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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, December 19, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer
Items of Local Interest.
,W harp rcecifrcd the i6ur,tli,,ri (lin
ger pi the United States Musical Review,
"SV which, we would 'call the attention
ii our musical friends. It is published
; monthly at No. 200 Broadway, New
I iork..Citjr, by J. L, Poters. It is an
excellent musical magazine- for teach
ers of music and those taking musical
instructions. Only 82 per year in ad-"ranco.-l;,--r'
-" '"-'1'3 '!
;,; Tor Fine Perfumery, ;
Go to Sisson's Drug Store.'1, 1,1 .:
,. JtttJSio for sale at . this office
;at low prices. .!.
?Tow Eat Exterminators at Strong's.
Drugs, ; Books . and Stationary, at
.Strongs. ; ' ;;'.'.'' . : . '.;
Those wishing to pay . their sub-
.ficriptions in Potatoes, Apples, Chick-1
ens, or almost
anything, else", will
ploase call ant do so.
Boarders Wanted. -A few board
ers can, l)e.-accommodated at George"
Bull's, 'in the North part of town! 5w
Tr Aycr's Medicines,
' Call at' Sisson's Drug Store.''1" '
The January number of Peterson's
Magazine 'had been received. It is a
beautiful number, ' ' ' ', '
Best Commercial Note, at Strong's.
: Kaoi Wanted. Uring all your rags to
tbii nfliep, where the highest market .-price
will be paid for theiu. , ,.
The Panic in Zaleski!
- m ... .
f 'hc popular-1 Dry Goods
.House OI VILL & Co., Zales-.ty
Jci, is l'ccciving a
very beauti-
fill assortment
of Goods 'for
the llohdayb, and every body
should 'go and buy some of th'O
new thin 0'S ''v- ' '-
L ,
They, have the nicest and most'
complete styles ever brought to
X- ..,.. ...-.. j '.
that market.
uu ami tni(i you
will be sure 'to - buy something
because it is so cheap !
For rui'e C)rss fin A 3tcd
, fctlC, go to Si3on's Drug Store.
i :
A (Jift Worixii GiyiNa.-yFour Certificates
of the ' Washington Library Company of
Philadelphia, iii aid of the 'Riverside Insti-
Jute for educating orphanscosting $4,; with
the fine engraving ' The Perils of our Fore-
fathers," each Ceitificate secures also
"present at the great distribution by ttieCorn-
makinj four presents', one or more of
which may be worth thousands of dollars.
A gift worth ; giving and having, i HeaJ
iidvertisemeiit. ' -:' ' . , '
Barrett's Vegetable Hair Eestora-
tive at Strong's."
, , 1HK only kina ot nair preparation ever
used by tho beautlous Haidee and the enly
kind necessary for a modern bell if she will
We "Barrett's Vegetable Hair Reftorative"
upon the first appearance of the hateful
E. D. Dodge is selling cloth
ing, for men and boys at ex
tremely low rates. irrt
) ' " i
Blank Books at Strong's.
'"Wan-ted An industrfous mari with
aK8mall5family,,to worl on a farm.
For particulars inquire atj this oMco. K
.f-HAH08 rOB 8A1E. Os t,
Printers, like other-men, sometimes offer
om Jtnj ' good j bargains. " Any; person
wishing to purohase a ' splendid Piano, will
save from one hundred to one hundred and
Bfty dollars by calling at this' offioe. We
an furnish them at greatly reduced rates.
VWood's Tonic Bitters at Strong's.
' ; !Rabe Chance fob Holi
day Presents. C. J.; Billing
hurst will sell his present. Stock
of Fine Jewelry very 16W,.:XJ
Call at therBcture, Gallery::
on S
Decern oer.
