 4 -
Save Your Money.
A member of the firm of "Will &
Co., Zaleski, is now in the Eastern mar-
ket selecting and purchasing" FOR
CASH, at greatly reduced, prices, an
extensive lot of the very ; latest styles
of allkindsofGoods.suitablef .'rfallartd
winter, which :will arrive next week,
Look but for a general revolution in
4the prices of Goods in Zaleski ! : Give
Our Candidate for State Senator.
Hcnbt M. O.idbrdokk, of QallipiH, has
received tbe nomination forSt.ite Senator.
From our personal acquaintance with' htm,
wecan say, that in every particular he is a
reepeotable man and gentleman, and a Bur
ling, simon-pure Demoorat. : We can. with
all oon&denoe in the mm, recommend him 10
the people as being sound on the Constitu
tion and the Union of the' States, and op
posed to Negro Suffrage."' We say to the
people Of Vtirron-eountv, ehooaa whom you'
will have H. C. Jones, who l no-U-f
of the Constitution and the re-union of the
Slates, but who H in favor of the Negro
Amendment, or Henry M.Ooderdonk, who I
in favor of the Coniti'.ut ioa and the unioq of
the States and who will ever vote NO
upon tbe Negro Suffrage Amendment, .v i
Mr. Onderdonk is just . the man to vote
for. - .,- -
Beware of
. Dmocbats of Vinton antyt Look on4
for counterfeit or -roiied tickets! ' A great
many were eiroulated in the different town
ships last fall!
Read your ticket carefully before voting! 1
See lhat the name are all right! -Bee
that the namea are all on the t'.oketl
Jowici or thi Tiiui. By referring to
tha proceeding of th Convention of th
Pemooracy of Elk Township, it will be
seen that Samuel C. Case ha been nomine
ted for tbe office of Justtoe of the Pot of
Elk Townshio. The Eta. I a food offinar
I and w hope tbe people will all vote for him.
for" "Vinton
County 1 The Scioto Gazette
ia 'leggia, ".for Vinton county.
It thinks the' Jiadical leaders
here need help Wo find the
following in: last .Tuesday's Ga
."TbeCnHtutionl Amendment le growing
in fitor. ki it in wore fully veimltd, jo
tiule Vinton. Tbo Union party m ibis conn
It coufiJentinlU oxpeet to poll lcatlcki
this fnll. Caotf. Mark nd JooeJ, Senator
Rradbur. Ool. ft. JJ. Phill ips. and Cyrus ()
Freuch, Eaq., are canrasniog the county in
favor of the Constitutional Amendment and
iha Union liokrt. wftklne th people up to a
fult sense of the Importance of the issues in
ToWeJ in tb preaout po lineal contest." (
iThere it iai Voters' ohViWbii
county I Do you wish to see it
written plainer than the Gazette
editors have written it? . Head
it again I .You can see the names
of the persons who are canvass
ing Vinton county in favor of
the Constitutional Amendment,
giving the Negro the right of
suffrage, the right to hold office,
the right to sit on juries and
try men of your' own color, the
right to force' his children into
your school's 'and ; iifte ;thaf seat
with the children of your white
neighbor who is not able to send
his children 'away to a select
School 1 " ,' , . :!
Do the people of this county
yet understand these disunion-
iStSV. ' :y i . : V ' ' .. j !
- These same men endorse the
political sentiments of -18G5,
when the "Rev. J. W; Bushong
said, at West Carlisle,' Ohio, on
the2Sth of August; that '"
"Whoever lived ttve yars wonld livi'to
see the negro vole, and hold otstie, ana toai
resolutions to thateffeot would be introduosd
into the Legislature this winter, abolishing
all dintinction on noount of color, ; Why,
we let the Iitsu, the Dutch, and the Fwolish
vote, and why not the NeoboT Are they not
just as good? For my part I know a great
manv neeroes better calculated to enjoy tbe'
right of suffrage than a large portion of the.
white people." . ,, , . ,
AVhen asked what would Le
result, should a war of races
u.i:,i i,A nKitra
he replied, and the abdve
named men who are now can-;
this county hi favor of
amendment endorse it:
"That the so-called Union party WOULD
UNITE with THE ' neqroes and tcaSt
a tear cf extermination aatintt all white that did
indorse thi dogma of perftet equMly ietweei.
