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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, December 12, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer,
Items of Local IufcreM.
SroilLKraiOt-yiitoii County Bank, HoArtfctir,
Ohlorei'tlOII8 wlHh.n. In tu.uti 1111.11..1 in ihup
I rienda in England, Ireland, France, Germany, or
mi j pun. 01 turope, can obtain Ural) rnr any amount
at this flank. We Issue Drafts eiaxcrand at reason
Wp ratw, thereby saving to the purchaser the ex
pense and trouble of leuUmg to ether places. 4l-3jn
-o .
Tor Fine Perfumery,
Qolo Sisson'a Drug Stcre.
"Music for sale at this office
at low prices. ;
;Ncw Eat Estermrfltitors at Strong's.
e "
: Drugs, Books and Stationary, at
Strongs. :-
wishing to pny thoir sub
scriptions in Potatoes, Apples, Chick
ens, or almost anything olso, will
ploaso call and do so.
Boarders Wanted. A few board
era ca o be accommodated tt George
Bull's, ia the North part of town. 5v
. Fr Ajer's ftlvtlicines,
Call at Sisson's Drug Store.
E. D. Dode is determined
to sell all kinds of Goods lower
than other Houses.
Best Commercial Note at Strong's.
IUai . Wantkd. tiring all your rags to
this nffiee, where the highest market prlee
will be paid for them.
M. M. Greene, Esq., Vice President
of the Columbus & Hocking Valley
Ktuiroau, was in town yoNteruay. lio
rcports encouragingly of the pros-
pects of tho road. Work, as far as is
practicable, will bo pushed vigorously
during tho winter. Mr. G. is one of,
the best railroad men in the State.
Athens Messenger, 5th.
Fr rui'c Mrass and .tied
icnes, go to Sisson's Drug Store.
lir . tt r rvt i a
HiLuuAr nu.vr.-un xucsaay Ot
week Messrs. S. S. Lindly, B. C
Brown, A. V. Vorhes, ot Leo, and
lelt lor a wildcat limit over in Vinton
county. At night they arrived at an
over-hanging rock near Vinton Fur
nace, , where they cucamped. Early
tiovt. murnilur r.liA Hnira ai irlml a n-ll.l
cat and about seven o'clock treed it,
when he was shot by ih hunters. It
pounds, and measured no feet from
end of foro paw to end of hind paw.
The next day the party killed another
one. Theso animals aro said to
abound in that region and aro de
structive to sheep, having killed fifty
or sixty within a few weeks. ' The
Htorm that came up about that time
drovo tho part" to shelter, but they
will soon make another raid upon
thefio mischievous animals. Athens
Messenger, Dee. 5.
It is stated that tho smallpox has
appeared at Alliance, O., but is thought
that it Will bo.kept from spreading.
' Barrett's Vegetablo Hair Restora.
tivo at Strong's. . ' . ' .
. A deer was killed near Circleville
a few days ago, tho first that has been
soon in that rogion for several years
The Barnesvillo Enterprise sayg tho
smallpox ha9 broken out in Boalsvillo,
Monroe county, 0. .
Blank Books at Strong's.
Wanted An industrious man with
a small family to work on a farm.
!For particulars inquire at this office.
PtusTtins, like other men, sometimes offer
some very .good bargains. , Any person
wishing tepurohaso a splendid Piano, will
save from one hundred to one hundred and
fty dollars by calling at this offioe. We
ean furnish them at greatly reduced rates.
Wood's Zonic Bitters at Strong's.
-The contract for excavation for the
Lunatic Asylum at this place was
awarded to Mr. Jarcd Maris of Athens
and" Judge Macaboy of Meigs county.
The work amounts to above twelve
thpusand yards and. the price is six
toon and a half cents a yard, which
may bo considered a low price for it.
n , J.ml .. ; ,, ,
t For Strictly Pure White
Lead at Cincinnati Prices,
Go to Slsson's Drug Stored "'',:';;'.!
