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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, October 17, 1867, Image 4

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t. it. A Tnmhla. ' I V Baltimore
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Johnson, Spencer 40o- ' - v Gh'cego
L. M.Rumsey 4 Co.,. .(;':''
Alhart E. Crane, ' ' . ' . ' " ' an Fransisco
March 21, lti07-ly
! ' ' - - MAHSriELD, OHIO
MAKTjrACTVal ' ' '
Etjbeka CiDxa Mills,
VicToa Cans Mill,
..'Stab CoBaSHELLEitv -7
7. bunhTTsquimaux refri gerator,t,t, .
Warner's Sulky Revolving Rake
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awf orcl'a ; Garden t Cultivator,
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And many other articles ii the way ef Implements,
'lools nnu macnineryj , j
PUKE BORiit) AND IMPHEE 8EEI3, selected
varieties. Send for circulars. ' --
Marcn t8,l67 ly- - -
LON& . Contributor in the AMERICAN
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,W AMERICAN WIT 25 ots. a year
hi inassau di.. iv. i.
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s- bit. za ots. a year. ;
. i- v .T A) lAT T TWO
; , ttiytIAvyou3 a vvjiiumo,
fti 1 O XT V '
-' -OA ixassau Ul,, i.'. A.
' ; , Angustl, 18CT-3m ' " - ' j.
SEN your address, with stamp, for sample
catalogued Articles for Young and Old; Ma
... ,. 1 J I .1 A.l.lHnD.
aaO Single. All nilUUlU UnV Uictu. nuw rna
A. BRIDGES, 74 Bleecher Street, New YbrkCity.
July 18, 1867 -3m
(mi III -'
riiVEit , and :; auei
TUIfl DISEASE 13 ' .
The Celebrated New .Eoglaud,Remedy for
For Jaundice, Fever and Ague, Central De
bility, and all Dittattt truing from
Diiordertd Stomach, Livir or Bowel.
They am need and recommended by leading phy-
xH'iniit or tna country, u " iv
uoiinca them invaluable. -niv.
Th r filrt l.v medicine dealers generally. Trice
One Dollar per bottle. J. . I1AKKI CO.,
Proprietors for the Southern and Vtern Suites.
For sale by v.' w
G. W. Shson Druggist, Mo ArthuT.Ohio ;
R. 8; Wilcox, Hamden, Ohio, and v.
Dr. J. A..' onahair, Druggist, Ham4n, 0.
i V I T .
:i iii.Mt
L V !i a .12 A LS ' A M ,
' , '' ton TBi cutis or,' ' ..:'
Consumption, Bronchitis,
Such as Coughs', Neglected Colds, Pain in
the Chest, and all diseases of the Lungs.
Clergymen should use the Balsam for
ineir inroaiB. -
T HIS Balaam'" Introduced 1o tie snrTeriBR pubfie
alter itS merits fur positive eur of Hitch diseases
have been fully tested. Thefnrmula from which it is
breDared Is referred to by the leariinnlmedical jour
nu T m beinKequal to any prescription-thst can be
made upfor such diseases, by the medical faculty.
The BatBiun Is, eonsequenUv. recommended by phy
sicTans Xo have become wquainted with Ua great
As an Expectorant it his ro Equal
we copy ;the ; following "f Sf
Ilnrris to tna Jimuieuui y.
Ma. EniToa:- It is only to subserve the interests of
humanity that I request a snon ?""
ble paper to inform fh. public what Allen s LiinR
BalsBin i sure to do. Two years ngo I was attacked
with a severe oold; it settled in my throrlt, which ao
aftected the organs of speech thai J could not speak
aloua lor nesny six ntroivo. ...... .... .. ---- -
conKhing niglitH almost incessantly, with cold night
sweats, with increased irntutoin, wnicn exttnnsn m
to the Bionoliml lUDes anu which nrn inc t..em
all summer. I was at Slioreham on a proiessionai
visit ine pasi u-tuii, ... v . .
m.iiimiff inlroducmr AllUi's Lung Bateau) into
the past October, wnen rue -gooa riyimu
New England. I procured, a, bottle and took itac
cordiiiE to directions, ah-fbrM rmmedmte relief. I
have now taken two bottles, which has entirely cured
me For the past two years, or during the time ot
my ainicnou, i w - """. r , Kn
the Kslsam hn almost, cflectually regulated, o
familvshould be without this valuable medicine. J
see ov the Western papers that the physicians of
Cincinnnti (where .the medicine is manulactured) are
introducing it into their practice, and I have no doubt
1C will soon ueuwiiiv 'y- .
