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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, December 12, 1867, Image 2

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Democratic Enquirer
OFFICE In Dotijt'i Building. ovr Swetlana" i
Stort, eorntr Slain and Locutt Strut, East
of tht Court llont.
Has the largest circulation of any pa
per in Vinton' County. Adevrtisrrs and
ethers trill please make a note of this.
Democratic State Cwnveatlcn,
Dem StatiCiktal Comm Rooms, 1
Columbus, Ohio, Dee. 4, 186T.
To the of Ohio:
of the Democracy
of Ohio will be held at
Day of January, Nkxt,
To appoint four Senatorial Delegates
tp the National Convention to nomin
ate candidates for President and Vice
of the United States; to
nnmiiintfl two Senatorial Electors of
President and Vice President, and to
nominate candidates for the following
State offices, viz :
Secratary of State;
One Sunre.me Judoe;
. One Member of the Board of Public
" The ratio of representation will bo
as, follows: Ono delegate lor oacn
county; an additional dolegato for
flvorv rflO votes cast for ' Allen G.
r Tlmrman for Governor at the last
election, and an additional delegate
fi-notion of 250 or more
votes so oast. 1 : . '
We omit tho counties and tho
number of delegates to which each
county is entitled. Vinton county is
entitled to 4 delegates. The several
counties in tho Stato aro entitled to
574 delegates. . .
It is respectfully suggested that, as
, t . 1 At VI. htn
lams it may do practicuoio auu wu
t. the delegates be chosen on
Si.tnrr1.iv. the 28th inst. It is like
wise recommended that tho delegates
of each Congressional District in at
tendance on tho Convention elect two
delegates to tho National Convention,
and at)T)oint one Presidential Elector.
Fellow Democrats, you have this
year achieved great victories. But
the work is not complete. The coun
try is yet unredeemed from tyrarmy
aim misruio. xiei ub uicu pi.
n-nnl in tlifi eat work of redemption
Let ua lose not one moment. Let us
spare no exertion and this time next
year will find us rejoicing over our
. r. 1
country ana uonsuiunou rebcuuu uym
1 By order of tho Democratic State
Central Committee.
C. J. BEAM, Sec'y.
' To. the 'Democracy of Vinton County,
. Ohio;
. You are requested to meet at
the Court House, in McArthur,
Saturday, Doc. 28, 18G7,
' at one o'clock, P. M., in pur
suance of a call of the Demo
critic State Central Committee,
for the purpose of choosing
four delegates to represent Yin
ton county in the Democratic
: State Convention, which will
assemble in Columbus, oh the
8th of J anuary next, and to
. transact such other business as
it may be necessary to trans
act. By order of
Vinton County.
-: Thi amount of Btock now taken in
the Eaccoon Navigation Company is
reported to be $50,000. Let the good
. ?work go bravely on ! We hope the
citizens all along the stream will take
an ' interest in making this improve
ment a complete success. ;
The oldest couple in Ohio are Mr,
and JMrs. iioyd at Ironton. lie is
110, and she 107. They get mad at
(cach other every little while, and
threaten to .obtain , divorces. The
other day the dame refused to sew on
shirt button for her spouso, when he
indignantly inquired "if h had got
.to Jjve so all his life",, fr ;. .,,., .
Impeachment has- beori voted down
in the'wHouseyeas" 57, nays , 108.
The bill to stop further contraction
passed the House yeas 129, nays 25.
The bill repealing the cotton tax also
passed (he House nays only 20.
uw.. p,v n Again." It
-,:n.- cn w rofrr!D to another
f t.hi ner that the Democratic!
Stato Central Committe have issued a
null for tho Democratic State Conven
T i
tion on the 8th of January next, and
that the Democratic Exccutivo Com
mittee of Vinton County have fixed
Saturday, the 28th of Pocember, as
the day to select delegates to represent
. . . r. . . n i.!
this county in the stato onveiniuu.
This is a move in tho right direction.
A great victory has already beep won,
but the work Is not yet complete.
Another Dull, a long and strong pull
altogether, arid we will complete the
noble work of redeeming the country
from the wicked tyranny and misruio.
Let us go to work and continue to
work until the iccond Tuosday in
November, 18G8
Let thero bo a largo meeting at the
Court House on Saturday, tlje. 23th of
this month.