Number of the
Ayericjjin Stock Journal "cbmes . to us
rcpieuw w tin , ortgiuat. articles, .uselul
alike7 to the Practical " Farmer, Dairy
man' Stock'.'; Breecter.'.y
Poultry Keeper, &c. ) Thei October,
November an3 December Numbers of
186t-e Yo -airW Subscribets for
m Only feu. fSend'foro
Spocimen ;Copy and: List of splendid
I V.
f 1 -i
'Gum Tree. Chatter Co :.:V'si:
Nice things for the
G.;"Y(Pearce, Buceessprto A,
Pearce, cornet Main lafld Jack
son streets, has" lust received a
"'' " i' 1'f i i ' i; 'n'nn
'M uvuuyiui DtiwLiuu J-UVBj
nnn'fi-iknr,inc TT:..,,7i.. ' l,'
Confectioneries, FWCra'ckers,
Sky Rockets, Fancy Notions;
and; also, pure liquors, .for '. He
dicinal .purposes. ( .His assort
ment is, copaplete in !eYeryJ re
spect, and we would advise our
readers to go, and examine the
fine things before Santa Claus"
makes a, raid .''oil, the store' and
takes all the prettiest, things.
i inst., and was entirely consumed, to
! gether with a large amount of proper
ty Bank, : Me Arthur r- Ohio, Persons
Wishing to send money to their friends
in England, Ireland, France, Germany,
or any part of Europe, 'can obtain
Drafts for any amount at this Bank.
Wo issue- Drafts direct and at reason
able rates, thereby' saving to the pur
chaser the expense and trouble of send
ing toother plaoes.,,i .,.-.,:. ,; 47,3m
' Prang's CHROMO.ThiB is a journal
of popular1 art; printed -'in Boston,
Mass., by L. Prang & Co., and should
be read by every person particularly
by those wishing Chromos. Send for
it. It is published free.
r-1 ' '. i " ,.'S'
Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Paper Knives,
Eulos, &.C., &c.,at Strong's.
Do you want Hardware of an; kind? Go
to Gill & Richmond's, where it is the best
and cheapest! , .
, The Kino & Bros', blacksmith shop,
at King's Switch, in Athens county,
!,cauhfc fir(? on the" morning jof the 4th
theroin.;.. Loss, about $1,000.
jdoiVand ; well . done, and, done on
-time, as, the contractors are men who
arc full of energy, and Judge Macaboy
is an engineer, of experience and skill,
having been at one timd engaged on
Messrs. Maris & MACABOT are pro
paring to move upon the works of the
i - i x j. mi i n i
semi-monthly, at only $1.58 per annum!
Lftr8e an1 splendid priies are . sent, to
i g--tttB raising clubs. Agents' iasily clear
Pr T" besides, every agent gets one
ohanoe for every subscrption. sent, in 1,000
'n caso to agents. Sample copies with
of prizes, and terms and instructions to
agents, by enclosing 8 eents. Agents want
pany, el everywhere. . Address Home Amosjement,
. . , , ., ; ..
i'lfET it and Try It. The Home
Amuitmmt. The cheapest and best illustra
ted family ' Magazine published. . Filled
I with the latest illustrated fashions, choice
j stories, poetry, wit and humor; ' ' It is just
the thiiig for the young folks.' Publihhed
'," Nassau Street, New York., ' 3m
Scool iooKS for sale at Sisson's at
halt price. . ,
- 18 6 8.
rpHE Best Paper in the World I Published
. I fer Nearly a Quarter of a Century
This Splendid Newspaper, greatly. enlarged
and improved, is one of the most reliable,
useful, and, interestiag journals ever pub
lished, .bvery number is beautifully printed
and elegantly illustrated with several
original engravings, representing New In.
veutions, Novelties in, Mechanics, Agricul
ture, Chemistry, Photography, Manufactures,
Kogineertng. science and art
Farmers, Mechanics, Inventors, Engineeis,
Chemists, Manufacturers, people in every
profession of life, will find the Scitntific
American to be of great value in iboir re
spective callings. 1 Its oouoaela and sugges
tions will save them Hundreds of Dollars
annually, besides affording them a continual
source of knowledge, the value of which is
beyond pecuniary estimate. .All- patents
granted, with the claims, published weekly.
ivery ruDtio or rrivate library should
have the work, bound and preserved for
The yearly numbers of the Scitntific Amer
ican make a splendid volume of nearly Dne
thousand quarto pages, equivalent to nearly
four thousand ordinary book pages. A New
Volune oomraenoes January 1, 1868. . Pub
lished Weekly. "Terms: One' Year. $3:
Half-Year, $l o0; Clubs of Ten Copies for
One year, $25; Specimen copies sent gratis.
