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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, January 09, 1868, Image 1

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iW- !V
i : ' . .(us -flat o', itr, t . : , .... f . , , 1 ' '-' v. .i..1 i.
: .'.:.".: T.'-Ottr ' j PEMOCRATIC Jit ALT. TIMS 'AN ITNDER 'ALt ClkcOMSTAHCES. ; , ! .- (.( . .!;. ,, j;- ...,.;. V ,'' ' -lL.:i 2" " ?'V
Democratic Enquirer
OBFICE-In Dodge:! Building ovtr,Smllnii
Store; corner Main and Locust Street, 'Eat . .
'. : : I of the Court lonse ., ;. . T
C . . IH ADVAHCi )
find inn.'nn(TVfIir, ' ' 4 ' '. ' ' 1 60
On' UOIiV.'aiX lTlOli tli
On(ji()y, tlire8 iminthj.
Kite copies. on ycr, to uit Pt nnj.-, . da
Tit'rcnpis, one veir, to on rostiifflci-, vkhi
Our teems raqjii laymanl' tu' bo niudo iaitrrl.
A tiiiim-B to iv notice of n wibii to aisuonlinim Rt
the closf of Mi ti'io Hiibsorjli.i fur, will h ennoirf
crai nw enrfignint -,'nuil no puir will bndm
eonimu.'jd until ni't;rll :iriTimi(! ihnll bo nini.
raiwus (tre liolivnreii tnrouii i lie niuuirm oi posi
gn within tlie cniiuty, n l. ftleo, fi-"6 to iWii1m-th
living in llio county, whoaa postotfiv in dut of tbe
aunty. ' - '- - , i
Trt Bnes f tins type, or. tli pc occupied by
(h ain. iUnk pu tjait.. . ... .
)n sqiwre, otio imortiou, ... . , "!
Koh n ldiClomil insprtion, ' 1 ' ": :
All trnu-tiBUt ndvertiniiu for a shortor ponod thau
Ihv9mimtb, chuwdatthe nhove ritf3. . .
8 inns. C mtis. 9 nios. 12 mot
H column - $i.'0 Siouo juoo tun no
K column, " " 1U 00 20 00 W 00 40 on
U column, , ,, UOO. . 80 00 . 4 0 00 . Oil 00
l en'urtln, ' 200 ' 40 00 60 00 80 oo
HuJr.f5 oardii, from li to 10 )iUH3, per i)finrri, 8 00
Divoroo Notiofs, noleiteediugi-i l.n-,
adv,inc,) ' 2 on
Eivh additional 101in.es, , .,., f
Att'iehiiioiVtNotlci'S, (in adTnno.1 . ! 00
Adiniuistitor'B or Lxecutor'H oticoo,(in
sdranco,) , ,. .. . . M
Notices of runaway hufbiin lsi or wivts, doublo
price, nnd-in ndvimuo. --
Nnticcnof Deaths, fi-co. Murriage Notices, accord
ing to too liliendity o! tha pnrtiMi.
Jiuticej in the losal columu, !( cents per line for
cli i nsrtVoo.v I ." .. .'.
N'ot'ccs of political mpetmm.froe '
- IV; ti: LHIUlSTKi:,
Gold's Old-Stand near the St cam Mill,
McARTilUIl, OHIO, '- "
II prenarod to do all. manucr fef Llaclc-Smitliinxi
such aa - ,
iloite Shoeing, .",';'.'.
Ironing of ISu'pjiet, , '
.. Waggnni., ' "
w. , " " '. (J-.i , (5"c-i
and lltA'inniificlure amlrepa r of all kiudei I Agri
cultural lii)le.iients and Kd,o Tools. All work
done w asulistaiitial mauiior ami warranted. altt
. 0T, 'wa.MUBl.HR., A.WtlSllAUW, ilwaboiitcb
5. GOETZ &.:CO,'
"hollow ware, "
...... 1
All Kinds of Casters and Ljed Failcninf
acsliiMLor' of" Vll
Till? Mire Manufactured ai tnu Kuuiulryl.s sold
low can he l.o'igfit in any Market.
j'ostOsBoeaildresa Kead's"iIilU, Vintou County, 0.
