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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, September 26, 1867, Image 2

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- j. w. eowiw, sditoa and rsorainoa.
Oft ICE In I'odg'i Quitting over Swetland i
Start, cfnur Slain and locust Street, East
of the Court tionse.
For Term. Ac. bqc 4th Page 1
iTm tu LimMt circulation of any pa
nrr in Vinton Cojintu. AJrertisers and
others will please make a note of thin.
Democratic State Ticket.
Election—Tuesday, October 8, 1867.
For Governor,
' ALLEN 0. Til HUMAN, of Franklin.
For LieuteneU Goernor,
PAN I EL 8. VJI1L, of Holmes.
For Treasurer, -"
Dr. C. FULTON, of Crawford.
. For Auditor,
JOn.MtELWEE, of Bufer.
For Attorney General,
FRANK. H. I10RD, of Knot.
For Judge of Supreme Court,
Judge THOMAS M. KEF, of namlttea.
ForConlro'.lei of'TrcasvJry,
For Board of Public Works,
, -ARTI1UR Hl'CHE3,of Ciibog.
For State Senator,
Of Gallia county.
On Constitutional Amendment, giving
Ftgroes the, Right to Vote and
hold Office:
2STO! '
, . For R.presentaiive, .
For Prosecuting A'tornsy,
For Purveyor,
For Commissioner,
Tor Jnitice of the Pence,
Th DfmoerRtio ExccutWe Comrait'.ee of
Vinton County announce the following Beet-.rr
logs in theeeTeral Township: . '
"WILKtt&viL,ii&, on sa.LvnvM.
NIGHT. September 28th. Speak era
Arch. Mayo and others.
Bth Spcakeri - Arch. Mavo - and
Onr friends in the tarloni loeaHties
for holding the mettingn.
Men of ali;rrties.areinTited!
Democratic Meeting at
There will be a mceticR cf the Dmoersej
of Richlard township, tt AU
lensville, on Saturdsy eveninp, October
6h, which will bn addressed bj ULTSE8S
Clatpool, HAnRisoN Ltle, and other
ejjeakerc Let every voter turn out I
party grow brighter every day, and
k. Jnn,Lf
iustice and right.- Vinton Record!
Certainly, most certainly! "Tl
prospects, of the great Union party
crow.briirhter every day I . Tho late
news-from Kentucky, California, Mon
tana, including that 16,000 of a gain
on tho lladieal Disunionists In Maine,
6hows .tliat "tho people continue to
stand up for justice and right!" and
that the rich Kadical bondholders who
pay no taxes ; tho despots who have
robbed the people and the Govern
ment; the blood-thirsty devils who
have been, guilty of inhumanity and
oppression; tho wicked sinners who
have forgotten God, man, and poster
ity in thoir greed for gain and power;
and the desperate and moneyed ty
rants who have outraged and insulted,
robbed and destroyed, mobbed and
murdered, lied and stolen, torn down
and divided, swindled and protected
swindlers, ' ignored , oaths of office,
lurod men ta destruction, piled up
taxes tq support aristocrats, destroyed
armies to carry out political heresies.
sacrificed soldiers to enrich dishonest
cencrals, turned the courts into politi
cal machines to protect the thieves ot
their party who are banded ,togother
for spoils,' trampled upon all Constitu
tional guarantees, made widows and
orphans for nothing, destroyed the
Lope of fres homss and light taxation
fir poor f -rmnc-rr, r.r.i har lived hy
villainy, corruption,
profligacy, dishonesty, deceit, and pro-1
tection of bayonets, shall die, and that
the great cnuse of Right, Truth, Jus
tice and Liberty shall triumph and
"stand firm" forever. Does the
Record writer see how things are
working among the people?- They
aro closing up tho ranks! standing
bold, firm, true! striking fast and
hard against all wrong!- You aro not
mistaken in "us'W-;tho language wo
we qnoto above not at all. Perhaps
your eyes are getting opon. We hope
so. Some of the poor, tax-ridden
people Tja'vo thoir eyes open. We are
glad to see " the people stand up for
justice and right." "The people are
right! ' " -
- a
"Hair! 'tis the robe which curious nature
To bang npnn the head.1'
But nature dncs nM alweye jivi" to
a beautifdl hesd of hair. Art mnrt sup
ply this neg'ect often, which anc does In
" BirrBttV V'etenle Hair Restorative,"
prnnoiineed by 111 who hate ueed it the
only reliable Hair Restorer and Dreiaiog
in the roerkef. . . ' ' ''
Ijnent together. - The question is, does
n0 n0t; need sagb to. preserve him?