You can purchase a rcry nice
euit at Henry ' Richman's
Clothing Stored for 'a small sum
of money. Ve advise you to
go and see. 'Mii "," .,
kTiiose holding claims against
Madison Township are request
ed "td read ' tho'..' notice .of ..the
Trustees in this paper.
te4 'mly Magaiine published. Filled
.' lh latest illustrated fashions, ohoice
, stories, poetry, wit and humor; It is just
he thing for the young folks. Published
'semi-monthly, at only $1.56 per annum.
.gnt(l by enclosing S cents. Agents want
last Ld everywhere. Address Boh Amuuhmt,
U8 Nas(lu 6troet New Tork. , 3m
' Tu Shares of the Washington Library
Ci!tiinny of PliitadeTpbia are being disposed
cf with unexampled rapidity. "" ''
The alseocj of all concealment, . the hon
esty of purpose manifested by those who
first inaugurate! the enterprise, the fair
ness with wbioh the proposed final distribu
tion is lo be conducted,1 and the patriotic
purpose to which the entire surplus is to be
applievf, have taken firm hold upon publio
Every share of stock trill be accompanied
by a present at the great distribution of
$300,000 worth of presents. V ". ; :
; Goo. A. Cooke, & Co, Bankers, 83 South 3d
Street, Philadela, are reoeivers of all the
funds, and their name Is an a'ssurance of the
integrity and reliabity of the Company,
which is organixed for a good purpose
which should not be confounded with the
bogns oonoorns that infest the countrj!
Read the advertisement: ., ,.
GoDsr for January is received,
beautiful the Fashion Plates.
The terras are as follows:
One copy, one year,
Two eopies, ene year, -Three
oopleg, one year,
Four copies, one year,
Five copies, one year, and
$ 3 00
6 50
7 60
10 00
. extra copy to gotter up of -
, !ub, . 14 00
Eight eopies, one year, and an
extra copy to getter up of
elub, 21 00
We will send the ' democratic Enquirer and
Oodey for oue year for $3,75.
Club subscribers will be sent to any Pest
Oflioe where the subscriber may reside.
Godey's Lady's Book and Arthur's Home
Magazine will be sent, each one year, on re
eeipt of $4 50.
Address L. A. Godey, Corner Sixth and
Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.
For llishler's Herb llUtrtc
Go Slsson's Drug Stort. :
Get It and Try It. The Home
Amutemtnt The cheapest and best illustra-
Large and splendid prises are sent to
agents raising clubs. Agents easily clear
$10 per day; besides, every ageut gets one
chance for every subecrption sent, In 1,500
in cash seut to agents. Sample cepies with
list ofrjrixpfc ftnit lurml unit InatmiMinna fn
' 1
Tax-payers . will remember
that, after the 20th inst., the
law provides the penalty for
non-payment shall be added to
all taxes' remaining unpaid. It
is to your interest, then, to at
tend to the matter of tax paying
forthwith. You will not only
save the penalty but avoid tho
crowd and rush of the last day
or two before the 20th.
See Special Notice from Yin
ton County Bank. "We shall
spakofthis xcellent banking
house next week.
TnE attODtion of tho public is di
ree'ed to the card of tho Lindsley
llouse, Zaleski, D. Duncan, Proprietor,
ia ibis, paper. If you wish to s'op at
a Hotel where you can find tho best of
accommodations in the country, s op
at the Liodsley, when you visit Zaloski.
"Wit is the god of moments,
but Genius is the god of ages.
Probate Notice.
NOTICE is hereby g iven that Tsaao Shry, O uardt
an of William Francis lluitains and John Ed
ward Hiisftins, filed his acoounb for up ection
and partial settlement and will he passed upon on
the et h day of January, A. V. 1I8. -rt.
December I3,UG7-3w Probate Judge. ,
umverynlly acknowledged the Model l'urlor
Magaeine of America; devoted to Original Stories,
Poems, Sketches, Architecture and Model Cottages,
Household Mutter, Gems ot Thought, Personal and
Literary Gossip including special departments on
Fashions,) Instructions on Health, Gymnas
tio Equestrian ExerciBes, Skating, Musio,
Amusements, eot.; all by the beet authors,
and profusely and artistically : illnstrated
with costly engravings (full site,) useful and
reliable Patterns, Embroideries, Jewelry, and
a succession of artistio novelette", with other
useful and entertaing literature.