cure of all diseases of ihe throit, Bmm'hmi tubes, ami
the lungs. - NATil'L 11 A KRIS, M, D Dentist,
1 neTiroprietorsji n vmuraw- i.... . .
ureinialllngtn It the attention of all medicine deal
ers, des ring tnai iney .procure a nti'i"j -
recommend it to their afllicted patrons and friends
It will stand thctest for merits, as has the celebrated
Perry Davis,'; Pain Killer,
... i i.i.n.l,.nnil iwv oil nor la nf the inlmh-
'ed Pd, end
l ne bb saiu i yj J - ,.;
" Cincinnati, Ohio.
- For sale Vy : ' Tfr-
G. S, SiBBon, Drunglst, . MoArlhur, OhU.
Dr. J. A. Monahan, Druggist, Hamdsn,
' R. S. WHeox, Hamden.
Fever and Ague and CliMM
Best KemeU'y to Cure
t :, Directionsor iti Ut.
- . tttj .fi of the Pain Killer In
I about half a pint of hot water.well sweet-
-- . ... .Hank la comlug
Anen wuft njoiaaaco, o . -v . . -
on bathing freely 'the chest, back and bow
els with the' medicine at the - same lime.
Repeat the doseia twen y
nrst Qose oe " "r ; . . if
produce vomiting, (and tV&J
the stomaon is very ,-- - v;-"
Killer, in cold water, w.etned with sugar,
after each spasm. Perseverence in the above
treatment has cured many severe and obsti
nate cases or th'iB disease.
T) A IN KILLER Crs : Sore
J Throat-
Favorite Medioine-witli all classes,
- .. . - is JLIftVlB ....v..
Li. !:', . I . .
I i you uavo x " ' , , .
1 l -i Use the Pain lillsr.
n . 1. . . . II. in 1 Q.I I
N O Medicine is as popular -
. r As th9 Pain Killer.
KEEP ' the Pain' : Killer: always at
hand, - .'. -J"..'!
TP you have a Cough or loid;
r r : Use the Pain. Killer.
LOOK and not get caught without a iottls
of Pain Killer in the house : f I
T ET everybody use ,the Pain Ijilsr for
Lj Sprains anu uruwoo. .r , . .
-r-ivFiiY aailor should carry a bottle of Pai
Yi Killer with him, . . ,. ,
TAPMEvnEU. the Pain Killor is for fcotk
XV-InternAI and Eternal..lT J :. 0o).2c.
. t.. tt:h. in nU Viv all the Druc-
xne ruin ivmci . " :, . -
gists and Dealers in Family .Medicines ryr
' ; ex . ddici I. nn r nninnali. Ohio.
J. . 11 1.L.LLJ U, V", 1 '
Agents for the Western' States:
l or sale Dy
-Q. W. Sisson.'Druggist McArthurf t v j
Dr. J. Ai Monahan, Druggist, IJamden, -.
; R,'8,'viloox, Hamden.y ; ;v;'; ';
: "dr;., weaver's.
P' .).. Hurt nf ' .
Canker, 8aH Rehum, Ereysipelas', Scrofulous
Diseases, Villaneous, ana every
, disease , arising from ; en impure
The most effective Blood, Purifier of the Nine-
, : teenth Century f
. tThls Syrup, with the Cerate, we will
.nnt to cure any harrj ease or uia
Sores no matter how long standing,
I-Sold by Druggists , Generally -!
For rale by . ; ' . .'.'.: .
Q, VT, Sission, Druggist, Mc Arthur ;
iri 3J& Monahan, Hamdenji; . "
R. S. Wiloox, Hamden.
-July J8,18C7-8
An Oia.Soa&Set to aNencc Tune
11867. j
A tpring approaches, ',
'Ant and Rozthe , I
' J-oot Met'r hole torn oaf, i
' And Mice and Rat
In tpite of .cal,
Gaily tkip. aUut. '
2 ri'
.'18 years estiiblishod i N. Y City." .,,..
