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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, November 28, 1867, Image 2

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lUui.tUC.raii cjU uqu ire r
, . -
OFFICE In Dodge' i Building, owr Swetland
Slort, torntr Main and Lpcuit Street, ait
of the Court ' Hontt.
Has the largest circulation of any pa
per in Vinton County. Adevrtisersand
ethers will please make a note of this.
" "Congress" The Hmno First.
A few tyrannical plunderers met ii
Washington on Thursday, the 21st.
and '"organized" what ihey cull "Con
gress." -' The first business transacted in that
part of the "Congress" they call "the
Senate" related to the nigger the poor
African! Charles Suniur, one of the
Senators from Massaehnsotts, and
who, if we are not mistaken, is a white
man, arose looking as grave and
bold as though no elections had been
held recently and actually hud the
impudence to ask the unanimous con
sent to introduco a bill for the further
security of equal rights in the District
of Columbia; stating that the bill was
an exact copy of a bill passed at the
last session, and that it became nec
essary to pass it again. "We supposo
lie is alarmed since tho peoplo ot tho
States of Ohio, Minnesota, and Kan
sas lave defeated Negro Suffrage at
tho ballot-box. r
The bill Mr. Sumner refered too is
as follows:
Be it Enacted, etc., That the word
white, wherever it occurs in laws re
lating to the District of Columbia, or
in the charter of the ordinance of the
City of Washington and Georgetown,
ana oneraie as a iimtiauon on sutu
cities; to hold any office or to be se
lected and to servo as iurors, be and
the same is hereby repealed; and it
shall be unlawful for any person or
officer to enforce or attempt to enforce
earn limitation alter the passage ot
this bill.
That word "white" troubles the
Suraners a great deal. They are de
termined to continue tho howling
about it.
. The next business attended to rela
ted to the bond holders, who are grow
ing rich and paying no taxes. Geo.
F. Edmonds, another Radical Senator,
from Vermont, who feels alarmed
about the bondholders since he has
heard the result of the late elections,
f Produced a resolution to add one
third to the National Debt of tho Un
ited States, by declaring that, except
in cases where the law expressly pro
vides that it shall be paid in paper,
which in no case it does, it shall be
paid in gold.
Where the law says tho bonds shall
be paid in gold, in gold they should;
be paid: but to legislate that they
shall not be paid in legal tender, the
currency in which they were pur
chased and in - which it was under
stood they should, be paid, and that
they shull be liquidated in coin, is the
baldest attempt at swindling on re
cord. ' '
The aristocratic tyrants ought to,
know that tho people are already to6 i
tax-ridden to allow such an outrage;
l a .i i :
but the wishes of the people are not
respected in the least by this so-called j
Congress the late elections to the
contrary notwithstanding. These
Senators who vote for the resolution
. , . , . , . .
will reap a whirlwind of popular in- be
dignation, and even tho bondholders,
the end, may rcalizo that'repen-
tence -which comes too late. '
, , ,.m. . . ;
A TERRIBLE accident . OC-
v -I- 'i;TY
CUrred on the Cincinnati, Ham-
ilton- & Dayton U. K. last a
1 hursciay morning, aoout o
o'clock, half a mile from Lock-
lnnrl "Station, nnfl twolvft and a
half-miles from Cincinnati,
Five passengers were killed,
and thirteen . injured. Four of
the killed . were sisters, viz:
Rachel, Hannah, Sallie and
Mary Morgan. They resided
in'tyew Orleans, and were on
tnpir. way io juouLsvLue. inc
fitlli was Mr. Jackson, of Bos
ton, who lost his life while en
deavoring to save that of Rachel
Morgan,. Six passenger coaches
were burned.
OlOtUiVQ Qft'be bough' ft' very ,'pw
flgurea 'j ry HicbmiD's. ', lie ir
sel lgiio sui foremen ."and boys
as oUsbi"gy Jpyr ries. Go add eeo
WfbT,io.tr,Bpwbyr.j; .' .
State Convention.-The members
of the Democratic Stat Central Com
mittee will meet next Wednesday, at
Columbus, for the purpose of fixing
thetime of holding tho next State
Convention, as will be seen by rear
ing to the notica ot tha Chairman,
Hon. John G. Thompson, in this pa
per. We are in favor ot boldingtho Con
vention on the 8th of January next,
and we hope tho Committee will de
cide to hold it on that day. Let us
have a long campaign one like the
campaign that commenced January
8th, 18G7, and closed October 8th, 18C7.