thcrefbre, for. the benefit of those
who anflTdoubting him, directly pro
:. pose to him these questions, and re-
sonally in favor of -the Constitutional
Amendment, enfranchising Kegroes and
OeXoltTisfranchising White men t 2d. If you
are elected and called upon while in
the Senate to ratify tho United States
'Constitutional Amendment, enfran-
OpPRhiv. Tba taiea are oppress
ive, and the people n eedj relief tnere
frutn. UoanH rote 'gainst Jawy aia
on the) Ridieal ticket od there trill be
easier rimes. J ast try it ! . Pit 4ow.
the rioh bondholders like Fei and. Touts.
immortal Jones, one of the "ventila
tors," bat not of such rare taste s
some of the good brethren, although'
possessed of more acute, sagacious,
and cunningly devised pieces prepared
for the occasion, isiast falling back to
tho rear, and in many localities of the
county, he is not ;'growing in favor"
like it is . said "the Constitutional
Amendment is growing in favor as it
is more fully ventilated," for the rea
son that he fails to ventilate. Recent
ly it has become a question of considerable
doubt in the ranks of the Rad
ical party whether Jones is the right
man in the right place, for the simple
reason that inall of his eloquence at
the various points in the county, ho
has failed to notify his audience of his
true position upon the Constitutional
Amendment. Many of his audience,
i not knowing his political standing,
! think him a queer genius of the hu-
man family, when ho has served up a
i dish of Radical und secession argn-
gnoctfuj v reauest him to answer
.them:. 1st. Are. vou, Mr. Jones, per
chising . Negroes and disfranchising
tTTI '' 1 - ! 1 I ntt wifA r Mnt J 9 r...
yy niie ranit wmjuu iuw wjmh v
will vou vote to not ratify? Please
answer, for tho sake of tho welfare
tho country,
Best Man.
Henrt M. Ondhrdonk i tl Dern
seratio candidate for State Senator. Go
to the polls and vote for him ! ,
For Fine Perfumery,
Go to 8issnn's Drug Store , . .
' "The Democracy undertook
break ud the Union meeting at I
?ey 'b Scliool House last Monday even-
j-j. &nZZmhJrl ;
im- htr itrAtnfif' hfl nn n r iinu i,n row.
"The Democracy undertook" no
such thing! The Democracy never
breakup "Union meetings." When
there is a ."Union, meeting" it is
always composed of Democrats and
all others who do not declare, (as the
Kadical leaders do,) that "the Consti
tution is a covenant of death, and the
Union a league with hell!" and that
a Negro has a better right to vote
than a Dutchman or an Irishman!
This Record writer ought to know
that. He should tako his light from
under tho bushel and place it upon
the bushel. . We" are informed that
the Democracy did not "hoot, halloo
and throw stones," but some Kepubli
cans who were present were disgusted
with the Negro Equality "pieces"
that were spoken at the School House.
