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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, November 07, 1867, Image 2

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1 7:
t. W. 0WK!t, IDITOE AMD rwninoi.
OFFICE In Dodge's Building, owr Swetland's
It ion, corner Main and Locust Street, East
of the Court Home.
I For Term 1, &c Bee 4th rage
CTUMDAT, - - KOVEMBEB 7, 1867.
Has the largest circulation of any pa
per in Vinton County. Advertisers and
others icill pleaie make a note of this.
Notice to Campaign
"Ve would like to have all our
campaign subscribers renew
their subscriptions for a year,
the terms being only 1,50,-
"We will continue to send the
papers to all until we are no
tified to discontinue them.
'Every campaign subscriber
can afford to pay the small sum
of 1,50 a year for his county
paper, or 75 cents for six
months, or 1 a year at Post
Offices where olubi har been
got vp.
Selections were held on Tues
day in New York, New Jersey,
jviaryiana, ana omer owu
many of which have gone Dem-
Judge Martin Grain. Tho Court
of Common Pleas is in Bession in
Portsmouth, and Hon. Martin Crain,
our newly elected Judge, ia presiding.
Tbo Portsmouth Republican thus
speaks of Judgo Crain : ' .
. "Judge Crain wore his Ttnexpected
hnnrvra finnmwliat, hlnsliiilfrl v. "ITfi fiY-
liibited some of the diffidence natural i
' to a novice, in the routine of the bench, !
but at the same time, showed a dispo-jhi8
sition and determination to fulfill the
this new position with unro-
eerved devotion and ability.
chanre to the crand iurv was sui 7c?i-!
ens. it was not one ot tnose stereo
typed charges which one will hear
from a judgo who has been on the
bench any length of time, but was
novel and unique ; while it embraced all
the points required by law, yet it was
presented in a new and more interest
ing form, and the different topics were
more diffusely dwelt upon, treated, and
explained than is usual with common
pleas judges.
We hope those ignoramuses in this
part of the 7th Judicial District who,
eince the election, have thought it
necessay to speak disrespectfully of
Judge Chain, will see that they had
no reasons for so speaking.
, i
The Ohio Cashmere Company, with
headquarters in Vinton county, has
purchased within the last year. $100,-
000,000 worth of Cashmere goats. The
wool is worth 56 a pound. Ohio Statesman.
The "immortal J. N." will
speak at the Court House to
night. Go and hear himl
-4 -
For Strictly Pure White
-Xeadnt Cincinnati Prices,
Go to Sisson's Drug 8tore.
" Siargeant-at-Arsis. Our good old
friend Samuel Pike, of the Iliiisboro
t Gazette, as we are informed, will be
named for the position of Sergeant-at
ArmsJJof the Ohio House of Eeprcsen
tatives. As this is the first time that
the Colonel has been a candidate for
office, we hope he may be successful
because he really deserves the position
The Colonel ia the oldest Democratic
" editor in this State, has been in active
' service for more than half a century,
and it would be right to reward him at
this time for his gallant and faithful
, gervices.
Thi Democratic State Central Com
mittee offered a banner worth $500 to
the county that would make the largest
t gains over the rote of last year. They
- have awarded the Banner to Lawrence
i aouoty. She richly deserves it.
yfr publish this week on the first
page tbe official vote of Ohio by coun
. tjes on the Nigger Amendment, '
" A.'. TW Tarker, publisher ; of the
Ohio Farmer, .died at Cleveland, on
lust Tuesday week..
