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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, December 05, 1867, Image 2

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Democratic Enquirer
J. w.owm,oiToi AHOfROPBirrot.
OFFICE In Dodge' t Building, over Swttlantft
Store, turner Main and Locust Street, East
of the Court Monte,
Has the largest circulation of any pa
per in Vinton County. Adcvrtisers and
others Kill please make a note of this.
Tat Nashville Gazette nominates
for President, George II. Pendleton ;
for , Vioo President, John Quiney
Democrats who . take city papers
and do not patronize their county
,1.1. I I .
papers lose an incmcummuuun. .u
trie course oi a year in iue way oi
course ot a year in
county news. Subscribe for your
county paper.
Some of tho "loyalists" look bad.
since the late elections. We advise
them not to look so bad and so fright
ened when they meet a Copperhead,
becauso no Copperhead will be mean
enough to "hang them," "shootj
them." "cive them hell," "draft thorn,".
"hold them over hell till they squifll
like a cat," "burn them," "confiscate1
their property," "mob them," "tear!
their butternut pants," or anyition
. . . v I
thing else that is wrong! .Loofc up,
Republicans, vou shall not be hurt!
It is rumored among
Democratic politicians that
inary conference will shortly be held
in New York for the purpose of con
sidering the subject of a' candidate for
the next Presidency.
In response to its nomination, Gov
ernor Horatio Seymour has written
to tho Democratic Union, of TJtica, N.
Y., that he will not be a candidate for
the Presidency before the next Nation
al Democratic Convention.
The Vinton Record advocates two
currencies gold for bondholders and
aristocrats, and ragged paper for poor
men and crippled soldiers. The
Record is "loyal," of course.
a Prelim-Lnl
The New York Herald says that
"the taxes are only a thousand mil
lions a year for the whole country,"
One thousand millions a year paid in
taxes, by the peoplo of the United
States! Three hundred dollars for
each man, woman and child, white
black, and copper colored in the
whole Republic. What think you?
Tite Vinton Record is in favor of
taxing all working men heavily so as
to enrich bondholders, aristocrat, New
England manufacturers, &c. There
will be a Congress to elect next year,
and we hope all the Record's pets who
come before the people will be defeated.
Cleveland Plain Dealer. In an
other part of this paper will bo found
the prospectus of this standard Dem
ocratic paper. It is a first-class paper
one of the best printed in the coun
try and we wish it all manner of suc
cess. It should bo read by" every
voter. Now is the time to read good
Democratic papers. Try the Plain
Subscriptions received at, and for
warded from, this office for the Plain
We have too many lazy Eepubli
cans in our midst. Vinton Record,
Nov. 21, 1867.
What do the Republicans of Vinton
county think of that? Those Repub
licans who went to the polls on the
8th of October and voted ngainst Ne
gro Suffrage, unequal taxation, gold
for bondholders, ragged paper for
poor men, &e., we presume, are very
likely numbered by the Record among
the' "lazy Republicans."
Pens, Penci Is, Erasers, Paper Knives,
Rules, &c, So., at Strong's. .
TnE Record is in favor of taxing
white men 820,000,000 to keep a negro
bureau, to feed, clothe and "educate
lazy negroes.
Thursday last was generally ob
served as a day of Thanksgiving;
1 Prayer, and very little Fasting. Most
of the business houses were closed du
ring the day. We have not heard of
any house selling any thing "on the
sly" at the back, door, as they do in
some "fast towns" we have boen in.
Ant of our Democratic friends
wishing a sound and reliable Demo
cratic journal, we would advise them
to Bond for the ' Ohio Statesman. A
better paper is not to be found in this
large aootlaenf, Soe prospectus in
another' cohm a for trms, particulars,
Ac, '
also to inculcate knowledge and sound
moral principles.
Circulation Terms. The circula
off of tho American Agriculturist
r 1 i "V "V rt . 1 . iL .1 !l ..
