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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, October 03, 1867, Image 3

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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Democratic Enquirer
Items of Local Interest.
More New Goods!
E. D. Dodge, of this town, took ad -Tantago
. of tho recent decline in
prices of Goods in tho Eastern mar
ket, and visited tho market and pur-
chased, and has "brought to this town,
a very large and completo stock of
Goods, of every description, and of
tho very latest styles in the market,
and which ho Is selling at reduced
rates. .
Raos Wanted. Urinj all
litis alliae, where ihe higueit
will be paid for them.
your ra29 to
market price
Sheep fop. Sale. A. & E. D. Wolf
of McArthur, have a lot of very One
Spanish Ewes and Bucks for sale.
Thoso wishing to purchaso the best
Sheep should go and seo them. Now
is 'tho time to purchase. . . ,
Pbimtibi, like other meu, sometimes offer
Rome very good bargain. Any persou
Wishing to purchase a splendid i'iano, will
itvo from one hundred to one hundred and
fifty dollars by ca'ling at this offlo. We
cm furuisi them at greatly reduced rates.
GonitT for October is received. How
teauiiful tlio Pathiun Dales.
The lerma are as follows:
Ono copy, one year,
Two copies, one year,
Tinea copie9, ono year,
Four copies, one ye ar,
Five of pics, one year, and
5 3 00
5 00
7 GO
10 00
cx'in copy la ge:tor up
14 03
Eight, conies, one year, and an
fxtra oopy to getter up of
club, 21 00
We will eond the Democratic Enquirer and
' Goity for one year for J'3.75.
Clu'i suhsoribars will be eent to any ? si
Olhoe whore the subscriber may reside 1
Gndey's Lady's Hook and Arthur' Home
Miiguz'rie' w!'l La sent, each one year, oq re
ceipt of ji4 50..
A ldreiH L. A. Odey, Corner ' Sixth unci
Chestnut Btreots, I'liiladelphia, Pa,
lor V1 ihlei U Herb Bitters
Qo Siesou's Drug Store.
For I tik'c Erii4 a n Stcd-
icllCft,Ko IoSm-ud's Dyjg Store.
i Titc building of the fnime work of a cot
red bridge upon abutment now constructed
at George Speed's, on Elk Fork of 'Racoon
Creek, will be let by the Conimtasioaers, to
the lowest responsible bidder, oi the 2G;h
of this month. See Notice lo BriJge Build
ers in this paper.
For Acts of Charity and Be.evo
Ijiic.o Philadelphia- Ftunds prominent
anions her sister cities. Dttring the
war slio had our refreshment saloons
whera thousands werb fed while on
their way to the "front," and now, in
order that tho good work may be con
tinued, it .is proposed to provide for
tho Orphans of many of these bravo
heroes who fell in det'onBO of tho stars
and stripos. For this purposo the
Washington Library Company of
Philadelphia was org.inizod in aid of
tho RivinWo Institute of New Jersey
- Hero tho Orphans of Soldiers arid
Sailors in till parts of the country will
bo gratuitously, educated and mtido
useful members of society. Tho just
find honorable plan adopted for raising
the nocessary lunas tor this charita
ble object has received the endorse
ment of every one. Head Advertisc-
"An angel facej its sunny wealth of Hair.
Inradlant ripples b ithed the graceful throat
and, dimpled nhotilders." -
If hjsr hair had been crisp and fussy,
dry . aid croppy, even her angel face
and dimpled shouldora could not have
made her beautiful. Young women,
if you need a dressing for tho hair,
try "Uarrotts vegetable Hair llestor-
ativo," and bo no longer ashamed of
your appearance.
J. G. S wetland has a fine assort
ment of -custom-mado Boots and
Shoes; a largo stock of Family Gro
ceries; a lot ot Wooden ware, Ac.
He also keeps tho purest Liquors in
the town. He soils every thing at
very low prices; and we would adviso
thoso wishing anything in his line-to
go and see him. Seo his advertise
ment in this paper.
Driiff,'noflIiM aitil S'nf Inncrj-,
Persons slipa l)itg, Medioines, or J5ooltg,
will do'k Vto call at S'rong's Drug and
J!ook Store, corner Humbert's Block, Mo Arthur,
Ohio, where they will find a. large stock of
Pnre Medi'dne, vL!qnors, Oil, Paints, Dye
StntTit, Pei ftmery, and Fancy Articles. ', ,
Physicians oan buy as low as in any mar
ket, in Southern Ohio.
The atlenlion of the public is called lo the
large stock of Cap aud Note Paper, Pens,
Ink, Paper, Knires,' Rulor, Ao., ho. i
School DooUa Tnt ba bought, .cheaper at
Strong's than attny otbtr establishment in
Vinton county. "'' , " ' 1
Ci 11 and see. May J Gm
Fixe Jewelry. Just rc
ceivccl at the Picture Gallery, a
well selected assortmentof Fine
Jewelry. ;
A Good Uusinkss. The Adrertising Agen
cy of Geo. P. Row ell t Co., Ns. 40 Park
Row, y., furnish .regularly fromo1 to
' three columns of ndrertising to nearly one
half of all tie iewepspers i tie 15alorn,
t Middle snd Wwtr-rn Sl.itej. : '
attention of our readers
;V.c.cJ to the advertisement of J.
GoLD.'ProDrietora of tho McArthur
4 Nursery. Wo can assure our'reade
that they have for salo at low prices
ftho best varieties of Fruit Trees Ap
ple, Peach, Pear, Cherry, and Qninco
Trees; and, also, a fine variety'
Grape Vines. ' . t.O.-
Go and see them, at their Nursery,
about one milo north-east from town.
