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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, December 19, 1867, Image 2

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Democratic Enquirer
J.W.0,BITOAlfOrIITO. ; '
O FFICE1 Dodge t Building, over $teetland"t
Store, corn Mam ma i.ocuh oir, -of
the Court Home.
Has the largest circulationof any pa
per in Vinton County. Adevrtisers and
other&mll please make a note of this.
the Democracy of Vinton County,
Ohio : .
: You arc requested to meet at
the Court House, iu McArthur,
on '
Saturday, Dec. 28, 1867,
at one o'clock, P. M., in pur
suance of a call of the Demo-
t'.ct fionml Committee
UI ULIC Utatv. v... -
- fnr thft' -numose of. choosing
four delegates to represent Yin
a - 4.' J,-. Vii "Horn nrm tip.
ion uuuii l in -
! State Convention, "which will
1-1 I PAlnmlllli! rr
8th of January next, and to
transact such other business as
it may he necessary to trans
act. order of
Vinton County.
Quite a discussion is at present be
iog carried on by the Democratic
press of the State relating, to the
proper person to be chosen, by the
Legislature elected this fall, as United
States Senator to succeed the wicked
old Bxn Wade. Taking all .things
into consideration, that happened
in and since the - year 18G3,
18G3, wo think Hon. C. L. Yallandio
ham should be chosen ; and wo there
fore placets name at the head of our
paper. ' : :
; : ' : Gill' &llichmond"keep a large and desira
ble assortment of Tin and Bheet Iron ware
of their own manufacture at such low prices
that no one can help buying something.
. At the municipal election in Law
renco, Massachusetts, last week, Mel-
. 1 TV J.! AnMrltrlnf A 4Vi
VIN, tno OJemOCiauu yuuuiu.i.o iui
Mayor, was elected, carrying every
ward in the'eity by crushing. majori:
r ties, and on the aggregate vote
more that two to one. The Republi
cans elected but one: Councilman.
Tims, in one week, the cities
Lawrence, Boston, and Pittsburgh,
but one year since the strongholds
Radicalism, have swept into Demo
cratic lino.
, "We "are pleased to notice that
Pomeroy Banner has distributed
name of "U. S, Grant, for- President
of the United States." Grant is
thn man for the nrescnt state
affairs; we want a statesman who
knows when to speak and what to say
wben he speaks. We hope our friend
of the Banner is in favor of lion.
Geo. II. Pendleton.
' The Gallipolis Journal says that tne
subscription for tho : new railroad
; connect uio uuraiptuui u; uui nmu
the M. & C. E. E., at Hamden Junc
tion, amounts to $180,000, and that
the whole amount for Gallia county
will be raised in a few weeks. The
i- :. i Ml 1
raised in a short time. We predict
that the cities of Gallipolis and Pome-
i j . . . x -
roy will increase with giant strides
... . , . i . ii
weaun ana population on uie com
pletion of this new railroad, establish
ing, communications between them
and the outer world.
At Gill & Richmond'! Hardware Store
be found Cook Stoves of all sixes of the
' iaUst improved patterns, at low prices.
The Vinton Record wishes us
r quote its ( extracts , properly.
would inform the' Record that wo
not think jt is necessary for us to mis-
quote from, a paper that is as stupid
. politically: aa , it proved itselt to
during the late campaign. Indeed,
is only necessary for us to quote what
i tha Vfli-nrd calls the truth to prove
. tiat. T?nr1ifni flnanciern c is corrunfc.
f r - -. . , 4
. i, T. i. ... !1 .-A
locomotives set fire to the woods along
the line of the road, and burn valua
;rv,Vn tfis Yinmnnnlen urn made
pay for it. , Some time' ago. tne Cape
Cod Kailroad was'mulcted' in "damages
for. burning ' timDer; frpml 0,000 acres
" of land ' in Plymouth. 1 and Sandwich,
Missachusetts,1 and ' the ? company"
now pavingfor it.
t.vt ih Democracy oi ww
county remember that the County'
Executive Committee lave fixed Sat.
urday, Bec..2fithf M the time foy hold-
delegates: tq -repmect: this
county in the Stat. Convention on xoe
8th of 'January,
ance be had.
