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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, November 28, 1867, Image 4

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. . .
Not long since, a young man supposed to
.i i - i i.nm-iiilim. but no fortune of-
fered bis hand heart to a fair young
lady with enug little fortune of J5000O--
TJie ofil't WSS t,;liy OQlinuirrcu, u J
Ttfused on the ground that Ihe young man
bowed too many years aboe the young
lady; ihntijcb he was really but twi niy-six.
Y ! fneBide w' laker and hah weie
singed, with an awful sprinkling of hoary
v : u., iwy, utliotU a
round snore more of years than he had re.
illr en.,' To tbe young man the rerusal
cams like af.os.v blanks in a cold night
What wan to be done? What eould he
done? True, h e head oame out from uuder
Lit vfFM" white a noon alter a snow
euirrn--bui mnst 'h's di de 'hem.
At once he left the oitj. Time passed on
i4 ih. young lad, mceived am titer off r
No ohjociion to the fine and beau: , u
tould be mund. Ills head was PLRFELT.
and h's raven locks lad a most bewifchiug
Juwtre. - Due lime was taken and the other
accepted; the day fixed: every dust red prep
ration made; the minister notified, and
the thing done. She happy couple departed
tn niairiniflaial peace and iriumpli.
Three balmy days pursed away, when the
loving oun$ husband threw hi- gentle arms
around bit better half by 000, and fan,
Darling, What doyou think of my whi'e
linirs no?" - The sun led and .astonished
bride with uplifted hands, exclaimed. "Kna
toeR , is it possible? Am 1 deoeivedl
Tell tne qui.klyll 1 Tue smiling. jubilant
husband replied. -No.TOt. are no
deceived, it is I. )ou are kih. And this J
owe to "Van Allen'. Vegetable ilair Hester-
And this article we now offr yon never
bas had its squalen ihe American f onltnent.
Wedon'treco-mendyouto play the cheat
by its magio influence, but we do say:
lsT-lt will positively restore the whitest
hair on the heads of the oldest persons to its
i hoantv while it often
original eoiur nun "-ji - , .
bru.gsouta luxuriant growth where the,
. :iLn.i am itiinff inn.
hair is entirely gone. wivi-uu B
finest fabric. ' .
'Jo-People whoe heads may have become
grkymay readily have their hair restored
r..j .i.ir heads once more covered with
hilling silky locks, and tresses never sur
passed in beanly even in early y,m-,n .
.... l- ji...in li oh the hair and
rcalp e subject, finds a healing, restoring
lalm in this preparation. , , . t, v.
4rn Ase dressing no one claim it has
an equal, either In Holiness oi
or its tendency to keep the hair in its prope.
Pl6TU-If you want white hair made beautl
a . . :- ...t i.-r Vierfectlv restored
iui as in yum", r---- .
a dandruff head renn.anenlly eleaned, and
. i I l.u,i mm H tliat.
He h ng scaip purineu. iuuo - -
. ... j ,1 with the beauty
III SilOIt, jour uruu K.i.t.v-
of raven locks, and silken tresses, you have
terOffice of IheVroprietor, N. 1H Nassau
Sneet, New Yiuk.
j-Sold by all Drttggisti.
i-Ask for Van Allcu's
Aid tuke no other.
If no sold by Drucgiets' in your own,a
Trial Iiotltevn be eent te you by "p"
Bpuo receipt of One Dollai by mail,
nl. on ni.nnrlnr.itv at once of t tn
ti.f.flilent oualities. esung
No 117 Nissau Street, New York.
No 117 Nissau Street, New York. October 10, 1867-6m
nyj CONSUMPTIVES. -Kpv. Kdwakd A. Witis
A will Kt-iid (li "I i"re) to nil who desire it. the
p,scription fiihthe riire-tina fir akin ond in
intf iheiniile frmtv by which ie was turHd nr
lun attectionmdtlmi ilread ilifRf-e roneismptinn.
Jlif oiilv i-lgn-t iet'i benefit thenfflictf d and he l,niex
very tim-rer will try tlii pruivriitinii, k it will i-ont
nothinu. and mav prove a bleksinu. l-h-nse ndiliess
Ko USSouthHei'ondStieet, Williaiubburg, N. York.
Mky2, 17 -ly '
bi bCd'AtiLK .
tttiily without doctor or
mtdicinet. Sent post
paid on receipt of 10
cents. " AddrehS
Dr. E. B. FOOTE,
110 Lexington Avenue,
Corner East 28th Street,
New York. .
OECrtETH FOR THE MILLION. A most vnluab's
O and wonderlul mblication. A woikm I"" p:naa
and 30 colored en(cavmx. lJr- llnnler'a VaHe Me.
enm. an orieinnl and nonnlar treatise on l n and
Wonnin, thir I'hjaolov. Knnctiona, ni d troubles ot
every kmd, with never failing remedies for their
needy ure.
The practice of Dr Hunter Vas 'one been and still
ia, unbound d, but at the earliest solicitation oi nu
merous persens, he has neen induced to xtend his
Ice heal uen lnesa tnrough the medium olnis "Vade
llccinn " '
t)ne i-opy. securely enveloped, will be forwarded
free of postage to any part of tbe United Htatrs fro
JOcentsin 1. l. t-tampa. Address, post paid, lir
Huiib r, No. 3 Dividigu street, New York.
August 13, lifnT-y
Twenty Melodic Exercises,
7 v ; W rOBX OI . ,
Sludiei ' to acquire' the Art of Sinin.
