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nocratic Enquirer
r'jai.lSllBD BVKax THCaSDAT MOSSlaQ,
j.w.owM,eDiTOiAneeoriiiTo. :
OFFICE In Dodge' Building, over Suetlana" i
iorr, corner Hum ana iocwi oireei, natt
of the Court Bom.
ih lamest circxdationof any pa-
in Vinton County. Adevrtisers and
others will please make a note of this.
mmm mm i sssissss
Almost one year has elapsed sinco
" vr conyncnced tho publication of the
' 'Democratic Enquirer, and, now, on cx-
smination of our books, wo find sev
eral hundred dollars due us on sub
scriptions. Tho expenses of a Print
ing Office are greater, in proportion
to the amount of capital invested,
' than almost any other business, and
the greenbacks, or "Lincoln scabs,
' are requirod in every instance. In
view of these facts we find it our duty
1 to respectfully request a general set
tling up by those who are in arrears
"We do not indulge in the plan of
thrusting a dun at our subscribers ev
ery few weeks, but after a year lias
almost expired, we think the money
' is certainly due us, and request pay
ment accordingly. See terms of sub-
. ecription on first page.
The present Volume of tho Demo-
i cratio Enquirer will expire on tho 16th
of January, 18U8. The date of the
next issue after that date will be Jan
uary 23, 1868, and the beginning of
Volume II, whioh will be enlarged
from its present size, (24 columns,) to
2ft r.nlnmna. The tmner will contain
each week not less than fifteen times
the amount of reading matter it now
contains, the market reports, general
news from all parts of the world, &c,
1.A ayA will Via n nnnfll thaf Ti-ill
VV MUX 11 AAA W M uttMV vAtV IT . . J.
, please every body. Thero will be
plonty of reading and good reading,
too. With tho paper enlarged we
. will be enabled to make it more accept
able to our readers; and we shall of
' course trust to the whole-heartedness
.' and good judgment of the Democracy
of Vinton county to sustain us and by
' their aid we hope to mako the Enquirer
, : what we vory mucn aosire to nave it:
a paper a credit to the county and the
party whose weal it so heartily
espouses. Democrats, will you assist
us ? Will you pay your subscriptions
in advance? We intend to publish for
you a paper that will please-you in
every respect, then you will not grum
f ble not say the paper does not suit
you. Tho official voto shows that
there are over sixteen hundred Dem
ocrats in the county and at least two-
thirds of that number should become
subscribers to the Enquirer. ' w Will you
go to work? Now is the time I
As wo are on . the eve of another
Presidential campaign, one which is
.likely, to be the most important that
has ever transpired in the country,
we hope our friends throughout the
county will mako an effort to extend
the circulation of our paper, thereby
' disseminating the doctrines they hold
o vital to our prosperity as a Ecpub
lic, and that we may be enabled to
retain and increase the late glorious
political triumph. Wo claim your
assistance in this work as a duty you
owe to the principles you entertain, to
your fathers who established this Gov
ernment, and to your posterity whom
you expect to enjoy its benefits.
J. C. Stevenson, an Attorney at
Law, at Jackson, Ohio, and whose law
oaru nuucaia iu tins uuuci . una uccu
appointed as one of the School Exam
iners of Jackson county. !
' Bichtart or Stati. We nolle the nam
of John 0. Doran, Esq. of Cincinnati, men
tioned aa a candidate at the ensuing 8th of
January Convention for the offioe of Soore
tary of State.
. Mr. Doran, who is now connected with
the editorial department of the Cinoinnati
Emjuirn, has been la the editorial harness
of the Democratic press of Ohio for some fif
teen years last past, We.reoogniie him as
former .editor of the Drown County Demo
tra and if we mistake not, he was oonneoted
for a time with the Dayton Empvti
' Mr. Doran is posseted of those qualities
whioh render his seleotion for that offloe
particularly appropriate. He ia not without
years of experience In the Departments at
Washington which would render the clerical
dlrehargt of his dnllss essy and familiar
He if a lawyer of . good attainment It
possessed of a kind heart and pleasing
address. Ia honoring him the eonvention
liAftA ihamaalvfta an4 wa trnat that
he may meet with a favorable consideration
at tbslr hands. .
Wfi do not have time to attend
the business of other people.
PtofessoeJAoassii on thi Niorp. j
Professor Agassiz appears not to1
have as high an opinion of the negro
race as is. general in Boston, llow he
can live at the "hub" with such scien
tific opinions is a matter of surprise.
