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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, December 26, 1867, Image 4

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ii.fr & vnnnff man SUDVOSed to
fio- good principles, bot no fonuus
ered Ms hand and heart to fi joung
ady with snug li'.tle fortune of 50,OQO--The
offer was f"Hy considered, and finally
Lfnsed on the ground ibutthe young man
."showed too many years above the ynunjr
llady; though he ti really hut iwcnlysix.
Yet his fine side whiskers and hail were
tinged with an awful sprinkling- ol hoary
'white and gray, ami fairly indicated a
round acore mora of yers than he had re
ally seen. To the young ninn the refusal
earn lika a frosty blanket in a cold night.
What was to he done? What could be
done?. True, Ins head came out from under
his "Fklt" white as a coon alter a enow
Storm but nuiBt th's divide them.
At onoe he left tha oity. Time passed on
and the young lady received antther off r
Ha ohjaciion to the fine and beam! fill llover
eould Ire found. Ilia he-id was PERFECT,
end h's raven locks had a most bewitching
lustre. Una lime was taken aud the other
accepted; the day 6eJ; ev4ry desired prep
araUon made; the minister notified, and
the thing done. She happy couple departed
in matrimonial peace and triumph,
mi Jin nnrsied ftwiiv. when the
lovioir voiijii husband threw hi gentle arms
around his belter half by $.'0 000, and raid,
Darling, what do you think of my while
hnirs now?" The startled and astonished
bride with uplifted hands, exolaimed, "Kos
cn9 K , is it possible? Am .1 deceived!
Tell me qui.klyl 1" The smiling, juhiknt
i i .i.i.Ih unlioii "Nrt. vnu are not
niioonnu niguinu.j v '.." r'
j...!.ii ii ia I nu are MINK. And this 1
owe to ""Van Allen's Vegetable flair Hester-
err' ' ' '
And this article we now offer ynu never
ha hnd ilsequalon the American Continent.
We don't recommend you t5 play the cheat
.by its msgio influence, but we do say :
T. -ill nnuilivi.lv rPUlOrfl the Whitest
hair on the heads of the oldest persons to its
. . . . : I ..... wlii Ia if nffon
original color ana urainj, !..... -brtigs
out a .luxuriant' growth where the
lvair is entirely gone, without staining the
2o People whose heads may have become
gray may readily have their hair restored
and t.fceir heads once more covered with
ciiiiv limits, and tresses never sur-
rlv vouth
8d Kvery disease to which the hair and
scalp are suliject, onus a weuuug, ioiur.u8
In il. lu tiruniiralin!!.
UU1UI 111 " I ,
4th Aso dresning no one claims it has
an-equal. either In richness of its perfume,
or its tendeucy to keep the hair iu its proper
piace. v
c . Tr . sl.ita liair made beautl
ful as in youth, grry hair perfectly restored,
a dandruff head permanently eleaned, and
iiohing soalp purified,. loose hair made fast,
itr shortf vour head covered with the beauiy
of raven locks, and silken tresses, you have
oniy o use ... ...
Jay-Office of the Proprietor, Ns. UTN8iu
Bireet, New York.
BfcgrSold by all Druggists.
tAsk for Van Allen'i
f - And take no other.
If not sold by Druggists in your town,
Trial Bottle will be eent te you by express
upon receipt of One Dollar by mail, thus
giving you an opportuuly at once of testing
its excellent qualities.
Address, C. L: VAN ALLEN,
tio. 117 N issau Street, New Y ork.
October 10, 18G7-6m -
TJ COMUMPHVES-Rov- Edwabb a. Wim'ow
will wnU ((rev orchard) to nil who desire it, the
Bieaoripuon Willi the directions fur - nknig ana lis
(nit the simple rwinilv by which he .was cured or a
lno2 attection snd Hint dioad difiine consumption.
Hiaouly nhjictist-i benelit the sfflictcd and he hopes
every unffcrerwill try lliix proven plioii, hsii will cost
notJun and may U H.He, 4d,e
Ko. l8 South socondStieet, WUliauiiAurg, iN. Vork.
mt i '" -It
Probate Notice.
XT ""TICE i herebv given thl lea-xtt Qhry. Gnardi
1 i-ur:i .v....iu Uiiiriti ami John ttd
Hit ill Mimiit nan' is -
... i u..n.,..nu rtiu.t hiu a.,niiiit.ii far mnneet.on
no pnrul KHiilem nt and will bo passed upon on
the it., ay of January. A. 1U.R
r-cemberI2,l;T-3ir " frohite J iidee.
Probate Notice. Official Directory.
B.nrnsentntive in onifress J- ! iuu-i.
... i uu umnu
H,,:.lnr.I. HilUIBUHY
Kiprestntiitive A. .1. 8W AIM.
Common Pleas Judges -MARTIN
ProhnteJiulxeIOSEPH KALEK.
Auditor-W-K FKI.I'oN.
Proscilting Atioi nevA RC H 1 BAI.D M AW,
Treasurer J. P. liUNKLB.
Clerk of Ooiiris G KultiiE I.ANT2.