Let a full
Resigned to Get aBiugkr Salary.
The correspondent ot the Cincin
nati Commercial tuus wm.es
Columbus, under date ot isov. &v,
1867. to that paper relative to the
Judfo of the Court of Common Tleas
in this Judicial District who' -resigned
frt croY ii buffer salary and is then left
out in the cold:
(iff will W remembered that the
last General Assembly increased the
salary of Common Pleas Judges to
son nor annum. A number of the
M,"-- 1 " . . , , . 1
Tnfl(Tos who went in on tne low Binary
immediately resigned, ana were iu
nnnninted bv the Governor to
tho very samo judgeships to enable
them to draw the big salary, yi
course they all had to go ociore tne
people for ro-election in October
Among tnose who iubijjhu, "
appointed by the Governor under this
arrangement, was Judge Johnson, oi
Ironton, who by the way, is a gooa
Judgo and a clever gentleman. He
was re-nominated. by tho Republican
party in his judicial subdivision, com
posed of the counties of Jackson, Vin
ton, Pike, Scioto and Lawronce, and
everybody supposed ho would be re
elected. Ills defeat was not consul
possible Ho thought it far more
likely that a thunderbolt from a clear
sky would strike him down than that
the people would refuse him that
Judgeship, with the $2,500 per annum,
lipmnrrats vcrv auictly wont to
,..lr nnH mndn Martin Crain, of
Portsmouth, their candidato, and then
inr.to him. He was the only Demo
cratic lawyer in the subdivision who
would consent to make the race against
Judge Johnson; anu no win um u
r,i WW too. He will bo remem
bered as the Representative from Sci
oto county in the sessions of 1862 and
1863. The laugn comes m ui mc
point wnero juuhsuu b-er
big salary, and then lost the judge
ship' "
. We have carefully read tho Yinton
Record for a few months past, and
understand from its teachings that it
is in favor of
Negro Supremacy!
Bondholding Aristocracy!
, Favored Legislation 1 ;
Official murders of innocent men
and.women! .
Government Stealing! ;
Government Swindling! :
Military Despotism!. ,. ,
Bondholders paying no taxes what
ever! , .
The South starving under Radical
tyranny! V
Tho West toiling to support lazy
Bondholders 1
One-half the States falling !
The well men working to support
Mrs. Lincoln's Army contractors and
Shoddy thieves! . ..
The sick men wanting;! .
. The orphans wailing! , ' '
The widows and mothers weeping!
And in favor of every man in the
United States paying, upon an aver
ago, about 200 a year for taxes to only
pay the interest on the public debt!
Who can say the Record is not
sheet ol many, favors? . . ..
The Record advocates the payment
of the national debt to tho very last
cent. Vinton Eecord.
Of course! The , Record believes
that-"the national debt. is a national
blessing;" believes that it is rjght for
tho poor, half-starved and half-naked
laborers to work year after year
pay the debt contracted, by the army
contractors and shoddy thieves,
whom Mrs. Government advised the
" late lamented " to give license to steal
the hundreds and hundreds of thou
sands of dollars of tbe public money;
and believes in all the other stealing
done since its masters have been in
position to steal off of the Govern
ment. The Eecord likes to see the
people paying the "last cent" of those
GUI & Richmond keep the best and most
experienced workmen in their Tin Shop, and
are therefore fully-prepared to. do House
Spouting, Tin Roofing, Repairing, &e., in
superior manner. ' '
! Wk make no pretensions-to a Von
derful v financial knowledge, Vinton
uecora. ,
This is an appropriate, time the
elections all being over for Bond
holders, and those, who are in favor
Bondholders, taking all the gold and
the popr men having the ragged pa-
. . : . . . . ' i . . 'J j. ; . ,mi
nar. to oieaa ignorance. in
" knowledge of these condemned-by
the-people ' blood-suckers is not; very
"wonderful !" nolindeed ! I Thepi-e
tensions" they made. bofore the. late
Excitement in McArthur!
s: thurLSv. v, -
A great many people were
in town on Tuesday last attend
ing to husincss, hecauso there
was a prospect of .the gnow go
ing off. Most of the people came
to purchase '.Goods, and .went
ahout town, from store to store,
to see where the cheapest and
hest goods could be bought,
Wo mado an - effort to get
into Dap.; Will ; &. Bros .Storp,
and jwitli considerable difficulty
succeeded. . .We never before
saw, such a
women, and
crowd of . men,
children: in any
Store. ; We at first thought
there was a riot,pand that they
were taking goods down and
making preparations to depart
without leave, but, they were
only buying everything they
could see. Large tied-up piles
of dress goods, otc., were on the
counters, and boots and shoes
piled up under tho counters-
hundreds of dollars worth in a
nilel Evervthincr cheap! Just
l ; , V. ; v
the place to purchase nice things
for the holidays!