That was a glorious campaign and
long will it be remembered by tho ar
istratic tyrants who made a last des
perate effort to force African suffrage
upon the peoplo of Ohio. Let us go
right into battle again I The 8th of
January is the time to load the guns
and prepare ammunition! A thor
ough organisation and much hard
work will give the Democracy of Ohio
a majority of 10,000 for Secretary of
State and 25,000 for President next
Tho Milwaukee News of the 15th
says pedestrianism is becoming all tho
rage out West, and records tho follow
ing feat :
"Some two weeks since a bet of $100
a side was made between Hesse Hassel
and Alfred Wilcox, both of Portage
City, Wisconsin, that the formerwould
walk from Portage City to Milwaukee
in twenty-tour consecutive hours.-
Wednesday evening last, at 4 o'clock
in tho afternoon, llassel started on the
trip. His friend, Mr. Gorden, and
Wilcox, with whom he had the wager,
accompanied him in a buggy. The
route taken was tho ordinary wagon
road which runs parallel to tho rail
road. Hassel ate supper at Fox Lake
junction and arrived atHoricon a lit-
tie after eleven o'clock at niirht. where
he rested an hour. lie then took up
tne lino of march for Milwaukee:
breakfasted at Woodland; dined at
GreenviHe, and arrived at Milwaukee
twenty minutes past threo o'clock, in
1 1 ! i ! f . I
goou conuuion, winning ins wager
easily ana having lorty minutes to
spare. Ine distance between Por
tage City and Milwaukee is nincty-
nve mues Dy rauroaa, ana must ex
ceed one hundred by actual measure
ment ot the wagon road. It must be
set down as tho most extraordinary
day's walk on record in the West.
Nearly all that Congress has sine
ioM has been needless violent, unstates
v nianukt we might almost say, fanati-
ca7 .
What did the Democratic editors
and stumpers tell the people pending
tne electionsin 1866? They told them
that they should elect the Radical
candidates to Congress there would
a good deal 0f inconsiderate and
even dangerous legislation in Con
in The People Would Not Heed. -The
New York Evening Post, a leading
organ of the Radical party in that
State, sees the hand-writing on the
wall and thus sounds the note of
"It cannot be denied that there has
been much inconsiderate and even
dangerous legislation in Congress during
tne past two years, lliere has been a
good deal more inoonsideruto and dan
gerous talk. There are still threats
made by men who ought to know bet
ter, which are nothing less than rev
olutionary, and of these things the
people are getting weary.
Thev tell
their representatives in Congress that
instead ot listeningto their enthusiasts,
to their extreme men, to their Snm
nrrs, their Stevenses, and their But
lers, it would be better to the dictates
of good sense, to the strict require
ments of constitutional law, and to
men of moderation and statesmanship.
As for reconstruction, it is not in so
hopeful a condition now' as it was a
year ago, wiion the constitutional
amendment articleXIV was passed.
gress," and that "reconstruction"
would be retarded instead of promo-
ted. Now, we have the testimony in
above confirmatory of what the
Democrats predicted would resultand
this voluntary testimony comes from
leading journalist in the Eepubliean
ponder it) nnd t0 turn a doaf 'ear tQ
the same Radical politicians who shall
n the -.ensuing contest undertake to
beguile them again into the supportof
the Republican candidates. Ohio
Statesman. .
The telegraph announces that Chief
Justice Chase has taken to the study
of the finances of the country, and
that he has progressed sufficiently far
to discover that specie payments are
not far off. The Eepubliean leaders
are getting considerably "tore up" on
the financial situation.
II. C. Jones attempted to take a
deposition in the contest case lastFri
lay, but did not speculate. The wit
ness swore" that he voted the Demo
ratio 'ticket and for II. M. Ondeb
oonk, and that he was 21 years of age.
T'ines is satisfied, no doubt. . He ought
sell out to somebody who can take
depoiitiona. ,
Ama all their rejoicing over the
success of .Negro Suffrage in Minneso
ta, it seems that the manhoods are out
in the cold Manhood Suffrage being
beaten by 2,000 majority in the State.
The Negro Suffrage Governor is eloc-
ted by 4,000.