It is said that no stones were thrown
Msny Conservative Republicans, In Vin
ton county, who have heretofore votei with
the Radicals, dis-believiog the charges that
be favored Negro Equality, now deolare
their intention of severing all connection
with that party and voting against it. They
say tbey can't and von't vole against the
interciu of the While M,
Your Money is
The prices of all -kincU ol
goods declined in the Eastern
market a few days ago; and one
of the firm of Dan Will" &
Bros, of this town, immediately
started for the market. Repur
chased a complete and beautiful
assortment of the choicest and
latest styles of Goods, at ex
tremely low rates for cash,
which aro now arriving-1 It
is not necessary for us to enu
merate any article : brought; to
this well-known House, as noth
ing except the very best is ever
brought to their House. They
have taken advantage of a de
cline in prices and are receiv
ing the finest and most attract
ive stock ever brought to this
Glad of it!
An immense stock of goods
suitable for the fall and winter
trade is now arriving from the
Eastern Market at the popular
House of Will & Co., at Za
leski ! The goods were careful-
lv selected hv one of the hrm.l
ducedfigurcs! The assortment:
is the choicest' every brought
Zaleski, and will be sold at
price9 that Will astonish but
l. r, j
pieaseuie peopte; uuum
the latest Styles Of goods just
from the Eastern market!
Editor Democrat, Enquirer: We bad lone
ten daya" since flmiit( posttra poeted np
onr vicinity ealliag th. lay.V
assemble at RaysT.Ue. it ihie Tow.ebip, M
Bent. 10th. After drumming for a full week
NINE net nine handredlwf the Loyal Hock,
a.tually appeared in the tillage. Meaare.'J
rouer ana mr mo --Hiiiiupuisncu an.)
hirbly edat4"orau,eannouoed, got
tit addresa the taithful few it a etore-roni,
In order to have tae presence of few dots
Mr: Potter was fullaa fcaur peaking Ma;
pieee He urged the loyal few t vote far
the n'egra amendmet, aad remarked. that
for kimeelf be wouid
ie would pTrer wench for a
eeueslr lady. ought to
wench fer wife-. eke ir,ight(y-t't'v
wife before a eeuesli
let necro
teach him to talk in a deoiot j.aBner.-.i,'tf.
Den. Enq , ...
Mark charged fipen the Deaooratle party
aa being in favor of ' repudiation ; and then
he insisted opon hie faithful few to do jus
tice to the immaculate negro by making him
oureooial and pilitiaal eqial Me then
uioiougmy sinsa me wenjqcrr.no no.ev 01
ly run well in tbis county afur the deliwv
of euoh able speer.besi
The Democracy desire these gents to come
back and preach negre agiu before the elec
tion. There is much" divsatiafaction about
the reflections these gents brought to bear
in legal eases referred to in the course of ar
Jaekstn Tp., Jackton Co ,
Bepi 21 67.
For Ajtrr'n iTlrtlicines,
Call at Simon's Drug Store.
Latest Styles!
. IV. WILL, the lather Ot the
Southern Ohio merchats, is now
in JNew lorK Ulty; ana Ix-iS-of
the. popular Salesman of-ating"
c t tr tTr:u i.
me uouse ot. o, jv. tv in, w m
Philadelphia, purchasing " an
11 , n j At,
endless variety of Goods of
very latest Eastern styles, forialt
the Fall and Winter trade, and
which will be sold lower than
The goods 'Will arrive
, 1IVT iil
next week! -Look. outfor the
finest assortment ever brought
to MeArthur I ' 1 '
White Men of Vinton County!
Will yon so degrade your race even your
wives and children as to vote the Badifal
ticket which makes the negro the political
superior of your white foreign brother?
The laws of our country require foreigners
to reside within the United States five years
before being entitled to full eitiienHhip.
The Kadioals propose to enfranchise the
Ignorant negroes indiscriminately, without
regard to a knowledge or our institutions ,
By their Constitutional, Amendment, tbey
propose to give all . negroes , the right of suf
frage after a residence of one year
Why not let the vYQite women vote instead
of the Niggers? : ' '
The Kadioala propose to degrade the While
Woman and elevate the Niggro I
- , ... ... .. .;
Niw Bakeet.- E. Pattinsow has
opened a New Bakery in the : front part ot
Dodge's Billiard Saloon, . where be keeps
Fresh Bread made of the best white wheat
flour, Cakes, Crackers, Tarts, Pies, Candies.