Mo person of refinement, economical house
wife, or lady of taste, can afford to do with
out the Model Monthly. . ; ..) .'.' ..t.i!
Single oopiea, 80 cents; raok numbers, as
specimens, 10 cents; either matted free.
Yearly, $s, with a valuable premium; two
eopies, $5 SO; three copies, $7 50; five copies,
$12, and splendid premiums for clubs at $3
each, with the first premium . to eaoh sub
scriber, tsar A new Wheeler & Wilson Sew
ing Meohine for 20 subsoribera at $3 eaoh.
Address " , ',' "'
; 1 No. 473 Broadway, New Tork.
Demorest's Monthly and Young Amerioa
tojether, $4, with the premium to eaoh. :
: xQnfBgM Along ot 1868 i. V.
P. HARK 18, ' ':.!'u; Ennro
' Tint OBEAT WKKKtt 1 'l'1'"
Volume XV 11 for 188..
Unvoted to Eural & Household Affairs.
i-i'irtv. . A' ... if i .ii.
TERMS Single Copy, only Two' Dollars
a year.;. An Extry Copy One Year for every
Club of Ten; an. Evtra Copy Six months
uor a Club of Six. , Speoimens and Pros
pectuses, confining speoial terms te Agents,
sent free to persons desiring to gel up Clubs.
Address, Ohio larmer, Cleveland, unto.
Prospectus of the Cleveland Plain Dealer
- The Cleveland Plain .Dealer, one of the
largest papers printed in Ohio, with clear
type and on good paper, solicits the contin
uance of the patronage of the people of the
State, and the north-west. No expense
will be spared to make it A Kiaiubl
Journal. i.
Each issne wilt contain a large quantity
of PolittoaV Finaaoial, A?rioultural and
Literary Beading Matter. With our tele
graphic facilities, and our Correspondents
at Washington, Columbus, Near York and
Chicago, and we are uble to make the Plaia,
Dealer the best Family Newspaper In the
Great attention will be paid to our Mar
ket Reports, and no pains will be spared to
give our readors the latest news. We can
give our patrons the cows days in advance
of our Eastern competitors.
Tbbms o Wkeklt Plain Dbaies.
The Weekly Plain Dealer, single copy
per year, $ 2 00
Six Months 1 00
An extra oopy will be eiven io whoev
er will us a club of X'en with 20 00
Or 20 nibscribe-s 6 months with 20 00
The Tri-Weekly Plain Dealer will be Bent
to any party sending us a club of 20 for one
year. For a club numbering between 30
and 50 we will send our Daily. Whenever
possible, money should be sent by Draft or
P. O. Money Order.
Daily Plain Dealer, one year by mail, $10 00
Tri-Weekly Plain Dealer, one year 5 00
do do do six months, 2 60
do do do Three months 1 25
The Presidential Canvass' has already
commenced, and every Demoorat interested
in securing the eleotion of a Demooratio
President should subsoribe for the Plain
Dealer, which, standing upon the platform
of the Constitution, advocating Equal Jus
tice to all sections of our common oountry,
the same Currenby for the Bondholder that
the people are compelled to receive, equal
ity of Taxation and immediate Re-Union,
will be no laggard in the great struggle for
the asoendency in 1808.
We have no traveling agents, and Demo
crats of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and other
States, who receive this Prospeotus, will ob
lige us and further the cause by eeouring
subscriptions for us.
- in every Distriot and Township some Dem
ocrat should appoint himself a oomraittee of
one to solioil subscriptions for the Old Plain
Dealer, which carries the banner of the
party in ' the very midst of the enemy's
stronghold. The Democracy of Ohio should
stand by this paper, which champions their
cause where most it needs defenders. It
is highly important to the cause that a
thoroughly Demooratio paper should be
liberally supported in the most important
city in northern Ohio.
We invite Democrats everywhere, and
RepublihanB who wish to see what Demo
crats hrve' to say in behalf of their and
candidates, to subsoribe for our paper.
guytjlubs can eomracnoe at any time. .
Specimen copies sent free on application.