Mi .It!;-.
,11 .
3VI:5 &3&ti3ax&9 ' Oliio;
J03.J.HoDOWUi. - ::,. JA9. W. UELAT.
,, V J'SliSlBi.JIT. . , .. ..,
ii. S. BU.-ioli ,. I , .,. nnnfiii, ...
n. t. AViiti, ' n. v. BANK,i.ir .
Av'dbsw wot.r,
, . A. A AUSTIN.' ; ..' '.
HiVIW fotl a CQOaartnershipfor tlie purpose
of conducting a, j , ,j. ... i ,
' ' ilUflDJESI :; v, ;. t
in! with ample facilities for tha transaction, of any
h is .lose pcruuniiuj to n);it)iiiatc HanUing, we tender
oui saificeS to tlie btini".es piibliti'Kdneraliy. '
BD.l)li-Jrduey loaiiod af reaaortuble nates on ao
oep'alje paper Revonue Stamps always on hand
an ! for salo. Interest paid ou time deposits.
Persons vr!h?ti.s to remit money to Foreign Conn
trii'S'can' obtain rimfts at our O.'Jice. '"
Febuarj( 7,'13'.i7-ly. ,' ' : y . . . . '. '
CHA'liRU-yN,.'rM ,..: DAN. WIA.L, Cash
One'tivofWtd Dan.; Wm frMrotiSfortli
;ri.,: :Sid,Mfih Street, , :v";''
'MoAETiiuii, onio,:
J'iUiM 0-j .!i"T ci x'l ol i i'MlIyi far,
XJ Jeain'EcliangeY OovertiTnent Becu'ti.
tiPi,''6cie,'Bo'n.i8,.Ooldnd.SiVTCf',''o;b.;'' '
Dpofljt"irieived. ;.Jntoriest paid . fin. time
lepoaiia; to 1 tit ; ';';:.'.! , ,
(Jul Wai tons made afc all nccessibla .joints
in Die-United 6tat,c.. j'r;ct, -i o: ,..( ;.
United States Revflrrue StaropS (or sale...
All business done .on Ibe most liberal terms
and .with ,tiia uttnos prgmptneis.,,,!,-:; ,
Fobary.HjOTrljMi,, Sair..lirqw;.. Lnn ,-Mi
v: ' .v.'iN'i - :: J) !i , f.lo",
.::;; : .'i.H. C .'MOORli,..! ,(,.: ;
A It L.M a.H-.V l jsulSi J ,( Vf ,VM, , ,
AFTER an abstnee ottvr'fii jreaTs'ofljrt Mavprnr
fe.-sionnl 8rvfi:t (lie. (Jitienj(t9f:. Aliens villc
and iiiri)nin(rCoiinrjr, f'J'o
March 21, 180i-If ; ;
JACKSON C; IK,--oniOd .
I TILL practice in the Courts of ffne'Ii'son, Vintnri'
and other counties
Januarys, WtT-tf
trriLf. Attend tiromntly td -nil leea! busiriedten-
W. trusted to hii cure in Vinton and Jnckgon conn-,
ties. Uilice--la UodJri(iKi cwAttiiimni?, iootn-
HtiioMier M-tinand Ma'rHetstreels upslairfii Mr.'
Mayo is in partnership .with Porter DuUadwsy of'
J.icksou county, who can always bn foui)4, during
vacation, at the office in Jackson, Ohio. '-,
Uy , 187-11 ! ' I :
1 ' OARIEL S.":' DAN At. y
ZL-ttoxMxoy; at Xicvxv,
. : fcJ' 1U McARTIiDR, OHIO.' '
WILL tiro in lh Court ( f Vinjiti Athens,
!!.' tW Codiit.iiw f Mtk itr..l)t Xnited
9tatcs f.'oiir - d tli Hoiithi'iti fiislrn t of Ohio. ,
Ulrica dcinu Story of IJ.i.vi Builu.iig, n Mam.