Bheritt- OUN J.hhim-KEY.
Surveyor s. C STKINHROOK.
Coroner-WJLWAM D. HIiililNS.
. f Wll.iilAM C1.AR5.
Commissioner THoMAn MAfiKK,
oaviLi. (jiNiei
M. R. IU seb;
.1. M. MoOiuivaar.
Post Offices in Vinton County
JInrn of "out Offiea. Tnwnhip. Post Mmter
Hope Furnaos
Eigle Mill!
Elk .
New Plymouth
Ree.l'S Mills
Vinton Station
Wilkesville .
tiiulnaUU J. A liuux
Brown : 3. D. Eglestoa . -
Clinton j 8. Isaminger
Eagle i Miles Kadcliff .
Swan I. Reynolds
Elk J. N. MeLaughlla
Brown II. O. Harden ,
Clinton . W Buneushaw
8wan Wm. Taylof
Elk George Fry
Wilkes .
Madison J.. Will .
A (rath
Rail Roads.
N.nudaAerJauiwry B, 1U7, Trains will ma as
MAft, BA9T
Pepart uiivimniti
' Loveland;
. Hapden
" Z doaki
" Atiji-ns'
irrie Marietta
' D)lre
MtHl BdT
Depart Bef jr - -
Athens "
9:00 .. . . . son a n.
10 17 :. 1 20 '.
las is, J4u -
8 17 " U ' S.
813 ' U '4 '
ibi 8 90 "
ill ' ... :
-'7j '4 60 " '
NlflBT Ps-, wT
t no a.,-
I 37
40 '
ZileSKi- '
Utttnden '
. i.t 12 64 ' i
i; -n .
8 44a.M..
a ,
t iv,u,
m ciiiRioothe
8 II "
Conueotiona made at H amdea
with Trains ea the
. close eoansution made at Cincinnati ith at
IT astern Trains: and at Parkersburg with the JalsV
or ana wmv ui noaa.
..p.. (.... , . v-ORLAND BMITB.
; Wutar it TranspeHMiMt
MtUUotb,0.,aj.M, I8STJ
i U il N 1TUKE I
HAVING urehased and tsmpletety renovated
-,r,i h v. T Bnkhe11. would r-
Biti?otfiilivi.iioiniee to Hie public hnt heintends to
keep couWnUy oa hand, k complete asBOiUiiento
suitable for this market,at
ntten up in a style of wnrkmnnshipnot to be excel
led hy nv shopin this seonc.n.
All kinds of work in' his line will be neatly and
promptlydone on very low terms.
Of all kinds done I o order on short notice.
Afull supply of
keptconstnntlyon hand; and
10 per cent, will be deducted
on all orders for cash down.
March7.1Si.7-tt P. HOBTON.
Hold by the trade Generally
A Liberal discount to Dealers,
200,000 urnuhtd tht U. S. Government.
Army Revolver,
Navy Revolver, .
Kelt Kevolver,
Polii-e Revolver.
Nun Poi.U'Af Unrnlvr.
44-lOd in. calribre,
Stt-lOOIn. cslihre.
Navy Size calibre,
Mivy suechimre,
31.1'Ki in CRMiire,
Pocket Revolver, (Rider's pi. 31 1K) in. cnlire,
Repeating Pistol, (Elliot pt.) Ko. 22 22 cam j(e,
VtHt I'ockel fiHtol, o.ii,.lu . uu n i ai
Hun Cane, No. i aim
n...,.K t -j,- Di(i (HuhI'k No. 32nnd 38 "
Rsvoivinn Kitle. 3(i and 4t-lu0in calibre.
Jlion, yew York,
rltlHCint AIKTI.
Moore NiPhols, New York
W m. Reed 4 Hon, fT ""
Jos. C.GruhhACo., Philadelphia
Poiiltnev & Trimble, ' Baltimore
Henry Folsom 4 Co., ew Orleans
Johnson, Upeneer 4 C ChtcKo
L. M. Rumnet 4 Co., ' Bt. Louis
Albert E. ;rnnei Sn Fransisce
March 21, ist7-ly
Sheriff's Sale.
In Faxtltlozx
State of. Ohio, Vintori County.
Jotiiel A. Felton and
lln Vin
I court
I pleas.
ton- ceuntr
Eliza A. Felton, riaintin:
eommen of
Jowpli W. R nnalls, Charlotte
, Rnnaaia. noiner rfonrn,
James K. Jone, Jlordensi B.