Plain Dealer Buildings,
Cleveland, Ohio.
New England Farmer
fiom this date to January I, Vi'i'i. ,
24 Months for only One Dollar and
Fifty Cents in advance,
43 P?ee of reading matter in each
number, handsumely illustrated,
and largely composed of original
588 rSi of valuable and interesting
Agricultural and ' Horticultural
reading in the volume for 1867,
40 and upward extremely L'.beral Pre
miums offered for new subscribers.
2. neir Bame 'or our entitle
you to a premium. ' '
3 ttoi 6tIUP Vs-J fer spesimsn and
34 Merchants' Row, Boston, the place
of publication, and all letters
should be addressed to
X.P. EAT OS t CO.i .
1 ' rubktkert y. E Farmtr.
: ar. cS3 "7w o-oxj3d, ;
TTTOULD respectfully inform the cittiens ofVintoa
TT and oilier counties that they have, -at '.their
SUB3EBY, one mile north-eait from MoArthur,
the very best varieties ot .. , t - j .
Oroiape ' Vines, i
Apple Trees and Pedch Trees;
'pear trees. , 5
We warrant all -our stnek true to name and atae
low prices an can be obtained anywhere, and invite
all persons to can ana examine n. -
Any letter addressed to ua, as to prices r varie
ties will be promptly answered.
J. & W. GOLD, MeArthw, O.
Octobers, 1867-tt ., i . . -, . i
499 Broadway, New York,
,499 Broadway, New York:. ;
499 Broadway, New. York.
ABE nnrivalled for Dceabilitv, Powb and Even
ness of Tom. Thev are fast becoming the fa
nrita nvnr all others, with Musicians. Amateurs
au dall lovers of Good Music! They are Warranted
meverv reBpect, Bend lor circular, ''!(.
JulyU 498 Broadway New York.
and wonderful publication. A work of 400 pages
on Aninrart .naruviiiff.. T)r. llunter'a Vade Me-
enm, au original and popular treatise on Man and
very kind; with never tailing remedies for their
:?The practice of Dr. Hunter has long been and still
ia, unboiindedtbut at the earliest solicitation of nu
merous persons, he has been Induced to extend his
medical usefulness through the medium of his "Vade
Mecum." . i . i
One copy, securely enveioped, wilt be forwarded
free of postage to any part of the United States fro
so centsin r. u. Biamps. auuran, puo wo,ii.
ffuntcr, No.l Division street, Kew Yerk. .. .
...Aeguat 13,18y
t'll.'-l 'J '.l
: .te .: 'I ; c.
.'. it if o i.;i'ii : OIB BTM MAM 1W,:
'V.t':': ii'iytiV: , i tatily- without ,foeor:!or
.iist"vO ia s.'-ij.-.wMm'etnes.ia Sent t post
paid on receipt , of ; 10
, 1 -'..i.t-: H eentt.: .Aares
.i'KiY v?&-;in! Dp. K. B. FOOTE, '
i i - .-a K . " v 'i 1H Lexington - Avenue,
.ri if -j! Corner. Batt 28th ptieet,
tew ion.
An Old Song Set to a New Time.
At tpring approaeket
-4fif and Roxchtt , .
.i . i. .! From their holet com uty .
And Mict and Rait
' In tpiu of eati,
Gaily ikip qbout. '
"18 years established in N. YCity."
"Only inlallilile remedies known."
"Free from poisons. V
"Noldangorous to the human family."
"Kutsoouie outol their hnlea to die."
lCostar's" Eat, Roach, &c, Extcrm's
Is a paste'-nHCd lor Rats, mice, Roaches,
Black and Red Ants, &c, 4c,. . , v
'Costar's" Bed-Bug Extcrminater
' Ja a liquid or wash nsed to destroy,, and
alsaas n preventive for lied-Bugs, 4c.
'Costar's" Eloctric Powder for Insects
Is for moths, misquitoes, Fleas, P.ed-i)ugs,
Insects on Plants, Fowls.Anicals, Ac.