Address ' MUHfl & CO.,
.:u::h u 1-. v 37 Park Bow, NeW Xork,'
ISTThe Publishers bt the Scientific Ameri
can,- in- connection with the- publication- of
the paper, have aoted as Solicitors of Pat
ents for twenty-two ' years..' Thirty Thou
sand applications for. .Patents have .been
made through their Agency. More than. One
Hundred Thousand Inventors have sought
the counsel of the Proprietors of the Scientific
Americaii cendernlng their inventions. ' Cou
sultations and advice to inventors, by , mail,
free. - 'Pamphlets concerning Patent Laws of.
all Countries, free
A Handsome Bound Volume, contain
Ing 160 Meohanioal Engravings, and the
United States Census- by Conntios,' with
Hiati arid Receipts for Mechanics, mailed on '
receipt of 25o. ; i; unit in-; i,ut,
.)u:)' (....sPKcrApLEo.,,..,',,
t-.i(!9io irr'.tiMt wn, in mapm bkwu:,
o) .mriiiiiTj rMlj- without .doctor ' pr
tstSui!--.. u.lT .medicine., n , Sent ,;, post
s muav PUi.- on receipt of r JO
enla. Address
, i-a'l v7. ,vfl 11 Lexington Avenue,
mUm a-K!isV' Corneri E,-.28th,iStrjet,
, rrkM ,rti' .. ,",'. I
Prospectus of the Cleveland Plain Dealer!
The Cleveland. Plain Dealer, one . of the
largest paper printed in -Ohio, with olear
type l pwer, oiidifs the cootin
uance of .the' patronage Of the people of. the
.Slate, nl l,u north-west, no expense)
.1 be spared to. taake It A
spared .to tnake it A Readabi,
. Each issue will contain a large quantity
or Political, Financial, Agricultural and
Literary Reading Matter.. With our. tele
graphic faoiliiies, and our Correspondents
at Washington, Columbup, New,. York and
Chicago, and we are able to make the Plain
Dealer the beat-Family .Newspaper; , in the
Great alten'tion'will be'paid to- -onr Mar
ket Reports, and no pains will, be spared to
give our readers the latest news., We oan
give our patrons the news days in advance
of pur Eastern bompetitors.
- Tbrh or WiticKtT Plain Dbaleb. i ';
The Weskly Plain Dealer, single copy V .
... per year,; ,. 1 ' .',l $ 2 00
8ix Months . t' 1, . . ,r .' .- '., ,''. ,' .,1 00
An extra copy will bo piren to whoert . ' ,
er will us a olub of .Ten with : -: 20 00
Or 20 subscribers 6 months with . ' ' 20 00
TheTri-Weekly Plain Dealer will be sent
to any party sending us a club of 20 for one
year. For . a club numbering between SO
and 50 we will senii our Daily. . Whenever
possible, money .should be gent by Draft or
P. O. Money Order. ... '
Daily Plain Denier, one year by mail, $10 00
Tri-Weekly Plain Dealer, one year 5 00
-do do do en months, 2 60
do ' ; do- do Three months 1 23
The Presidential Canvass has already
aommenced, and every Democrat interested
in securing the election of a Democrat 10
Presidsut should eubsoribe for . the Plain
Dealer, 'which, 'standing upon the platform
of the Constitution, advocating Equal Jus
tice to all sections of our . common oountry,
the same Ciirrenby for the Bondholder that
the people are csmpelled to receive, equal
ity of Taxation and immediate Re-Union,
ill be nouggnrd in the great struggle for
the ascendoncy in 18G8.
We have no t nine hog agents, and Demo
crats of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois And other
Slates, who receive this Prospeotus, will ob
lige us and further the cause by securing
subscriptions for us.