. . . ..i.nija. vara mmnnuj l H.At .1
4 liro r.rivrr. " ' ' ...
mnlthoeou.ly with hl system, "The ' rt of Hinging
or with any oilier method fur the etiliuetiori oi ihe
Voice, SUM will taae place ui i.nnvnat doi.rauuiMF;
beinj( inoieiiielodious i.nd. better adapted fi rieach.
ing. Some of these exercises are specially beautihil
as well as useful, a mingling of dulce at lit le, which
n...uu iii. iiii.rnHi unuiII nn the ininrovcnient oi
the student. Thevnrious styles developed in these
exercises render tnem invaiuaoie m an t-uucmmimi
k . nr uiau. ihn. fnn.t t.. fiihirip tbe intelh.
IUIll. wi ir . . . ... j ...... ... d
fence and the apprwiatloi, and at t'ie same time
lorm tne taste ! uir j' po. .n-" mm..-. utu
carefully with reference to the innumerable marks of
Xpiession ana oriiann-u.n.,uii. vfu" imuMir
accuracy with which these are accomplished de
tpends theaiitiiiil sterling advancement ol the pupil)
any evasion or slurnnR in these respecta 's t me and
effort u'te.Jy wa-teii, wink, on the othr hand, a
elose and patient investigation, ai d open to tne s'u
dent the mean and resources by which great nitltt
produce ttieir ttc st brilliant aad profouud effects.
Vatsok' AutJobboai..
Id Tww Volumes.
Price each, in Boards, HeiailK f 3 00
do-o-. 4o in Cloth,, Retail. 2 00
A Banlp'e copy set by Mail, post-paid, f a
reonipt of Vlinlesalc. Price, SI Oil.
pabliBKed by WM. iHALL & SON,
Hd. 543 Broadway, New York.,
Pubrlshere and Dealer in Music and Mann
faaiutm 6f Fimei, Fires. Flageolets, to.
SeTid for ea'lo(ue f piioeav
juiojo, mia
r TrTrTT.'J-"
J-AVINO pnr.yid aad .omplet.ly r.novM
si.eotfiillv iniiM'iincelo Ihepul'lu Ill0
keep eeiitly on hand, a complete ort....io
Miivakle Ibrthli mirket.at
...... !.n.iniiottobeexeol-
mn op in a niyif - i -krt
hv any nhnuin this neoiion. . d
AH hindfirk n Iiik Ime will be Many "
prouiitly done on very low terms.
0( aU kinds done to order on short notieo.
A full supply of
keptconstnntlyon hanit; and
10 per cent, will be deducted
on all (irdm-x for .! down. ,.
March 7. is..7-tt
The Cheapest Magazine in tkt Worldl
THIS popular Hnd widely citoulated mnpnine !
I n"W rearhec' nn elitim uiieipialled in thin emin.
trv Ea. h nunilier is l.rniinient.l I nuiii. riuM fine
eiigrnviiiRs, nnd is ei.nipl. te in iti-elf, mbWMi c
Krt vaii.'tv (.I'talei, fkft.'lies, powi.K. ami iMuftra
U',1 articles," written expresKlv tor Ito column. It i
emieedi'd by nil to be the clieupent aud bestMaxa
tmeiu the world.
lMayear; seven copies 9 00; thirteen copies
15 00. einile copies lft cents. Adilres
Uosion. Mass.
oll b) Hie It ade Ccuerullj
A Liberal discount te Dealers.
200,000 furnithed the U. S. Government.
Army Revolver,
Navy Revolver,
Belt Revolver,
P"lice Revolver.
44-lOh in. enlribre,
36-lii in. enlil're.
N'svy file culibre.
Nnvy Slseei.l:bre,
Sl.lOn ia calibre,
New Pocket Revolver,
Pocket Kevnlver,
Repeating Hixtnl,
Vf st ocket Hstol,
(Rider's pt. 31 U m. call' re,
(Klliot pt.) No. 22 iii cart; Ve,
iO.Z,OU, OZUIIU 11 nni.. ,
dm runn. No. 2-1 and
Mreech Loading Rifle, (Deal s) !o. jsnnn -Kfvoivius
Uifle. 3Caud44-Ii Uui calibr.
Kfvoiviug Kiflc
J lion, New York.
Moore 4 Nichols,
W m. Keeil ti Son,
lo-. O. tiriib'iJk t!o.,
I'oullney 4 Trimble,
llei.rv Kolaom 4 t!".,
A N t.
New York
h'ew (irleans
Ch cko
Saa FransiSLe
Johnsion, fpenceriCe,,
I,. M. Runite 4 Co.,
Allien E Crime.
just rrnusiiED.
XewEtlHn lt i ld & Enlarged
W JLiTsTi 9
J3unineHr 1' cim J5 oolc,
Ct"i.l'iKTKUUIUr: in nil .Mmier o"
Law, and Diisiness Nezoiiaiions for eve.
ry tHte in ibe Union.
Willi Leal Forms, and full instuntiena fnr
prnceedin;;, without lepral RHsistnnce, in suits
and buuiuess transactions of every descrip
tion. Toelher with the different ' Slate Laws
concerning the Collec'ion of Iebts, Property
Kzeupt from Rxecut'.on. Lein law. Uunary.
Lioense to tieU Qnods, Qimlifica.l m of Vo
ters, Limitation of Aclioiis, &o.
A'so, tie General ISmkrupt Law, with
forms and full iastrurtions to enable Bank
rupts nnl creditors to lake tull benefit of the
Act without legal nsxistince.
Also, Pension Laws, wt'.h full instructions
and torms to enable the Discharged Soldier
or failnr to procure Back Pay, Peisins,
Bounties. nd bll War Claims.
