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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, October 17, 1867, Image 2

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Democratic Enquirer
1. W. SOWIS, EDIT0S AKB r-SOr-BlBTom. '
OFFICE In Dodge's Building, ovtr SuetlanoTs
Store, corner ilain and Lt Strut, East
0 the Court llontt.
Tot Terms, to., see PK8 1
OCTOBIH 17,1867
Has the largest circulation of any pa-
Vinfon UountU- Advertiser a u
others mil pieascmunc v
. ii . 1 . - .w h n ift AT til lit.
"Vk would like to have all our
campaign subscribers renew
their sxibscriptions for a year,
the terms being only ?t,50,
"We will continue to send the
papers to all until we are no
tified to discontinue them.
"TCvprv camnaisrn subscriber
can afford to pay the small sum
of$l,50ayearfor his county
Daner. or 75 cents for six
mrmVia. nr SI a vear at Post
Offices where clubs have been
got up.
Late return? show that Hates has
a majority of about 1,700 over Judge
Tnuasi an, for Governor. The elec
tion will be contested. At Xenia about
500 negroes, black as the ace of spades,
voted: at Cleveland, 700 voted;, at
Oberlin, about 500 voted; and, in oth-
' . . l i H AAA a
cr parts of the State, aDoui i.uuu vo
: ted. The Domocrats will have a ma
' jority in both branches of the Logis-
In to-day's paper will bo found the
official abstract of the votes enst in the
several townships of Vinton county,
on the 8th inst. It will bo seen that
the Rads carried only four townships
Elk, by 22 majority, Jackson, by 16,
Swan, by 91, and Krmx, by 3.
Last year the Rads had a majority
of 14, on the Stato ticket, m the coun
ty; and it will be seen that the Demo-
crata have, this vear,' a majority of.
332 on the State ticket-a gain of 346.
The teachings of the Democratic
Enquirer, during the short time it has
been published, has greatly aided in
about this great
change. ISextyear we nopoxoeea
greater change at least 500 majority
in Vinton county for the Democracy!
The Negro Suffrage Amendment
received a majority in only one town
shipSwan. A fellow, whose name appoars to bo
Bratton, received a few Radical votes
in some of the townships for Prosecu
; ting Attorney. Job Lucas, who keeps
an excellent Barber Shop in this town,
also received 2 votes for Prosecuting
Attorney, but we guess Job don't want
the oflxce.
Jaokson County. Old Jackson
county done nobly at the late election.
The Democrats made a nice gain on
the Radicals of 225. The Rads car
ried the countv bv only 40 on the
State ticket, and the Democrats
elected part of the county ticket.
; The Rep., Democrat, was elected by
28 majority; Vinton rowiaa, demo
crat, was elected Com., by 193 major
ity; the votes for J. R. Booth, Demo
' crat, and D. "W. Chehrigton, Radical,
for Treasurer, were a tie 1,840 each
' and lots were cast, and Mr. Booth
obtained the office.
Let the women vote. Democratic
Enquirer. -
Do you favor that proposition,
neighbor?- Vinton Record.
. The Record ia in favor of giving all
the black Africans in the country the
right to vote and opposed to giving
fte women the same right, .
It is in favor of elevating the nig
gers and degrading the white women.
TVe areinfavor of lettingtbe women
, vote instead of the niggers.
If more voters ape needed in this
State, let the white women have the
right of suffrage.
Let white brothers and sisters, fath-
ers and mothers, husbands and wives
all go together to the polls and vote-
not in company with Africans!)
Not any nigger for us, if you please!
not any!
Let more be done for womon and
loss for niggers!
If the Record men want to vote with
the niggers, they have the right to go
to some "hidden land" and "organize
a colony, vote for a negro President,
eto., and not wait for Its party to "give
We fought and worked with a clear
onscience. Vinton Record:
Tb vote on the : amendment 'does
not confirm that statement !
Saving Money!
"Why do Dan. "Will &
Bros, sell so many Goods?"
asked a countryman, the other
day, who bad visited their store
room when it was full of cus
Well, because they always
purchase the best assortment of
the latest stvles 0t uooas xo
- I "1 A
be found in the Eastern market,
for cash, and sells them at
very small profits, and at lower
fio-nrea than anv other House.