Th SHXATOR3HIP. We desire to
have and mean to have no controversy
with tho Columbus Statesman, or any
other Democratic paper in Ohio, on
the subject of "United States Senator.
At the same time it would be more
candid for the Statesman to lay asido
its claims to be tho contral organ of
tho Ohio Democracy, and oponly
avow itself tho partisan of Judgo
In its issue of the 22d instant we
find the following:
'The Democratic members of tho
last Legislature unanimously put him
rTiiflirn Thurmanl in nomination, and
voted for him for the United btates
v . P . . i x.' -rT:i..j ei
Senate. It is true the Democrats had
no majority in that body then. Why
did thev thus put him in nomination
and thus vote for him? Why did they
not nominate and vote for Mr. I allan
dinham insteadT Had they done so,
that would have been putting him
"openly" belore tho people of tho
Stntn n "a candidate" in the late
filfiction. Tho act of the last Legisla
turo in nominating and voting for
Jugdo Thurman for the United States
Senate gave the people to understand
that ho was a man worthy to be
elected to the Senate, and that very
f-irftnmstance mav have led many
T)omnfriitic editors to conclude that
now that we have a majority in the
itipomimr Legislature, and to secure
which ho contributed as much as any
other man, it would be highly proper
to ratify that nomination or tne dem
ocratic portion of the Legislature.
Judge Thurman, too, has reason to
conclude that he has the right to con
sider himself qualified. to be elected
to the United States Senate inasmuch
as he received that unanimous sup
port last year in the Legislature, or is
it allowed for him to be a candidate
only at such time when there is no
chance of an election 7" ;
Now we are authorized to answer
the question asked by tho Statesman,
which we print in italics. The Dem
ocratic members of tho Legislature
two years ago, did not nominate and
vote for Mr. Vallandigham, for this
reason: On tho 9th of November,
1865, Mr. V. received a confidential
letter from a most intimate friend of
Judge Thurman, resident in Colum
bus, urging Mr. Vallandigham to de
cline, in favor of Thurman for the
"complimentary vote" for: Senator.
Mr. V. answered, agreeing to do so, on
tho express condition that this com
pliment, was not in any way to em.
barrass him in 18C7, nor to be regard
ed as giving Thurman any advantage
in a future contest. On the 11th o
November Mr. V. roceived a reply
from the same gentleman, (part of
which is stated to bo from the Judge's
"own lips,") giving the most positive
assurance that Judge Thurman only
desired the vote as a "compliment"
and that if tho Democrats had carried
the Legislature he would not have
been a candidate, but would have sup
ported Mr. V., and furthert that it
should give the judge no superior
claim in tho future; and requesting
Mr. V. to decline and "load off" for
Thurman, bo that his nomination
might be "unanimous;" which he
accordingly did the next day through
the columns of the Dayton Empire.
This then is the reason why the
Democratic membors of the Legisla
ture two years ago "did not nominate
and vote for Mr. Vallandigham for
Senator." It was because his declina
tion expressly in favor of Judge
Thurman was procured upon consul
tation with the Judge, by the especial
friend of the latter. t)ayion Ledger,
Nov. 20. .:
The Chillicothe .Advertiser favors
the enlargement of the Ohio Canal, bo
that it can be navigated by t steam
A deeb .which had. swam from4he
east shore of the Maumee river, was
captured on Adams street, Toledo, on
the 13th nit. .
More About johnbos s oituv ..
Johnson's Menagerie, at Washington,
continues to draw crowded nouscsr-
the Senate and House both being full.
Soma of the Managers of the bhow
aro very unruly even : moro bo than
the colored animals-and threaten
Mr. Johnson, tho proprietor, with de
struction and death. He does not
enter the cage. .On .Tuesday of last
week he sent a large manuscript in to
tho managers, ring masters, clowns,
colored gentlemen, etc., which is call
ed a Message. Some of them didri't
know what it was; and one of the
colored managers objected to having
the piece read, when he was booted
out of the ring; and tho piece was
read by one of tho monkeys in a kind
of sneering way becauso it came from
Mr. Johnson. Some parts of the piece
are a success. . 'iney aon iwiuh jouu
son to own tho show any longer.
They threaten him terribly. One day
last week they mado a last desperate
effort to assumo entire control of the
bv "cloaninff out" Mr.
