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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, November 21, 1867, Image 2

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Democratic Enquirer
" i.w.iowcw,Drroiiri),o
OFFICE In Dodge1 1 Building, over Swetbtn&i
Stort, corner Main and Loeutt Street Eatt
of the Court Honte.
it.- tlUMDAT,
91, 1867.
Has the largest circulation of any pa
per in Vinton County. Atievrtisers and
others Kill please make a note of this.
rTHANKSOlvlNa.-The Governor of
Ohio has appointed Thursday, the 28th
-iuBt.,M a day of Thanksgiving and
Prayer to Gon.
SknarTaiTCohtest. Depositions
were taken on Wednesday last, at the
Court, House in this city, in the con
test of Henry M. Onderdonk against
' Homer C. Jones for the offico of Sen
ator in this District. About 25 Ne
groes were examined, all of whom
swore positively that they voted the
Radical ticket, and for Mr. Jones. It
Beem3 to us that Mr. Onderdonk is
main a clear case, and we think he
will, beyond a doubt, secure his seat
in the Senate. The taking of deposi
iirlimimed to this (Friday)
mM-nincr when another batch of illegal
votes will be disposed ot.Gallipolis
Dispatch, November o.
.We think it "beats the Jews" about
"25 Negroes swearing they voted for
Jones." Twenty-five niggers! "Them
colored troops fought bravely 1" did'nt
they? "My stars!" "them colored
troops" must have felt grand when
thev voted for Jones! Twenty-five
"on 'em" , examined all J'swore
bravely that they voted for Jones !
Twenty -five nigger votes for Jones !-
Well, let the good work be 'fought
It is now settled that the New York
'Assembly stands Democrats, seven
ty-three; Republicans, fifty-fivo. Sen7
... ate Fifteen Democrats; sixteen no
i publicans;, one Independent. v,o ; ,
Yes, " wheni will wonders
rfififi?" "What is the use of
. bo much excitement? "We do
i;i-o fr dm evorvhnA v run th
. see U-leavmg their business!-
even if something; very funny.
1 does happen in Mc Arthur I Be
cause a young nnd newly mar
rtarl pnnnl. who have been liv-
; ing on love and "moonlight
alone," since the tying of, the
fatal knot, happen to visit our
- mina otner people s . uusiness
ond get up a. little excitement
:! ahout it, and then all rush into J.
r . i i
K. Will's Mammoth Dry
Goods Establishment, in search
of the loying couple,, and there
' only find the numerous! Clerks
all engaged in giving away the
' present stock pi goods just to
- make room for' more, and the
"Father of Southern Ohio Mer
chants" not in, but in the city
-purchasing, at "panio prices,"
another great and attractive lot
of goods the fourth stock soid
. . r-v
: uui mm tiivna AWAt isiuue vu-
couple there, we come to; the
conclusion that ,, something
should, be done when people get
so much excited! , If the, people
all think J. K. "Will sells and
gives away flic . best and most
.. beautiful goods in this market,
we can't help it! ' "
-.f.T- 1 !
Eiairrn- Senatorul DtsTBtcT. It
is worthy "of note that while1 General
Hayes', majority in this District is 105,
that of Mr. Homer C, Jones fbr Sena-
"tor, 'is but 10. Upon a sorutiny of
the vote we find that Mr. Jones runs
:. behind the BadicaL . State ticket In
i very, county v while ,'Mjri Onderdonk,
? his competitor, 'runs ahead of the
Democratio State ticket in Lawrenco
and Meigs, and - falls but three short
j.xn CJallia and J intpn,, ,lad the negro
votes been refused, ft they should
i'have been, by the judges of the eloc
ution, Mr,-,Ondordonk' majority would
havebeen about. 200. We have no
; doubt' the Senate' will decide,' upon
ihe contest, that Mr. O.' ijr teirsJlv
fleeted. OaHipolls Dispatch.
fRT.ANi Smith. Master it
raneportatioa on the Marietta & Cin
cinnati Railroad, has resigned that
poBition and Capt' W, W, Peabody,
Pay Master on the road, has Men ap
pointed to fill . the Tacancy. NYe ty;
iove that is a most excellent selection.
Capt. Peabody is a gentleman in
every senso of the word; and is, in
every respect, competent to fill the
important position. lie will prove
himself to be the right man in the
right place. lie thoroughly under
stands how to transact business to the
entire satisfaction of everybody.' '.'