We have been credibly informed
that the Federal Government paid
llockinc, Hunter & Dougherty J15,-
000.00 for their services in defending
David Tod in the prosecution and civil
suit instituted in tho case ot the ar
rest of Hon. Edson B. Olds. It would
from this appear that David Tod,
when ho directed the violent and un
constitutional arrest of Mr. Olds, was
acting the part of a' spy and informer
to the Federal Government, instead
of acting tho part of the Governor of
Ohio, to which position he had been
.elected by the people of the Stato.
Ohio Statesman.
Another Railko ad Abvse Smashed.
A Mr. Cook, of Putnam county,
J u S i t o 7
against tho Rock Island Railroad
a passenger train without a ticket.
The conductor demanded fifteon conts
extra fare, which he refused to pay,
on the ground that ho endeavored to
.i . i.-. ..
rmicmtauu uuKui, .uwore entering uio
Cars, DUttne tlCICCt Office was notopen.
"ITrt ... Mr . 1 . i :
no "uo iiiicrcujjuu jum on uiu mini.
A suit followed, and tho abovo verdict
is the result. We trust the lesson will
be a salutary one. There are several
other railroad "abuses" which should
be rooted out, tho "ladies car" abuse
beingone of them.-
-Peoria Transcript.
Just So A calm hliip-eved solf
JUS! OU. A taim, UlUeejeU, SClI
possessed young lady, in a certain
neighborhood, received a long call the
other day from a prying old spinster,
who, after prolonging her stay beyond
her own conception of the main ques
tion that brought her thither, said:
"I've been asked agood many times
if you are engaged to Mr.
Now, if folks inquire again whether
you are or not, what shall I tell 'cm I
"Tell them," answered the young
lady, fixing her calm blue eyes in un
blushing steadiness upon the inquisi
tive tentures ot her interrogator, "tell
them that you think you don't know.
aim mat. you are sure it is. none or
1 iL.l .. .
your business."
TIllS Was a Sharp, but deserved re-
bake, lor the inquisitive w aitress.
We'll wager a pretly that the young
lady who administered this rebuko
will make a good wife.
Great Decline!
Everything is on the decline!
you do not believe it, just so
J " O
inio 0. it. wills iry uooas
Establishment aild examine
Goods and ask the pricesl You
will be astonished! He has
lUSt DOUCrht another CTCat aSOrt-
x c 11 1 i ? ,
meni OI ail KintlS, broililt 011
since the great decline! ue
selling Ladies' Furs the
most beautiful we ever saw far
below old prices; and he is sel-
ling cveryihing else far below
whnt it.
..v . w wwwjjUfc IW1
"We learn that Peter Long & Son
and Cephas Wignet, of Athens county,
purchased, a few days ago, 82,000
worth of Cashmere Goats of tho Ohio
Cfimnanv. at t,h liAarlnimrtm-a i,CV;,i
r j , ,o i , m-
county, ine lioat business is
beginnine to urofit the Comnnnv. T
Davis,' a member of the ComnanvJ
hnwnH M o rrnT, o l,.f .-C.
" - "vij iiuo Minpa ui njo
nl 4t,A aIIiam A..n : . l. v i
"vvi iuc vivuci uajr nii;u imu OWu
clipped from a Goat only fourteen
months old. I
months old. Ileseot ihe WOOl 10 a finn
The Democratic Almanac for
W have aw in l'ress thia popular Pal
cal Con prndium for 1868. It will cont
heiides the usual ma ter of all Al.nanaca,
full and official Kelurns of all the Kleetlona
for thia year, compared ith previoui onea,
the most important Acta of Congrssa, Presi
dent Johnson's Veto Melanges and Proola
nation, Lists of Federal and Slate Officer;,
Members of Congress, Statistical and other
information indispensable to every politician,
plantar, farmer, merchant or mechanic
, On account of the lateness in making
up the official election Keiurns, thia Alma
nac cannot ba issued until on or about tbe
1st of January, herce it ia desirable to hav
an cruei a in as eariA as possioie, to as to
knoa how large an addition to print, that
an may oe supplied promptly. All order
will be filled according to tha date of their
reception.' The cash must acorn etny all
dingle Copies, by mail, prepaid
Seven Copies, by mail, prepaid,
Fifteen Copies, by mail, prepaid,
One Hundred Copies, by express,
it cents
$ 1 00
2 00
' u ou
No. 162 Nassau Street, New York.
