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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, December 26, 1867, Image 2

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iieinocratic liiiiquircr
O FFICEI Dodge I BMding. ovr Suntland'i
Store, corner Main an&Mcutt btreet, .atiy
of tlte court uontt.
JXai the. largest circulation of ajixpa
prr in-Vmton Count;.- Adevrtiw ant
others will please make a noti of this.
To the Democracy of, Vinton Counly,
Ohio i-"-"
You are requested to meet.at
the Court House, inMc Arthur,
CONVENTION. Saturday, Dec. 28, 1867,
at one o'clock, P. rM., in pur
suance of a call of. the Demo
cratic State Central Committee',
foe ' the purpose of choosing
four delegates to represent V in
ton coun'J in the Democratic
State- CouTention,, ,Tvhich . will
assemble in ' Columbus, on the
8th.. of . January next, and to
transact such other -business as
it may. be necessary to trans-
order of J
Vinton County.
2 :A.lmo8t one, year lias elapsed since:
we commenced the publication oi mo
democratic Fnquirer,a,ad, now, on ex
amination of our books, we find soy
eral hundred dollars due us on sub
pcjciptions. . Tbe expenses of a Print
ing Office are. greater, in. proportion
'to the amount of capital invested,
than . almost any other business, and
,tle .greenbacks, or "Lincoln scabs,'
are .required in every instance.- In
view- of these facts we find it our, duty
to respectfully request a general set
tling up by those who are in' arrears.
TVe -'dd nob indulge in the plan of
thrusting a dun at our subscribers ev
ery few , weeks, but after a yoar has
'almost expired, we. think the money
is certainly due us, and request pay
ment accordingly. See terms of sub-
; edription on first page. ' .
, ; The present Volume of the Demo
cratic Enquirer will expire on tho 16th
of January, 1868. Tho date' of the
'.next iesuo after that dato will bo Jan-
. nary, 23, ; 1868, and the beginning of
..Yolume II, ,which will, be enlarged
from its present size, (2i columns,) to
28 columns. ' The' paper will contain
'Cach week not less than fifteen times
' the amount of reading matter it now
. contains, tho market' reports, general
news from all parts of, the world, &c,
Ac-'.,' and will bo a paper that;will
-please every body. There will bo
plonty of reading and good reading,
-too. With the, paper, enlarged , we
will be enabled to make it more accept-
' able to our readers; and wo shall of
-course trust to tho wholo-heartedness
-and good judgment of the Democracy
of Vinton county to sustain us and by
their id-we hope to make the Enquirer
wat we very. much desire. to have it:
ft paper a credit to the county and the
party whose weal it so' heartily
espouses. '.. Democrats, will yoir assist
pa? Will you pay your subscriptions
jn advanc? We intend to publish for
you a paper .'that, will please you . in
every respectthen you will not grum-bhv-riot
Bay - the paper does not suit
you. The official vote shows 'lhat
there are over sixteen hundred Dem
ocrats in the county and at least two-
thirds of that number should become
Subscribers to the Enquirer. Will you
go to work ? ' Now is- tho time 1 j ,
- A? we are on the ve of. another
Presidential campaign, one which is
likely to be the most important that
has -ever transpired i in the country,
vee; hope' pur friends. ' throughout the
county- yill make an effort to extend
tkV, circulation of our paper, thereby
disseminating the doctrines they hold
o Vital to our prosperity '& a Eepub-
Ilur. and: that we may bo e nablcd to
retain add increase the late glorious
political triumph. f r We claim your
assistance in this" work as a duty you
owe to the principled you entertain, to
your fathers who established this Got
erhmablj&iii to.your posterity whom
y m wit- HtYdnrro'f. inj i'iii'i VOo
te am St Ri9linTh, wltti U it lie test
-r-r C
cracv of Ohio, when compared wtb
the party in the' other States of "the
Union, is a proud and prominent 'one.
Her; compact; columns, marshaled by
the ablest and wisest minds of the no
tion- and inspired by the spirit' of
- -
patriotism and devotion to principle,
have many times been defeated but
never, routed, and "with a determina
tion that ijrnored failure waited for
that "lime which sots all things even,"
resolving thaj, though unsuccessful
then, -victory would yet perch upon
our banners. - -. - ; :'
That time has come.- Now, shall
we reap tho legitimate fruits of that
victory? or" Bhall we by following the
old worn out line of policy defeat the
very objoct for which we fought?