James B. Scott, Esq., who has, if
we are hot mistaken, been Agent for
the Railroad Company, at" Chillicothe,
for soveral years, has been "appointed
Pay Master on the Railroad in place
of Cant. Peabodt;' This Is another
cood selection. We are slightly ac
quainted with Mr. Scott just enough
to know that a more kind hearted ana
accommodating official never filled
any position on any Railway. This
is saying a great deal; but we became
convinced of the fact on the evening
of the 11th of January last, at Chilli
cothe, when we were removing the
offico from which this paper is issued,
from "Waverly, via Chillicothe, toMc-
Arthur. The Company should always
keep him in their employ no one can
find fault1 with such a noble hearted
Mr. Scott now takes charge of the
Pay Train, which makes its monthly
trips over th is end of the road, and which
is so well known as. the "Peabody
Train." " The Peabody Train," which
has caused "the poor laborers along
this end of the line to feel happy, wil
hereafter be in charge of Mr. Scott
when it thunders over this end of the
road loaded with "Greenbacks." ' We
suppose its name will be changed to
"The Scott Train." 1 "' ' " !
During the fourth week of October,
18C7, the M. & C. R. Ri earned the fol
lowing amounts: Passengers, $16,-
509; Freight, 830,655; Mail, Express,
and Telegraph, $1,800. Total, W9,
054. The ; earnings ' for the corres
ponding week of last year, were ?39,
568, showing an increase' this year
. . . . ;
The earnings for four weeks in Oc
tober, were 8142,823; for the four
weeks of October, 1866, they wero but
$111,440 a gain' of 831,383 this year.
Chillicothe Gasette.
. ' ., , , .
Anothbe Railroad meeting has been
held, at Gallipolis for .the purpose ofi
taking stops towards the building of
bnnn Unsici from thfl Marietta. &
Cincinnati. Eailroad at Hamden,
this county, to Gallipolis, and Pome -
roy,. of which we spoke three weeks
ago. ihe meeting was auaressea
"W. P. Cutlkr, President of the M. &
- ';
q j JJ , - '
,Ttnf p.iram nw-'RATrr' Awe
, , , , , j . .
vnue in z-aiesKi last J? naayjPie
rtiffht, we Visited the Dry Goods
i- w'! ; ' -i
liouse OI v ill vo.5j ana
found they were just receiving
- "i. i rt ' j'
another new stock of troods
mafeinff the fifth stock they Have
received ! since September 1st.
Aaron Will, One 'of the finri, a
buyer of good judgment,' and
who understands the ! wants ' ofi
every body, had sent ' the well
assorted and carefully selected
lot of Goods of the most desir
able styles for the fall and win
ter trad? from the city - which he
had purchased pop CASH during
the decline in prices, Every
thinj? looked nice I ! The shelves
were full, pile aiter pile JaVup-
on the counter, and box after
box scattered about on the floor !
The House wai crowded. yrith
men, women? and children all
looking at and buying the new
things, all well pleased, with
every thing and astonished at
the low prices ! "We can assure
the public that that "is the only
place in the town for good bar
gains! ; Go and see and you
will find that we are correet ;
' ; ,! A' Nicis Thing." The groat,' rich,'
tyrannjeai, 1 And cod -fish-aristocracy
ZaIeskICo;, of .which 'LordVIlESEL
ti.nk is Managing Director, are, very
anxious to donate a lot, situated some-
" . . . 77 .l Un
where in the I3riasft rroviuv-, w. (
purpose of having a Brewery, erected
upon it. X , Brewery-eh? ; Shame
on you, Hsskltwx! ; Do you thi?k
your Province is more in need f a
Bi'owery than School Houso? Do
you. want those ohildrcn you and your
"Chief Piff Driver" caused to do ar
rested fbr throwing a few pigs out of
the British Pound, and all the other
children in the place, to complete their
education at an infernal Brewery in
stead of a School ILwe? Say? We
want to know! Every lather ana
mother in the British Province want
to know! No School House !-but a
Brewervf A Brewery for children to
finioh tJinii nducation! We wonder
where the lot ' Is' "situated that this
English aristocrat wants to give away
to iomebody for the purpose of having
brewery erected thereon, so tbe
children can be betief educated than
in a School House? Is it one of the
91 lots upon which the Company pay
no taxes eh? If it is ono of the 91
it will be a cheap", lot! ; Nice ' pres.
