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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, January 02, 1868, Image 4

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: O.J". X3illlxasl3."U.rst
I8K0W making better pictures than ever. II'
kef ps posted in nil tlie latest impovementsin
and uies none but the Tory bast of materials. Ho
-n Photograph auv kni'l ot pictures, eniargo uuu
u ony uuj tutu, win..
Oil, India Ink, or Water Colors.
f D"e makes
Porcelain Fictures, Ferrotypes, Ambro
types, Photographs, Cents,
and all other kindi that are made in the largest cit
.ies; asl keeps constantly on haud an assortment of
Picture Cord,
. , ..... : All kinds of 1
Not. 14, 1867-tf
1 -
The Hot is Hie Cheapest.
Harvest is Over 1
The Tield is Great!
' Prosperity Abounds I
'. ; Winter is Coming
TUB RURAL is the Leading and Largest Circu-
luting Newspaper of its class on the Continent
. i ' . r rt...n.n .ml
-beauty of appearance. It enibrnces more Agnoultu
ral, Horticultural, Scientific, Educstional, Literary
and News Matter, interspersed with Engravings
than any other journal for It comprises departments
devoted to or including Agriculture, Horticulture,
Sheep Husbandry, Grazing, Dairying, Rural Archi
tecture, Domestic Economy, Choice Literature, Sci
ence and Art, Education, Youth's Reading, General
News, Commerce, Morkcts, with Illustrations, Tales,
Essays, Music, Poetry, Rebusses, Edigmos, Ao.
The Rural New Yorker is a .National Journal cir
culating largely in the East and West, North and
South. It employs the best talent in all depart
ments. Its corps ot editors, contributors, Ac, com-
prises many of the best farmers, planters, wool
annerlnr in value una vaneiv ui uu-iii mm
growers,- grasiers, "'c""T' ,' i'f
tliors, scnoiars, sc., ot uuio mm """'"J; "
the Rural is ably edited, profusely illustrated, neatly
printed-pract.cal, scient.'rtc, useful-moral, instruc
t.ve and entertaining. Wherever located, in coun-
try, village, or city, You Want the Rurall ,
th wonts ofnll. Note that it is not a monthly, but
a Large and Beautiful Weeklyl
Each No. contains Eight Double Quarter Pages,
printed in extn style Clear Type, Good Paper, and
more and better Illustrations than any other Journal
..( iio ,,iAsa. A Title I'nee. Index. Ac, at close ol vol.
, Tibms Only 13 a year; to clubs of ten, $2.60 per
iv Vnl. XIX twins Jan 4. lRtiH Now is the
time to subscribe and club. Great Oflers to club
auents. Bnecimens. Show-bills, Prdmium Lists, Ac.
sent free; or the 13 numbers ol this Quarto, (Oct. to
. Jun.lou trial, for Uuly Fifty Cental Addiess .
' D. D. T. MOORE, ,
Rochester, N. Y.
Awarded a Gold Medal
October 19, 1865.
', In direet cempetition with all tha leading
' makers in the country.
: '" : Pelontet, Peltou & Co,, Mannfaotmen, '
RESPECTFULLY invite the attention of purchas
ers, the trade, and the profession totlielollow-
lug Instruments ol tneir manuiaciure:
" Pedal Base Organs,
, ... Five siges, Fivo Octavo, one to three banks of keys,
Bank, RoewooeUnd Walnut Cases.
... .iSTPriceB f250 to ?G00.
School Organs,
- -Twelve styles, one to four sets of stands, single
and double Bank, rosewood and walnut cases.
ggyPrioes $130 to f400.J
" Piano Btyle and portable. Twelve varieti el, from
four i. six octaves. Siugle and Double Reed, Roae
wood aud Black Walnut cses,
jgfPrioes ?G5. to $2S0.J : t
Every Instrument is made by competent work
men, from the best material, under our -persoal S11.
pervisi.n, and every modern improvement worthy
ofthe name is introduced'in them. Among these we
would call attention to the 'i'REMOLANTE, which
has been so much admired, and can be fonnd only in
instruments of our own manufacture.
From among the very flattering Testimonials of
f minent protessors and orgam a, we give tne io
lowintr extracts:
t The pedals I conceive to be unapproachable in their
Deauillul Hinuoin mutiny. Yf m. n.
It is a grand instrument, end does credit' to the
builder. H. c. i olkkb, Troy, iv. i.
Their are amoT.ii the finest instruments 1m ami lac
. tured either in this country or abroad. W. Biao, J
Moskntmal, Aptomas.
They have given universal latislaction. W. B
IT.wLiT. Fondu Lac. Wis.
There is a peculiarly sweet and sympathetic tons,
harmsniiescharminziy with the voice. W.H Coosa.
I atn particularly pleased with tha arrangement of
the tutierent registers. w.ri nrauoury.
1 No other instrument as nearly approaches the or
gan.Tre Chorister.
rrh,a inatrumMTit han A eienr sunerinritv over ftnv-
thing yet introduced among us.--Indcpendem, N.Y.
t he toues ana tne action aro exceuenw tnev. e.