"Only infallible remodjs kuown-'. . , ,
"Free from poisonsf'" "'
Not dangerous to the human family."
....... f.A .. nl Knla. ii iu
Costard' j -RalJ, ' Roach; &cr' Exterm's
Is a paste'-nsed lor Rats, mice, Uoaohes,
Black and Had Ants, ACtAo, ; '
''Costar's'' Red-Bug Exterminate!-
Is a liquid or wash-nsed;to destroy, and
alsa oa a preventive for'Bed-Bugs, Ac.
"Costar's" .Electric Powder for Insects
I for moths, misquitocs, Fleas, fled'Hnge,
Insects on PlantB, iFowls.Anirtals, Ac
mw I I I BewarrI I I orall wotlhloss imitations.
iWSee that "Cottar's" name is on. each box, bot
tle, and Flask, before you hny
484 Broadway, New rork.
ISTSold In AJoArthur, by. J. 8. Strong,
and all druggists and dealers everywhere,
1 .
For Cuts, Burn s," Bruises, Wounds, Boils,
Cancers, Broken.BreasIs, Sore Nipples, Alee
dinir. Blind and Painful Piles:. Scrofulous,
Putrid and Ill-conditioned Sores; Uleer?,
Swellings, Eruptions, cutaneous fliiecuons,
nfnnvnvm' ftnh f!-irn llnolnnfl. Chilblains.
&c; Chapp'ed '. Hands, Lips, 40.'; Bites - bj
Spiders, Inseotp, Animals, &c. . ' ' 'i. ... ,'
5-Boxes 25 cts., 50 cts.'j and $1 ie8.
BKgrHola ny aumruggmis everi wupr,
Bwr-Andbv llsxar tt. Costah, Depot .414
r o away New York, ,
JCtTSold by:J.. jj. (.(Strong, jsoArmur, u.
'.. .',;...pniYBAii"' '"':; ;;; - .
C O R N , : i S O'L Y 'N T,
rnrriArni.nnnionB.lVarta.Ae.. -
aaB-Boxes li ct 0i' cts., and SI sites.
Jf Hold by ail urnggism everywuoro.
j?g"Aud by Henry R. Costar, Depot 484
Broadway, New, York, . -
&Jf A.'.4 .'! S, Strong, MoArthur, 0.
i., ;
r- ' ' MIPARATIOH Of , '
- : ' AMD : m . '
UseJ to soJtetl a eibtffy rheskin, reraove freck
les, I'implesV uptionai AC. . ,
Ladie are nowllAlhB iuiprelrtcnctjill others.
2ro"ttliw$l. fiiri nit .
resold by all druggists 'every wheje. ,
tAnffy'JH'enr'ry .R.iCostaiDcpot 484
Broadway, Now York,'
-And by J. 8. Strong, Mc Arthur, 0.
i j ;i i. jj
i.i -i'v :....!.:. Mi--.:. . i,' ..i:ni
4 .ll i ,:i -. H 1., ,i , , . . .1 ...inn.
J'.:n ,tf:i'. -,'' f f
tHn?1 ,.C-) b T73HHA3 Jl A ..
' A.'i.'J.HW. oi vjUv'-'hukO i)V.Q I
,picx;ojui., ,-,2 j iv J
''M !ti') j, yon;u I'm in
;T .iti sfLH.') tt'.muf 8,H TJI H !!'
For Coughi,' Colds,; Boarseiess, Sore Thrisjt,
Croup, Whooping Cough,. JUflueria('.Asthnia,
Coneumptioii, Broiiohlai AfftctJdns ; and ell
diseases of the Throat 'and Lungs.
ggyBottles'Za ots, oOjOts, fnd f y Bices,-
ISold by all druggists evey where. ,' )
JJ-And ,by Henry, RM$pstaf, 0p6i 484
Broadway, New York. '- i
And by J. . Btrong, MeArtaur, u.
i! I.,
"I I-
I . ".Hi . . f ' V ....(. , ,
i-..i i'A .-: ;
7 .:
COSTAR'S" ' ' '
.';:,v..-;4 pJiIVER8At, 'DINNER PILL, !
,. ' '"(-
For nervous arid sick Hehdachei eostlveness, Indb
atinn. dvsnensia. biliousness, constipation, diar.
rhen, colics, chills, levers, and general derangement
01 tne jjigesiivo wruuuo. - - ,
ttgrBoxes !5 ctB, 60 cts, II aims. !