In every Distinct and Township some Dem
ocrat-should appoint himself a oommilUe. of
one to solicit subscriptions for the PJd Plain
Dealer, which cr.rries the banner of the
party in the 1 very midst, of the enemy s
eiroughqld. .The. Democracy of Ohio should
Btand byfthis paper, which champions their
cause' where most it needs 'defenders.- It
is highly important to , ,he oause that a
thoroughly Democratic' paper .should be
liberally supported in tlio most important
oity in northern Ohio. . ' ...,..
We invite ' Democrata everywhere, and
Repnblibans who. wish to see what Demo
crats hrve to say in hoh.tlf of their and
candi'lates, to subsorib for our paper, ( r'
"Cluu8 can eomttsnoe. at any time.
PptfCiuien copied ieifrf no application.
Plain Dealer Buildings,
Cleveland, Ohio.
LOOK ;AjT ;Tin!
1 K( Willi TAT FOR I HE
Y --
Enylani. Fanner
from t'.iis date to Jtnunrr 1. 18S0.
. 'Mottthe for ouly One Dbllair and
Uente ia advance.
43 Psfte of reading mat'.er'ln each
nuiifoer,. baniKoweiy Klustratea,
and largelj eoiopesed of original
, tcontributiB. . ' " , " i
Prgei of valuable . and interesting
Agricultural aad Horticultural
- -. reading in the volume for 1867. . . .
0 and upward extremely Liberal Pre
mianieofered for new subseiibera.
. x new name tor eur list will entitle
''' ,; vo to a premium; '; ' ''.;
. 3 cent atawp pays fer tpeeinen aid
: ;.cirear,,. ,,',..'.'. ' I; ' :,'
Qi llerchaats' Bow. ..Boeto.1, the place
. a 1,1 i.n
OI puiicii, i asa an j leiiers
should be addr?eed to r ' '
,. ,M.,f, EATON, t CO.,'"., V
., .. . I'ubHihcrt If. JS farmer.
WOULD respecmilly Inform the cltfaens ofVintan
nnd other counties that they hawat their
RUESEEY, one toile north-east fromlioArtiur, ;
. '''d the very best varieties ot
1 Grnpo Vlnes
Appla Trees' and'Peacl)i Trees;
: We nnrrant all our stunk true to- name and at
low price as can be obtained aiirwhere, and invite
an persons 10 can ana examine it.
' Any Utter addrtoaxed id us, i te . prices arvan
ties will Deproniptiy answerea..; .., -. . .....
& W. GOLD, Melrthar, O.
Ootobeijjjisej-tt. " '
,i:v!.,.!nH :' I :"' i : ' t. .ft
OROVESTEEN'S pianos,;;
,n ,499. Btoadnray,' New' York,11; v,''i
499 Broadway, New Yorkl V "' '
i;',',l'.. ,1-;,',"499' Broadway, .NSW York. "
ARE unrivalled for Di-rabh,:tt, Poweb and Even,
ness of Tons. Thev are fast becoming the fa
vorite over all others, - with filusioians, Amateurs
ail dall lovers of Uood Musial They ,are Warranted
inevery respeot, bend lor tiroiilar, -.
rjaltf 18
; 498 Broadway New York.
and wonderful nublleation. A work of 400 pages
and nonlfli-Ml enm-avinss. Dr. Hunter's Vail Me
eum, an original and popular treatise on Hun and
Woman, Ilioir rnysoiogy, r nnciioun, ar.n irouuios oi
every kind, with never (ailiog remedies for their
needy cure. 1 i.'.i . 1 ,-. . -..'.
The prentice of Dr. Hunter has long been and still
is,' unbounded, but at tha earliest solicitation ot nu
merous persons, he has been induced to extend his
ipedical Dsefuluess through the medium of bis t-Vade
Mecum. " ' " . - ' (- :
' Una conv. BsonrelV enreioned. will be forwarded
free of postage to any part of the United States fro
SOoemam P.O. stamps. Address, tost paid. Dr.
Hunter, No.) Division street, New Yrk, , ., ,
AlgUSt 13,l(b7 y .-:,-.,: .mcwit','
White Chester iPips,
IOFPKR for sale ft few. pair of Thorough Brod
Chester Pigs, warranted pure blood,4iotain.