W- ( I Bxwabi I I I of all worthless imitations,
"See that "Cottar's" name it on each box, bot.
le, and Flask, before you buy
484 Broadway, New ii ork.
iCS"Sold in Ale Arthur, hv J. a Strn
and all druggists and dealers everywhere. '
For Cuts, Burns, Bruises, Wounds, Boils,
Cancers, Broken Breasts, Sore Nirples, Blee
ding, Blind and Painful Piles; Scrofulous,
futrm and Hi-conditioned Sores; Ulcer?,
Swellings, Eruptions, Cutaneous Affeotione,
Ringworm, Itch, Corns, Bunions, Chilblains,
&o. ; Chapped Hands, Lips, &o.; Bites ef
Iders. inseots, Animals, Kc. ' .
ISrBoxes 25 cts., 50 cfs., and $1 sizes
JvardoU by all druggiats everywhere.
gfoT And by Hsnrt K. Costab, Depot 484
uroeflwav, new xerit,
l-Sold by J. S. Strong MeArthur, O.
' U 0 R K ' S O L T 1 X T,
For Corns, Bunions, Warts,' Ao,
l"Boie9 25 eti., cts and 1 sites.
BstTSuld by all Druggists everywhere.
teTAnd by Henry K. Costar,' Depot 484
Broadway, New York.
fciTAnd by J. S. Itreng, MoArthtr, 9.
' Used to soften and beautify the akin, remove freck
les, Pimples, Eruptions, 4c.
Ladies are now using it in preference te all othtrs.
Ut-Bottles $1.
8gy8old by all druggists everywhere.
HaTAnd by Henry R. Costar, Depot 484
Broadway, New York,
fTAnd by J. B. Strong, Mclrthur, 9.
.''.';.!." ' PECTORAL; ., v
, :...;;.- v ' . ,
For Coughs,' Colds, Hoarseness, Sore Throat,
Cronp, Whooping Cough, Influenza, Asthma,
Consumption, Bronchial Affections and al
diseases of the Throat and Lungs. f
Jgy-Bottles 25 ots, 60 cts, and $1 sites.
KaTSold by all druggists eveywbere.
tfcsTAnd by Henry R. Costar, Depot 484
Broadway, New York. ;
And by J. S. Strong, MoArthur, O.
.V . .11 ' :!
Forn'ervous and' sick Headache, eostiveness, Indl
eaation, dyspepsia, biliousness, constipation, diar
rhea, colics, chills, levers, and general derangement
ot the Digestive Organs.
arBoxea Wets, 40 cts, 1 rises. 0 r. : i' r
. Sold by ftll druggists everywhere. ,
, . And by Henry R. Costar, Depot 484 Broad
way, Sew York; -. , '..Vl'. -M.,a '-.
And, bjf J. S Strong, i i.t .
Q. W Sisson, MeliMiM, 0
1 Hot. if, H8T-6a) - . J- '
Ui:iM!B.? .vi.
JUST received at SWETLASD'S a fresh supply
To which is added a good assortment of
OlAQ O "rVT r r
Also, a lot of
W hich will make fine
Sir or g un st
And which I will tell very cheap! Give me a cull!
October 3, 18C7-8m
- ' . 613 Broadway,
"yyOCLDcall particular attcqtionto their
New Family ' Sewing Maclunes
Th2Cl?? u', ?rinciP' ""'y Machines that mnHe
v.. i .1, e ,me DOIn 'be Wheel and Drop
Feed, thereore are suited to all kinds c.f seini.
MacWues0""''1' W"h thSe f oUlBr Firi,t-ul"s3
C61 Broadway, New York.
Fall Slock
Main Street, ..... Mc Arthur
HAS itiat received a new assortment of the latest
styles ofoods, which he w.U
BcU Cheaper thai the Cheapest ia Tewnt
And also having; the best atsorttd slock of
0 the Finest and Latest Settee, for
?on. ana Boys!
I also keep
Hats and C aps
For Ladies and Gents, and a lorge variety of
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods.
I also keep
Tnurms and valises
Whith I will sell to the publio at the lowest prices
Ifiy-The publio patronage is respectfully
solicited. . - :
October 17, 180T-3m
S I N G E E ' S
This preparation applied according te dircc
t.oes is
Warranted to restore Gray Hair
to its original or natural color; its also acts up
on Gbeiwhiskkks In tho same manner.