. J. f M
ent!' Exemnt from taxation! Nice
thing to be rich and exempt from ta$
. .
fttinnf The British love nice things!
bate School Hougo taxes! "
Om Fridav evening wo naid the
. . CT . ,
neighboring town of : Zaleski a visit.
and stopped at the Lindsley House,
kept by Mr, D. Dcncaji. ; , This Hotel,
which has, become so popular under
the supervision of the gentlemanly
Proprietor, who has thoroughly refit
ted, and more conveniently arranged
the House, now affords just as good
accommodation as can be had in any
Tart of the State. The table is
always supplied with all good eatables.
The establishment, in all its depart
ments, is neat,' cloan and inviting.
Located as it is in the most central
part of the town and near the Bail-
road Depot makes it convenient for
busiqoss men and all others who may
have occasion to visit the town.
The Zaleski Echo of last week said
nothing about the ono-sided- taxation
matter? of the Independent School
District. The Echo man informed us
a day or two ago that the Zaleski Co.
had "backed down," and that th tax
ation question was dead- . The 91 lots!
which the Co. manage to owi and
U. j. s :t i. -
trade in without paying ' taxes there
on, are probably "dead," too. What
a fine thing it is for English aristocrats
td sneak out of paying their share of
the taxes 1
old-fashioned metal roust have glad
a Idened the bondholdorg' hoarts. They
in!we,ro there m troops, and went toff
oyirency, Dondholders. get goia. . They
get more, they get protection without
IX A! J 1 ' 1 . ii 1 1 Jl
keep thinking and then act. - It
greenbacks are good enough for the
' people, unless ' bondholders are not
,TnE telegraph reports that tho trea
sury department commenced Friday,
.i .i, a. ..ii i. it .
itne isi insi., 10 pay out, goia wins
nTnomit of twentv millions interest on
the 5-20 bonds. The chink ot this
, Thcse thing8 awaken farenection..
."While creonbacks are the legal cur-
utxauoD, anu wniie ine Brave Boiuicre
receive iiieir pay in greenuucKs, uie
merchant, mechanic, and laborer are
content to receive them in payment
'of debts and wages. It is, well that
! reflection is suggested. Let the peo-
people, we know no reason why they
should ask a more valuable currency.
I Lot us have the same kind of currency
for evervbodv: if 1(, ; U9 u
'gold; if greenbacks, pay us : all; in
green oacK.s.' opnngjieia in.) aiaie
Ocr Senator. As it is conceded
by the leading ' Radicals that Mr.
Jones can not possibly . hold his seat
as oenator against tho contest of Mr.
Onderdonk, some of them are looking
around for a new dodge tO" Bave their
. ... . . . - O ; -
candidate. Tbe latest -we hear of is
an effort to get Mr. Jones to resign,
and have the Governor, who is a Rad
ical, order a new election iWe would
simply ask what Mr." Jones has to re
sign? lie is not legally elected and
therefore he can not resign the office,
for into that he is not, and' never will
be installed. ? He may resign his cer
tificate of election by ,wav of a fiver.
in .which case we opine Mr. Onder
donk will walk into the Senate with
out debate. The' resigning'' dodge
-wuu I, wvrx unucr me. circumstances.
We can assure theBe Radical centle
men, that if, by any hocus pocus, they
can get np another election, they will
i -t a !i'i. -rr -1 Y . ....
o jell Jixe me A.UKenny cats, with
only a little of their claws and tails
to mark the spot , whore they made
iuo iigut. yautpuue jjigpaicn.
J Thi Republicans i have ' sixty -two
members of the Wisconsin Assembly,
and the Democrats thirty-eight. - ,Tbe
Repnblican majority on the State tick-
cti about' 5,000.' f (. ;
1 ,m
. j..;,,- , . .
( , "Hope is an anchor to the loul." '
Aftd such ahope as Is obtained by those
afflicted with premature hardness, or any dls
eaee of the ecalp, Sn the pnrchsge of a bot
tle of Bsrrett'i Hair Jteateretive, can never
be taVen from you soli by all druggiifi.
Trunv ..kinir holler ncturei thn erpr: He
X keeps pottei in all the latest inipovement
and ne none bnt the Terjr bent 'of mflterlala. He
can Photograph any kind ol picturaa, enlarge them
to any ana coior ineui m
Oil, India Ink, or Water Colors.