I Ths Zaleski Echt (a paper under the
li.nquircrinflnonceand,(intll ay..oftheZalC8ki
Company) of last week, publishes Iho
names of the persons in Independent
School District of that town, who pay
taxes, and ft list of the property, its
value, and the total amount of tho tax
on the property, and omits the taxa
blo property and tho property not
taxed belonging to the Zaleslfi Com
pany. Tho Echo does not tell its renders
that the amount of tax it gives is the
Lord," who gallops from liouso to
house dressed in leather leggings, with
high priced bills of rent, would
haye th o think that tho Com
dutiesof , i -
His'pany of whom heis.the.manager, is
bearing tue burthen of the taxes! For
total amount for all purposes, but wants
the people to think that the amount is
for School House building purposes
alone, when tho amount is for School
IIouso building purposes and for all
otherpurposes. Theoditor of tha Echo
informs us that he will got pay for pub
lishing the list, above spoken of, from
the Zaleski Company. Now, we think
the rich Company have taken extra
ordinary pains, just at this time, to pay
a man $20 for copying the list of tax
payers in that School District from
the tax duplicate and commanding the
Echo " boy " to publish the same, and
omitting to copy from the duplicate
the taxable and untaxable property of
the Zaleski Company, so as to mislead
those who ur in favor of building a
respectable School House in the Dis
trict, and have them believe that the
figures in the Echo stand for School
IIouso building purposes only.
The Zaleski Company pay no tax
on lots numbered from 1 to 14 inclu
sive 14 lots ; pay no tax on lots num
bers 17 and 202 lots ; pay no tax on
lots numbered frotn 22 to 27 inclusive
6 lots; pay no tax on lots numbered
30, 32, 33, 30, 13, 54, 5G, 50, 60 to 65
inclusive, 87 to 80 inclusive 17 lots;
pay no tax on lots numbered from 90
to 119 30 lots; pay no tax on lots
numbered from 121 to 124 4 lots ;
pay no tax on lots numborod 131, 133,
135, 137 to 143 inclusive, 145, 147, 149,
151) 155 157j 158 nn(l 16018 lots
making a total of 91 lots. And upon
many of the above numbered lots stand
large and valuable btildings from
which the Zaleski Company are receiv
ing enormous rents rentshigh enough
to cause the heart of a poor laboring
man to sink within him and curso tho
unlucky day that dropped him down
in the ' town of English tyrran
ny and yet this " high priced English
shame, " Francis Jones !" do not de
ceive the Company that pay you a big
salary, by trying to make them believe
tho increase of the Zaleski Estate was
appropriated in this way ! ' Tell the
truth for onco! We know it' costs a
great deal to live in this country ; and
we are not surprised nor would we
have the pcoplo surprised when we
tell them that a large income is ncc-
essary to support one who lives as yon
would wish to live! Not one cent of
tax, let it be remembered, is paid on
these lots by the rich and aristocratic .
Zaleski Company for School purposes
or for any other purpose. -In
that part of Zaleski called Oak
street aro a number of lots valued at
$134 each, upon which stand brick
houses that cost about $500 each, one
of these houses and lots has recently
been sold to John Kimmey for $1,000
and upon which the rich Zaleski Com
pany pay a tax of only $5 65 1, while
Mrs. Betsy Sands, who owns a house
and lot adjoining these same lots val
ued at $1,000, and pays a tax thereon
of $42 16 6 for all purposes not for
School purposes alone, as the Echo
wsnes ne peopio to wuu.
"Will & Co. of Zaleski, who own a
dry good3 store only, which is valued
at $7,502, pay a tax of $316 33 4 there
on, and sell less'1 than $25,000 worth
of goods a year, while . the Zaleski
Furnace Company, who own a very
large dry goods store, and sell about
$60,Q00 worth of goods in a year, and
who own besidesthe store, many hors
es, oxen, wagons, cars, a great deal of
hay, grain, wood, ore, charcoal, pig
iron, etc., all of which are valued at
only $9,455, and Jpay a tax of only
$398 68 5 1 Look at that item, reader I
You can easily understand tho figures.
The Zaleski Furnace Company own a
large store and, sell $60,000 worth of
goods a year, and own thousands of
dollars of other property named above,
all of which they only value at $9,455,
and pay a tax thereon of $398 68 5,
while Will & Co. only own $7,502 worth
of property and jsell less than $25,000
worth of goods, and pay a tax ot iwit-
33 4 ! Do tho people of the Independ
ent School District yea, the people
of Vinton county 6ee how the great
Company are dodging the taxes ?