Tip Fenians continue to alarm tho
people of Englatd rather more than
the Fenians and Buckeyes of tho Iq-
dependect School District in the Brit
ish Province alarm tho English who
dwell ' there and fiffht School Houses
and School House Taxes. At Clerk
cnwcll, England, on the 14th inst., an
attempt was made to blow up a prison
in which were confined a number of
Fenians, among whom was Col. Bcrke.
A numbef of persons were killed and
seriously wounded by the explosion.
Tho British are greatly alarmed. How
much longer they wish to keep Ire
land 'under their tyrannical rule we
are 'usable to state. "; '
Gone to the City!
, : Geo. B. ;"Wii-l, , tlie popular
and witty salesman in the House
of J. K. "Will, is 'now in the
city purchasing a large assort
ment of Fancy Goods for the
holidays that will , just suit this
market. Gcorsro cannot be
beat in purchasing fancy. goods
he knows just w7hat the peo
pie want during the holiday
season. . "Leaves have their
time to fall "and so do fancy
goods.' George is now taking
advantage of a panic in the mar
ket and will" bring "forth' dress
goods of every; style, quality.
and price.: Be sure and go and
get a nice present for your
wives or your children before
jroinc: elsewhere! ' The new
stock will .begin to arrive to
day.--' , '.' . :: ,,
L . , - .
The Vinton County Bank. Tho
attention of the public , is directed to
the Special Notice,1 and "also, to the
card, of the Vinton County Bank, in
this paper! It will be seen that those
desiring to send money to their friends
in England, Ireland, France, Germany.
or to any part' of Europe, or anywhere
else, can obtain Drafts for this pur;
pose for any amount at the Vinton
County, Bank. The' Bank will issue
Drafts direct at1 very low rates, and
save the trouble and extra expense of
sending elsewhere. This is tho safest.
most reliable,' easiest, and cheapest
way to send money to any place for
any purpose.' There is no danger of
its being lost all is perfectly safe.
jdst as safe, or even more bo, in many
instances, man wnen me money is in
the pockets of tho owfior. This Bank
the stockholders' and officers of
which are all wealthy and responsible
men is prepared' to do a general
Banking Business; receive deposits!
ana ,-pay interest un nine ueppsiis
loan money at reasoname rates on
acceptable 1 paper ;: buy And' sell ' ex
change; make collections; buy gold
and Bilver at liberal rates, and traosact
every' every other legitimate Banking
business! . The . people can' find 'do
more convenient , a place to transact
business: of : this .kind.- . Joseph
McDowell is 'President, and Jas. W.
Delay 'is Cashiet-both kind and ac
give any miormaiion uesireu.
Tin; Demand That WiLfuK Made,
What a monitor the ballot-box is!1
Word comes from Washington tnrougn
Republican channels, that many lead
inr Rannhtinfin niembcrs are becoming
ith 'tha belief that the
1111 IJf VMMVVf - - --
luxury of ;a Frednien'a Bueau-a
costly institution inaugurated ; and
pnnt.fniiftd.to Afncanlzo tho South r-
can be dispensed with. :Tho:l!csult of
tho recent electitins have given life to
that bolief. If 'the Republican lead
ers w ill only, carefully watch the pub
lic pulse,, they, may learn-that the peo-
pie are rapiuiy guitiug nuu wu w
dition out of wiici will grow an im
perative demand that all legislation
looking to. tho exaltationof Negroes
over white' men shall bo swept from it.