A Good and Cheap Papir foe Ev-I
ry Family. We have received
American Agriculturist for December,
and this number closes the Twenty-
sixth volume of that paper. "We are,
sure that those who have taken it the
last year must feel that they have re
ceived a largo return for the money
invested. Tho Agriculturist is a large
periodical of 32 to 40 pages, well
printed, and jfillcd with plain, practi
cal, reliablo, original matter, including
hundreds of beautiful and instructive
Engravings invery annual volume.
It contains each month a Calondar
of Operations to be performed on the
Farm, in the Orchard and Garden, in
and around tho Dwelling, etc
Tho thousands of hints and sug
gestions mven in every volume are
8VB..wua 6"-
. intelligent
- , , , .
"v""ub '"""I J
write about.
The Household Department is valu
able to every Housekeeper, affording
very many usoful hints and directions
calculated to lighten and facilitate in
door work.
Tho Department for Children and
Youth is prepared with special care,
to furnish not only amusement, but
(aoout iou.uuu) is so large mat it tn..
be furnished at the low price of 1.50
We advise all our readers to try it a
year. Subscriptions should be sent to
the publishers, Orange Judd & Co.,
245 Broadway, New York City.
la year; four copies, tor fca; ten copies,;
, t , cach:i
n,W, 15 cents each. I
" : . . . ..
" Blessed is the man who invented sleep,"
said Sancho Pani. Still more blessed is
the man who inTented Barrett's Vegetable
Hair Beslorative.
"We "dropped into" J. K.
Will's Mammoth Dry Goods
Establishment early the other
mom no-and wereastonisneato
see the House crowded with
customers and half-a-dozen
clerks selling them goods at
the lowest figures at so early an
hour on such a disagreeable day
We thought the House 'would
soon be "cleaned out" if goods
wnre to be sold for a week to
such big crowds at such low
For Mishler's Herb Bittrse
Go Sisson's Drug Store.
The Littlk Corporal for Decem
ber is a capital number. Every child
ought to read it. A new volume be
gins with the next number. Only $1
a year. Sample copies sent free.
Address Alfred L. Sewell, Publish
er, Chicago, 111.
New Railroad Company. The
certificate of Incorporation of the
Ohio and Great Kanawha Railway
Company was filed November 29th in
the office of the Secretary of State.
Tho Incorporators are James Parmer,
Wm.' Mathers, Samuel W. Orr, John
McDona'd, David Clark,' Isaiah Bur
son, Andrew Y. Ryder, James Aikins,
Thomas ureen and John A. .Lindsay.
The capital stock is one million dol
lars. The names of tho termini of
said road are New Lisbon, Columbiana
county, and Galiipolis, Gallia county.
Said road shall pass through Co'um
biana, Jefferson, .Carroll, Harrison,
Tuscarawas, Guernsey, Muskingum,
Noble, Morgan, Perry, Athens, Vinton,
Meigs and Gallia. Ohio Statesman.
That is a movement that we had
not heard of. We suppose the road
wilLflse the track of the Marietta &
Cincinnati Railroad from Athens to
Hamden. "
The Public DKBT.-The public
debt on the first of, this month, ac
cording to a report from tho Treasury
Department, was $2,526,502,848.02.
iJut as there was then (ill, ow,6ii.'
35 in coin, and 832,458,080.67 in cur
rency in the Treasury; the real debt
is 2,47I,5U4,45th
By comparing this statement with
that issued in October last, it appears
that the debt bearing coin interest has
increased $42,914,850. The debt bear
ing currency interest , has decreased
$34,306,050. The maturod debt not
presented for payment has increased
$16,232. The debt bearing no inter
est has decreased $3,511, 699.98:
making a decrease in the total debt of
$4,886,667.90, ana tne decrease oi the
debt less cash in the Treasury, $4,772,
996.76. New Goods arriving-daily at
J. G. Shetland's Family Gro
eery.' Groceries of all kinds are
being sold at reduced prices.
Call and see. , , ; , .