Johnson. They iptroduccd a new
performance into tho Show, but many
of tho managers, clowns, &c, objected
to entortaininff tho large audiences
- v .
with such a costly performance, toar
ing it would break up the country.
They took a vote on it in tho show
and tho showmen cloancd it out, in
stead of cleaning out Mr. Johnson, by
an encouraging and overwhelming
majority. A very old manager in the
show, called Thad. Stcvoris, makos his
appearance occasionally during the
performances, but is too feeble to help
entertain tho audionce. They are
now giving a very fine and tasty en
tertainment, except occasionally they
have a Very unsatisfactory African
performance. They will likoly ro:
main there until tho 4th of March.
For the Holidays!
The popular firm of Dari.
"Will & Bras.;.' always 'know
when to bring new goods to this
market. Aaron TiTill, of the
above firm, is now in the city
purchasing a new assorment of
goods of every description for
the Holidays. - It is only neces
sary for ua to say to the public
that they will have every arti
cle any one may wish during
the Holidays," at lower prices
than at another time in fact,
they are determined kto sell ev
erything lower than any other
House during the holidays. Go
and look at their Goods first,
The cries ot the poor never
enter the ears of the covetous
man; or, if they do, he has al
ways one ear readier to let them
out than the othor to take them
in. '
A DITCH, nine miles long, is to to
dug from Eolvue, Huron county, to
carry away the surplus water accu
mulatincr in and about Bclvuo... It
will cost $12,000.
Holidays in Zaleski!
"We would call the attention of
the public to the large" assort
mentof New Goods which are
now arriving at the establish
mentof Will & Co., at Zaleski,
for the trade during the holi
days. That is just the place to
go. and buy nice things for your
wives, or children, or friends, or
lovers. Their stock is fine and
complete. "
There will TrobablY bo an En.
campment of Odd Fellows established
in this town soon.- 'I ' ' ' '
Otjb friend, Mr. A. Soitle, the newly
elected Commissioner, was duly In
stalled into office last week; lie is a
good ; man, and the people ought to
feel proud of him. He understands
just what ourht to be done. We have
an efficient Board of Commissioners.
The ' petition of the citizens of
Brown township for the Bolen and
Ee'od Eoad was granted by t the Com-
mis3iocers last week.
; Wb are indebted to the Vinton
iteeori office for a bottle of fine black
ink", which was -presented us a fpw
daya,,ago. f.WJatCQuld printers ld
without ink a'-good quality of ink:
Pons, Pencils, Erasers, Paptr Knives,
Rules, kc, ic.at Strong's.
JX DUNCAN,.....-. Proprietor,
THIS BOUSE, burin bf en rery nwh ImrroTed
uud ri')iuril, it inr superior in aira wid com
fort la nr Hotel in thin purt ol the Stnle tho iro
nristor being DremreU to Koumniodnle one and nil
with good uluepmg apart fronts and furnihh the table
within Deal tne mantel anuruj. 41 location in
cnorenient to businexs and to the Railroad Prpct,
which makes it a desirable atoppiQg place for all
Tiaitinit Znleski. (y
mJTRTn!M of Madlaon' TriHtcea will holda
I mo.tmo An the 21st of December. A.l. 1M7. Hi
the old school ncime in auihkki, uiuu,
the onrnoH of ascertains the indebtedness of the
tnwnliin. iiHiilna new ordcra in lilaoe of those id
reaiiy our, ana luruitr m 'iviiiii8njoflHui
fcrpiiyinjj the whole debt.
ill nnt'rnil in hnna or send their claims or orders of
. n.rnm iiHvmir uinuuB hiiii- mo tvnunin r
evrj description to me trustee ou wamny.
; A. n . J A MM, I
WM. BAUQUMAN, Trustees.
DeemhtrU, 18G7-2w
Sheriff's; Sale.