If'3tiyr,nr inc,rcdloiv9-on, this point
tioy .will JlUve to wait .oijly a l(ttlj
longer to bo convinced, lliatdcmana
is as sure to come as that. Negro Suff
rage was overwhelmingly defeated at
the late election in vmo.-Statesman.
Be.sarsi ani gQ U Gill & iRich month Hard-
ware Store, if you. want any thing in their
line, before going elsewhere. '
, .
A Good Junou. The. Charlotte .(.
C.) jVeics says :
The following is said to have occur.
red at Union Superior Court: A col
ored centloman on the jury is objected
to on the ground of incompetency.
The following questions, are propound
ed by the counsel to. the juror i
'am, are you u iivuuuiuei t
"Yes, sar.";' ' ' -' '; ' " '
"Have you' any land?".
"No.'sar;"-.;: -.-u i-M : ..
"What do vou mean, then, by say
ing you are a freeholder?" '
"I means bcin' free and holdm on
and so on." . .
"What is a verdict, bam?' , ,
"I dun know, sar."
" What is a plaintiff ?' '
"Dun know,. sar."
"What is a defendant?" .
"I dun. know, sar; I's greon 'bout
dose things."
Hero General Can by 8 order was
read, from which it nppearod ho was
competent: so the man and brother
was duly "Cussca in, anu iuoh nia
. . 1)1 J X -1 1
seat. . . . .
All kinds and eizes of naila can be had
at the lowest prices at Gill & Richmond's
It is stated that tho artificial limbs
for maimed -veterans cost the Govern
mcnt, last year, $35,206 50, and the
tobacco supplied to the enlisted men
of the army cost gioo.byu el.
Finest se!octionof Toys, at the very
lowest prices nt Sisson's Drug Store. '
Dry Oood8l Fancy Goods! Jewelry and
Silverware, worth over S2 BOO 000! All
to be cold for One Dollar Each.
Abasdaie4 Co., 162 BromlFBYi New York, Agents
for European Manufacturers, nnonnr e that in eon
sequencft of the oyerstockinK of tho Knglish mar
ket, an immense quantity of"lry and Fanej fioodsi
have been eonticned to them with instructions to ho
cleured for immediate easb, nt any airenftVo. A. A
Co, have, therefore, have resolved to olfer them ae
eordinx to their ordinary system of bits, nesn at $1
each, without reya.-cl to value. The following list
hows the original wholesale prices of some of tbe
articles whioh they now oiler at 81:
Benr, Wolf, and Bullalo Robes from fl.lOOIoS SDO
Sets of Fnrs,8ablo,Ermineor Mink MHO to 100 00
Ladies' MtiflV, " " " 15 00 to f.0 00
, do Collars,".. " in 00 to 40 (W
Silk andSatin Dress Patterns from 18 W to 40(1
Beree and JJcyptin Cloths frojnaooto Vim
Alnpaccn and Muslin Polaines from 4(K)to lo (Ki
Freneh Merinos and Twills Irom lOtKito )00
Cnnibtio, Thibet and Mohair Irom 4 ) to .10 00
Balmoral and Elliptic Skirts from E 00 to . 6 ''0
Silk sad Lace Veils from tb 6 00'
Sets Fine Cull and Collars from 2 HO to sen
Pair ol Ladies' Oorseis from 2 50 to (00
Hflndkerrhiets, Wlk, Plain, Uemstitch-
edand Embroid'dlinenlnvjn.perios 600 to 1800
Ladiea and Gents Cotion, Woolen and
bilkHoce half ham, pordos. pairs 4 tO to 12 00
Ladies Si UentV Merino, Cuttun, Lmnen
A Cotton Shirts A Undersbir'ts.oaeh 2S0 to 6 00
Cost, Vest, and Pantaloon Patterns -irp
Clftth, Cassimr-re and Dnekin irnm ; H 00 to 2S 00
Linen nnJ Wolen Tablo Covers from 2 ' 0 to S 00
White A Colored linen Napkins, a doz. eeoto 1200
Musfns, white and unbleached, a Yard 16 to 4
. Flannels; shawls in woolen; silk and merino nu
bias in clouds; woolen hoods; blankets; linen and
muslin sheets; meerschaum pipes) wallets; velvet
and morocco poi tmonaies; shopping bs; fcur and
blade pocket knives, with pearl, ortoiscand ivo
ry handles; French Clocks; g It nd bronre musical
bexes; revolvers;..'owlii,g pieces; fancy combs; hair
nets; work boxes; siirer ca?d Sases albums; lanidy
and pocket bibles; opera glasses, Ac. We also have
received asplundid assortment of WATCHES, Gold
and bilver hunting (aea for gents;, enameled do for
ladies, together with chains of every pattern and
style, : Sets ot jewelry :n every variety; sleeve but
tons; thimbles; lockets; crosses; rings of evert kind;
bracelets; gold pens, Ao., Ac, The Silverware Pe-
fiartment oom prises silver, dining and teasels, ens
ors, I' e .pitchers, (able apoous,' forks, tea spoons,
goblets, drinking cups, collee urns, tea pots, cream
pitchers, sugar bowls, fruit baskets, cake, boskets,
card baskets, pie knives, fish knives, mustard and
mlt moons, nankin rings, tea stands, wine holders.