For Fare Drugs and Medicines,
For Fare Drugs and Medicines, go to Sisson 's Drug Store.
Persons have died this year that
theUeyer died before. . .
people nave nrnrnuu mm iu
never married Deiore,
Hen have voted the Democratic
ticket this year that never voted it
before, ana we trust tnai iney wm uu
it again next year. ' .- ;V
For Strictly Pure White
For Strictly Pure White Lead at Cincinnati Prices,
Go to Sisson 's Drug Store.
The highest market prices
paid for Beef Hides and Sheep
Pelts, by Eli Jtejrnolds, at his
"RntrW RVirm. , next door to
Shetland's Family Grocery.
Nothing gives a lady so at
tractive and stylish appearance
during the winter as a handsome
set of Furs, and no lady should
be without them. One of the
finest assortments of these com
fortable adornments to be found
in town is at J. K. Will's. Le
fho Indies call at once ana see
V- w
for "themselves.
. hit waghinfr a negro m
know that negroes are not, voicis iu
Ohio, and that no "loyal" process of
white washing can change the skin ot
Wttt'tr Washing. Mr. Homer
Jones, nsnirant to represent the peo
the, Sth Senatorial district in
the Ohio Senato, has been looking
oftn thn TiArlinrrpft of. SfimO of his
kinky headed constituents and trying
,n wriir man. Mr. Jones should
on "RtViinninn
American citizen. Gdllipolfs Dispatch
New Paper. We have received tho
2d and 3d numbers of a new paper.
entitled the Ravenswood Press, .rioted
by L. A. Lyon & Co., at Kavenswood
West Va. It presents a neat appear
ance. We wish it success
Passing up the
street the
met two
country friends who had just
iciitj. iti
House,and were in perfect ecsta
cy over the splendid purchases
made. ; They appeared to be so
well pleased with the splendid
Boots they had purchased there
They requested us to inform our
readers that Geoee B. Will,
the Chief Salesman of J. K.
"Wikl's House, gave his cus
tomers better fits and sold boots
cheaper than any body else in
town. It would prove boot
less for us to say more.
TnE Weather. For lour or five
days past "November's chill and surly
blasts" drove Indian Summer from
our midst. On Sunday evening the
weather so moderated as to admit of
quite a decent little snow-storm, which
continued until about 9 o'clock on
Monday morning, when the storm
ceased and the snow began to melt
Dkt Goods Market. New
York JSov. 29. Dry Goods are
rather inactive, yet steady for
most kinds. Staple fabrics of
cotton print cloths are firm ai
6ll for standard makes. '
Prints steady and in moder
ate request at 12 tor all regular
makes, and 13 for favorite
brands. ......
New York, Nov. 30. Prices
are steady.
As goods are generally very
low, we have no particular
change to observe.
.'Our readers can see that
goods are very low in the New
York Market. The great de
cline in prices in the Eastern
market accounts for the low
prices at which goods are being
sold by Dan. Will & Bros., J.
K. "Will, J. A. Felton, E. D.
Dodge, of this town, and Will
& Co., of Zaleski. '
Well, all these, business men
advertise liberally, and can af
ford to undersell those who do
not advertise.
the best Juvenile Mairaiine. JEverv bov
ana gin inm sees 11 says so; an the press
say so j and Parents and Teachers confirm it.
Do not fail to eeonre t copy. A good . Mi
cioscope, with a Glass Cylinder to confine
living objects, or a good two-bladed, peart
Pocket-Knife, and a large numbers of other
desirable articles, given as premiums to each
subscriber. Yearly, $1.50. - The November
Number oommeuoea new volume.
Published by
473 Broadway, New York.. ;
Try it, Boys and Girls. SpeciUta copies,
cents, nailid fret.
''A flepository of Fusion, Plsanre, aid Iaitnotin."