Also, Patent Laws, with lull instructions
to )ii v. ntiirs.
AIo, Exoise Laws. Ftsmp Duties. Poet
Office and Cns'om llonse Kegu'ations. the
whole nci'on of ihe Government in relation
to recoiiHirnciion ana rreeimen; Lonstitu
lion of the Uni'ed btates. with amendments;
State Sals. with Uesnriptinns. &o.
Over 250 nsireB new matter have heen
added, to meet the requirementh of the times
The utility or such a woric no one win
now Question. The sale of hundreds ol
thousands of copies of the former edition,
and the consiant demand for il, hnt settled
that point. The prufessioo il mil., the Rr
mer, tbe nechanic, the manufacturer, tr.
soldier, tl e sailor, each requites a , conven
tent, comprehensive and reliable work.
It will save them moner, save them trouh
le, save them lime, save tbm Imitation and
lawyer"' fees, and eive them intorma ion
that uobody can afford to be without, 12me,
C50 pages.
I'rice hacdsnnily bound, f 2. -Seat,
iioKt-pall, on reeeip' of price.
A good, reliable Agent .wauled in every
town in the Unite'1 States. Also, a respon
sible man at all prominent point, as General
Agent. Also, a lew wide-awake men, to
travel iu establishing Agencies.
104 Viue 8ireet, Cincinnati, UhU.
An person wishing a cop
of the above Book, will call on
, Jf. Bow EX,
: ' Agent for Vinton County
DP vi Toll o 3NTotico.
N j'l lOKIx hereby given eo all whom it nu.ycon
cein.nn.l to some evil dispoHed persons in
pHiticulsr. that I shall not hold myself responsibe
mr any bargain or bnruains mur e by sny person ex
cept myself; so flints my property mav be concern
edi ami ll pereona am strictly forhidden from m.
king bargains with any person o liar as my property
msy be concerned, or from borrowing anv of my
property any rron without mv knowledji',
Those bavipg lorrowed or tiiken my property w.th
out my oonxenl will plea return the same imme
diate! v and a e trouble .
gv. llt Ittilw- ' PU0iIT BOWES,
r - 'it r v
Tho Larffcst, tlio Greatest, ; and .
most Successful Enterprise .
ever inaugurated in tho
State! .
We Scorn Postponement I -
AND ENl'EuTAlSMEN I will positively
tuke place
Tuesday Evv., Dec. 31, 1867
miL A D el mi A , rA.
500,000 Valuable Gifts, valued at 8500
0UO, will bo presented to Ticket
Holders, iiieludiii'' $105,000
in Greenbacks.
No. of TICKETS ISSUED, 530,033. KUCE, $L03 eaoi
j-Every Ticket Receives a Gift.-a
$f 0,000
40 000
25 000
2 0i0
20 100
HI 000
1 000
8 00
6 000
1 Farm in Livingston coiiniy.N.Y
40 1'iniins Chiclierings,$."0cKch
10 dOO
20 noO
3 0 0
2 001
. fcO I
20 Melo'leons . e'e l.iO each
4 liiiliard 'tables 609 each
1 el Uiamoud Kinjrs and I'm
2 C u-tc r liinmond Kings 200 each
6 Silk Dress Patterns
lOOeach fO)
2 I fewing Mnchines
200 Oenls' Gold Watches
20 1 Ladies do do
itO American II. C. Silver
75 each I 5U0
150 e.icli 30 000
1 lOe-w h 20 010
13 0J0
$05 each
201 Cut Lever II. C do de
$49enrli 8.000
CO Guld Watch Chains $40 each 2 000
200.) Photograph Albums do 10 0 0
20n() Oo'd ' ecu in velvet cases $i each 8.01 0
1(100 Ladies Purses, Hue 5 do C H00
iOOU Gold Kings 5 do 6 0(0
And the bs;ance, comprising Hnndsnin" Minors,
b atmiierv, Vm s, (inhl Lined (iohlets and ("ips
Marble io,. Ceuire Tiibli'tt, '.old Riacelete, Plated
'lea.SctiM, ti lvcr Pitchers lUn.i.oiiie Books, Ku h
Meet Knur.ivuiK, and other aiticlcs in ad'Utinn to
the iibove, aurjiintiiifc; to li ri.be dollsrs, milking
500,000, Gifts, or a Present Given with
. Eveij Ticket!
wThe Distribution will tuke place, immei'lutely
nf cr ilie Concert. A I'l iiiiiMiee ofnell-knosn citi-
BciiH. choHi n by the Tickct-bolder8, will takecbrue
oi and Mipcnnti nd tbe drcwing. All Aicntn and
purciiKNem wiil lie xupp ed witb a correct lit of the
award us toon a pui.hsed.
Duplicate Tickets, numbered fr m 1 to ton.OCO are
placed in n win cl; tin- flit 'I icket riiawn out lakes
i In- highest prize ol tjiiti.Oi ii. the m il the second
hii;hcKt prise, and so on until ihe hnl c..mio.0iio,
nrcdiawii. The iiwards will be hecurily packed and
expreeed ntexiieniie of 'he - wncr.
hl lit.MS) ."AAi.iv-. , r.ni., our taicnie.i ini-
cid I'irccioi, i.toiiiimci. n most ni-l trlitfi.l trei in the
OifheMrHl an i Vocal t.xcr iiie f r the ocrasmn -nolcaa
than twenty nrt ts In-ill! entered.