' g-Sold by ail druggists everywhere. ' I
And by Henry R. Costar, Depot 481 Broad;
way, New Yofkr ' - i . ;i ,
And by J. 8 Strong, MeArthorj O.
Aagvrt I, lieT-sa
i Wl'xillSTOM
XJnltcc3L jESta.teBi,IT
From IS61 to 186i. ,
itAviNQ ben appointed Agent -for" the
Yni'story' fortintpn Coxbf, Ohio,
f am now prepared Id tecoivff sttbscriptlons
from those desiring this exoelleht.and popu
lar wbrkT"'- Any-person daarrinf to ciuvasB
any township in Vinton county, will please
send for term at once and seourrterritory
before it is tqo lets.
Agents will te given very faverable terms.
An active Agent ean make from $'4 td $6
per day.- ' y-.-.i'. i-V-u i -. . u: .' .'.
The Uerman edition of the Youth's History,
which has been oalled for, is also now ready.
The worl:' is' designed to furnish-the youth
aV the' coun'trye eandid and impartial Histd'
ry of the Grtet War through whfeh fe have
Just passed,
From a Domocratic standpoint.
v..'.. Li.
Th minds of the voulh of our oountry
being poisoned and miseducated by he false
and' partial histories of the Abolitionisms,
and it ii of greet impertapoe fer the; welfare
of oar eouatry that the. ml DlsunionistiM
thsy are iaw piovin'tbtmelves to be, ehall
be properly poftiayed. The great 'iiripor.
tanee Of a sound juvenine literature has
;::! ' . i'.; ' '' ''
long been
felt and acknowledged, and as
this U the first attempt
fnrnieh it.
Publishers e'ttsj,'.. the work liessrsf Van
: ' : . o.i., i . "V t
Bvrie, Horloe & Co,, New lerk-respectfujly
i.' " I. ii ! m '.' i..u t v (; i
soliolt the enoouragementf of the publio, end
the essistanee
f the
Demoeratio press. '.-It
Is just suoVe book as ought U form part
. ' . t
of tie'small library in etery-fanily ia Tin-
ten pcuaty ; or it should be plaeed in the
hknlsef every ehild', for the purpose of
giving them e eorreet idee of , the late war
end ill oausei. - .
It Is neitly printed end bound, nlustretsd
with II engarvlngs, and oontains 884 pages,
divides! iato 49 chapters.' It eonteins the
likeBe'sseiof Geeerals Lee.-StonewaVi Jeoki.
.. . s c - w . ... . .-v & i a
son, rarjt, McClellan. Shermaa, Johnston
? . . , ... ... ,i,
r, 1
Jefers,on Davis, Abraham Lincoln, A. H.
Stephens. J. Wilkes Booth, lie.
AGENT tqx, tinin" Cont j.
TO COHSnMPTTvES -Rev- Edwaed a. wiLsoM
will send (freS of charge) to all who desire it, th,e
prescription with the directions for Vnajiiim and u
ing the simple remedy by which he was cured of;a
!..- .nnn,inn Ihaf. Araaii HiaoAAA eonsumntloa.
His only object is to benefit Ihe'afflictea alldhe hopes
every saitererwiu jry tnis prscri,uyn, i i
nething, and mar prove a blessing,.-Please addiess
tin - , , HEV., EDWARD A. WILSON,
No. le&SonthWcppfteeJ, yujiwnaburg; 8. York.
-m r t h HTFrv t.t r sjintormiiiiou ana aavjce oivi.
JM tal importance to the married of bpthaexoa. in
a aealed 'envelb-petican be obtajned , free,, of charge by
addressing the undersigned
KespeciiuiiT. . . jAair.- . jduijjci.
jiiyis, 1667 y
822 Broadway, K. T.
21i 93,' 25 & at Broadway, N. Y-
. .) ."I ii Opporilt Jiowlwf Oretn,
THE StevshsTTouss Is Well and widely known te
the -traveling publieJ Mmtoeationi eepocially
suitable to merchants and business men; it is in
close proximity to the business part of the city -is
on the highway of sou thern and western travel and
and auuicentte ail tne pnuciimi ivmvnu .'oom
btmvletiv , t O -i' X V PL f ' OH ')
Ts HTvai(a,Hop8f has liberal aecoratnooTiMon tor
over 300 gdeste it-iaU fuftiiabOdd Wd possesses
eve'y modern improvement, Tor tlie comfort and en
tertainment of its inmates.' -Th vtoomsare spacious
H n,0n lontilntjift hrovided with gaa and water-.