Street, V . .
CHUIt CH, Jr.,
IMPORTEB ol Kroueh, German and Italian Violin
strings, . -
Tii9 l ittdo supplied on the most liberal terms. j
General Western Agent for
: TUB . i.. ....
From the Factoiics of the mont of the- CrMBBATtn
c ; Mariiui, which I will sell low for cnsli.
wOldPinnoK tnlteit' In .exhneJfcir tlcv.'U :.;.
BiTl iunos and Organs for sale and to rent, by the
... Jtlonth, . Quarter' er Year,.
amount paid for rpnt being applied Jo pur
chase, if desired.' " '' ' ' - '' '
IrAgents for Csbinet Organs and Pianos
wanted in every town in Ohio, Indiana and
Kentucky. . . ; ';.,,.', , ' ' ,.
AddreBS. ' 1 ' .
Jtine27, 18C7-I' . Cininnati 'O. 1
! , ' .- I), li. islIIVCL,
Attorney ctt Ijrvcv,
.11 1' ARTHUR, OHIO.
WILL attend promptly to bII legal business an.
trusted to his care, In Vinton, and adjoining
eounties. orlice In thu Court House.
July 11, l07-ly .
.1. ml Si i E!i:iem;i;,
' . One Door East Ban, Will 4 Bro's Store,
BRADBURy d- MAjRKi , . ,
t Ol'neys at Xi-w,
, ; MoAEXltUB, VIUIOU ooramr, OHIO, j
W'omKfugan UfnmR B0!go
: J. A MONAHAN, M. D.,
T'HANKFULfof the liberal patronage received for
thotwo pa.styuais, he would say to those desii
ng his professional services, that ne may always be
onnd at his Office or residence, on Main Street, un
ts absent on professional busibess. : - V.
. February 2S,lsu71y ;-.' ' y
MoArtHur, OHIO, .
HAVINO been license to dispose or property by
public auction, ha will promptly attend all ana-
tionsln Vmtoncounty wliousoiicitea.
Office Shivers LW Office, in the Court House. '
August 1, 1867-tf - .-t. '; ' ; ;
i i. i. ...... v AND ri I in i. ;. wj.
... . . S.. Claim Asenl,;1 "".V
M o A RT H U Ki O H I O"..".-.'.
WILL practice In Viritbn and adjoining eannHas.
Also, Deputy Collector of Internal Kavenue.'
Omen In the Vinloh Oouuty Bauk.
June 27, 1867; lira,
AT ' ""'lU
E. D. . D0J3GE'.S;( . '.
0 II E AP STiO E E ,
IN -:. ln:r.-l . I s.J, V
NA1N,.BTJIEET, , -. Wc ARTHUR,. 0.
TjIlAVE insl received a large and well selected",
ii".:i .i. n.i'i- . . 1 ..-.. ' !
X stonh of.Fttll aim winter wry uooas; nouons, aa.,
wJiioktwr purohsd.in the Knstern cities for cash,
djiripK the decline ip pnqes, wnicn, i win sen as, , . ,
'1 1 LOW AS THE LOVrSST. i--..!
(I , -r:l 1)T all fhe latest sjljlea f .7;,.,.-jn
Dress Uoods.'ainl riain and
White Gooih; Laces, Emljroiderios,
TabkiLinona, .v.T.weHi'Cf'.Bbawl.'':
RalmortvV Skirls: Hoap BkirU KoBUry,-!';',,,',
aipvei'-"., 'Muellnii-j'Ao.. &;;-
.i-A nloe and eompietssorlnienCigr.',Y- '
3 XSoots C3 SllOOS .
A full Ime of "sir I(!n(ls')f ROTIONfti -7
litill not be undersold by any .11 nils in thmarjtt.