Tbo PubiUheri will commenca, n Num
ber 1st, theisme of Harper't Batar, it Went
ly Illustrated Family Journal, deroted to
Fashion and Home tlUratore, , Their aim
i twofold ; to supply th (listing need of a
Weekly fashion Newspaper, and to oombtn
therewith a first-clae literary journal,
which will be iniiispensrble to every house-
' Arrangements have been made, at an im
mense cost, with tho most celebrated of the
FasbioaPapers of Europe, especially with
(he famous Baiarot Berlin, which supplies
the fashions si the leading journals of Par
is, to furnish the rame to them in advance,
so tht henceforth the Fsshtons will appear
in Harper't Bazar simultaneously with their
publication in Berlin and fans an advan
taee enjoyed by no other journal in the
country. . ' ,
The patrons of Harper's Baaar will receive
every fortmirht large ;attern-plates, oon
tuining from 40 to 60 full-sized patterns for
ladies , misses , children s bonnets, clonks,
dresses, under-olothing, and ether articles,
accompanied with the necessary descriptions
and directions, and occasionally an elegnm
Colored Fashion Plate of the . size of liar
ver'i Weekly.
Harper's Bazar will contain 16 folio pages
of the size of Harper s Weekly, printed on
superfine " calendered paper, and will be
published weekly.
. 1868.
The Publishers ave perfected a system
of mailing by whioh they oan supply tho
Magazine, Weekly, and Bazar promptly
those who prefer to receive their periodica
directly frera the Office of Publication. Post
Masters and others desirus of getting up
clubs will be supplied with a Show Rill on
The posing on Harper's Bnxiir is 20 cents
a year, which must be paid at the subscri
ber' post-bffico. T
Harper's Bazar one year $4 00
An Extra Copy of either the Magazine,
Weekly, and Bazar will be suppWd gratis
for every Club of FIVE SUBSCR1BKUS at
$4 00 each, in one remittance; or 6 copies
for S20 00. ' x
Back numbers can be supplied at any
ggf Subscriptions sent from British Aorih
American Provinces must be
ntfinmrta ; j
with 20 cent? additional, to prepay United
States postage.:
Franklin Square, New York.
'I A Complete Piotorial History of the' Timet t
"TJie best, cheapest, and -most Successful
Family Paper in the Union.
Critical Kolicet of the Preit.
The Model Newspaper of-our country-
complete in all the departments of an Am
erican t amity rnper norper B neeKty litis
earned for itself a right to iis title, "a jour
nal of civilization." New York Evening Potl
Our future historians will enrich them-
selves out of Harper's weekly long after
writers, and printers, and publishers are
turned to dust. -Aew 1 urk Evangelist.
The best of its olass iu America. Motion
Harper's Weekly may be unreservedly de
clnred the best newt paper in America The
Independent, New York.
The arMoles upon publio questions which
appear in Harper's Weekly from week to
week from a remarkable series of brief polit
ical essays. They nre distinguished by
clear and pointed statement, by good com
mon sense, by independence and breadth of
view. They are in the expression of mature
conviction, high principle, and strong feel
ing, and take their place among the best
newspaper of the time. North American Re
view, Botton.
The Pntilishera haveperfee'ed a svstom ol mailina
bv which thev cen supply the Magazine, Weeklv,
and Bazar promptly to those who prefer to receive
their periodicals directly from the Office of Publica
tion. The postage on Harper'i Weekly ia 2u cents a
yeawhicn must be paid at the subscriber's postoflice.
Harper Weekly, one year. - J4 no
An extra oupvof either the Magazine. Weekly, or
Bazar will be. supplied gratis tor every club ot tsub
scribers at 84 each, in one remittance; or O copies
lorSiiOOO. Back nnintierH can be supplied at nnv
time. The Annua Velumes of Harper's Wekly,'
n irreat cloth binding, with tie sent bv express, free
ot expense, for eacn. A complete set, comprising
n volume!, senrnn receiju wi casn ni uie rate 01
626 per volume, fncixht at expense of purchaser..
oiume Al. reaay janunry i.it, iouo.
Hubserii,tions eentfrom Uritish North Amerl
can Provinces muat tw accompanied w'th 'H cents
addditional, to prepay t'nited Mates postage.