Vole the whole
Democratic ticket.
T. c& "VST. QOIiD,
"ITfJULD rc -edfiilly infnrniiliciitKnsot'Vinton
I? iu:il i )Iiit fiiuiii.D.s iliiil Ihey Iihw, lit iliun
KU23EST, ono mile n-jtb-eajt from McArthur,
tiiu very Lost vuinti. ol ,
Gr2ra.S5o Vinos,
Apple Trees sind Peach Trees;
We wnrrnnt nil our stuck trim lo rmmo find f
low ijrirei hs (tin he oh'alnoii nnynhore, nil I infrte
Hli 1IOI-S..HK twdn'lan ) rx-imnieit. . ,
Any letter adilreared lo.iiii, tu to pticos or nrie
ties vrill bepi'oiiiytiy.mitiii'eifil, , .
' J'. 6-Wj Uui.D,.Mf Arthur, O.
Oetobr3, 18HT-tt
fit! J m. -$f, sii
'! .4-mT.T I Ai7Wi'Klif
till :f!i rMi?IVr-!fTV.-
N .1
t Wltfiil'
Tyorf.T) reiie(thillv inlo m tliciti nn ol McAr
T thur and vie nity thul he hae opctudu
m tho (Vontpnrtof lKli(iK'BII.r.lAKLi8Ar,U0N,in
MeRrHU.;t, OHIO.
where he will keep on hand at all timta ajd at r.y
lo oriuca,
, 1 AliTS.'
P1KS, .
Ho la fully prrpa ed to d all 1 In 'e ol
The will al-odo Baking to order on ti e mos!. rea
sonable terms fir
WeJJingi, Sooiil Tirtlei, to,, &o '
He cit'et-ns of ai A i Ihi.r m: viriuiiv are renpU
fttllv iimti d to (jhe llim n i.mll ui he will 1 cli.in
, i 1 7 tr
tntibi withuul ductor 'or
md:cines. Spnt ""fon'
paid tui ' receipt of' Tp
Cents, Address ;
' Dr. K II. FOOTE,
110 I.esinctoii Avenue,'
rorner K.fal 28th Street,
New Vmh
" TBtlaaBS.
Comfort and cure for the
HuLitured. .
t'ent post paid nn receipt
of 10 cettig . - A Id less
lr. K. it. FIH1TK,
110 Lexington Avenue.
Corner En9i23lh Si New
Vmk. -
For tub MAnmcui ' '
Sent-ZVee in senled'en.
velope, on receipt ' of 10
cents. " Address ' -
br B. U. FO0TI5,
(author bf ' Medical Com
mon. , Pense Dnok, 4(10
pitgoa $1,50, s. ni by mail
Jn nil hexiti.'lon Avenue
Cor. of K.ist 3Sib St.. N.Y,
. Of a Silver Medal J$t
unililLII 4 I. mil ni.giviini.li.
Bt the N. II. State Airlcullurtt f.-elrtv, at'
IU i'air, lluiilna ill Nuklnu. Srpl. UK IwA , .
Vegetable Hair Restorative
Restore (Inr II tlr tn Its NnMtnil Color t ' pro-
mott' me grow in m nit untr i rnanpfi ir
, root to tliclroil-'itnl nnlc artlon i enuli
mott-n tlte growth of the Hntr i rtianpt i the
A Z3 C'ite IJ-"i.iriii tins iininort--itTMri
J I tlr ftp'tir out t 1 itMwHor n-fiisT.
innKin most pontMnr nh'i ru- a
Die K.-fifie th'nnirllf'lll Hit
LaikWeai,rnHhliA W
J R. BARRETT" 4 CO., Proprietors,
' ' AltWtfi8TER, N.'tt !' '"'
N onttibtit ir in tbe AMERICAN
OWIT 25 cant- a yesr. ' '
:.,; , ."81 nmu St.. n.. y.
WHERJ5 'tlio , Lsusrli Comes io. The
, . ; AMERICAN, 'WIT 25 ot. year.'
, - , " i ftl' Nsi.u St,. N..rk
. "hitV "25 ot'di b ttr.: ' ..
,, ' 81 Nabsau SfM N. Y. .
inguatt, 18-$m . -
di-l L?.r'et Bofik'Acncr in thoJWesf?
sfrv.i nvn cr.r r.n urnutf
1 'IfCW nriil r LTUUSn HUI-lkt
re I --..- ' .- - - . . - -
'"" ' I Si
M'7k'8 J0,000 . Eeceipt9,
i 1 : - is tL thb ; . : .1
'ril I!1 'VU1I namts I now utter o thp piihlin an on
I iTi-netr ditiin ill MacKkmie's fiiiBT KM i.i
Itfciirr linoK.uontn iHi'g Hie iliKovenes oi over k
iinnitcrnf r m-nturr. - Hm fierooivtie nlr nn.i
wood phi-nrc nil Hi w nnd aloni' rnit 4,ihki TIic
nrt't'lc? nn AaiiciiBtire. ..ornmilturH and liuinl mi':
' nmni'tiu E!uiiiiiiy, urn north to the Farmer unit
Ciiiiior Kfvernl tune "its cost. 1'hf i'.ippi lnf
Tnkiiiir, p.-ervinK. pifUlinc. oonfectinnery Ami
f nrvuijr. .lunil.l li in Ihe HfHPHrion ot every liouso
wife. I Inn lfuirtnrnt xlone i more complete mid
riilunhle thHn any cthr work ever publiVhed nn tln
cnljei:t . The riinPiiiH'S of the horxe, entile. hnpr,
Mini other :mnmil. nre Irented oft ureiit length mic
i;i'inpi.to ilirci'doiifi jurivi-n lor treiittnent. The de
pnrtiiin:s of Meiii.ii, lirewing nil JiitdiH'ion,
I'f riiiim rv, lllent It nii, 'hinninn, ftrntiriR, Vnriih-h.