Fruits, Nute, 4o.'r-: 1 . ' ..' . u
Mr. Pattimsox Is a flrst-clsis Bakerthor
oughly nnderitandi his business nod will
satisfy all who patronise him, ' '
Bee advertisement In this paper.
Attention Everybody!
j. A.FELTON, dcalerin dry
anafancy goods, notions, .&c,,
in mis town, is now in ew
Yuk purchasing a supenoijten
Mck of Goods for the Fall and!
Winter trade, at very low prices.
The new goods will arrive this
vt.eek, and his numerous custom
ers and everybody else may rest
assured that this will be the most
complete and fancy stock of
gods ever urougnt 10 mis mar
ke l , It is useless for us name
any article, as "Hile" knows
j a; t what tho people wantl Let
eviry bedygo and see the new
go d and learn the greatly re
duced prices!
Let women
hy ClCVate the I1C-
to'gro and degrade ' fie
White .WOmCIl Now
BW!womcn nf VinlOfl
r " . 1 T . -XUrk.
COUIlty thllm 01 OCing
nIaVpd holnw flip
U WlUtV u,a
Will TUn HltO . VllltOIII
.rtn., v If iniOllll
.Pleto0,l,,lj " lt dllll
L . . .
inn tV of tllft VOtP'
1 1 V . 3
f:ivi ill lit riipr
leaTl'a,' OLUCJ.
wvww iwwv
h pi fix. fhpn PflVfi
lllV lltyl U
The Radical lead-
rs want the negro to
nfp" VV IlU lint lot
!la Wlllto Wnmotl Vnf
Jinsieau 01 me necron
wk fn I J.
W,,tl1, UU '" UllC,f
jiiy HCgrOCS WllO
wow is the time jor
fhp WfitYtPn Ifi filth
UUlVIl IU fUfftv
nhnilt hflinn nltiml
The Quartette—Who are They.
The Quartette—Who are They. and What of it!
fereat 'assistance to him in "venti
Will, the'Amendraent. Astspoak
TT er he belongs to the class known as
ty of his mien, the punty of his dic-
Itioa, tho olerrance of his manner, the
thejma5;ivene88bot his WMon Md a'bove
what he says, adds greatly to the
The Scioto Gazette, under the head
;of "Vinton County Items," says "the
Constitutional Amendment is growing
11 1'ttle Vinton. , It omits to mention
ouiuo ui tuo vouniuiurs. j.ui was uoi
ju$, &ome Of tnem nave
-Immortal names,
, That were not horn to die " .
Tho High Constable of Elk town
ship, Vinton county, Ohio, who is a
Sage, and is called Bob, stirred to the
inmost depths of his profound nature
by the perilous condition of his coun
try, and the uncertain condition of his
party, has lately runhod to the rescue
and the "stump," and his philosophi
cal entertainments aro reported to be
aliasing and instructive. His elo
quence is said to be very'moving.
Hj iong experience in a public office
aW profound acquHintance with
and financial Questions, nro
1(0hio-B Gifted Orators." The diirni-
ertsct ot ms enoris. -Meat
firm at 12J cts.
at home from Athens. The Chilli-
CUtue U-IWRie lino uoiuu vi in, it duvoas
abont iti in fact: It wds kind1 and
tnOUirntlUl in tyrUS 10 Come OaCK.
TTrU Irnnn t ! m TTol,
the! Constitutional Amendment in his
senior year at college, and knows all
about it "Knowledge is power."
Hence his power. Thurman never
went to Atf.ens, and: there's where,
i i ... - i ttt i i
uyras naa mm on nis aveny Bpeecn.
fTiU A In1 i i nrrtn trf Kiir ' fnan aV.
well, you can t compare him with Cy.