card boldeis, Ao All ol the ai ore list to bcsoldlcr
l each. l h eTpeusesare pent by the sale of Cou
pons or Certificates naming each article in the stuck
and its value; these certificate are enclosed la en
velopes. mixed up, and sold atM cents each 8 for
fi 11 for 12.' Whatever article is named In thecer
liflcate can be obtained at fl. The article will be
shown to the holder oi the certificate, and it will bo
at his option, whether he takes tbe artiole or not.
In case articles are sent by mail or express are not
sajisfiictory, they can be returned nnrtllie money will
be refunded. Everv ceriihVrte entitles tho holder
some article of sterling value, worth more than a f
In proof ofthls read tl.iB offer: You can have for any
of our certificates and SI, any nt the following articles,
so that if you are not pleased with ihe article r arti
cles named oa the certificate, you need u.t lose tho
25 cents you paid for it: I silver plated 3 bottle
eastor, handsome silver plated butter dish with plate
and cover, ladys' shopping bag, a SO picture album
bounk In vetve.t and guilt, set often spoon) silver
plated on white metal, set double plated taalei poons
oi forks, pants pattern ('4' yards cassimsre,) pair
Jouvio's Paris Kid Gloves, splendid real nieers
chaum pipe, or sonu in oarac oia plain ring,
KirsBWCEe. During the four years we here been
sent tor European imunitacturers, we hare re
ceived-hundreds of oommendutcry noticesfrom lh
nmi. and letters from private Individuals, exnress.
ing the highest satitfaction with our method of doing
business. We have many of these testimonials with
names and dates printedm pamphlet form, and as
have no space for them la this advertisement,
will Send copies free to any address. Whenever
desired, we will send articles by Express, 0. O.
So that the money need only be paid on, delivery
the Goods. W e adept tlie entire responsibility
money sent by express, rost umce uroer, or Hank
Draft. . We want agents everywhere to whom a liberal
comnenstion will be paid which eaa be learned
application. Take care to write your name and ad
drets la a clear, uistinc.t hand, and dc re ,. ,.
Post Office Box, &2l. , , lti'i Broadway, New York.
For sale in McArthur, by
I 2ir
rTvJfJB H0TJSE. having been very meh improved
A and reptutea, is inr superior "'a8 ana com
fnrt ta m Hotel in this Dart ol the State the Pro
prietor being prepared to accommodate one and
.Wltn KOOa BlOttUIIlg n(firiIIDIi.a nuu luiuinii (no IHOIC
with the bust (he market alhjrds. - It location
convenient to business.and tc. tbe Railroad Pep'f
which makes It a desirahl ttopping place to .ell
visiting Zaleeki,
The Best
Harvest is Over
The Held is Great I
Prosperity Aboundil I
x luting &w"r.pr' vt ;.;,:. .nd
SSmli g It emu y ' best talent in all deport
MlUwK oleJ'to", contributors, Ac. cmi
inftits. oor p. f.rmers. n nntor, wool
T" .?J J"-;," ..,,, i,,, a ii.o an-;
KhKie.:-oVTofe nd aWity. In bncf
t,ve na ... wl. t ih. llurall Your
7. fn N,;ioih!it t is not a motitlib', out
juBneuv.."". ..... .