the attendance is prornplluln nieuwui,
i. onrninTvorevideaV-with Vety; delieacy of the
MMllllW"'"". Jr..- t r,n
UU. A.. lillAOIl ct VjU.,
TIFOBBATIOH, Information guaranteed tc! pTi
1 ,i,ma luxuriant vrowth. of hair oron bald head
nr honnllBM Irtk. also a recioe for the removal of
Pinrplefi Hlothes, Eruptions, etc.-m; tthe skin, leav
ing the satne soft, clear, and beautiftil,5an b obtain,
ed without chargeby addressing Taos. F. Chapman,
8J Broadway, ew ioraiv.-"--
. J -a i. 'J IjJQ tgrpj a v A VJi
toeilries'd'av. October Olh,
IN. Pnnknt nH)k,oontaininjt Nine Hundred
and Eighty Dollars in Notes and ,ai small amonnt of
it at this oAce, or calling upon. Oeojge IJ. pijeS,
near auensvuio, wm w -...i j
October 10, 167-tf
. 1 1
Seining acljince
Tiie'oNLr'Ma"ch,ine so perfected (hat ent'm
satislaction ii guaranteed or : the purohast
money refunded,, ' t -T '
IVIiava tv a l,ava nn Atreni. A Ramniil Machin,
Vill he sold af vm low price, and la. Local
Agent. Appoiutea ; oft ,ue i . nipsi. .jevui u
terms. ,. .. .
N'.B, Send for civoular.' Traveling Agenlr
wanted. Salary, liberal.... , i;:
An Agont wanted in every town. .
Send for e Ciroiilnr.' i . ;'- -
1 inktc & Lvoii S..M. .
C87. JJ'roadway, New York.
WAsni i'
Strong, Simple and Practical.
IT is "e'SQuBKcwa Maouinb;- warranted fio
to injure ,olothing geared to give six
strokes of the plungers for one turn of the
haudle.lAnd 150 turns of which will, wash
thoroughly the bulk of eix to twolve shirts,
aooording to the siza of Machine used- .'
a nnir.riit nnv pan npp.liATR IT. and
Six rjrVxperi!nce proves the ftoswnnt
. ' ' l . T .
- . 1 " f
to be the onlv Washing Machine mide winch
sfamfj ihe teat Time and Uee. It is unap.
proeehable for-: .- . 1 ' v ?-' !
' AG-t'A'TS WANTED.- Send for free De
scriptive Circulars' to . 'f! '!.
184 Water gireet, New' Ye-rk City; !
JuneO, 1807 -am
" , . .Sheriff's'le; ;'.J:,
IN :. 1'ARTITION. : :
State of Ohio, Yinten County,
r.IMifln. Plainlift.!' ," ' "4 In Court of Common
acainst . - .Pleas... Order.
Orrln H. Uouliljet. nl., Del ts. ) Hale.
TK I'UHHUANCK of an order of sale in thn above
A causu to me directed trum the court of oommon
pleas in and for the coiiniy or Vinton, ana mate si
henrinn date ol Senteinber Uth, A. D. 1867,
I will "tier for .safe at piiMio auction, at the door
tlie Court House, Hi tha Town of MiiArthur, in said
county, on
TUESDAY.rthe 29th day of Octo
ber, A. D. 1867, :
at ttiVhonr of 1 o'clock r. M ofsaid'dsy, theone un
divided; equal lavff ef the following lauds and tene
ments', 'to-wit:' " ''
"Situate inthe'couhtycf.yinton'and State of Ohio,
being a part of the South east Quarter -of Seotipn
Nineteen (19,) Township Ten (10,) Knnge Seventeen
'(17, beginniiij at a stone In the south boundry line
of said Quarter Section;; thence west with the said
line 11.70 chains to the boundry of ths Depot
Grounds of the;Marietta A Cincinnati Railroad Com
pany! thence North-easterly with the line of said De
pot Grouuila 11.35 f-hainv, thon:e Enst a.78 chains to
a etone; thence North 2.18 chains te a stone; thence
East 10.AJ chains, to a stone; thence South 7.:i chains
to the pluei of .beninniiig contaiing ten uers more
orless. ' ' '- ' ' ' - i
The same to 1 sold subjact to the dower estate
uf Huby T, Martin and M.irguret K. Gould.