State of Ohio, Vinton Couity:
Charles Brown, Plaintiff,
In court com-
Order of Sale,
Sanford R Iiowen ct. at, Defendant:
TMJR-UANT to the command of an order of pale
X. in tht. aimvA nmiria to me directed from the
eourt of common Plena of Vinton county, Ohio, aid
tr. mm ilirpctait aa Shenftof and county, 1 will otter
at public sale, at the door of thecomt house, in the
lowu 01 ncinnur) m vncaiuieuttiu t-uuuj " .u.v.j
MONDAY, tho 13th day of January,
!A. V. lbOS,
atthehonrofl oclock P, M. of aaid day, the fol
1 1 1 1 .n.l l.i,am.nl. tn.Ufit,
Th. ...i lu.lf of the nortli-enst ounrter and the
south-we-t quarter of the north-east quarter and the
ea.t halfof the fouth east quarter aod the north
west quarter of the south-emit quarter of sootion
,i.i,in 1X1 tnwnshin number leven
No. II, KnK number nevenleen No. 17; Also, the
south-west quarter of section numlvr 31, in town
ship number 10, Range numlier 1; Also, fllty-four
um in ih north west Quarter of an-tinn number
thirtv-lourrat.l township number ten 10, Range
nfrntun. aivtaan fltt-l theSllid ii acres beiUU DlirtlCU
iri aa fi,llnwt: KesinninB at the N. W.
cornerofaaid section number 34; thence south to
the south-west eorner of said W. W. quarter of said
section number 34; thence emtio the esst bnnlt ol
small run; thence in northeasterly direction in
straright line to a Heech tree on the lwnk of Rao-
coon Creek; Ihince to the Middle 01 sai-i creea aim
.l.vu n miHrllonflhe nrnpk to the ent IjllC
of said nunrter scctiou; tliencetnthe north iianit 01
saiu creek; tnence iip iiib uuriu iwu wi v-
in nine, .'if I Uliill n i II if.
Taken as the property of Snnfird U. Bowon to sat
isfy a imlHnieut and deroe o( aforesaid court in la
yorol Charles Hrown. '
Amiraised at elevca uiousanii uiren nunur
fifty dollars and must bring two thirds of that sum
Terms .f sale-Cash in W ,
Shenrl' Vinton County, Ohi.
M.L.Clark, A tt'y for l'l'tr.
December 12, 1807 -6w
1A OomploU Piotcial Histoiy t t Ximos P
" The best, cheapest, and most Successful
Family Paper, m the Union."
Critical Noticei of the Fret),
The Model Newspaper of our country-
complete is ll the department of u i
ericun. Fmily Paper Harper'a Weekly li
earned for iuelf right to ill title, " jour
nal of eitiliifttion." New York Evtnini Pott
Our future historians mil enrich them
seltesout of Harper's Weekly long nfier
writers, and printers, and publishers are
turned to dust. -New York Boatifelitt.
The beet of its ola8 in Auierioa. Boeton
Traveller. ,, ,
Harper's Weekly may be unreservedly d
clnred the best newjpaper i JLmerica The
Independent, New York.
l'he rtiolg upon publio questions which
appear in Harper's Weekly from week to
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ical teeays. They are distinguished by
dear and pointed statement, by ood com
mon sense, by independence and breadth
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ing, and take their plaoe aniiug the best
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view, Boilon.
The Puplishers have perfecied n Ryotem ol mailinx
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Harper Weekly, one yenr, J4
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Volume XI. ready January 1st, 18i;s.
o fiiibscriptionB sent from Untish North Amerl
can Provinces must bo accompanied W'th U cents
adilditional.te prepay United States postage.
'' ' Franklin Square, New York.
White Chester Pis
IOFFF.R'for sale a few pair of Thorough Bred
Chester Pigs, warranted pure blood, not us in.
Price, per psir, two months uld, ?lCi
Price, per pair, three months old, 110
Persons wanting the best breed of nogs in the Uni
ted Btates, should- address their orders to me
Gallipolis, Ohio, where they will meet with nrompt
titrations "C.N. PALMER.
Wovember 2B, 1867-3m , i
,:.., I. ASSAM'S .
Twenty Melodic Exercisi,
:!. ; . - IB 0BH Of -
' Studiet to acquire the Art ef Sinin.
1 These exercises were composed to be used
multaneously with his system, "The Art of Binging,"
or with any other method for the cultivation of
voicei and will take place of Coxcomk's BoLrcaoiog;
being moiemeioaious ana nener nnapiea iorieann
ing. Borne of these exercises are specially beautilul
as well as useful, a mingling of dulce at utile, which
secures the interest aa well ag the Improvement
the student. The various styles developed in these
exercises render them invatnaoie id an educational
nomt of view, us they tend, to enlarge tne intent
fence and the appreciation, ond at. the same time
form the taste of the pupil. Thev must be studied
carefully with reference to the Innumerable marks
accnracV with -whloh these are accomplished
eXpreSHIUU miu uruuiiicuimivu. sjyvti boo iiuuuw
pends the actual sterling advancement of the pupil;
any evasion or slurring in these respects !s t.meand
effort ntteily wantedi while, on the .other hand,
close and patient investigation, and open to tne stu
dent the means and resources by which great artist
produce their most brilliant aad profound effects.