It is not A Dvs, and contains o coicriko
wastes, nor does it contain any deleterious
substanco. It cleanses the scalp, promotes
the growth, and prevents the falling ofl ot the
hairs and as it imparts to the hair and whis
kers a rich natural gloss, and has a pleasant
fragrance is a very desirable ariiclo
For tlio TOI1 o.
tSTPrinoipal Eepot, Ne. 3 Nassau
Street, NewYork.
Fkici $1. 3D
0eu)tng ittacljiuee
The onlt Machine so perfected that entire
satisfaction is guaranteed or the purchase
money refunded.
Where we have no Agent a sample Machine
will be sold at very low price, and a Local
Agent appointed on the most favorable
N.B, -Send for circular. Traveling Agents
wanted. Salary, liberal. ., .
An Agent wanted U every town,
Send for a Circular.
Fistkle & Lyon S, Iff. Ca.
,. -687 Broadway, New York.
June 27, 1867-Gm
For rat MakbisdI , ,
Sent Fret in sealed en
.,. . velope, on receipt of 10
cents, Auaress
' ; '-, ' Dr, E. B. FOQTE, '
' 1 ', (author of Medicar Com
',' mon Sense Book,, 400
. ; ;
i; " v i i
'', '
. 'patreB. $1,60, sent by mall.)
' ' ' No. 110 Lexington Avenue
rr.ef KtlStnF,Y,
PBE uudeisigntd propooe to establish A '
I pa er to be siyled (lie Farmer? Chron
Klt. to be pubiib. d at Columbus, Ohio, the
fit st nt.ruber le Le istuel iaily in Decembor.
The Chionule will be deioud to the ele!
vation of Atriiultuie as s profession or
venation, incuiit a distinoiion lo an- oocu
ration enibotlvinir the brum in,. i.i.
- w J - vavw juia)
a.otej lo the inipiovtmeat of Agikultuie'
as an Art and to the ditsemation of '
kuovlei'ge relating to it as a Ecieuco. It '
Will be the aim of tLe idiicrs to present '
euch views as ate of inactical imnn.i....'
. .-.rv.
re'aung lo every depnnment cf Aevicul- '
mio. lie turnery I nromcie will ignore
Politics in the nariiiun ami .F.n..n. '.
HfOipted mnM of the teim, scaiously advo
ca itir. however. au.:h iniinnip. u. m-. i..
presented la tie State Legislature or to
vuiigve's, an iu ii. e rpinion or the editors
have a direct bearing f,n t he interests of
nn Awrieuliural or Iudustriiil community
These will be ditcuiril
gard to He party with vthich such measures '
u:ii jr uio iiriginnteu.
tDloinl attention will Via
Literary D. partaieat of th: paper; the
Ititeot newv Agricultaral, Political and
Commeroial--wIU be pnseuted in condensed
and satiafaotory farm, und arrangements
have alreadv been made ah inl, will oomiw.
cure Ihe prompt publication of the most
luiu.mui agiicunurai l'roiiuce Markets
mi.u wniuii no as a oiaie or as a people are.
or are likuly to b", related.
The deUurlmeiltD nerlulninn l IT......
Cattle, Sheep, &c, will receive Ihe attention
uu u iiuoer uie eupenntenUenoe of the
most experienced men iu the State, as will
the departments devoted to Agriculture,
Horticulture mill If i 11 f rAtl cninnnee TV. a
toterprUo has been undertaken after a full
uu visaing ui tue subject, and with an
earnest deire to advance the Agricultural
interests of the oountry. Among our reg-
umr euuumuiors are tne lo.iding Agricul
turalists of Ohio anil manv nf it, r,n
emiueut in other Stales.
'Ihe Farmer? Chronicle will be a neat six
teen page paper, octavo form, the publishers
uiiiiiug 10 uinae it as perieot in typograph
ical annearaiiaa in ihev hnna in d... ,
cellent in matter. It will be published
weekly at the rate of $2 ner nnnum n.iintn
d 4 1
vance. -
Stiecimen rum hen mailnl fr.. in
address on application- Address,
Columbia, Ohio.
