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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, December 26, 1867, Image 3

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Democratic Enquirer
Items of Local Interest.
;We have received the iourth nnm-
bir ot the United States Musical Review,
to, which we would call the attention
of our musical friends. It is published
monthly at No. 200 Broadway, New
York City, by J. L. Peters. It Is an
excellent musical magazine for teach
ers of music and those taking musical
instructions. VOnly 2 per year, in ad
vance ' j
Tor Fine Perfumery,
Go to Bisson's Drug Store.
Musio for sale at this office
at low prices.
jfew Eat Exterminators at Strong's.
, . II
Drugs, Books and Stationary,, at
. ' , , ,,,,
Tnoss wishing to pay their sub
scriptions in Potatoes, Apples, Chick
ens, or almost anything else, will
please call and do so. .
No better journal is published in any
country than The Crisis. It . is . the
only complete1 record of the' times
published-rboth politically an4 finan
dally. t It should bo " read by every
body. No one can say it is not the
cheapest paper published in the coun
try only $2 a year. , , ., -
. William Trevitt and W, W. Webb,
See prospectus in lyiotbor column.
.Subscriptions' received1 at .and for
warded from this office. ,
For Aj it's Medicines,
Call at Sissou's Drug Store. ...,,
"Tub January number of Peterson's
Magazine has been received. .It jtTa
beautiful number.
,'fWill. you lend lather your
newspaper? he only wants to
read it,"
"Yes, my: boy; and ask him
to lend mo his dinner; I only
want to eat it." ' ? - '
Beslj Commercial Note at Strong's.
Hags , Wanted. Bring all " youT rags to
(this nffiee, where the highest market price
will belaid for 4bem. .
A New Paper. Wo have received
the first number of a new neutral pa
rser publislted at Gallipolis, Ohio, by
J. L. Vance, entitled The GaUij)olis
Bulletin. It is very n6atly printod,
and" wo hope it will receive 'large
jmtronago.. llcre's our Ero
For Turc Urugs anil 3Sed
ICHCS, go to Sis30o's Drug Store.
The attention of the reader is direct
ed to the advertisement of Dr. Wm.
Smith's Dictionary of the Bible in this
paper." . .' , t .
This Is a work of a character and
quality far saperi'or to any other be
for4',published, and is approved by
Clergymen of all denominations, and
should be found in every family In
the United States
Those wishing Agencies , for . the
work will apply to " or address tho
Editor of this paper.
Barrett's Vegetable Hair Eestora
tive at Strong's. :
New Goods!
E. DDodge is receiving an
elegant assortment of New
Gobds'. ; Just the place to buy
nice Presents for the holidays.
,'PajrtiTiBS, like other men, sometimes offer
bine Tery good ; bargains. Any -person
Vlsbing to purchase a ' splendid ' Piano, will
save from one hundred to one hundred and
fifty dollars by calling, at this office. ' We
aa furuisb: them at greatly reduced rates.
Wood's Tonic Bitters ait, Strong's
Da'iid" V1F. fjott for PecsmberQe; '-re
ceived.. The choicest reading is tof be found
it tblS'nnmber. -! The ' annecdoles ia (he
.'Haversack are very interesting. r, :
Gen. D. H.' Hill, Editor. Hill, Irwin &
Co., Publishers, Charlotte, N. C.. , ' .
, ' prmsfa a year in advance. '',.
JL(omHEBEj--The ; Demo:
'critic: Enquirer; after it is. en
larged, will be a? large ; twenty
eight column 'paper, printed ,on
good; clear, , new, type, indiin
the. besp style of the typograpH
ti&P&i rjicighborto
e a bscnbe for it !
Christmas Presen ts at
J. IL Wilts
The New Goods just received
at J K. Will's establishment,
which were selected expressly
for this market, by G, 13. Will,
the well-kno wn selcsman of that
house, are the most elegant ever
brought, to r the county. -, It is
not necessary for us to indulge
in fulsome laudation of the new
stock, neither is it necessary,
for the quality, style and prices
"speak for themselves." George
has been at great and special
pains to introduce all novelties
suitable for this market and has
by far the choicest , Christmas
presents m tho town. Let it be
borne in mind that the prices on
the entire stock are 25 per cent.
lower than-'bther"h6iises.? .
