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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, January 23, 1868, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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Democratic; tqxnir
v , : V;: : f I. V. iuwtx.auiTO- AStn-aof
nnrltinc U 1 W T n Pi fnllNTY
k. ms"T---. -"iP--'ir' "Vi ill
of tht I'nurt iionttt.
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Our ti'.rnu require psymant to be ml M tietw
lt,i -im A the rime nnbwnbe.1. f..r. will h eoti'il-.
ira l R nev etwiR-ment ; nrt nn l"ll,''r1, ',ar
eoniinuoH uni I alter nil i.rrenr..; -nn"rp.V.
Imna lathe county. ho. poewlttcc i out w tnc
- i 1 nn tie cnnntTi "r -1.4.1
r?j? W Oi .4 D FiT TISJNO ' '
Ten 1lnf this type. h 'I wuuP'"1 ?T
the int'. iwike one tqiWW. f, 0
n (iiiris one iniertKMi,-- . V)
th. m,uh.. h.it!1
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K cliiinn, is ( 10 '
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Il,i,:.!."rrt.. fr-m 0 f. XOIin.. r''';"'"' 00
DiT.iroe Noticee, tioteicesding-' " l'n 1 ,
..artTiinpe,) , , ' 4 no
Eu-h .ia tif.nal lOllnen. Suo
AttHli.iieiit Notices, (in , -
Aiimii.iHtr..ior'i or Executor .Notiee,im jw
' SSrV rn..wy hu'lmndi er w.tc.. denbl
rtXaZ. Bf'irrmge Nniioe.cord
inutotheliber .liiyol tne imrtie. ,
SoCt ih the local column, -'centi per; line frr
Km.pee.oi'politieiil meetmn
, tree
Gold's Old Stand, near the Steam Mill,
r wcaTit-'UR, o"n to,
I' s pTPP,ed to do ll anauer ef blMk-ttaithing,
nich ae . ,. ,... '
Utrtt Muting,. - . ' ' . j . .
-: . . - , Jtaggtn. I
."' " - ' .-. :
; mni H mmnficlufe andrepn-r ef til klod.. Ajn
- "luiml l.n..le...ei.w aid tdgj TooIh. Alt U.k
doj m u'i.Anui.l manner nd warnuitea. I"1-
a. earn.' w.iiii.t.a.' A.tiKtrtv M.wnoertii
All Simla of Centers and Bed Faateninjt,
TefEelilnox'-s ; of ; all
XS-ixxcio 4FLoxa.irocl-
TilKVnre Manufn'tured nt the i''..undryie old
low i-an he bougi.t in any Market.
J)tiffl;e.idJrei9-lteed'a Miila. V.utonCQUnty.O.
May It, 13ii7-ly
mmon couhty bank
J03.1. MclJO W E Ll , , J Al. W. DEI.AT.
I'aiaiui.nr. ' i''"1'".
a bundy. . o. DoDaa, anbrk oi.,
f. AVtTW, -.. mHllliU, IUI tOk,
HAVING firmed a eo-parrnereliipfor the purpose
of conducting a .. u ... :
UUSlN KS3, r
and with emple foollltiee fir, the traneactlonof any
b'iiwi periaming to legitimate Kankmg. vre tender
out eerficee to the bMfi pubh wnerel I v.'
,Vi HlTlf .ND SiLI. EX'iH Ntifcj, t.i'IN AM)
-BOVD-i. . Money loiiie I at re nonable rtes on an
''eeii'tb e'pier llH,mue Stampa ' alaaya on hand
an I for Kale. Interest oa time deiwsiw. .
"perxoiwwah nto reinitinoiey to ForeignCoun
' trio can obtain Drftft at our oth.:e.
. February 7,la-ly . r. .. ir;'7
CUAd. UltO'VN, I'rtt t. , UAN. WlbWCoaA
W f L L, ' B tl( ) W N k CO.,
a'lUcoe.irw fan. H 'ill $ Bro't Stori, Ntrth
Side. Vain Street, ," .' , ' ' j
a nrKvn AT.' BANKING I.USIKa.98
J) Deal Sn Exchange.; GoTDtntnt Becun-i
i ljil, BlHCk, Uon.), uoi.i nuu, w. .
EDepoHii reoeiTed..; Interest paid en time
Jtpositj.. ,' . " ': '. .'
Collodions mado" at all sceembls points
io the UniteJ dtateii. " ' ' j' 1 :
UniteJ Swies ReTenus SlnrafS for wile.
,S5 Allbuefhess done on the mot li.be rsl terms
and with th utmost promptneis; "
February 18, 1N6T-Iy"-;', ,..
ltrltt'praerift'S'm the-jorw-or Jaekeoiii, Vietor
VV inil othe eohntiea t: -i.a.. .
."ii.lc.'laodiiE j
e- I A
,v'.k i r.r K &V I.LL.E. ..OKI 0
' -n 4 -. w - - v- - . . . . . . . (
i. 'il';Aj;.r..-.S.r' fiia nro
AY I E. it nn unKi-m-u i .:..,-; 1 : ',n
fe tlnnalaerviceeto thecitlseos of Alleoeville
and inrrnonl.ereouair7.