Leaviit. Hudson, N. Y.
The moie we use it the better we like it. J. B.
Himue. Hudson, V, Y, .'
1 be two Bank Organ Harmonium is really agem.
u. W. liennietu, Boston, mass.
--Ve barvelouml them exbellent in all points costito
jtinu a iiood inhtrumcnt.- J, C, Cook, T.J. Cook.
it looks and sounds splendidly: f S. B, -axton,Troy.
"The most pertect lonea Meioaoon lever saw,
Cnv F. Korth.- r .
""Tliey fall back on such substantial merits as sn-
peTTortty oi worKnteiiBinii, ueauty 01 lone ana rea
wonablooess oi prke, .Hiid we .must say Hint in all
Their respects luevare wen wormy of praise,"- Ma
jical Pioneer, August 'U5.
Every instrnment is fully warranted, and
Boxed and Shipped in Mew York City with
out charge.
Circulars, Cuts and Price Lists, etc, sent
n application to
' . . 841 Broadway,' New Fork,
Or to sop of our Agents in the cities ofthe
Union. ' , ; . . ' , a-iy
-mt U -.r I II I I ' - ' '- ' ' '
"' : r ; tbossbs.
Comfort and cure for the
.: - . Ruptured, jt,,,.,
trrtr'. ii'i t-Sent post paid on receipt
, . , ef 10 cents. Address
. Dr, E. B FO0TE, .
a i r,
' ' 110,. Lexington Avenue,
Mi:u' c : Comer East 28th St New
t'Uit N1TUJI E!
rTAVIN0Tureh8ecl and eempletely renovated
IX me ';... '
formerly oecopied by E. r.Hothwell.) would ' re-
suitable for this market, at -
otten up In a style of workmanshipnot to bs excel
led by any shop in this section. i..,i
All kinds of work in his line will be neatlyand
promptly done on very low terms.
Olall kinds done loorder on shortnotice.
Afull supply of
O O IN S : .
keptconstantlyon hand) and ,
10 per cent, will be deducted
on all orders for cash down.
Sold by the trade Generally
A Liberal discount to Dealers,
200,000 furnuhed the U. S. Government.
Army Revolver,
Isnvy Revolver,
Matt Udvn vnf
44-10( in. calribre,
30-100 in. calibre,
Navy Size cnlibre,
Police Revolver T. .2 Zl'
i ni.. Sl-ltX) in calibre.
Pocket Revolver, fJRIdiPl.l-l' In ea bre.
Repeating Pistol, (Elliot pt.) ijo. 122 A 22cartr ge,
Vest Pocket Pistol, No. 22, M, 32 and 41 cartridge,
OunCane, No. 22 and 32
Breech Loading Rifle, (Ileai's) No. 32 and 38
Revolving Rillo, and -Io0in calibre.
S. REMINQ10 k SN- 8,
Jlion, New Torh.
r it i n c i r a
i 1 1 1 1 1 1
New York
yew Orleans
St. Louis
SaD Fronsisca
Moore A Nichols,
Wm. Reed A Son,
,- OrnhtiACo..
SVoleora Co.
?Xi7on Snenc er A Tci
LTRn' Co-.
March 21, 1807-ly
Dry Goods! Fancy Goods! 'Jewelry and
Silverware, worth over $2,900,0001 All
to ba sold for One Uollar jsaoh.
Asbandali ACo., 1C2 Broadway, New York, Agents
for European Manulacturers, announce that in con
sequence of the overstocking of the English mar
ket, an immense quantity of Dry and Fane) Goods
have been consigned to them with instructions to b
cleared for immediate cash, at any sacrifice. A. A
Co. have, therefore, have resolved to otftr them ac
cording to their ordinary system of business at 81
each, without regard to value. The following list
shows the original wholesale prices of some of the
articles which they now oBer at tl:
Bear, Wolf, and Buthlo Robes from fl5 00 to t 60 00
Sets of Fiirs,8al.lo,Eniiineor Mink 20 00 to 100 00
Ladies' Muffs, " " " ISM to (I00
do Collars, " W 0" to 40 00
Bilk and Satin Dress Patterns from 18 00 to 400
Berege and Egyptian Cloths from 8 00 to 12 00
Alapncca and Muslin Delaines from 4 00 to. 10 00
French Meriuus and Twills Irom . 10 00 to- 20 00
Cambric. Thibet anrtMnhsir Irom 4 m to 10 00
Bulmui'itl Hiidltiiiiitlo skirts from
Silk and Lace Veils from
Sets Fine Cutis and Collars from
Pair ol Ladies' Corsets from
a no to
200 to .