en, i-eiiteul, 4i'., Hre nil tlmt coul.l tje ilpuri'd-
M re Hum iwrenty ilistitut sutjeeUi lire c ireful y ex
uiniiit'd itmi trcati-d of. It in tiiii)ni'tii'i'iihiy thp
hect hook i f the kind ever iulili.-iii'l .either in th:a
CKiintiv or burrpp. Pr.oe, liandsoiKfly houi.d in
eiulli, l,utij sheep, S4,WI.
only ly ' Su hterip (ion.
Men nnd women, of chnrni-tcr end ahilitv, n.inlen
ns 'iihVHceeri', IowIkijii i'r tit.ihle Kinp nynicut will
bet;iiHraiitepl. FnruirciilHrs and full particulari
St'll'l tit OllCl' 10 Mg-'llt-l,
For ntiiU oi iht'GOn nN PFN p'rB; enelo.it
two tainpn and they will lif i-cnt with clivulnr.i.
Addtesn il. V. B. t.O WEN, l.nh'nyi tie, Inaiuiiu
J W, BO IV EN, Aqest.,
A Better Pen Than Gillott'i Pen.
T AltRANTKU to he equal to the gild pin Inr
emeunn waitty ot writing, tuny nexihle,
ftlnl mori'dMr.ihle than anv ftei l pen er miiute-'
titred. Will noteoroile. They nre f n-lor.-ed hv dome
Oi the bent hiiMinen. m-n in the rountrv. nien who
knciw wl-nt a good "-n is. TMrePng ynU wnnt'-d
to introduce the liUU'EN i'l-.N .throughout the
Went, nnd iilso other enleahle nrtiti'eii 'I'un u
No, I fur jjeiicnl nuts No 2, estm fine points, lot la
d:e-"' tine. Tliey are imt il in. .neat hde bo..M, eneh
uox euiitiiiiim I'J pnlH. Trice m centa prr hox.
r"'"' 'OM-p.Hl,toliiiynddre- on ree
I Money ivlttnd.vl. i;th,e do not give tt
AdrM.V. UCUiVJSS, J.;ir-,iyette,
eipt ol price.
tn-Uotion. . :
.: Sale of
. i .
lical Eatate
Willinm Murk, Admit,itrtOrnf
me ..tio ot uiner t uuer,
deceased. '
' fliiiinst
Julia A. I. Ilibrnlge, end John
Liltihridg' , her hnxb'ind,
Hiehud Fulli-r, Z IniHia
, Bhn Ids. nnil John Shiul-m.
her hul.nnd, hIiiiIiiivr nr
rlred Ht lull (jo, SI:inou
rullvr, Nsney J Moore, Har
In V:nton Cmtnty
1'rooatH Court.
riot A. Monte, win) hi'i' mi'
) noi nnd re-dents ot Vinton Ltnds
eoiiiiij, in tho r-tuto Hhm,
J iiiies M mre iifinor, who rf- - '
bidl'Hill I till -ttillMjf Iowa. Nrlll-
ey M. lillm, nnd I.evi Ki U, her
liimhiind. t. Iu re of lull
i Alin i Cuh ertson, McIi-ortCtd-horlxon,
JijIiii I'. ( iilhi'i'tsmi,
1'iiviil 11. Clllt'el'Uou, un I
, ( hiniee Culb rmoii, lio are
in nor end rV'ilJo n the bliite
' nl Iii limia. . 1
T i iMimiiunce of en order nnd decree mede
X l.y the I'll Iihio i.'o i.'t ul Vi Hon eountv, Ohio,
I n the Hull dnv nl Si-pii inher, A. x). ISi.T, 1 will ofler
i tun t imiiiio miction, nu ..
SATUEDAY, the 12th day of October,
A. D. 18C7,
nt 1 n'-doek P. M. ot mii.I ily, on the premises, in
tl e Tim n cif M - utimr, in tuid Vinton cotmiy, Uie
follow. IJ ieenhed reniisPr, t ime iu the county
ot Viidon rtiiU MAN o! Oh ii, tn-ff 1:
'i i-lnini i.e'iu ,i--e huni'.ied hnk soiith o! the
snatn-e-tst rorner of In L'd Ntunbor one hundred
end fivM in ihe Ton ol .ViiMr'h'ir, in the nf-rei'l
voii.-.i; ifie-ii wne th- ehninH nnd 4n:rLv.fiie
l'rk to u M::dte; Wie'.tr Hi nth eii.tci.e-nii; thw
en.-t tiine n s tocl timtv-tive 1ii.'..j to h S'.'ine;
thence lull ' I i- ji . Iiiiin- to ti e i'iee ol' lii:.i,iriM.
eoilM liiiiu't-) ac- - end srxty7eiit: huh U.dUin of
in :n r tnoiv or it."
Apii'i.e-I at fiiir linn 'red aivl ffty d'-liarx sou
tn'nic hrii'ii two third-, of 1 lint et:ni erl jprl t' the
nower Ii terent ol llSiiy Filller, widow lit ssid deee
ieiii, of twenty "ohm's 10 hi-1 s.d toeeid widow each
mid evoiy yiar tlio purt'luuifr during her natural
hie. i ; .