Yoi mirrht as well think of comparing
hinj with Colonel E. E. Phillips, of
lOaitSKI, W11UBO glCUl Bptjeji;ii witB UUO-
lisl'ed in the last Echo, undorthe head
of. "Sketches for Childron." Cy's
fotte is argument. That's how he
carte to use l nurman np so at jJiCAr-
thup Station. Thurman don t know
it yet; that's why he hasn't quit go
ingjaround making speeches. '.
Cy. is stumping, and that's why the
"Amendment is growing in favor in
little Vinton." u He is H very , promis
ing young man ; has Deen that way
ever since he .was atihjld..,,,
is in importation." He hails from Sci
otoville. ' We. understand he received
a telecrramor a "call" to come up and
ventilate the Amendment ill " little
Viston." We don't see how they
could spare him at home, but he came.
thouaanJ in litt0 Vinton." If
Tim newt- "liia riSmih'"' YRn "not be
- ;e7.
he went back. They say the Amend-
ji0 ventiiateli it; We are thankful he
lias gone. If he had stayed -the
the Democracy nro beaten hero this
iuu iney may Known wnu uiu it. jut.
Bennett is a prepossessing spenkcr, of
pleasing address, and considerable
last though not least of the immro
tal four. lie is Mayor of MeArthur.
Born of poor but respectable parents,
he has risen by his own exertions to
his present high position. He is a
self-mndo man; what there is of him.
He' is the chief wntilutor in "little
Vinton." If any ono doubts that he
is the . best 6tumper on the Radical
side, let them listen to him while he is
talking of tho campaign.' He is able
and eloquent; he bb much as says so
himself. Ho has challnngcd any
Democrat in Tinton to discuss the is
sues of tho campaign with him on the
stump. It is doubtful whether any
one that knows him will have the
nerve. He is a perfect giant in intel
lect, and knows a thing or two bosides.
. Is it anywunderjhat, ventilated by
such ablo men, the AnTchdmenrfiTOTra
in favor, or that the Democracy are
getting discouraged? Thurman won't
save us. Wo have tried h im, and he
E roves a mere chjld in their hands.
oi'eat stares us in tho face. They
havo all thisforcointhe field, and have
John Foo us a reserve.. Col. 11. h.
Fee us a
us in Zaloski. The
liL.,, KnQ.-onn
iney nave us on every
St We do tO bo Saved?
side. What must
September 23, 1867.
1-,',fr' CP' " c- Jon mJ C.pt. Wm
T a Committee bare decided to ac
oot the ehalleuge io Tar as to meet Jone-.
4otT "ite"ncfrui hjr uum
prettr aoud loke. and. of couise. will take
ImitleetodiscuM, upon iheatump.theia
thecampign. "i bey put forward as Iheir
A Challenoe Tho Democratio
Cential Committee receired a clallpnge
il ia week from the Republican Central Com-
M furt,,er no,!c r
JUS rece've(iafine assortment of Bo .ts
U:and Shocs; a U of Wonden AVaro; a
new st ck of Family Groceries, ic,
I ,. , , ... ,, . . , .
whlch HWl" .Be" 0t e:itrcmelv luW
1 prices. Give him ft call!
0 Monday luai we aere presented by
snit r. ttnoins witai bottle or pure
Wine, raanut'ecturad by Thomas It. Davis,
McA' tlmr, and upon the test, we foun I
to et an excellent srtio'e and nf anperior
qnality and more reviving in flavor ibho
tii) we lave seen or lae'ed since Noam
planted bis viueyard. Mr. Dats has a Sue
and large crop of grapes in bis yiueyrd
ihia atason. All persoai desiring the purest
of W iuea in preference to that of domestica
ted liquors will please Call upon Mr. Dvh
and procure a bottle of the 11 Pure ould eiutf.