We are inn t iks rus that al! I ckti holiiers slm'iilr;
be present lo wit..cn (he ilrawing nid thereby re
lieve thenist Ivi-n of anv doubt of the taime-s of the
trnnsaetion. We assure those who cannot n.nkc it
co venient lo b present, that their interests will be
jiiiai bed with the same lid. lit) n it the were pre
ent. a.Wesh:illkecp b.oks nnniticred from I to
5hj.(iOo, iiwhu'li will eemeied the i.iiiue uiul ad
it ess ol ev ry purci a er, under the number of his
ticket. 'I lux will insure the the tltktt holder, U8
well asourselvds aijiiiii-l luss.
Any partt or club sen tins for three or more tick
ets at one time, and remitting us the money for be
euiiie, Hi.l lie allowing coiniuissiiiii. We will set
3 Tickets to one address for , . $2 60
6 de do do do 4 00
10 do do do do 7 AO
20 do do do do -14 00
JjAgcnts wanted in every Town,
"In everv cose send the nam of each anhsc.-i.
ber, l'it Office address, staie and enmity in full.
Muiey in .mounts nut exece diiiK twenty dollars
sent it our risk.
The mi :ers irned would mol cordiallv recommend
Oen A T. Will inns to ih pubi c, be having won an
enviali e r. i .lati n as a linllunt soldier, hiiiI as an
nonoratil'-aml relmhle nentlemnn. we helicye he will
condu 't the preseatniton with honesty and fairness,
giving satis action to all interested.
Gen. A C. Lawrfiice. Col A fl Bran I,
Gcn.F. II Smith, Msj R. B. Nash.
Ci I. I U L.wis. AC. Fevcmrc Esq
S"Aii commiininutions should be addressed,
A. I. ' I' LI vir A C.,
I ; . No. 307 South Pecond Sireet,
. ; ' I'hi'nHeL Ma Pa.
Bpecdy Curo
Xt Vjcctt re
IT is PSFAILINO RKMDRnT in All cases of
Nfttia'giii Fa dalis, nfien effecting a ported ,
cure in less than twemv-tour lionr.. from!
the ue of 110 more than Two ns tiihkb Piu.s
No other form of Neura gin or Nervous Dis
ease bus fui ed 10 yield In this
Even in the everest oaaes of Chrnnie Nenrnlia
and general nervous derang-mei ts-of many years
stand ngnttecluiK tne entire system, its nse'fi.r a
few days, nr a few weeks at the utmost, always alturds
the most astonishing 1 elief, and very rarely lails to
produce a eomplcle and p rmnnent cure.
It coot ins no druxs or other u.nterials In ihe
slightest dtgree injurious, even to the moat delicate
fyatem, and ei.nA..WATs be used with
It has long been in constant use by many of our
who give it their unanimous and unqualified approval.
beut by mail ou receipt of price aud pun
age. One pnekage flOO, ft singe 6 cents
8ix pstfkages . 6 00, IVtage 27 cents
Twelve paokajes ; 9.00, Postage cents
'II s sold hy allnho'eialeand retail dealers in drngs
and oiedio nef throughout the United Htaiea.snu by
TUB'ER A CO., Sol Trcmrittcrt.
il-t3 .-. . ,.'.1-W Irnuoai tit., Uvswo, Alain
1 Gift in Greenback!
1 Gift do
1 (iift do
1 t'-ift do
1 Gift do
1 Oft do
1 Gift do
1 Gift do
VII (jilts do $1 000erh
20 Gifts do 500 do
20 Gifts do 100 do
20 Gifts do 50 do
800 Gifts do 0 do
10 '0 Gifts do 6 do
IaU N O s- U L SAW ,
J0 Till COBB Of .
ronHiiniptioii, Ilroncliidt,
:'ucli as Cnuhs. Neglected Colds., Piin in
, the The!, and all diseases of ihe Lungs. ,
sr Clcrgynit-n showM lis the Balsam for
. ineir i nrouis,
I nti'cr il" nierit;fir ponit vcciire ot snob diNonwrd
S ' . .... . ....l 11.. f. ...... - r. i.;..k .
I.ar.. II. n IIH ? M-i-- i i n hi n ii.'ii. miii.i- i. ii
..rs.uiril n (-fr-rn d to by tl e IchiIihu m"d col jour-
nuU heiritequnl to any pro em lion thuf enn Im
nlllde UP. tor H'lcn illi-ni'-. oj I III- I m-hiv.
ti.. Uunnm consennentlv. reeomn.end d hv phy
sicians who le become aequniuted with it great
A- n Egppcinrsnt i li, no Fqis1
w.miht Ihe following in'etei.ling letter from Pr.
Hnrrm to the Midilleliurv. Vt Hei.ler, Nnv. i. M'l:
Mb Enin-r: 1' is only to snbcrve the interest nl
hiimn'miv Unit 1 r q iest Khbort jipnce in vonr vnlnH
hle pillar ti mf'iini ill" public whnt Allen' Luna
I'hIh'iIii SHnretndo. Two vers 8it 1 ,attiici.ed
aiili ii verecohl; it ceitlcd is hit throat, which
nttected the oi i.m "f-weirh lint I coul.l n..t speiil;
Hl.md 'or neerly MX eek. I B'.l through the winter
coniiliinit niitb xid iioilinceu.nilv. v'll- eld niulH
swentn. with incr ned ir-itntoin, which exttnde.t in
to the llioncbinl tube" K'"l winch kept me con il.inff
nil m.nimcr. 1 " at Shorrl-ain on n jirofe'Kionil
vieit the pa-t Ocloln-r, hen the "cood .-nninritm,"
cHineiibiiiit iiitrodiicing Allen's Lun Hal-nni into
New Ki ulniid. I procured n bottle end took itac.