Appraised at five hundred dollars and must bring
two-lhirds ofihat Slim, '
Term ofSale csh in liand at the time of sale,
. . . ,. BheriB Vinton County, 0.
' Septembers, lKI-Sw-II '
Slier ifP Sale.
. Jermlh RntcIifr,;piaintifJ, ) In Vinion County
against I , Court of Common
Thomas Kay, Samuel Ray, and f Pleas. : .
John Swnim, Defendants.'' J Vendl. '
PURSUANT to the command of an order of sale in
the above cause to ma directed (rem the Court
of Common Pleas ot Vinion county, Ohio, I will offer
for sale at Public Auction, at the door -of the Court
ilous, in the Town of McArthur, in the county aoro-
T lTeIdA-Y, tUo"29tb day of October,
j.. , : ,.,;.A.'"i).-.i8'fi7r.. "4 "
at 1 o'clock p. . of said day, the following lands and
tenements, eitua) inlthejcounty of finton, and State
of Ohio, to-wit:
-One-Eightti. part, pt .the pout!i-Kat Quarter of
Secgon fnirty-three 1 VJ'Own Ntse (,) Range
Kiueteta;(U.V. : t t' ' ; . : : : ' s ;
Forty-one (41) acres Bectipn' Thirty-four (3,) Town
Nine (,) Bang Nineteen (19-) :
-r,- "- .. :Amo t : i ... '
K?ne'(9) acres South-West corner of the Sonth-West
miarter of Section Thirty-four (M,) Towa adRang
the sauie as the other.
,'u.u jS :'' ..- AlBO' '.':-' i
Eighty-one (Bit acres East hall (B. K) of th North
East Quarter (N. Ii. Qr) of Section Thirty-Three
(3il,) Town and Range thesamejas theother,
,.,. . . -Also . .. ., i
Forty (40) acres ot the South-West Quarter (S. W.
Or .,) of the North-West Quarter (N. W. Qr.,1 of Sec
tion Thirty-three 3,) tho'i'owa and Range thesame
' Levied upori as the property of Jonu Swaim to
satisfv a' judgment rendered agitinss '1 nomas Kay,
Samuel Ray, and John Swuiin by said Court in Jayor
of Jeremiah Katclirr. - " . .. i . , ;
' Annraised as follows: ,;-
The first described tract of land appraised at seven
teen hundred uonars i,7u.r i '
Tlie second' descrllwl tract of land appraised at one
VnnrfMrf ilnllnra lenn 00.1 - -t-
The third described tranl of land appraised at two
hundred anu nve dollars iaio uo.j j , i ,
Tlie1 fourth described tract oMand appraised at nine
hUhdred and aeventy-two dollar tWi 0O.1
The fifth deBcn bed traot oi land appraised at five
nunqrea ana iwvn;j utaiars-iffu" w.j i :
: And must bring two-thinla-ot the above sunn. , , :
Terms of sale Cash in hand at the time of sale.
' . , -i JoHS J. SHOCKEY,
'" '" ' ! '!. ' Sherifl' Vihton County, hio.
Tj.BShlvei, Att'yforPl'tt. " tv.,. - -. .
SeDtemberSe, uev-tw-tl) '-' ' " . .'
- '- ' T
THE Commissioners of Vinton' county will meet at
1 UieHridte aertss Elk Fork .of Raccoon Creek,
. o,l'u in vii Tmsnahin. Vinton coun-
UOM UOWIJJOUJJVVW H, . ' - ' 1 1 '
ty.ohio.on' r'".'.::i- ..w
iSATUHDAr, tne utn uny oi woiooer, a.,f.