In Two Tolnmes,
Price, each, In Boards,. Retail, ; j $2
do do in Cloth, Ueta.il, ' ' 2
A Sample copy 'set by Mall,' pest-paid,
reeoipt of Wholesale Price, $1.50.
Published by WM. HALL & SON,
if-', SolUS Broadiray, flew .York.,-.
Pnblishers and Dealers in Musio, and Mann
faoturers of Flutes, Fifes, Flageolets, kt.'
Bend for catalogue of priceo.
ie30, ldQMa
the Dent is the Cheapest.
i ! The lieli is Oreatf -
r . Prosperity Aooiinds f
Winter is Coming
THE RURAL is the Leading and Lnrgest Cirou
ating Newspaper of its cfos on the ConHncn
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1 .... It, embrsces more AjmouKii
i. lfnrtici Itnial. Pcienliflc, Eiluoatiomtl, Literary
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cub wTiiVheE-.nd Wc t, North and
80 th t oniploy.. the best talent in nil depart
ments' lis corps ol editors, contributors, Ac, com
Prise, many oV the best farmers, planters, wool
prise, pianjr .,.,,.:. ,H. 1,0.. and a so 1111-
Sro?.crs' ,S ""X. "'AVno te and abdity. In brief
Ihe Kukl I. ably edited,, "''di T-ili
pnnted-pract.cn, F'"'.'.
" VM"'r.: ,8V Want the liurall
irv, viii8i), "i L,. lu ,.(aj .
Kan. v and Krien' y wuni 111 ' t " . '
ih we'nti ofiUI. Note that it is not a monthly, but
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Rochester, If. Y.
; "I ; ,
O.aT. 33Illi3i.Sl"-xrjQt
18 NOW making hatter pictures than ever, lie
keeps posted in all the lateU inipovements in
ami iidrs none but the very but of rootm-inls. He
cui PhotoMraphany kind ot pictures, tnlsri(P thi in
to any sisv, au.l color t hem m
Oil, India InV, or Water Colors.
He wakes
Porcelain Pictures, Ferrotypes, Amlro
types, Photographs, Gems,
and all ollicrkinds that are made in the largest pit
iea; aad keeps constantly ou hand an assortment of
Picture Cord,
r Al" XJ tf xj IT XJ XJ XV x
All hinds of
Nov. 14, 1867-tf
Awarded a Oold Medal
la direst cn'pt;t'mii ith a-U til leading
mauers in the country.
j-. 1 p. y-y INI. TvTft
lJ '" ' 1 J J kj
Peloohtt, Peltoa Co, Kanafacteren,
T EfiPEtirKUM.V invite the attention nf purehas
li ers, the trade ami the rot ssion to the follow
iu iiistruinents of ttieir manufacture:
. . Pedal Ba8 Organs,
Fire sizes, Fiv -Octave, one hV'hree banks of keys.
BankrHooewoofl and Walnut Cases.
tdtTPrioes $260 to $C00.jbj .
School Organa,
Twelve styles, one to four sets of ds, single
and double Bank, Pui-nvood and Wal ases.
tiSTPrioes fl30 to $400.
Piano style and porUlile. Tel varieties, from
four te ail octaves. siule and liouble Heed, Kos
wood and Ulsck Walnut csos.
J-Prioes $ii5 to $250.q
Every Instrument is made by competent work
menKfroni Hie best muteiul, under our persoal su
Krom among the very B.utering Testimonial
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The pedals ! conceive to be nnapproachable In (heir
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It is a grand inslruini nt, end does credit to the
builder. H. C. Fot-ana, Troy, N. Y.
They are amor.g the Sliest matrumenti manulac
titred either in t his country or abroad. Wa. Br.ue,
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They have given universal sallslactionW.
IUwi sr. Kon du Lac, Wis.
There is a peculiarly sweet and sympathetic tone,
harmonises charming j with the voice. W.H Cookb.