Just go and seel
o 1
Ohio Annual Confirence. The
5Cth Annual Conference of the M. E,
Church was in session at Ironton, O.,
last week.
" Appointments were made for minis
ters, for the coming year, in the sev
eral districts; and aa follows for this
Gallipolis District II. Z. Adams, P.
Gallipolis L. Cunningham.
Pomeroy E. I. Jones.
Middleport II. H. Ferris.' ;
Gallipolis Circuit M. D. Vaughn,
one to be supplied.
McArthur F. A. Timmons.
Jackson I. B. Bradrick.
Berlin D. Mann; one to be suppli
Laurel To be supplied.
TTfimden E N Nichols: one to be
Mt. Pleasant J R Prose
New Plymouth J N Adir; one to
be supplied. ,
Zaleski W JJ Gibbons.
Wilkesville J Robinson.
Centerville J Barringer.
Chesire J W Young.
Patriot J F Finch.
Swan Creek R Callahan.
The Rev. Dolay was silenced at this
session lor conducting nimseu im
B t j fc whether you "fought
.,,,.. J b
the issue fairly! , .
"Why did you print counterfeit tick
bringing ets and send them to Madison Town-
We fought the issue fairly tand bold
ly. Vinton Record.
And so did the Rev. Joe Bennett!
He declared "fairly and boldly" that
vA WoSn't a "ensued coward!"
Bhi ? Here is a copy of the counter
feit ticket you printed:
Constitutional Amendment, (giving
Ncgroos the right to vote and
hold office,)
For Governor,
Allen G. Thurman.
For Lieutenant Governor,
DanielS. Uhl.
For Treasurer of State,
Cochran Fulton.
For Auditor of State,
For Attorney General, ;
Frank H. Hurd.
For Supreme Judge,
Thomas M. Key.
For Comptroller ot the Treasury,
"William Sheridan, jr.
For Member Board Public Works,
Arthur Hughes.
For Senator,
Henry M, Onderdonk.
For Judge of Court of Common Pleas,
Martin Crain.
For Representative,
John Fee.
For Prosecuting Attorney,
David B. Shi vel.
For Surveyor, . '
. Samuel O. Steinbrook.
For Commissioner,
Almond Soule, .
Is that what you call "fighting
fairly?" Look at that counterfeit
ticket, Democrats of Vinton county!
See what honest men we have in our
midst I Print counterfeit tickets and
then boast of "fighting fairly I" Yes,
that is "fairly!" Placing John Fei
in a Democratic ticket! How "fair
ly" you "fought the issue!" Do not
go to counterfeiting greenbacks and
Thok wishing to purehtia ta exotlUnt
Stwing Mohin would do wtll to call at tbia
offici. W cb itll yoa Sewing Mtohlnt
tbt Is durbl nd wblnh will ba mafal to
Stddlois, Boot sod Shoo Mannfkotnrors, Tai
lors, Hultors, and HopholsUron. Trm
i i
2 K
3 a
be b
3 e. o
. lqSng
S '
3 n
2 I'
if 0pj4qfl
- e
I 0
r r rt rl -t I r-
N r-t n rt riHd art
l"H n r-( f-l f-i
I rl
tc w
in oe o t; o to 4 ei - t- I "
C4f-IH r- 4 H I w
to oo r- w o 5 2 S t ,
MnriH inn tH In
nt-enHoo Ann
r v
o h
Clfrtr'-' ihiSh f-c
HNe" h H N M CD'
St r-i M
HMH l-l I 2
rt H H r. I CO
H f
plr-nx rini-i
M W r- Vl
6 q
o 5 2 S ! 10 S S 3 3
q V
J5 "S " rir-C -1
. e 2 m O
k 2 .3
Philadelphia Manufactures.
We are somewhat astonished to no
tice that the Quaker city of Philadel
phia puts forth a claim to being, not
only the greatest manufacturing city
on this continent, but, with the ex
ception ot London, the greatest in the
world. We are all familiar with its
advantages as a quiet and pleasant
place of residence; but that it should
claim to be a great industrial centre,
will be news to many. As the mat
ter is one, however, in which our mer
chants are directly interested, and the
consumers of goods indirectly, we
will give a brief synopsis of its claims.