Terms ot Snle On-third eli in hnnd nn the day
of unle; one third in six monlhe; and th residue in
twelva ttmntlia from the day ol saledeferred pay
ment to hear interest and to be neoured by nmrt
gnti! upon the premista.
Adminidratorof Estate of u!ier fuller, deceased.
September 12, lt67 ids
FOB. O XiT I .
Corner Main and Market Sts.,
McArthur, Ohio.
T-WIU OFFEB AT PRIVATE WX this v-iinahle
JL nti.i-r., e t'i.ite-1 in .Ue.uihiir, uirt I'onnty iSent
or Vinton end tho,ntre ot the V4t coal atid-tron
leitinns if (.lido. flrtalf tlio ' -
Only Ziotol-.ioa tlao
Town, - i
there is a go id Nh!e: ad the eo'ivenienees neeesHs
ry tii in i!:c it what 't . ho dd he-' an exeelient loea
tion; and is dome; a tine huatness.
Any person de'innj? to nnila.an investment of
ilua kind will d" well to eall and enmine Hie prein
iseK ns I diMro to retire Irom tin. business, and will
sell the property at.poo-half its roal vidue, . ,
- "UUUliEfeRT.
8pt mberA, lfclMf . . : ' ;
taim cistKtvS, Jr.,
60 W. FOUKTIi; 8T .CiNpiNAi;
mUOIUnu llli I MM ! ss-iji I i
TMPORTEIt of French, German kod Italian Violin
Tne l iade supplied on the most liberal terms.'
,). ;
General' Western Agent for 1 '
From the Faotoiiee of tbe moat of the Cklsatsii
Makk'ih, which I will bell low fur cash. .
Old'Pianoa taken In exehrnge lornew,
' ftari'lanoa and Oinana for tale and to rent, bj Ihe
-. Month, Quarter or Year, '
amount paid for reut being applied to pur
ohase, if desired.' " i "
" gsSTAgunta for1 Cabinet Organs and Pianos
wanted oa every town iu Ohio, Indiana ami
Kentucky. .', ' '";' i-.v ,
Address, ' ' '' " '"" '"'.'
, June it, 18M ' .:, Cincinnati, O.
- '- 'w",,Mw 7 vmrwouir win meet at
tv Oi.io .n
MillKUA . the 2Ulh Dm ixl Ontohar. A. U
1 i ou i.
at I o'clock p. n. ofpnirl riny. nml let to the lowest re
sp'innMv ulna, r itio iiuiuing ul the ,
Frame Work of a Covered Bridge
on the A hiitmoniH now constructed t said poiut.
By Ord. r oltlie Comniiioneri.
W. K. KKbl'U.V. AudiUr C.
Oo obr 3 la07-td
Jeremialv Untclifl", Plaint If),
1 in Vinton Cfl'Wir
tipou-t I rourofCoiniiio.
Thomas. lii.v..K"muct Rav. and f: Pirns. . ..
John !-. nn, lHwndania. Veadi. ' ,
IU K- U 1 NT to the oommerirl of im order of sale ih
thf Hbov eiin-e to tnn dirnoid from iho i m,r,
oi Coiiimcm l'h nsot Vinson eountv, Ohio. trill tff-r
for ca e trt i'lthhc Aiti i'.iii, at. the'dooriof iha urt
noue, im die loivm .JuAxij4ux,iiitho.ouiity idoie.
enl, on ,v. ...-.. .
TUSPAY, tho 20th day of October,
i A. D. 18C7.
t to'eloflff . of xtiid dn) , thfnowinilnrdi end
t mir.i-ms. sdnato in thecouuty of Viutou. and atete
of Ohio, to.wit:
- 'cno-Kghf. prtrt of the SonU:-Rst Qmrf"r of
.-riu.m iirriyume iJ;,j'i(iwa,Mtie 19.) Ranei
Niueieeu (la.j R
Also -
Foily-iino(ll)npr.i Peiiti'iti Thirty-tour (31,) Town
Hi'iV IWIUU .IlIK'tt'l 11 H.)
Nine (9) nnieii Soiith-We t rnrnir of the SnnfMVeM
quniin i.i n.viioti i oiiiy-iuur uil,) Tuiru and Kauui
tie eiime iw ihe oilier.' ; - , .
Eighty - onr (JJ) it' re E at h.ill (E Q of the North-
. .-. ,i.ii.-i ,., r.. ul. wi ot-i'ii it iiuriv l urn.
yl iunuUM i.iuiis 10.-.tlOQ H3 UIBO-llr,
. . A dsn
Forty (401 seres of the Kouth-Wet Qiiirter (. W
tr.,) ol the NorfchiWenl O inner (N Vv. Ur-.iof See,
ii.m l'liiirj.ihr(.-c (ia,j tho'i'Offu uud Rar.o tlieannie
.Levied upon as- Hie pioperlyof Join fiwuim to
eiiiiy ii ,iiii)jiiem I luitr uuguns: ( iiotnua Km ,
buin..el tt-iy, ii.nl loli-i Sa'iiiia by enii Cu'urv 111 tav.il'
oj J iv inii. h li,it,-,li!i'
The fir t ilftui e.l tr.etof lnnd apprsised at si von-
teen hniidted I" I.r.-(:1.7ii0.i
The iitm i (ii-M.r.b, il ,,i 0f m,i npi.misod si one
hiiiHiii.ii dull .r.'.sioO OW.J
The tli i-.l ik-f-cr hi-i'i tniet .-i I m l ni'p'nised nt two
hundred .unl U .iol.nr . ri i.i UJ.J
Ti lutiiih iic.i! Hi d .-nwi oi i. uid i.ir:ii-,n l at nine
hu-.ilrid au-l seiv.ity t.-.o d d,r. ;vTi oj.