" . i r. : I . latiT.'l'.'t ! ' sv '; ': ::
at 1 o'clock r. m. efsaid dayandlet tohe lowest re
sponsible bidder the building of the ;
Frame Work o a Covered Bridge ;
on the Abufments'now constructed at said point. ,
-r-Boiderolthegoinini8i(ioners..r. . ... I
October 3r 1867-td i
and wonderfil publication. k work of. 400 pagoe
and 30 colored engravings. Dr.-Hnnter s yado me
,,n, n nrimtinl and nonnlar treatise on Man and
Woman, their Physology, Functionvand trouble ol
every kind, with never failiug remedies, for, their
The'practice of Dr. Hunter has long"6een nff still
ia hj;,,n,lofl. hnt Uhoaarlimt ) icitation ol nu-
TnerrTus neTrTons, h ha been induced, to extend his
medical usefulness through the medium of hi 'tyade
Meoum." .tir'.', 'i'lil'i ' '' ' . . .
One copy, securely enveloped; Will be forwarded
free of postage -to-spy part of the .UuiIed:8istsor
buceniam r. w. iiinTiips.'''iroa, puo.
fiuntcr, No. '3 Division streot,'New York. v
August 19, 1867-j :'--At, .'. :;
f inn from $U, -
UYactingiis olir .Igents mr me tnio r Jr4T
l.tllH'I'kKI, K NOItAYlN Cr.S
-loroseopesond Slorocopic V lews olall Hie pom W
interest mthe World. Vnw dB,,."y feei!
)itvr-HIuntingCneWt.-l,crf. AIho. Sue colleetion
ol Iiiip- riAl Card Pieture. nlorrd Prlntf, e.
tttrSMwill ptiK-hsso it miKoellaneoeai ocK M
above goons 1 1ml wilf sell w. 'J
extraordinary induecmenU nml a cJisni e l''r tb
w ho wish to fti.Wih. themsi-ivea in a wed psjrwj
bligiuejs. i cn-auutigiu's ami . : ' , J n.C
HAbKlKS & C).
JunelS.ilS'fl-em '' M BeeWmiin t., Kw York.
499 Broadway, New Yorl,
'. .499.. Broadway, New York. . ,.
.499 Broadway, New. York.;
A KK unrivalled for Di baiuutv, PoW and Kvatt--nessoffoNs.
.Tliev are fust becoming ihe fa
voiite -over all others, , with . Musicians, Aniatturt
und all liwm of Good Music! They are Warrant,
n every respect, . Hi nd for llrciilnr, ' '
i ' : .UROVKN8TKBN A CO, .
Juhjli . 498 Broadway, New York..
i urn
Twenty Meloclio J&ercisesj,
'.' '' ts ronM or "
':. INTENDED AS ' ' , 1 .
Studiei to acquire thi .Art of Sipginf. -
These exercises were composed to be used at-
multfciieoukly with his system, "The Art of Singini,"
or with any olhtr method for the cultivation ot the
voice, and will take placo of Cokcome' Bourxaaictj
being moie melodious snd better adapted forleach
ing. Home, of these exercises are apeoially beautiiul
as vrcli aa useful, a mingling of clulce at utile, which,
secures the interest as well as the improvement t
the student. The various styles developed In the)
exercises render them invaluable in an educational
point of view, as they lend to eiilai go the intelll
gence and the appreciation, and at the came time
form the-tai-te o( the pupil. Tlmy must be studied
carefully with reference to the innumerable marks of
expression and ornamentation. Upon the minute
accuracy with w hich these are accomplished de
pends the actual sterling ndvanconient of the pupili
any evasion-or slurring in these respects '. t.meand
a ..i una, v irns mi. v r. on ine uiurr imuiu n
u0!ie mi putientruveetig.tion, imd oen to tno ftu.
i dent the means and resources ny which greai ai uaia
iroduce their uicst brilliant aad profound stleote.
Watson's AatJovanAi.-i ! . j... ,
In ,'livo Volumes.
Price each, in Boards, Retail, . ,, , $1 0s
do do in Cloth, Retail, . , ' 2 OO
A Sample copy set by Wail,' post-paid, cn,
rcooipt of Wholesale Price, $1.60.'
Published , by VVM, HALL & SOIT,
No. 643 Broadway, New York.,
Publishers and Dealers in Musio.and Mane-
faoturers of Flutes, Fifes, Flageolets, As.
Send for catalogue of prices. "
JuueO, 1807-6m- , .
Official Directory.
RepresenlHtive in ("ongres H. 8. BUSDt.
8tr,te Senator-J.. BRAD BUBY.
Representative A. J. H WA1M.
Common l'lsas JudgeI. V. HLY LSI.