The total tax of Independent school
District, for all purposes, for 1867, is
$6,907 68 5 ; and of that sum $4,014
34 9 aro for School purposes, and $2,
893 33 6 are for all other purposes.
The total tax to bo paid by the people
of the district is $2,794 12 1 ; the total
tax to b9 paid by tho Zaleski Compa
ny Is $2,132 42 4 ; the total tax to be
(.aid by the Zaleski Furnnco Company
Is $398 68 5 ; and tho. total tax to be
paid by tho M. & C. Kailroad Compa
ny is $1,582 45 5 making a grand
totulofS'J,9Q7 68 5,
There aro 2.101 acres of land in the
district, valued at $52,943; the town
lots are valued at $49,324 ; and the
chattel property is valued at $61,584
total valuation being $163,851; and
tho total tax beinff $6,907 08 5.- Tho
peoulo ray for School and School
House purposes $2,775 09 1, whilo the
Zaleski Company only pay. for the
samo pnrf oscs $'1,239 25 8. By these
figures tho people can readily seo that
the Company do all the "blowing"
and pay less than ono-third of the en
tire asfiossmentl "Figures will not
lie," "Francis Jones!" You had better
blow out of tho other end of the horn
awhile, or pay taxes on. those 91 lots
above spoken of I
More anon.
Ex-Gov. John A. Andrews, of Mas-
sachusettSj died in Boston, of apoplexy
on "Wednesday week.
For fiu'c Drns and ftcd-
icilf , go to Sisson's Drug Store.
All Right!
Dait. Will & Bros.' Store
is unquestionably and indisput
ably the right and the best
rcina in "XTinnn enmittr tr hliv
r1" " ' v -"j
U,v, nil
till, luuoi cicgtwil Bljiva ui ""
kinds of goods at low prices.
, ,
The immense quantites of goods
A o
wliipli tVihv CfOl in n tTinrf limn
i , , i i
IS enOUgn tO COnVinCe the people
, ',
tliatOUr Statment IS COri'eCt.
. ,
Ynn nnd limftoi mil nnrl cno
iAdu UCUt-I CdU UI1U
them, anyhow, even if you' do
not think of buying any of the
hings that look go attractive,-
Tor Fisic Perfumery,
Go to Siaaon's Drug Store.
"Tho Teacher of Penmanship"
for November comes to us im
proved in appearance and mat
ter. It contains articles and lessons
on Penmanship, Letters, Lines,
Free Movement Exercises,
Flourishing, Drawing, ect.
Subscribers for 1868 receive
the October, November and
December numbers of 1867,'
Valuable and attractive pre
miums are offered to new sub
scribers and those who raise
clubs. .
Send 5 cents to pay postages
for sample numbers, to L. S.
Thompsonj Sandusky, Ohio.
The weather has been most
1 n f n i l
glOriOUS IOl lall WOrK, SUCXl aS
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o oo o l '
and saving all the odds and ends:
of the latter harvest. The farm
ers and others ought to get their
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thing" for yourself, your, wife,
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winter! That is the HouSe
where you can be fitted out for
a "small bit" of money I VVe
have tried itl Cut this out of
the paper and 6how it to your
neighbor. i
"Will & Co., of Zaleski, are
supplying every man, woman,
and child, "for milesiarbund,"
with fine goods at astonishingly
low prices. Go and see.
Eetcrns from all the counties in
the State of Virginia, except two have
been received at the military head
quarters in Richmond. The total voto
polled is 164,198; of this vote 104,209
were lor a convention, and 59,180
against it; the majority for a conveni
tion being 45,109. 89,533 negroes
voted for tho convention, 639 against
it; 13,000 whites voted for and 53,0JJ
Against a convention.