2 60 to
Hiindk-erchiuls.Silk. Plain. Hemstitch
ed and Embroid'd linen lawn.pcr don. 6 00 to 18 09
Ladies and Gents Cotton, Woolon and
Silk Hose A half-hose, fier doz. pairs 40to 12 00
T.nHies 1 Gents' Merino. Cotton. Lmnun
A Cotton Shirts A tndershir'ts.eacn hoo to
6 0S
rent. Vest, and l'autuloon Patterns in
Cloth, Cassimere and Doeskin from 8 00 to 2.T0B
Linen and Woolen Tablo Covers from 2 B0 to 8 00
White A Colored linen Napkins, a doz. 6 00 to 12 00
Muslins, white and unbleached, a yard ISto 4C
Flannels; shawls in woolen) silk and merino nu
bias in clouds; woolen hoods; blankets; linen and
muslin sheets; meerschaum pipes; wallets; velvet
and morocco portmonaios; shopping hags; four and
six blade pockot knives, with pearl, tortoise and ivo
ry handles; French Clocks; gilt and bronze musical
boxes; revolvers; fowling pieces; (nicy combs; hair
nets; work boxes; siivercaid cases; albums; family
and pocket bibles; opera glasses, Ac. We also have
received a Bplendid assortment of WATCHED, Gold
and Silverhunting eases for gents; enameled do for
ladies, together with chains of every pattern and
style. Sets ol jewelry !n every variety; sleeve but
tons; thimbles; lockets; crosses; rings of every kind;
hmce ets: trold Dens. Ac. Ac. The silverware De
partment comprises silver, dining and teaaets, cas
fnrs. n nitohors. tablo Bnoons, forks, tea spoons,
irnhleta. drinlfins cups, coffee urns, tea pots, cream
pitchers, sugur bowls, fruit baskets, cake baskets,
card bnskets, pie knives, fish knivee, mustard and
salt spoons, napkin rings, egg stands, wine holders,
card holdei s, Ao All ol the above list to be sold lcr
f 1 each. The expenses ar. paid by the sale of Cou
pons or Certificates naming each article In the stock
and its value; these certificates are enclosed in en
velopes, mixed up, and sold at 26 cents each 6 for
$411 for it. Whatever article is named in the cer
tificate can b. obtained at $1. - The article will be
shown to the holder oi the certificate, and it will be
at his option, whether he takes the article or not.
Incase articles are sent by mail or express are not
saiisfaotory, they can he returned and toe money will
be refunded. Every certificate entitles the holder to
some article of sterling value, worth more than it SI.
In oroof of this read this offer: You can have for any
of our certificates and J 1, any ofthe following articles,
so that if you are not pleased with the ertiole .r arti
cles named on the certificate, you need not lose the
26 cents you paid (or it: 1 silver plated 3 bottle
castor, handsome silver plated butter dish with plate
and cover, ladys' shopping bag, a 80 picture album
bounk In vetvet and guilt, set of tea spoons silver
plated on white metal, set double plated taaleipoons
or forks, pants pattern (2 yards cassimsre,) pair
Jouvin's Paris Kid Gloves, splendid real meers
chaum pipe, or solid 10 carat Gold plain ring.
RcriRr.NC7s.DurinK the four years we have been'
agents fur European manufacturers, we have re
ceived hundreds of commendatory notices from th.
nri..a. and Iptters from nrivatA individuals, express
ing the highest satisfaction with our method of doing
business. We have many ofthese testimonials with
names and dates printed in pamphlet form, and as we
have no space for them in this advertisement, we
will send copies free to .any address. Whenever
desired, we will send articles by Express, 0. O. D.
So that the money need only be paid on delivery of
the Goods. We accept the entire responsibility of
money sent ny express, rosi umw uruer, or nmm
Draft. We want agents everywhere to whom a liberal
compenntion will be paid, which can be learned on
appucauon. 1 aae care w wmw vour iiuuitt uuuau
dress in a clear, uistinct hand, and address
Post Office Box. 628S. , ll2 Broadway, New York,'
Forealein McArthur, by - -i " 42m
XJ the best Juvenile Magaiine.
Every Jboy
and girl that sees it says so; all the press
say so ; and Parents and Teachers confirm it.
Do not fail to leour copy. A good Mi-diOsdop'ewith-'a
Glais Cylinder to confine
living objebts, Or a good two-bladed, pearl
Pooket-Knife,1 and a large numbers of other
desirable articles, given as premiums to each
Subscriber. Yearly, $1.60. The November
Ntirxber commenoes a new volume.
Published by ' '
nw ' ft-":; 473 Broadway, New York.
Try -it, Boys and Girls. ' Specimen eopies,
eats, mailsd fre. 1
. na J
B M ew
J", cto W. aOLD,
TTTniTI.D faanecthillT Inform the clttiens ofVinton
VY and oiher counties that they have, at their
HUB8EBY, one' ulle north-tut from MoArthnr,
the verv beat varieties ol i
I Grapo xrinos,
Apple Trees and, Peach Trees J
. . , .QUINCE, TREES; .
1 ! PEAR1 TREES'O''1
w arnrrnnl nil our stuck true to name and at ai
low prices as can lie obtained anywhere, and invite
all persons to call aim examine it.
Any ltter addressed to us, as to price .rrari
ties will tie promptly enswerew,
W. GOLD, MeArthir, 0.
Ootofjeri, 18S7-H
Prospectus of the Cleveland Plain Dealer!