. . - . . . - ....
therace. , ; ..t ., v .
Now,; why all this T
. We answer in tho language of Hen
ry Winter Davis, a Maryland Aboli
tionist, who, in his speech at Chicago,
said :.
"We need the votet of the color
ed people; it it numbert, not intelligence,
that counts at the ballot box. It is the right
intention, and not philosophic judgment,
that cast tbe vote. '. ., ,
; The reason why these men so think
and talk, is that they endorse the ex
pression of the Lancaster (Ohio) Go,
zctte, (a Eadical Disunion paper,) of
t -irff ' l- l f.l. n k i
june, wo, wnica briu: "a negro nas
as much right
to..,voto as an Irish
man., -:(? .,,yfy i 5,.w,-,3 ..k
' And, again,; in the language of Rev.
JI. W. Beecher, who said, : in 1865,
that . '-
'The' Negro soldiers are mote faithful than
the while soldier on guatd duty. The tread
' '"
of the army under the b yonet of the black
man ia safer than under the bayonetof the
white soldier." - ' -
And, again, hear the Vinton Record,
of Sept. 12, 1867: ' - J;.:,
"It will be only about thirty days until
the negro is the equal of a Democrat." .
Whatdoyi'U think of that,Demacrats,
Irish and Germans? ' , . ' ; .
Why, shouid that be ; "more fully
ventilated?.", :
That iawhat is'called ' "wakihff the
Deoole up to a full sense of tho flni;
J . .. .! i .... ' !.. '
rtahCffCf the Issues involvtsdT
ould be
Communicated. GREAT!
A Demonstration of the Loyalists at
Allensville, September 17, 1867!
Mb. Ediio:' ;The yeung ''Navigalort" the
would he Senator, eomeib among us, even in.
to the land of Riohland, to apeak a pieoe in
Allensville, to enlighten tbe benighted inhab
itant thereof. He, coroeth early in the day,
like th wis men from tbe East, and walk
eth up street with his hat raised up on the
bask part of his bead, whistling to the tune
of - ' " '
"0, Rye Coffee, yon're sweet enough rbr mt," :
in high glee I Cut a mighty change coaeth
over him! He leareth in tho evening with
hi bat drawn down over bis etes and, it is
said, with teara streaming down bia eheeks
like river ! The oause was that h didn't
get to speak his pieoe to the people beoause
th people have had enough of him', ard
wouldn't turn but to hear him. . ' , ' j '
- "Navigator I" '. ,' " '
Allensville, Sept. 17, 1867.
For nuhler's Herb Dlttcre
Oo 8leon' Drng Btore.
Allensville, Sept. 17, 1867. No trading
Allensville, Sept. 17, 1867. No trading Votes!
v rio?aATi the great prindplee ''involved
in tbi canvass, represented In -your can
didates, are too Important to admit of any
collusions or trading with the Negro Suf
(rageoandideteaand lovers of enormous Ue.
Tly have no prospect, no hope ot eluding
a single man on iheirticJcet in. tbl oounty,
through a square, honest vote, but they may
attempt to carry one or two by a trading
No Democrat should be caught in this trap
denounce audeipite it at oice, whenever
it is attemptod.
Stand by the tlokeV the whole ticket, and
it will be triumphantly elected. 3..,
[From the Ohio Statesman.]