1 ' Hemakea 1
Porcelain Pictures, Ferrotypes, Ambro-
' types, Photographs, Gems, !
and all other kinds (hat are made In the largo cit
ies; and keeps constantly on hand an Assortment of
Frames, - , i
Pictures, '. !
Picture Cord,
V- ' -ABB -;i ......
.'. ..; . ,AU kinds of . ... ,
Not. 14, 1867-tf ' .
tbe beat JuTenlle Magaxlne. Eery boy
and tirl that sees fteaysso: all tbe press
lay eo; and. Parents and Teachers confirm it.
Do not fail to secure a nopy. A good Mi
otoscope, with a Glass Cylinder to oorfine
linng objeoti, or a good tvo bladed. pearl
Pooket-Knife, and a large numbers of other
desirable articles, given as premiums to eaoh
subscriber. Yearly, $1-50. The November
Nunber oommenoes a new volume.
Publisbed by ' l!
473 Broadway, New York.
Try it, Boys and Girls. Specimen copies,
5 oents, mailed free.
You Don't Know How Cheap
. You can buy Trees, Vines, Plants,
&c, until You Read Wdtlock's -
Horticultural Advertiser,
Which contal 30 to 40 pagan of best HnrHctittnral
reading. Price tOcents per annum: epeaimeo copy
10 cents. '
ggyAgenta wanted in every Town.
1 copy, I year, and 1 Concord Orape
Vine I CO
5 copies, 1 year, end 20 Varieties of
. . annual lower seed - : i 2 SO
10 copies, 1 year, and 15 Concord and .
6 lona Urape Vines "6 00
20 copies, 1 year, and 20 lona Grapes
. .Vines 10 00
30 copies, 1 year, anil 30 Roses, Bashes
assorted :. ) : ' 15 00
40 eepies, 1 year and 40 assorted Or- .
nmental Shrubs, ko. 20 00
50 copies, 1 year, and 100 Concord
Grape Vines 25 00
60 copies, 1 year, and 71 lona Grape
Vines ' 30
Tbe above will all be first quality, packed
aud delivered to Express free of charge.
First two sent by mail free.
The Ilortieulluritt and Th Adverluer, $2,60
, u. It. WHITLUUK,
37 Park Bow, New fork City.
Awarded a Gold Medal -
AMEEICAN institute parib,
( , October 19, 1865.
In direct' competition with all the leading
makers in tbe country.
Peloubtrt, Feltoa k Oo Manaotnren, .
RESPECTKULLY Invite the Rttentlsof purchas
ers, the trnde. iDdtbe profeenion to the follow
iuy iublnimenui of their manufacture:
Pedal Ea&e Organs,'
FWeoiws, FlveOetaVe, ODe tn'three banks of keys.
Bank, Rosewood and WalnuCaBe.
ISJ-Prioes $250 to $600.
: ' School Organs,
Twelve styles, one to four seta of Heeds, tingle
and douiue book, osewooa ana nio , cnaea.
, , Prices $130 to $400.f
Piano style and portable. Twelve Varleti ea, from
four to six octaves. 8
le and UouUe Keed, Rose
wood aod Disc wain
iSTPrioes f65 to 2S0,
Every Instrument Is made by competent work.
men, from the best material, nnder our persoal su
nnrl ai fir enJ aa mnHorn Im nrnrpmnt m vex K
pervision, and every modern Improvement worthy
ortne name is nitroaucea in inrm. - Among inese we
would call attention to the TREMOLANTE, which
has been se much admired, and can be found only In
Instruments of our own manufacture.
Krora among the very flattering Testimonials of
f miuenc rroessoro anu yrgiuii s, we give ine ioi.
lowing extracts: ' . . '
The pedals ! conceive to be unapproachable In their
beautiful smooth quality. Wm. A. Kiso.
It is a grand Instrument, end does credit to the
buildor. H. C. Folkke, Troy, N. T.
-They are amor.g the finest instruments fmandKc
tured either in this country or abroad W. Brau, J
Hosikthal, Aptomaa. .
They have given nniveraai , satisfaction, W. B.
Hawlit, FoBduLacWis..' 1 '
There is a peculiarly sweet and sympathetic tone,
harmanisea charmingly with the Voice. W. H Cooai.
' I am particularly pleased with the arrangement of
thediflerent registers. VY.H Bradbnry. ' '. .
ro otner inairnmeni as nearly appreacbes Ihe or
gan-T)e Chorister.
This tnstrnmenv nas a dear superiority over any
thing yet introduced among us. Independent, N.V.