.1.mi.H. Cidnn Jonea. and US
vid Warren Jones, Defend-1 Order ef Sale.
ants. f
IN puranance to tha command "f an order to me
directed in the above callus nom the court of
mon pleas of Vinton county, and btaie or Ohio, and
hcurinir dute of November S5th. A. D. 1SHT. 1 will
offer lor sale, at the Door of the Court House, in
town of Mc Arthur, in aforesaid county ofviuton,
Monday, the 30th day of De
cember, A. D, 1867,
at the hour ol 1 o'clock P, M of said day, the follow
ing lands and tenements, to-wit:
In-Lots Numbers One Hundred and Twenty-nine
(120,)One Hundred and Thirty (130,) One Hundred
andThirly-nne(lHl,)One Hundred and Thirty-tvo
ll.Mi) Vine numireu IUI' AiiniJ-iunrw nun uhb
Hiinili.H aii. I Thirtv-7onr (134.1 and Oiit-Li.t Num
bers Thirty (.Hi,) I'lurty-two (:t2,). TUirty.three (M,)
andThirty-four(:i4.) in. the Village of . McArthur,
Vinton county, utiio;
Part of the ""outh-Weat Quarter and Pari of the
North.EftHt Qunrter of fection NumberTwenty fNo.
2n, Town Number Eleven No. 11, Range Number
Seventeen lo. 17, j vinton county, uuio, eonta.nini;
51 acres more or lea
Aouraiee.l as follows, to-wit:
(Jul-Lot Number Thirty (30) at Two Hund
red and Fifty Dollars $250 00:1
Out-Lot Number Thirty two 31 at Two
Hundred and rifty-six Dollars and Fifty
cents523S CU;J
Oul-Lot UIllber Thirty-lhree 33 at One
Hundred and Eight Dollars $168 90;
Out-Lot Number Thirtv-four 34 at Three
Thousand Dollars $3 000 00;
Id-Lois Numbers One Hundred and Twenty-nine
129 and One Hundred and Thirty
ISO at Sixty Dollars $(30 00;
In-Lots Numbers Oce Hundred and Thir
ty-one 131, One Hundred and Thirty-two
132. One Hundred and Tairty-three 1 1 3.1, J
and (Hie Hundred and Thirty-four 134 at
Five Hundred Dollars$500 00 ;
Tart of the 8outh West Quarter and Part
of the North-Esst Quarter of Section Num
ber Twenty T20, 1 Township Number Eleven
11, Range Number Seventeen TIT at Two
thousand ana six uunarea ana fiuj vvi
lart f$2,650 00 :
And each of ibe above described Lands
and Tenements musl bricg two-thirds of the
appraised value respectively.
One-third rash in hand; oue third m one year;
and one-lliiid in two years irom the day f sale de
tetred payments to bear interest and to be sseured
by mortgage upon me premises aoia.
Sheriff Vinton esunty, 4).
i H.C.Jones, Att'y for PI'Bs. .
I November 28, 1SS7-6W-
; New Entland Farmer
. from this date to January 1, 1K.
U Months for only On Dollar d
n . r. t i
xiuv venis ia auvanco,
Pap es of reading natter in each
number, handsomelj illustrated
aid largely sosspssed of original
. .eeainouiioot.
588 Pr8e ot 'uable and interestiif
Agricultural asd Horticultural
reading in the volaaie for 1867. -i
j .Q ana" upward extremely Liberal Pre
. miums offered Sr aew tttbseribers.
f new name for our Hit will entitle
' jo to a prsnium.
.' 3 eent tp payi for ipeeinen and
eirentar..' '
34. UerohaaU' Sow, Boitoa, the olace
of puslioatisa, : and all letters
ihould be addressed to
Jt. f. eatos t oo
JbkthtTl JV. Tarmtr,
J. tt3 W. GOLD, i
WOULD respectfully Inform theciltsens ofYinton
and oiher counties lhat they have, at their
SUS3KY, one mils north-out from KcArtbuij
thevery best varieties ol
Ctxei-toe "VixxoB,
Applo Trees and Peach Trees J
I n. l .11 -.... atiiAir fviiA t Wmm nri mr
nrices as can be obtained anrwhwe, ana infite
n porSon to Wvrtftini :ewtM iU
Any ktleraddroHHdto un, m to pnoot w Wl
ties will be promptly answered
QOLD, MeArthar, 0.
j. ot "
Ootoberl, 18S7-t
Prospectus of the Cleveland Plain Dealer!
The Cleveland Plain Dealer, one of the
largest papers printed in Ohio, with clear
type and on good paper, solicits the contin
uance 0;' the patronage of the people of the
State, and the north-west. No expense
will be scared to moke it A Fkapabu
Each issue will contain a large quantity
of Politioal, Finaaolal, Agf'Cfl'u1 and
Lilerarv Beading Matter. With our' tele.
graphio facilities, and our Correspondents
at Washington, Columbus, New Vork and
Chicago, and we are uble to make the Plain
Dealer the best Family Newspaper in the
Great attention will be paid to our Mar
let Reports, and no pains will, be spared to
give our renders the latest news. We can
give our patrons the news days in advanoa
of our Eastern competitors.
Terms or Wekklt Plain Dealer.