Franklin Square, Now York,
White Chester Pis,
OFFFR for sale a few pair of Thorough Brod
Chester Pig, warranted pure blood, cot ukin.
Hrice. oer pnir, two months old, tit! no
Br ice, per pair, three months old, 2a 00
I'ersona wanting the beat breed of Hogs In the Uni
ted States, should address their orders to me at
Galiipolis, Ohio, where they will meet with prompt
aiiemioni . . v. a. VAiibirM,
November 28, 1807-3m
Twenty Melodic Exercises,
in roRM or V
; . ; ; BOPaRO VOICES, . ...
Studies- to acquiri tht Art Singing.
These exercises were composed tp be used 'si
multaneously with bis system, "The rt of singing,'
with anv other method for the cultivation ol Ok
Tolcef and wHI take place of Cokcums'i Solrxooius;
being moie meionioua ana uci auapieu ior icaen
ing. Borne of these exercises are specially beautilul
well as useful, a mingling of duke at utile, which
secures Ihe interest as well as the lmproement 01
the student. The various aiylea developed In these
exercises render them Invaluauie in an eaucational
nmnt nfTiew.aa thev tend to enlaree the intelli-
fence and the appreciation, and at tue same time
form the tnate ot ther pupil. Th must be studied
carefully with reference to the innumerable marks ol
expression and ornamentation. Upon the minute
accuracy with which these are accomplished de
pends tne actual storting adrancemeul of the pupil;
nnv evasion or slurring in these respects s t.meand
eflort uiteily wasted, while, on the other hand, a
close and patient investigation, and open to tne stu
dent themeans and resources by which great arth,U
produce their most brilliant aad profound effects.
Watson's AatJocan.i,. .
in Twit Volumes. -
Price, eaoh, in Boards, Retail, $2 00
do do in Cloth, Retail, 2 00
Sample copy - set by Mail, post-paid, en
; reooipt of Wholesale Prioe, $1.50.
PabliBhed by WM. HALL & SON,
Ho. 643 Broadway, New York., -:;
Publishers and Dealers in Music, and Manu
; faoturera of Flutes, Fifes, Flageolets, &o.
Bend for catalogue of prices.
JubsJO, lWt-n
Best is the Cheapest.)
Harvest Is Over I
, The Yield Is Great I ' ' . .
Prosperity Abounds-
, . ' Winter is Coming
rpHE RUBAIi is the Lending and Lament nrou-
X latum newspaper of its elai
Hft on tho comment
atinrr or in vuiue and vnriny or uomems ana
beauty of appearance. It embnues more Agncultu
rnl. Hortipultuia. Scientific, Educational, Literary
and News Matter, Interspersed with EiiRraving,
than ai
any other Journal for H comprisea departments
t (o or includina Auriculture. Horticulture,
onefp Husonnuiy, uraziug, j'Hirvinu, ihi, n,u,n
teeturn. Domestic Economv. Choice Literature, Sei
... .... i , .i 1 1J...U.I A hi ! .
oiwa ami Art. Education. Youth'a Readme, General
Ns, Commerce, Morkets. with Illu'tmtioui, Tales,
Essays, Mus'c, Poetrv, Kebusses, Enigmas, tc.
Th R iivnl Nm Vnrkrrlaa National Journal cir
culatlno largely in th East and West, riortli and
South. It employs the best talent In all depart
nients. Itieorpi nt editors, contributors, Ac, com
prise many of (lie twst fanners, planter, wool
umui.i on-net. Unrtiniilnirists. Ac and also au-
tliora. eholurs. e.. of note and ability. In brief
the Knral la obiy edited, profusely illustrated, neatly
printed practical, scintitie, useliil moral, instruc
tive and cntortaiuing. Wherever located, in coun
try, village, or ciiy, You Want the Rurall Your
Family nnd Friomllv want ill For It is adapted to
the wents of all. Note ihut it is not a monthly, but
a Largo and lioaiitilul Weekly!
