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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, December 05, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer
Discovery op Gold in Vinton
C ounty. "We notice in many of our
exchange papers that Gold has been
discovered in different parts of the
country; but no gold has yot been dis
covered that is so pure as that lately
discovered in Vinton county. It haB
been ascertained that, by purchasing
the different varieties of FruitTrees,
Grape Vines, &c, at the beautiful
Nursery of J. & W. Gold, 11'carMcAr
thur, and carefully palnting them,
and taking good care of them for two
or three years, until they begin to
bear the golden fruit, that a more prof
itable gold mine was never before dis
covered and worked. Go and see
J. & W.Gold.
For Fine Perfumery,
Goto Sisson'a Drug Store. '
J. G. S 'WETLAND lias JUSt l'C
ccivccl a superior quality of
Coffee which he is selling lower
than it can be bought elsewhere.
Drugs, Books
Strong's. '
and Stationary, at
The best quality of brown and
bleached muslins can be bought
tit DoDGii's at the lowest figures
Those .wishing to pay their sub
scriptions in Potatoes, Apples, Chick
ens, or almost anything clte, will
please call and eta so.
. BoABUEits Yv antkd. A few board
ors can be accommodated at George
Bull's, ia the North part of town. 5v
For Oyer's ITlcriiciues,
Cull at Simon's Drug Store.
List of letters remaining in the post
office at McArthur, Ohio, December
1st, 18G7:
David Boring, J. M. Brown, Henry
0. Carrick, James Hutohins, Iluth
Jarvis, 2; A. M. Stevens, Zelinda
Shields, G. W. Simpson, Josiah Stough
ton, 2.
j. n. Mclaughlin, p. ji.
Best Commercial Note at Strong's.
Kaos Wanted. llring all
tills nffiae, where tho liigliett
will be paid for them.
your raps to
iuark.il priii
The New Wagon and
Shop and Blacksmith Shop, on the cor
ner west of the Kaler House, are now
open and the business is being carried
on extensively. Samuel Books, the
Wagon and Carriage Maker, is manu
facturing to order ail kinds and styl.es
uf buggies, sulkys, carriages, 6pring
"wagons, all other kinds of wagons,
and in fact every thing that runs on
whee's from a trotting buggy to a
four horse coach. He is a first class
workman, and keeps none but the best
"workmen in his employ. All work
warranted. .and made of the best ma
terial. Repairing of all kinds dono on
shortest notice and on reasonable
terms. Everything cheaper than else
where. Then there is the Blacksmith Shop
connected with the Wagon Shop,
which is superintended by F. II. Chid
istor, a superior workman, who is pre
pared to do all kinds ot work in his
line, such as horse shoeing, ironing
wagons, buggies, sleighs, &c. Just the
place to go for the best work.
New Rat Exterminators at Strong's.
Moore's Rural New Yorker.
This is the leading and largest circu
lating and most popular agricultural
journal printed on this Continent;
and it should be read in every family.
It is not a monthly, but a weekly jour-1
nal adapted to the wants ot all per
sons containing departments without
number. We should feel miserable to
hear a person say he did not want it
after reading the prospectus in anoth
part of our paper.
Wanted Eggs'' and Butter at this
this office, for which the highest mar
ket price will be paid.
Printers, like other men, sometimes offer
lorn very good bargains, Any person
wishing to purohase splendid Piano, will
save from one hundred to one hundred and
fifty dollars by calling at this office. We
an furnish them at greatly reduoed rates.
Wood's Zonio Bitters at Strong's.
. i" .
Lost. A Gold Sleeve Button, about
the size of a silver dime, with a black
enameled German letter A in the cen
tre, and black enamel line around it.
Any person finding and : leaving it at
thit ofBce, will be liberally rowarded.
T'icayune has decided views upon the
I tiiodl-rh tttreet dress) , It Bays:' '
.'The dress is rather short and has
I not sa many Widths In the skirt w
sweep the.' streets. i It
- . '
nantrS irraCeiUllV OVer a hOOn At m.
t, v r ...
spec-table dimensions, and not one that
... .. .
aescnoes an OrDlt equal to a plunet
Tr o-ivPQ tr thA fnvm Utha n kL
airy appearance, adorning, and not
deforming the outlines of the handi
work of. nature. ' ' . ; .