If you want canned frui's of
any kind, Lobs'ers, &c., you can
find 'hem at J. K;Will's.
We have often heard people
express a wonder whence came
the practice of barbers ( zebra
ing their signs. An old .book
furnishes the information:
The barber's pole originated in
the primitive ages, when the
barber was also aphlebotomizer.
It was the custom to wrap the
bloody 1 bandages around - a
brown stick, and stc.nd it at the
door for a sirn.
Henee the red and white cur
vatured stripes; . -
Blank Books at Strong's. "..
Be sore and go to Gill t Ricbmonds Hard
ware Store, If you want any thing in their
line, before going elsewhere. , .' '
. .
SPECIAL NOTICE.-r 7inon Coun
ty Bank, McArtliur, Oh io. Persons
wishing to send money to their friends
in h ngland, Ireland, France, Germany,
or any part of Europe, can obtain
Drafts for any amount at this Bank.
"We issue Drafts direct and .at reason
able rates, thereby saving to tho pur
chaser the expense and trouble of send
ing to other places. . 4.7,3m
Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Papar Knives,
Kules, &c.,at: Strong's.
Get It and TnY It. The Home
Amari enl. ihe l e i st and best illustra
ted family Magazine published. Filled
with the latest illustrated fashions, choice
stories, poetry, wit mu. bum t, . X i -i Bt
the thing for the young folks. JublUhed
semi-monthly, at only. $168 per annum.
Large and splendid prises are sent, to
a'ents raising olubs. Agnail " easily clear
$16 per day; besides, erery agent gets n
ohanos t -t ttiry tubeorption sent, in 1,500
in cash sent tocgenta. Sample copies with
list of prizes, and terms instructions to
agents, by enclosing 5 cents.' Agen s wait
ed everywhere. Address IloMB Anns ikt
8 Nassau Blreet, New York. . - ' 47m-
Scool Books fur sale at Sisson's at
halt price
Very long overcoats, not very
tight pants, and very low crown
ed hats;' are the styles this win
ten Go to Henry Eichman's
Clothirtg Store, and see what a
nice uit you can get for; a little
Thi! ; Farmers' Chronicle) tho '. ne
Agricultural paper printed at Colum
bus? 0xio, .has been' received." It is
beautifully printod, and is really just
have long noeded., ,, It contains every
thing that , will interest farmers and
others. ' Only ?2 a year; six months,
$1; Sot club of 5 and $10, one copy
free;Bix months; and for club of 10
and t0, one copy free for one year.1
Address ; Dwter & Bpsby, Colum
bus,' QhlO.", " 1 '" : ;
-'His beauty consists principally in bis
dbe head or hair my features and form are
at geod an bis, bnt the unfortunate prema
ture Sreyness of mine, and the early tenden
cy to oaianess nave made me ugly."
; A thorough course1 of toilet treatment
with "Barrett . ,Hai ... HestoratlTe"' : would
bayf prevented such a misfortune. No per-
etra bas a ngdt to be ; any utliopr thon
nature niakes him. -,''- ;- ,
Anil and Roxchtt
, i t : From ihsir holet eomt out(
' . " And Slice and Rati' ':" ' 3 '
' ' , In tpite of cat$, ' ' - '' '
'"' Gaily ikip about, '
"18 years established in N.YCity."
"Only iulallibie remedies known."
"Free from poisons."
"Nt duugerous 10 the human family."
"Ruts coine outol their holes to die."
"Costar's" Eat, Eoach, &c.r Exterm's
.1 Is uile used tor Rats, mice, Roaches,
. Black and Red Ahts, 4c, 4c,
"Costar's" Bed-Bug Exterminater
Is a liquid or wash used to destroy, and
nlsaas n preventire for Bed Bugs, bo.