Tbe tones and the action are exoelleok IKev. 8.
LeaviU, Hudson, H. T.
The moiewe use It the better we, like jt.IJ. B,
Hague, Hudson, V. T. ' i '
' The two Bank Organ Harmonium Is really a gem,
J. W. Hennieut, Beaton, Mass.
. We twve losnd thewi exbeilent in all points oostltu.
ting a good instruments- U. C. Cook. T. J. Cook. ;
Jt loocs and seuads splendidly;.!!. B. 'oxtou,Troy.
"The most perteet toned, Meiodeon Lever saw.' -
Guy F. ivertln ,!, .i-i :- i-.'i- ;;.(.... .
t-They foil back on such substantial merite as su
periority ot workmenship, beauty of tooe and rea
sonableness ol price, ;and we must say that in all
their respeow inev are wen wormy oi praise. '- Mu
ileal Pioneer, August '65. , ,
-HA i . : ! i -- It
.'Every Instrument la fully warranted, and
Boxed and Shipped in New York City with
out oharge. . '
Circulars, Cute and Price Lists, ete-, seht
b appuosticn to i r;-- ' ,11. iV't .ti
841 BroadwayJ New York,
Or to anp of cur A gents In the cities of the
Union. ' - 4a-ly
II Cbsrtereil by tbo State of PeunsyWanla,
' , ! aid Organlied In 1( of tbf . : i
'Kire'raias Institute
For Educating Gratuitously Soldier? and Boil
ori Orphans
. Incorporated tt the Blole of S. 3,...
April 8, 1807,
The Washington Library Company
; virtue of their charter, and in accoi dance will)
. i its provisions, will distribute
Three Hundred Thousand Dollars
' r '; ' ! . ' . ' ; ' ' : ' 1
.To the ' Shareholders.
Oo Wedsesday, 8ih of January 1 next,
I'M;'' . , ! j ' i .!.'
At Philadelphia, Pn-,
Or at the Imtitule, Eivertide, tf. J.
1 Present worth . 5 40.0C0
1 Present worth ' 20,000
1 Present worth 10-.000
1 Present worth 5,000
2 Presents worth $3,600 eaoh 6,0(
yl Present valued at 18.000
2 Presents valued it $11,000 eaoh 3,noo
1 Present valued at 10,000
i 4 Presents valued at $5,000 each 20,000
2 Present valued at $3,000 each 6,OOo
3 Presents valued at 1.000 eaoh 8,000
20 Presents va ued at 500 eaoh 10,000
10 Presents valued at 300 each 3,000
. 3 Presents valued at 230 eaoh ; , . - 750
2 Present! valued at 225 each . 4.5nu
55 Presents valued at 'JOOecch 11,000
60 Presents valued at$75eoh 8,760
110 Present! valued at $100 oh 11,000
2d Presents valued at $75 eaoh 1,000
Present! valued at $30 eaoh ' 600
The regaining-Presents consists of ar
tides of nse and value .appertaining
' to the diffusion of Literature and tho
fine art! . : : $82,000
' $300,000
Each cortifli-ntonf atouk n acooniianied with a
Worth Mora , at Retail (ban the Cost of
; v Certificate,
AuJ uluo insures to the lioldtr a
.Present in the Great Distribution.
Subscription On6 Dollar.
Anv Derson scmlinc us One Dollar, or pay
inir ihe same to our local Agents, will receive
(immediately .a floe Sieel Plate Eugravin(r, at
choice from the following lint, and One Cer.
Hificfiteof Stock, inauriog One Present in
our published schedule.
One Hollar Enqravingt.
No 1 "My Child! My Child!" No 2
"They 'r Saved!" Ko 8 "Old Seventy-sizj
or, the Early Uaya of the Revolution
Any person paying Two DoUan will re
ceive either of the Steel Plates, at choice, and
Two Certificates of Stock, thus becoming en
titled Two Preeente.
Two Dollar En(rav'ng.
No.l-"Wncliin(;ton' Courtship." Nnv2-"Wafcb-lugtou'a
t Interview with his .Mother."
Three Dollar Engraving),
Anv person ryln 'llirte liollnrs will receive the
hnnuiiliil sipvI I'lnla of 'Home From the War," anil
Three i.ertilicittea of stock, bucuming entitled to
Three ITeaonts.