In 1860, according to the Census
returns, there were in Philadelphia,
6,298 manufactories having a capital
of $73,318,885, which employed 98,000
hands, and produced an annual value
of $136,000,000. Recently, Mr. Edwin
T. Freedlet, a well known author,
has prepared a volume of 700 pages,
on the Manufactures of Philadelphia,
and demonstrated thatljn. J866, the
factories produced over two hundred
millions of dollars of staple goods I
This is an astounding exhibit; no
other city on the American continent
approximates this amount. In 1855,
the State of Massachusetts, including
Boston, Lowell, and all her famous
manufacturing towns, did not produce
more than two hundred and forty
millions. In 1860, New York had
only seven small Cotton Goods Mann
factories, and no Woolen mills; Phila
delphia is now the commercial centre
of two hundred and sixty Cotton and
Woolen factories, and has besides, sev
eral thousand hand looms, of which
the annual product is eqnal to that of
seventy additional mills of average
size. The class of Dry Goods manu
factured in Philadelphia is of those
low priced staple goods, which are es
pecially adapted to the wants of the
people in the Middle, Western, and
Southern States. Millions of yards
of Pantaloonery, Cottonades, Checks
& Stripes, Tickings, Osnaburgs, Ken
tucky Jeans, and Narrow Textile
Fabrics, are made there every year.
Of Carnetintrs. the vroduct amounts
to newly ten millions of dollars; of1
Ready Made Clothing, to eighteen
millions; of Refined Sugar, over twen
ty millions; of Boots and Shoes over
five millions; of Stoves, nearly three
millions. Philadelphia claims to have
the largest Military Goods Manufacto
ry, the largest Chemical factories, the
largest cordage factory, the largest
Book-selling house, and the largest
Locomotive Works and Machine shops
in the United States. It is quite evi
dent, that her proximity to the Coal
Mines and Iron Beds, her low rents
and facilities afforded mechanics for
comfortable and economical living,
have given Philadelphia a start in
manufacturing, which nothing but her
want of enterprise can retard. It is
moreover evident that with the pro
gress already made in manufacturing,
the Philadelphia market is worthy
the attention of those who wish to
purchase goods at first hand.
Zach. Chandler, the Michigan
Senator, telegraphed to Cleveland to
know if Ohio had "gone back on old
Ben. Wade?"
Zchrish he did climb tho tr,
. But nary Bonjamjn could b see.
...An alection. waa.hAlH in "Blllr' tsvnm.
ship, on Saturday last, for Justice of
tne Jfcace, the result of which was as
J. S. McDowell, (Rad.) .... 169
S. C. Case, (Dem.) ....... 167
McDowell's majority, 2
For Ayer's Medicines,
Call at Siaion's Droit Stort.
And we feel bad enough over the
result. Vinton Record.
: We don't "feel bad" when we look
at the 60,000 majority against the
Amendment striking the word 'white'
from the' Constitution and disfranchis
ing 10,000 white men! " The result
looks white!
The air is full of Democracy. Vin
ton Record.
Of course it is! But before the elec
tion you stated that "it would only
be about thirty days until the negro
would be the equal of a Democrat;"
but since the election the air contains
more Democrats than you expected!
Pure air is health yj ;
Not long slnca, a young man supposed lo
nosies good prloolplee, but no Itfrtune, of
fered his hand and heart to a fair young
lady with nu liuU fortun Pf W00'
Tbe offer was fully considered, and fiddly
refused, on the ground that the young nai.
showed too many years abofa the young
lady; inougn uo was rtnjr uu. i.vuij-.i..
Vt his fine side wliiejters and hair wer
tinged with an awful sprinkling of hoary
whits and gray, and foIJ indicated a
found score more of years than he had re
ally seen. To the young man the refusal
came like a frply blanket in a cold night.
What was lobe done? What could be
done? True, his bted cams out from under
his f'FiH7 white as a copn after a sppa
storm but must this divide them.
it once he left the oity. Time pasied on
sod the young lady received andher offer.
No obKCtion to the fine and beautiful lorer
could be lound. His head ras PEBfECJ1.
and hit raven locks had a most bewitching
lustre. Duo tiq "as taken and tbs other
accented) the day fixed; ersry dvsired prep
'.am. ih.. m'nlster notified, and
the thing done. She happy ouplo departed
in n.l!niAnlal H.tCI Hllll trlUUIDh.