The Ratio of Gains in Other
Tbe same rate of "gain oar friends
bve made in Maine will give us Ohio,
Pennsylvania, Ns. Yurk, 2Jw.,Jariey
sod pther'Starop. . , ? ; , -f .'f
t Tb j same" ratio of eaina the Democra.
oymada in Veroiout ' will give us Ohio
by a large majority, 1 1 :Skt
The same ratio of gains tho Demoera
0; made in Conneotiout oil! weep Ohio
as the gentle winds of sweep over the
oold Butfaor, making tb earth bear good
fruits., . i i ,. . ' v-
' Tbe same gaino Ohio that swept Ne'
gro Suffragedom from California, would
eo knock it into a cocked hat' ia this
Stale that neither burnt brandy or unit,
petre ooula ave it. ....... ,, ,
' Tbe same ratio that , enabled .the De
mocrncy of Montana to carry tbat Terri
tory,' would give tbe Ohio Pemncraoj
over , t w6" h'lodied thonsand ' 'oiijority
introduosdi.od.throeifourtbe'of the Legislatira t. '"
Up Uuarw,;and t tlien.J ! V .
the western part, of Vinton' .'county 5
John Poe, candidate for Reprosenta
tbo ;tiv,e 1 Ngro-politicai-equality
ticket, of this county, has boon trav
ensue, ieling hro h Kichld Harrison, and
Eagle townships, and into Ross coun
vassing ty, protending to buy cattle, but 08
the tonsibly for; electioneering purposos,
tv0 faC08 with h.im to uiJ
.whichever he may come m contact
with,,DemOCrat 01 .Republican. "Whon
J. W, Bowen: We wish you to
publish the following in your paper.l
jor the , information, of the . voters of
. ...... -w . . n i ,
tie is r,-ith a Democrat, lie teJls nim
kuf s---i' n.,.., nnnAa
ttha pAnat;ntinni Am.w1m0; onl
o-ill rnnif.5wiw wa ..Bf. tt. anl - tp.
IwawaTW TVVU CL i t'ti 13 V IV i Ua4 1
a Democrat tells him he will not vote
v ,i (i,:. u: i, ...:m
- mZ ar a Eebl "
When lie is with a Radical and is
a a a a -t a u
riiht to vote.
ote -. - .. ; , ,(. , ,i-
.Now, wo want him to come out pub-
licly througli the press and say wheth-
n ia nrtnAanl n rriwine Matn-noa
?;s ---b;---;
two riiLuii w voio. uuu wm vutu iirmri
it, or whether ho is in favor of it, and
will vote for it; and if he does not we
will take it for granted that ho is in
favor of the Negroes voting... We do
not care how many votes he thinks he
will get about Londonderry, but wo
a i .. t- - i
uot pnipouBTO give mm many uere
it'll we Know how he StanUS on tne
question Ot ,-Negl'O bunrage. , . i
asked what his views are on
Amendment, his answer is: "AVell.T
see any thing wrong About it; I
suppose it's all right; the Niggers
were brought hero and we ought to
we. of thorn, and give thorn the
VOTERS OF RICHLAND AND HARRISON. Allensville, O., Sept. 16, 1867.
For the Government of Teachers and
Pupils of Public Schools, Adopted by
the Board of Education at McArthur
Ohio, September 14, 1867.
xnere snair do a recess oi ai leasi
15 minutes every half ' day, but the
Primary Schools may have a recess
ten minutes everv nour. at tne aiscre-
tTonOr Saperirrtdontr-1811-1)
the duty of teachers tosee that a duel
regard to neatness and order is ob-'done
served both in and around the school.
house; to see ' that' their rooms are
well vcntilatedi to' keep watch over
pupils on the play ground, .to.; take
care that the .several rooms, tables,
, &c, and all public property
trusted to their charge be not cut
scratched, marked, injured, or defaced
any manner - whatever to report
ru"ul".v,.w uv ur.uuu, u.
Trustees all cases of tardiness or ab-Lp.
sence, and gross ' misdemeanor so that
proper action' may be bad in each case.
' Every pupil who'shalt ferjcidCntally
or otherwise injure any school proper
ty, whetner tenoes, trees, or any build-:
ing,; or any part thereof, or break any
w,indow glass, or injure or destroy any
inrniture i belonging to the school,
shall be liable to nay all damages, and
in default thereof may be suspended
from school until reparation, is made.