The beautiful fabrics that are made
now-a-days, and, the art and taste dis
played in trimming the skirts of
walking dresses, make them, besides
being convenient and comfortable,
really handsome. The fair creature,
with one of these walking dresses,
looks as though she could trip and
skip along that the native springi
ness of the limbs, was not hampered
in fact, she looka like some symmetri
cal little craft skimming over the
sparkling water.
"We have been told that some ladies
object to wearing these short skirts,
because they leave the feet too much
exposed.. Perhaps ' some think their
feet not handsome enough to be seen.
This is all a mistake. With the pret
ty, tight-laced, high-heeled walking
boots, most any foot looks woll encased
in them. And why should a lady bo
ashamed of that which nature gave
her? ,. :
Of course theBO short walking skirts
would not be suitable to ladies
advanced in years, but Wo hope those
who aro in their sunny days, especial
ly the ; lassies, will continue to use
them, and leave street sweeping to
Barrett's Vegetable Hair Restora
tive at Strong's. "
In this paper will be found a pros
pectus for a new Agricultural paper
to bo published at Columbus. It is
high time that such a paper was being
established in the central portion of
our glorious agricultural State. It is
said the Editors and Proprietors
Messrs. Dwyor & Busbey are compe
tent to the task. Tho people of Vin
ton county should give the new paper
their hearty support. . We will furn
ish tho new paper and this papor for
one year for 83.
Blank Books at Strong's.
Wanted An industrious man with
a small family, to work on a farm.
For particulars inquire at this office,
OSxio Farmer
Going Right Along for 1868
Volume XVII for 1868.
Devoted to Rural & Household Affairs.
TERMS-gingle Copy, only Two Dollars
a year. An Estry Copy One Year for every
wuo or ien; an jcivtra uopy Six months
for a Club of Six. Specimens and Proa
pectuses, confining special terms to Agents.
sent tree to persons desiring to get up Clubs
Address, Ohio Farmer, Cleveland, Ohio
"Sheriff's Saie"
Txi DPjartitiort.
State of Ohio, Vinton County.
Jehiel A. Felton and
Felton and 1 In Vint
Felton, Plaintiffs, j court
t I pitas.
Vinton county
Eliza A.
common of
Joseph W. Rannalls, Charlotte I
ltanaals, Homer 0. Jones,
James K. Jones, Mordecai H. .
Jones, Cidna Jones, and Da
vid Warren Jones, Defend- Order of Sale,
nnts. --r.-j' ... f
IN pursuance fo the command of an order to me
directed in the above cause from the court nf
mon picas of Vinton county, and Staie of Ohio, and
bearing date of November Soth, A. D. 18iiT. 1 will
offer lor sale, at the Door of the Court House, in
junuvi tf.vn.vnur, iu tuuresaia county 01 Vltlton.
on '
Monday, the 30th day of De
cember, A. D, 18G7,
at the hour ol 1 o'clock P, M of said day, the follow
ititr lands and tenements, to-wit:
Tn-Lots Numbers One Hundrerl and Tmniu.mr.
fl29.W)ne Hundred nnd Thirl v mn !., ir..' i i
and Thirty-one (1.11,) One Hundred and Thirtv-tvo
.u-t; "h'iu'ou "Niy-uiree viod,! and vjne
iiundied and Thirtv-foiir (134.1 and Our.i t wm.
tiers Thirty (30,) Thirty-two (:i2.) Thirty-threo (33.1
and Thirty-four (34,) in I
Vinton countyOiiio;
tne VilUge of McArthur,
ran or the South-west Quarter and Part of the
North-East Quarter of Section Number
20, Town Number Eleven No. 11, Range Number
chvdwi tjuiuu vuuuiy, unio, oontainins
61 acres more or less.
Apprnised as follows, to-witi i ..