"Costar's" Electric Powder for Insects
Is for moths, mlsquitoes, F1es, Bed-Mugs,
Injects on Hunts, Fowls, Animals, 4c.
BUT I 1 Bewabs ! I I of all worthless imitations.
MSee thaf'Cohtar's" uame is on each box, bot
tle, Knd Flask, boforo yon buy
Addxess 11 EN R V R. COSTAR,
- ' 484 Broadway, New York.
"Sold In MoArthnr, by J. 8. Strong,
and all druggist and dealers ererywhere..
For Cuts, Burns, llruises, Wounds, Boils,
Cancers, Broken Breasts, Sore Nipples, Blee
ding, Blind and Painful .Piles; Sorofulous,
Putrid' '"d ill-conditioned Sores;. -Oloerj,
Swellings, KrupiionB, Cutaneous Affeotions,
&o. ; chapped Hands, Lip8l &.; Bites of
SB" . 'foSftnd 81 sizes.
ISTSold by all druggists every wharek
5SS"Ancl by Hknrt K. Costae, Depot 484
oadav. New Yerk, . , ,. , , ,
JoTSold by J. V. Strong, MeArtkur, 0.
8 1,? K. ;, 8BL.T1 K T,
For Corns, Bunions, Warts, 4c.
WRoxesM cts., M' i't., and 1 sizes.
tSarBold bj all Uioggists ererywherei
Hf-Aud by Henry R. Costar, Depot 484
Broadway, New York. -
B"Aud by J. S. f treng, MoArtbur, t.
' . ' ARB
Vsti to soften and beautify the gfcin, remore freck'
le?, Pimplev, Ernptiona, 4c.
Ladies are no using it in preference to all ethers
. ttr Bottles $1. . ......
BfnySold by all druggists everywhere.
fta-And by . Henry It. Costar, Depot 484
Broadway, New lork, "'
J-And by J. 8. Itrong, McArthur, .
For Cough r, Colds, Hoarseness, Sore Throat,
Creup, Whooping Cough, Influenza, Asthma,
Consumption Bronohial Affeotions and al
diseases of the Throat and Lungs.
'.. tTBottles 25 ot8, 80 cts, and $1 siies. "''
fiaygold by all druggists eteywhere; 'y't
L.BQTAud by Henry R, Costar, Depot IH
Broadway, Xnew lorlc. .
; And by J. S. Strong, McArthur, 0. ; i
; h ' ' ' . OELBBKATED .
For nervous and sick Headache, oostWeness, indi
gaition, dyspepsia, tiiliouiiness, oonHtiuation, diar
rhea, colics, chills, levers, and general derangement
ol- the Digestive Organe, , , , ,. ., , , ,
SHrBoxesil6cts,fiOcts,flsiSAS..'i, ' i . .' .,. '
J-Bold by all druggists everywhere, i
And by Henry R. Costar, Depot 484 Broad-
I And by J; 8 Strang,
; : O. W Slsson, SfoArthur, O.
-i r. .
JVBT received at. BWETLAXD'8 a fresh snp'pl'y
fiily' 'groceries,
To which is added a goqd assortment of
Also, a lot of "" "'
W'bicli will make fine '
shot, guns f ,
. And wkioh I wU sell very c'heapl Give me a call!
t J. O. SWliTLAND.
October 3, lG7-3rn
613 Broadway, ,
yOULD call particular attention;to their ,'. v
New ' Family Sewing Machines ,
which are (he nrinointl Fumii Mai,,n..
'he Look Btitch, with a Mtbaioiit Nekihh. The
, j . HC" nBB "a'e t"t" '"e Wheel and Drop
reed.'therelore are suited to nil kinds if sewing.
Prices correspond wilh those of other Kirst-class
Machines. '
M) :- :- ;.: C01 Broadway, New York.
Fall Stock!
Main Street,' . . ' . . McArthur,
HAS Just received a new assortment of the latest
styles of woods, which he will
: ' fieU Cheaper thi tie Ckoapeat in Tswnl
Ana also havint; the beat assorted stock of
0 the Fiuest and Latest ;ls, for
3Mcxx and Boys!