Each No. contains Eight I'ouoia quarter rages,
printed in exths style Clear Type, Gooil Paper, and
more and better Illustration- than any otlmr Journal
ol its class. A Title 1'age, Index, Ac. at close ot vol.
Tuniis Onlvt3ajeari to clubs of ten, S2.6U per
copy. Vol. Xl. begins Jan 4, isus voir is ine
time to subscribe and club. Mrcnt Oflera to club
agenis. Specimens, bhow-hills, I'rdnmmi Lists, Ac.
ent free; or the 13 numbers ol this Qiurter, (Oct. to
Jan.) on trial, for Only Kilty Cenlal AUdiess
l, u. l. .ai nun
y . Rochester, N. Y.
O.tT. :0Ullns2ru.x!3li
13 NOW making better pictures than ever. ' He
keeps posted in all the latest impovemeutsin
ana uses none out i no very Ul'fV ui hhu:i in iit,
L.nn plotOKinph any kind ot pictures, enlarge them
, i . . ... , . i . t .. i .. i n rT .
to uny aire, un j uoiur luciuiu
Oil, India Ink, or "Water Colors.
, He makes
Porcelain Pictures, Ferrotypes, Ambro
types, Photographs, Gems,
and all otherkind that are made In the largest cit
ies; and keeps constuutly on hand an utsortiuent of
PictlirC Cord,
All kinds of
Nov. 14, lS67-tf
Gold Medal
October 10, 165.
In direct cen.pctition with all ths leading
makers in the country.
S K O- A. 3ST
PelonDet, Pelton ti Co,, Uannfaotnren,
ESPECTFUIvLY invito the attention of purchns-
IX era, the trade and the protession to tl:etollow
ing iiistrument3 of their manufacture:
Pedal Base Organs,
Five sizes, Five Octave, one to'three banks of keys.
Bank, Kuoewood and Walnut Cases.
8-Prices $250 to $000.33
School Organs,
"r''"Y J,";' ;,, ,
Twelve atvles, one to four sets of needs, single
8STPrices $130 to ?400.&
Piano style nnd portable Twelve varieMea, fiom
four to six octaves. Single and Double Ueed, Uose
wood and Black Walnut Odes.
B2rPrices $05 to S260.3
Every Instrument is made by competent work
men, from the best matenal, under our pcrsoal su
pervision, nnd every modern improvement wnrlhy
ofthe name is introduced in them Amonj these
would call ntten'.ion tu the 'I RF.MOLANTK, which
has been so much admired, and can be I01111U only 111
instruments of our own manufacture.
1'rom ainons the very fluttering Testimonials of
minent rroteasors ana urgani s,wegivo t Holt) I
lowing extracts:
The pe'inl.s I conceive to be unapproachable in their
Deaiituui smootu quaiiiy. wm. a. iuno. ;
It is a grand instrument, and docs credit to the
buildor. H. C. Folkhii, Troy, N. V.
Thc-y are among the finest instruments manufac
tured eiiher in this country or abroad . Wu. Sir.ua, J
Mof ENTiiii., Aptomas.
'I hey have giren unlveMal satisfaction. W. B.
Hawi sv, Foil du Lao, Wis. - -. ,
There is a peculiarly sw eet and sympathetic tono,
harmeniieschariiiinx y w ith the voice.---VV.ll Cookr
I am parti ..marly pleased with the arrangement ol
different regiaters. W. II Bradbury.
No other insfrunent as neurly appreaches the or-gan-The
'ihis iiiairuinuiit has a Ciear superiority over any
thing yet introduced among us.--lndependeni,N.V.
The tonea and thenctiou are excellent. Hev. S.
Leaviit, Hudson, N. Y.
'1 he moie wo use it the better we like it. 1 J. B,
Hague, Hudson N. Y,
ieue, nuuBon, 1..
