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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, November 14, 1867, Image 2

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democratic Enquirer
OFFICE In Dodge' Building, over SwetUmds
Store, corner Main and Locust Street, East
of the Court Home.
For Terms, &o see 4th Pajre.
. . HQVTKBEB 14, 1867,
Has the. hiraest circulation of any pa-
in in Vinton Count il. Advertisers and',
. ... . . 'r. i. -f (I.;.
timers win ptcasemane a nmc vj vu,
Notice to Campaign
We would like to have all our
campaign subscribers renew
their subscriptions for a year,
the terms being only $1,50,
. "We will continue to send the
1 papers to all until we are no
tified to discontinue them.
Every campaign subscriber'
afford to pay the small sum'
of $1,50 a year for his county
paper, -or 75 cents for six
months, or f 1 a year at Post
Offices wher. elubs have been
got up. .
Another Panic!
It is a fact than Dan Will & Bros,
cell more goods than any other House
in this part of the Stato. One of tho
firm is now in the city buying another
stock of Goods making the fifth
' stock they have bought and sold since
tho first of September. Who can say
: tncyaonoi sou more goou u.uu .ujr
other House in this region? And .
they sell lower, too; if they did not,latnre
they could not sell so many lots of
goods out in so short a time. It s of t
course um ir u3 w .tweu.. , -".Democratic
you what they have-you must
anu see, no uinorence wuuuiur
buy anythmg or not. luey never
get anything that is not beautiful or
of the best quality.
Johnson's Snow. A. Johnson's
menagerie Ben Wade, Chief Man
ager; Thad. Stevens, Clown; Henry
Wilson and Charles Sumner, Man-
agcrs; J. V. jorney, easier ui mo
Ring meets in the city of Washing
ton, near the seat of A. Johnson, on
the 21st of November. Owing to the
late and bad season of tho year, the
creat show wilt remain in "winter
; quarters" until tho opening of spring,
when Mr. Wade, the Chief Manager,
will bo discharged from further busi
ness by the Ohio Legislature. The
number of men connected with the
menagerie is as follows:
Sonato Black men, - 42
" White men, 12
House Black men, ' 144
" White men. 49
Whole number of Black men,
' White "
Majority of Black men
White men,
The first business
will bo a
general stirring up of all the unruly
animals, by Mr. A. Johnson; after
which they will mako a last desperate
effort to eat him before he passes out
of the cago.
Great improvement in Pictures;
better pictures than ever taken, and
the best materials used; any kind of
Pictures Photographed or enlarged to
any size, or colored in Oil, India Ink,
Water Colors, Ac; Porcelain Pictures,
Ferrotypes, Ambrotypes, Photographs,
Gems, and every kind of picture made;
Framos and Picture Cord for sale; and
pictures framed to order at C. J. Bil
linerhurst's Gallery. He understands
his business. Call and see him. Eead
his advertisement.
Another Arrival!
The large Dry Goods House
of "Will & Co., at Zaleski, is
now being supplied with the
fifth lot of goods since the first
- of September this assortment
..being sufficient to supply the
great trade in that place. .They
know just what.the people want,
'and when the people see such
nice goods displayed in the store
they cannot, help purchaeing
' It appears from the returns of the
New Jersey election that the .Demo
cratic majority in that State is about
14,000. The Democrats carried ail
the counties but lour. The new State
Senate consists of eleven Democrats
and ten Eepublicans, a Democratic
majority of one. Last year the he
publican majority in the Scnato was
five. The Assembly consists of forty
six Democrats and fourteon Eepubli
cans, a Democratic majority of thirty-
two. Last year tho Eepublicans had
six majority in the Assembly. On
ioint ballot the Democratic majority
J " ' ' "
the Eepnblican majority was eleven.
v.:a i-MiK ia hirtv-thrftn: last
publican majority of 103. Tho Eo
can publican majority on joint Ballot is
The Boston newspapers variously
estimate the Eepublican majority in
Massachusetts from 22,000 to 28,000.