Three balmy days parsed away, when the
loving young husband threw his gentle arms
around his better half by $J0 000, and salJ,
Darling, what do you think of my white
hnirsnowT" The startled and B8tp,plsh.d
bride with uplified hands, exoUimed, "Ros
eoe R , is it possible? Am 1 deoeWedl
Tell we quickly! t" The smiling, jubilant
k...h.nfi rnonLhlv reoliad. "No. you are not
deoeived, It is 1. ou aro nisi. And this 1
owe to 'Van Alien s vegeiaoio nair ewr
er!" And this article we pow offor you paver
l.. v.j ii. .ah. Inn tint American Continent,
We don't recommend you to play the cheat
by its magio inaueooo, nuiwi u r ,
Tl -ill nnaitiiclv MatOrS the Whitest
hair on the heads of the oldest persons lo its
original ooior anu ucm, mmo v.v
brings out a luxuriant growth where the
hair is entirely gone, without staining the
finest fabrio.
2d People whose heads may have become
..liln h.vA Ih.ir hair rtntnred
ximj u"j . vv.v " r
and their heads ones mors covered with
shining silky locks, ana tresses never sur
passed in Deauiy aven in cunj jfuuiu.
So Every disease to whioh the hair and
ealn are suhlect. finds a healing, restoring
balm In this preparation,
4th Alt dressing no. one claims it has
. . .h.1 .til.. In pinlin.tta nf (la nprfumA
BU ClfUn., " . . ... r ' "I
or its tendency to keep thi hair in its proper
5tu If you want white hair made beauti
ful as in youth, grry hair perfectly restored,
a dandruff head permanently eleaaed, and
itching scalp purified, loose hair made fast,
. I . 1 1 J ! .L 1 1. - 1 I
in snort, .your neaa uoirreu wnu tun uoum'j
of raven locks, and silken tresses, you ha-ve.
pnly to use
lOfOffioe of the Proprietor, Ne, 1 Nassau
Street, New York. .
rorSoll by all Druggists.
' t-Ask far Van Allen'
Aid take no other.
If net sold by Druggists in your town, a
TrkltSottl will be (tut te you by express
unou rereint of One DolUi bv mail, thus
civiDf you an opportunity at one of testing
its excellent qualities.
Address, U. i: VAN allisiv,
No. 117 Nissau Street, New York.
Oclaber 10, 1867.0m .
Largest Book Agency in the West.
M'Kenzie's. 10,000 Receipts,
ri-HMitTfiH aeenta I now offer to the public n en
Kkciit Book, contatninc the Uiwsoveries of over a
quarter of a century, file stereotype plates and
wood cum aro all new and nlone cost ft.WH). The
articles on Anculture, Horticulture and Rural and
Domestic Economy, are worth to the Farmer and
Gardener several times its cost. The reel pel lor
cooking, preserving, pickling, oontectionery anu
enrvinir. should be in Ihe misaeaaion ot every house
wife. This department alone la more complete and
valuable than any other work ever publinhed on this
subject The diseases of the horse, cattle, hogs,
and other animals, are treated of at great length and
complete directions given lor treatment.; The de
partments of Mecicine, Brewing and Distillation,
Perfumery, Bleaching, Tanning, Painting, Varnish,
es, cements, Ac, are all that could be desired.
More thnn aeventv distinct 111)116018 are oireftillv ei
amined and treated of. It is unquestionably the
best book cf the kind ever published , either in this
country or jcurcpe. rnce, nanaeoinei uwuuu iu
cloth, $4,00; sheep, $4,50.
Sold only by Subscription.
Km and women, of character and ability, wanted
as canvassers, to whom Pri Stable Employment will
be guaranteed. Forciroulars and full jiarticulars
send at once tosgonts.
For samples of iheGOLDEN PEN pass, enclose
two stamps and they will be sent with circulars.
Address H. V. B. CO WEN, Lafayette. Indiana.
J. W.BO WEN, Agent.
A Better Pen Than Gillolt'c Pen. .
rARRANTEDto be equal to the gold pn tor
ami moredurable than any steel pen ever manufac
tured. Will not corode. They are endorsed by some
of the best business men in the country, men who
know what a good pen is. Traveling agents wanted
to Introduce the GOLDEN PEN throughout the
West, and also other saleable artie'ea. Two aises.