The Weekly Plain Dealer, single copy
per year, . . , f 2 00
Sit Months v 1 00
An extra conv will be ftven to whoev
er will us a club of Ten with 20 00
Or 20 subscriber 6 months with 20 00
The Tri-Weekly Plain Dealer will be sent
to any party sending us a club or iQ torone
vear. For a olub numbering between SO
and 50 we will send our Daily. Whenever
possible, money should bo Bent by Draft or
P. O. Money Order. . . . ..
Daily Plain Dealer, one year by mail, $10 00
Tri-Weekly Plain Dealer, one year . ... 5 00
do ' do . ' do . six months, 2 CO
do do do Three months 1 25
The Presidential Canvass has already
commenced, and every 1 Democrat interested
in securing the election tif . Democratic
President should subsoribe for ' the Plain
Dealer, whioh. standing upon the' platform
of the Constitution, advocating . Equal Jus
tice to all sections of our common eountry,
the same Currenby for the Bondholder lhat
the people are oempelled to receive, equal
ity of Taxation and immediate Re-Union,
will be no laggard in the great Struggle for
the ascendency in 1868.
We have no trapeling agents, and Demo
crats of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and other
States, who receive this Prospeotus, will ob
lige us and further the cause by securing
subscriptions for us. '
In every District and Township some Dem
ocrat should appoint himself a committee of
one to solicit subscriptions for the Old Plain
Dealer, which osrries the banner of the
party in the very midst ef the. enemy's
stronghold. The Democracy of Ohio should
stand by this paper, which champions tneir
cause where most it needs defenders. It
is highly important .to '.he oause that a
thoroughly Democratic paper should be
liberally supported in the most important
oity in northern Ohio.
We invite Democrats ; everywhere, and
Renublibaus who wish to see what Demo
crats hrve to say in behalf of their and
candidatea, to aubsorlbe for our paper.
gfetrCluba can oommence at any time.
Fpecimen copies sent free oa application.
Plain Dealer Buildings,
Cleveland, Ohio.
499 Broadway, New York,
499 Broadway, Now York.
499 Broadway, New York.
ARE unrivalled for Di'sabilitt, Powts and Even
ness of Tonb. Tluivare fist becoming the fa
vorite over all others, with Musicians, Amateurs
and all lovers of UoodMusicI They, are Warranted
nevri j respevi, rnm iui viiviiihi,
July II 408 Broadway New York.
and wonderful publication. A work of 400 pages
and 30 colored engravings. I)r. Hunter's Vae We
eum, au original and popular treatise on Man and
Woman, their Physology, Functions. aj.d troubles ot
every kind, with never failing remedies for their
speedy cure.
The practice of Dr. Hunter has long been and still
is, unbounded, but at the earliest solicitation ot nu
merous persons, he has been induced to ejtend his
medical usefulness through the medium of bis "Vad
Mecum." "
One conv. securely enveloped, will e forwarded
free of postage to any part of the United States fro
SO cents n P. O. stamps. Address, post paid, Dr.
ituntrr ro,3 Division street, new iera.
August la.mT.y ,
H TlG Jl tnVNLn1tsK
i iMrversaiJNeuraiinai urn am.
It is CHfAitiiNO bemdcdt in all cases of
Neuralgia Facialis, often effecting a perfect
cure in less than twenty-four Honrs, from
the use of no more than two ok thxxb Pills.
No other form of Neura'gia or Nervous Dis
ease has failed to yield to this
Even in the everest cases of Chronic Neuralgia
and general nervous derangements of many years
standing arlecting the entire system, its use for a
few dnvtt, or a few weeks st the utmost, always anbrds
the most asionisning renei, anu very rarely laws to
produce a complete and permanent cure. ..-
It contains no drugs or other rhateriats In the
slightest degree in) urious. even to the most delicate
system, and can always be need with T,
PERFECT 8AFETY, '' '.' '..
I It lisiai ln n rVoAri Tn AA Aatf afM no h msnw as
who give it their unanimous and unqualified approval.
Bent by mail an receipt or price ana post
age. j ; ;. : ' t '
Ont package . ' $1 0O, ",JPrstsge 6 otnts
Six packages , 5 00, Postage 27 eents
TwelTe paokiges ' 9,0O,j" Postage 48 oents
It is sold bv all wboletsle and retail dealers In drnes
and , medicines throughout the United States, and by
TURNER ft CQ., Bl Proprietor;
130 Trtsront Is Bogsta, Utn.
Consumption, Bronchitis,
Such as Coughs, Neglected Colds, .Pain in
the Chest, and all diseases of the Lungs.
ggyClergymun should use tha lialsam for
their Throal. " -..
THIS palfami' Introduced to the snffpring publio"
altor it merits fr poail'Veome of such diaeimes
have been fullv tested. The formula from which it is
prepared Is referred to by the leading med ca) Jour
nals a heingequal to any prescription that can be
made up, for such disease, by the.modif(l Eiuulty,
The Balsam i consequently. recommendi d by phy
siciaris who have become acquainted with it great
success. , . '
As n Kxprftorsnt it nag ro- Jqnai
Weoopv the following Inteienting letter from Or.