Tbe tliihui-s ii hi d tract oi hind i,iiraisod at lire
IiuikIi-kI una t .uly dulnirs (j.VAiuo j
And inusi bn n, t.vo-Umd, oi the nhovesiim'.
'lerius of Kale cash iu bund at the time of isle.
... - Jull.N J.HUUCKKr,
fihentr Vinton Uo'unty. 1110.'
D. B. SIrYel, Atl'y for WH.
bepteinl.er Hi, ibu'-i,-2i)
, TO Til 8
The State of Ohio.
Office- of the Secretary uf State. )
I, t, itiiAsi riK.Mit hniTit, Peeretory of
State of tlielaie of Ohio, do hetehy certify
ihal tho lollnwiiiij is a true opf til t
joint r.sofutitin pnnsed by the General Am
scmlily orthe Suite ol Ohio, on Hie 6th day
o' April. A. it. I8C7. tnken from 'the 'original
rows u tue in llns ollice.
In Tetuiniony n hereof, I have here-'
unto sitbt'oribetl my tiiime and affix-!
.,i .1.. M m...i .i, ....
I Li. b.l nl ihe great beul of the amte of
Ohio, a I- Columbus, the 6th day of
April, A. ! Idti7. ' -WILLIAM
Secretary of State.
Relative (o nu Amend nent of the Coretitu
tion, providing for the eitonniou of the
elemi ,e fraiii:hii:
'"ffv'" hf' fhf ' GmiralAsttmbly qfjthe
Stat cf Ohio'. "'(ilSre'e-fifths' Or'th untfiheri
ele.-ud lo i"ol IIiiucb Hgreeiajr, thereto.)
TJiiit1 it he and is hereby proponed lo the
I'lecuira f il is Hlnte to vo'o at I lie rex tan nun I
iistoluT election, upon, Jh:approal. orejee
liori of I lie following amendment a a aub
c . ..i.jjij. i.
- M in c . inr i ne ni i. .twiuu fiiineniti Ari-i-
eie or the uuti'tuntion or tins St ile, to-wr.:
hrery male" cit en of the United States, of
the f;e of twenty one years, who shall hae
neon a rexident or the state one year
next preceding the election, aud of the
county, township, or wird in which
lie res des, mieh time hs may he pio
yided by law, except such persons as hare
borne arms in snppi.i t o any itiaurieciion or
reliellinn a(iiinni the iroveniinent of ilio I1 til
led Si nil's, or have II. i from their placei of
residence lo nruid being dratted into ihe mil
itary service tliereol, tr have des rled the
in i litis ry or naval 'f ervie.e' ofisifld govei nihent
in time of war; a fid I Ive "not auhsoqtiently (
been honorably dittcluiifted from the s iiiij,
shall have the qu iliflcationj of an .elector
ud be entiiled lo vote at all elei-tinns. !
KDr a. d'MtR'irr,
Sptaldr Ae llouii of Jlepretentativei.
- President of the Senate.
Passed April 0, 1867.
April 8, lSdT.
To BK I)Str.I AT CnV(JT0M. Kt.,
I.i Class R, September 16th,
Class P, September 30th,
18U7. - '
1 prise of $."i(i 000
1 priie or 20 000
1 ptiie of 8.000
1 ptiii of 7 000
2 pr i-s of 6 000
29 prses of 1 000
C3 oril s of 400
9 pis"s of $300
0 prises of
164 prises of
8 ptises of
221 prises of
13 diiz-s of
prises of
OPriies amounting tn $:
3J 630.
.32,000 Numbers and 788 Pi izes. j
Whole tickets 12 ; IIalves.$5 j
Quarters $3.
frm, f .WK.e,irrepondi with thoae numbers
on tho tleketi, nrinted on aerearate hlina of paiir.r,re
onein led witli sinall tin tube", and placed in one
Tli prima, of whieh there 78, varying aa
above, from I50,OM fn S5fi.no, ire Him lany printed
on aepiT.itcalipa, en tireled, and pliieed iii enutner
wheel. The wheels aro then revolved, and a nnm-.
her ig drawn troin ti e wheel ot niiinocri. ana at the
aanii! tune a pria-1" iliiiun troin the oilier wheel.
Trie, number nnd pria drawn on are opened and
vxliibited totlieaiilie:ee.and registered by tlioooin
iiiieiiineri tho piita Imiiiii; '"d hkii nit the niiiii
her dram. Tuii oporatmu is repeated uutiiullihe
prises are drawn out.
The above Magnificent Singla-Nnmber Lot
tery, which will bedr.twn in pith io, in Co
vington, KT.,.by Swoin Commissioners, at 1
o'clock P. M., at the comer of fourth and
.Soott Streois. The Kentucky Suite
l.oiicriet are no O I ft Knterpi ises. but, res on
'ible Monev LotViceilial'li ie been corlil lim
ed sucoeeslully tor tin past 30 years, and are
Itawn uiider the nut liori'V ut a charier from
the, Stat, and bonds to a Uig amount are
Ijiven for the payment ol all prises. I lie
drawings are-published in -the New Yotk
Horald and "Ciiicionait Commeroial.