Oot. LD.18C7 y E. 1. DODOST
Jocratsia .'itiy'mK'fU. two
flLt thirds of that number should, .become
8ubsi;ribe:rs to tho-'7tjw('rer. Willyoii'
to'Sv;ork?3o;w'is the' time! -
Al most .: ono year baa olppsecl; siheo
w commfencod the publication of tho
Democratic Enquirer, and,, now,' on, ex
amiftatrtwttrrbDftlcB,' wefincl evT
era hundred dollai's-duo. us on Sub
scriptions.. ' The expenses ot a.Prit-
ingj Offl'cp ' are greater, in proportibil
to the amount 'Of capital invested,
than almost any other business, ten'd
the : greenbacks, or. ("Lincoln scabs,',
are 'required in every ' instance.1'' In
view ot these facta we .find it our.duty
f.o rcsyjectfully request a general set
tling' up by those. who ar&'in, arrears;
re do not' iudulge- in the plan iof
thrusting a dun ' At .pur subscriber ev
ery few , weeks, but after a . year, lias
almost expired, ve' think' the mOh.
is certainly idu,e .'us,.nd request pay
merit accordingh'. ; See terms of sub
scription, on first page. xi'l f r,.i
The present Volumo of the Demo
cratic Enquirer .will expire on tholCft'
of January, 1868. : The date of .the
next issue after. that .date will be' Jan
uary 23, 18G8,- and tho beginning of
Volume 'II, .'which 'will be enlarged
from its present size, (2-1 columna,) to
23 columns. ' '.'Tho paper vill contain
each week not less than fifteen times'
the amount of reading matter it now
contains, the lnarkV.po'rts.'g'eiieral
news' .from all parts of. the- world, &c,
.to., and' will be ' a "paper; jith.a.t' "will
please.! every body. i Thero will be
plc'ijty of! reading and good'reading
too... Vith;.lhe papers enlarged ;-we
will Tbci cnablod to make'it tiore accept
able to our readers; and we. shall. of
course trust to tho; whole-hearto'dness
and good judgment of jWDomQcricy
of Vinton county to sustain us andby
their aid woiiopo to mfikcthe Enquirer
what wo very much desire to have it:
a paper a credit to the county and the
party . whose weal it so heartily
espouses Democrats, will you assist
us? Will you pay j'our subscriptions
in advance? . .Wo intend to publish for
you. a paper,. that will please you in
every respect, Ihenyou.will not grum
blenot say- the paper does not suit
you. ; ' The' ' official ' voto shows" .that
x. R; .Ul T,',inrIrp'rT Uom".
As wonre on tho oyo of another.
Presidential campaign, .one TTbi.ch; is ,
uas ever u'auspiroa.iii ,uio country,;
we hopo .our. friends throughout .'the
county , will mako' ah olTort to extend
the . circulation of : our paper, thereby
disseminating the dobYriJcs they'fiold;
so vital tq ouV jji-osperityjas a'Ro'pub-
lie, t Viiid ihal-V iruApo 4n'abio'd;tol
retain and inci'eas'the Tat glorious
political;. triaraph.it 0e tclaim- ypur
a88i$,tn.c.in this, wqrk;9 a duty lypu
owe to' the' principles you entertain; to
youifiuther8 who established this Gov
ernment,: and to yourpostenty whom
you, expect to enjoy its oenenw."
Get. It And ,Trt '.iT.-ttf Jfome
musttnejitiine oneapest and best illustra
ted -family. - Magazine published.. . Filled.
with the lates'i jllistrated fashion', o'lialce.
stories, poetry, wit and hnmor: It is just
the thing for the young folks.' Published
semi-monthly, at ohly $t.B9 per lannuth'
Largevand' splendid 1 prlifes are 1 sent' to
agents raising clubs. 'Agents' easily dear
$10 pe'iiyii.lrefidei, -iiitj; . gtdgelt;'
chance, fo every subtcrp'tfotj- sentj In; -lj600
in cash sent to gentst Sample -000168 with
list pf prisma,. end terpis and'iDstructibns fQ
agents, by enclosing B cenls. Agents want-j
8 Nassau Street, New' York.1 ilm
vu Givinucip, nuuicoo null aavbbkbh
I ,.-?.-'.( n Tir- t J) '
,,l I,.,,.,', -i, I h:
"WANtED-An industrious man wilh
a small ' family fcwbrk: on' ti farm'.