I am particularly pleased with the ariangemcut
theditlerent registers. W. U Hradbury. . ,
Ko other instrument as nearly nppreaches the or-gan.-The
Chorister. . .1
This instrument has a Ciear superiority over any
thing yet introduced among ns.-.lnelpndeni, N.Y.
The tones and the action are excellent. Rev.
Lenvitt, Hudson, N. Y.
Themmewe use it the better we like it.---1 J.
Hnctie, Hudson, N. Y. K f i .-'...
'I he two itank (Jrgiin Harmonium is really a gem.
fJ. W. Hentiicut,
ill, Beaton, Mass.
We hnvelound them exhtllentin allpointseostitu
ting a good instrument.- f.J. C. Cook, T.J. Cook.
It Iooks and sounds spleniliillv.-f.-J. B. -inxtoii.Troy.
"The most pertect toned Meiodcon 1 ever saw.' '-
Guy K. North.
(They fall back on ench substantial merits as su
periority ol warkmenship, beauty of tone and rea
sonableness ol price,. and we must eny that in
their respects thev are well worthv of nmi ".. iin
sical Pioneer, August '05;
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Boxed and Shipped in Mew York City with
out charge. i i
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' ''" II;l)8SB;"':;,
Comfort and cure for
f f Sent post paid on receipt
c - c ' of 10 cents. Address
..; , . , no
Lexington Avenue,
Comer EastSltk 6l Kw
than snv other otirnal-lor it coi pus. ... , . ....
devote.l to or including. Agriculture, Horl cult re,
Bheip Husbandly, (frasitig, re B?
torture. Itomestio Economv, Chnko Llterntuie, I
enVe and Art. E iucation, Vo.ith'- Res.l.hg, General
News?Comn,crce,Morkots,with Illustratu.ns, 'I ales,
Essays, MusV, Poetrv. Rebusses, I'-dignias, in.
S! pervisien, end every moiiern improvement worthy
nftlM nume iiiirMlileed ill them. - Amon4 these
would call attention to the 1 HKMOLAMh, whieh
of i
ltousty eiiitoaiing toe sons or deceased Bold
S we I .....I CAn.,.., rt tl,a IT..:.l Ci.a.
Tlie Hoard of Ti usfc.es eonsisfs Af the fn1lmln
.. ; iniLADELI'HIA,
It Chartered" by the Stat of Pennsylvania
and Orgauiied in aid of the
Iiivrid Instituta
For Educating Cratmlousls Soldieri' and 5ifc
ert' Orpluint.
Incorporated by tne State of K. J.
April 8, 1807.
The Washington Library Company
By virtue of their charier, nml in accordance wflfc
Its provisions, will distribute
Tlirco Hundred Thousand Dollars
T tho Shareholders
On Wednesday, 8th 0 January next,
At Philadelphia, Pn ,
Ot at the Imliiute, Rivertidt, N. J.
1 Present worth $ 10,C
1 Present worth J0,00
1 Present worth 10 009
1 Present worth B,O0O
Z Fresco 1 s worth $2,600 each 5,0(i
1 Present valued at 18,000
2 Presents valued at $1,000 each 30,000
1 Present valued at 10,000
4 Presents valued at $5,000 each 20,000
2 Presents valued at $3,000 each 0,000
8 Presents valued at 1.000 each 8,000
20 Presonls va tied at 500 each 10,000
10 Proscnis valued ol 800 each 3,000
3 Presents valued at 230 each 760
24 ('resents valued al 225 each 4 500
' 65 Presents valued at VJOOeoch 11,000
60 Presents valued at $75 each 8,750
110 Pre-euts valued al JUOO each 11,000
20 Presents valued at $75 eitoh 1,500 ,
1 Preseuls valued at $50 oaolt 600
The remaining Presents consists of ar
ticles of use and value appertaining
to the diffusion of Literature and the
fine arts $82,010
Encii certificate of stock is accompanied with a
Worth Mors at Retail than Its Cost cf
Aud also insures to tho holder a
Present in the Groa Hlribution.
Subscription One Dollar.
Any person sending us One Dollar, or pay
ing the antnn to our local Agents, will receive)
immediately a fine Steel Plate Gugi-avint-, at
choice from the following list, and Oh Cer
tificate of Black, Insuring One Present in
our publishel schedule.