I also kep
Hats and C aps
For Ladies add Gents, and a lorge variety of
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods.
: ' ' I also keep
Whieh I will sell to the public at the lowest price
CThe public patronage is respectfully
solicited. , . ,. .
October 17, 1807-3m "' " ' '' '
. This proparation spplieil according te direc
tions is
Warranted to restore Gray Hair
to its original or natural color, its also acts up
on tiiur whibkbs in the same manner.
It s ioi ' l)v, and contains no coloring
ilA6t, nor does it contain any deleterious
substance. Iloleanses the scalp, promotes
the growth, a- d prevents the falling off ot the
hair; and as if imparts to the hair and whis
kers a rich neural gloss, and has a pleasant
fragrance is a very desirable article
tSTPrinolpal Eepot, N. V9 Nassau
Street, New York. - -
'' Proprietor!. '
st'cv.i .-..xock-stitch ' , r-
0eu)tng iHacljinte
The only Maohine so perfeoted that entire
satisfaction is guaranteed or the purohase
money refunded. ' " ; "
Where we bave no Agent a sample Machine
will be sold at Tery lotf price, and a Local
Agent appointed on the most favorable
terms.' ' . ' ' - " :.i ' ..
N.B. Send for circular. Traveling Agents
wanted. Salary, liberal.
An Agent wanted in etery town.
Send for Circular. :
I Inkle A: Lyon 8. ITI.Co.
; 687 Broadway, New York.
! June2T, 1867-6m '...!...
l . n; t!. i 'N.
Fo tuk MaisiidI
i i ',; Sent iVe in sealed en
velope, on receipt of 10
, cents. Address
' Dr. E. B. F00TE, ' '
.j (author of Medical Com
mon Sense Book,' 400
': pages, $1,60, sent by mail.)
-M I
No. 110 Lexington Avenue
r ' "" -18 6.8.
Til Be"t PPe: " World ( Published
lr Kearlvfa 0,.. 7 1 ,,.,8nt,.
This 8Pj..did; K;;.p.r "sf '
useful, and intsreutta . ui
'-" illnetwuir twit
original 'erEriT, g , repUis
veuuenr,, Novelty , i, ,
tare, themistrr. pfcnm i.
d . iilust r:?
g New In-
iniistrr. pi.-,,, i .
li. 1 -T I .
rngrneerine So .? J'' "notureiil
mcriem to be of T ."1, L Scien"
pec.iv. calling ,f41 v"u th.ir re-
tions will aveg thi Z"? 1 " l"
untiunllv besiL. ,r ,u,"J,ed f Dollars
source X knitoTt' "'
beyond pnlJrSi"1"'
granted, with th 'll " 'lr 1te"18
livery Puhlio . ? ?ui !?h9' -Uklw.
have the wo.V .l VV. . ""r "ouid
noy proserved for
tboutand quarto paces , ' ,f neBr1' one
four thousld ord,ugar; e,,Va,ent ' "-rlj
lished Weekly. Tr. Ji . V' l8, Pub
IlaltVear, Sifift. Phi. !, n?9 Yer. 31
One year V5. s' ' b8 f Ten CoP for
AddMM 5 SPecien copies sent gratis.
Adinw MaNN&CO,
, r & Park Kow, New York,-
I The Publishers of the SdenHfy Ami
l.h:.ClU"el f tU9. P"P"tors of the
gJ-UoT. aadv
Sfnafft"' CCn8U8 by' Unties with
T) E M 0 KKSiT '.EC'Ji orjj T HILT M A Q'A Z I H P
ttrBkeHt'1-60'1 ,0 0riin,,l .
ilonseholdM Xi Gem,0orTi,fto"iBh,10'pel COtt?K,a
Fashions,) lnslruonons 0n Health, Gymnas
tic Equestnan Exercises, Skating, Musio,
iTr0 !'"''1.111 th authors
thi" J 8rti9tia'ly illustrated
with costly eneravmgs (full size,) useful and
reliable Patterns, Embroideries, Jewelry, and
a succession of artistic noveletUs, with other
useful and entertains; literature. -No
person of refinement, economical home-
nf6.0.1" m f ,fJ86te' ean fforJ " with
out the Model .Mouth ly,. i " ; .