In a recent scientific lecture be said :
"I have pointed out over a hundred
specific differences- between tho bonal
and nervous systems of tbp white man
and negro. Indeed, their frames are
alike iu no particular. There Js not a
bone in the negro's body which is rela
tively the same shape, eiiio, articula
tion, or chemically of the saiuo com
position, as that ot tho white man.
The negro's bones contain a far great
er per centage of calcareous salt than
those of the white man; even the ne
gro's blood is chemically a very differ
ent fluid from that which courses in
the veins ... of the white man. The
whole physical organism of the negro
differs quite as much from the white
man's as it does from that of the
chimpanzee; that is, in his bones,
muscles, nerves, and fibers, the china
panzee has not much furthor to pro
gress to bocomo a negro than a nogro
has to become a white man. This
fact science inexorably demonstrates.
Climate has no
more to do with the difference be
twoen the white man and negre, than
it has between the horse and the ass,
or the eagle and the owl. Each is a
distinct and a separate creation. The
negro and white man were created 'as
different as the owl and the eagle.-
They were designed to fill different
places in the system ot nature. The
negro is no moro a negro by accident
or misfortune than the owl is the kind
of bird he is by accident or misfor
tune. The negro is no more the white
man's brother than the owl is the sis
ter of the eagle, or the ass is the
brother of the horse. How stupend
ous and yet how simple is the doc
trine that the Almighty Maker ot the
universe has created inherent species
of the lower animals, to fill the differ
ent places and offices in the grand
scenery 01 nature f
Pursuant to previous notice the
Democracy of Vinton County met in
Convention at the Court House, on
Saturday, December 28, 1867, at one
o'clock, P. JI., and organized by call
ing Orville Gunning to the Chair, and
appointing J. W. Bowen Secretary.
The Chairman stated that the ob
jeet of the meeting was to select four
delegates to represent Vinton county
m the Democratic Stato Convention
which will assemble in Columbus, on
the 8th of January next.
On motion, Dr. II. C. Moore, 0. T
Gunning, Hon. Arch. Mayo, and
Henry Reynolds were chosen as dole
gates; and,
. On motion, the (Jhairman was
authorized to appoint four Alternate
Delegates to supply the places of such
of the above as should fail to attend
The following wore appointed: S. C.
Case, J. J. Bhockey, Dan. S. Dana, and
J. W. Bowen.
On motion of Dan. S. Dana, the fol
lowing Resolution was unanimously
adopted: '
Whereas, Through the auspices of
the journal claiming to be the central
Democratic organ of the State of
Ohio, expression is sought through
the Democratic papers in the several
counties in the State in rolation to the
choice to bo made by the next' Legis
lature of a TJ. S.' Senator, in place of
Benj. F. Wade ; and, deprecating as
we do any attempt to bias and mis
lead our Legislators in expressing the
will of the people, yet since - an ex
pression is being sought, now, we, the
Demooracy of Vinton county, in Con
vention assembled do
Resolve, That, while we refrain from
expressions of condemnation of any,
we do hereby instruct our Represent
ative in the' State Legislature to use
his influence and cast his vote for. the
Hon. Clement L. Vallandigham, as
the first choice of the Democracy of
thia county for Baid office. ' .
On motion, the Convention adjourn
ed sine die. ' "
J. W. BOWEN, Sec'y.
What it is to Be a Democrat. To
be a Democrat ia to be a lover of good
government. A supporter of. none
but erooa Jaws, ana as iew oi inese as
possible. A defender of the rights of
minority. A respector of the rights
of others. A warrior for tho weak
and a defender of the defenseless. An
advocate for the greatest good to the
largest number, without injury to the
few. " ' '
. He believes In the right of the peo
ple to eat, drink, and wear whatsoever
they wish. He hates military govern
ment; wars upon .civil or military des
potism, and despises anarchy-breeders.
Democrats stand by the inherent
rights of all men and communities,
and recognizing the distinction exist
ing between the races. Such as Qod
made them, so he would have them can-,
tinuel This is Demooracy. '
Barrett's Vegetable nair; Restora
tive at Strongs.
Th Best Paper Published. The!