Last year it was over 65,000. The
State Senate consists , of 27 Eepubli
cans and 13 Democrats, a Eepublican
majority of 1-1; and the House of 170
Eepublicans and 67 Domocrats, a Ee
ii. jjusi year me ivepuuncan nuijur-
ities were 40 in tho Senate, 218 in tho
House, and 258 on joint ballot.
The Democratic majority in' the
State will probably be 45,000. With
regard to the State Legislature, the
new State Senate will consist of 19
Eepublicans and 13 Democrats,
lEenublican majority of 6; and the
House of 60 Eepublicans and 68 Dem-
locrats, a Democratic majority of 8.'
This gives 2 Democratic majority on
joint ballot. Last year tho Eepubli
can majorities were 22 in tho Senate,
i36 in the House, and 58 on joint balotl
that every state and county officer
and evMy member of the State Legis.
elected is a Democrat. Ecturns
;fif0m tho dty Qt Baltimoro and four.
u f th gtat . ft
majority of 28,640. Eight
gOcountica remain t0 be heard from.j
In Maryland the Democratic candi-
jdate for Governor has received a ma-
ioritv jrrflflter than that ffiven in the
gtato jn &vor of the adoption of the
Constitution, and it is thought
M the mftjority alread known if)
4,524 greater than that for the Consti
tution at tho election in September.
Tho Democratic majority in this
State will reach nearly 40,000.
Full returns have as yet been re
ceived from but few counties ; but all
received show heavy Democratic gains,
though the State will probably give a
small Eepublican majority. Atchison
county, the home of Senator Pomeroy,
which has heretofore been Eepublican,
gives a decided Democratic majority
1 I 1 111,
Doniphan county has elected three
Eepublican, and two Democratic Eep
resentatives. Leavenworth city and
county give about 300 Democratic
majority. Of nine Eepresentatives,
this county will probably elect seven
Democrats and two Eepublicans. Ne
gro Suffrage and woman's voting were
both defeated by eight or ten thousand
majority. There were no State officers
to be elected. ,
Few additional returns have been
received from Wisconsin. The Demo
crats gain six or eight members of
Assembly and three or four Senators,
but the Eepublicans still retain con
trol of both Houses of the Legisla
ture. . Seventy -five of the largest
towns and cities in the State, including
Milwaukee, show a net Democratic
gain of 1,700 over the vote of 1865'
when there was a Eepublican major
ity ot 10,000. ;
The Eepublican majority of 10,208
last year is reduced to below 4,000.
The meagre returns indicate that
Negro Suffrage in Minnesota has
shared the same fate that awaited it
in other States. ' '
For Fine Perfumery,
Goto Sisson's Drag Store.
It is rumored that Capt. Jones will
riv&np the contest for State Senator.
As it will, no doubt, cost him several
hundred dollars to take evidence in
the various counties, the prospect of
success is so slim that he will undoubt
edly be deterred from making the
effort to counteract the action of Mr.
Onderdonk. Pomeroy Banner.
. We think th Banner ia correct.
We do not like to say very much
about Mr. Jones, as every thing we
say is construed by the Vinton Becord
to mean "personal; ana tne manner
should say but little, now the dead are
sleeping so silently and sweetly in
their little Salt River Graves.
We copy ine uiuumuf; vauv....
a letter received from Philadelphia
business man who visited this town a
few days since:
[For the Democratic Enquirer.
veariwhat, incredible low prices ne is sen-
Ma. Editor: I soldom write for a
newspaper, but as 1 had tho pieasuro,
a few days f go, of visiting your place
on business, and was so much pleased
in Ecneral, and in ono or two instances
especially, that I can not retrain trom
writing a few lines in relation there
to. Tho merchandise uusinetss buohio
111 fL floiirislrinL' condition, but the
great attraction in that line seemed to
bo at J. K. Will's establishment. It
is actually astonishing to witness tne
number of customers at this concern,
mid no wonder when we think at
. . i ii
I. , .1- ii S r.U-,r
in"' gooas cneupur hiu iu uui ungr.