Uarris to the Middlebury, Vt,, Register, Nov. 20, "63:
Mk. Eoivoa:- It is only to aubi'erve the interests of
humanity that I request abhort space in your vnlua
ble paper t" Inform the public what Allen's Lung
Balaam . sure to do. Two veal's ago I wasattaokeu
with a severe cold; it settled in my throat, which so
affected the organs ofspeech that I could not sM-nk
aloud fornearly bix weeks. Igot through the winter
coiikhinii nighis almost incessantly, with csld nihi
sweats, with increased irrltatoin, which extended in
to the B'onchial tubea and which kept me coughing
all summer. I was at Shoreham on a professional
visit the paat October, when (he "good famnritnn"
came along introducing Allen's Lung Balsam into
New England. I procured a bottle end took itac
cordinglo direet;on, and founi immadinte relief. I
have now taken two bottles, which has entirely cured
me. For the bast two years, or during the time o(
my affliction, I was in a stale of constipation, winch
the Balsam has almost effectually regulated. No
an.iiuiniiM ha without this vul unble medicine. J
see uvllie Western papers that the physiciansof
Cincinnati (whre the medicine is manufactured) are
Introducing it into their practice, and I hare no doubt
it will soon become a classical remedial agent for the
cure of all diseases of ihe throat. Bronchial tubes, and
the lung. NAT'LHARR1H..M. D., Uentlst,
diddlebury, Vt.. Nov 1H, 1818. .
The proprietors of this valuable Balsam take plea-i-lire
in calling to it the attention of all medicine deal
ers, desiring that they procure a supply of it, and
recommend it to their afflicted patrons and friends.
It will stand the test lor merits, as has the celebrated
Perry Davis' Pain Killer,
which has been Introduced to all pans of the iphab
,io,i unrlil and is everywhere appreciated and sought
alter. The Balsam is for sale by most of the leading
Drug ists, and can aiwayt ue naa irom mem, iu any
auautity desired, by the country dealers.
H J.N. UAUHib CO., Sole Proprietors,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
For sale by
O. W. Siseon, Druggist, McArthur, Ohio.
. Dr J. A. Monahan, Drugg'st, Hamden,
B. S. Wilcox, Hamden,
.8 58
'For the Curt of '
Canker, Salt Rehum, Ertysipelas, Scrofulous
Diseases, Cutaneous, aud every kind ef
disease arising ' from ; an impure
state of the H'.ood.
The nest effective Blood Puriier of tha Kino-
. ' teeuth Century I
' IThls Byrup, with the Carats, we will
warrant te eure aay herd oase f Old
Bores no matter how long standing,
jttf-SoU by Brtists (ientrslly.-!
For rale by
9. W, Bission, Druggist, McArtkus;
Dr. . A. Moaahan, "amdea,
R. I. Wilsox, Maaidea. ..
rerer anal Agae mn4 Cfcllli
JBeit Kcinedy to Cure
TiVcfini for iU Uu.
fills ef the Pain Killer in
X about half a pint of hot water,well sweet
ened with molasses, as the attaox is sonung
on, bathing freely the chest, baok and bow
1 with the medicine a the same time
Repeat the dose in twenty minutes, if the
first dose does hot stop tne emu. enouin it
produoe tomiting, (and it probably will.) if
the stomach is very foul, take a little Pain
Killer, in cold water, sweetened with sugar,
after sash jpasm. Perseverence in the above
treat sient has ourtd many severs and oDsti
rale eases tf ibis disease.
PA IK K I LIS R Ctrti r
Throat . t (
V Favorite Medicine with all clashes, ,
l- . Is Dais Pain Hiller.
IF jsn hats Painter's Cholio,
Pes the Pain Eiller.
NO Medicine is as popular
- - - - As the Pain Killsr.
KEEP the . Pain Killer always at
hnd, '
F yeu bat a Cough or Cold,
use me rain auner.
rOOK and not get eaught wilaont a kottls
j of Pain Killer in the house.
I ET Vverybody use the Pain Killer for
JL, Bprains and Urulses. k , .,
EVERY sailor should sarry a bottle of Pain
Killer with him.
REMEMBER, the Pain Killer is for both
Internal and External.
The Pain Killer is sold by all tha Drug-
cists and Dealers in Fa nily Medisines.
J. W. HAKltia s w., uinoinnaii, uaio,
Agents for the Western States.
For sale by
0 W. gisson, Druggist, McArthur,
Dr. i. A. Monahan, Druggist, Hatndsn,
R, 8. iloox, Hamden. rr,. Av
Oet. 24, 1867-3m
Sheriff's Sale.
State, of Ohio, Vinton County:
Charles Brown, riaintirT,' ' ', In court oom-
1 aginli- : V Pleas. - -Snnfnr,!
tt Rnwen at. at. Defendants. I Order of Sale.