Price, per pair, two months old, i'( ,. . J1500
Prioi, per pair, Uirvs months old,...... , , 21100
..PerMoi-wantinfl the best breed of Hogs in (he Uni
ted States, should eddrew, their orders Ip me at
RnllHiIiB,iOblo.iwhere they will meet with proibpt.
aUMttlon: .- . imM, .' i C. K. PALMER, i
.SoremUr 21, 1867-3p . "
;iA .-An
.1 ,TC
ADjOld Song Set to a New Tune.
' ' :IS1867.iI' ; -
A spring approache
Ant and Jioxchei
ssj -From th'.irkoles co.mt utr ..
-. i;J .. ; And Mice tni Rati J :.;.'r!
In ipite of tatt,
. ... Gaily tkip about, .
,,r)8vAarn estntflisherfin N.TCity'.'l
'Only infallible. remedies known." -'
"Free from poisons."
"NotdanjroroiiB t0 the human family."
; - 'Batax0meoui.pl tlj(ir.hx)Ies Qdl."-5-"
"Costar's" Eat, Epach, &c. Extcrm's
Is a paalo lined tor Rats, mice, Roaches. '
Black and Red Ants, 4o., &o,
"C9star's': .Bed-Bug Extcrjninater i
la a liquid or wash lupd to destroy, and
alsaaan preventive for Bed Bugs,, Ac.
"Costar's" Electric Powder for Insects
Is for moths, misquitoes, Fleas, Bed-augs,
Insects on Plants, IKuwle.Aniirala, 4c. ;
1T I I I BnwAar I I I of all worthless imitations.
SSte that "OoMar's" name ia on pnth Un-r h..
i .,A cri u . , ' vv
jiUTAauresa lil-.flttv K. COSTAR,
. 484 Broadway, New fork.
BSTSold in McArthur, by J 8. Stronir'
uuu an uiujjjioia u4 ueaiers evervwuero.
..J .11 J ! . - T , 1 . '
' : ' i.i i.
' .1 .- I
For Cuts, Burns, Bruises, Wounds, Boils,
Cancers, Broken Breasts; Sore Nipples, Wee
ding, Blind and Painful Piles; Scrofulous,
Putrid and Ill-conditioned Sores; Ulcer,
Swelling, Erupiions,- Cutaneous Affeotions,
Ringworm; Itch, Corns, Bunions, Chilblains.
&c. ; Chapped Hands, Lips, &o.; Bites ef
Spiders, Insects, Animals, &e.
figyBoxes 25 cts., 50 cts., and $1 sizes.
SSSoU by all drupgirttn every whrre.
SSTAndby Hicnrt K. Costab, Uepot 484
Broadway, Ijlew-York, , ,. ,
JfcjT-SoUlby J. . tfong, Me Arthur, 0.
i ' I
. .. v . WNIVIRSAL .... . y .
- .vx' t,'
. .- r . , i- .-..-.,.:,.' ' , .
For Corns, Bunions, Warts, 4e. ' -'
Ksr Boxes Vf ct., Vi rxtt, and A sices, j
fySuld by all Druggists everywhere.
fcaTAnd by Henry '.K. Costar, Depot 484
Broadway, New York. '
, tdp-Aud by J. 8. Itreng, MoArlhar, . -
.' i PKEPA1ATI0N 0 '.', ' .,'.. ',
"''' AND . ;.; l. :
' lTsi to floftoa and beautilr the skin, Teroove freck
les, Pimples, iruptions, 4c.