Theso figures show thcro is a white
malority against the convention of 45,
000. But tho negroes controlled the
matter, and old Virginia will "tire"
at last,
Detector. This periodical, which u a regu
lar Baft-guard in P.anks, Counting1 houses
anil Stores, ia issud cn the 1st noil 15th of
each month, and lias become a necessity to
all business men. Sumo fun pcoplo think
that a Deleetor is not of any 4ise now, as we
have nearly all National Bnk currenoy.
This a great mistake, as to-day there are
more counterfeits, and broken bank notes iu
circulation than there ever was; so you see
that Peterson's Detector is actually a greater
necessity to all Buukers, Merohanls and
Storekeepers, and we would advise all our
readers to subscribe to it at onoe.
. Terms of subscription to Petersons' Coun
terfeit Detector, corrected by Drcxel & Co.,
Bankers, is for tho Monthly Issno per an
nun 51,50; semi-monthly per annum $3;
single numbers, 15 cents. To agents, $10 a
hundred net cash. Subscriptions may oom
mence with any month, and are payable in
advance. Address T. 3. Peterson & Bros.
The balance of Volume for 1867 Free!
i your money reaches me, and throuim lfi(i8 for your
money, ana a Gratuity, as you shall select I The
full details of these magnificent oflers will be found
in the Uuml American. IwimtaClubAKOiitintvery
town in the United tjtalen, as my paper is National
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bee;uuion. Th immense suceens of the Will Amerl-
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the Full Buhserintiou 1'rioel Tho Gratuities oon
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Vines, including tlte Conaard, Iho best rape in ex
letcnee: valuable Rasnborries and SlrnwberriKe
the best cultivated, and numerous other thin? ,
among wnicn is tno ivaui.y uunuKiuii I'UTA iu,
that yield on hundred to ono of seed the best
table potato In existence, lor summer or winter, and
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Jl,1ant, !nrsfl Lmpfe(r,it' '" 1G,?-"g0 q"art.,i form; ',"
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Gifts for Christmas . and.New
A Puperb Stock of Fine Gold and Si'.vi'r
Watches, all warranted to run, and thor
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vaiuei i
Wright Bro. & Co., 161 Broadway, New York,
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L'Sc" iltfl
ian f 10 is
once ne seen
that this is
Aro Lottery, but- a ttraightforward legitimate
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. even by the most fastidious I
A single certificate will be sent by mail, post paid,
upon rtceipt of iScents, ( for 81, 11 for H, U and an
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To Agents, or those wishing employment, this is a
rare opportunity. It is a leaitimat!v conducted bus-
SM? ft?. ?
WBIOHT, BRO. k CO., Importers,
42-3m 161 Broadway, New York.
Attorneys cvt Law,
TTTIMi practice in Vinton and Adjoining counties.
it umce on Liogon ntrayt. -
ALL persons are hereby cautioned not to purchase
any one of six Promisory Notes four of them
lor Two Huhdred Uollors eaoh, with interest; one
due October 1st, 1807; one October let, 18HB; one Oc
tober 1st, 1809; one October 1st, 1870: all of which
are dated October 1st, 1806, and drawn in favor of
George 11. Piles and signed by Eli nelson. The oth
er two for One Hundred Dollars each, with interest;
one due October 1st, I860, and having a credit upon
it lor about Twenty Dollars; the other due October
1st, 1870; both of which are dated October 1st, 186f,
and drawn in favor ol George H. Piles and signed by
William Rawlings.
Said Notes having been lost on the 9th day of Oo
tober, 18i,7, near 'rattsvilie, in Vinton county, Ohio
and my interest thereon never having been obtained
- GE01WE 11. PlLEAt
. (Motor 24, 1M7-ST
J. A - MONAHAN, M. D.,
T'HANKFUbfor the liberal patronage received for
the two past years, he would say to those desir
bc hi professional services, that he msv alwnva ho
ound at his Office or residence, on Main blroet, un-
Ml iubvu, un pruierBivnm UUSIUCBB.
February 28, 1807-1;
' Cauoer Oarod.