"pUR-UAN't to the command of an order of jale
in the anove cause 10 me airvcieu uom me
Court of common Pleas ot Vinton rounty, Ohio, aid
to me directed as Sheriff of s-u J eminty, 1 will otter
at public sale, at the door of the couit house, in the
town of McArthur, in the aforesaid county of Vinton,
on . . . '"' '
MONDAY, the 13th day of January,
at the honr pf t oclock P, M. of said day, the fol
lowing lands and tenements, to-witc ' . v ..' ,
The east half of the north-east quarter and the
south-we-t quarter of the north-east quarter and the
east half of the south east quarter aud the north
west quarter of the sonth-eaet quarter of section
number thirteen No. 13, township number eleven
INo. 11,1 Range number seventeen No. 17; Also, the
south-west quarter of section number M, in town
ship number to. Range number 14; Also, filty-four
acres in the north, west quarter pf section number
thirty-four 3,V townshlit number ' ten 10, Range
number sixteen M; tbesaid M acres being particu
larly described as follows! 'Resinning at-the N. VT.
corner of said s"ecttoa number 84; thence south to
toe south-weatcurnerof said N. Wl quarter of said
section nnmber 34; thence east to the east bank ol a
mall run; thence in a northeasterly direction in a
atrarightlnietoaBeechree on the bank ef Rao
coon Creek; i hi nee to the Middle of sail creek and
tnenoe down the middle of the creek to the east line
of said quarter seetiou; thence to the north bank of
said creek; thence up the north bank of eaidoreok
to the plaueof beginning. .- -
Taken as the property of Sanfbrd R. Bowen to sat
isfy aiudgmeut and deoree ot aforesaid oourt in fa
vor of Charted Prowm i ii ' I .' ' .'!
1 Appraised at eleven thousand three .hundred and
fifty dollars and must bring two thirds of that sum;
i Tsrms of sale Cash in liand. " 1 " '
! .1 'SherifT.Viatou'Coiuity.Obia.
i M. L. Clark, AMW for VY&. ,, r - .,
s RE still in town jpanufacturing and dealing In
A an kinds of " '
Cabinet Furnituro,
On MAIN STREETlopppsIts Dr. Wolf 'sOfiSee,
The Furnltnteis made out ol the best seasoned
material, and by the most experienced workuu:n,
BUREAB9- Every Style.
BEDSTEAD9-AH Kinds. r,.
TABLES Evsry Pattern. ;' 1
CHAIRS Fancy and Common.
always on hand or furnished on short notice.
Ofsllklnns, in Furniture, Chairs, c, attended to
on short notice.
K superior quality el Mattresses of all slsss al
ways kept on hand.
Woarealwuys in readiness to ATTEND
FUNKKALS'0 ,fown Country, at the
lowest rates. ...
A Fair Price for a Fair Article
is Our Mottol '
Purchasers are requested to call and examine our
Lsrge tSock of Furniture
before purchasing elsewhere, as we feel confident
that we can furnish better and cheaper articles than
any other1 establishment in this vicinity.
laMVvT ''.J-StJiTi
v -r fC.
I ....fiwiajfv.-
Strong, Simple and Practical.
TT is a SausFiiNi Machine; warranted no
I ia ininre clothine seared to rive six
strokes of tha plungers for one turn of the
handle, and 150 turns of which will wash
thoroughly the bulk of six to twelve shirts,
aecording to the also of Msohloe used.
Six Yean' experience proves the Nomfarfil
to be the only Washing Machine made which
fandi the hit of Imie and uu. it is unap
proachable for
' AGENTS WANTED.- Send for. ires De.
scrlptive Circulars to
184 M'eter Strest, New York City,
lures, uoT-sm
Sheriff' Sale;
State t Ohio, Tin ton Conn ty.
Lee Mn'Sn.Plainlifl, 1 In Court ef Common
ri,.mst rieita. Or dor of
Orrin h. (4ould et. al., Pefts J 8sl.
I!S l'l.'ilijUANCE of an order of sale in tha above
cause to me directed from the court of common
plensin and for the county of Vinton, and Slate of
Ohio, and bearing date of November 20th, A. P. 1SU7,
I will oiler for sale st public auction, atthodoorol
the Court House, in the Town of McArthur, in said
eountv, on -
M.ONDAY, the 30th day of Decern-,
ber, A. D. 1867,
the hour of 1 o'clock r. n of said day, the following
lands and tenements, to-wit:
"Situate in the eounty of Vinton and State ol Ohio,
heing a part of the South east Quarter of Section
Nineteen (10,) Township Ten (10,) Knnge Seventeen
(17, beginning at a stone in the south boundry line
of ssid Quarter Section! thence west with the ssid
line IB 10 chains to the ensi boundry of the Depot
Ground" of the Marietta 4 Cincinnati Kailroad Com
pany! thence North-easterly with the line of said Lie
pot Grounds 3 chains; thence East 2.78 chains lo
a stone; thence North 2.12 chains lo s atone; thence
East 10. Si chains to a stone; thence South 7.1)8 chains
to the place of bei(inning contaiing ten acrss more
The same to he sold subiect to the dower estate
f Ruby '. Martin and Margaret M- "uld.
Appraised at five hundred dollars and must bring
two-thirds of lhat sum.
Terms efsale cash in hand at the time ef sale,
., ;;,.,. JOHN J. Sli'iCKKY, v
Bherifl Vinton County,
W, S. Bandy, Att'y for Pfff.