Tho above so heme ill be drawn 'the mid
dle and last of each month during 1867 aud
1863. ' - ' ':' '" '.! 1 -" '- "
, Ciioulars ofi.ot'aric drawing daily sent
free by appllpatioo a the. Mitoagora. "
Address all ordors for tick ete to . '
'Alu KB AY, -EDDY 4 CO.,"1
July 11, 1867.8ml , , . .. Coetnjfoni A"jf.;';
THIS58 FOB FAEMBJW ant 'i-Omra
- in'niir'i:i.nMi,ii..vi i:
1 .i 0r V, ytr; ti f I'sh.lwWoMmifBi 0!
-"""-.'."'"''orcrearii.rfMn ttin'i ..iron-
'y i'r.i,nb. i..ii i m
terl Iiiiplemute, Canil Higti, Vni-ela. end eii-a
iiotroini., i anens. jieti.l nnd e-hinfie' ltihl.i'f t-eeiea
t ieiiid Winoi-pro...)Fl.,r , , -0 , fn.io in u;ti
betttrer Im vuu .ut iit IM. thij in.M ve ir) w
n. a paint for any i-,,o.-e is nni-'u nansi'il iVr hnrle"
oiirnhility. Jns jetty, end sdhe-WeneM. pre e i
per Ijl.l of :jmi II.h.. nhieh will n'j.plv a l-irnmr fu
vi-nra "i eonioi "arinlllen in nil eii.iea iii.i n
.-.in e i lu ll iii: i .linen j, vi.ii:i p.ti t:,i.:iri. ;iine
eiMii-o lo.iesi oraii.ie.i m a ti,.,i0 m..ra (Jiotion
Mineral I unit. Aide's
DAS I EI. Jsri'iVKI.I,.
. Sept. 8. 'G7 Cm 264 I'earl t'reet Now Voilt.
CKfirfSTS FOtt TnE JIIT.UO.V.-A mat T-.l:i ,Vn
an I winilerltil i.iiiiiieRtton A .m,. ;: .. .) ...,.
nd :I0 eolnretl i narsniif. It. Pi.Mi"!'. Vji.. m..
-tun. an or frinal npd jiopnisr tref. l u on M n er.il
V. nnm, lliv r I Inaolnzv. ri neti iin a. rl ii-rnl,in, ,.i
Mvery l; nd, With" never fai.Viij icinediea fr timii
pee,y cure.
i lie i..reene or Dr Iliinter 1 ss 'opffi-en id st'l
, imlioiind d. hut at Hie eiirliest sold n.-f.m, ,,.
mi-Mtis eipi ns. he hss ie n n.'uee.lto c.-.tt m: ' r
me I i hI M-l fi'h.osj t-iruug'i Ihe tnc h.;in j'. i ,i -V lie
leemn " .
' One eonv. seenrnlr miTeioiied. will t e.w.H.i..i
f ee of poMnije to nnyf urt of ti e l oinj ?i i... (r,r
0 cent i I. 1 1. tMinp4. iil.lresis, j.oirt jr
minn r, rn. j c vi-ion street, New Y jrV.
Agu 13. 18c? y
'Wi ill), I, I, d by 11 jo N. II. nr.,,. r. n R
IIUU la 1H.W tuULuJtd I.,-tin, , , I II.. .n ,.. I tl
hlw vory tart 1 rui.nniif.ji, kirUiont, 0 V
Kirayurl'4uvaiii.;rtuli,.,,lrtu,.irni.. I i)t
Ip.lnaoihiirlonMrlb. ,.r,ifllr,lr ii ' fit.!
. ... wiu iajjuoiii. lint ijr i.rv.r. I
l an t Uo.uli.)lusllii. Iltnr. It l.fru
i.Miu iKil.wu.nn ilruini, duM nol.CvT'jti)
VB. (V. li-nrc . I in t'rl nt i r . v kNJ' -L'
VX Urn llu r i n M.ud A ..i'
v9 , TSstS''1v n
J. R. BARRETT It CO., Proprietors,
lLurcnnsTEit, s. a.
Foe "a'e hv )v. J t is. CIIiuaQ. Di'ltiTuUl.
JHTl,l-!y MnArtltur. Ulv'o.
Sheriff's Sale.
State cf Ohio. Vinton County.
Lee Mmfln, Plainti, 1 ) In Court of Oommnn
eaai net
n,-r!n 1. fJonH et.
nl., Tef'ts. I Mi le.
Order ol
1. i I.IOVA.M.W oi hii orlerof snle In the above
eauau to me directed lr m the ooui t of enminon
ideas in and tor ilu o .uiity of Vimon. and tatxoi
Ohio, snt Ilea linn data., I -i.pt(.,i,cr uth, A. fl 1SJ7.
I ml . tier n,r naie nt puhhc aii. tion, at the door of
thei ouit House, in the Tuwri. of Aioim.nr. m -i.i
coit'itv. on .
TUESDAY, tho 29th day of Octo
ber, A. D. 1867,
t th hour of lo'elo.di e m o H.ti.l day, the one nn
rt.T .led q ml half of the follow uj li,.ls nd lane-
-itn ite 'n ilie.-nintv of V ntnn nnH Sfot,fni
heinga puif.f th Smth mm Qii.irter of Section
Iiiieieeii(!S,)T..nsi p ten (In,) Heyei tern
( 7, In niiiiiiK at a stone in tho a statu botindry line
Ol i-Hid Q'l)irtt-r Mietioi 1' thi.m-A uAfu'i-h 1 1 .u m..i
line lii .0 e.lianij ihA Kuu u.....j . il .