Out-Lot Number Thirty f30 at Two Himd.
red and Fifty Dollars $250 00 :
Out-Lot Number Thirty two 321 at Two
Hundred and Fifty-six Dollars and Fiftv
cents$256 60;j '
Out-Lot Number Thirty-three 33 at One
Hundred and Eight Dollars $ 1 08 00;
Out-Lot Number Thirty-four 34 at Three
Thousand Dollars 3,000 00:'
In-Lots Numbers One Hundred and Twen
ty -nine 129 and One Hundred and Thirty
130 at Sixty Dollars r$80 00; .
In-Lots Numbers One Hundred and Thirty-one
131, One Hundred and Thirty-two
182, One Hundred and Thirty-three 133
and One Hundred and Thirtv-four 134 LI
Five Hundred Dollars$600 00 ; .
Part of the SouthWest Quarter and Part
of the North-East Quarter of Seotlon Num
ber Twenty 20,J Township Number Eleven
111, -Range Number Seven'een ri7 at Two
Hundred and Sixty-Five Dollars $265 00:
And each of the above desoribed Lands
and Tenements musl brier two.thirda nfiK.
appraised Talue respectively.
One-third cash In hand; m.A.tM.j . ' ' .
fc,l,Trlhi,d ',n y,",,,rara 'he day - ofsaV-d,.
feired payments to bear interest nd t5 be secured
by mortgage upon the premises eold. ?
iunn J. BHOCKEY,
Member !8,,u4t-w ..... ; .... :,t "J
Prospectus of the Cleveland Plain Dealer i
Prospectus of the Cleveland Plain Dealer i PRESIDENTIAL YEAR !
The Cleveland Plain. Dealer, : one of the
liul ..... nrlntixl I- (11,1a ilK
" 1 s v, 11 . lilt b k II li iuvw 114 ' ' lull ! HI!
Ivt nt n unml mn.i' i.illnll thu nnntin.
..j r. .... B..v ....
nancs of iha patronage of the people of the
0. - f . L . . .1 l T -
""e, "0 1 norm-wee. ,iio expense
, U b spared to- make H A Biadabi
Each issue will contain a large quantity
of Folitioal,. Finaaoial. Agricultural and
Literary Reading Matter. With our tele-
graphio faoiliiies, and our Correspondents
at Washington, Columbuf, Hew York and
Chicago, and we ro able to make the Plain
Dealer the best Family Newspaper in the
Great attention will be paid to our Mar
ket Reports, nnd no pains will be spared to
give our readers the latest news. We can
gite our patrons' the nsws days in advance
of our Eastern competitors. ,
Term or Wbkkly Plain Dealer.
The Weekly Plain Dealer, single copy
per year, $ 2 00
Six Months . , 1 1 00
An extra copy will be (riven to whoev
er will us a club of Ten with . 20 00
Or 20 subscribers 6 mouths with . 20 00
TheTrl-Weekly Plain Dealer will be sent
to any parly sending us a club of 20 for one
year, tor a olub numbering between 30
and 60 we will send our Daily. Whenever
possible, money should be sent by Draft, or
t'. t). Money Order,
Daily Plain Dealer, one year by mail, $10 00
in-Weekly 1'lain Dealer, one year 5 00
do do do six months, 2 50
do do do Three months 1 25
The Presidential Canvass has already
commenced, and every Democrat interested
in securing the election of a Democratio
President should subscribe for the Plain
Dealer, whioh, standing upon the platform
of the Constitution, advocating , Equal Jus
tice to all sections of our common oountry,
the same Currenby for the Bondholder that
the people are compelled to receive, equal
ity of Taxation and immediate Re-Union,
will be no laggard in the great struggle for
the ascendency in 1808.
We have no trapeling agents, and Demo
crata of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and other
Slates, who receive this Prospectus, will ob
lige us and further the cause by securing
subscriptions for us.
In every District and Township some Dem
oorat should appoint, himself a committee of
one to solicit subscriptions for the Uld Plain
Dealer, which osrries the banner of th
party , in the very midst of tha enemy's
stronghold. The Democracy of Ohio should
stand by this paper, which champions their
cause .where most it .needs defenders. It
is highly important to VhS cause . that
thoroughly Democratio paper should be
liberally supported in the most important
city in northern Uluo,
We Invite Demoorats everywhere, and
Republihans who wish to see what Demo
orats hrve to say in behalf of . their and
candidates, to subscribe for bur paper.
fjTClubs can commence at any lime.