a l.iirae. una neuuiuni . no yi
' K?,h K . ooataini il.t NuWe Quarter P4RC.
more an I bottor Illustrating tlianany othr Journal
EKi? A Title Pae.1n.lex... jtclo.e ol vol
'i'KHMa-Onlv f3 a yar; to ulubn of ten, EJ.f'O per
cnv Vol. XIX bKi"J"n Kw. 1 f
r"'r.... l.i:..iv,un,lnliili. Grtat Oflors. to club
dcenis. eneeimena. Bhow-billa, lrdmium titt.
sent freeior the 13 numbers ol tins yu.irter, (Oot. to
Jan.)ou triiil, lot Duly '''.j, j,,
liochuter, JV". Y.
IS NOW making bHer ' pieturei than ever. lie
keeps putted, ip all the latest inipoveraeutu in
and uses none but the very best of materials. He
cm Hiotbgraph imy kind ot pictures, enlarge them
to aay site, and color them in
Oil, India InV, or Water Colors.
IU makci
rr ; M4, . ;' . r,
Porcelain Pistures, Ferrotypes, Amlro-
types, Photographs, Gems,
i , ; . r ' ;!:;'; "
snd all otberkinda that are made in the laigest cit
ies; oaJ keeps constantly on keudaii anortmont of
Frames, '
" Pictures, '
; ' - Picture Cord,
i A -
'''''' ''All kinds of '
'. ncfBK3 ..Fit AMID TO" ORDER.
Not. 14, 1867-tf
Awarded a O old Medal
AT Ti!' '
la direal remp.etition with all ths leading
niakers in the country. . , i
Polonliet, Pdtoa k Co., Kitnofaotnreri,
RESI'ECTFtil.I.Y invite the aitention of purchas
ers, the (rude snathe prof usion tothelottow
ing jnstriiiTieots of their'ihanufacture:
Pedal Base Organs,
Fivesiies, FiveOftave.one to Ihree banks of keys,
Bank, Roc wooand Walnut Cases.
- f e-Pnees $350 to $000,3
; School Organs,
Twelve styles, one to four sets of ' ds, single
and double Bank, Poeewooa nna win ssci.
, OPrices 138 to $W0.J
" . . MELODEONS, ' . . '.' ...
Piano style and partible. Twalve vario.'Us, fiom
four tesix octaves, kiugle and Double Keed, Rose
woo4 aod Black Walnut cees. ' ;-y
. .. jerPrices $G5 to $250.3 '
T.r Instrument is mado by competent work
men, from Ihe best matei ml, under our persoiil su
pervision, and e,very mouem improvement worthy
ofthe tisinei iutrodiiced ip them Among these we
would call aitention to the TRRMOLANTK, which
has been o much admired, aitd can t found only in
tunf nnr own manilt'iuituro.
, From amoiiJ! the very fluttering Testimonials
t mineut FTotessors ana urgaui s, we gi ve tae lot
lowing extracts: T . -. . . ... , .
The pedals I cofie1vft to be unapproachable in their
beautiful smooth quality. Wm. A. Kise.
It is a (rand instrument, end does .credit to the
builder. H.C.FotiKH, Troy, N.y.
- '1'hey are amnr.g the finest instruments maniila,;.
tured eiiher in this country or abroad. W. Br.ua,
Moskmhal, Aptomas.
They have given universal stiHfiacuon. w. n.
Hawi.iv, FonduLno, Wis.' - - i.
. 'l'hre is a ncculinrlv sweet and sympathetic tone.
hnrmeniteschsrming y with (he voice. W. ll Cooki
1 am particularly plesseu witn the arrangement ql
IheiiiHerent registers. W. II Hradhury.
No other Instrument as nearly apurcaches the or-
gnn.MThe Chorister. ' ." .
1 US imfiruilivui ims n,i'ir Bujiri iui ujr .itoi liny
thing yet introduced among us.--lneVpendeni, H.Y.
The tones and the action are excellent. Rev. 8.
Leaviit, Hudson, M. V,.
The moie we use it the better we like it. J. D.
HaRiie, Hudson, N. Y. . -
'I he two Hank Organ Harmonium is really a gem.