IV trmie.l to h- " in Vjitou,!-
en C corner Mnnnnrt MMKftK'rr
pr corner Mn-nnnri MHikMa'rpfiF.i
.'sr.. Mr
vw'Mtion, tit the oflle in Iwkum, Ohio. 1 .
Mayan, 16i.T-t- - - .;J
jCV-ttoxxioy n,t Law,
.; ..MeARTjiy". ..oino.
HtM t'irit tii aniUhcin.J MfM't nf io. "
mil f'CI! It ( II. Jr..
,,R"r 1 1' 1 '. ,'.
: v SHEET fiilUflC, ;:
:m u.s i c ; O P K S -
, nn All. itns or :::
IWfOn rER ol rreneli, Germeq end Jmlien Violin
string'. ' : " ' ' :
.The'lredeniipj.Med on.thf mojtjjbnrel lrm, ,
' Vaieral WtiltTiy Ag'tnlor' - ' v
1 ...1 j; : i.t.vTH ,;:.4.J.:;;;..;;::-'
' . . M.ELODEON, ( .
; ' air jut ciLBAi?r. ;?: '
. ai.ro a 1. a nan hx'Cic or i ,
From the FeA-toileiof ihe.' iiinit of t:ri.r.iisTr.n
.Mfitme, which 1 will eell lo for eiieh.
" " oirt Pino leken In -hlie ormee'. "
VHmio end. Urnn fur le end to rent, y the
. Mmth,' Quarttr er(, Jror,. .( ;
nmountpeii. for;, rent being eppliei, te nr
tAnse. If desired. ' - ., '
KiT Agent for Okinet Orone Pit"
wnte.l in e?crj too in Ohio, lridiim
Ken'ncky. -. .i- i ' j. .(.
AditreM,- ? : T - - '
June 21 18CT-1 Cinritmeti 1
D 11. Mill? Civ
Attorney at Law,
WILL attend promptly al lea d" .taina ont
triiKte.l to h.a cure, in . f Liton and adjoining
uountiea. nfflce in the Court Houae. .. . .
.Iulyll,lCT-ly.: ' '
- .!. MliM II 111 Dfii I'.;-.' 1
, . ,.pMDcIWBsa.lU.&!;. :,
MoAr aurjmo;;,
josksa ai)B.SHr. . ..TI'MA "h' -jfv
A ttornovg at IitlW, -
M.iuwirTm lmtToe finmrrT. OHIO. ;1
Wluun MUTr.
uiunM VlffTl IN COUNT V. OtllO, ';
'rHANKFUi.for ti.; ijjr'wT'A.'
I th'ttwo paatyeaia, iw wimim. --j
nghiprolesMnnalerviVe,tl.atnrnayaliiy! be
ound at h a umce or rea.nm. p, vn .u .
em. abaent en proienmnai i.u..i.n. ,
February t, IWi7 lu
' -ss.---J-'" 'TTvr, n 1
' U C T 1 0 N" Vj- IV -It ,
r . '
Xal dense x
- AV'NO been lil-enaed to ilispeRO or property oy
H ...,,!. h. Will nromiHlv attend : II sue.
t," k Vinton .lounty v. -h.M. .'.oiicitetf.
AtiTiW - ! T f " :
t ..r, KToOnWKLIt.r
Attorney -sw.p
' ASP i,t ..J,af.- S.'l ''
LM. Claim Aarenl,
WIl.tj practice jn Vinton. aim amoinmK eenn.iee.
Alan, lieputy Colle..t'.r'onnternaI KOTeuuf..
- '"I". .. .... ...
Orrica in me viniou wu.'.j 4.u.
Juns T. tssi em i.r . j'
,'-'. n.i '
17 A T T A'NT) :: 'WINTER
, .i ... .i AT .rt , . -,- '
! EV D.'DODGE'S 1 '
MAIN STREET, . .,':, -
T HAVE Inat received a large sml well aeieeiea
I ..l, nfFoll ami W
ock of Fall aird Whiter Dry ooone, nniinna, on.,
i 4 ;.. 4a...K..trnMiiBii forcaeh.
'dutt4K the deuline in prices, .i).iea 1 'r'-.f ' '!
whieh-wer'e uurehaeed
..'I ti I hate all the latetijle of ,,, j
Dres$ Q6qda ;'';aii 'Tlam-iiid
4 ,.',.'!. Pane: CrQflyfsaTi Z '"
White Gtfodi? 2 r' Laces; '- Embroideries,
Table Linen,' ' V'Ttrwelini. ' Fbswts, "I ;,
Malniorftl Skirts, Hoop SkirtsV Hosiery, ..
v y A.nice an? comp.eie wwiiin. ur 1 .,n ,
Hi'ni'a gov's ctoTmnG.