No. 1 for general use; No 3, extra line points, for la
dies' use. Thev are put up in neat slide boxes,'each
boi containing 13 pens. Price 28 cents per box.
Rent, post-paid, to any address on receipt ol price.
Money refunded, ifthey do not give satisfaction.
Adrese M. V. B.COWEN, LaFayette, Indiana.
WOULD respectfully Inform the clttsens of Vinton
and o-i her counties that they have, at their
HUESEET, one mile aortb-ut from KoArtlmr,
the very best varieties ol
Grapo 7"lnos,
Apple Trees and Peach Trees;
We warrant all our stuck true to name and at as
low prices as can be obtained anywhere, and Invite
all persons to call and examine It. .
ADy letter addressed to us, as to prices or varie
ties will be promptly snswered. .
. t YV. GOLD, MsArUiur. O,
October I, UM , ' .
f Tnn ifiEI.PHIA.
$300,000 rrea, to Subscribers,
One Cash Frusenf of $40,W)0..
Oat Cash I'retet.t of $20,000.
Oft Cash Present of $10,000,.
On Cash Present or $5,fl0O.
Two Cash Prcseats of $2,5"0OJeaonv
fad full Sehtdult of rtutnb Btlow:
Each ce."tiflcnteofit:k is aeodmpsnicd with'a '
Worth Mors at Retail tL tBa Cost
and )so Insures to the holder t
Present in the Great Distribution.
The Washington Library Company
Is ebsrtered by the Ftote of l'MinnjlTania, an Or-
Piversidp Inotitute
for Splditrt' ond Sailort' Orphttiu.
focorpprajed by the Stat of N. J.
. April 8, J807. '
the hivjshsidFinstitutb,
Situate at Riversidp, Burliagton county, New
Jersey, is founded for the purpose pf gratu
itously eduoutipg the sons of deceased. Sold
lers and Seamen of the United Slates.
The Board of Truster consists of ths follon;
well-known citizens of Pennsylvania and Jjew JtrJ!
,f lu!,,: . f..U
tlOU. tviilm ujiuu,
DistrlPl Attorney, Philadelpkla, Pa,
Hon. I-BWis R. Broomall,
Ex-Chief Coiner V. a. Mint, and Keoord.es
of Deeds, Philadelphia, Pa.
lion. James M. coovel, New Jersey.
Hon. r7. W. Waro, New Jersey.
Henry Gorman, Esq,
Agent Adnma' express, l'blladeipbla, fa,
. E. Coe, Esq ,
Of Joy, Coe & Co., Philadelphia,
Trihurt Dimstmext, WashiVKton, D. C, April
is. ihcj Offlci, orinternnl Revenue: Havine receiv
ed fntiafnetory evidence Hint the proceeds of ihe en
terprise conducted by the Wflf hinton Library Com
pany Kill be devoted to charitaMe uses. penniBnion
i hereby granted to aaid company to conduct such
enterprise exempt from all qlmtife, whether from
special tux. or other duty. E. A. ROLLINS,
The IVnslilnglou (.Ibrary
In nrdnr that the benevolent obieet set forth Inthla
circular may be nuccesspillyaeounrpliaht'd, hve to-
sued a teres or rme riophpinie UKravinfis, wnica
are put oi auhsunption at prices much below their
retail vaii'e. Cortit'ntt'a of Stock in the Wofhingtoa
Library company will be iuaued, stomped with the
aeul of ir eoQinpany, and signed by tlie secretary.
irone otners are genHine.j . i .
Any person sending us Cos Dallar, or pay
ing ihe same (oourlooul Agents, will receiva
immediately a fine Sieel Plate Engraving, at
ohoioe from the following list, and One Cer
tificate of Siock, insuring Ope Present in
our published schedule.
Om Dollar Engravings,
No l-"My Childl My Child!" No t
"They're Saved!" No 3"Qld Seventy-sixj
or, the Early Days of the Revolution."
Any person paying Two Dollart will re
oeive either of the Steel Plates, at choioe, and
Two Certificates of Stock, thus becoming an
titled Two Presents.
Two Dollar EnravmgK
No.I-"VaHhington' t'ourtibip," No. s-"WU-Ipgtoo's
Labt Interview with fi ia Mother." '
Tbret Dollar Engraving..