cordiniito d'rect;mi, nmi fonn-4 immediate n lief. I
have nw token two h dtlcs, whiidi lm entirely cured
me Knr the pa-t twij yc irf. or dii"in tbe time ot
my effliclion, I wi.sin avlnie of coni-tipntion, which
the rtnl-'Hiii lm nlinot tlectnnlly rcml. ted. No
Mm iv.tn.nlil he without tbiN vol ii hie medicine. I
wiiiiiiiiv inn. . i. in ..t .
nee by the. e t-n pnper- Unit li e phy-miansor
Cincnnnti (wh re the iccdic.nr i ni..u;i'i lure.) i.re '
in. mineir.B it mlo their pia-ttce, and I have no doubt,
it will soon become n clncscal re noilwl icjrent for the
cure of nil diica-c ofihe tliro.it, uroncnmi in oesanu
the lungs. ATIlL HAKKIS M. I'., nemisi.
8 liddh bury. Vt.. Nov HI, 18.it).
The proprietors ol this V.ilunble Ibdsam t ike pleas
ure in calling to t the attention of all medicine ileal
er. deairina that thev proem a supply of it. and
reci mmend il to their adlictcd patron- and friends.
It will stand the test lor merits, as lias the celebrated
Perry Davis' Pain Killer,
wh'chhn- been Introduced lo all pure of the inhab
ited world, and is everywhere appreciated aiidsounht
nlier, The HiiUain i for sale by most of Ihe leading
Iirug bts, and can always lie had from them, in any
Quantity desired, by the country dealers.
J..N. ilAUItldUU. fcol.- I'roprietors,
Cincinnati, "Jhio.
For sale bv
G. W. Sissnn, Drufffflst, McArthur, Ohio.
Dr J. A. MntmtiRn, Druggist, Mauiden,
R. S. vi i.cox, llauidea.
or ihe Cure of
Canker. Pslt Kcliutn, Ereysipelss, Scrofulous
Diseases. Cutaneous, and every kind ef
disease arising, from an impure
siate of the U'.ood.
The most effective Blond Purifier of the Nine
een;h Ceniu'y I
(5yThis Syrup, wilh the Certe, we will
warrant lo "cure au.v hstd case l)ld
Sores no matter how long a'anding.
lesrSii'el bj Diuisuists Generallj.""
For tale hy
0. W, S.ssion. Druggist, McArthur;
Dr. J. A. Monahsn, Hamdca,. -It.
B. Wilcul,' llumdeo.
Fever and
and Chills
to ('lire
la .
Pirfffions for itt Ue.
TAKE 1 spnoiituis of the Pmn Killer in
1 about half a pintof hot waler.wetl sweel
ened wilh molasses, as the attack is comitiK
on. bat inn; freely the chesl, hack and bow
els, with Ihe medicine at the same time
Repent the dose in twnty minutes', if the
firs't dose dues not. stop ihe chill. (Should it
pio'luee vomitini, (and it probablt will.) il
the stomach is very foul, lake a lii tie I'niii
Killer, in col I Wft'er, sweetened wilh sugar,
after e ich spasm. Persevereuce in the above
. 1 1 .....1 .uv.... u.,.1 nl.sil
tteairent has cured many sevcie and otffti-
vule case" of this dise.ise.
I Throat
V Favorite Medicine with allclas-es. ,
- Is Davis' Pain Killer.
IF' oa have Painter's (,'holic.
" ; tse the Tain Killer.
0 Medicine is as popuhr
As the Pain Killer.
J7EEP tbe Tain Killer
V rnd.
always at
IF yea have a Cough or Cold, .
Uce the Pain Killer,
f OOKand no tet caught without a bottle
I . . -it
j ot Pain Killer in the ouaa. . :
1 . sp
ET everybody use ihe
Tain Killer, for
prams and Bruises. -
Vlflir ..ito .hnnl.l c.rrk.ttleof P.in
" " - - j - - -
Killer with him.
REM KM BER. the Pain Killer is for both
Internal and External. .
' The Pain Killer is sold by all ihe Drug,
g'sis and Dealers in Fa ily Medicines.
J. N. IIAKRld & CO.. Clnoinuati, Ohio,
Agents for the Western Slates.
For sab- by
3 W. gisson, Druggist, McArthur,
Dr. J. A. Moralist!, lu-uggiat, llauidea,
K, S. ilcm. Ilamden.
Oct. 21 l7-8in
ii.ti i-mI y uckiiow eilgi.i me .vlo iei 1- inir
:U iuas ne nf i.terien; devote.l to iiriKinal tones,.
r'i'eiiiK. Skefhes, Architecture and Model Connies,
iloiiaebold M itters, IVm of Tho. mill, person il mid
Literacy (iossip 1 eluding seeial deinumeuts on
asiitons ) liislrnitlions on llealih. J miiai.
tio Kqueslriitn Kxcrciaes, Hkaiiiig, .Mus'c,
tmusements, ecf ; all by the . best authors,
and profusely- and artistically ill etrated
with costly engravings (full size,) useful and
reliable Patterns. KmhroMeries, Jewelry, and
a succession of artistic novelet its, with olhei
.iseftt and enterniing literature
Nn person rf n fincni' til, eo inomical house
wile, or lady uf table, can afford to do Willi
mil the Model Monthly. . "it-
Single copies 30 cents; back nunhers, as
specimens, 10 cents; either mailed free
Yearly, with a valunble premium; tw.
copies, $5 50, three copies, $1 SO; Bve copies
$12, and epleudid premiums for clubs at :
each, with the first premium to each stih.
icnber. 66?" A new W heeler & Wilson Sew
ing Mcdiine for 20 subscribers at 3 each.