V.L TV... v.i. . . o-:P-
ward, Radical De"raocratio paper, with
a larger circulation than any other
Democratic journal ever published on
this Continent, and it enters on the
threshold of . 1868 more prosperous
and moro hopeful of the great cause
it upholds than ever before. Stand
ing on the foundation of the Declara
tion of Independence, that "all (white)
men are created equal," and therefore
entitled to equal rights, it is opposed
to all forms and degrees ot special
legislation that conflict with this grand
central truth, of Democracy, and over
all, and above all, does It combat that
monstrous treason to American liber
ty, which, thrusting the "negro ele
ment into our political system, must bf
necessity wreck the whole mighty fab
ric left us by our fathers.
The Day-Book demands the rcstora
tion ot the "Union as it was a
Union of co-equal States upon the
white basis, as the only hope, and the
only means possible under heaven for
saving the grand ideas of 1776, and
the fundamental principles of Ameri
can liberty, and if the real friends of
freedom, and the earnest believers in
that sacred and glorious cause in
which the men of the revolution of
fered up their lives, will now labor to
expose the ignorance, delusion, and
treason, of the Mongrel party, it will
succeed, and the white Republio of
Washington be restored again in all
its original beneficence and grandeur,
The Day-Rook will, however, here
after be more than ever devoted to all
the varied purposes of a news paper.
Conscious that it reaches thousands of
families who take no other journal,
beyond perhaps their local paper, it
will continue and improve its "News
of the Week" Summary, so as to pre
sent a transcript of the World's events
in each issue. Its "Famjly Depart
ment" will embrace the best original
and selected stories. Its " Agricultural
Department" will be fully sustained,
and being the only paper of its class
made up expressly for country circu
lation, it is confident that it is worth
double the price of a weekly hurriedly
reprinted from a daily. It gives full
and complete Reports of the New
York and Albany Cattle 'Jtfarkets;
Grain, Provision, and Cotton Markets,
and a Weekly Review of Financial
Matters, together with the Markets.
The terms are as follows:
One copy one year, $2 00
Three copies one year...... 5 50
Five copies one year, and one to
the getter up ot the club..;... 10 00
Ten copies one year, and one to
tho getter up of the club...;.. 17 50
Additional copies 175
Twenty copies one year, and one
to tho getter up of the club.... .30 00
Specimen copies sent free.
No. 162 Nassau street, New York.
The 8th or Januabt Com rumen ab
0. 8. Sinatok. At last, our primary eon
vex lions, held in pursuance of the call of
the State Central Committee, are over. The
Slateman has had its lay. We trust the
people have now bad theirs.
The peeiiiow of the Democracy of this
county is so well understood here, that it
seems almost superfluous to advert to it.
Since the denunciation pronounced by the
besotted Wade in the U. 8. Senate, the
Demooraoy in selecting his successor seem
to have with one accord united uoon
Vallandigham. This fact, no one who has
observed the signs of the timos and the
expressions of the people, oan doubt. So
perfeot was the acquiescence that no one,
until quitentently, dared to breathe the
name of any other. : We are nnwiUing to
believe that either Judge Thurman or his
real friends desire to be plaoed ia a position
of apparent antagonism to the mass of the
Democraoy. On . the contrary, we believe
that the apparent oompetitors for Senatorial
honors are upon the most friendly and inti
mate relations. We. belief e, too, that the
name of Judgei Thurman is .used not by his
real frieids-t-not at his instanoe but by
disorganisers, Democrats of doubtful posi
tion by 'his enemies men who would
destroy the harmony of the Democratic
party, for the sake of blasting the hopes of
the friends of Vallandigbam. , ,
We have been asked in former campaigns,
by the pretended friends of VaL, to wait.
We were told that "his time would soon
come.". . How we UiinK we nave waited long
enough, and that his time has come. The
mass of , the Democracy believe that it it
time now far the friends of Vallandigham
to wake npl Arouse, sleepers I The strug
gle of the campaign' of '63 is lo be, fonght
over again. The enemy' are ia oar own
camp. Let not those who once marched un
der the banner of. VaL forsake his cause
now. Bis cause is our own. The day of
his defeat will wi tneas the bursting of the
storm ; the disorganisation of 'the Democratic
party, and the overthrow of the hope, whiob
they for years past so, fondly indulged, of
restoring the Government "as it was," ia
the palmy days of the Democracy.