"he Cleveland Plain Dealer, one of the
largest papers printed Ja Ohio, with clear
type and on good paper, boughs iuo contin
uance of tha patronage of, the ( people of the
State, and the 'north-west. No ejpense
will be spared to make it A Rsadabli
Journal - - .'
Each issue will contain a large quantity
of Political, Finaaoial, Agricultural and
Literary Beading Matter. With our tele
graph facilities, and our Correspondents
at Washington, Columbus, New York and
Chicago, and we ate able to make the Plain
Dealer the best family Newspaper ia. , the
West.: ." i S , f 5 f i '! i
Great attention, will be. paid to,' Jur Mafr
ket Reports, and no pains will be spared to
give our readers the latest- news. We can
give our patrons the news days in advance
of our Eastern competitors, r ;
Terms or Wbklt Plain Deaiib.
The Weekly Plata Dealer, single copy . rr
per year, 9 vv
SU Montbr -, : 00
An extra cop v will be given to whoev
er will ua a club of Ten with ..,,,.. 20 00,
Or 20 subscribers 6 months with ' 20 00
The Tri-Weekly Plain Dealer will be sent
to any party sending us a olubof 20 for one
year. For a club numbering between SO
and 60 we will send our Daily. ' Whenever
possible, money should be sent by Draft or
P, 0. Money Order, . .. '
Daily Plain Dealer, one year by mailj $10 00
Tri-Weekly Plain Dealer, one year 5 00
io, n do , do six months, 2 60
do '.Vdo.' do Three months 1 25
The Presidential Canvass has already
commcpoed, and every. Democrat interesled
In sectirine the election of a Democratic
President should ; subscribe for ! the Plain
rreaiufui swum buubviius- . iui , m 1
Dealer, wliioh, standing upon the platform
of the Constitution,, advocating - Equal, Jus
tice to all sections of our common country,
the same: Currenby-for the- Bondholder that
the people are compelled to receive, qual
ity of Taxation and immediate Re-Union,
will be no laggard in the great struggle for
the ascendency in 1868.
We have no trapeling agents, and Demo
crats of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and other
States, who receive this Prospectus, will ob
lige us and further the cause, by securing
subscriptions fof us., e ' ' I : " ' ?a ' ." '
, In every District and Township some Dem
ocrat should appoint himself a committee of
one to solioit subscriptions for the Old Plain
) Dealer,- which carries the banner of the
party in the very midst ef the enemy s
stronghold.. The Democracy of; Ohio should
stand by this paper, which ohampions their
cause where most it' seeds defenders. It
is highly important to the cause that a
thoroughly -Domoerat,io paper should be
liberally supported in -the most important
oity in northern Ohio.
We invite. Democrats every whers, and
Republibans who wish to see what. Demo
crats hrve to say in behalf of their and
candidates, to subscribe for our paper.
gggrCluba can commence at any time.
Specimen copies sent free on application.
Plain Dealer Buildings,
Cleveland, Ohio.
G R O V E S T E EN S . PI A N 0 S ,
499 Broadway, Now York,
499 Broadway, New York.
. . . 499 Broadway, New York. ..
ARE unrivalled for Di'Sabimty, Poweb and Even
ness of Toita.' - TUevaro fast becoming the fa
vorite over all others, ' with 'Musicians, Amateurs
an d all lovers of Good Music! They are Warranted
inevery respect, Send lor Circular, ,., , r
July It 498 Broadway New York-
and wonderful publication. A woiaot vm pages
and 30 colored engravings.-. Dr. Hunter's Vsde Mb
cum, an original and popular treatise on Man and
Woman, their Physology, Functions, atid troubles oi
very kind, with never tailing remedies for the-
Rnppilv AI1TA. ...'.. T,-!,. .;i ,
Tho nmctice of Dr. Hunter has lone been and still
is. unbounded, but et the earliest solloitation ef nu-
mnrnna nnrsons. he has been induced to extend his
medical usefulness through the medium of his "Vado
Meenm."' . : . . .
One copy, securely enveloped, will be forwarded
free of postage to any part of the United Slates fro
60 cents n f . u. Btampa. Auuress, post paiu, ur.
Hun tor. No.3 Dtviiion straet, New Vrk ,
. August i3,itb7-'y- ' - '
Speedy Onr '
- ..,.
; JU rffetttmr
" Haykal.
It is unfailing EEMfiEDT in all eases of
Neuralgia Faoialis, often effeoting a perfeot
cure in less than twenty-four hours, 'from
the use of no more than two o tubes Pius
No other form of Neuralgia or Nervous Dis
ease has failed to yield to this
Even" in the severest, cases of Chronlo Neuralgia
and general nervous derangements of many years
standing affecting the entire system, its use (bra
fewdaYs.of atew weeks at the almost, always affords
the most astonishing relict and very rarely fails to
produoa a complete and permanent cure. ',
It contains no 'drugs or other matennls In '.the
slightejit degree injurious, even to the most delicate
system, and can 'Always be usedjwith . . T
Ithslonpbeenmcomitantiisebymanyof eur
who give if their unanimous and unqualified approval.