A Treatise on Defness, Catarrh, Consumption and
C-.incer; th eir causes, means of speedy relief, and
111 ti mate cu re. By a Pu pil ot the Aeadr my of M edi
cine, Paris. Sent to any address for 1) conts.
lettnrhnm Ilobt. MeMurdv. Ii.l)..LL.D.. Grand
I-relate of Grand Encampment ol U. 8., and Editor of
the "Nailonal freemason:"
Nkw Yoiik, Bent. 17, 1807. Dr. Btilwell was In
charge ot Grace Church Hospital, Alexandria, Va.,
during the War. 1 frequently, almost dully, fur
months, visited this Hospitnl, nnd had every means
of Itnowinir his reputation for srnni'Ci and kill.
It was of the must credible character, and liissueeess
in the treatment ol patients was remarkable. l.ost
It fiis into the ear, isnotpeiceptible, removes sing
ing noises -n the head, ana enables dual persons ty
lietir distinellv at chiir h and public assemblies. This
uistiuir.ent will plli n produce results anno.i nm n-;u-lous,
aud indeoc1 in mostcuses of long standing deuj
ness.it will relieve in a short time. It may Lead-
iiiul.lu.),!, iLaunait a nuni tf I H .
1'r. Blitwell w.ll beprolefsionany ai oi r.nm i"n
initon Place, University t!uildins, N. Y., W to 4
exceit Tuesdays, whnnhewill be at his looms lOAi
1'ine street, i n inueipnia, ra.
I HAVE Inst received a lnrje and well selected
stock of Kali and Winter Dry Goods, Notii.ns, c,
hich were pun.-hiised in tho Kutern cities for cash,
undg the decline in prices, hioh 1 will sell as
I have all the latest styles of -
Dress Goods and Plain and
Fancy Goods,
White Oood-i, Laoes, Embroideries,
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A nlce'nnd compl cte assortment of
Boots CJ J313LOOS.
A full line of nil kinds of NOTIONS.
I a ill not be undersold by any liouso in thismnrket.
Oct. 10,1307 j . K. 1. DOLUE.
ALL persons' are herebv warnetl not to trust, em
ploy, or harbor my two sons, Richard Bola' and
Aieninani uoiar. inoje oiieimiug ui;iiiii-.
tice will be prosecuted byinea'-curdnii tolmv.
Allensville, Ohio, October 1807 3w
J. ML3. IB33:8-i!;,
. One Door East Dan, Will 4 Bro'3 Store,
In the Seventh J udicial District
of Ohio, for the Year 18C8.
The State of Ohio,
ir....j... n i.. T
Vinton County.
I GEORGE LAN'I Z. Clerk of the Con it of Common
Piens, within and for said County and H.ate
aluresaid, do hereby cert fy that the followinx order
is truly token and correctly cop ed from the Journal
of said Court, to wit:
ORREKEP, That the Common! Pleas and District
Courts of the scveri'l Counties of thefeventh Ju
dicial ;Distriot of Ohio, for the year.H08.be fixed
as follows:
"Washington, April 9;
Meigs, April 13 ;
Gall in, April 17;
Lawrence, April 20;
Scioto, April 23;
Pike, April 27;
Perry, September 1 ;
Fairfield, September 3;
Hocking, September 7;
Athens, September 10;
Vinton, September 14;
Jackson, Septombor 17. ,
First Subdivision.
Perry, February 11, May 12, Octo
Fairfield, February 18, May 19, Oc
tober 13.
Hocking, March 9, June 8, Novem
ber 2. ' .
Second Subdivision.
Lawrence, February 11, llay 12,
Septomber, J9.
Scioto, March 10, Juno 2, Novem
ber 10.
Vinton, Marck 10, June 16, Novem
ber 17.
Jackson, February 25, May 25, Oc
tober 13.
Pike, Eebruary 4, May 4, Septem
ber 22.
Third Subdivision
Gallia, February 7, May 1, Septem
ber I
Meigs, February 17, May 11, Octo
ber 5.
"Washington, March 2, May 25, Oc
tober 19.