Only think : best Calicos at 12 cents,
and beBt sheetings at 15c16c, and
Other goods in proportion. Thon the
establishment is so completely ar
ranged iu all its parts, and everything
in such perfect system that it is a
pleasure to witness it. nis stock is
very large, but can not last long un
less frequently replenished, if ho sells
all the time as he did the week I re
mained there. Then he has such a
gentlemanly set of clerks; it is a
pleasure to buy of them. There is
G. B. AVill at the head of tho corps,
with his smiling face, good humor,
and ready wit. I know he will give
a bargain and sell any how. lie is
ably sssisted by Messrs. Martin and
Cartlich, two perfect gentlemen.
Take it all together, it is one of the
finest establishments I ever saw in a
country town, and in my travels I
have seen a good many. .
He deserves the patronage of the
people for his energy and enterprise.
November 7, 1867.
No one is killed; neither is any
one hurt. But things in and
about J. A. Felton's large dry
goods establishment begin to
look a little exciting. He is
now in the city taking advan
tage of a decline in the prices of
all kinds of goods and is pur
chasing a very large and fash
ionable stock of goods suitable
for the fall and winter trade in
this market, which wilfbegin to
arrive this week. - It will be the
most complete, the most beauti
ful, and the cheapest assortment
ever opened in this county! All
the very latest styles of plain
and fancy goods, dress patterns,
Balmoral skirts, table linens,
cloths, hoop, skirts, cassimeres,
hosiery, gloves, shawls, muslins,
a complete assortment of notions
in fact, every article any one
may want will be displayed in
his store. Go and examine the
New Styles of Goods at Felton's!
For nishler's Herb BIttrse
- Go Sisson's Drug Store.
TnE Large Cities. For tho first
time for many years, the largo cities
of the United States have gone Dem
ocratic. New York heads the list with her
cool 61,169 majority.
Brooklyn rolls up her 14,100.
Philadelphia, last year Eepublican
by thousands, is now Democratic.
Boston the hot bed of Radicalism
at the late election gave over 1,400
of a decided Democratic majority a
change in a single year of 6,481.
Baltimore counts her Democratic
majority by so many thousands that
Radicalism stands aghast at the sight.
All hail to the great cities of the
republic. '
Next year, the hurricane, whit, ;s
destined to sweep Radicalism 4rnm
the continent, will include the -.oat
CHICS O1 1110 11 cou, ouu joucciil tJjgril
as it has redeemed the stars 0f tbe
East. .
Snow fell in this
XJ universally acknowledged the Model Parlor
Magacine of America; devoted to Original e tones
Poems. Sketches. Architecture and Model Cottases,
Household Matters, Gems ot Thought, Personal and
Literary Gossip including speeial departments on
Fashions,) Instructions on Health, Gymnas
tic .Equestrian jsxeroises, Bleating, Mnsio,
Amusements, eot.; all by th best authors,
and profusely and artistically illustrated
with costly engravings (full siie useful and
reliable Patterns, Embroideries, Jewelry, and
a succession of artlstio novelettes, with other
useful and entertaing literature.
No person of refinement, economical house,
wife, or lady of taste, can afford to do with
out the Model Monthly.
Single copies, SO bents; tack numbers, as
speoimens, 10 cents; either mailed free.
Yearly, $3, with a valuable premium; two
oopies, $5 60; three oopies, $7 130; five copies,
$12, and splendid premiums for olubs at $3
eaoh, with the first premium to eacn sud
soriber. &A new Wheeler t Wilson Sew
ing Mcchine for 20 subscribers at $3 eaoh.
Address. " ,
No. 473 Broadway, New York.
Demoresl'a Monthly and Young America
together, fl, with the premium to each.
O.J. 33illlx3Lgllvixst
TB'NOW making heller p otiire than erer: Mo
L keeps ponied iu ml the latest impoveiuenta in
and nxea none bnt the very bestfof mfltnrmln. He
con Photograph nny kind ot plutufen, enlarge them
to Htiy eiiei auJ color mem in
Oil, India Ink, or Water Colors.
He males
Porcelain Pictures, Ferrotypes, Ambro
types, Photographs, Gems,
nnd nil other kinds that are made In the largest cit
ies; and keeps constantly on haud an nbburtuient of
Picture Cord.