Ine two Bank Or
1 hetwoBanK UrKiu
a Harmonium is really agem,
J. W. Henuicut, liestou, Mass.
W e have tound them exbellest in all points eostitu-
ting a good instrument.- J, C. Cook, T.J. Cook.
It looKsand sound splendidly,- f-. H. -nxton,Trny.
"The moat pel tect toned Meiodoou 1 evvr saw,' '
Guy F. North.
'They lull back on such substantial merits as su
peiinrity 01 workmenship, beauty of tone and rea
sonableness ol price, cud we must si.y Hint In nl.
ineir resiecis mev are wen wonny 01 pruiee. ' Mu
sical Pioneer, August 'J5. ...
Every Instrument is fully warranted, and
Boxed and Shipped in Mew York City with
out charge. - ' "
Ciroulors, Cuts and Pries Lists, etc, sent
application to
;,f,: ' ;i;" 841 Broadwayi New York,
to anp of oar Agents in the oities of tin
Union. " ' " - !- 41 ly
. : ,!..;,;' ,'V4ConroBiAity.a.,.
' ., ' .,.,.:...,;! TaussEs. .
, . Comfort and curt for the
-ftt -' Mupturtd. . . .
. i (Hi $.'. -. Bent post paid on receipt
-i'e-j- ?f lOoents.., Address - .
.J-vI - Dr. E. B F0OIE,
tV. - (. 110- Lexington Avenue,
U v ," ,' , Corner Kait28ta Btu Nsw
York. ,
Is Chartered by the Stale of Pennsylvania,
w . , and Orgauized in aid of the
tliversid Institute
For Educating OraluiioUtty Soldicrt' and Saite
on' Oipham.
' Incorporated by the 8tate of N. li
: . ' April .8,. 1867,
The H'Bfihington Library Company
By virtue of their charter, nnd In aocoidance with
its provUiona. will distribute
Tkreo Hundred Thousand Dollars
To the Shareholders)
On Wednesday, 8th. of January ncx,
v " At Philadelphia, Pa.,
Or at the Institute, Rivertide, N. J.
1 Tresant worth
1 Present worth
y 1 Tresent worth
1 Present worth
Pi-t'seuis worth 52,500 each
.1 Present valued at
2 Presents valued at 15,000 each
1 Present valued at
4 Presents valued at S3. 000 each
2 Piescuts valued at 3 000 each'
8 Presents valned'til 1.000 each
20 Presents vii tied ul 500 enoh
10 Presents valued tit 800 vnuli
3 Presonts vjijncl ul 230 each
28 Presents valued lit 225 each
55 Presents valued lit yoOe.'cli
60 Presents valued lit $75 each
110 Pie ents valued ai $1C0 each
20 Presents valued at S7," enoh
20 000
30.1 00
10 000
10 000
4. BOO
11,000 '
It Presents valued at $50 curi'i
The roainining Presents cnnsiwis of ar.
. licles of una and value apperlnining
to the diQ'usiou of Literature aud (ho
fine arta 532 coo
Each certiflenteof stock is accompanied with a
Worth Mors at Hetail thau the. Cost
And also Insures to the holder a
Present in the Great Distribution.
Subscription One Dollar.
Any person sending us One Dollar, or par
ing the snmo to our local Agents, will receive
immedtntelv n. fiun Sfenl Pli. P.,,.ne;n A,
Choice from the following list, and One Ocr-
uuciiic ui mocK, insuiinjj uue l resent in
our pubiishe l schedule.
One Dollar Engravingt
No 1 "My Child! My Child!" No 2
"They're ?uvcd!" No 3 "Old Seventy-six;
or, the Early Unys of the Revolution "
. Any person paying Two Dollars will re
ceive either of the tUeol Plates, tit choice, nnd
Two Certificates of Slock, thus becoming en
titled Two Presents.
7ito Ihdlar Engravings,
Nn. 1 "Washington's Ooiirlhii." No. 2-"YVaiih-ington'a
Last Interview with iiis Mother."