KoTemberiS, 1SUT-6W-X3 ,
I HF0RMATI0N. Information guaranteed in pro
duce a luxuriant erowth of hair upon a bald head
or beardless tnce. also a recipe for the removal of
rimpies, rilotnes, truptions, etc., on tne sain, leav
ing the same soft, clear, and beautiful, can be obtain
ed without cha'rge by addtessing Taos F. Csirnix,
SSI Broadway, Kew York.
" Sheriff's Sale.' '.
1; 1 ''State of Ohio, Vinton County.
Ned, Esgsn 6lo;ombrIlaiDifli.,1 In court of com-
' against I mon Fleas.-
Samuel T. Dodfte aqd ,
Hubert E. Phillips, Defendants! J Order ef 8al.
PUH8UANT to the cominsnd 01'an order of Sale in
the above citte imued rrom the Court of Com
mon Pleas of Vinton county, Ohio, and lo me di
erted ns tlherlHof said county. I will offer for sale
at pulilio auction, at the door of the Conrt House in
the Town el MeArthur, in the county of Vinton, on
MONDAY, the 6th Day of January,
,,,,, ,,A,.J) 1868, . .:x ,
at the honrl o'oloek r. u. of said day, the following
iantisaaa lenemsms.-vo-wiK i ! .:.
Twenty feet off el the West Bids of In
Lot Number Sixty-Seven' (67,) in the Town
of McArthur. Cotintv ana State aforesaid.
Taken as the property of Samuel V- Dodge to
satixfy an orderand decree of said court in fevoroi
Keff, EKn A Klocomh. I I ' . ,
Appraised at one thoosaml" six hundred dollsrs
and mn wring iwo-inirm onimt "um. - .
i Terms ol balecash in hand at the time rifsale. '
I . , , JOHN J. 8HOCKEY,
Hherfi Vmton count), 0.'
! H. 0. Jones, Alfy for PI'ff. t. 'i ' i, ,' i -i I
i December , U6T-5W-10
the best Juvenile Magaiine. Every boy
and' girl thai sees it says so; all 'the press
say so : and Parents and Teachers confirm it.
Do not fail to secure a-copy. A' good Mi-
otos'oope, with a Glass-Cylinder1 to cor line
livtug objects, or a good two-bladodk t pearl
Pocket-Knife, and a large numbers of other
desirable articles, given as premiums lo taoh
subscriber. Yearly, $1.50., Ths November
Nun: bsroomnispoes anew Tojupo,,,., t) 1
i.pubUabsd by.. , . , ,'.
j-"!"! '"'""1178 Broadway, NowTrkiJ
Try ifci Soys and Girls. Epeeimsa lapissv
Ht.. ''Ill M
X aiiiiwart'aiuicu.aieiiuw maiiuiautunngthe .
uheapest, aim .not auranir auim ".""ri '"" ,r . .
well put on, mised with pure Linseed Oil, w .11 Jais
10 or 16 vearei it is of s l.ttht brown or benmilvl cboa
olate color, andani be .uhansed. to greto. KJt
stone, dnib.oliveor oream, to suit taste ofconeumer.
Ins valuable lor Houses, Bains, fencei, t'arnsga j
and Csr-maker.i, Pail and i Woolen-ware Agnsi.t'
lural Implements, Canal Boats, Vessels enurlnpe
Hottomn, Canvas, Metal and shingle Boots, (I bi g t
Fire and Water prool,) Floor il cloths, (ol. mnr.n
fauturer hayinn m-ed t.000 iibls. the past ar,)'sii
ss a natnt for any pu-pose is unsurpassed kr body.
uuiaoiniy, eias'ieuy, aim min-MiTnr!.. -j
perbbl,of3Hilbs., which will sillily s farmer for
years foeome. Warranted in all caces S" bi Ve"--Send
for acirculiirwhifhiiiveslilll particulars. 'cne ;
genuine unless branded iu a trade mark (iialtea.
Mineral Paint, i Add. ess
8ept.6,'0T-em .!,; S6i Pearl eireetKtw Tertr. ...
XJ Oanoer Cored, , : T
A Treai "e on Pefhees, t'aiarrli, Cnnscmphon s4
fli.npar iheL-est'ses, means of speedy relief, end
ulimiatccure. r ' . Ti V . i.7 .
cine, Pans. Bent to address for JO
J.etterhom liot.t. ueu."""j .'.,:,","Ji'
Prelate of Grand Eiiesn.pn.ei't ' U. fc.. and Editor or
the "National Fre nii s. ii:" ' 0hi.ii r.
Kkw Vona, Sepv. 17r lsOT.-Dr. Blilwel! wss in
cliaiue ot Grace Church llo-pital, AlfS'l'dns, .
dur nx the War. I frequently, simult daily, fr .
months, visited this Hospital, and had every uiesnf
ofknowiiixhisre(.ulati"n for srricis cT ai.d miu
Il was of themost credible i haracter, ai d bis success
In the trcutweul ol i alients " reiuaiktle,livM,
It fits Into the ear, is not perceptible) removes ilng.
ing noises in the head, and enables deal persons to
hear dislinmlvat chur hand publ .cassraiMies. This '
iiihti iiii.enl will olten produce results ulnio.t tnirncu
lous, and inoeer' in niobl cases ol H ng standing deaf.
ness,it will rflieve in a shnn time. It amy bead
justed with tie ease ol speetncles.