'May sucoess attend him
Work Work! Work!
from dawn to the dusk of day,
oui hopes are sruiliej with a weigh, of
debt y
That tnil nf v'i' I;f" wm1' n v!
.'.'.jtusjjwwi.uij.i . ii.u)q.-auauui
PfUs- j
' 1
' ;
SlirrifPt. :iie.
Jsrsmnh Ritcliff, Plaint id, 1 In Vinton Onnty
KKiint I fnurt of Commou
Thnmai Hmt. Humnel Rat, n f P1"".
.tnlin fwim, DefendAnlg. J Venli.
PUlt V VNT to thocoinrnsnH of an order nf tale In
tile nb'ire c'ie to me d rente I 'rum the Cnurt
A rnmn..n ll.a.VinA,iMn.i nKt.. I .sill ..IT...
for a e al PuWm Au-lnm. at the door of t ie T.iirt
H0US6, ID tllB fOWn C f MC
f McAfhtT, in thecoun'y store.
TUESDAY, the 23th day of October,
., A. D. 1867,
lo'ciocVr . ofA'da.j. thefonowinjiindnd
'JfiZU in ii..out, of .,, i -ut,
eni I. on
reciion i""1
Niueieen (io.)
Forty-one () neres 8euti n Thirty-four (34,) Town
Nine 19,) Runge Nineteen (.)
Alio ,
Nine (5) acres Sntith-Wost ei rner of the 8niith-Wst
quartet 01 necuon i niiiy-iouri.j i wwu man ivauv
i lie sums M the oilier.
Eighty one (81) seres E ist hnlt (E ) of the North.
k,St. OmrierlN I.. Or..i of Sectl u llurty Three
(St,) Tuivu and Kan go the ame m Hie o h. ,
A no
Frtv (401 seres ot the South. Weft Qnirr (. W.
Or.,) of the North-Went (Jitrier (.V V . tjr.,i nrsece
11 ..'I h ity -three ( uj,) thu Town and Bailee the sumo
as above. ' ' " ' .
JLevied upon- as me property 01 jonn swum 10
satiety s indBtt ont v inlerd ag'in: ThoinHs Kay,
Samuel Byi I oho bw.utn by said Court in laror
ot Ji-rmmir iuuciid.
rhofirt descriued tr.ictof Ittnd appraised at seven
The Ketsuod deaenbed tract of land Appraised at ope
hundred dolMMlSlUOlw.J - ; '
fhe third dencr.bed train ut tand spprainod at two
i hundreil and Be tlounri oj.J
fiie fouith ilesonhed iracc ol Und aiinrai'ed at nine
hundred and seventy-two d-'ll ir- (97J 00.)
I'he filth desen bed trnct ol land Bipriiied at fire
hundred and iwvo:y dollars US1 oi ' .
, And mum brint, two-thirdu ot the above sum'.
' Term, of sale Cosh io hand at the time of sale.
. Sherin" Vinton (unty.'f bio. ..
D. B. flhlvel, Atl'y for W'fl.
SeptsmbartS. JSOT-M-W '
" " r?'-:r
8300,000 Prreents lo Subreiiberf,
One Cash Propent of $40,100.
One Unto 1'reecnt ol 820 (CU.
One Cosh 1'rri.crit tl $10,000.
One Ua-h I'rcecot ot $.i,)00.
Twn Ouch I'rcnm of 82,500 each.
Head full Schedule of rrtftntt Below.
Each ci-ititWiitpof tock n avcnuipanipd wuh
ttorih More at Retail than tie Coit et
Ar.d lao imi-n s to tli holder a
Present in the Great Distribution.
The Wanliiujiiou Library Company
Is chartered by fie Msf of rpnnAlrsiiia, nod Or
KHiiitoi in aid el
Pirotsido Institute
For Holdiirt' end Fuilort' Vrphmi,
Incorporated bv the Sut of H. J.
April. 6. 18U?.