All kinds of
Not. 14, 1807 tf
the best Jurenlle Magniiue. Ever; boy
and girl that sees it says so : all the press
eay so ; and Parents and Teachers confirm it.
Do not fail to secure a eopy. A good Mi-
otosoope, with a Glass Cylinder to confine
living objeoti, or a good two-bladed, pearl
Pocket-Knife, and a' large numbers of other
desirable articles, given as premiums to each
subscriber. Yearly, $1.60. The November
Number commences a new volume.
Published by
473 Broadway, New York.
Try it, Boys and Girls. Specimen oopies,
5 cents, naiUd free.
You Don't Know How Cheap
You can buy Trees, Vines, Plants,
die, until You Mead Wliitlock's
Jlorticultural Advertiser,
Which contams'30 to40 pages ofbest Horticultural
reading; Price SO cents per annum; sneoimen copy
10 cents. "
tfA gents wanted in every Tewn.
1 copy, 1 year, and 1 Concord Grape
Vine $ 50
5 oopies, 1 year, and 20 Varieties of
annual flower seed 2 50
10 copies, 1 year, and 15 Concord and
6 lona Grape Vines 5 00
20 copies, 1 year, and 20 lona Grapes
Vines ' . 10 00
30 copies, 1 ytar, and 30 Roses, Bushes
assorted - . 15 00
40 cepies, 1 year and 40 'assorted Or
namental Shrubs, &o. 20 00
50 copies, 1 year, and 100 Concord
Grape Vines 25 00
60 oopies, 1 year, and 75 lona Grape
' Vines ' 30 00
The above will all be first quality, packed
and delivered to Express free of charge.
First two sent by mail free.
The Horticulturist and The Advertiser, $2,60
37 Park Row, New York City.
Awarded a Gold Medal
October 19, 1S65.
In direct competition with all the leading
, makers in the oountry.
O JEli Gr A. 1ST S
Pelonbet, Pelton ft (&,, Manufacturers,
RESPECTFULLY invite the attention of purchas
er, the trade, and the profession to the follow
ing idstruments of their manufacture:
Pedal Base Organs,
Five sites, Five Octave, oa to'three bonks of keys.
Bank, Rokewood and Walnut Cases.
iSfPrioes $250 to fGOO.f
School Organs,
Twelve styles, one to four sets of Reeds, single
and double Bank, Posewood and Walnut cases.
JQTPrices $130 te ?400.J
Piano style and portable. Twelve varies! es, from
four to six octaves. Single and Double Beed, Rose
wood and Black Walnut cases.
SSTPriees $65 to $2S0.g
Every Instrument Is made by competent work
men, from the best mateual, under our person! su
pervisien, and every modern improvement worthy
ofthe name is introduced'in them. Among these we
would call attention to the TREMOLANTE, which
has been so much admired, and can be found only in
instruments or our own manufacture.
From among the very flattering Testimonials of
eminent rroiessors ana urganieis, we give the fol
lowing extracts:
The pedals I conceive to be unapproachable in their
beautiful smooth quality. W , A. Kino.
It is a grand instrument,' end does credit to the
buildor. H. C, Folkkb, Troy, N. Y.
They are amor. the finest instruments manufac
tured either in this country or abroad. Wx, Ba, J
Mosihthal, Aptomas.
They have given nniversal satisfaction. W. B.
Bawliv, Fondu Lac, Wis.
There is a peculiarly swe t and sympathetic tone,
harmonizes charmingly with t he voice. W. H Cooks.
I am particularly pleased with tha arrangement of
the different registers. W. H Bradbury.
Ho other Instrument as nearly approaches the organ-
(The Chorister.
This instrument has a cieor superiority over any
thing yet introduced among us.-. (Independent, N.V.
The tones and the action
are excellent. Hev. B,
Leaviit. Hudson. N. Y.
The moie we use it the better we like it.-
IJ. B.
HagueHudson, T 1.
The two Bank Organ Harmonium is really a gem.