Specimen copies sent free on application
Plain Dealer Buildings,
Cleveland, Ohio.
New England Farmer
from thisdate to January 1, 18.9.
14 Months for only One Dollar and
iiity U en is in advance, .
4-8 "ages of reading matter in each
number, handsomely illustrated,
and largely composed of original
588 Prge ofValuable and interesllni
Agiioultural and Horticultural
; readingin the volume for 1807.
0 nd upward extremely Liberal Pre
miums ottered tor new subscribers.
1 new name for our list will entitle
you to a premium.
3 cent stamp pays for specimen and
Merchants' Row, Boston, the place
of publication, and all letters
should be addre?sed to
R. P. EA TON $ CO ,
rubliehen N. E Farmer.
For 1QQ7-Q.
E. B. EsnLEHAR and Ciias. B. Flood, Edilon.
t RiotiABO Nbvins, Frinter and rublither.
This old journal, whion is devoted to an
an earnest and vigorous advocacy of Dem
ocratio Principles and the Rights of the
People is now publishEd on the following
Terms Cask in Advances
Daily one Year , ; $9 00
Daily Six months . 4 50
Tri-Weekly one year . 4 50
in-Weekly six months 2 25
Weekly one yaar 2 00
Weekly six months ' 1 00
To the getter up of a club of Five or
more for the ' Weekly ' Statesman for one
year, a compensation of 83 cents a copy
will be paid. : - . ' i
Congress met on the 21st of November,
and the Ohio Legislature will meet on the
1st Monday in January. The doings of
both these bodies will be faithfully laid be
fore the readers of the Statesman, and every
effort made to make It deserving general
Bend for Specimen Copies.
v : ? : Columbus, Ohio.
Sheriff's Sale.
i State of Ohio, Vinton County.
Nefl, Eagan 4 Slocomb, Plaintiffs, 1 In court of corn
against . , . , 1 mon Pleas.
bamuel V. Dodge and ! ('
Robert E. Phillins. Defendants. I Order of Sale.
PURSUANT to the command oi'an order nf sale in
the above cause ii-sued from the Court of Com
mon Pleas of Vinton county, Ohio, and to me di
rected ns Sheriff of said county, I will offer for sale
at public auction, at the door of the Courtllouse, in
the Town ot McArthur, in the county of Vinton, on
MONDAY, the 6th Day of January,
A. P. 1867, m..
at the hour I o'clock r. u. bfsaid day, the following
lands and tenements, to-witi' -r..-. ! .
Twenty Feet off ef the West Side of In-
Lot Number Sixty-Seven (67,) in the Town
of McArthur, County aad Slate aforesaid.
Taken as the property of Bamuel v. Dodge to
(.atisfran orderand decree of said court in favor ol
Neff, Eagan 4 Slocomb. ,;i
Appraised at one thousand six hundred, dollar
and mut bring two-thirds ol that num.
Terms of Salecash in hand at the time nrsale.
. (" i ' HherTJ Vmtoa oou ntj, O.
H.O. Jones, Alt'y for Pl'ff. , ; v
December 6, 1867-5W -10.,. '.' r "'',. ',
Atf Old Songf Set to a New Tune,
At ipring approaches
Ante and Rozchet
, from thtir holet conn out,
And Mict and' Rati
In epite of cati, " '
Gaily tkip about.
18 years established in N. Y City." :
winji iiimiuuHi reuipuies Known.
"Free from poisons."
i "Not dangerous to the human family."
' "Huts come outoitheir holsa to die."
'Costar's" Eat, Eonch. &c. Exterm's
. i
Is a paste lined lor Rats, mice, Roaches,
Black and Red Ants, Ac, Ac,
"Costar's" Bed-Bus Exterminate!
Is a liquid or wash used to destroy, and
alsa as a preventive for Bed Bugs, Ac.
"CostarV Electric Powder for Insects
. Is for moths, misquitoes, Fleas, Bed-Sugs,
Insects on I'lantB, iFuwIs, Animals, Ac.
f I I Brwaib I I I of all worthless lnnHnn.