A consideration of this question
leads us naturally up to the Senatorial
, The Dcinooratia party of Ohio is
truly fortunate in this:, that among its
members may bo found many who
wohld do honor to the highest posi
tion in tho gift of the poople; and
without doing injustice to a host ol
oth'trs we can name Pendleton, Allen,
Eanny, Thurman, , Vallandigbam,
Pugh, and Morgan. It seems to .be a
well-settled fact that from among
these gentlemen a Senatdr will be
selected to take the place of the noto
rious Ben Wade. . Now, in that
selection, should we please our oppo
nents or ourselves? .;,,.,. '.;..
Somo. argue, and with some degree
of reason, too, that w.e should please
the Ecpublican party because s that
from their ranks during the last can-
uaan v rrainnd rop.rnits nnonfrTi to
.. - ... . . . ,
icarrv the .Lecis ature. ana to no a
them for tho Presidential race in 1868,
- - a
we should so act as not to drive them
off. Now, we tried that plan in the
campaign of 1864, and tho result was
a spiritless canvass and an overwhelm
ing defeat. The Bclmonts and others
of the East the bondholders of our
party, if you please wero willing
that the Western Democracy should
make the platform, but they must
select tho man, for the reason that tho
candidate on personal considerations
would take sufficient votes from the
opposition, together with
our own
votes, to secure his election; at the
same time overlooking another great
fact, that such a courso took from the
Democratic party all the fire, enthusi
asm,' and pluck that a party should
Who Should be Elected u. o.
SE-AT0RThe position of tho Demo'-
have to insure success. Thousands
that heretofore were live workers in
iL ... v u j
organization became cold and care-i
less of victory, and more votes were
lost from, the Democratic party than!
were gained from the Republican.
In :the campaign of 1863 in Ohio,
there was no attempt made to please
the administration, and never before
had we as enthusiastic a canvasser,186?
one resulting in more good to
whole Republic. Our candidato rc-j
ceived more votes than was ever given
before for tho successful candidate
il. . a 1. 1 mi
with one exception, wo believe. Tho
last election is another illustration of
the fact that in the absence of enthu
siasm in a majority of ny party de-
feat is certain. We honestly believe
that had the leaders ot the Radical
nartv boldly accepted the proposition
of Negro Suffrage early in the contest
and proclaimed it from every stump,
as they did ton days prior to the elec
tion and before the ; sober second
thought of tho poople had come, that
to-day the word "white" would have
been stricken out of our Constitution.
"We all remember how rapidly they
gained just before the election. The
reason is evident: they became enthu
siastic and began to believe that they
would be successful. , '., .;,.
. Now. what was the issue on-which
the Legislative contest was fought?
Ben Wade sounds the key not in his
Marietta" speech. Simply this and
nothing more: "Send mo, old Ben
Wade, to the Unjted States Senate, or
send C. L. Vallandigham;" and there
upon the speakers in the Republican
party took up the Bound, and in every
speech; from Cyrus to Benjamin, you
would hear, !'Every vote you cast for
Swaim, Dungan, and : each and overy
Democratic candidate ior the Legisla
ture is a vote for C. L. Vallandigham
for the Senate!" Or ' ' 1 J- i
', The Democracy publicly in some
localities accepted the proposition, and
tacitly in others, and during the" can
vass no other one was spoken of for
dhat position on onr side but C. L.
Vallandigham and- had Judge Thur
man been -elected Governor no other
one 'wcruld have' entered the' lists in
oprtSiitidri? 'Oor topfnioh'1 is that ra
large majority of the" rank' and file of
the Democratic party are enthusiast!
c'allyjn favor of C. L. Vallandighamj
and, casting no reflections upon "either
th ability or Democracy of the other
gentleman i named - wo", are - satisfied
that if th? Legislature should go back
upon him and elect some one else, they
would feel very much as if they had
not been successful, and that tho fruit
of the hard-earned victory of 1867
I roved but ashes in the mouth. Some
who advocate Judge Thurman's elec
tion say that they want Val. to occupy
a higher position Secretary of War
or State, &c. We think they take the
very course of all others to defeat that
desirable; objoct; for if the party in
Ohio fails to indorse him now, tho
Democratic President if we should
be so fortunate as to select one in 1868
would be under very little obliga
tion to appoint him a Cabinet officer.
But send him to the'Sonato.Jand be
fore tho time would arrive for him to
take his scat he would step into tho
Cabinet, and this same Legislature of
ours would be in life and Judo Thur-
would bo elected in his stead
'- Vallandigbam is a representative
man. Elect him to the Senate, and
the party in 1868, undertho Pendle
ton Banner, led by bur noble Senator,
will advance to the battle like a giant
filled with now wine the who!e body
enthused and g'owing with conscious
strength will sweep from high places
this vandal horde that has for years
been preying upon the" vitals of tho
Republic. 5
Happy Christmas to
It is hardly necessary for us
tft cfnto thnt tho fnrpmrisiTio'
""" ""v r o
firm of Dan. "Y7ili;& Bros, have
kept a careful eye on the market
and made their purchases so
low as to sell the most beautiful
Christmas Presents at such low
prices lower than at any other
time that the little folks and
all otherswill beT very nappy.