One. Dollar Enaraehw)
No '-" ctiil" Chm" No-
1(T,)(lv.rP ?(ld!.. n0 ar-"01d Seventy-six t
or, the Early Days ef the Revolution "
Any person paying Two Dalian will re
cvive eitl'fr of the Sleel Plates, at choice, and
Two Ortifioaics of Stock, thus becoming en
titled 'I wo Presents.
. . 5V EJf- Xjftr'fr.
No. 1 "Wiishinglon's CrurKhip." No. 3""Tsia
in)(loi' Intel v:o.t Willi hia Mnther."
Thrtt hollar Engravings.
Any pprcni! pnyinK 'l.liree J'olliira aill receive tSi
lieauliiiil fit el I'lait ol ''rinmx tiniiitho Mar," nn
TIiji cvititicalrs of stuck, beconimx eulitled t
't'hics l'retiilH.
Four dollar Engraving).
Any por.'on payiiiR Konr DdIIhih shiill receive th
inriie mill Imintilul l'' I lute nf "1'hn Peril ot On r
Koil;ilti'rH," and Kour eel-titivates ot stuck, eul:
tliojj them to Vour I'reieiitM.
Five tiollar Engraving).
Any person who ohvh Five Uolliirs shall receir
the large suit KiileuiuU steel I'lnte ol "The .Varrisgs
ot t'nciiuont.is, ' mid Mvt ccrlihvutt'a of
stock, enti
tling thrin to Five I'resei is. '
'the eugiaviugs and certificate will be delivered
to cuy-h subscriber nt our Local Agencies, 01 sens
by mail, pout paid, or express, us may bo ordered.
How t Obtain Shtret and Engravtngt.
fend orders t us by mail, enclosing n-om ore t
twenty dnllnrs, either by Post Ullice orders or.ina
reii-lcred letui, nt our risk. Larger amounts
should be sent by draft or express.
10 aliurjs with engravings $ 9 59
25 shares with engravings 23 50
50 shares wiih engravings 46 50
In sliai4 wiiU etigravings 69 00
100 shares with engraviugsj 90 00
Local Agent!) wanted throughout the Uni
ted States.
Situate at Riverside, Burlington county, New
! Jersey, is founded for the purpose of gratu-
Hon. William Maun,
District Attorney, Philadelphia Pa.
Hon. Lewis R. Broomall, i : r'
Ex-Chief Coiner U. S. Mint, and Recorder
of Deeds, PhilaJelphio, Pa.
Hon. James M. Scovel, New Jersey, f
Hon, (V. W. Ware, New Jersey.
Henry (lorman, Esq.,
Agent Adams' Express, Philadelphia, Pa.
J, E. Coe, Epq , ,
Of Joy, Coe & Co., Philadelphia.
Taesev Dkpastii m, Washington, D. C, April
18, 1807. 01Hte of Internal Itevenue: Having receiv
ed satisfactory evidence Hint the proceeds oi the en
terprise conducted by the Washington Library Com
pany will be devoted to charitable, uses, pirmiseion
is hereby grunted to said company to conduct, such
enterprise exempt from all churge, whether from
special tux or other duty. li. A. ItOLLlNS,
The Association have appointed as Recei
vers, Messrs. OEOR0E A. COOKE k CO.,
whose well know integrity and business ex
perience will be a fcfficient guatantee that
the money entrusted to them will be prompt
ly applied to the purpose stated. ' '
' Philadelphia, Pa., May t" 1867.
To the Officers and Members of tho Washington Li
brary Company, N. ti. KEAD.Beoretary; ., ,
Oentleuieut: Un receipt ,of your favor of
the 15th inst notifying us of our appoint
ment as. Receivers for your Conpany, we
took the liberty to submit la copy of your
Cearler, with a plan of your enterprise to'
eminent legal authority, and having receiv
ed his favorable opinion in regard to its le
gality, and sympathizing with the benevo
lent object of your Association, vis the edu
cation aad maintenunce of the orphan chiU
dren of our soldiers and sailors of the Riv-.
ereide Instilu'e, we .have conoluded to ac
cept the trust, and to use our best efforts; to
promote so worth? an object. u
. -f. tespeetfully, Yours, &e.,
Addressall letters and oidera to
. GEO. A- COOKE & CO., Bankers.
'..,.. 83 South Third Street,
. Philadelphia, P 1
Receiver for th Vi ashinglen Libra if Ca 1
July 4, lNMn .

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