For . particulars inq'aira at tills pfflQe:,,
t!t Hi : . (.,, ., ,,1
K! .tic.i.,l,i.
Thutois,' like other, aieo, .aosaetimea,
soma ; Very ' go.oJ rsiirj, .y'ny;; prtorf
wishing id' purchase tt' 'splendid: I'ianOj-wiU
save from onhtindrod to-one,, hunJreil anct
fifty doflttrs by calling at this offioe. Wc
eaii fuvnis'i them al really rodjicCif r'(cil'
Tbcf 0 wera five of us yes, five-as
nappy .fellows as'''wereilet loose-from
cpllega.' ' It was ' "vacation",1 and '.we
concluded to take a trip ;to- the Fall
We got on' board ,the cars.at ST, and
were iBooh . traveling very.'-.yapidly to
wkrd.our destination-' '..(; '-f' !;, .i
f We had just seated ourselves and
prepared.for. -a ' comfprtable. rjmoke,'
when' in tjamq ),hq conductor, and who
should it be but. our friend Fred. B."
After the. common .salutation, How
are, . 'old , 'fellowr.' W,' had Vi'.assed',
Fred, said lie had. sbnie business for
ua, to attend.to... . '. ' '
if 'dQuttUbt, 9ld.:.pbuin.?"..d';.Tt,c(j
"ipylihipg at all-will be .acceptable, eo'
let us Have it!".'. , ".' " '!'
"Well, boys, said "'Fred1, Irl ra''!6fafi-
dcntial tone, Vin the next:ar .thr is
as loving a. pair as it viras.everimy lot
to see.. vThey are igoing down to iU-f-r
to get married, and .now, if youcan
havij any fun over it,, just pit;eh in.-H1
They : must be cared lor, and. I don't
know who can,, do. it bettor jthan .you.!'
a moment, Fred .was gone,:. and
we sot . our , heads. together. to form a
plan for taking care of .the .lovers,,
, VI have it, hoys I, said Bill Steevers,.
'0 must, make, the :girl, think; that
her lover is married V ., .. t ' '..
' "Thafs .it-4hafs,itr:. said we, not
giving him;time to finish the sentence,
i "Tiat.M ii a married man and the
'fatfifor of chifefren P' BaidBill.;-.-..!-, fl ::
"That's the gamoj boys;, now let hs
play, it I" . . c- . .
It devolved, ''upon" nie to'ebmnienrie
operations'. ; Accordingly, ( I : entered
the car', in , which ' wo wee ! jnfrmd
the lovers were. . The -girl, thinking,
I suppose, that she 'must give: her' loveri
all; the: peat, sat.on hisknee;-: and be,
for the purpose of protecting, her, of
oourso, had ibrown..h.is .amis Around
her waist;-and so they sat, in real soft
lover's style. . .. : -ft ?i;ir..:;.
' All this I gathered at a glancei . Stop
ping up to them, I said: iriu vn'rr i'-f
) " Why, JoHC'XVhTl'Iff'tKeeirce are
you doing with this girl?"' .
The girl' arose hastily and' seated.
horanlf on t,li sent. ' . '. . . .
"See, hero stranger,",: said theTfel-.