. Address
t . .' ( No. 473 Urosdwa, New York.
Demortat's Monthly and . Young Emeries
to. etiici, 4, ua Us crtaiiam to eei "va
P45mZB .
iAiiits n.wncKorr. .; - Josrniv. kalfb
. i kf still n town manufiicturing and deahng ln
i all kludnof
Cabinet Furniture,
On MAIN STREET, opposite Dr. Wolf'sOfAse,
The Fnrnlluieis mnde onf of the bet seaeoned
materii-l,.ud by Iheuiost experiencdorkmn.
UrREADS F.very Slvle.
. BEtTKll'S All Kinds.
TAHI.Ks Ktorv Piiltern.
I'.ll AinS Fancy nd Tomnion
... SASH. COiiuS. BUNDS, &c
always on hand or furnished on short notice
Of ill kin. ib, in Furniture, Chairs, Jtu., attended In
on short notit ?.
K snperinr.nuitlity vl Mattresses of all sites sl
imy a kept on hund.
We aie ii wi.vn o rca. ine to AT I ! J I
... . N ... ., v , s j T ,u(j Country, at ilu
,'owVm rates t :
Fair Price for u Fair Article
t- M.ittol
Is Our
Purchasers are requested to call srd examine our
I, ree tSnck of Furniture
h"fore pnrchnsing slsewbere, s we feel ennfidstW
that weciinfurn sh lieticr and cheaner articles thau
any other establishment in ths vicinity.
Strong;, Simple and Practical.
IT is a Pquekzimi Maciiink; warranted no
to injure clothing geared to give six
strokes of the plungers for one turn of the
handle, and 150 turns of whioh will wash
thoroughly the hulk of sii to twelve shirts,
according to the s'x. of Machine nurd.
Siz Ytars' experience proves Ihe NokpammIi
tube the only W'sshing Machine nude which
ttandi th'tett of Time and Uie It is unap
prone. able fop
A O A A TS WANTED.- bud lot tree De
scriptive Circular 111
1R4 Water Street, New. Yerk City. .
Jure, HOT fra
IflS KUR4L aimiCAN F03 1808,
The balance of Volume for 1837 Free!
Th ii" h y ul ir Finner's and "'u't Grower's
Paoer is 1 ub ihed at Ttici, N. Y.. oil the Island
l'th ol ".h iiiontii. at Jl SO 11 year, and evtry anh
scriber t 'e've 11 Gr-itnitc, ivn-i1! in snm cq ea,
the Fun u'is rip'ion Price! T' e Gratuities onn
-istoffi ie teel Piute Ki.vriing. i choice Grans
Vi'iMS, icl'id n? tl"' tJoncnr l, 'he tiest (jraoe n ex
istenee; valuabe Ki'oherries and flrrmberr s
tlif best cultivated, an I numerous other t'unv .
Hinoi g which is the ( AHI.Y GOI IIIHICH POTATO,
in. 1 i--i'i- ...I- nn. en-.. 1 .'i I-..- I,.-.,
tab e potato in existence, for nmmer or wmfr. and
subj- ct to no disease t A package of these Potatoes
Is sent Iree, and p st paid to all siihscnlers who
Ir u'iest it tlnit is sure to produce a Hush I, or
...-.1. ee ... . 1 B..l 1 1. . .0
u . ...i.i.. i.....n...i ... ....nna..i 1......
iritiie niiiiii .i, lis uie. roi'i ,"i-i i.ihki in
G .unit es are eiit free of 1 h rue for transportation
Over f.u 1 00 (loiiiira w.rtu ot vnes, ah, were tney
sent out in 11.I) and 7, 1111 or wnicn Kuve irre.it satis.
faction. I'he Kuril Vnerican 'k the best Pr ctical
..n,,..r fur PnpmAru .mil l-'ril:t m.ru In the ITiliteil
fitates, mid the cheapest.' t-eud tors sample copy,
which 1 sent free, and see for yourselves what an
clcaant. 1'irije i.aper itia, in 10 naje n.nrto form, to
,lnil , .h,,, of-,,,, Vp,lr. , ,-ou remit on-dot.
lar.nid ti ty cents for it fi.r llttfi, you wi'l receive the
tiiilam e 01 the volume lor j'.7, 'Ti'f nom tne runs
your money reiches m, mid thrniivh 18ii for y mr
money, am a Gratuity, as you shall select I flie
full ili'tai aof these In .ixn'ticent oflcra will he found
ill the Kural A nerlcun. I wanl a C'liili.tgenlin every
town in the I'uited tate, ns my paper is N itional
in its chiraeter. and circulates in every State in th
Union. The nn nense succesa 01' the Kural Ameri
can, having tli.i lari'est circulation of any paper in
tins cnnnirv mat r-t ti.'.i to necaiieiia I'raeticai A-
riciiltural iimf ..orticultnral ynhlicaiiun, enables me
to Kive to .;iuh Auciis in. .re tor ttieir services than
isoitcreii ny miy otner pnoiisnen 1 n premium nsi
is niugninceiit, embracing ;onnor u-i othir Urape
Vines, by the lluinlre.i nud Thousand, down to a
miulo vincj ruin die Wntulies, splendid hunter
Case; extra l oub'e Gold Fluted, north 1!5 dollars.
or onlv 4iiibscrihrrM, 1 hat can be obtained in twoor
three da),,l8o the celebrit.-d U..pcr. F..11
inK KepeHtuiKfli it Gun, that i sold for (t
1 lliaj. otl.r T , Mn Cllin. ,hllt m iy
Four Hhoot-
0 dollars,
be found
de r.lwi in the p iper. I h iv Bll.tion verv tine two
ycnrad.i old Concord Grape Vines for sale, stone half
the prices t ml others self the same quality aivt sua
" AU-tress I H. MlJitnc, i iimon. uneuia uo
N Y ." ..s my editorial office aud vinevurds are loca
ted there. ' -
, '.: I 1..