Every pupil wji(8bal.i any.where
on or around the school premises use
or write any profane or unchaste lan-
f uage, or.shall draw any. obscene pic
urea or representations, or cut, mark,
or otherwise intentionally . deface any
school furniture or buildings, or any
property whatsoever belonging to the
school-house or grounds,' shall pe sub-
iect to suspension iron! Bcnooi jot 3U
days, and liable to tho action of tho
civil law.
Scholars will not be permitted to to
at pr in .tho, school-house or grounds
until alter the first ringing of tho fcol
in the ; morning, or. at ' nooa I fteT
echool is dismiaBod, unlosa for, .special
reason : J . " ' -l ' '
PupilB shall clean the mud and dirt
from their feet on entering the school
halls and rooms, take their seats m a
quiet and respoctful manner as soon
as convenient after the firs bell rings,
and shall take proper care that their
books, desk, and the lloor arotma
them are kept clean and in good or
der. It is expected that all tho schol
ars who enjoy the advantages of pub
lic schools.wUl eive prompt attention
td the; 'cleanliness and neatness of
their persons, not only for the moral
effect of the habit of neatness and or
der, t ut that" that thV'pupils may be
at all times prepared both in conduct
and external appoaranpe to i-eceiyo
their friends and visitors in a respect
ful manner, and to reuder the school
room pleasant, Comfortable and happy
for teacher and pupils, v ';:'.. -
At the close ot 8.ohol, morning and aternoon, ev
ery day. It shall be the duty or each Teacher 10 no
tify tht parent di guardian of evtry puplic, without
sioeptltn, ho wat abarat or turdy in aitrndani-e. Th
r,-i aud second noiice mav be tijr printed form, to
be supplied by the Superintendent, and may be sent
by a pupil, but the third ahull be sr rved by the Teach
er personally.' f.ach hoit atall be noted,of poite
the pup.l's name in the Rrgister.bj the letter n iu the
proper ctlumn.' ' ' -' ''''- 1 "":
Upon tlie return of a pupil after an any abaenea,
the parent or guardian si all give( In person or in
writ ng, an Mouse, stu'inn the rau'. If it shall have
boon the sickness of the pupil, or neooeisiry attend'onoe
opon a sick member of the family, cr death In tho family
of the pupil. In either of icqh oisea, tto absence snail Do
Sxonifrd, uu o noted by the lector s alier the atu of
notifiiiatinnmade abiive. . , '.
Is every oassof the ahicnoe of a pupil for mora than
three half days in any four oonieontivi weeks, without
satinfaetory exouse to the leaoher, for any other, east
than thoae permitted above, tha absence shall, without
exoeptionor favor, ' e suspended tr'om '.school, and the
facta Immediately reported to the Trustees of the
Piatriet. or their Chairman, anrthall not be re-admit-
ted until the beginning of the next quarter, nnless by a
,!.(. Hwnrti matortv nf aaM TViurtMu. fflad !th th
......... v. . ,
Pupils shall be exenaed for absence not rxcecd ng
one-half dcy or two quarter daya each week, for the
purpose of tnking let ni in such bmnchee of duca
(ion aa their .parents or guardian may desire- provided
ermngementa for tliemme Impersonal r made bytlio
parent or guardian with the principal ot the School.
FOR PUPILS. DO not vote
FOR PUPILS. DO not vote It.
the,uner tne pay 01 tne nuoresc. ,
1 Ifc has established a bonded arieto
don't cracy eernPd them trom the
payment of their just proportions of
tho-buifdens of taxation, and the ex
take Ponf?es of tL? Por and middle classtjB
ofrIt haaaoaWof o'd thVsacredaes? of the
" ' f" ""MO
. And'thls is but little of what it has
-to 8ay nothing of , the' further
evilg with4hich it proposes to;afflici
e 'country1 - -1 st-,
j:,, Then rader w'hy'wiil you "vote
tbat ticket? .
t- 'it h,', aZAl u"a
6aCrince personal interest,
'tho intere8t of tha aMe8 ; the . liber
in Uogof the country, the political insti-
' In voting the Radical ticket, -why
do you do it?