Single copies, 80 cents; back numbers, as
specmens 10 cents; either mailed freeU
Yearly, $3 w th a valuable premium; two
copies, p 60j three copies, $7 50; five copies,
412 and splendtd premiums for clubs at $3
each, wttb the first premium to each sub
souber. fcjTA new Y heeler &" Wilson Sew
ing Mochiuo for 20 subscribersat 3 each.
No. 473 Broadway, New York.
Demoresfs Monthly and Young America
together, f 4, with the premium to each.
4. . KT
y rinai rntmiuwi
Of a Silver Medal
Cff Bt th N. H. State Agricultural ShcIcIt. at"w
Tf , 1U fair, UulJcu la Naaliua, Stjit. 20, lbCO.
TegeiaDle Hair Restoratli e
BoitorM Gray nalr to Its Natural Color i pro- ;
niolea the growth of tha Haln rhaiin tha aV .
. roati to their 'original orcmilc action i eradl- . '
,, PI"ruff ani Humoral prrranla
W lliur ralllni; out t lanatiporiorDrrMlnff. JJ
. ltc.mt.in. no InjuHnm inimlirnta, T
jS and is the mont popular and rell- A a
'CSAv alle artlrle tlirnut'linut the A
ak. Eut, H'Mt, Nortli, aud J
J. R. BARRETT & CO., Proprietor,
For sale by Dr, J. S. Steono, Druggist,
Julyt.lW-ly , McArthur. Ohio.
3-iffca for Christmas and NtV
Years. "
A Superb . Stock ..of Fine Gold and Silvti
Watches, all warranted to run, and tbor
oughly Regulated, at the. low prioe of $10
Each, and satisfaotionJGuaranteed.
100 Solid Gold Huu'g Watches $250 to $1,000
100 Magio Cased Gold watohes, 200 to 500
100 Ladies Watches, enameled, 100 to 300
200 Gold Hun'gChron'er W'hes,250 to 800
200 Gold Hunting Eng. Levers, 21)0 to 250
300 Gold do Duplex Watohes, 150 to 200
300 Gold do Am'can Wat'hes, 100 to 250
500 Silver Hunting Levers, 50 to 150
500 Silver Hunting Duplexes, 75 to 250
500 Gold Ladies Watohes , . . 60 to 250
1 000 Gold Hunting Lepiries 60 to ' ' 75
1.000 Miscellaneous SH'r Wat'hs 60 to" 100
2.500 Hunting Silver Watohes 25 to ., 50
5.000 Assorted Wa'hes, all kinds 10 to 75
I lie al)v stock will be disposed of cn the Pnpu
'r Unc-Price l'lnn, giving every patron a fine Gold
'Solid Silver Watch lor 8tu, without regard to
'iIiipI , . i ,
Wtight Bro. Co., 101 Broadway, New York,
wish to immediately ilism.se of the ahov
magnificent Stnek. -Ortifinstes, namlna the arti
cles, are placed in sealed envelopes, and well mixed
Holders are entitled to the articles named on their
certificates upon payment of Ten Dollars, whether
it be a Watch worth l,O0 or one Worth less. The
return of any ol our certiiicates entitles you to the
articles named upou the payment, irrespective oi
its worth, and as no article valued less than f 10 u
named on any certificate, it will at once do seen
thatthis is . ,, ,
Wo Lvttery, hut a- $traightforieard Ugitimatt
transaction, which may be participated in
even by the mott fattidiout
A single certificate will be sent by mail, post paid,
upon receipt ofiScents, A ford, li for 12, 3:1 and an
elegant nremium for 5, So and more valuable pre
mium for 1 10, and 100 and most superb watch for $15
To Agents, or those winking employment, this is a
rare opportunity. ' It is a legitimately conducted bus
mess, duly authorized by the Government, and open
to the most caref.il scrutiny. Tav osl
42 WRI OUT, BKO.fi'CO., Importer,
; -3m . ' : Broadway, Aiw Tori.