Anv person pnying 'three Hollars will receive the
beau'utui steel Vlate ol "Home Frcmihe Wor,"aad
Three certiticates of s(oolt, becoming eutiiltd t
Three Presents, "
A'our Dollar Engraving.
Any perron paving Four Dollars shall receive Hi
larse and teautilul iteel i'late of.''The' Peril ot Our
Forefaihers," and Four certifltatcu ol llk;, na,
tlmg them to Four r'reneuts.
Fiv Dollar Mngravingi.
Any person who pays Five Dollars shall receiva
the lurge and splendid atoel Plate of "The Mainage
of Pocaiiontaa," and five ctfti&anci of stock, eau
tlingthem to Five l'rei.i.
Tlie engravings and certificates will be delivered
to each subscriber at our Local Agencies, oi seot
bj mail, post paid, or express, as may be ordered.
Will award Three Hundred Thousand Uollara
To the Shureholdersi
On Wednesday, 8th of January next,
At Pliliadelphla, Pa.,
Or at. the Institute, Riverside, if. J.
1 Cash I'res2nt $40.t
1 Cash Present . 20,000
1 Cash Present 10.000
1 Cash Present 6,000
2 Cash Present! of $2,600 6,000
1 Handsome Country ' Residenoey
Btable, Grounds, &c, Ueroian -town,
Philadelphia " 18,009
1 Double ltesidenor, three-story
trick, Cauden N. J. . ' 15,0(9
1 Coal Depot, Offices,' Sheds, "
Ground, with business establish- ' '
ed, No 1314 Washington Avenue
Phiadelphia . 15,000
1 Country Residenee, Riverside,
N. J. with Ground, Fruits, &o. 16,009
1 Three.story cottage, lot, Ao. !.'; si0na
25 Valuable building lots, Riverside, $300 '
each, : . e.COO
1 Elegant Turnout amlly 0arrlage,spsn of '
horses, Ilarne"!, Ac, complete, l,0Ot
10 Valuable Building Lots, Riverside, J30C '
each 1,009
1 MeautiAil silver-gray horse, ToJ-J hands
high' sired by the celebrated imported
Arabian Horse, Taliph;" also, a light '
Road Wagon, weight 140 pounds, with set
of superior single harness, Ao., making a
flrst-close establishment, - i ,00O-
M Pianos, $500 each .10,000
4 Melodiana, $ eash 4,500
6 Rosewood sewiiia machines. $200 each i.nm
10 Family sewing machines, $100 each . 1,000
60 Fine gold watches, two hundred dollars each 10,000.
100 Oil Paintings, by leading artists -aggre
gate value ... 10,000
S Camel's Hair shawls, one thousand dol-' -
lareeoch . i $009
2 Camel's hair shawls, three thontsnd dol
lars each (,000
3 Handsome Lace shawls, U each , '. ' 750
10 Cashmere shawU, fifty dollars esoh '. , $09
20 silk dress patterns, seventy-five dollsis
each , i,60
60 city building lots, $174 eaeh ,j49
The remainder will consist of silverware, '
Musical Boxes, Optra Glasses, Poeket
Bibles, and different articles oi orna- -.
, - mentand use, amounting to - - ' ;$l,oot
Total, $800,009
All tho properties given clear of Incumbrance. J .
IIovo to Obtain Shares and Engravings,
Send orders to us by mail, enclosing from ore la.
twenty dollars, either by Post Office orders or ins
registered lettei, at our risk. Larger amounts
should be sent by draft or express.
10 abarss with engravings $9 59
25 shares wilb engravings i , 23 50
60 shares with engravings 48 50
75 shares with engravings . . 69 09
100 shares with engravings 80 00-
Looal Agonls wanted throughout the UnU
ted States.
The Association have appointed as Recei
vers, Messrs. GEORGE A. COOKE & CO.,
whose well know Integrity and business ex,
perienoe will ba ifiioient guaiantse that
the money entrusted to them will be prompt
ly applied to the purpose stated.
Address all letters and orders to
GEO. A. COOKE ft CO., Banksrs,
83 South Third 8treet,..
. . Philadelphia., P, .
Rseslvera for the Washington Uktiry fi.
Jilv , 18l7-i ' " :.;,;;.', ! W

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