The party came into power with tho
country prosperous and happy, out of
j T! ,
debt ana at
nrtnTiTTTy nrr
peacowith the world. "
" nas sei me iunuitmenvai. jaw m
Tl 1 -. . A il. . i .1 1 - P
tno tana ri aenance. :.
"fit 1 II 1 i A.
Xt has disregarded . statuary, enact
It hits fastened upon tbe countrv-'a
debt so heavy that tho people groan
. - rtiS t . .
aro increasoa to malic up tuo aencion
, It has destroyed tho Union of the
States, and established in one-third of
thom tho most .rbitrai-v and ouaress
; .... . A
ivo military despotism.
It has' in . ten States disfranchised
the intelligent, and educated Whites,
and given tho elective franchise to de
graded and 1gnoraTt Negroes, for the
purposo .of perpotuating party ascend
ancy, !' v; . ,i , ; ; .. V ,.
It has given high, positions to in
competent men. 1 ; " .
; . Introduced corruption in every de
partment of the Government. . .
Created thousands of offices for the
sole purposo of . giving .positions of
proht to its votaries.
. Made the legislation of Congress de:
pend upon the corruption fund furnish
ed by parties interested. - '
Made bribery the powor which en-
jacts Jaws, and perjury the instrumen
tality which acquits or convicts cr
jnals. - - '"' 1 - : ; J ' ''
t.na i a AnnU. ,i.;ei.
noinflf ua pLJnf,.,,v ''iw.i
utipns of our fathers, the sacred right;
A' vCnu- anA-rnnnr 'frH
of! the people, and '.encourage .fraud,
c rrupti-n ana aespjtism ratner tnan
vote with us?'j m V-..." .'; :".
- Or d ! y: u a much dislike a change
that, y "U, will .cling t an evil rather
than turn t the right? . ,
AVe d n' t, reader; wish ti.rffend yu,
butwemustBpeak harshly of the Rad
ical party .'I ..'; :'.!. 'j
' Now, wo eubmit (o,;ou, whether it
would not be better for yon to lay aside
your prejudices and commit your better
judgment.1 To act independently, and
for the beai interests cf theoouotry.l : n
You want taxea reduoed. v i : -.
You want ao honest adtainistration of
tbe Government. ,; . .,. ,-,
t You want its burdens equally 'diatribe
uted.-'; !l' - -; "J x" ''Ji
, Then - will yen not cut loose from it
and seek for couetbing better, eeptoiel I j
when you know you cia do no worse, '
yt-v i-j.--: 3J3E3C33' '.:
WASfllWCTOfl libraut
"- $300,000 j PreoiU'a to Subforit.
, Que Ca8h Precat tf 510,100,
One Cash Prcwut of $20,000.
- One Cash Present of $10,000.
; .. One' Cash Present ot 85,000.
' Two Cash Preacots of ?2,500 ttoli.
Read full Schtduh tf rrttenlt elov.
Each certificate nr stock is accompanied with a,
Worth Mora at Retail than the Cost of
And alto Inacrea to the holder a
rresent Jn -the Great iHstrituticm.
Tbe W'ashiogton, Library ,Compnjf y .
Is cttartered by the Ft&lv 'ot Pennmlviai,' and Or-
: Raniifdinaidcfthe
Riverside Institute
;.-...tIir,$oldiert'Mnd SiUvr'. Orphan -. t?
" lucorporated by the State of It. J. .
"1 '." 5 ' ' U Aprit 818(i7.j j . ' ( , x
Situate at Riverside, Burlington county, Nat
Jersey, is founded for tbe purpose of grata
itouely tduoating the sons of deceased Sold
lers and Seamen of tho United 'State.