ltTlW ! "rATl'm o Tif miatfiL" Art m vr r n a i
r " J j WM- A. M U1V MAAUVHayAA t UtlUiV
isn't; Jones," -.' ' I' , (. .. ,
' ... s.-:. ,-i -!ii i iii; ; 1 i:
"Why, Jopes,.said.L("you ceftain.-
ly haven't le.ft your wife and. children,
an ;tried. to , palm, yourself off, for a
single man, have you I" -
"I tell you-my .name-ain't Jones;
it's Harper. lb 'never was ''Jones;
'taint hgoin' to"be:, nuthoVf"' ""' '" -'
I merely shook' my Keadandassed
to; another seat jk.ee tie rest, pf the
fun. The girL.boked wild after ! sat
down ; but Jones, alias Earner, soon
convinced'Tier tHat waB.'mist'ak'oii;1 -
About 'thevtimcf they -had got feefing
right xrek again', vin7eame.a Elliott
Gregg. Walking,. up, ,to;iHarper,
accosted himwith - . -... .J
" Whyiij6bef), youMieWl Htbw 'did
you UavQ your-wife ftn'dabi'es?ij.:o'il
"See hepev-etraHgePf-you-ftva't the
first 'man that's called 'me- Jones to-j
dayman' I tfeck'oii' I ntuseTocik Wfully
like 'hirii, tut'T'a'in'r Jone's'." ' I7bain't'
got any wue, nor uiuius eniiei , uut
thiagajnl-me isgoin'.'tp. splice, aa'n
then you. cau .-talk about my wifeorand
I Wbuldri't -ivonddt .butfwihat ini the
course of time you might talk ftfront
the babies tp.P, but yp.u.musn'J qaH, rnej
Jones!!' ni ii i-ii-io.moJ oa. scfsl t.-.-ii
iThofortroftgb? fbrtf Vb'cirerous
lauffhter'tfxm''-JthJJ'fB'j)ec'tawH an'd jt
also tr2ug)iOtuic8 to'ho jcJ'.thj
g1-"" inoJ .s'jirtt ii.-v's f t i ii w tl S'.ir on ft
." Ah; 'Jones said Gregg1, "iyoit will
regret this in tho future. I'pityiyar
"So. Harrier, vour. .real name is
Jones, is it? an you ve been foolin
mo li;yTOn2 l3f 1 .wg-Ri't splipCjd.
yet' wtjhi 1 dorr'ti-h1nk twe .willi'iba
so'oni"1bflfmii gfrr.nrttTltfr p ves fa IrW
.iv i ;'1 1
"Jane, Jane 1" said; Harper,, "don'
you know' I'm Bill Harper.'' There
i::7 :i'''ix-w 'a--J '-tL' vAiliXit
niu k u uaiu uruu jx iiuucg uiuuu iu
meV'ftn'1'ir prove it. ;; ' ' " -,"' ' -
. At this' moment Jeff. Jatksbn,' Bill
Ste,evera and Jim Byovy entered, and,
ot Qourse, their attention; was called
to Harper by his loud talking. They
JJ.';Ul '::'.':;L .j -'.'j 9 .'
Bbepjjou up ijnu, uiiu bhiu ;
1,1 "WhyfJonesw'hut is all this fuss
about5" 'Ji'l' i v: i-
Thi8 ;was;;mor( than Harper oould
stand. . . Jle leaped upon, a scat ; n
"$fOj" j SuiJ' ho 1" hi y; name is. not
Jones, an' I cnii' Kck" tfto 'fellow that
sayVitis'n ';'-,,? -
'By'thiii timew'e LnJ got toH , and
our friend Fred came ijitpijio car and
Harper .kept 'rt;; Thr' girl that
wo'uld hot be 'spliced requested Fred'
to help her on the truin that wqs gof
ipg back to-r-T-r'. where he,1 and the
notorious' Jo1 ncb,'alias Harpor followed
her, "'We learned .afterwards that be
proyed . himself to b Bill Harper in -stead-.;of.i
Bill, Jones, ah4;ho: and his
gal Jane got' spliced,-' 1 i '';"'
' laste from iho brittle, haste) ., ... ; ., (
Leave, 0 lea voi tUe cruel field j ,'.
. Let others life and fortune waste,
' Neither right nor yield. .""-,'
v Joy and rest, and welcoming , j ' i
Your roturn to us will bring,
' Andthenipnthof.iynltUigeern ,
., '' But an evil dreahi! ,,
- '-'1
. .,
Tempt mb not' wltli hripplness '
! While Ita sord eur couutry wleldn. ' :
j I must miss thy dear caress '
.tUl WW iMtfeeyieia f,
1 "Wo flglit ttat those we love may rest .. ;
;r 'With peace and plenty ever blessed, i.