Ladies are now using it in preference (0 all ethers
: l-BottleS $1. .', -, .. ' ,'.' ", ' ,; j
Bfcg"Sold by all druggists everywhere. ,
" -And by Henry R. Costar, Depot 484
Broaday, Newiork," ' , . ' " ; ,
. j-And by J. 8. Btrong, McArthur, 1
.. . j:t
For Coneh?,5 ColdsHoarseness, Sore Thr6at,
Croup, Whooping Cough, Influenia. Asthma,
Consumption Bronchial Affeotions and al
diseases of the Throat and lungs. s
rBottles 25 cts, 60 cts, and $1 sizes, :
Sold by all druggists evey where.- i
ISPAnd'by Henry R. Costar, Depot 484
Broadway; New York. ; ifii-1 ;n ':n-i
And by J. S. Strong,: Ma Arthur, O. i :t
'l f h1 i- )( l iy ft :''. Id t I fi '
.1 ;
i 'm
M r,-.. CELEBRATED "i, . i- , :
, i ! ,i ! .'. -1 Tl. I'Jiili'l
,- i-.Vi.'i 'i .ri T-otf . i
For nervous and sick Headache, coativeness, Indl-
gastion, dyspepsia, biliousness, constipation, diar-
rnea, cones, emus, iBTere, aua guuviw uwhusvujvui
ot the Digestive Organs. ,.
aH-Bones 24 eta, 60 cts, II sizes. ' -' '
ii &-Sold by1 all druggists everywhere, o ;
n And by Henry B. Costar, Depot 484 Broad
way, New York; ,M.C .. i-.'v. Sr . r
...And.by J. S Strong, ,, , ,
ti . ,-:. 6. ff SUson, McArthtif, Q.J
KT;,7y is-flta ii,) vi h:i Ofj t .
LaisV. ift! rI JaoxnT X.I . irA-l
HIMBSa'iMi'iiivmjwLjiiUAijytHiiM KaliaiffcPWiwiWj-lli,ir'
JlT. rocoiodit SWKTU.ND'a.a (i-esh $u,,pij!
To. whicl i added good assortment of
Cttabm-iwrir! W '
AIfo, a lot of
Which' will make fine '
i j l t '
nuu ..ii-n i win sell very cheap! Give m a call!
October 3, 18C7-3m
613 ,Broadwayt
TyOTJLDcall particular atti'ntioh to their '
New Family , . Sewing . Machines
S,e,VT l, tr,no,Pi' Fmiy Manh,nf.s that make
Wd Maohincs- have both the Whfel and Drop
Feed, thereore are suited to nil kinds of sewing.
Prices correspond with those of other Firat.class
. r Ctil Broadway, New York.
' Fall Stock !
Main Street,
HAS Just recnivpd a new assortment of tha latest
styles of woods, which he will
Sell Reaper thai the Ckeattst in lewnl
' "-. '.". . -. . .. ' J i . 5 .-
And also havine; tha best assorted stock of ,
', ' ' CX the Finest and Latest i; Its, for
jSILcxjl axxcX Boys!
I also keep
. ' ! ; . :; . !'
Ha tSi and :Cz(ip s
For Ladies and Gents, and a lorge vari(yof
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods.
I also keep . ' '. r
1 1 5
Whied I will sell to the public at the lowest prices
" tThe publib patronage ie Teepeotfully
soucitea... .)-.) i ( ;
,. October 17, 18C7-3m . ' ,' '
;;; SINGE R S . ,
This preparation applied according te direc
t oss is
Warranted to restore Gray Hair
to its original ornaturnl color; its also acts up
on Guar WBISKF.RS in tha same manner. ,
It is kot a. Dye, and contains no colcbiso
masteq, nor -does it contain any deleterious
substance. It cleanses the scalp, promotes
the growth, and prevents the falling off of the
hair; and as it imparts to the hair and whis
kers a rich natural gloss, and hs a pleasant
fragrance ia a very desirable article
Por the TOil e.
" fiPrineipal Eepot, No. 79 Nassau
Street, New York. i . .
"C Ur f'v'..i.'i Proprietor:'
VktmV.-i-tf - ..:' ;'i'. i -.39,
.:! ; il-t'-r!- I .,;.,,,; ., . .
1 f.:t
Ml. 1
;l The ONLT Machine so perfected that entire,
satisfaction is guaranteed or 'the purohase
money refunded--. I) -''.T. it ;
Where we have no Agent a sample Machine
win be sold At very low price, and a Local
Agent appointed on tho most - favorable'
terms. . : i i ' '
N.B, Send for circular. Traveling Agents
wanted. Salary, liberal.- .' '' i
' An Agent wanted in every town.''""