The Board of Truntnes oonlt of the following
n ell-kuowDoitneai ofPcnnavlvnnnaod KswJuraejfi
lion. W illUm Mnua, ' -
Piatriet Attorney, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon. T.ewit K. fl room a 1 1,
Ex-Chief Coiner U. S. Mint, and Beeordcir
of Deeds, PhlladelphU; Pa. :
Hon. Juroes M. 800vol.. New.. Jersey,
Hon. rV. V. Ware. NW Jersey.
Henry Oorman.-Efq , - , :
" Agent Adams'- txpres, Philadelphia, Pa.
J, . Cor, Eq, .k- ,.
Of Joy, Coe & Co., Philadelphia.
TaaoT DFraltHrnt, Washington, D. C.,Apr
ia, ma. uince 01 iiiivruHi neTenue; naTtne rcceiv.
it naliiifftctorv eiiieni'B lhat the proceed of the en
(rrptir condui ttd by the WHhiriiioo Library Conw
I pny will be ilivoled to ctaritaMe uea. p(tmiloi
in hcret-ygrmitod to waitt company to conduc anuii
onterpne exempt from all charge, vhetber rruot
apcial tax vr otucr duty. , . A. ItOLLlfM,
The Waalilnglon - Library
In order that the beaTolent object et forth w thi
circular may be mrcoasfi llyacui mpli'hi-d, have uw
sued a aervea of Meelpint tnjratintfK, which
re P' on nuMcrintion at .nce much below their
I retnll vnll'e. Lertmi'
retml vnli'e. Certifli ati'a orf-tOL-k in the wachlngtOB
Lihrary oompauy will he fumed, utampM with th
aenl of tta cuuipany, nod nigned bj tlie secretary.
None otlieia arti gt iui i.c.j .
Any peraun aeudiug us Ons Dollar, or pay.
ing ihe aum to our locl Agents, will receive
imtnedialely a fine Siecl 1'Uto Eugraving, at
choice from the following list, and On Cer.
titicate of .Stock, insuring One TreMnt ia
our puhliehci eclielu'e.
Unt Dollar fcnyroviny.
No )-My. ChiMI toy CuiMI" If 3
"They're SaTod!" No 3 -"Old 8evcnty-si
or, the Eatly Pays of the Pievoluiioa"
Any peraoil 'paying Tvo Dollurt will rt
ceive either ef the Steel Plates, ul choice, and,
Two Certiiicates of Slock, thus t scorning Mt
titled Two Presents,
Two Dollar Jbiirav'ngi,
No. I '-WnshiiiRtnn's t'ouruhip." No. S-.Wssh-iogU)o'
I.aat IntBi ie Kith lila Mother."
JArf Dollar i'tigravingt.
Any perron pnym; Thrto tillar aiilreoaive th
liFHUtifu! atcel Haie vl "liouie From the War," aut
'1 luce oititiuatoa of stock, bocoming eut;tlU to
Iliree 1'iewuif. ...
'our DalUr Engraving, t
Any peraon paying Knur L)ullarnimll recelva the
lniiu i.nd trautilitl Ktnel Plate of "Tlie Porila ot tu
Forei'athera," and Four crtificiitii ot Wok, auU.
tiiu thcia to rcitir I'resfuts. . '
J'ivt Lullur Hiigravingt,
Any persou who pas Klvn Unlian shall reoelvw
llic mrt) und KplruiHij ateel 1'IMtmf "'ihe Mainne
(4 1'iicaiiouUa," uitl Five cCrlifiuulca or tlock, auu
tlmgtlinn to Fixe 'I'resoi.l'. . i
1 '1 uc etijfiBVinjjii und i-eriilicstea Will b dehver4
to each Hubacnbor at our l,ocal Ageneiea, oi seat -Ij
mail, poat puiU, or cipre.sa, ai nmy be oruerad.