Tlie harvest that bur weapons reap,
1 1 ; Teach our softs to keep. '
. Dearer than life to botli; ,;- " ) :
r . -Is tlielundweciUlowowii, nj ; :
1 jOno holds tUsllfu of little, worth) : ;
One su fl'ers more alone i ; , ; , ,
Yet another life will give ' ' '
Wlmt we lose while here we live '
, Uuluss some true hearts meet the foe. 1
Alas for. all' below t ., ;: .'j
Tub Mysteries of Ckoqukt Two
young men were brought before the
police court yesterday," charged with
disorderly crjridne't. ,sA'''yorlnf lady,
who was bne of the .Witnesses, under
took to give an ace.09.nt of the conflict
slndiits pauscSv .They, wore, she said,
all - playing "croquet. Mr Brown
pi ayed , paesed, the first ickets, struck
Air.. J ones, and croquetted him . ,
;i The Justice-rrJ)i -.what to: him ,
Wiinesa-rQtaqubitod Mmi .
:l Jus. With whfXt?-" " ' i : :.'''.
'1 Wit:LWt rnnJtoil'Rir. ' "'
The justico.bbks "sternly' at Brown,
Croquetted him,.and knocked him
intp a bit of grass." .Then Mr.' Brdwn
weit' thrdugh 'th'e ! 'next'. Wicket,' and
fstruck me and tried to loose croquet
tne.twj.ee, .;; r n: 1' -. :
Jus; 'Had you isaid anything : to
niake'bim behave 'so ?"' ': ' '' ,; "
,;i IViti It was a mitake'of bis; And
then Mr. Jones said. it. was notj'ight,
and they got into a quarrel- i j
'-, Jus. -i-Mh! Jones is discharged. Mr.
Brbwii, who iidpears to Havo conduct
ed himself strangely is .fiued fifa ' .' ;,( . .
''' " ; 1 1 ( 1 i mi, 1 1 . . 1 ..
VA.NTEn.jTT.yij'D j W ' Ibliowipg
Irbm.ftuv exchange 'fori the, benefit fQfj
s'pthe of oni'i youngimen ''i 1 .1;
,,s iO'ri huMi1ed',,'and,r,s6venty-five
'young men', all shape's and sIz'es.."from
tho tall graceful dandy with hair
enougb ,Qn',hia-upper.;lip.tq stuff, a bar,-'
beVsi'ushioni!' dawn vto ithe.i little
n'k-klod-faccd, o'Iegged'.'j'cafrbfr-
r gaping corps, tq 'be ifl. attendance' at
the close, to stare .at. the- bvdies as they
ferit6f''.fcnd-Ueavb .the fchdrch- and .to
make'detictite''aiidri Ungbntlema'nTy TcV
Alilwhoiisbi t,P ente'. the abpve'corps
will: appear I. at! tho: different, churcb
dtjdrsl'ns-thir'frtney' -tead next-Sab-
appeancol wnclnpaHiiity ,pfld braids
rdgistereo1 ra;a bo
:l"i"'''ii"'U ;.'-ij .k',
booki for that purpose
IJ, T : j I.....1 o-f mi
il'r"V.Rtlin(t'x n ihsurmice poltoy--If I caul
sell lt,l cun-ci'i it ;nnq it 4A.tm.cu1 ns jjcao iscti
"' .'! 'C'H i-il- i-i-i. ,ij fc'7!.
, j Whiskey; rori;. Rats.--A .