Extraordinary inducements
will be offered before taking
stock on the 1st of January.
Remember Next Saturday!
meeting to be held on Saturday
1 , i ii , :f
I next tor the purpose 01 appoint
the . , , r 1.1
iinS four delegates to attend the
Let ug begin tlie campaign of)
-n,0 ... . j ; ; 1
spmt, .determmed to
the,acnieve the grandest victory
known in political annals and
thus rescue the country from
fts perils. '
i . :
The Democrats of Yinton
county should not forcret'the
8th of January Convention.
There should be a general at-
'tendance from all the townships
The bondholders are getting uneasy
at tho popular , idea of paying the
bonds in greenbacks,, and are going
. ... T 1 ,
to wrk t0 nave congress consonaaie
a11 tlw maturing indebtedness into.a
IonS nve Per cent- S01Q - waring nonu.
The people will show them atriqk
worth two of that kind. They will
pay off tho maturing bonds in legal
tender currency, thus saving the in
terest. It will be a big fight, the
moneyed interest against ihe people,
but if the latter are true tothemselies
they will be successful
A new Railroad Time Schedule toolc
effeol on Mondey. : The Mail Train West
passes about 11, and going East, about 1:40,
Riliqious Notici. There w'll be preach
ingattbe Court House on Saturday Evening
and Sunday next by t Christian Union
preaoher. ;; ' '" '': ' '
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era can find the best of accoramoda
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address J. W. BUWEN. Eklitor Enquirer, MuArthur
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- For sale in McArthur, bj .'' (la
The West i
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Boxed and Shipped in New Tork City with
out 1 charge, -. ; .
Circulars, Cnts and Price Lists, etc, tent
on application to '
841 Broadway, New York,
Orlo anp of our Agents in .the cities of the
:. Oflion.ii ".l J 11": -ii!i)f P ;42-ly
,i-i .!:!
" " Confort 'tnd turtfot 'ih
' ' Ruptured. ' -
v-.; in, :- - - Bent post paid on receipt
C - "A, III TCf 1 0 ent- Address rt
t U I I V , vi -Dr t E B. y OOTBS. '
. 00 .1. io rieiiingHotf. Avenue,
'' Corner East 28th 8t,,' New
' .).'"l'.l '.';""' v,kt" k -.'
la Chattered by the State of Pennsylvania,
1 ; and Organised in aid of th
" ' - A Ri vwsiidsi''. Institute)
For Educating Qraluilottsty Solditrt' end SIU
r . , - - err urjinant,
Ineoroorattd by the Stat of N. J. -
- r . April 8,-1867. -
The Washington Library Company
By virtue of their chatier, and in accordance with- '-.
its provisions, will distribute
Three Hundred Thousand ' Dollars
.. . IN PRESENTS - ----n
To the ' Shareholders! , , '
'.'.. 1 . i ;. -
On Wedoeadaj, 8th of January ccxf,
V ' '
At Philadelphia, r.,
Or at th Inttitutt, Rivmide, N. J.
1 Present worth f40,0Ct
1 Present worth ' 20,099
1 Present worth 10,00ft
' V Present worth ., -;" "6,ftOO)
2 Presents wortfc$2,600 eaoh . 6,004
1 Present valued at V 18,000 S
2 Present's valued at $11,000 eaoh 30,000
1 Present valued at H 1.0,000
. n . 1 1 . AS AAA v i . r
1 Presents valued at $3,000 each C.out)
8 Presents valued at 1,000 each. .C I, :"0'"
20 Presents va'ued at 500 eaoh l,0w'
10 Presents valued at 800 eaoh 3,000
3 Presents valued at 230 eac ' 7se' r .
2t Presents valued at 225 each ' V- 4.500
65 Presents valued at 200e.ich . 11,000
60 Presents valued at $75 each 8J0
110 Presents valued at $100 each 11,000' '
20 Presents valued at $75 eaoh . . 1,(00
It Presents valued at 50 eaoh 10S
The ro'oiaining Presents consists of ar
tides of use and value, appertaining ,
to the diffusion of Literature and the
fine arts ' 532,0s)
Each certificate of stock is accompanied with a '
Worth Mora at Retail than tie Cost . c(
. Certificate,
And also Insures to the holder a
Present in the Great Distribution.
Subscription Ono Dollar.