Grminds ,t ti, Murietta 4 Ciueinunti Ha Inmd Join
lm"Jr '"'"'e oitn eittrlv w th t e linenfanid e
potttrouada ham-; then e Kn.-t a.78oi.ine to
ii etnii ; then .e .North l la elimns lum on ; then, e
Ka-t lu.s -elmiii to a tone;thtnceeouth 7.3a eha.n
iu the iilncc of l.miuning-coiittiiiiia leu hv1s tm-re
orlma " ' . .
The siime t.i he sold eubjeet to'the do.ver' eatsie'
of Huhy T, Marfln and M .rnaret M. Omiht.
Appiaisednt tive hun Jie.ddlura and miiUbnnK
two-ihii'ds ofthttt auia.
le.-im oi .tide ah m hand at the timo ofaale,
JOHN J. fell CKrtV,
'herfl Vinton County, 0.
IT. 8. Bundy. A't'r for Pl'it.
et'teml r iiii. 18 .7- w'13 i ' -,
Gold's Old Stand, near the Steam Mil,
SicAKTidUR, oiiib,
I' pr"ar-i,to do all. nianusf. of Llaelt-i'tnithira,
such aeM - -
Hots Shoeing,
i inning tfxBvggiet, ,v -, , ; ,
.' . ..fe.&e. &e..
and the mnnuf.ictt:r andrepa rof aV kind-j I Agri
cultural Iioole enta and I'.de Tool. All tto.k
doue in asuliBtaniinl manner end Warnuited. nl'J
: x rii n o '
Strong, Mmple aim riactlcal.
IT is a b'qiiK(Zi.') Maciiinp:; warranted lie
to injine oiotiiin geared ' t give iiix
sTokes uf the plungers for-one turn of Ihe
handle, ami 130 turiis of which will wnl
thoroughly tlr hulk of sis tn iwelve shirts.
accnrditu tonhe 't; of Mnoliine need.
Six Years' experience 1 prove the Noxr.tKMi.
tohrt ilia" only' WaeliiiiK Machine mt.Ie whiiili
standi the test of Jime and Use It is unap
prmiii'Hihle fur '' "' ' ''' " '
A 6'A.V TS WAXTbD.- ud lot lr.e De-
"iptu "'"py keatixo '
184 W'Hier 6ncet, New York City.
JtireB, Ili7-!m , '. .. , .,
Divorce Notice.
oi Common 1'lena, within and f.ir ih"Couniy of Vin
wiieel ton, and State of 0!uo, cliaremij tne eaid William
I.ewery wi Ii having heen willfully aliient from the
eaid Mary Ann L 'Wi-ry fir moror than three veara
proe tin r. to, mid lortlmi rause Jray,iij for a divorce
W.UIiJI r.OWEItYwlio e piano ofre.i ii.cn la
unknown. Is .h'rebv not tied th.it Mm v Ann
I.owrej, did, on the lili day of Aujitat, A. V. IHtT,
file her ieltinn in theUMI -e ot the . lerk of tiieConrt
n oin the aairt w miaul l.oiverv, tor the cure
r eilModv.
id emiirol ol three nii' or chil ir.u, and for sui'li
other an 1 further rel efas th uat tra of the case
and equity may i en, lire; which petition wiil be lor
hearing ut the next term of mii l . nitr'.'
r Mayo I DiiHadVaT, htr Atys." :i ;.' - ' '
. Ann iet'lC imtT-Cw- i . - . i i . i r
0cu)tug acljiiic.
.The onit Machine so porfeoled thai entire
suisiactioit is guaranteed or tbe purchase
money r funded.
Where we h ive no Aen' a snmp'e Machine
will be Sold at vry low price, and a Local
Agent appointed, on - ike most favorable
lerme. " ' "... .:
N.B (rend foreironlar. Traveling Agente
wanten.ii. r-aiarv, Hoerahi .i . ; vn i.'t-.
Fin Lie Ac Lyon S. T1.o.
j . " 687 Broadway, New York.
YJune2 '.867-6 ....... .. .....A
j.iMtn. "ftcenrr. )ri'nr etui
ARK 'tdl in turn, niuauticlurini oid iJeailjEirhi
ai iiio'aur
Cabinet PuriiStiiro,
On MAIN STPrnT. enpesHe hr. ffolf'j Ofllw, '
The T'lrat'tttetii marla of rf the beet eaHM4
matoiti 1, i;U by the moat ejpaiUooed aitkabA.
SUI. PAty-fveey Style.
mf.TB.0S-.4. Kindj. . . . .
TA'iLK l".err I'aiiern.
i'ii tiiu-f-cv nnd CammoB,
8A9:r, cooio, blindj. 40.,
always on hand or furolshod.oa ehort attlo.
Of nl'. Mn.iH, m f uiiutwre, Chairs, o., attended to
on niiorl notice. '
A nmerlop ipirlity ot Mattie-aes of all a'sts il.
at) Kpt ou pund.
XT n a.o a t a is. 1 xx &
flroahto'i in readneta to A'l,,IKMr
lOiuiKt rat-V. -, vu.
A. I'ftlr Prico for h Fnir Artlolej
i3 (hir Moltol
rurciiaiors see Kjq iemetl tocll erd essmine tv
J., rga is mk uf Furniture '.
ivf'ra purel.aini eetrhere. a we feel eonfldeot
hat e eaiituin nh feuor an I elia,-ier hrticlos taia
any ulnar eu.ilieii.ntnt in th'a Ti'diiity.
i; . : , V; t.KoFt' & KAI.E8.v-
. 2 VST Wm.MlZD.