Situnle at Riverriiile. liarlinnton connly, New
Jeicey, it founded fur the purpi.e of gratu.
iioiisly ciiiicnting the mns of ticReaxrd SelJ
u-rH u ii I Smmrii of the Unitetl glutei.
The Board of Trusters consul of the follnnlng
wrll-kubwucitiaeusof Pnr.ylvmjinr,t ew Jljj
llou. illiiiiii .Miitiu,
Diatriot Attorney, Philtdilpkia, Vm.
Hon. lewis It. HiodiuhII,
- Hi-Ciller diner U. S. Mini, and Raaonlar
' - of Deed, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon. Jnis M Scnel. New 'Je'rse.
Hon. rV. W. Ware. New Jersey.
Henry Oorman, Kq ,
- Ageni Adams' Lxprees, rhlladelplla, P.
J. U. Cue, Esq ,
Ol Joy, Cne & Co., Philadelphia).
Tnnsrar DirxTM'KT. Wnsl-ington. D. C, Afrit
el !-tiloti)ry evHlt'iire thdt thf proceed or the en
,,rprihP,.,.du..tidby th WMsiniion i.ibn.rycra
I P1"1" devoted to el nrimile l.ee.imij'"ir,
10. IOUI. vimv u; Aiiiriiini nrrnin;; n RTIllg TKVtY
if hereby imnied to said noinpai.y to emnlue such
enterprise exempt from ail ul.tujte, v Letter fn.ni
special tax ur otner duty. t. A. ItOl.LlNs,
Tlie tVailiiii(iton Library
i 111 punt,
In order that the benevolent object set forth m this
cireular may be utii eeeef llj cci mpli-hid. bate is
sued a er ea of I'. lie -teel-pmte Lrinavinti whick
are put nu oubsuriptii.il at prces-inuuh lelow their
retiiil vhU'h. Certitii'nte oftO':kin the ahinnto
Libraiy uompAiiy will ho in.ued, stamped th ilia
se'il ot il company, and signed by ths scitary.
None oil. ers are (jenunie.j
Auy pel sun een.niig us One Del.'ar or pay
ing 1 he eaui" to our luoal Agenln, receive
itnuiedijpil.v a flue Sirel Plate Eugtaviof, at
choice from the following list, aud One Cer
tifii'ute of Stock, ibsuriog One Prtseut in
our publisLel sclie.lu'e
One Vollar Engraving
No 1 "My Chil i! iy ChiMI" Na
"Thev're Savedl" No 3 'did Sevenij-sit;
or, (he Early I'ays of the Knoluiuu '
Any person pvmg Two Vollart will re
ceive either of the Steel HUtes, t vboies, sai
t'wo Certificates of Stock, thus ktcustiag .
titled 1 wo Presesm.
Two VolUr Enirat'ngt.
No. T ' Washington's Cotiruhip." io. l"Wask
iiijton's Last Intel view with hi Mothei."
Three Hollar Engraviugi.
Anrpereon tmyiutt 'I lin e l ollare will receive the
beautiful aleel Vlaie 01 "Home 1 10)11 the Mar," and
Three cvrtilkates of stouk. beaumiug aulitisd !
Three 1're.tuH.
four Dollar Enrovinge,
Any person paying Four I'uium iill rsoeive the
Ini tie ami bcai.tilul steel r lste of "l'he Perils ot Our
Koretaihers." 4) d Four c-ertifiVates ol' aUHikieaU
tlmg tlieiA to rour rre-euti.
i'iv oUar Enrovingt.
Any pernou wlio pAs Kive Uoluia thill reoelva
the larg'j and spleunid etael Plate of "The Mariaaj
ol Pocuiuiiitas, aud Five ceruficama of ttauk, tU
tlinpr tlie-in to K.ve nsr.su.
'In ciigtavina-s and t-erutljates will be dsliTare t
to eacli suosuribnr at our l.oaf Ageiiuitu, 01 sent
by U.-A11, post paid, or eprens, may b ordered.