Probate Judge JOSEPH KALEK. -'.., . :
Auditor W. K. FKLTON.
ProscutinuAttornov ARCHIBALD MAYO, ,
Clerk of Courts GEORGE LANTI.
Sherifl JOUN J. 8HOCKEY.
Surveyor H. O STE1NBROOBT.
Commissioner THMAb HAG EH,
Post Offices in Vinton County.
Name of Post Office. Township. ' Post Master
Uopt Furnaoe
Duudfts i.
Etgle Mills
New Plymouth
Reed's Mills
Vinton Station
Wilkesville '
Zaleski '
Agatha . r;
Richland J. Wiloox
Brown 9. D. Egleston
Clinton 8. Isaminger
Eagle Miles Radolln
Swan I. Reynolds
Ilk J. N. McUusAlla
ltrown II. O. JiarJeu
Clinton W BnrleLshaw
Swan Wb, Taylor
lk George fry
Wilkes .
Madison J.G.Will
Richland .' , "
Rail Roads.
ON and after January it, 180T, Trains will rua aa
follows. . vTfTmvvMirlia VIIV
Depart Ciiicianati",
'' Loveland
' Chillmothe
" Hamden
' Znleaki
Arrive Marietta
:0P.M. 00 A.M.
10 17 " T 30 " -.
1 3 P.M. 10 40 ' '
S 17 ' 12 16A.lt.
. 3 81 " ' . U ti ' -,
4 M O0 " -7
17 " : . 485 " ,J(
Tee ' 4 60 " r,
Densrt Del ure SOOa.i
9 00 P.M.
Athene : i " , ,
Zaleski 9 40 "
Hamden 1015 " ;
Chillicothe 116Sp.ii.
Loveland a 13 - ii
1160 '
, ; i " .,
6 38
7 48
with Trains on she
Arrive Cincinnati - 4 35 "
Connection made at Hamden
Portsmouth Branch. . .
Close connections made at Cincinnati with all
Western Trains; and at Parkersburg with the Balti
more and Ohio Kail Koad.
- Master of Transportation.
Chillicothe. O., Jan. 24, 1867.
Democratic Enquirer
11 - 1 "(hi adVasci.) ' t;'i .'i . '.)).
One cony, ohe yer, ct
1 ie
une copy, six montns, - - '
One copy, three months, . , . 40
i-;;:-.i i
r ive copies, uuci yenr, wj uiw run umcef ' v 'm
Ten copias, one year, tuoue PostOfflc,. ' " 'looe.
our terms require payment, to be mad stbictiz
iM'ADVANCl ' -' ' .' i ' - ,
A failure to give notjee of a wish to discontinue at
the close ol the time subscribed for, will be consid
a rad a new enaaaement ; and no naner will hadia.
conilnued until after all arrearages shall be paid, i
i papers are ueiivereu inrougn ine man iree ot post
age within the county, and, albo, free to subscriber
living in the county, jvhos postoffice is out of thV
' Ten line of this type, , or the space occupied by
the same, make one fjuare.
One square, one insortion, ll oft
Each additional insertion, SO
All transient advertising for a shorter period than
three month, charged at the above rate. , ...
;i .'I i 3 mos. , 6 mos. Omos. 13 mo
V. column, , . 1 6 00 ' J10 00 J15 00 ' J20 00
W column, ! ' :10 00 'j' 20 00 ; 80 00, ,. 40OO
f column, 1800 aPOO... 46 00 "00O
lotumn, 20 00 40 00 60 00 .,80 00
Business cards, from 6 to 10 lines, per annnra, 1 00
Divorce Notices, not exceeding 30 line,, (in .
advance,) "'" -'-'I j ;,eo
Eaoh additional 10 lines, , ' too
Attachment Notices, (in advance,) .": . ' too
dmimstrator'a or Executor's Notioes, (in - ,
" advance,) ' " ' ' ' r ' - -' -" 1 00
.- Notices 'ot runaway husband or wivsi, double
price, iarid in advance. '
Notices of Deaths, free. Marriage Notice, aeeoM.
ipgtotheliberalityof the parties. t- ,
Notteer. in the local-column, 10 enti pr Uee fr
eii insertion ...:.., i- ;r..,.-
lleeieeeefpelitlealWeetiBjitjfree.J- - -' ' '

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