Bent or man on recerpi oi price ana post-
One pWage -&1-00, Postage 6ents
Six paokage' ,"". 6.00,"' Postage 27 cents
Twelve package! , 8.00,, x Postage 48 cents
tt iU sold bv all wholenlend retail dealers in drugs
and modiomes throughout the United States, and by
, .-,t TURNER &.qQ.,fibf Proprietor!,
ll-mj : J30 Tremonl Bt, Boeton, Maee,
ronsiimptioni Btohcliitls.
s.mli Couh8..Aegleoted Lolds, Pain in
tti rhest. and all diseases of the Lungs
IgyClergymtn should use the Balsam for
lueir i urunva. .
rntm Balsam I Introdnced t the suffering public
L alter its mcritsfoj' positive euro of such diseases
h?'. hin fully tested, "lheiormulafrom wincn it is
B?firi.rBd is referred to by tho lea.ling:medical our
Si heinn equal to any prescription that can be
fe?.iioh diseases, by the medical faculty.
The Balsam Is. consequently-recommendcd by phy
alcians who have become acquainted with its great
AgTaV EiPeotor8nk i h8 po Efqnal
ye eopv the following Interesting letter from Dr,
r . I 11.A I 11 tiUUlTVh.nWDWr, AH J.
.1" It is only to subserve the Interests of
1T1K. C"'V .r nw.a,knrt .n.n.in .nurvuliiL.
01 tohiform the, public what Afen's Lung
Hnlsam is sure lodo. Jwo years hoi mucbu
.a.r'L,colrti it settled In mv throat, which so
aflectcd the organs of speech that I could not sneak
aloud for nearly six weeks. I got through t he winter
coughing nights almost incessantly, i with celd night
sweats with increased irritatoin, which extended In
to the Bronchial tubes and which kept me coughing
all summer. 1 was at Shoreham on a professional
visitthe past October, wnen me -goou Samaritan
came along introducing Allen'a Lung Balsam into
New England. I procured a bottle and took it ac
cording to directions, and found immediate relief. I
have now taken two bottles, which has entirely cured
me. For the past two years, or during the time ol
my affliction, 1 was in a state of constipation, which
the Balsam has almost eltectually regulated. No
n.,.kniri hA without this valuable medicine. I
see b'v the Western papers that the physicians of
Cincinnati (where the medicine is manulacturco) are
introducing It into their practice, and I have no doubt
it will soon become a classical remedial agent for the
cure of all diseases of the throat, Bronchial tubes, ana
the lungs.-- RAW UUAiimo,
ti. nmnrh.foi4 of this valuable Balsam lake plem.
ure In calling t It the attention of all medicine deal
ers, desiring that they procure a supply of it, and
reoonimend it to their afflicted patrons and friends.
It will stand the test for merits, as has the celebrated
Perrv Davis' rain Jlilier,
which has beep introduwl to all parts of the Inhab
ited world, and is everywhere appreciated and sought
iter. The Balsam is for sale by most of the leading
Drugoists, and can always be had from them, (n any
quantity desired, by the country dealers.
J.N. HARRIS A CO., Sole Proprietors,
Cincinnati, Ohio,
Fer sale by.
G. W. Sisson," Druggist, "-"-"Mc Arthur; Ohio,
Dr. J A. Mohahari", Druggist, Hamden,
R. 8. Wilcox, Hamden.
, . . . Fnr the Curt of
-- - - - - , ,
Canker, Salt Rehum, Ereysipelas, Scrofulous
Diseases, Cutaneous, and every kind ef
disease arising, from an impure ,
in .,t ' si ate of the Blood.
The nest effective Blood Purifier of the Nine
; teeuth Century I . -.
-This Syrup, with the Cerate, we till
warrant te eure aiy hard ease ef Old
Sores no matter bow long standing,
-SoU bj Bnggistg Gonerally.-a
For tale by
6. W, Sission, Druggist, McArthur;
Dr. I. A. Monahan, flamdsn,
R. I, Wiloox, Hamden.
rcwer nnei Ague" an4 ' Chilli
Bent Keincdy to Care
i . .
Directione for id Uit.
TAKE I spoonfuls ef the. Pain Killer in
about half a pintof hot water,well sweet
ened with molasses, as the attack is coming
on, -bathing, freely the chest, back and bow
els, with the medicine at the same time.
Repeat the dose in twenty minute", if the
first dose does uot stop the eliill. Should it
produoe vomiting, (and it probably will,) if
the stomach is very foul, take a little rain
Killer, in cold water, sweetened with sugar,
after eaeh spasm. Perseverence in the above
treatment haB cured many severe and obeli
rate eases ef 4his disease. -
Ti A IN KILLS R Cirei - lere
I Throat-
Favorit Med'uine with all classes.
Is Davis' Pain Killer.
If jei have Painter's Cholio,' i '
. Tse th Pain Killer.
NO (tedioine is as popular, , - , , . ..
l-vtiV.uCv.-i. As the Pain. KUUr.