A il. award Three Hundred Thousand lioliara
To the hhureholdern.
Oa Wfi.siay, September 25 id, 1867,
At PlilladvljsW'M. Pa ,
Or at the Institute, Riverside, X. J. .
1 (ash Prss:ut 10.nrv
1 Casli Present 20,009
1 Ca-h Present U.009
1 Cash Prtwe.it 6,000
2 Cash Presents of $3 M0 6,0119
I llaudsnme Country Re-iJenee,
Stable. Grounds, 4c, Oeinian
town, Philadelphia 13,00
1 Double Keeidence. three-etory
brick, randan N J. 11,00
1 Coal lepoi, tlffi-es, She Is,
Ground. i'h b isintsa establish
ed, NiHH Washington Aveaus
Pbindjlphia 13 009
1 tJniintry Residence. R'veraide,
N J. with Ground. Fruits, ito. 10,0)0
1 Tliree-storvci.tt.ig?. lot, Ac. t.ooo
V d iab:e building ots, R.veHda, 1300
euh. , , ,0
1 tlegtnt Tnrnnnt .'asjily carr aae,span of
hor!ea. llarne-. vo nplete, 1,004
10 V liable Bu.ldingl.ots, RiverKide, iC
eneh l.we
1 Henutifiil silver-gray horse, 1. hands
. Iiig'r sretl hy the ce;ebr.ite.i iiiiporttil
Anih.an Horse, 'I" lil'li" lo. a liilht
Poaii Wagon, weight 140 pounds, with set
of .interior emi'le harness, Ac, malting a
fir't-class esiabhshment, H.Ofle)
20 Pianos, each 1
i'. MelodianH,i-Otnh 4, (
i Kosewood sewiiig machineu, 1200 frcn !.('
lnFainilv aewlnKiAOiiine,l"0 each t.wal
60 Fin cold atuhes. two hundred d.ilh.ra each VmaaJ
lUOOil Pun ings.by .ed"'g artists -1 ggro
date value t . . , ' W.1
S' aui 'iir shawls, one thomand do.
lara eah . , . . . ' '
I tJannl'a hair shawls, three thousand dol
larseacli . .w0
8 tiiii. iaoine Lace shawls, Vi't'eanh T50
pi U'tshmera shawl ., fitly dullars enoh HM
2 a Ik dress paittirns, sevnuty-five dolliis
aich I-80
J0 oil) bu ldtng lots, 175 each ,7W
The remtmiler will consist o' silverwarr,
Musi-ul B'i.te, 0, ralilaaaes, Hooke!
Bibles, an-M.p re t articles ot orai.
meutanduse.suiuuniiug to t ti.tfo
Total tSvO,O0g
All tho properties given elesr of Incnmbrai w.
Hove to Ob'ain Shares und Engramgt.
end order to us by tnl. euclon.rf iw.u ore to
twenlyd UarNeither by Post ufliJ orders orins
registered lettel, at our nait. liugal amoaule
should be ten by draft ur express.
10 shitrsa with eugmv.ngs $ 0 S
25 shares with engravings 33 S3
50 shares with eugravings 46 51
7-i shares wilh engravings 69 00,
100 shares with eDgrings . 80 00.
I.ooal Agents wsuted lUraughout the Lni
ted Staiei. - ' ' ' , , !
The Association have appointed as Recei
vers, Messrs GB'tUUi" A. OoftK
whose well know integrity aud busines-i et
perienoe will be a rffioient guaiant.e that
the money entrusted 10 them will be prompt
ly arplted to the purpose s luted. ' ' : ' j
Addres. all letters and olders to
UiiU. A. COOKl. & CO., Bankers,
. 83 South Third Street, "
. Philadelphia, Pa.,
Receivers for the Washington Library Co. 1
July 1887-o ; . . ,;: i:'

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