Ur. ttiiweilwill oeproiesioiany ni 04 f.sst wash .
ington Plai-e, Uni ernty Buildings, . V., JO to 4, "
except Tuesdays, when he will be at his roumi IMS ,,
PiLe Street, Ph laUelphia, Pa.
or TUK . '
E. B. Eshiiiias and Ciias. B, Flood, EJUotk '
Bichasb Nxvins, Pr ir.ir and JbtUhir. ,
' 1 .
This old Journal, wliica is devoted to an
an' earnest and rigorous advooaoy of Dem
ocratio Principles And Ihs Rights of tht '
People is now puhishid on the following J
TismsCas IN AiiTA.se 1
Daily ons Year - ' 9 09
Daily Six months ..' I 4 60 '
Tri-Weekly one year f 0
Tri-Weekly six iiioutls . 2 21
jWeekty one yaar - ' 2 00
Weekly six months ' 1 I'D
To the get'er up of a olub of Fits or
more for the ' Weekly Bistesman for one
I year, a corapensatiou of il3 cents a copy.
win t paid.
: Congress met on the 21H . of November, .
and the Ohio Legislature will meet on tha
1st. Monday in January. . The doings ot
both these bodies will be filtlifiilly laid be
fmethe readers of the Statema and every
effort made to make II deserving general
patronage. , . -
Bend lor Specimen Copfe.
a .1.... .. rrrii cm n
Culuuibus, Ohio.
Victor Cank Mill,
Star Vons Suellib,
Horse Fowl a Fosxa
Warner's Sulky Revolving Kak
Crawford's Garden Cultivator.
Amalgam Etlli, . .
And msnv other articles in the way of Implements,
T' ols nnd niHhinery.
; PU'-E SOKi;o AND IMI'BEE SEED, seluteet
vsneties. f-eml for circulars.
Marcn!i8,l07 IT
Twenty . Melodic Exercisi, u
i S0PaU(),VOICE8, . ,
Studiu to acquire the Art of Sininf.
Thexe exeielces were comped to be Ued if-
multkneously with his system, "Tli ' r of binging,"r
or with any other method for ths evltivntion of ilia -voice,
and will take place of Ciiscukk's 8oirsootn;
being moienieloilinus nnd better adapted fi.rieseh
ing. Some of these exercises are ept cially beautiful,
as well as useful, a mingling of dole at iit'lev whit'h;
secures the interest awetf as the impruvrnient ol
the student. The various styles developed in thece
exeroises renderlhem Invaluable in an educational
point of view, as they lend to enlarge the iulelli.
gence and the appreciation, and at tne same time
liirm the tncte oi the pupil. Tat must be i-tudied
carefully wilh reference to the Innumerable marks of
expression snd nrnnmentntion. Upon ti e minute
accuracy with i which , tliese are accomplished de ,
pendK Ihffaettialsurling advancement of the pupil;
any evasion or slurnnav in these respects 's t me and
effort u'teJy wasted, while, on the other hand, a
close and putient investigation, nnd open to tne stu.
dent the inesns and resources by which great srtUW ;
produce their m st brilliant asd profound efftots.
Watson's Ast Jwkoal.
In Tws Tolumet.
Price, each, in Boards, Hetail, ' . f 3 09
do do in Cloth, Kttail.: ,; 2P,
A Sample copy set by Mail, . post-paid, fit.
rtooipt of. Wholesale Prioe, $1 50.
PabliHhed bv W M.' HALL & SO
No 643 Broadway,1 New York., V- y
Publishers and Dealers in Music aud Manj
faotuiers of Flutes. Fifes, Flageolets, bt.
Send for catalogue of prioes.
Juns20,186T-ra 'i-i- '. '''T .,'.f'-v7ir
IOFFKR for sale a (sw pair of Thorongh Bro4 .
Chester Pigs, warran ed pure blood, cut akin,
mee, per pair, two months old u SIX SO
Price, per pair, three months old, .. . '00
Persons wsnt ng the best Weed of Hogs In the llnl- '
ted Htates, should adilresa their orders to me st
Oallinohsi Ohio, where they will meet with prompt
attention. - - - Cr S, J'ALMER.
IiqveraheM1.18aT3m i ... , j j-
It I N D S JL, E Y HO U3i i
7 Z.LE8KI,. OHIO r .r
J),DUNCAtf,:f. ........ro$rietor.
TBlul HOUSE, ha rihg been very -ranch1 improvso:
X'ind ruaii edia lar superior iq sise sudoom
urt'toany Hotel lo this part or. the- StateJ-Ui pro. ,
prielor being prepared ti accomiiiodale one and al '
hh good ajesping amrtmestt and fhruj sMh uble
with the bewt the 'market altords. Its location H'
eonVenieat tb businese and-Ss trie Railroad Depot, ;
which makss Its deeitftkls Stepping lM (vf M
tu.tu.glaikl. t yt j.;0J.rr,

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