Send for , Circular.. ,. .
. Finkle & Lyon S, lTICo.
" T "" . " " 'earBroadway, Neir York.
June 27, lSGT-em1' v " v -
Y J'i'iA'i
suit Tt MA.nui&ui (
Bent Free n sealed en-
i '.:::.!
r-., -I;.
JUU .telope,. on', receipt of. 10
eeuis, atiuress
, .. , Dr. E. B. FOOTE,
mlMI x',-'- (ant'hor Of Medical .-Com
.... -.ot i. s ( .. n ,Senfle : ' Book, v.400
aiiir-f,, X!t: v:i,.j pages, $i,eo, seat by mail.)
u!l lua uj iu. j,0n0Le,in)tN,n Avenne
-.iioaA el aai'f) I'ygr.tf Eat mh Stj M.Y,
idrl 'in lnot auiuer.o nu, ( iq oi mn '
cii fia'.ji'jl'J ,iiau'i .i?.:.' .i-.pTM 1
i i
'I'Jlli undersigned piopofe to estublish t
1 paper to be styled the Farmer' . Chrctf
tcU, to-be-published at Columbus, Ohio, the
first number to bo ifiauel fa-ly in Denembar.
The Cfronicle will be devoted to the ele-
vanon or Agriculture as a professiott or
vocation, in cont a distinction to an- occu
pation.; embodying the brute , force idea
.lone; to Die improvement of Agriculture
as t ah Art and to iho dissemination of
knowledge relaiing lo it as a Science. It
will be the oim of the edilors to present
such views as are of practical importance
relating to every department of; Agrioul.
lure. The Farmers' Chronicle will ignore
Politics in Ihe partizan and. pencrallr
ocoepted sense of the term, jealously advo.
caiing,. however, suoh measures as may be
iiuiiieu io. me otate Legislature or to
Congress, as in the. opinion of the editors
bnve a direct hearing on the interests of
an Agricultural or Industrial community
Theso will bo discussed freely, without.
gard to the party with which suoh measures
may have originated, . . ., ,
Speoial attention will be: given to the
Literary DrpartOieut of th: papor; the
latest newi- Agricullnral, Political and
Commercial will be presented in condensed
and satisfactory; form, and arrangement!
have already been made which will secure
cure (he prompt publication of the, most
important Agricultural- Proiuce Marketl
with which we as a State or as a people are,
or are likely lo b?, related. :
The departmente pertaining to- Ilorsef,
Cattle Sheep, &c, will receive the attontioa
and be under the superintendence of the
most experienced ran in the Slate, as will
the - departments devoted to Agriculture,
Horticulture ; and kindred sciences. ( The
enterprise has been undertaken after a full
oanvafaing .of rhe subleot. and with an
earnest desire to advance the Agrioullura.1
it.eais ot ine country. . Among our reg.
ular coutrihutnrs are the lending Agricul.
turalisls of Ohio and wonv of the jiora
eminent in other Stalea.
The Farmer' ChronUle will bo a neat alt.
een page paper, octavo form, the Publishers
aimis.g to make it as perfect in lypngraph
ical appearanoe as they hope to have U ex
cellent in Matter. It will he mihlialmrf
eekly at the rate of S2 oer annum nain In
d. i i -
Specimen numbers Mailed frnn to an
address on hpp'iontion- Address, ,
CiiaoNRLS Offick.
Columbia, Ohit. '
cannETT's ja
.CyyO Vcrratcbla P
f$ VccotuWo Tf
f Wrti dcvlQcd hv th N. II. Hfatc TnlrX O
nnd it now roncwdt'd bv tlifl public lo bo i W
i tiiovary ucit i rciinraiion for J.rMonusr
jiion tor j.cftf nriiiir i
w.y in iiiiir iu its oiTTinci COlorj J
nromotlu-r lis Cruwth. r-Mnllnt'r. iin.
morn rua I)!ilriil, nil for Drcsr.'.nr 0 S
ihiu tho finest fabric, aod -QOft
aim iiu ri;it ;i. biiki y r x rtx-
" ' S . "N. V ' rr
i. R. BARRETT It CO., Proprlvter)- ' i
KASciretTEB, k. s. ' ; ..