MARRIED LIFE.-Informatlon and advice ofl
tal importance to the married of both sexes, in
a sealed envelope, can be obtained free oi charge bt
addressing the undersigned.
Respectfully, JAME9 S. BUTLER,
ulyl,lW . , v; saaBroaaway.M.T,
. uiiy ,. viithout , doctor or
t iMdicinei. gent 0 posi
paid ' on roeipt of io
. cente. Address '
9 "fcrf B.-BJP0OTB,
"- 1U Lexingtea Avenue,
fl s a :.-
Corner' East 28th Street,
I Ketr lotkl . ,
a rosso iadi shockisitit; siceivkb 1 1
Not long since, young man supposed tot
poses good princrples, but bo fortune of
feredbis bond and heart to a fair young
lady with snug little fertwne of 50, 000
The offer was fully considered, and is ally
refused, on the ground that the young man
showed too Many yearejibove the jouug ,
lady; tbengb he was really bet twtstv-iix.
Vet Lis'taeside whiskers and bait' were) .
tinged with an awful sprinkling f hoary,
white and gray, and. tairly indicated a
round score mere of years than be bad e
ally seen. ' To the young man the refusal
came like a frosty blanket in eold Bight ;
What was to be done? What could L,.
done? True, his bead came out from under
his "Felt" white as a coon after e snow
storm but must this divide them.
: At oace he left the city. Time passed ea
and the young lady received another offer
No objection to the fine end btcautifol lover
cojld be found. His hed was PEBPECTr
and bU raven looks bad it most bewitching . ,
lustre. Due time was taken and the ether
accepted; the day fixeJ: evry desired prep- ;
aration made; the minister notified, and.j
the thing done. She happy couple (lopased. ;
in matrimonial peace and triumph. ,.
Three balmy days parsed away, when the .
loving young husband threw bis gentle arms
around bis better half by 50 000, and said,
"Darling, what do you think of my white
hnirs now?" The startled and astonished
bride witb uplifted hands, exolaimed, "Eos- ;
coe R , is it possible? Am 1 deceived! :
Tell me quickly!!'' The smiling, jubilant
husband roguishly replied, ' No, you are not .
deceived, it is 1. you are kins. - And this I ;
owe to "Van Allen's Vegetable ilalr ResUr- .
And this article we now offer you never ,
has had itsequalon the American Continent.
We don't recommend you to play the cheat
by its magic influence, but we do say i ,
: 1st It will positively restore the whitest
hair on the heads of the oldest persons lo its
original color and beauty, while it often ;
brings out a ' luxurlan growth where the ,
hair is entirely gone, without staining the t
finest fabric ; -
2d People whose heads may have become t
gray may readily have their hair restored '
aod their heads onoe more covered with ,
shining silky locks, and tresses never sur
pa sed in beauty even in early youth. -, ,
3d Every disease to whioh the bair and
scalp are subject, finds a healing, restoring
balm in this preparation. -
4tu Asa dressing no one claims it Las ;
an equal, either In riohness of its perfume,
or its tendency to keep the hair in its proper .
5th If you want while bair made beautl- .
(ul as in youth, grry hair perfectly restored,
a dandruff head permanently eleaned, and, ,
. . i . i . ,. i , i ' ,i j-.. .
itcning scaip puriuea, loose nair iuau mix, -,
in Bhort, your head covered with the beauty
of raven locks, and silken tresses, you have ;
only to use :t j
BESTOKEIt, . : .
JQTOff ce of the Proprietor, Ne. 117 Nassau
Street, New -York. r
JfOf Sold by all Druggists. ,. ., " "6
tfir Ask for Van Allen". ' '
And take no other.