..' Vva havelound them excellent in til
II points cOstitu-
iineo-coed instrument... .I. C.Cook
;, T.J, Cook,
; ; .iinonsanu ounn iTiBnnuiiy.....ji, -.axioni roy.
"The most perfect toned Meiodeon I ever saw.' '
Guy F. North. i '
"They fall back oa such substantial , merits as su
periority ol workmanship, beauty of tone and rea
sonableness ot price, and we must sey that In
i. heir respects thevaro well worthy of pKilse.'. lu
iical Pioneer, August '0i.
Evert l'mtrument is fully warranted,' and
Boxed and Shipped in Mew York City with
out charge,- ,. ." ., 1 ' . . ( ;
- Ciroulars, Cuts and Price Lists, etc-, sent
on application to ! .i . ; .
i . ' 841 Broadway, New York,'
Or to anp of our Agent in the cities of. the
71.,' i .'!l!'I.V..T JC01I(MI3lIl r
.ii-. .i
u .- ijimssw.
- .SA ,!).
' . .Confrl and eurfor.
itupturti.,,,, , . ,
oein post paia on receipt
Address i
Lsni'.-,-,i-l) .iVexington-. ..-Avenue.
K-f.r.' iffl T
Corner bast 28th Btjy-Kew
York. V -r- 1
is Itoe i-iicapcsi.'
nnd News Wntler. Interspersed .i t Ln w ;g
Is Charlered ty tha Sjnlo of Pennsylvania,
: nutl Oi'gauizeU! iu ou or lb
I ' XliravuiCo Institute
For Educating Qratuit'ctiify Soldiers' and Soil'
on' Orphani,
Jocorporaled bv the Slate of K. J
Apvif 8, 1&07. .. ,t
The Wasliington Library Company
By virtiioof their cliaiter, r.r.d in nreotdancc Kith
' - - - its provlsioiib. Hill UiktriLuto ..
Three Hundred i Th'o'nisfltid 1 DoJIarB
, To the Slurehold.rt
Wedscsday, 8tli of January ncx
At PliiiatSclpiiia, rn.,
r-j Or el the Institute, - Riverndt, N. J, - .-
,1 Presant worth , . , f 10,BCO
.1 Present worth JO. 000
1 Present worth 10.080
.. 1 Present worth 6,000
2 Presents worth $2,600 each , B,0(J8
1 Present valued at , 18,000
2 Presents valued at $14,000 each 80,000
1 Present valued at 10.000
4 Presents valued at $5,000 each . 20,000
2 Presents valued nt $3,000 oaoh 0,000
3 Presents valued at, I 000 each 8,000
20 Presents va'ued at 500 each 10,000
10 Presents valued at S0O enclt :-t,000
3 Prcso&ls valued at 230 each VD0
2 Presents valued at 225 each 4.500
53 Presents valued at 200 esch 13,000
60 Presents valued at $75 each ' 8,7C0
HO Presents valued at $100 each 11,000
20 Presents valued at 75 oaoh 1 fi00
11 Preeenls valued at $50 cnoli 00
Tho romaining Presents consists of ar
ticles of use and value, appertaining
to the diffusion of Literatuie and the
fine arts $82 0.O
Each certificate of stock is accompanied with a '
Worth Mori at Pelail than the Coel
And also insures to the holder
Present in the Great Distribution.
Subscription One Dollar. ,
. Any person pending us One Dollar, or par,
ing the same to our local Agents, will receive;
immediately a fine Steel Plate Engraving, at
choice from tlie following list, and One Cur
tiiicnte of Slock, insuring One Present iu
our published schedule. . . - . '
, One Dollar Engravivge,
No 1 "My Child! My Child!"" N
'They're Saved!" Ko 3 "Old Seventy-six;
or, the Early liays of the Revolution "
Any person paying Two Dollari will re
ceive either of tlie Steel Plules, at choice, and
Two Certificates of Slock, thus becoming en
titled Two Presents.
? Tiro DoWcir Enrav:nr).
No. 1 "Wnshiiiplou's Courtihip." No. 3 "VTaiih
mgtoj'j Lnst Interview with his Motlier."
'J'lirre. Dollar Engraving).