Wc arc unwilling to east a single reflection
upon Judge Thurnaa. He is ft Democrat
gwtlenienj yet we believe thou who a?el
Ll. .I.Imi (haw nttaUVAfi AO I
pressing Oil Oiaim- u.ii, ..v- v. ;
wilfully in error. v i
It should be a source of pride with the
friends of Vallandigham, that no question
of eontrotersy was mooted by them no
breach sought. They were willing to leare
the decision of the question to the Legisla
ture, where it properly belonged, and It was
only by a prostitution of the Democratic
press by his opposere whiob gate birth to
the division. We trust Juge Thurman, for
his own and the welfare of the party, will
Tl will be noticed in the Droceedings of
our ConTention, published to-day, that our
Representative wae ioatruoted to Tote for
Vallandigbam. The Demooracy endeavored
to avoid the issue; but when they were corn-
celled to choose, there was but one voice all
Not a Mistake!
It is not a mistake that J.
K. "Will is selling the
verv finest Goods during the
Holiday season at 25 per cent
lfissthan anv other House. It
is just the place to go for the
loviest presents and the best of
bargains, i
Another Time schedule took
effect' on Monday last. The
Mail Train passes bound "West
about 2 :30 ; and the Mail Train
bound East passes about 12:30,
Flour is selling in Cincinnati
at from. $8.50 to $10.50. Wheat
at $2.40. Oata at 65 cents.
Corn at 8189.
The Logan Sentinel says a
terrible disease is now raging
in that county among hogs.-
Some farmers have had as high
as fifteen and twenty die in one
day. . ' :
Knives and Forks of the very
best quality for sale low at Gill
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- TniRB Is probably no part of the natural
adornments of the human person, the loss or
deterioration of which, will produoe a greater
change from beauty to positive ugliness than
tha lmir. Few bald ceoDle like to have
their misfortune and its artificial remedy
the hateful wig, notioed yet how few there
are' who take the proper means to prevent
baldness, crev hairs and diseases of the
scalp Barrett's Vegetable Hair Restorative
is a panacea for all snob misfortunes:
[Reported by J. K. WILL, Dealer in Dry Goods, &c.]
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Coffee 25 to 30
Corn 70
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Chickens jl6to20
Fish White 8 to 10
' Mackerel.. .....10tol2J
Flour, per.bbl , 13 00
Eggs 20
Molasses, Sorgo..., .50 to 60
Lard 10
Oats.. -35 to 40
Sugar......... -.12 to 18
Salt.Wbbl... :.. 310
1 r ,
State of Ohio, Vinton County.
Samuel Bone. Plaintiff,
1 In court common
agniript t P
Jo.i.h Bone et. al.. Defendants. J Orde
I pleM.
s.J Order of Sale.
TN pursuance of the corrtmand ot an order of
JL Bale in aoove causa irnni iiiv wuun vi uuni-
moo nlean ( raid county of Vinton, and Slate of
Ohio, and bearing date f December 2s, A. I).
l aT and in ma directed s Sheriff of aaio county.
I will offer for aale at public auction, at the door
Of the 'Joint Bouse, in me iowoui wunrviiiu, in
said county and atate, oo ,
Monday, the 3d day ot February, A.
: - D.I868,
at the hour of a o'clock r. M. of said day, the fol
lowing dacribed realeatate, situate ia theaounty
of Vinton, and State of Ohio, to-wit:
The outh-Rt quarter of xeetion ten (10.) la
township ten (10,) of range eivhteen (18,) contain
ing one. nunarea ana sixiy aorro mro ui ibb.
Appraised at one thousand eight hundred dot.
law, and must bring two-third, of that sum.
" To be seld upon an order in partition made In
eald court, in a ense wherein Samuel Bona is
plaintifl, Josiah Bone and others are defendants.
!;.-.!:, m . I TERMS OF SALS.
' One-third cash in hand at the time of sale; one
third in one year, and one-third In two years
from the day of sale deferred payments to bear
interest and to be secured by mortgage Upon the
premiaea sold.
' ' . ' . Shenfl Vinton county, 0.
Brattoo k Mayo, Att'ys. . .
January!, 1868-6w-13 : '. - :
. . Sheriff's Sale.
SlaUof Ohio, Vinton County.
Nett Eamn Blocomb, Plaintiff,! Inoonrt of com
against 1 won Pleas.
Samuel T. Dodge and f . '
B obert E. Phillips, jjerenaame. ; uraur m oaio.