For sale by Dr, J. S. Stuono, Drnp;irlsl,
July4,1307-ly McArthur, Ohte.
JFOE. ' O LE! ;.
Comer Main and Market Sts.,
McArthur, Ohio.
T WTLt 0FFEB AT PKTVATE BALE tliia vainable
X nroierty, situated in iMuAitliur, the County Seal
ot' Vinton ind the centre nt the vast coal and iron
regions of Ohio. Thisisthe f ' ; r
Only Hotel lii tlxo
. 1 ... - ;- Town, ., r -,. .. ., -
there is a go-id stable; ail the conveniences neeessa.
ry to make it whatit should be' an exculleot iocs
tion; nnd is doing a fine business.
Any person desiring to make an investment OJ
this kind will do well to call and examine the prem
ises as I desire to retire Irom t ha business, and will
sell the property at one-half its real value.
Septembers, ISCT-tf ' -i '-; - r
Gifts for Christmas and New
Years. . :
A Superb Stock of Fine Gold and Silvtt
Watches, all warranted to ,' run, and thor
oughly Regulated, at the low price of $10
Each, and satisfaction Guaranteed.
100 Sijlld Gold Huu'g Watches $250 to $1,009
100 Mapic Cased Gold watches, 200 to - .-600
100 Ladies Watches, enameled, 100 to 300
200 Gold Hun'gChron'erWhesSO to 1 800
200 Gold Hunting Eng. Levers, 200 to 250
300 Gold ' do Duplex Watches, 150 to : 200
300 Gold . do Am'cah Wat'hes, 100 to 250
500 Silver Hunting Levers, 60 to " ISO
600 Silver Hunting Duptexes, 75 to 250
500 3old Ladies Watohes ; . CO o ' ' 250
1 001) Gold Hunting Leplneg 60 to' ' 75
1.000 Miscellaneous Sil'r Wat'hs 50 to ' ' 100
2.500, Hunting Silver Watches 25 to ;i 60
5 000 Assorted Wa'hes, all kinds HV to '75
The above stock will be disposed of en the popn.
Ir Une-Pnce Plan, giving every patron a fine Gold
or Solid Silver Watch ior U, without regard to
.. Wright Bro." C6.7 let Broadway, New York,
wish to immediately dispose of the abov
ningnificent itock. CertiHcatcs, nnmina Ihe artl
ole, nra placed in sealed envelopes, and wt-11 mixed.
Holders are entitled to the articles named on their
certificates npon payment of 'ten Dollars, whether
tt be a Watch woetl SI.KK) or one worthless. Tha
return of any ot onr certiitcatee entitles you to th
articles named upoi. the payment, ii respective of
ita worth, and as no art ole valupd less than 110 ia
named on any certificate, It will at onoe t seen
thstthU'te -v ' - "i.ii..-.. :j ."
Wo' Lolteri, but -a iltaigSlforvard UgitimaU
. transaction, which may be participated in
even- by the most fastidious I
A single certificate will bo sent by mail, post paid,
uponrteeint odd cents, 0 forSl, 11 for SI, W and aa
elegant nnnmum for ti, en and more valtiabla pre
nmiin lor III), Hnd 1UO and most superb watch forl
ToAgonts, or those wishing emnlojment, thiais a
rare onporuiuitv. It is a leKitimatnly onducted bus.
iiiese. duly authorixed by tlio Government, and opaej
to the most careful scrutiny. Tav Jl '
42 WRIGHT, JiltO. $ CO., Importer,
-3m ' i 161 Hreadway, A'ev Tori,
' .a;-; .r .. . '
MARRIED LIFE. Information and advice oft.
sl imoortaace te the married of both sexes, in
a senled envelope, can be obtained free of charge tr ,
addreamngthe undern(nl. . . . ,
; i iBem,fiJr. iWAE3 p- BUTtEB. -
Jul1, UT - 131 Broattwa.M. T.
, jii!Vji .iv' - n 1 1 I-.---,-' ' " S

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