WSee that "f ittar'a" name is on each box, hot'
tie, nnd Flask, before yon buy
8Address I1BNKT R. COSTAR, ;
484 Broadway, New York.
86?"Sold in McArthur, by J. S. Strong,
anu an uruggtsis aua dealers everywhere
For Cuts, Burns, Bruises, Wounds, Boils,
Canoers, Broken Breasts, Sore Nipples, Blee
ding, Blind and Painful Piles; 'Scrofulous,
Putrid and Ill-conditioned Soree; Uloerp,
Swellings, Eruptions, Cutaneous Affections,
Ringworm, Itch, dims, Buuions, Chilblains,
o.$ Uhapped Hands, Lips, so.; Bites of
Spiders, Insectp, Animals, &o.
J8-Boxes 25 cts., 50 cts., and $1 sizes.
8-Snld hy all drugging every where.
fi-And by Hssbt H. Costar, Depot 484
Broadway, New York,
idTSold by J. 8. Strong, McArlbur, O.
CORN 80 L T i K T,
For Corns, Bunions, TVnrts, Ae.
CS" Boxes ti ots., to cts., and 1 sizes.
8" Sold by all Diuggists everywhere.
HaTAnd by Henry K. Costar, Dcj,ot 484
Broadway, New York.
fiTAud by J. S. Strong, MoArthur, O.
Used to soften and beautify the skin, ramove freek
les. Pimples. Eruptions. Ac.
Ladies are now using it in preference to all others.
JfOSTUottles 51.
8SSold by all druggists everywhere!
ffoTAnd by Henry R. Costar, Depot 484
Broadway, flew iork,
8And by J. S. Strong, McArthur, 0.
For Couch?, Colds. Hoarseness. Sore Throat.
Croup, Whooping Cough, Influensa. Asthma,
Consumption Bronchial Affeotions and al
diseases of. the Throat and Lungs.
Rtruotties Z5 ots, 50 ots, and 51 sues. :
BeTSold by all druggists evey where.
BAnd by Henry R. Costar, Depot 484
Broadway. New York.
And by J.S. Strong, MoArthur, O. ....
For nervous and sick Heartache, cnstlvenoss. Indl.
(rostipn, dyspepsia, biliotitness, constipation, diar
rhea, colics, chills, levers, and general derangement
Ol the Digestive Organs.
suruoxea :ucta, oocts, Slsiies. :
l-bold by all druggists everywhere; , '
And by Henry R. Costar. Denot 484 Broad.
way, New York; ' '
And by, J.,8 Strong, ' '
O. W Sisieo. yeAHha. O, .
Soy..7,-HS7. . : . .
i, ,V1 .... -t . ; . .' . . ' r
JIVT received at SWETLAND'S a fresh stipply
To which is added a good assortment of
Also, a lot of
Which will make fine
And which I will sell very cheap! Give me a call!
Octobers, lSC7-3m
013 Broadway,
n;ew yoek cit y'.
OULD call particular attention to their
New Family Sewing Machines
h i I a, 5,rinc,P;,iFanilly Machines that make
w jWJf bi 'Ch' t.w',h J fiI'""oT Neeulf, The
Weed Machines have both the Whfel nnd Drop
Feed, therefore are suited to nil kinds of sewing.
Prices correspond with those of other First-class
rtl ill' n irtpa
,iB) GUI Broiidwuy, New York
Fall Stock !
Main Street, . . . ' . McArthur,
H'vie.' I'a " T" of the latest
styles of Woods, which he will
Soil Ohoaper thai tko Cioayost in Kwnt
And also hating the best assorted slock of
Ot the Vinest and Latest i; les, for
rexx and Hoys!
! I also keep
Hats and C aps
For Ladies and G ents, and a lorge variely of
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods.
I also keep ;
Which I will sell to the publio at the lowest prices
BQTThe publio patronage is rcopectfully
October 17, 186T-3m
This preparation applied according to direo
t ons is .
Warranted to restore Gray Hair
to its orlftinal or natural color; Its also acts up
on Gbet WmsnEBS in the same manuer.