If not sold by Druggists in your town, a
Trial Bottle will be eent te you by ei press
upon receipt of One Dollar by mail, thus
giving you an opportunity at once of testing ',
its excellent qualities.
Address, C. L: VAN ALLEN,
No. 117 NiBsau Street, New York. " '
Octeber 10, 1867-Gm . . ;
"P!, CONSUMPTIVES, Rev. . Edwabd A. Wilsob
JL will send (tiee ul utiarge) to all wlio desire it, the '
ptescription with the directions for making and us '
ing the simple remedy by which he was cured of a
lung artection and tlint dread disease consumption. ;
Ui only object in to benefit the afflicted and he hope
every sufferer will try this prescription, as it will cost :
nothing, and muy prove a blessing. Please addiess-
No. 16 South Heoond Street, Wiilianuburg, iN- Sork.
Maya, lti7 -H
Probate Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that Isaao Shry, Gtiardi"
an of William Kruucis itugsins and John JCi .
ward llugg ns, has tiled his accounts for inspect. oa
ana partial settlement and will bo passed upon on -the
4th day of January, A. 1'. 18t8.
December 2,18iT-3w iJnib ite Judge.
Probate Notice. Official Directory.
Probate Notice. Official Directory. VINTON COUNTY DIRECTORY.
. .
Renresentntive in 'ongress J. T. WILdUM. , j '
suae Senator J. BRADBURY. .-. '
Representative A. J. 8 W AIM. '
Commou Pleas Judges MARTIN CRAIN, t. . 1
Probate Judge .TOPRPH iv.ii.iiil. ' ' ')
Auditor-W. If. FELTON. . -.
Keeorder JONATHAN brine.
ProscutingAttornev-AKCHlBALDMAlO. 1
Treasurer J. H. 1UNKLK. , : ";
Clerk of Courts GUOHtSE LASTI. ' ,'
surveyor 1. C BTEINBROOK. ' '
Coroner WILLIAM D. HWG1N9.
Commissioner THOMAS MAGEE, j
) UttVlLLl UL'S.lJH,
a nooi t.xanuners-
Post Offices in Vinton County
VsmenfPostOfee. Township. PostMsster'
J. Wilcox
H pe Furnace
Dundas - ' .
Eagle Mills
Elk -;
MoArthnr 1
Sew Plymouth
Heed's Mills
Vinton 8tation
Agatha -
Clinton :
S. D. Eglestoa A
S. Isaminger ij .'
Miles Badcliff ,., r
I. Keynoidi . ;;
J.N. McLaughUa.
H. O. Harden .
W Bnrteiiehaw .- -
Wm. Taylor . ',
Elk :.
George Fry r ,f-
J.. Will , :
Rail Roads.
'TT ws "wJSflsjjafjn
ON and after January 0, 1S6T, .Trains willraa as '
follows. . . i' , .- .
Depart Cincinnati ,1 C:00.. 004.t. , .i.
" Loveland 10 17 " . . r. 1 20 "
, ' vhillwoihe ..'; .. 10 4o ' ,
Hamdeo 5H . t ( .la'SA.Is,;
' aaleeid I a 83 . " -;-! .. .
'" Athens ; 4 66 . 100" -.
trrive Marietta T 17 ;' " ' .
Blpre 7 SS ' - 00 "
I Mill. WIT9T
. " Athens s 37
; " Zaleskt a S40
! ' Hamden IS 16
" OhIHicothS 11 Mr. at.
j Levelaud 313 '..
Arrive Cincinnati 4 aft
lino ,..., '. .
, H 54 '
, I 1tti.IL ,
i. ese ,,
t 45 '
' ConneottonatnadeatUamde with Trains eatM..
PorUmouth Branoh.v . , .
Close connotions made al Cincinnati with aX 'a
Wsetern Trains; and at Parkeraburg with tha !-'
more and Ohiu Kail Boad. . .- . , . .'
t .Bin: :. Mawter e(Tiaaaertaiie .
klillletherOurJaa.M, isst.J
, -' .' "" " ". '"-

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