Athens, March 23, June 15, Novem
ber 9.
. JOHN P. PLYLET, Judgeslth
E. A. GUTHRIE, District of
W. W. JOHNSON, J Ohio.
September 18, 1867.
In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto subscribed
my name and affixed the seal of said
lie S. Court, at McArthur, this nth day of Oc
tober, A. D. 1807.
October 31, 1867-4 . j
TO C0NSU Mrl'lV 3,-ReT. Edwahd A. Wiisoa
will send (iree ol charge) to all who desire it, the
ptescription with the directions for p-nkin and us
ing the simple remedy by which he was cured of a
lung aflcction and that dread disease consumption.
Hit only object isti benefit the afflicted and he hopes
every saffererKili try this prescription, asit will cost
lathing, and may prove a blessing. Pleaseaddiesa
No. 1 SouthHecond Street, Williamsburj, N. Ttrk.
Maya, ism -It
tmtilfl without doctor or
neditinet. Sent post
paid on reoeipt of 10
enls. Address
Dr. I. B. FOOTE,
110 Lexington Avenue,
Corner East 28th Street,
New York.
WJIiL practice in the Court of Jackron, Vinton
and other ooiiiitie
January , WIT-tf
$300,000 Presents to Subscriber.
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And also insircs ,to the holdtr a
Tiesent in the Great I'istributioa.
The Washington Library Company
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ganizedin aid of the
Riverside Institute
For Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans
Incorporated by tbe State of N. J.
April 8, 1807.
Situate at Rivorsido, Burlington county, New
Jersey, Is founded for the purpose of grata
itously educating the sons of deceased Sold
tern and Seamen of the United Slates. .
The Board of Trustees consists of the following
well-known citiions of Pennsylvania and New Jersey
lion. William Mann,
l)i8l rio'l Attorney, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon. Lewis R. Broomall,
Ex-Chief Coiner U. S. Mint, and Records
of Deeds, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon. James H. Soovel, New Jersey.
Hon. SV. W. Ware, New Jersey.
Henry llorman, Esq.,
Agent Adams'-Kipress, Philadelphia, P.
J. . Coc, Eq ,
Of Joy, Coe Co., Philadelphia.
Tarnsvar DiPAiTar.KT, WnslunKton, Ti. C, April
18, 1W17. Ollke of Interim I Revenue Having recei?.
cd pntisfactiiry evideneo that the proceeds of Ihe en
terprise conducted by the Washington Library Com
pany Hill be devoted to tlimitat.le uses, pimiimnn
is hereby grunted to said company to conduc' such
enterprise exempt from all climc, whether from
special tax or otner duty. . A. ROLLINS,
The Wiultiiit'ton Library
In order that the benevolent object set forth In flit
cireulnr mny he suecessfi.llyiicccmpli.'lied, hove in-
sued a seres of Kine eteel-piate Engravings, which
are put on subscription at prices nuioh below their
retail value. Certitlcnte of Stoik in the Washington
Library company will be issued, stamped with the
seal ol ti e company, nnd signed by the scurotsry.
None olhcissre genuine.
Any person scnuiug us uoiiut, or pay
ing the Bame to our local Agents, will receive
immediately a fine Sieel 1' Into Engraving, at
choice from the followiug list, and One Cer
tificate of Stock, iusuring One Present in
our published schedule.
06 Vollar Engravings,
No l "My Child! My Childl" N
"They're Saved!" No 3 "Old Seventy-six
or, the Early lnys of the Revolution "
Any person paying Two Dollars will t
ceive either of t lie Steel Plates, at choice, aa
Two Certificates of Stock, thus bicomiug en
titled Two Presenta.
7to hollar Engravings.
No. I ''Washington's Courtnliip." No. 2-"Wsh
Ington'o Last Interview with his Mother." .
Three Vollar Engravings.
Any perron paying 'I hrta Lollnrs will raroiva tt
beautiful steel Vial of "il aie From the Wur," aad
Three certihcataa of stock, becoming entiilsd M
'i hree Presents.
t'sur Dollar Engravings.