Wil. award Three Hundred Thousand Lioliar
To 1h SliurelioUlerBi
On Wanehday, September Siftih, 1857,
. "' . At Philadelphia, INt,
Or at thi Institute, liivtriiai, X. J,
kcdeddle or, PniaKNlS. ,
1 Cash i'ressnt $iO,OCQ
1 Cash Present ; -30,000
I Cash Preaent .. . .,, 10.000
I Cash Present 6,000
3 Cash Present of $3 600 ' . 6.0U9
I llandeono Country i'titlenc,
Stable, Orounds, &c, tiorman
' town, Pbitndelphia ; 19,000
I Duuhlo lief iiicnoc. three-story , ,
brick, .Cauden N J. , 18,000 ,
. Coal Depot,' Uffloe8, Sheds,
t Uround, with business establish :! v?.;,
., d, Ji V314 Washington Arstjue - .
Phiudulphia 15,004 ;
I Conutry Residence, R'versld, ' " .0..'
' . N J. with Ground. Fruits, io. , 10,00)
1 Three-Ktorycottiige. lot, Ao. 1,009
25 ViaUe building Iota, H.verMJe, tMO ,
esch, " 6.COO
1 Klcgant Turnout .'nr.Vly carrlage.spap of
horsHH, Harne-n, Ac, complete, J.OCO
10 Vanabl ilmidiiig Lota,. Riverside, $MC - .
each 1,009
' I Heautiful ailver-gray borae, & hand - :.
high' aired ly the ceiebnted importtd . . ,
Arah an itor, 'rjiliphi" also, a light.'.:).'
Foiul Wagon, weight 114 pounds, with net
, of superior amitle hnruraa, Ac, making a ' " ' '
. -flrat-claaa alatxisbmeut, - ' ifiOt
!0 1'ianua, '00 iu-h - .. . . ' ' IU,UW -S'i
Melodiana, 2uaih 4,;.oq
t KodcwooH tewing tnitehinaa, f -00 each 1 1,004) '
lo Family sewinx machines, 1 100 each 1,000
60 Finn sold watches, two hundred dolUr eaoh 10,009
100 Oil PiiintiiiRa, by leading artists -aggro
, gate value 10,004
'3 Camera Hairahawls, on thousand dol .
1 laraeanh " t,000
2 Camcl'a hair shawls, threa thousand del ' -
, lr eai'li ' ,0OO' A
3 Haridnom Lace phawla, MHO eaoh - , I - ' , ' 74
' lo Cashmere ahawU, fifty dollars each " ' WO
20 silk men patterns, serenty-fiv dolltt .' -.:
ch 1,809'
80 city building lots, 1TS eaoh 1,740 -
' j Tha remaiuder will onnaiat ol sllvenrar,
Musical Bow, Opi ruUlaaeii, focket '.''''
1 Biblea, aoddiff-rei.t aruclea ot oina.
s . . wontatulua,aaoumiugto ,' U.OM
r! ''''Total,1 ;': ':.'";!' "-' ' 1300,00
All tbo properties given clear of incumbraso. ( .
. ' JIoxc to Ob'ain Shoret and Engratingi. ; .
' Bend order to in by mail, encloiug from oca te .
twenty dollarh, either by Host UtHue orders or in I
registered lettt.i, at our rmk. Larger amount
should be seit by draft or express. -10
briti with engraving ; $9 80
25 (bare with engraving 23 M
50 share with engraving ' - it 50 '
75 thare with edgravinga , , -. 69 00 -100
shares with engraving ' , 80 00
.. Local Agent wanted throaghonl th Uni
ted State. . i- -i r ;.i f- ' '.'.! t
' -Tb Assooiation bav appointed a BeeeU
ver,Mesar. GEORGE A. COOKE & CO,
whose well know integrity and business tt
periepoe will be a efficient guaiantse that,
the money entrusted to them will be prompt
lj applied to the purpose auted, '' j
--Addrea. all letters and orders to
- QU. A. CUUKC & CO., Banker, ' '
"' .-n: i. ,, 88 South Third Street, '
it ' . Philadelphia, Pa., .
Reeeivera for the Washington Librar Co. '.'''
. ; July 4, 1867-6M

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