Sheriff's Sale.: ;-T
Stat rf Ohio, Vinton Contiy. . , . ,
Lee Ms fin. I'lamiift, . .. . 1 In Cnnrt ef Common
against - t , Pleis. Ordsr of;
Orrm H. .illet al., DePta J Sde.
IN IIJHUAM'K of an order or sale In tha above
cause to me directed Iv m the court of common!
(Pas in and for thJ cuintv of Vinlon, end liBteif
O'lio, and beanna date of Novemb-r 20th, A. f). 18117,
1 will "tier lor sale at public auction,' at the door of
the 1 ourt House, in tne town or MuArtuur, in said
count, on
MONDAY, tho 30th day of Decern.
ber, A. D. ltU7,
th.s hour of 1 o'clock r. m of said day, the following
lands and tenements, lo-wit: .
"-uuate 'il be unty ol Vinton and Plate of Ohio.
Iieinc a iiart of ih Hnuth eaat Ouniler of riectioi
Nineteen (IB,) Townsh-pTeu (in,) Kange. Seventeei
(7, la-tiiniliuKnt fi stone in the .south boundry line
o: s,fi v'iarier rcciio. , incoee weai wun tne sstil
line Id .0 cha.ns to the ens, honndry of ihe Depot
(irounns ..I the ftinriiulH it Cincjnmau Railroad Sou,
.ini ; thence Nortli-en-lerly with ti e line of said Le
pot tinitiiids It is, 'hains; them-e East 2.78 elm. ns u
istonc; them-e North i 12 chains loa s.one) thenci
Kust IU 6chauis 11, a none; tl.eiH'C l-outh 7.38 chain
10 tlie iilac of tHminnuig contaiing Uju acrs iiiur.
or I as
The sumf to be sold subject tn. the dower estate
A Kuby I , Marflu and M iruaret M. Geulu.' ' -
Appraised at liye hunUi ed (tollari and must briny
wo-ihirds ofrhat siim.J '
'1 etuis olisale c.ash in hand at the time ef sale,
1 John J.itii"CKi'.V
... PheriB Vmion Cvuoty, 0.
H. 8. Bnndy. Att'y for PI'lT. ; U il
NovtmberiS, U.7-I.W-13 ;" -jL .L
THT0RIIATI03. Information atlatauuied to pro.
A .lUce u iuaUi am urowth 01 hair unon a bald head
r beardless lave, ulso a recipe for the removal ot
t'inipies, tunnies, eruptions, etc., 011 tne skin, leav
,nK ineiui.i.e son, clear, aim ueauiinu,can De ontain
0 without charge by aildins.ij Iux Osutui
run n
1 I U it ui
WjULU resrectmil.v inform ihecitttens oi Vinton
and . jlier counties that they have, st their
irrjIl3EEr, cue mils nortlsst &om ltcAjtai .
'.. . , ; : the vcy bent varuti. s of,.;.; j , ;.T
C3-ri Vince,
A pple Trees and Peach Trees J'
: PEAR ', TUBES. .
We warrant nil our stuck true to name and sue ,
low prices n can be obtained anywhere, and inv te
all persnlls io CHI! Ilicr cahiumic ii..
Any Utierndditsed to u, an to prices ervsrie
tics will be promptly simweicd.
J k W. GOLD, Mr Arthur, O. ". ?
Octobers 1HI7-It .....
PAINT8 FOB FAEMEES and others. 'I l Gndtt r
wii'i-iul I aim t o.nieuow iiintiuiuociirnp tl e lust, 4
cheapest, and .nnst durable faint in u j iwc ros e
well put on, mixed with pure Llnseid ml. w Ii let
in or 1ft years; it is ot s i tin br. wn or benuiiltl ebie
nlnte color, and cm b changed to green, Ii ad, ,
stone, drill., nliveoi cieam, losiiittnste ofconniti er 4
It is valuable tor Houses, Pniiis, hem el, ( druse j
und ("nr-niaker., Pail and Wooden-wnre, Aant il-.
inrjl Implements, Canal Bonts. Vessels eno M .ps'
Hoitoins, (iainas, Metal and Miingle Hoi fs, (it lui g.
Fire and Water proof.) Floor il loths, (one nivi.li"
fuctnrcr hay ng used 6000 bbls. the paet )ear,) sr4 .
as a paint for any pu-poss is unsurpassed fi r hi iy,
ilurnliiliM. elas icily, and odhesiveness. hut tl'
per hbl. of 3iiulbs., which will supply n fsrn rr ftr.
years to come. Warranted in aH-rases rs al evi "
tend fnracirviilarwhichvivesnillpartictili.rs. Mm '
genuine unless branded in a trade maik Cliiltta
Mineral Paint. Add ess ...:.....
I AVIEL RtDA'FIL, , ., t
8ept.8,'t)7-6m SM I'esrl (Street Ne York. ,
"Sheriff's. Sale.
State of Ohio, Vinton County.
Martha J Hill. Plaintiff, ) In Vinton eeuntjr eeuri
Hjiainst f common plras.
Iia M.I1 II. Defendant J On Execution.
PUn.SI'ANT to the command of an rsecntlon in
tne above cause to me directed from 'he 'ours '
ol common pleas, of Mie sroresaid county nf V'ntnn, :
1 will offer for sale, sMhe lioorof (lie Court iJonew.
in the n of McArthur, in aforesaid county of
Viii(on, on .