Anyperpf.n pnyinx 'Ihree liollars will receive tha
heautilul steel Plate ol "Home From the War," and
Three certificates of stock, hecoinnig entitled ta
Three Pi events.. ) , .
t'ovr Volhtr Engravings
Any person. paying Four Doilurs shall receive tbe
larpe mil beniitilul sieel I late of "The Frila ot Our
Forefathers," and Foirr certiacatea 01 ytook, anti
tliny them to Four I'resents. . .
Fit- hollar Engrtivisgt, .
Any person who pays Five Dollars shall receive
the hirjje. and nidendiii steel Plate of "The Mai rise;
of Pocahontas, " mid F'ive certiliculus of stock, eiiti
tlimj them to Fiva I'rwat.is. 1
Tlie engravinc unit certiHerrtea nll - delivered
to each aiihscriber at our J.ocal Agencies, oi seat
oy mail, pout paid, or express, as may kn ordered.
,1 w, It .' I . I V .-. . i
jlou to Obtain Shares and Evgraungi.C;
Send orders to us. bv mail, enclosing from or o t
twenty il"hirs, either, by Post Ollice. orders or in a
registered leitei, at our.'' risk. Larger amounts
should be se'il,y draft or eTprosi. . r. -
10 sharjs with eitgraving9 "" ' "$ Jl B0
25 shares with engravings 1 23 50
50 shares with engravings ' 48 60
7o sharas wilh engravings C9 00
100 shares with engravings 90 00
Looal Agents wanted throughout ths Uni
ted States. ' - -'
Situate at Riverside, Burlington county,' New
Jersey, H founded' for the purpose of gratu
ilously educating the sons of deceased Sold
iers and Seamen- of tho United Statos. . ,
' The Board of Trustees consists of the following
well-known citizens of Pennsylvania and New Jersey:
Hon.-William Mann, ... , ., , -. . , ,
''' District Attorney, "Philadelphia, Pa.
lion-' Lewis' R. Broomall, '' . i
Ex-Chief Coiner U. S. Mini, and r.dcordet
1 ' of Decda, Philadelphia, Pa. '
lion. James M. Scovel, New Jersey.
Hon.: IV. W. Ware, New Jersey.
Henry Oorman, Esq.,
' Agent Adams' Express, Philadelphia, Pa.
J, E. Coe, Esq, ; .- . :
Of Joy, Coe & Co., Philadelphia.
THtABnnv DppATiTMr.nT, Washington, D. C, April
18, 1H07. Office of Internal Kevenuc-llBviiig receiv.
ed sntisfnetory evidence that the proceeds of the en
terprise conducted hy the Wnshingten Library Com
pany will be devoted to charitable uses, permission
Is hereby granted to said cnmpnty to conduct smdi
enterpriso-exernpi irom u onargo, wuetner irom
special Uxor other duty. E. A. IIOLL1N8,
. -. : ..... A.uuiiui&siouer.
The Association have appointed ns Recei
vers, Uessrs.GEOUOli. A. COOKE. & CO.,
whose well know integrlly and business ex
perience will be a efficient guarantee that
the inouey entrusted to them will be prompt
ly applied to the purpose stated. ' i - i
.- - I'liiUnniriuA, Pa., May t 1867i
To the Offioera and Members of the . y -hington Li
brary Company, N. 8. KEAD, Secretary:
. Oentlement: On recript (of your favor of
the 15th inst.',' notifyihg'ns of our' sppoint
ment as Receivers for jour ' Conpahy, we
took the liberty to submit ,,a' copy 'of your
Cearter, with a plan of jour enterprise to
eminent legal authority, and Having receiv
ed his favorable opinion in regard to its le
gality, and sympathizing with the benevo
lent objeot-or jour Association, vii : the edu
cation aad maintenance of the orphan clul
dren of our soldiers' and sailors of the Uiv
erelde Institu'e, we' have- eoholuded to ao
ocpt the trust, and to use our best . efforts to,
promote so worthy an object. i j ,
Kespeetfuily, Yours, ftc, ' ""
Addretiall Vcttera and wd,ere to " t y
S3 South Third 8treet,' ,s
'' ' ' Philadelphia. P. !
Receiver for the WaibiagteB Library-Co, j
Julv 4. 1867-m '- a

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