HisKOTi Dye, and contains so cotcmso
HASTES, nor does it contain any deleterious
substance. It cleanses the scalp, promotes
the growth, and prevents the falling otl of the
hair; and as it Imparts to the hair and whis
kers a rich natural glos, and has a pleasant
fragrance ia a very desirable article
IT'or tlao Toilet-
gSTPrlncipal Eepot, No. 79 Nassau
Street, New York.
Pbick$1.. .. " : 39.
BmiQ Jttacl)inee
. The only Machine so perfeoted that entire
satisfaction is guaranteed or the purohase
money refunded.
Where we hiive no Airent a mruA VoM,;n
will be sold at very low price, and a Looal
Agent appointed en the most favorable
N.B. Send for circular. Traveling Agents
wanted. Salary, liberal.
An Agent wanted in every town.
; Send for a Circular.
Finklc Sc Lyon 8. W. Co.
687 Broadway, New York.
June 27, 1867-6m
t" For thb Mahiet) ' -
. Sent Free iii sealed en.
elope, on receipt of 10
oents. Address .
, .Dr E- B. FOOTK,'
. (author of Meiioal Com
mon Sense Book, - 400
, ., pages, $1,60, sent by mail.)
1 No. 110 Lexington Avenue
Cor.ef Bet iWiStN.Y,
New ACiucuLTunAt eekly.
rPIlE Undersigned propose to eslbbllfh A
I T.rif.9 In fa mlAt.A I.A f .
t i i. - " wf'r&n
tc. to be publishid at Columbus, Okie, the
Srst tumberto le ip.uei caily in Pecember.
The Chronicle will be devnir.1 n,
alion of Agriculture as a profejBlon or
vocaiim, in cont a distinction to an- oceu
paiion embodying the brute foice idea
hloue to the improvemeat of A iri itbltare
,s an Art and !o the dieeemiiiB'Joij of
kn iwletlge relating to it os a Science It
Will be (he. aim of the cdlicfs to present
such v.-ews as are of practical importance
relating 10 every department vT Agricul
ture. The Furmtra' Chronicle will ignore)
Politics in .'he! r.ariiim nnd generally
acoepted sense of tho Icini, iealonsly advo
caiing, however, eucb ihfnsures as may be
presente l to the blaie Legislninre ' or to
Congress, as iu the opinjon of the editor
have a direct bearing on the interests of
an Agriculiural or Industrial cornnmnity
These will be diecufsed treely, withont re
gard to the party with whkii such measans
may have originated.
Special attention will bo given to the
Literary Department of th: paper; the
latest newt Agricullnra), Political and
Commercial will be tiresemed in j :
anu sauaraoiory lonn. nnd nrrnnpemenls
have already been mndo nhicii will secure
cure the prompt, publication of the most '
important Agricultural Produoe Markets '
whh which we as a itae or as a people are
or are likely to b-, related. 1
The department? pertaining to ITori.es,
Cattle Sheep, &c, will receive the attent ion
and be under the superintendence of the
mostexperisnced men in the Suite as will
Ihe departments devoted to- Agriculture,
horticulture and kindred sciences. The
enterprise has been undertake after ft full
oanvassing of the subject, nnd with an
earnest desire to advance the Agricul url
interests of the country. Amoug our ree
ular contributors are the le.ding Agrieul
turalists of Ohio and many nf the more
eminent in other Stales.
The Farmere' Chronicle will bo a neat six. :
teen page paper, octavo form, the publishers
niniii.c to make it na n.rr.,., ; ,
icol appearance as they hope to hate it ex
cellent in uiatter. It will be published
weekly at the rate of 52 per annum pain in
specimen numbers mailed free to any
address on app'icntion- Address,
Dwyer & K us bey,
CllltOMClK DPriCB.
Columbui, Ohio.
WU'l'Praotiee inthe-Courts ofBJnokion, Vmfon
IT nnd othei eonnties , ,
January 24, 18C7-tf
VOf a Silver Medal
Cf By the N. II. Stale ATr'fultiirnl SnrlctT, tt
Tf IU l air, liuUcn in ta.liua. Sqil. ii, soa
Vegetable Hivir Restonitli e
Hi'ghrpn Grav fl tlr to Itn Natunl Color t pv
i nmtntotticlro.-i'jinnl nrir:'ric action i emit- .