TUESDAY, tho 26tb Day of Novem-,
. ber, A. D. 18li7, !
at the hour of 1 o'clock r. u. of said day, tbe W
low ng describ 'd lands 4nd teneinents, situ te id
the county ol Vinton and itate ol Ohio, to-wit:
The boulli-Kasi Quarter of ihe t-oiHh-Wept,
Quarter ef Section Number Four 4, of
Numher Ten 10 of Range Number Eigh.
teen 18, containing Forty acres more or
les. :
Taken as the property of Isnnc M. Hill in satisfy
a judgment oi aforesaid cour In lavor of Martha.
Appraised at Mix Hundred Dollars and must bring
two-thirds of Mint sum.
1 Tcinisof sale cash in hand on the day of sale.
HborifTVinton county, 0.
P. f. Dnns, Att'y for P
October. lHM-ow-12
Comfort and tun for
nurtured. "
heni post paid nn receipt
f 10 cents Address
110 Lexington Avenue,
Corner East 28th Ui New
Canoer Cued.
' A Treatise on I'efnesa, Catarrh, Consumption sed '
C;in -e.; their ci. uses, nieaua of speedy relief, and
ultimate cure. Hy a l upil ol the Acftd.'my of Wedi.
cine, fans Sent to any address for lo cents,
l.ettertiom Kobt Jld.Murdy, i.l')LI..IV. Grind
I relnte ol Grand Encauipineiit of U. 8., and Editor of
the "National Fieeinna-.n:"
New Yiiiik, Dept. 17, MOT. l'r. f?lilwell was ia
chame ot Grace church Ho'pual, Alem dria, Va.,
ditr 111 tlie VVar. 1 freouontlv. niniosL rlailv. fur
months, visited tins Hospital. and had every means
of knowing his reputation for irricu ct ai d okili, .
It wi s ol'tliemnst credible chanu.'ter, a. .d his success
in tue treatment ul paiieuta was remarkable. kvsr. .
It fits into ti.eeiir, isnoi pei-eept hle, removes slof
Ing noises n the hea l, and eiialiles deal persons to
bear disiineilvatchur hand puhl cashes,., lie.. Tina 1
instiuir.ent will oil. ppronuce results alino.t m rscu.
Ions, and inneei' in most cases of Ir ng s'andiny deaf. ''
l-esa.it Wl I ri lieve in a ahort time. It ma h..,l.
, . ...l
jusieu witn t.eense o ' spect-oies.
fe. .sniweil w II be professionally si 81 Eaat Wash.
jiwton Hla -e, Uni ersitv HnildinKS, N. Y., 10 to 4.
except ruesilav-, when "he will be ac his rooms Vat ;
Pu,e Street, l'biia. elplna. Pa . 11 Iv
' 1 '
Official Directory.
Itepresentative in onitress J. T. W1L30JT. .
Mate Henator-J. BBtKBUKY.-
Keproanitatiye A. .1. SW AIM.
Common Picas Judges MAK TIN CRAIX,
Probate JtidueIOREPII KALER.
Auditor W. K. KKI.'I'llN.
Proscming Attornev AKOnlBAI.D MATO,
Treasurer-.f . P. I'UNKI.K.
Clerk ofOouns-GEOHGE LASTS. "'
Jr. ?.
Hhenn Uliri J. rliOi KKi
Hureyor-h. 0 STKINBROOK.
( W 1 1, AM CLARK.
Commissioner- Til' M A MAGKE,
(.aiuKKin aluaugk.
School Examiners V M. K. K sst
) .1. v, McGiLMTAar.
Post Offices in Vinton County.
Nam-of Oim OWc-. Tnwphn. vot Vo.ter
Aliens. me Uhu.uuu
Hope Furnace Brown '
Dundas " t!l;nton :
Eagle Mills Eagle
Elk Swan .
McArthur ( Elk
New Plymouth ttrown 1
Reeit'i Mills Clinton
Swan Swan
Vinton Station Elk .
Wilkesville , Wilkes
Zileaki Madison
A (rath " : RI hland
S. I). Fgleston
3, Isnminger . i ,
Miles Psdcliff ,
I. heynolds
J.N. McLaughlin
H. O. Harden '
W Dartei.shsw
Wm. Taylot , ,
Geoige fry.
Post Offices in Vinton County. Rail Roads.
N and after January , 18bT.
Tra.ns will run as
j biiiows:
Depart Cincinnati
?" Lovcland
fboer.n. a on am.
10 17
T as
' " Cliillicoiha
1 us r.K,
8 17
8i3 "
4 (
40 40 "
12KAN. ' ' '
4 v. 1 s;, vw
" Haniden
: Z bski 1
. Athens .
Arrive Marietta
T ii
Depart Eel pre '
' Zaleslti-' -
1 ' Chillicotha
1 w"v.h. ..,t : . J;., vwr.a.,1
S 37 11 M
' 40 " '-'ii jum "ii n
10 lft 1 SI
11 SI P.M. IH1.X.
LoVeland't-113 .,..' S.t 'IU .1
Arrive Cincinnati ia' ' t S if- d
ronbeutionsmadeatUamdea. wih Trains as tha s
Portimouih Hranch.
Close connections Wds 'at' Oineinsstt 'with a,
Western Trains; and at Paltersburg with tha J(alt
mora ant Ohio Bail fioad. i r i " r'
. o-f
1 mt.mnoviT '. 7.
v 1 tin naiiin.
I '
OMUsjssht, 9., Jan. l, wh.

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