Qorr'ospondent of the VArkansas'. I
Coriserrativej.wHosrj hpuse. was.; i
overrun with rats, says a. servant; ;
who had seen th'e effect of whis- .-r
ky pn hlpeb's, thought she .would
try an experirnint on. rots,. Ac-j
cordingly'i6he :tookv-.;aif email:;;
quantity, made 'it- yersSvcct ' '
with 6ar, crumhled;in Ijread ';
enough ''fop the crowd anset'
t,he dishin the : cellar,. 'A-iew'
hours after she. went do; and; r
found several 1 rats gloiusly
fuddledengagecl in, throwing 1
potato parings1 and Iiaulin cne- i
another, up '. to 'drink, T These :
were easily disposed; -of ; those .1
riot killed left the premises, im
mediately, suffering from . a;se-
vere headache:
; ".j ,
The - California ' -Lcgisjature, :
have elected Eugene ' Casserl
(JUemocrat,; U lyted btates Senr
ator, to succeed Senator ' Con'i i
nesiaj (iiepuhlican.)' 'l''!'
. .. ' 1 j , .. 1. :.
; A Ghase newspaper in to. bo :st'jirtei-
in Washington, it is said
I, Yov have never .beard -of a woniah''-',
with pretty angles and wbole stocK-V.
ings,' complain of wet Bidewalss or :;,
muddy crossings. " y '''" " 'xf-.-n
Tobacco isliiucb tallied about. It .
is in almost everybody's niouth:'7 ( ';' t.
Why are Odd-fellows like sauBages?' a
Because they are linked togetbor -;: '
' When is a house like a bird ? When
il has a wing.. . ' ' ' "' ' " '' '" "'5 Jt"'
"' Why cannot a cook . eat her apron?
Because it goes against her stomach'
' :- . ' . '' - : ...if - .... ... '
' Why is dancing like milk? ;B.ecaiisd
it strengthens the calves'. I" '
Why. is a prudent, jnan likea pin?,,..
Because his head - p'revents Turn from ..
going too far.; . .r:j.-.;i-f ,:,:r ,,'c
' When does;a man have to keep bis rj
word?,- When no one will take t, ,-.
; Why is a learned man like a scar'"
let? Because he is deep. read. .7 y.7:
, AYhen is a lover lifio ' oTi ailor ?
When he dresses Lis puit. ',
'!;i 1
1, Why are vour eyes Hko staffo'.': -
horses? Because they aVe-. Under tb3'
laehes ' 'j-is -wv c-a fryo vra:j t;i-;v
-1 r... '. .! r,t ...-' : (- - 'I
Esteem, ia, tho mother of lovo," "but
the daughter is often older than the
mother. - -,
r :: .
Peace is tho evening star of the
soul, as virtue is its son, and th tw
are never far apart. ..
- LtTTtE minds rejoice over tho'errdra
of nic'ri'of gdniug,- aa the' owl ri-cjoices
at an eclipse.,-r , -f vr dtnoLI
"' T, ue grafts that circumstances raae. -f t
in our charactor, we are- apt to regard ,
as its native fruit. . . ...
.!):. fi't;fnni;a
! The shortestday.oi our year comes
in winter fit; emblem of our;Jife;.'a.'
Qnce dai-k, cOjd and short) L';-i j,w0.:
j 1 Wisdom- is' tin open .fountain Sybpsa ri ?
watersj ar;npt tp .be .sealed ppbut
kept running for the benefit of all.
He wh.o'dreads giving light. to the
people Is liie" '& ' man1 "who 'biiuda
house ; with9u windows. -,fof ' fcajtof
lightening. . ;-;! u svii
ij .Passion is "ft Keen ; observer, but a '
WretchelT reason nr.' Tt is Hk tni tel-
p'flfnfl-wiiosa field'is cloarjfr?' the inoreV i
v ., . - ,
'(Opbn ycrihoartftto-.tfypathj, but.;
nnrfiinst therain. ' ' '"
elosff, it tp' qt9ppnaeny.,r?'JL;he, flower-,.,
wbUjb onons to rece the dew huta '"J
A i.. JJ ' UI
i Some fisherman use couon ior Dair; -eq
bUome wdmen'. "WilU S;rj-x!U
' A! ' Southern Savings . ?bani,' estab-;! T
lipbeiJ: by , iiegrQejB cpHapsedj ,becu8e;i
tbe depositors withdrew all fhe wnda-,'

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