PURSUANT to the command ofan order of sale in
tha above cause icmed from tbc Court ol Com
mon Pleaa of Tinton county, Ohio, and lo me di
,,t.A awin of said oounty. 1 will or for sale
at publio auction, at the door of the Court House, in
the Town ol MoArthur, in the county of Vinton, on
MONDAY, the 6th Day of January,
A. v mw,
at the hourl o'oloclc . . of said day, the following
lands ead tenements, io-wik ,
Twenty Feet off ef the West Side of In
Lot Number Sixty-Seven (87,) In the Town
of MeArthoir, County and State aforesaid.
Taken as the property of Samuel V. Dodge to
satisfy an order and deoree of said court ra favor ol
(Jeff, Eagan k Slooomb.
Appraised at oo thousand six hundred dollars
and muat bring wo-thirde ottbaiaam. "
Tarma of Bole cosh in hand at the time of sale.
' j JOHN J. 8H0CKEY,
Sherd Vintoe oounty, O.
n. C. Jonee, Att'y forPl'ff.
December 6, l7-6w-je
aGz "few5 IsZ? . i
Gray-Headed People have their
. ... . i i -
locks restored by tt to tne aa.ru, ivnrout,
tilktn iresset of youth, and are happy 1
Youno: PeoDle. with liaht, faded or red" Hair,
have those unfashionable colors changed to
a beautiful auburn, and rejoice J
People whoso heads are covered with
Dandruff and Jlumort, use it, nnd have
clean coats ana clear ana nciuiny scnip
Dald-ITeaded "Veterans hove
their remaining locks tightened, and the
hare spots covered with a luxuriant growth
of Hair, ana ounce tor joy i
Vnimir fientlpmpn UsO it bcCaUSO it is
richly perfUmed I . '
Young Ladies use It because it keep
their Hair in place I
TVionTuiir nnit anil VnU USB It. beCaUSO
It is the cleanest ond best article in the
market I
Tor Sale by Druggists generally.
And by J. 8. Strong, and Q. W.Sisson, McArttuir.
Sheriff's Sale.
State of Ohio, Vinton County.
James Crawfoid, Plaintiff, ) In Court Com
aminst BWll Plea.
William Crawford ee. al, tXTta.) Order 4 Deoree.
TiURSUANT to the command ofan order of sale
X iasued from the court of common pleas of
.1. . ...... -.1. ' J I
Vinton county, ana etnie ni unio, anu iu me ai
ret' ted aa ttherifl of said county, I will offrr for
Snle at public auction, at the Iloor of the Court
House, in tne .own or MCAnnur, in tne aturesaiu
county of Vinton, on
Monday, the 3d day of February, A
at the hour of 1 o'clock P. M. of said dav, the
following lands and tenements, situate in Vinton
county, Ohio, to-wit:
The West half of!the Norlh-East Quarter and
the East half of the Sorth- West Quarter of Section
number Thirty-lour (no. a, in township num
ber Ten (No. lo,) of Range Number Nineteen (No,
19.) containing One Hundred and Sixty acres more
or less.
Taken as the property of William Crawford to
eatisfy an order and decree of aforesaid court in
favor ol James Crawford.
Appraised at Two Hundred Dollara and must
linna two-tniras ot mat sum.
Terms of Sale cash in hand.
Shenfl Vinton county, O.
W. K. Hastings, Att'y for H'ff.
January t, 18U8-6W-12
Sheriff's Sale.
Stat of Ohio, iieigt County.
iiein .co., j'laintitfK, In court common
againat pleas. On execution
Tnlin Phillip Bauer, Pert. J liom Meiga county.
X tion iat ued fi om the court af common pleas
ot'Meigs county, and htate of Ohio, and to me di
rected as Sheriff of Vinton county, I will ofler for
UUiteUaflf the command of an. fa. execu.
saio at public auction, at the Door of the Court
Houtie, in the Town of Mc Arthur, in the aforesaid
county oi Vinton, on.
Monday, the Zd day of February, A
at the hour of 1 o'clock r. m of said day, the follow
ing lands and tenements, situate in Vinton county
Ohio, to-wit:
The South-west Ounrter of the Soul h-wost Ouar
, ter of Section Thirty -five (34,j in Township Ten
(10,) of Hnnge Nineteen (19.) In the District ol
Lands subject to sole at Chillicothe, Ohio, con
tuning fort) acres, as the property of John Phillip
Taken f s the property of John Phillip Saner to
sanity an execution oi tne aioresaiacour;n lavor
oi nein a uo.
Appraised at Fifty Dollars and must bring two
thirds of that num.
Terms of Bale cash in hand.
Slierid Vinton county.