T7"EEP the Pai Killer always at
lj hand,.'- ' ' ' '?':;'.'?.;
IF yeu have a Cough or Cold,
' ' " :' Use the Pain Killer.
r O0K-and not get caught without a kottle
Jj of Pain Killer in the house. :
T. ET everybodV-uBe the ;Pain Killer far
'It Spralns and Bruises.
E.yERY sailor should earry a bottle ef Pain
Killer with him.
REMEMBER, the Pain Killer is for both
Internal and External.
The Pain Killer is sold by all the Drug
gists and Dealers in Family Medicines.
J. N. HARRIS & CO., Cincinnati, Ohio
Agents for the Western States.
For sale by
G W. Sisson, Druggist, McArthur,
Dr. J. A. Monahan, Druggist, Hamden,
R, S, '-vilcox, Hamden
Oct. al867i3m
Sheriff's Sale.
State of Ohio, Vinton County:
Charles Brown, Plaintiff, ,. -, . 1 In court oom-
, i againsi , r- neas, i
Ranford R BowOn ot. at. Defendahts. I Order of Sale.
"DURUANT to the command of an order of sale
4-ii in: itha above cause to me directed from the
ouit ofeommon Pleas of Vinton county, Ohio, and
to me directed as enenrt or sua county, 1 win oner
at public sale, at the door of the couit house, in the
town of McArthur, in the aforesaid county of Vinton,
MOIfPAI, m 13th day, of January,
.,;.-: " t v A. D. 1868,: ' .nt ' .
at the hour of 1 oclock P, M. of sid day, the fol
lowing lands and tenements, to-wik ...
The east half of the north-east qnnrter and the
south-west quarter of the north-east quarter and the
east half of the south east quarter and the north
west quarter ef the south-east quarter of section
number thirteen No. 13, township number eleven
No. 11, Range number seventeen No. 17; Also, the
south-west quarter of section number 34, In town
ship number 10, Range number lfl; Also, fifty-four
acres in the north west quarter of section number
thirty-four township -number , ten 10, Range
number sixteen li; the said 64 aares being particu
larly described as follows .Beginning at the N. W.
corner of said section number 34; thence south to
the'sfcuth-wefcttfirnerof said If. W. quarter of said
eectionfinmber 14; thence eaU4o the cast bank ot.
small run; thence in a northeasterly direction In a
strariuht lipe to a Beech free on. the bank of Rac
coon Creeki fhMioetothe Middle of said creek and
thence down the middle of the creek to the east line
of.said quarter eectiou; thence to the north bank of
said creek; thence up the north bank of said creek
to the place of beginning. . - .
'Taken as the property of Sanford R. Bowon to sat
isfy a judgment and deoree. of aforesaid Court tn fa
vor of Charles Brown. ; .-.''' " '
Appraised at elevea thousand ehree fmndred" and
fifty dollars aqd aiust bring two thirds off (bat spin.
Terms of sole-ash in nand. .'.
Sheriff Vinton County, Oh.
M. L. Clark, A tt'y for ITtf. . . -j w U
December 12, WtiJ-ew . . - rV
Jhome ;manufacturrs!
,;r;:..' --, - . : i .... ::''.'
AKEstill'In'town manufacturing and dealingin
illkind.ojr,;- r, -,f ).. ..-
Cabin ct Furniture,
On MAIN STREET, opposite Dr.Wolf'sOfHeo,
. . - i
.The Furnilnieis made put ol the best seasoned
materiul, and by the most experienced workmen.
BUREAUS Every Style. , : ;,.
.. TABLES Every Pattern. "
' ' CHAIRS Fancy and Common.
always on hand or furnished on h(rt notice.
: .. , ..j- ;: .i :
, Repairing .
Ofall kinds, in Furniture, Chairs, Ac, attended to
on short notice.
k superior quality ot Mattresses ofall Slies al
ways kept on hand. ' ,
Undorta lac 1 xi e: .
We are alwi.vs in reauiness to ATTEND
FUNERALS In Town and Country, at the
lowest rates. .
A . Fair Price for a Fair Article
is Our Mottol
Purchasers are requested to call and examine our
Large tSook of Furniture
before purchasing elsewhere, as we" leel confident
that we can furnish better and cheaper nrticles than
any other establishment in this vicinity.
Strong, Simple and Practical.
IT is a Squeezing Machine; warranted no
to injure clothing geared te give six
strokes of the plupgers for one turn of the
handle, and 150 turns of which will - wash
thoroughly the bulk of six to twelve shirts,
according to the slsVof Machine used.
Sit Yean' experience proves the Nonpakfit.
to be the only Washing Maohine mide . which
itandi the Utt of lime and Vie. It is unap
proachable for -
A GENTS WANTED.- Sand lor free De
scriptive Circulars to
184 Water Street, New York City.
' Jurat, UOT-tm
IHF0EMATI0H. Information guaranteed t" pro
diice u luxuriant growth of hair upon a buld bend
or beardless lace, also a recipe for tha removal of
Pimples, Blothes, Eruptions, etc., on the skin, leav
ing the same soft, clear, and beautiful, can be obtain
ed without charge by addressing Tnoi F. Chapman,
U uroiciwsy, new lorn.