Four Dollar Engravinge. " '
Any person paying Fonr Dollars ahnll receive Ihe
lnrce and beautiful nieel Plate of "The Hrila ot Our
Kurefathera," and Four certificates ol atuck, euti
tling tlicm to Four Presents. '
. Five Dollar Etigratingt.
Any neroon who purs Five Dollars ahall receive
rue large anu ppieiiiiiii steei nuie ui "i nt .niwmiMc
of Pooanontus," and Five oertitlcatca of ttk, ami-
Uinjjthemto J-ivePrcser.ie.
The engravings and certifiantea will bo delivered
to each aubioriber nt our l.ocul AKnimies, 01 sent
by mail, post paid, or express, a may be ordnrcd.
How to Obtain Shares and Engravtnge.
Fend orders to us by mail, enclosing from or e to
twenty dollars, either by Post Office orders or in i
registered letter, at our risk. Larger amount!
should be sent by draft or express.
10 shares with engravings $9 50
25 shares with engraving! 23 60
60 sharea with engravings . '. 46 50
75 shares with engravings . 69 00
100 shares with engraving! 90 00
Local Agent! wanted throughout the Uni
ted States. . ,
Situate at Riverelde, Burlington county, New
Jersey, Is founded for the purpose of gratu
itously eduoating the Ions of deceased Sold
iers and Seamen of tbe United States.
The Board of Trustees nonsists of the following
well-known citirciis of Pennsylvania and Kew Jersey:
Hon. .William Mann,
i District Attorney, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon. Lewia R. Broomall, ' , '
Ex-Chief Coiner U. S. Mint, and Recorder
of Deeds, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon. Jamre M. 8oovel, New Jersey.
Hon. ft. W. Ware, New Jersey. ,
Henry Gorman, Esq.,
Agent Adams' Express, Philadelphia. Pa.
J. E. Coe, Esq., - .....
Of Joy, Coe & Co., Philadelphia.
Tbissckt Demethkut, Washington, P. C, April
18, 18ii7.-Office of Internal Revenue; Having receiv
ed satisfactory vidence thnt the proceed. i of Ihe en
terprise conducted by the Washington Library Com
Danv will be devoted to charitable nses. permission
is hereby granted to said company to conduct such
enterprise exempt irom an ennrge, wnemer irom
special tax or other duty. E. A. ROLLINS,
.- I A -7 U-t-t, vi.
- The Association have appointed as Recei
vers, Messrs. OEOEGE A. COOKE & CO.,
whose well know integrity and business ex
perience will be. sffioient guarantee that
the money entruited to them will be prompt
ly applied to (he purpose itated. j J : )
Philadelphia, Pa., May 1807.
To the Officer and Members of the Washington Li
brary Company, N. S. KEAL,8eeretry:
' Gentlement: On reoeipt 'of your favor of
tbe 5th inet, notifying us (of our appoint
ment ai Receivers for your Conpany,'we
took the liberty to submit (a copy . of your
Cearter, ttb apian of your enterprise to
eminent legal authority, and 'having receiv
ed hia favorable opinion in regard to its le
gality, and sympathizing with ( the benevo
lent objeot of yoar Association, vis : the edu
oallon and maintenance ef the orphan ehiK
dren of onr soldiers and sailors of, the Riv
erside Initjtu'e, we have oonoluded to ac
cept the trust, and to nse our best effort! to
promote 10 worthy an object. " "",'".';,'
, .' Reepeetfully, Vonre, '
, ;': . r GEO. A.COOKE & CO.
, Address all letters and orders to ' ' f.i
! " - GEO. A.OOKK & CO., Bankers, J '
'-"- --J 83 South Third Street, -J :
! ' Philadelphia, Ts, .
Receiver! for the Waehingteu Library Co.!