Groavener Howell, Att'ysfor Pl'ff.
January 2, 16S ow-12
Sheriff's Sale.
State of Ohio, Tinton County.
Christopher Winkleman, Plaintiff, 1 In conrtaom
against I mon pleas.
William A Pearce and f Oreder and
Samuel V. Dodge,. Defendant. I Decree
PURSUANT to the command of an order and
decree issued from the court of common
pleas ol Vimon county, and State of Ohio, and to
me directed as Hherifl of said county, I will offer for
sale al Public Auction, at the door ef the Court
House, in the Town of MoArthur, in the county
aforesaid, on
Monday, the Zd day of February, A,
D. 1868,
at the hour of 2 o'clock r. n. ot said day, the
lonowing lands and tenements one equal undivi
ded half of the following desonbed premises to
wn: Commencing at the South-vest corner
of that part of Out-Lot Number Twenty
fire (25,) in the Town of Wilkesrille, in
said oounty of Vinton, owned on the 1 4( h
day of May, A. D. 1859, by William C.
Cline, and running South-east parallel
wttb the Street in said Town Fifteen (15
Rods; and thence South-east Eleren (11
nous on a straight angle with sat
Street; thenoe Fifteen (15) Bods South
west on a parallel with said Sesond
Street; thence North-west to the place
of beginning containing one acrr more
or less together with the Flouring and
Saw Mills and all other appurtenances
, on said land.
Taken as the property ot William A. Pearee to
satisly a judgment and decree of tha aforesaid
court in favor of Christopher Winkleman.
Appraised at one thousand one hnndred and
fifteen dollars and must bring two-thirds of that
Terms of sale cash in hand at the time of sale.
! ' ' . i SherilTVintonceuntT.
. D.S. Dana, Att'y for Pl'B.
:. January UiiS-Sw-lt .
State of Ohio, Vinton County.
John C. P Brown, Plaintifl, ) In court common
against I pleaa.
, William H. Baird and J
Edwai d B. Clark, Defendants. J Vend! Execution.
PURSUANTto the command ofavendl execution
issued from the court of common paa of
Vinton county, and State of Ohio, and lo me di
lecte.l as Sheriff of Vinton county, I rill offer
for sale at publio auction, at the door of the Court
House,' in the Town of MoArthur, in the oounty
aforesaid, on ,
Monday, the 3d day of February, A.
' at the hour of 1 o'clock p. . of said day, the fol.
lowing described lands and tenements, situate in
' the Town of MoArthur, iu the oounty of Vintnn,
tiEig.iteen Feet wide off the West side or in-Lot
Number One Hundred and Eighty (No. ISO.)
Taken a the property of Edward B. Clark to
satisfy an execution in favor of John O. P. Brown.
Appraised at One Hnndred and Seventy-five
Dollars and muat bring two-thirds of that earn.
Sheriff Vlnten oounty,
' ft. 8. Dn, Att'y fcr Assignee of Pl'ff.
January 1, lS-w-l J , ' ' - "
and mate oi unie, to-wit:
Is Chartered by the State of Pennsylvania,
and Organized in aid ef the
lliversida Institute
For Educating Qratuilouily Soldiers' and Sail'
ors Vryhans,
Incorporated by the State of N. J,
April 8, 1807.
The Washington Library Company
By Virtue of their charter, and In accordance with;
us provisions, win uisirioute
Three Hundred Thousand Dollar
To the Shareholder.
Oo Wednesday, 8th of Jsnuarj at,
At Philadelphia, Pa,
Or at the Institute, Riverside, N. J.
1 Present worth
1 Present worth
10 Ota
6, too
1 Present worth
1 Present worth
2 Presentsrworth $2,600 each
1 Present valued at
2 Presents valued at $11,000 each
1 Present valued at
4 Presents valued at $5,000 each
2 Presents valued at $3,000 each
8 Presents valued at 1,000 each
20 Presents va ued at 500 each
10 Presents valued at 800 each
3 Presents valued at 230 each
2 Presents valued at 225 each
55 Presents valued at 200 each
60 Presents valued at $75 each
110 Presents valued at $100 each
20 Presents valued at $76 each
It Presents valued at $50 each
The remaining Presents consists of ar
ticles or use and value, appertaining
to the diffusion of Literature and the
fine arts $82,0
Each certificate of stock is accompanied with a
Worth Mors at Retail than tht Csst (
And also insures to the holder a
Present in the Great Distribution.