- ' .. - .. 1 : '" S . .i i.
$1.50 WILL m r0B TIE ' 1I0KTHLI
'. New England Farmer
. ; . from this date to January 1, 1659.
1. Monihsfor only One Dollar and
Fifty Cents in advance,
4$ Pages of reading matter in eao
number, handsomely illustrated
and largely composed of original
... contributions.
Prges of valuable and interesting
Agricultural and Horticultural
reading in the volume for 18G7. .
and upward extremely Liberal Pre
. ' . miume offered for new subscribers.
new name for our list will entitle
yoUj to a premium.
cent stamp pays fer specimen and
Qi Kerchanta' Row, Boston, the place
' of pullicatiea, and all . letters
i '' should be addressed to
R.r. EATON j- CO., ,
: Ibblhhm N. X Famer.
Established in 1861 by Sam'l Mcdary.
Edited by Wm- Trevitt and JV.W. Webb.
"' ii' i -r ' - :r . ' ,
Terms .HeSuced to $2 pep year,
Tub Cbisw is a large eight page Deiio
oratio newsper, containing 40 coliinia of
original and selected reading matter Po
litical, Literary, Financial, Agricultural and
Newt. It is- a complete reoord of the times.
It ranks among the ablest and best. political
journals of the country, and represents the
Western Democratic ideas ' or the rights or
the States, the liberties of the people, and a
cheap and simple form of government, .its
subscription ' price: ' has recently been' re
duced to $2 per annumn, .'and "is now
among the cheapest journals in the West,:, .
Address, - WM. TREVITT, Publishor.
- Colnmbus, Ohio,- Nov., 1867. " v !
. Q E N :T S, .W. A N T. E D .
. TF0R DR. WILLIAM SMITH'S ""',?; '''
Written by seventy of thai -.most distinguished Pit
vines and Authors of Europe and, this country, , Il
lustrated with over 126 Steel and Wood Engravings
and valuaDI
vo volume..
every family aa companion of t)ia BiMo.
Agenti will ftn
thiwvihmbleVfri4-WH- meet with
a ltm isiintuie n om
ready sale among all claxeKH.. .vtf;tuU:'T;smr
address J.W.C0WLN, Kdito m itiivJilrtlffir.
' .t vi'i
1)AINia FOB FAEMERS and otheri. The CrulVai
iJiiiaPainH;o.iiienin inaiiiilaclurlngthe best,
i-Viipe4Jnid roost durable iiUlO iiscntco roai.
well put oi mixed with pure Linseed Oil, wril Inst
10 or IS years) It is of a light brown or beautiful ( I, is
olate eolor, and cm be ohanged to green, lend,
stone, drab, oli vent cream to snit taste ofc6nBUmer.
It is taTuabie for Houses,, Bams Fences, Carriage
and Car-makeT, Pait- and Wooden-ware,-Agncul-tursl
IraplfmeiUs, Canal Boit-v Vessels and Ships'
1,-.. r. Mnt.lanH Ulnnnl. tit ltni
tut viouis, (one rnanu-
funtiirer hnvini'used 6000 bbls. the past year,) an4
as a paint for any purpos.- is unsurpassed fir body,
durability, elasticity, and adhesiveness, ' Price jt
uurnoiliiv, nmnuui.jj im "iipi ' ' . w
perbbl. ofasJltis., uhleh Mil snpply a farmer for
vttnr. InMima WtirFnnlcd in All CASCS SS aboVS.'
Bend for acireulnrwhichgivcsfuH particulars. Non
genuine unless brnnded
branded In a trade mark Oraftea
Address i '. '.:!!
Mineral Paint.
8ept;8,'ll7-0m ' ' 64 Pearl HtrcetNew York.
; . uanoer unrca, . . ,
A Treatise on refness, Catarrh, Constimplion and
Cancer; their cnubcs,' ineaiis of speedy relief, and
ultimate etire. By a Pupil ol the Academy of Medi
cine, Paris. Sent to any address for 10 cents.
Letterhoin Root. McMurdy,- D.D,,LL.D.. Grand
Prelate of Grand Encampment o U. Sand Editor of
the "Nullorml Freemason:" . v. : I
fiii Youk, Sept. 17, 18(57. Dr. Slilwell was In
cborge ol 6mce Chnrch. Hoppital, Alexandria, Va.,
durmg the War. ' I " frequently, almost daily, for
months, visited this Hospital, and hud every mean
of knowing his reputation for irnciiKCT and Hua
H was of the most credible character, and hlssuccesa
in the treatment ol patients was remarkable. Hot.