Jaly 4, lecr.eis
Ihe balanoo of Volume (for 16 t ne I
This UitilT popular r-tti-inor; and Frail Grower V
Paper la published atVti. n, N. Y., on the 1st and
iXof U month, at 1.W a year, and every sub
briber receives a Gratuity, worth In sorny ca-ea,
Ihe Full aubscriptloH Pr.el The Gratuitiei i con
sist of one Bled Plate Kuafavinjjsi choice Grope,
Vines, in'iludinx the Concord, the best urape In ex-l.tem-ei
trtliiaW Kaapberriea and Straw berrlse
ih best 'ltivnted, and numeroua other thinrt,
amoil ihich la the EARLY GOODRICH POTATO,
that Yield one hundred to one of seed-the besi
mlile iiotnto tn existence, lor aummer or winter, and
" . . '. . a ntwknue nrthMA Potatoes
Is setil lree and p M paid to all subscribers who
request It, thai i ifure to produce httshel, ot
more. orth tft, as thev sold l.iat sfting. All
flmitillieH are cent Ire of charge for transportation
nyot fff.titif) dollnrs woftn ol Vines, Ac, were they
enl ont tn ll'-" and 1t dll of which Rave ureal satis
fnaiotl. The Kilfal 4irt-ricnii is the best Tactical
nnper dr Farmers and Ffuit Giowers in the United
Stales, and the ehcapesi. bend lof a sample Copy
which is sent free, and see lor voure;tcs what an
elenaut, Inrge prtpef It is, in 10 page quarto form, tor
bind at the end of the year. II yon remit one do!--lar
and fifty tents for it fcr 1868, yoti will receive the
balance ol Ihe volume lor 1807, tree fiofn the timer
yolir mone -'reaehc! me. and through 1808 for your
money, anc a Gratuity, as you shall se ectl InO
full detail of these magnificent oilers will he found
in the Rural American. I want a Club Agent in every
town in the United Ktntes, as my paper is iviuumu
in it ch i acter, and circulates in every State in the
Union. The immense success of the Rural Ameri
can, having tno lnrpest circuiniiun m any ,.y. ...
this country that i5itlel to be called a Practical Ag
ricultural and iiorticultural yubheation, enables me
lo give to Club Agents more for their services than
is ottered by any other publisher! The premium list
in magnificent, embracing Concord and oi hot Hrapo
Vines, by the Hundred and Thousand, down too
single vine; vaummti mumim, r.. . ,, "
cases, extra touble Gold Plated, worth !i6 dollars,
or only 4o subscribrrs, thatcan be obtained in two or
three days; also the celebrated Koper, Fonr Shoot.
ing HepeHtingsnotiiiin, mans oi4 i"r ui,rj
and many other valuable thinf , thnt may be found
year old old Concord Grape Vines for sale, at one-halt
Til nriCCS IIIUV Utllf r mo rHina ..tn.j ,
roil Addrens " I'. U. Ml.NUU, Clinton, Oneida Co.,
N Y.," my editunul otUoe and vineyards are loca
ted there.
$12 Gold and Silver Watches $12
400 Gold Himt'g Cane Lever WrtolioatlWito 175eoa
iino (ioWHuiit'K Case Lepene Watches 7fito Ifto "
aiiOGold HlateiiSilvorCases 60to 1UO "
mio Hoi id silver Cane Lever Watchss 36 to 7 "
ikhi Solid silver Case Lepene Watches 26 to 7 "
SOt.'ti'ld Composiio Hunt'gCaewatches20to 60 "
All the above splendid wntches will he sold for
9Vi ew h. We have adopted the following plan:
Certiticatea describing each watch and its value, are
prepared and placed in sealed envelopes, and the
hol'ler will be entitled to the Wrttuh it chIIa for, up
on payment of the tl2. This la not n lo'tery, but a
bona fide sale. 1'rouure a certificate, and as thr
are no blanks, everyone must get awnteh at half tli
usual price at least, ami iniiiiy will gctjft splendid
Hold Watch for the trilling sum ot$U. Certificale
scntby ini'll tonnvn Idn-i-s forSUcent each Kive
will be sent for SJj'rIIU'cn for 5 thirty-five for $10.
Agents wanted; send for circular. Addross,
ll-6m 36 Bookman St., New York.
Sheriffs Sale.
State of Ohio, Vinton Qonnty.
Lee Mai fin, Plaintiff, Iu Court of Common
against - Pleas. Order of
Orrln B. tloiiM et.. al., llol'ta J Snle.
IS rC'UiiUANCE of an order of snle in the abovo
e.iuse to me directed Irom the court of common
plena in and for iho county of Vinton, and Slate of
Ohio, and bearing dale of September tlth, A. P. 18U7,
I will otlor for sale at public auction, nt the door of
the Court Houso, in the Town of McArtliur, id said
county, on .