Wanted A.n industrious man with
a small family to work on a farm.
For particulars inqaira at this office, i
i'P'Im calendered paper, and
pbUBhed WfceUlv.
A BepoaitOTy of Fahion, PlMmr, tod lutrastioB."
The Publishers will oommenC, on Nevem
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Fashion and Home Literature. TbeiV airn
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Arrangements have been made,' at an Im
mense cost, with the most celebrated of the
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is, to furnish the rame to them in advance,'
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win oe
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''A CompleU Pittorial History of the Times t
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V T ' 1 .
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Family Paper in the Union.'
wawpinr'S WEEKLY
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Critical Noikte qf the Prett.
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The Model N. w-paper o(
r.n.n. ' Vaner-llarwr'a wekl l.aa
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n' f eiviliaa'ion." A'ew York
lie, "a j iir-,
Fvrnitw 1'ott
" "
Our future hiKioriaas will enrii h Itiein
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11a 1 eat if it class in America, J
Travel er. ' : '" ' . "
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The articles upon publio queilioag which
wtek from a remarkable series of brief polit-
K; J:ZVt
e"u. bv i-Jndence ar.dhr.adth of
conviction, high prinoiple, and strong feel-
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X urj m 1 it 111 utt v'm
newspaper of the tiine.-AiWA American Be
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Volume XI. readv Januarv 1st, 18ii8.
o.J siihHrii.tintia sent fnrm Hritish North Ameri
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fill cents
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11' t. I 1 1 4 - I !
lllll" IICSIIjI ' A IliSa
T OFFER 'or sale a few
pair of Thoroujrh Brod
pure blood, not akin.
A Chester Pigs, wsrrnn ed pure blood, not akin.
trie, ner l.s.r. Iwn ntnnlhs u'.il. 81A0II
Price, per pair, three monihs old, , 2(1 OO
Peri-onB want ng the best breeilof Hoirsin the Ilni-
ifu riaiet piiuuiu autii.-no ninr ijiucih iu iiiv hi
nnll,r..,l.c. I ill id1ia.u thei will DIMI uritk nmintit
OaltinoliPi Ohio, where thei will meet with
attention. O. N. l'AL
Novetntr 28, l67-3nv
!kewv- i mmu.
Twenty Melodic . Exercists,
:, SOPaRO VtilCES, . . ; ,
Studiee, to acquire the Art of Smin. '
Theso exercises were composed to be used sl-
multbiieously with his system, "1 lie ' ri ot singina,"
or with any other method for the cnllivution ol flic
voice, and will take plHce of Cosconi's Houiooios;
being moiemelodious snd hetter adsjited foneaeh
ing. tome of these exercises are specially beautilul
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the student. The various styles developed in these
exercises render them invaluable in sn educational
point of view, as they tend , he enlnrge the Intelli
gence and, the appreciation, and at tne snme time
r,,rm ihe titi.tB ol the mioil. Thev must be studied
earefully wilh reference to the! innumershle marks of
expression sna nrnHiiieoiNbioii. . upuu ni; iniuuiv
accuracy with which these are accomplished de
pends theaclnnl st.rling advancement of the pupil;
any evasion or slurring in these respects a t me and
eflort o'tai ly wa-rted, while, on the other hand, a
rlosa and pstient investigation, ami open to tne stu
dent the inesns and resources by which grest nrtioU
produce their m el brillisnt sad profound effects.
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Publishers and Dealers in Music and Manu
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Bend for catalogue of pricea. " ' ' '
O. T- 13111l21i5l3Ltxrjst
18 NOW making better picture's thart ever1. He
keeps pouted in all the lalttst impovemenU in
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Nov. 14, 186T If
the benl Juvenile Mtigmiiie Every boy
and tirl that sets it says ;' all the press
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m.k . n the cou iry.
s -,-
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wood ami II tKii aliiut c.,
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V.vttrv Tnafrnmerit in maile hv inmnr.tAntwnrlr.
men, froni the best muten.'il, tinder nor persoul su
pervision, nnd everv modern Improvement worthy
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would call a :teut ion to the 'I KEMOliANTE, whieh
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from uinoog the very
(Uttering Testimonials of,
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'owng exiracis:
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They are among the finest instruments manulac-
tured eiiher in this country or abroad. W. far.su. J
mui'KTiiAi., Apionins.