Any person sending ua On Dollar, or pay
ing the same toourlooal Agents, will receive
immediately a fine Steel Plate Engravinp, al
choice from the following list, and One Cer
tificate of Stock, insuring One Present In
our published schedule. :- -.
On Dollar Engraving . ,
No 1 "My Child! My Childl" Ne'
"They're Saved!" No 3 "Old Seventy-six j
or, the Early fays of the Revolution." .
Any person paying Two Dollar will re-,
ceive either of tbe Steel Plates, at ohoice, i nd..
Two Certificates of Stock, thus becoming en
titled Two Presents.
Two Dollar En(,ravingt.
No. I "Washington's Cnunhlp.' No. 3"'YTash
ingtou's Last Interview with his Mother."
Three Dollar Engravingt.
Anv person psylng T hree Ijollars will receive th
beautiful steel Viale of'Home From Ihe War," and
Three certificates of stock, becoming entitled t
Three Presents.
Four Dollar Engravmgt.
Any person paying Four Dollars shall rnoelve ti e
lnrge and bountiful steel Plate of "The Perils ot Our
Forefathers," and Four certificates ot stock, enti
tling them to Four Presents.
Fiv Dollar Engravingt. . ii
Any person who pays Five Dollars shall receive
the large and splendid steel Plate of "The Marriage
of Focuhontas," and Five certificates of stock, snti-.
tlingtliem to Five Preser.is.
The engravings and certificates will be delivered j
to each subscriber at our Local Agencies, oi sent
by mail, uoat paid. or. express, as niay be ordered.
1 How to Obtain Sharel and Engravmgt.
Send orders to us by mail, enclosing from ore t
twenty dollars, either by Post OHioe orders or ins
registered letter, at our risk. - Larger amounts
should be sent by draft or express. .
10 shares with engravings $ 9 50
25 shares with engravings 23 50 '
60 shares with engravings .. . 43 60
75 shares with engravings 69 00
100 shares with engravings SO 00-
Local Agents wanted throughout the UnU.
ted States.
Situate at Riverside; Burlington county, New
Jersey, is founded' for the purpose of gratu
itously educating the sons of deceased Sold-. .
lers and Seamen of the United States.
The Board of Trustees consists of the followlsa '
well-known citizens of Pennsylvania and New Jersey t
Hon. William Mann,
District Attorney, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon. Lewis R. Broomall, '
Ex-Chief Coiner U. S. Mint, and Recorder
of Deeds, Philadelphia, Pa. . 'v .
Hon. James M. Soovel, New Jersey.
Hon. rV. W. Ware, New Jersey.
Henry Uurman, Esq., . ,
Agent Adams' Express. Philadelphia, Pa. "
J. E. Coe, Esq.,
Of Joy, Coe & Co., Philadelphia.
TsiAscnv CrrAETMEKT, .Washington, B. C., April .
18, 1867. Office of Internal Revenue: Having receiv
ed satisfactory evidence that the proceeds of Ihe en
terprise conducted by the Washington Library Com
pany will be devoted to charitable uses, permission
is hereby grantod to said company to conduct suvh
enterprise exempt from all charge, whether from
special tax or other duty. . A. ROLLINH,
; J ; '' r f - Commlssiouer,
The Assooiation have appointed as Reeel--'
vers, Messrs. GEORGE A. COOKE St CO.,
whose well know integrity and business ex
perience' will be a efficient guarantee 'that
the money entrusted to tbem will be prompt- f
ly applied to the purpose stated. , j
PiiiLADCLrau, Pa., May t 1M7;
To the Officers and Members of the Washington LU ' '
brary Company, N. S. KiiAU,Becretary: .
uentiemeni: un reonpi ,or your lavor ot- b
tbe 16th inst., notifying us of our appoint
ment as Receivers for your . Conpany, we c .
took the liberty to submit o . copy of , your
Cearter, with a plan of your enterprise to.
eminent legal authority, and having receiv- A
ed his favorable opinion ia regard to its h-:
gality, and eympathixing with the benevo- -lent
objeot of your Association, vis : the edu
cation and maintenance of the orphan chil
dren of our soldiers and sailors of - the Biv i
ereide Inititu'e, we have .concluded to so- .
cept the trust, and to use our best efforts tot
promote so worthy an object. ;t .
Kespeetfully, Tours, Ao' ' "- , r '
Address all letters and orders to '"'
! (ItO, A. COOKE k CO.; Bankers, '
,f.J IU 8 South Third 8treet,r r;rf
i vPbilad'pni, P.
Receivers for the, Waehingten Library Co, ,
rjuiy 4,'i867-m :',..;;.,: -Ur,.
-;. : j,i ".Hi.-.-,

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