MONDAY, tho 23d day of Decem
ber. A. D. 1867,
the hour of 1 o'clock v. h of said day, the following
lands nnd tenements, to-wit:
"KitiiHte in the county of Vinton nnd State ol Ohio,
being a part of the South east Quarter of Section
Nineteen (19,) Township 'I en (10,) Hange Seventeen
(17, benimiing at a stono in the south boiindry line
of said Qiifmer Hcction; them e w est w ith the said,
line lrt.70 chains to the east bonndry of the Depot
Grounds of Ihe .Marielln & Cincinnati Ruilmnd Com
pany; thence North-easterly with the line of mid De
pot Grounds II Mi'hnins; t hence East 2.78olainto
a stone; thence North 4-1J chains lo a stonr ; thencu
East 1U.2 chains to a Mone;thence Houth 7.S8 chaiue
to the place of beniuinng ceiilniing leu ucrvs more
The same to be sold subject to the dower estate
f lluby T. Martin and M iruaret M. Gouhl.
Appraised at five hiunlic.I dollars and must bring
two-thirds of that suiu.
Terms otSale eorh in hand at the time of sale,
Klierill Viulou Cotiuty, O.
H. . Bwndv. AH'y for Pl'tf.
Noyetnlieril, I8.7 f.w-ia
TO 00NSUMPTIVES,-Ker. Ei.kbii A. Wilson
will send (lice of uiisrge) to all who desire it, tho
piescription with the directions for - aliiiin and is
ing the simple remedy by which he wss cured of a
lung nttection and that dread disease consumption.
II ii only object is to benefit the atllictrd and he hope
every saflVrerwill try this prescription, as it will cost
nothing, and mav prove a blessing. Please addles!
Vo. 1S South Second Street, Williamsburg, N. York.
Mut t, 18ii7 -If
eatily without doctor or
nroVcitiu. Sent post
paid on receipt of 10
eente. Address
Dr. E. 13. FOOTE,
110 Lexington Avenue,
Coruer East 28th Street,
New York.
SECKET8 FOR THE MILLION. A most valuable
and wonderful publication. A woik of 400 pngee
and 30 colored engravings, lir. Hunter's V'ado Me
eum, on original and popular treatise on Min and
Woman, their Physology, Functiona, nr.d troubles ol
every kind, with never foiling remedies for their
speedy cure. ,
The practice of Dr. Hunter has 'ong been and still
is, unbounded, but at the earliest solicitation ol nu
merous persons, he has been induced to extend-his
medical usefulness through ths medium ofliis "Vade
Mecum." One copy, securely enveloped, will bo forwarded
free of postage lo any part of the Untied Mates fi n.
SO cunts in P. O. stamps. Address, post paid, Dr.
Hunter, No. 3 Division street, New York.
Ang'ist IU. Itb7 y
Tvvent 7. Melodic , Exercises
') ' ' tn MM or .-
,;. IHtCHMD AS ,.
Stuiiei to acquire : the 'Art of Singing.
These exercises were' composed (o be ned si
multaneously with his system, "The Art .of hinging,"
or with anv other method for the cultivation ol the
voice, and will take place of Cowooxa'a Poiicogiob;
being moie melodious end better adapted f.riench
ing. fjome of these exercises are speciully In nutilul
as well as useful, a mingling of dulce at lit which
secures Ihe interest as well as the ImpruvciNunt ot
the student. The various styles developed in these '
exercises render them invaluable in an ."liicational
point of view, as they tend to enlarge the'; intelli
gence and the appreciation, and at the van e .time
form the taste of the pnpil. Thev m. Ikv t'ldicd.
carefully with reference to the iunumer it ti.ui ks of
expression and ornamentntion. Upon t: r ' tninute
accuracy with which these are see ..lisln d de
pends tlie actual sterling advancement M.m- pupil;
any evasion or slurring in these respci'i- Vine ana
eflort ultetly wasted, winle, on the orn r hand, a
closo and patiaut investigation, ad open I., tne stu
dent the means and resources by whs-la "itist
produoe their moat biiUjent aal pn.iuuu.llvuts..
WATSoa's AatJoonAi . ' 1 -
' In Twe TolQtncA. k
Price, eaoh, in Boards, Retail, .. . ,53 Oft
do do in Cloth, Retail, .!,' ft 0
A Sample copy set by Mall, i.si-.psid, ( a
- resoipt of Wholesale Pric. I
Publiahod'by .WM., HA1-L.t SON,
Ks. 643 Broadway, Nt w l ..!. ,
Publishers and Dealers in Wu ! J 'uu-
lacluiere of Flutos, Fifes, l '.t v.is, Ao.
Bend for catalogue of prlcts.
Jo-n 20, lWT-6m , '. ' i' . '

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