"tcwtUilJon H. viM il &;rrsiarsc3.
nnd Buainesn Form Uoolc,
A Co:.i'i KTr;.(JUui; in nil Matter of :
i Law, and fiusiness Negoiiijiions for s. ' "
ry flats in the Union. ' -' . - " '
W itli I.ev'u) Potme, nnd full Jnstuctienj fop ''
proeeeditijr, aithout lejral aesisiance, in suits
md buaiurss transscti'ins f every deacrlp.
lion. .
'I'ejr-ther with the different; Btafe T.awa
floneeriiiug the Colleo'ion of Kebls, Property'
hxan pt iinm, I seuut oji, I.clu Lawa, Uimry
Linetme lo .So'' CI'iMs,' Qunlifioatioa of V
ieia, Limiia'llnii of Ai;tniu, 4c. ' '
A'so,' t! e Oeneitil ll niKrapi Law, with '
fin in s tnd fitjl iNSiruetlons tn enable Snk
itpis ii'iul cieiliiors irt fake full benefit pf the
4'H without, legal nsWfinaa.; -
Also, IVm-inn Laws, wi-.h full inslrunfioni '
and lorms to eqitblo tho Uisclisreed Soldi. e
or rallor to procure llaok P..;n.
Uottnties, nd all War Claims.
Also, l'atent Litws, with rull InstrueUoni
io In w- ii lorn,'
Also, Kh-Laws, . fit&tnp Duller, PosV
HfflceRrjd.Cus'om' House Vegqlatione, the 'i
whole act'on of the Oofernrrent in relation
io recotiKlruotioti nnd Freedmen; Constitu
ion of the United States, with amendments.'
vim uuDeriptionu, flf
.Om ?C0 prges new mailer hare neea
ad le.l, lo uieel the requirement of the times
Tho mllity of eueh a work no one wilt
now Question. The sa'e of hundreds of
hmiMnds or copies of the former editions,
and the constant demand for it, lima settled
thai point; The professional man, the far
mer, the ir.ee lintii,-, the manufacturer, tr.s
aoliliir, lip sailor, ench requites a' conesa-
rient, comprelietisive ami reliable wnrlc.
It wlusave lem tunne- save; them ronh.
le, SHTe'thi'm time. srr-thm liticsiion .irnl
layerTcejl!:an (tire- them inforoia ion
thu noh1.dcnnaCfji,dti)briWit)ou.t,
C50 p-g"s. " .. J'- ;-'
I'rice hasdsomly bound, S3.' '' ".
Hem,, poat-pai i, on reieiu. 0f p.ee. " ' ; ,
A pond,- fflialfle Atfenf Wanifd in" er
town in tbe United Sta-eS. ' AUo, a i- ,,,.
silde man ut all protnineiil pom's, us General ,
Aent. Also, a lew v i 'i-:airake 'men, w
Havel in estahlislilng A, ,eies
l54 Viae Street, C ncinnati,Ohlo.
Any person wishing a copy
of the above Book, will call oa
J V. Bowen,
, , Aietit for Yininn County
tur-atiy one to rt ad. 25 ceo K a year.
."S .-, ,, ' bl Nae,,u'8tret,N. Y. ,
BK .t.d ret'eivo TUE AMKR'CAN
A V IT. 25 cent a vear. '
i 1
HtCtiAlttS.ON & COLLINS, -.
. 81 Na,s,u ii .eel, -. ",
GKN O UAXT ia.the. Lrrimt (H. Oraot.
THE aMEUICAN-Wirjii 23 cenU
( Tear .' ..''
' 81 iWbu S ., N. 1'. :
pHUXNliBI. Tho AmccJotee io the)
'. , ' . .81 N;i-..u -S',N. Y,
UO-'ili AuiUM-ni.-'iiti in tbe AllEHlCAlf
Wit 25 o 'nts a yeir.
' lUCHAltDiUN & COLLlN3t
i J51 NieSUU S
IPREHDM N'S llureiu in the AMER-
ICAN WIT." 25 oe. a year. .
81 N'u N Y. '.
MVIT;.a?5 qte yesr. ' : .
. 81 :i...ttSr,J
$12 Gold and Silver "Watchea $12
200 Gold H unt'd fso l.ever W frfiea JlOO to tlT6ell
imniioidlliiiit liC'.sa I.e;enc XTa'.cbes 7i"ito 1.10 "
:tnotjold I'lniedilvoi Cm-ea ' .toto 100 i
fine -Solid .il rer f in- linver Wateha . a'.ti 75
(iiiMiiideiKroel.epeneWiiehea 25to TS ' "
AOOfJ'ld Oinnposi.r Hunt 't;aiwtttoheaOti U
411 thei liiuve aploMnid ootcur wi(l l. void for
114 ea. h. Wo have adopted the following plain
CorttOuates drai-nbingeacli antob apd Us value, are
tirepnred nnd phuied in aealod , envelope, an i the
liol.ierwill be entitled to the Watnh il eall for, up.
on paj ment oi the i 13. Tina ia not a lo tery. but
bona fide side, eeotire vemifie.ate, and aa thera
are no blanks, every Ono imtet get aw'ntch at half the '
usnifl price at lens, and many will got eplendid
Gold Watch for the iriflnf sum oftlit Cert.ft.-at
aenthy meil to any a idreel for Bdcenta eaeh Kive
will be sent forji fiiteen for JiSt thirty-flviforJio, V
i Agents wanted; aetid tor eirunlar. Addreaa,
. ! OU LEtA'iE,!MAX80N It CO.,
Jl.Btn J Btniman at, New York. '. -
r- I

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