Any person paying Four Dollars shall receive
biro and besutilul Hieel Plate nf '''I'll karils ot Our
Forefathers," and Konr certiticatus ot sleek, ealla
tiing theiM to Knur I'resents.
Five Vtllar Engravings.
Any person who pats Five X'ollura shall reaalv
tlie lurgti aim stiiendui steel 1'lalcot "1 ht .laairiaM
of 1'oiaiiontas,'' nnd Five certificates of stock, adit
limn them ts Kivs I'l t-ci.!?.
The engravings and certifieatns will be delivar4
to eui'li subscriber at our Local Annuel, ol seiU
oy mail, vost paid, or express, as may it orUr4.
Wil' nwaad Three Hundred Thousand Dollar
T the Shareholders.
0 Wcduesday, 8;b of Jaouarj DCI
At Philadelphia, Pa.,
Or at the Institute, Riverside, J.
1 Cash Presout $40,00
1 Cash Present 20,000
1 Cash Present 10.000
1 Cash Present 5,000
2 Cash Presents of $2,500 (,001
1 Haudsoaio Country ftesidonof;
Stable, Grounds, Ho., Uermnn
(own, Philitdelpliia 18,00
1 Double Kesidenoe. throe story
brick, Canden N. J. 11,014
1 Coal Depot, Offices, Sheds,
(jisund, with business establish
ed, N 1314 Washington Avenue
Phiadclphia 15,000
1 Country Kesidcnee, Riversido,
N J. with Orouail, Fruits, do. 10,00
1 Thre-itory cottage, lot, to. 6,000
2.1 Valuable building lots, K. verbids, (300
each, C.ROO
1 Kli'iut Turnout family carriags,ipan of
homes. Harness, Ac, complete, ,0M
10 Va uablo Buildii.g Lots, Kircrside, I30C
each a,0t
1 Heiiutiful silver-gray horse, hands
high' sired by the celebrated imported
Arabian Horse, "nalipli;" also, a light
Pond Wagon, weight HQ pounds, with set
of superior smle harness, 1c, making a
first-class establishment, 6,o
20 Pianos, $500 each 10,00
2" Melodians, 121 ea-.h t ton
A Rosewood sewing machines, (200 each Looo
Id Family sewing machines, S100 each l,ooi
60 Fine gold watches, two hundred dollars each 10,0v
loo Oil Paintings, by leading artists -aggre
gate value lt,000
3 Camel's Hair shawls, one thousand dol
lars eanh 3,000
S Camel's hair shawls, three thousand dol
lars each s,0e
3 Handsome Lane shawls, 2SOeach 750
1" Cashmere shawU, titty dollars each . 100
20 silk dress patterns, seventy-five dollan
esch 1,100
60 city building lots, 74 each l,7M
The remainder will consist ot silverware,
Musical Boxes, Optra Glasses, Pocket
Bibles, and different articles ol orna
ment and use, amounting to J'H,M
Total, tJOO.OM
All tho properties given clear of incumbrance. -
IIow to Obtain Shares and Engravings.
Bend orders to us by mail, enclosing from or.l
twenty dullars, either by Post Office orders or in
registered letter, at our risk. Larger .amount
should be sent by draft or express.
10 shares with engravings ' $ 9 (SO
23 shares with engravings 23 50
50 shares with engravings 48 10)
75 shares with engravings 69 00
100 shares with engravings so 0t
Local Agents wanted throughout the Cnl- .
ted States.
The Association have appointed as RU
vers, Messrs. GEORGE A. COOKE .& CO..
whose well know Integrity and business
perienee will be a efficient guaiantse that
the money entrusted to then will be prompt,
ly applied to the purpose stated,
Addres all letters and otdors to
GEO. A. COOKK & CO., Bankers
' 83 South Third Street,
Philadelphia, P.
Receivers for the n asbinglon JLibtim
July 4, m7-6ta

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