J. W. Hennicut, Beston, Mass.
We have found them eitnellent in all points costitu-
tlng a good instrument.- (J. C. took, T. J. Cook.
It looks and sounds sp!endidly:--rs. B. axton,Troy.
, "The most perfect toned Meiodeon I ever saw.' -Guy
F. North. .
"They fall bock on sueh substantial merits as Su
periority ot workmenship, beauty of tone and rea
sonableness ot price, nd we ;must say .that In all
their respects thevare well worthy of praise."- Mu
sical Pioneer, August '65. ...
Every Instrument is fully warranted, aid
Boxed and Shipped in New York, City with
out charge.
Circulars, Cuts and Price Lists, etc1, sent
on application to ''
841 Broadway, New York,
Or to anp ef our Agents in the cities of the
Union. 42-ly
Is Chartered by the State of Pennsylvania,
and Organised in aid of th
Riverside Institute
For Educating Gratuitously SoUliert' and Sail
on' Orphans.
Incorporated by the State of N. J.
Aprii 8, 1807.
The Washington Library Company
By virtue of their charter, and in accoidunce with
ila provisions, will distribute
Threo Hundred Thousand Dollars
To the Shareholders
On Wedaesday, 8th of January nasi,
At Philadelphia, Pa.,
Ot at the Institute, Riverside, W. J.
1 Present worth $40,000
1 Present wovth 20,000
1 Present worth IU..O00
1 Present worth 0,000
2 Presents worth $2,500 each 6,000
1 Present valued at 18,000
2 Presents valued s t $11,600 eaoh 30,800
1 Present valued at 10, goo
4 Presents valued at $5,000 each 20,000
2 Presents valued at $3,000 each 6,000
3 Presents valued at 1,000 each 8,000
20 Presents va'ued at 600 eaoh 10,000
10 Presents valued at 300 each 3,000
3 Presents valued at 2.10 each 750
21 Presents valued at 225 each 4,900
55 Presents valued at 200 encii 11,000
50 Presents valued at $75 each 8,750
110 Presents valued at $100 each 11,000
20 Presents valued at $75 each 1,500
14 Presents valued at $50 eauli COO
The retraining Presents cousin's of ar
ticles of use and value appertaining
to the diffusion of Literature and the
fine arts $82,00
Each certificate of stock is nocoin)uniod with a
Worth Mors at Retail than tie Cst
Aud also insures to the holder a
Present in the Great Distribution.
Subscription One Dollar.
Any person sending us One Dollar, or pay
Id el lie same to our local Agents, will reoeive
immediately a fine 8teel Plate Engraving, at
choice from the following list, and Uue Cer.
tifioate of Stock, insuring One Present in
our published schedule.
One Dollar Engravings.
No 1 "My Child! My Child!" No 3
"They're Saved!" No 3 "Old Seventy-six j
or, the Early Days or the ttevoiution.
Any person paying Two Dollars will re
ceive either of the Steel Plutes, at choice, and
Two Certificates of Stock, thus becoming ea
titled Two Presents. .
Two Dollar Eniravings.
No. I "Washington's Court.vhi." No. 2-"Waea
ingtou'a J.ant Interview with his Mother."
Three Dollar Engravings.
Any person piiying Three I'ollara will raceive Hie
heautifiil steel Vint of "Home From the War," Mi
Three rvrtitieatea of stock, becoming eutiikd lo
Three renews.
Four Dollar Engravings.
Any person pnyinir Four Dollars shall receive the
large anil bvautilul steel Plata of "Th fti'il9 ot Our
Forelailmia, and rour certificates ot atusk, auti
tling theia to Four J're.sentii.
Fit Dollar Engravings.
Anv person who navs Five Dollars shall reoelva
the large and splendid steel Plate of "The Marriage
nt Pocuhontas," and Fire certilleutes of stock, nu
lling mem to rive rreaei.is.
The engravings and certificates will be delivered
to each subscriber at our Local Agencies, 01 iut
by man, post paiu, or express, as niay o ordered
Iloit to Obtain Shares and Engravings.
Send orders to us by mail, enclosing from ore to
tweniy acinars, eitner by rnstuince orders or in 1
registered letter, at our risk. Larger amnunte
should be sent by draft or express.