V.eoub.." P1
YM dotilJd 1V t)l N. II. Stnt V.lr
tin in now concotlitl bv the ituLLie to La' I
Ony ur luiit-J Hair to llnorlHoal colon J
nrnmA It. ilm. t. 11... 1. 1... ' f
mors tnd DiuiUnUt,na for DK-u'.tif I
uvawi .7 "M mid wir. u ia irvsj 2
. frum Lalliiniilll llni'l ilnaa .. iTvT
f7 swvMiha bcpci rAs, .vv;
i. R. BARRETT It CO., Proprl.tortJ
For sale by Dr, J. 8. Siaoso, Druggist,
Julyt,1807-ly ' McArthur.Ohle.
Corner llain and Market Sts.,
Mc Arthur, Ohio.
JL property, ttituated in McAnliur, the County Heat
of Vinton, and the centre of the vast coal and iron
regions of Ohio. This is the
Only Hotel in tlxo
there is a good stable; ail (he conveniences necejsa-
ry tomane it vsnaiii snouiu oe- an excellent loca
tion; and is doing a fine business.
Any peHon desiring to make an investment oj
thin kind will do well to oall and examine the nretn-
aes as I desire to retire Irom the business, and will
sell the property at oue-balfits real value.
it. ilULliJSUr.
Sept mbcr, 1807-tf
Gifts for Christmas and New
A Superb Stock of Fine Gold and Silvsi
Watches, all warranted to run, and thor
oughly Regulated, at the low price of $10
Each, and satisfaction Guaranteed. .
100 Solid Gold Huu'g Watohcs $250 to $1,000
100 Magio Cased Gold watches, 200 to ; 600
100 Ladies Watches, enameled, 100 to 300
200 Gold Hun'g Chron'er W'bcs,2S0 to 800
200 Gold Hunting Eng. Levers, iUO to- 250
300 Gold do Duplex Watches, 150 to 200
300 Gold do Am'oan Wat'hes, 100 to 250
600 Silver Hunting Levers, 60 to ; 160
600 Silver Hunting Duplexes, 16 to 250
500 Gold Ladies Watches bu to . Z&O
1 000 Gold Hunting Lepines 60 to 75
1.000 Miscellaneous Sil'r Wat'hs M to 100
2.500 UuntinK Silver Watches 25 to 60
5.000 Assorted Wa'hes, all kinds 10 to 75
The above stock will be disposed of on the Popu-
lar One-Price Plan, aivina" every patron a fine Gold
or Solid Silver Watch lor 1U, without regard to
value! ,
Wright Pro. Co., 161 Broadway, New Tork,
wish to immediately dispose or the above
magnificent block. Certificates, naming the arti
cles, are placed in sealed envelopes, and well mixed.
Homers are enuueu w mo ii,i.wd iwui,. uu iu.u
certificates upon payment of Ten Dollars, whether
it be a Watoli worth l,000 or one worth less. The
return of any ot our ocrtifieates entitles you to the
articles named upou the payment, irrespective of
its worth, ana as no sniuie mm 10 mu
nnmed on any vertiGcate, it will at once oe aeen
thatthie is .
So Lottery, but a ttraightforvari leyUimait
traniaetion, which may be participated in
even by tht matt fattidioxu I .1 - ,
A single certificate will be sent by mail, post paid,
upon receipt of ascents, for 1, 11 for i, 33 and an
elegant premium for 5, 60 and more valuable pre
miuin.for W, and 10U and most superb watch forllt.
To Agenti, or those wishing employment, this is a
rare Spporttmitv. Is a legitimately oonduoted boa
messduly authorised by the Government, and open
to the mossoareuu iuninij.
42 WRIQUT, BRO.S CO., Jmporttrt, 1 ..
9a i : (-161 oatfay, iV. rbr, '-
MARRIED LIFE. Information and advice of
tat importance to the married of both aexee, la
a sealed envelope, can be obtained nee of charge by
addressing the undersigned. ' . ' ' "'
Wfls, H1 . M Broadway, !fc T

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