MoM.tiiT)T.:i i. ; i ,.,, J. jti'j
It fits Into the ear, In nol perceptible remove! sing
ing noises in the head, and enables deaf persons to
hear distinctly at chtir hand public assemblies. This
instrument will often produce remilteslmoit miracu
lous, and indeed in most cases of long standing deaf
ness, it Hl relieve in a short .time.' . It may D ad
justed with the ease of spectacles. ' I ' "
Dr. Mitwell uill be professionally at 31 East Wash
Ington Place, University Buildings, N. Y., 10 to t,
exoept Tuesdays, w hen no will be at his rooms mat
Pine Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 41-1
ProopcQtus ,
OF TUB " . ;
O JIJ 0 ,S T A TE S Jf 4 Jf
Forl07-0. i '
E. B. EaHKLMAN and CnAS. B. Flood, Eilittr.
' " ''i
Richard Nbtins, V intr and rulliihtr.
This plJ journal, wliicn is devoted to an
an earnest aud vigorous advocacy, of Dem
ocratic Principles and the Rights of the
People is now published on the following ;
. , Terms Cas in Advamcbi :
Daily one Year . . ,, j)9 00
Daily Six months 4
Tri-Weekly one year ' 4
Tri-Weekly six montht 2
Weekly one yaar . , 2
Weekly six months
1 00
To the getter up . of a club of Five or
more for the Weekly Statesman fof one
year, a compensation of &3 cents a copy
will- be paid. t - '' J. ' .
Congress met on the 21st of November,
and the Ohio .Legislature will meet on the
1st Monday In January, The doings of
both these bodies will be faithfully laid be
fore the readers of the Statetman, and every
effort made tq make . It deserving goneral
patronage. '-' '
Send for Sptoimen Copies. -
Columbus, Ohio.
DLYftll'ER, DAY & CO
Eureka ('ideb Mills, ,
Victor Canb Will,
Star Corn Sumin,:
Horse Powsu Fobk,
Warner'g Sulky Revolving Rake
Crawford's Garden Cultivator,
' Amalgam Belle,
And many other nrticlesin the way of Implements,
Tunis and machinery.
VVHE HDUii'i AND IMPBKK 8EID, ielceted
varieties. Send for rirculars. ,
March 28, lU7ly
Twenty. Melodic Eiercisti
. ; INTENDED AS . ' .
Sludiet.to aequiri the.ArttfSinfiiif.
These exercises were composed to be used si
multaneously with his system, "The Art of Singing,"
or with any other method for the cultivation-of the
voice, and will take place of CenceNK's Soi.rxouios;
being mine melodious and better adapted for leach
ing. Some ofthese exeroises are specially beautiful
ss well ns useful, a mingling of dulce atutihvwliieh
secures the interest nswell as the improvement ot
the stndeat.1 The various styles developed in these
exercises render tbem Invaluable in an educations!
point ofviewtas thoy tend to enlarge the iutelti-
f'ence and the appreciation, and at the' snme time
nrm the taste bf the pupil. They mttBt be studied
carefully with reference to Hie innumerable marks of
expression and ornamentation. Upon the minute
accuracy with which these are accomplished de
pends the actual sterling-advatioemeut of the pupil:
any evasion or slurring in these respects !s t.me and
enort utterly wasted, while, on the other hand, a
close and patient investigation, and open to - tue stu
dent the means and resources by which great artiste
produce their most brilliant aad profound effects.
Witton's AaiJouauAL. r. . .
,. In Tw Volumes.
Price, eaoh, in Boards, Retail, $3 00
do do in Cloth, lUtailp i.: ;r. .2 00
A Sample, copy set by Mail, post-paid, en
reooipt of Wholesale Prioe, $1 51).
Publiahod by WM. - HALL & SON,
No. 643 Broadway, New York.,
Publishers and Dealers in M,usia, and Manu
facturers of Flutes, Fifes, Flagoolett, fca.
Send for catalogue of pricea'. 1 ' "" '
J June20, 1887-om ' : t.,U
White Chester Pigs',
I OFFER for sale- a few- pair of Thorough Brod
Chester Pigs,. warranted. pure blood, not akin.
Pries, per pair, two months old, i t j . o l 00
Price, per-pair, three months old, t0O,
- i?ersonsl wnpiirit the besfbrepd o( Hogs in th'Unij
td Kintes. should address their nrders to me at
Galllpolisj.'Ohio.where'tly.will maet yith prompt
attention: ' "- ' ' ' C: N. FALilS.'-
f : ty yiTn r:' r p -" 1 1 1 r
MAiinhi turn OB IDAT.Htvi r ...
It i'N D 3 L B Y I H O US E
r ZALESKL 0M0. , , .. . ,!
lltI I III ' I . t J I" Ii t 5 ' !"M I H'M
pr pr TJNCAN. . . v , , ... . . y . . . :. .Propriftor,
HpHTS' HOTOEiViAvinbeen very min-'ri Tmprbved
X and repaired, ia tar superior in site and com
fort to any Hotel in this mirt of the Statethe pm
L.i.. .r. AArt..m mnjnla nil. anH .11
with good sleeping npni intents sntKuriiish the table
u,UK Oia haul tlia . mtirkuL JlHnrib. lt& JoCatiefl IH
coifvenicmrih iti.itncss and'f ne"Ttnitroa. Depot.
a '0 affj't tr. ar.-'f-fif air--;'-fa. !.(

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