10 shares with engravings $ 9 SO
25 shares with engravings 23' 50
60 shares with engravings 46 60
76 shares with engravings 69 00
100 b ha res with engravings SO 00
Local Agents wauled throughout Ike Uni
ted States.
Situate at Riverside, Burlington county, New
Jersey, is founded for the purpose of gratu
itously educating the sons of deceased Sold
iers and Seamen of the United States.
The Board of Trustees consists of the following
well-known citizens of Pennsylvania and New Jcrsy
Hon. William Mann,
Distriot Attorney, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon- Lewis R. Broomall,
Ex-Chief Coiner U. S. Mint, and Recorder
of Deeds, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon. James M. Scovel, New Jersey.
Hon. W. W. Ware, New Jersey.
Henry Gorman, Esq., .
Agent Adams' Express, Philadelphia, Pa.
E. Coe, Esq.,
Of Joy, Coe & Co., Philadelphia.
Tbsartjrv Depastmint, Washington, D. C, April
1807. Office of Internal Revenue: Having receiv
ed satisfactory evidence that the proceeds ofthe en
terprise conducted by the Washington Library Com
pany will be devoted 10 cnarita:ne uses, permission
hereby granted to said company to conduct such
enterprise exempt from all oharge, whether from
special tax or other duty. . A. ROLLINS,
The Association have appointed as Recei
vers, Messrs. GEORGE A. COOKE & CO.,
whose well know integrity and business ex
perience will be a efficient guarantee that
the money entrusted to them will be prompt
ly applied to the purpose stated.
PniLADiLFiiiA, Pa., May !s 186T.
To the Officers and Members of the Washington Li
brary Company, N. 8. KEAD, Becretary:
Gentlement: On reoript Jof your favor of
the 15th Inst., notifying us (of our appoint
ment as Receivers for yonr Conpany, we
took the liberty to submit jft copy of your
Cearter, with a plan of your enterprise to
eminent legal authority, and having receiv
ed his favorable opinion in regard to its le
gality, and sympathising with the benevo
lent object of your Association, vis : the edu
cation and maintenance of the orphan chil
dren of our soldiers and sailors of the Riv
erside Institute, we have concluded to so
oept the trast, and to use our best efforts to
promote so worthy an object.
Respectfully, Years,
Address all letters and 01 ders to .
GEO. A. COOKE & CO., Bankers, -83
South Third Street,
, ' Philadelphia, P.
Receivers for the Washington Library Co,
July , 1867-em
McARTHlW. o.
TIIfAVB just received n lurtfe ami well mV ' !
XT"tock of Fall and Winter Dry tinoils, Notii I:-. & ,
which weremirehnocdin the Bi-t-tern cities f re Ii,
duridg the decline in prices, which I will Sell 1.1
I have nil thelatest styles of
Dress Goods anl Plain r.ml
Fancy Goods,
White Good1), Laces, Embroideries,
Table Linens, Towelins, Shawls,
Balmoral Skirls, Hoop Skirts, Hosiery,
Gloves, Muslins, &o. &o,
A nice nnd compl e te assortment of ,
Boots c&3 Shoes.
A full line of nil kinds of NOTIONS.
I will riot he undersold by any House in this'marlct.
Oct. 10, 18U71y E. D. DODGE.
ALL persons are hereby warned not to trustem
ploy, or harbormy two sons, Uichnrd Dolur ami'
Aruhihald Bolar. Tluwe oltcndinjt against tliis.no
tice will, be prosecuted by me nociinling to law.
Allensville, Ohio, October II, 18H7 .In
One Boor East San. Will Oro's Store,
NL ortb,ur.03ilo.
In the Seventh Judicial District
of Ohio, for the Year 1808.