'I'l.oii . Ii.va iUAn i
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Haw rr, Kondit lisc, Wis.
There is a peculiarly sweet nnu sympnthetie tone,
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No oilier instrun ent aa neurly appreaches the or
gan.lThe tJhorister.
This instrument has a ciear superiority over any
thing yet introduced among us.-- Independent N.y.
The tones and the action are exoellent.-Kev. S.
Lesviit, Hudson. K. Y. "
The mote we use it the better we like it.
IJ. B.
Hngiic, Hudson, N. Y.
The two Hs ilk Organ
Hs nk Organ Harmonium is really a gem.
Heniiicut, bestou, Mnss.
We tisvelound them exhellent In all noints costltu
ting a good instrument. J. (.',. Cook, T. J. Cook.
It Inoksand sounds splendidly., f , 11. -Bltoii.Trny.
"The most pertect toned Meiodeon 1 ever saw.'
Guy F. North.
-They full hack on such suhstsntial merits as su
periority ol workmenship, beauty of tone and, rea
sonableness ol price, and we must sny thst in nil
their respects thev are well worthy of praise."- I Ma I
sical Viouoer, August 'as. , , ' . , '
Every Instrument is fully wa'rantad, and
Boxed and Shipped in New York City with,
out charge , . - , , . r
. .Circulars,' Cuts and Prioa Lists, etc, sent
on application to
: . : PELOUBET, TELTON 4 C0. -
' 841 Broadway. New York,
Or to anp of our Agents in the cities ot the
Union. ' 42 ly
AFTER sn absence of two yearsi oilers hia pro
torsional services to the citizens of Allensville
and surrounding country. I
March M, 1807-11". ,
i ; JACKSON C. U,r OHIO, f;"
WILL practice In the Courts ot ITaekaonj Viitca
and other connHae o. ', .. .
, AnreaMftt, latT-af , . , i . -'n.
Is Chartered by the State of Pennsylvania,
and Organised in ale of the
Riverside' Institute)
For Educating Qratuitoxuly Soldier' and Sofa
ore' Orphani.
Incorporated by the State of N. J,
April 8, 1807.
The Washington Library Compaay
By virtue of their charter, and in arroidanee with
its proriniona, will dutwibute
Three Hundred Thousand Dollar
To the Shareholder
Oq WedaaBdaj, 8th of January' next,
At Philadelphia, In,
Or at the Intitule, Eiveriid, jf. J,
1 Preasnt worth f40,OCf
1 Present worth 20,00
1 Preaent worth 10.00
1 Present worth 5,000
2 Pres. nts worth $2,600 eaob B,0(i
1 Preatnt Valued ut 18.000.
2 Presents valued at $11,000 each SO.i 00
' 1 Hreesut voluul at - 10 000
4 Presents valued at $5 000 each 20,000
2 I'rrsenta valued al $3 000 each 6,0U0
8 PreentH valued at 1 0U0 each 8,000
20 I'rej-ents va ued at 500 each 10 000
10 P. events valued at SllQ tacb 3,000 ,
3 ProHttnts valued at 230 tacb 750 '
29 Pitaeuia valued al 225 each ' 4 609
5S Presents valued at i'00ech .000
60 Presents valued al $75 enoh 8J60
110 Pie-ents valued at $100 each lljoOO
20 Pi esems valued at S7o each 1,500
la Prcceiits valued al $00 e.toli B0v
The reiiaiiiing Presents coimiiig of ar
ticles of use and value appertaining (
to the diffusion of Literature and the
Cue ails . $82 0t0
Each certifiontrnratock 11 accompanied nh a
li A II 11 FUL fciT K KL -1 LA'I C
Worth Mora at lletail than the Cut a?
Certificate, ,
Aid nlko inai'res to the holder a
Present in the Great Diatributioa.
Subscription One Dollar.
Any person sendintr 111 One Dollar, or pay
ing th" sain.' In our local Agent. Will receiva
""''. np "we engravinr, al
choice from the following list, and On Cer
tificate of Stock, insuring Una Present ia
our published schedule . '
One Hollar Engravings - '
No 1 "My Childl My Child'l" N ?
"They're Savedl" No 3-"Old Seventy-au;
or, the Burly l)aya of the Revolution "
' Any person paying Two Dollar will ra
ceive either of the Nteel Plates, at choice, an!