Three Dollar Engravings,
Any person paying 'lhree l.'oll.ns will receive th
beautiful strel I'luie ol "Home I'riuii Ihf War," and
Three ccrtitlcatea of stock, becoming entiilad l
Three 1'retents.
Four Dollar Engravings.
Any person paying Four Dollars shall receive the
Inre and beautilul steel Plato of "The Perils ol Our
Forefathers," and Four certificates ol ktock, enti
tling them 10 Four I'reseuts.
Five Dollar Engravings.
Any person who pays tivo Dollars, shall receive
the InrKC and splendid steel Plate of "The Jlainnge
1,1 ruitiiouui, itiio rive cenincaics or stock, enti
tlini; them to Five Preset. is.
The enravinus and certificates will be delivered
to each subscriber at our Local Agencies, 01 sent
oymail, post paid, or express, as may So ordered.
How (0 OUain Shares and Engravings.
Send orders to us by mail, enclosing from ore to
twenty dollars, either by I'ostOtlice orderaorins
registered k-ttoi, at our risk. Larger amounti
should bs oont by draft or express.
10 slmrss with engravings 0 SO
25 shares with engravings 23 60
B0 shares with engravings 40 60-
75 shares with engravings 69 00
10O shares with engravings 90 00-
Local Agents wanted throughout the Uni
ted States.
Situate at Riverside, Burlington countv. New
Jersey, is founded for the purpose of gratu
itously educating the sons of deceased Sold
iers and Seaman of the United Stales.
The Hoard of Trustees consists of the following
well-known citizens of Pennsylvania and New Jersey :
lion. William Maui),
District Aliorney, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon. Lewis 11. Broomall,
Ex-Chief Coiner U. S. Mini, njid Recorder
of Deed, Philadelphia, Pu.
lion. James M. Scovcl, New Jersey.
Hon. IV. W. Ware, New Jersey.
Henry (lurmnii, Dsq ,
Agent. Adnms' Express, Philadelphia, Pa.
J. E. Coe, Esq ,
Of Joy,. Coe & Co., Philadelphia.
Tbeasuhv DirA?TMvxt, Washington, D. C, April
18, 1SG7. Office ol Internal Hevenue: llavinu r..i i.,r.
satisfactory evidence that the procei us 01 ihe en
ierprisefioi.dn. ti d by the Washinjion I.ibn.n Com-
puny win ne ctevoiea to i hai ita! ie uses. ein.ihii.n. .
hereby Kinnlcd tosaid com 11:11. v to i.nmi,u.i
enterprise exempt from- all charge, whether fV,.nn
special nix or oilier amy. Ji. A imi.I.lNs,
The Assosialinn have appointed as Recei
vers, Messrs. 6 EURO C A. COOKE & CO ,
whose well know integrity and huainoss ex
perience will be a ifiiuietit guaianiue that
he money entrusted to them will be prompt
y applied to tlie purpnJe sLutei .
Pcii.ADP.t.PHiA. Pa , May 2. 1807.
TotheOfncers and Members uf the Wa-hinutou Li
brary Company, N. S. HEA 1 1, becretiiryi
tientlemeiil: Un reo ipt ,of your favor ot
ihe 15ih inst., notifying us ;of our appoint
ment as Receivers for your Conpany, we
100k the liberty to submit a copy of your
Cearter, with a plan of your enterprise to
eminut legal authority, nnd having receiv
ed his favorable opinion in regard to its le
gality, and sympathising with the benevo
lent objeot of yourAssociationfvis : the edu-
oation and maintenance of tho orphan chil
dren of our soldiers und sailors of the Riv
erside Insiilu'e, we have concluded to ac
cept the trust, and In use our best efforts to
promote so worthy an object.
iiespestiiilly, Vours, Ac, '
Address all letters and oiders to . . .
GEO. A. COOKE & CO., Bankers.' -
83 Bouth Third Street, -
s. -.,.... Philadelphia, Pa. i
Reoeivers for the WashlngUa Librsry Co. -July
4, l87-m '

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