The State of Ohio, j
" Vinton County, j
I GEORGE LAN I i!, Clerk of tho Cou i t of Common
Pleas, within and for said County andH jtlo
aforesaid, do hereby certify that the IVill o inn order
Is truly taken and or
of said Court, to wit!
is truly taken and correctly cop ed from the Journal
ORDERED, That tho Common Pleas and District
Courts of (he sever? I Counties of the Poveuth Ju
dicial, District of Ohio, for the ycur.lSUS, be fiicd
AS fellows:
Washington, April 9;
Meigs, April VA;
Gallia, April 17;
Lawreneo, April 20;
Scioto, April 2'i;
Pike, -April 27;
Pony, September 1;
Fairfield, September 3;
Hocking. September 7;
AtheiiH, September 10;
Vinton, September 14;
Jackson, September" 17.
'iV Subdivision.
Perry, February 11, May 12, Oeto
lor 6.
Fairfield, February 18, May 10, Oc
tober 13.
Hocking, March 9, Juno S, Novem
ber 2.
Second Subdivision.
Lawrence, February 11, May
September, zv.
r 1 .. . ' V '
Scioto, March 10, Juno 2, Novem
ber 10.
Vinton, March 10, June 16, Novem
ber 17.
Jackson, February 25, May 25, Oc
tober 13.
Pike, Eebruary 4, May 4, Septem
ber 22.
Third Subdivition.
Gallia, February 7, May 1, Septem
ber 25.
Meigs, February 17, May 11, Octo
ber 5.
Washington, March 2, May 25, Oc
tober 19, . ;
Athens, March 23, Juno 15, Novem
ber 9.
. . m . a.m. '
Judges Tth
District of
oppiernoer.irj, toti
In Testimony Whereof, 1 have hereunto subscriherl
my inline anil affixed the seal of said
L. B. Court, at MeArthur, this 2Blh day of Oo-tutii-r,
A. D. I8117.
Octber 31, 1867-4W
Gifts for Christmas acd New
A Superb Stock of Fine Gold nnd Sil ver
Watches, all warranted to run, and thor
oughly Regulated, at the low prioe of $10
Each, and eatisfactiou Guaranteed.
100 Solid Gold Huu'g Watches $2.10 to $1,000
100 MagioCased Gold watches, 200 to
100 Ladies Watches, enameled, 100 to
200 Gold Hun'g Chron'er W'hee,250 lo
200 Gold Hunting ling. Levers, 200 to
300 Gold do Duplex Watchee, 150 to
300 Gold do Am'can Wat'hee, 100 to
500 Silver Hunting Levers, CO to
600 Silver Hunting Duplexes, 75 to
600 Gold Ladies Watoheg 60 to
000 Gold Hunting Lepinei ' 60 to
1.000 Miscellaneous Sil'r Wat'hs 50 tat
2,500 Hunting Silver Watohes 25 to
6.000 Assorted Wa'hes, all kinds 10 to
The above stnok will be disposed of on the Popu.
Ur Ono-l'rice Finn, giving every patron a fine Gold
or So lid Silver Watch for Siu, without rrgard to
Wright Bro. & Co., 161 Broadway, Nev Yorlr,
wish to immediately dispose of the. nbuvo
magnificent Stock. Certificates, naming tkv arti
cle, are placed in scaled envelopes, and well hi soil
Holder are entitled to the articles named (ii their
certificates upon payment of Ten Dollars, vrWlier.
lie a Watch worth $1,000 or one worthier;, TI10
return of any of our certificates entitles you tk the
artiel.ee named unoii the pnymont, irresnectilc ,,f
its worth, and as no article valued loss, than f 11 1.1
mimed on any certificate, it will at once no Wt n
thutthw is j 1
No Lottery, but a straightforward, legitimate,
transaction, which may be participated in
even by the most fastidious I
A single certificate will be sent by mail, post pni.l.
upon rtueipt of ii cents, 5 for tl, if for ti, :U anil au'
elegant premium for $ i, ou and more vuluahlo pre
mium for ltd, and IW and m,ost superb watch fortl'i.'
To Agenf, or those wishing employment, this is a
rare opportunity. It Is a legitimately conducted bus
iness, duly authorised by the Government, end opca
to the most careful scrutiny. Try ubI
WRIGHT, BRO. .j- CO., Importers, '
42-3m 101 Enadway, Areu York

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