Two Certificates of Stook, thus beooming aa
titled Two Presents. ' - .
Two Dollar Enravingi.
No. I ''Washington's foitruhip." No. 3-"Wask
ington's I.ust Interview with his .Mother."
Three Dollar Fagravingt.
Anvperfon 'three liollara will rereiva tka
ciesiHiiui sreei 1 011 01 "Home rromthe. wr."nd
Three eeitiricitea of stock, becoming entitled t
i Jiren xi ekt'iiih.
any person paying Four Dolliirs shall reeriva vha
l?r'e.'".ld hcautilul steel flateof -The Jr.rila 01 Our
tling thcia lo Four I'resents.
Five Dollar Kngravinge.
Any person who pavs Five Hollsrs shall reeelva
the largo and snlemliil steel Plate of "The Mai nan
of PooiilionhiS," and Five certificates of stock, uN
tuiiK inein i rive rreser.i.
The ensrsvini: snd certificates will he dslivareit
to esch subscriher at our Local Agencies, oi seat
oy mail, post paid, or exprens, as may be ordered.
J7ou to Obtain Shares and Engratingi.
Send orders to us by mail, enclosing from ore t
twenty dollars, either by Post Office orders or ins
registered iettet, at our risk. Larger amount!
should he sent hy draft or eipres. ' .
10 sharj with enjriavings . $ t 50
25 shares with engravings 23 59
50 shares with engraving) . 4S 11
75 shares with engravings 69 00
100 shares with engravings 90 SO
Local Agonts wanted throughout tha U ai
led States.
Situate at Riverside, Burlington county, New
Jersey, is founded for the purpose of eratu.
itously educating the sons of deceased Sold
lcrg an j Seamen of the United States. '
The Hoard of Trustees consists of the following
well-knowocititciisol'1'ennsYlYsniaand New Jersayi
Hon. Willi urn Mann, '
Distriot Attorney, Philadelphia, Pa. ,
Hon. Lewis R. Broomall,
Ex-Chief Coiner U. 8. Mint, and Reeardte
of Deeds, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon. James M. Scovel, New Jersey. '
Hon. rV. W. Ware. New Jersey.
Henry Uurman, Esq , -
Agent. Adams' Express, Philadelphia, fa.
E. Coe, Esq-, ,
Of Joy, Coe & Co., Philadelphia.
TRiAflCRT Dvfathfkt, Washington, D. C, April
1807. Office ol Internal Krreniie: Having receiv.
salislhctory evidence thnt the proceeds of the en.
terprise uoi.ductt d hy the Washington I.ibrsry Coih
puny will he devoted to cliaiila'le uses, permission
hereby grunted to said company to conduct sueli
enterprise exempt from all charge, whether froia
speoml tax or other duty. i , . . A. KoLLlNH,
.. . Commissioner.
The Association have appointed as ReceU
ll(l' i,nn s ,
w"a9 well anow inn
penenoe will be a
vers, .Messrs UEOKUs' A. COOKE & CO..
legrity and business ex-'
mcient euaiantse thai
tha money entrusted to them will be prompt
ly applied lo tne purpose statad.
Pi'iLADSLnni) Pi , May-8, 1867;
To the Officers snd Members uf the Ws.-hiiii,tonLl-.
brarv Com pany, N. S. HliAl', becretary:
tjenl lenient: Un receipt of your favor of
the 15ih inst.,noti tying us of our appoint. .'
menlas Kecuivera for your Conpany, wa
took the liberty to submit a copy of your
Cearter, with apian of your enterprise to '
eminent legal authority, and haviug receiv.
ed hia favorable opinion is regard to ita la '''
gality, and sympathising with tha benevo' '
lent objeol of your Association, via: the edu.
oatlon and maiutonanoe of .the orphan ohil.
nren ol our soldiers and sailors of tha Kiv,
erside InstitU'e, we have oonolu.ded to ao
oept the trust, and to use our best efforts ta,
promote so wormy an onjeot. . ., :
, ' Bespeatfuily, Youra, kon . V
GEO. A.COOrB 4C0fc
Address all letters and orders to
GEO. A.COOKE & CO.,-Batkari,
. J 188 South Third Street, 1
,i .. i , c .PhrladelVhia, Pt, "J ,
Receivers for tha Washington Library OV. 1
Jalf L 187-wm - J

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