II p ""r11 nn't Jiiimorvt fwrmte j
ub!e tirtiAi. ih-f,n-innt Die A ' - .
wo ::
J. B. BARRETT & CO.. Proprietors,
For sale bv Or, J. 8. Sxhoxo. Dmepist '
Juiyi,isb7-ly ilcArlhur, Ohio.
Corner Main and MarketSta.,
McArthur, Ohio.
T WILL Orm AT PEIVATE SALE this valuable
JL proiirriV, Miliar, ! in Al,..!,,! ,1... Innlv
of Vinton, and tho Gentle ot the VAst coal and iron
resjions of Ohio. This is tho
Oxxly Hotel xx tlxo
there Is a goid stntilet ail the conveniences neoessa-
.oLitiiMvimiHmiii oe- an exoeiiont loca
tion; nnd is doing a fine business.
Any person desiring to make an investment oj
this kind will d well to call and examine the prem
ises ns 1 dej-u-e to retire Irom tha hnsi,iess,ad will
sell the property at ooe-liult ita roal value.
8pt mberA, lSr.T-tf
Gifts for Christmas and New
A Superb Slock of Fine Cold and Bi'vet
Watches, all warranted to run, and thor.
oughly Regulated, at the low price of $10
Each, and satisfaction Giiaran'eed. '".
100 Solid Gold Hun's; Walohes$250 to $1,000 :
100 Magio Cased Gold watches, 200 to . 800
100 Ladies Watches, enameled, 100 to 300
200 Gold Hun'g Chnm'er W'hr s.250 to .. 800
200 Gold Hunting Eng. Leve'8, JnO to 2.")0
300 Gold do Duplex Watches, 150 to .' 200 '
300 Gobi do Am'can Wat'lits, 100 to 250
500 Silver Hunting Levers, 60 to ISO
500 Silver Hunting Duplexes, 75 to 2",0
500 Gold Lndies Watches 60 to 230
1 000 Gold Hunting Lepines 60 to Vt
1.000 Miscellaneoui Sil'r Wnt'hs 50 to 10D
2.500 Hunting Silver Watches 33 to 50
000 Assorted Wn'hes.nll VuU 10 - 7",
.h. nbOT fck Wl" ta dispoo.l of cn Ihe Porn
rc !,e.",'co '."i!"' 8'vi," "y OoM
or Solid bilver Watcn br Vi, without p-guru to
Wright Tiro, i to., Ifil Brotdwny. Wew York!
sn to lmir.A.iiafnitf :-..oa t
niagmficerit !tnok. Ortitknites, naminn (he erti
eie, are r.'iaeed in sealed envelopes, and well mixi-d.
urrj an. entitled to tne ailictej. nnnieu on tlicu
eerti.'noates opon payment of Ten Dollnvs, whet 1 01' ;
" oe a Watch wonh l,WK)orone worthless. Tli
return of uny ol our certificate entilles you lt tiir
artioleB nnm'd opoi. the payment, hreni'rtir.' ii
its worth, nnd as nn art cle valued less than flOis
nnmed on any certificate, it will at once oe en
that Hit, ia .
iVo Lottery, lut a 'ttraightforward ' legitimate
trineaeiion, which . may be participalet in
' 'even ti the met fatlidiout I .;...., . .
A single certinVnte will be sent hy mail, post rwt-f, '
upon rtceipt ofiSwnts, a for 81, 11 for Si, 31 in I tf i
elegant nremhiin lor $S, Suandmnro valnahln ,r-f.
nuliin lor iu, xnd loo and mostsii,erhiinioh nr.-l( '..
To Agents, or those wis'.ing emiiloyment, ilii is 1
rre opiibrttni tv. It Isn legitimatnly conduoteil i.r-""
mess, duly authorised by the Govi rntneiu.aud ijio ; ,
to the most careful scrntlnv. Tav tint 1
WRIGHT, &RO'. CO., Importer i . .
42-3mJ r 161 Rroadviy, tfe York.
l 7

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