Subscription One Dollar.
Any person settling us One Dollar, or pay
ing the same to our looal Agents, will reoeivt
immediately a fine Steel Plate Engraving, at
ohoioe from the following list, and One Cer
tificate of Stock, insuring One Present In
our published schedule.
One Dollar Engravings '
No 1 "My. Child JUy Child!" Ne 1
"They're Savedl" No 3 "Old Ssventy-slx ;
or, the Early Days of the Revolution."
Any person paying Two Dollars will re
ceive eithor of the Steol Plates, at choice, an
Two Certificates of Stock', thus becoming en
titled Two Presents.
JW Dollar Engravings.
No. I "Washington's Courtuhip." No. J"VTsa-
iugtou's Last Interview with his Mother." ,.,
Three Dollar Engravings.
Any person paying Three Dollnra will receive lke
beautiful steel Vlate of "Home From the War," and
Three ceitiDcntes of atock, becoming entitled t
Three Presents.
Four DoWar Engravings.
Any person paying Fonr Dollars ehnll receive Mi
large and heauhlul steel Plate of "The Perils ot Our
Forefathers," and Fonr certificates ot atock, enti
tling them to Four Presents.
Five Dollar Engravings.
Any person who pays Five Dollara shall receive
the large and splendid steel Plate of "The Marriage
of Pocahontas," and Five certificates of stock, nu
lling them to Five Preset. If .
The engravings and certificates will be delivered
to each subscriber at our Local Agoncies, oi sent
by mail, post paid, or express, as may be ordered.
Uovj to Obtain Shares and Engravings.
Send orders to us bv mail, enelosmi? from nr
twenty dollars, either by Poet Office orders or ins
registered letter, at our rik. Larger amount!
should be sent by draft or express.
iu snares witn engravings $ 9 5t
25 shares with engravings 23 50
50 shares with engravings 4S 50
75 shares with engravings C9 09
100 shares with engravings 90 00
Local Agents wsnted throughout the Uni
ted States.
Situate at Riverside, Burlington oounty. Mew
Jersey, is founded for the purpose of gratu
itously educating the sons of deoeased Sold
iers and Seamen of the United States.
The Board of Trustees consists of the following
well-known citixens of Pennsylvania and Kew Jersey: -
Hon. wiitinm iuann,
District Attsrney, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hon- Lewis R. Brooraall,
JSx-Uhief (Joiner u. a. Mint, and Rscordsr
of Deeds, Philadelphia. Pa.
Hon. James tf. Boovel, New Jersey.
Hon. W. W. Ware, New Jersey.
Henry Gorman, Esq.,
Agent Adams' Jbipress, Philadelphia. Pa.
J. E. Coe, Esq.,
Of Joy, Coe & Co., Philadelphia.
Tkasvm DmxTMFKT, Washington. D. ft. Anrft
18, 1867. Office of Internal Revenue: Having receiv
ed satisfactory evidence that the proceeds of the en
lorprise conducted by the Washington Library Com
pany will be devoted to charitable uses, permission
ia hereby granted to said company to conduct suuh
enterprise exempt from all charge, whether from
special tax or other duty, E. A. ROLLINS,
- ,
The Association have appointed as Recei
vers, Messrs. UfcUKUB A. & CO.,
whose well know integrity and businest ex
perience will be a sffioient guarantee thai
the money entrusted to them will be prompt
ly applied to the purpose stated.
PHii.APsi.rHia, Pa.. Afar 1 1SS7:
To the Officers and Members of the Washington LI-
orarv vompauj, i. o. ACiAL,oeoreryt
Gentlement: On reoeipt .of your favor of '
the 15th inet., notifying uslof our appoint
ment as Receivers for your Coapany, ws
took the liberty to submit ia copy of jour
Cearter, with a plan of your enterprise to
eminent legal authority, and having receiv- '
ed bia favorable opinion in regard to ila le
gality, and sympathizing with the benevo
lent object oi your Association, vis : the edu
cation and maintenance of the orphan chil
dren or onr soldiers and sailors of the Riv
erside Institu'e, we have oonoluded to ac
cept the trust, and to use oar best efforts to.
promote so werthy an object.
aeepeeuutiy, i ours, fie.,
GEO. A. COOKE 4 CO. -Address
all letters and orders to
GEO. A. COOKE & CO Bankers, -88
Bouth Third Street,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Receivers for the Washington Librsry Co, '
4. lT-m

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