4AWninsro(-s)l SindiroTNOTIpt:
"Iwni nol beiimleraoWby ar Hue jWi 4rk.
jdowed with the most, remerkable tl-
'ents, aiid, like all theladiiM who hed
rank t tho cnrt, hssl only had time
,0- mK.L- 1BtiM M belong to
" 'm.-.-Ii .r-i- ;-v-'., ,. '
jny 0no'.''f'Ticy Line sufferings of
Ponton. 'f OnfT'dfiy, wi)ilp ;rp's!ifir the
rp hy- m le riff .row. wma. al
courlierj wcneVully jto d.cHd tt ."emotion,-!
ebul'd hot "but Uxk with "ai kiud.iofi
pleaHuro ut thetie wajjonstnd Jthe lit
tfe' wagoners,1 w ho, by-the-by, . were
yotiiif, 'and 'pretty. country -women.
Sudden I jv'iis the Tthilf cume. to a
stand, tjhe eyes ofM.'de Titllfyrand
chanced to rest upon one of, tHeyoijhg
wpnien, who uppenrea more lovely
and graceful than the ptb, er..1' An ex-
claTnfttiqn escaped from
wnoso country urewi' ana lrf nat
. y, B
bwpokei daily rimts to th market.
AaLbenehTthe M&m
. .-I'ft '
she ;recterriicd Imtnedi.;
' ; i..;
raim, wnom, 8ii rectniBcu.iniTH-ui-.
-4.i 1... ' -
"What! is it yoeT-eicisimed she.
'inYes, indeed,, iCv'V Bue'yon-h5
diat ai-eyot doibere?" . -iCJ,
lci, on uurm
if nat are yoi noirtg nerer .oni.,r ,
"I," said the; y9nng ;woman;Vam!th.
.fJ i.il 4 a'A'IH' -r;fheartV
wnituie lur ni tai u m padq i a ani
going j.to 911 my, greens and vegeta
bles at'the market."; . ; .,!;V v.',,. :
' 'At that moment the wagons began
to mnfi on she of the straw hat an.
pliei the whi to""ber'horse,.-toid M.l
de. Talleyrand the name pi the .yiiiage.
tie 1 iif.j ranu in nnnic yi uic .TiiioKc,!
. ,. j '.4.
wnere sne w:tn tirins, nnu rvqaenuiig:
him earnenly io' .COrfe;.nd see' her,
die.iFrrarVd,1eayi.g him at if. rircted,
11 1
to .the pot by .this strange apparition.
Who'1 was ithis 1 young, ..market
.woman f,",' Madame , la Comttese de la
Tonf-de Pin,' (arfemoiaeleVde'li
lon'thV'mo-tlegNet among the la
dies of the conrt.of Loa'vi TI., King
of frsnce, and. whoso moral .and.it
tellecteal worth Had. shone with such
diir.elfug Instre in the-society of her
numerous admirers nJ friends." At
the time when the French nobility
cmigTsle.d, she was ! young, lively; en-
that 'Woman.' -bom - ini.- the. lap of
i.'i ' vj-'-ti' 1: vlf;:!JtV
jweailll.anu ( no nnu ui rfunu nuuiui
but Frfamrt -.under , the gilded ceil-
iegs of ihe rpyal. palacwot V ersatlles,
when all at once, she found, herself
surrounded "with Mood and rnamacres
and saw tTerv' kind of danger ';bBet-
, , - lij
tiniT her' f Ouhe;' and' beloved husband
... .
and 10101 iCniltt
TI.ey succeeded in ' flying .; from
France.' It was their :.go6tlv'forturle to,
escape tromTne oioouy miw.iikis
Robespierre' nd hia assoiates-wre
Ju. ... i,.,..inV nf d.jik ' Alas! in
escape fromThe oloouy uana. wnere.
tHOSe USA'S 0 terror III" uwwr cuiiui
' -7' . i J :ij '. ':
themselTes .abandoned the f parental
root fbr, hb; hiding-placeas secure
against the vigilant eyes .oJUipae
.'Tmotistrs who - thirsted for innocent
,'- ' ' i t'.'' -nv:iii;
.-The fugutives !jan(ed". ,iu,,!;morita,
onrl' fii-sf. wont to Boston, where. they
found a retreatVBujt . w;hatga'; change
fn-e !fh rmnnfn lasnionaDie ana. preuy
riay. 'sp'oiia . from ' infancy by 16ud
continued praises of. her beauty 4
extraviiizantly : 'fori4't0t,-nis'',wif8r; At
the cburt of ;Fwince he vhad seen her,
object .of general ; .admiration , In
fin,!1, iior conduct "had always, beer
virtuous and exemplary ;: bu.t,,pOw, in
a iore.igrj( wuui .u,;y,l";,$ y-" i 'T.ir"
eated' renubUcanSi"n?C)i JYJiatiWas
tho selbf Cou.rUy .:refift(mnta ? i., t
-r ..a lt4 .wita in hftftino Tifir es-
capiVonii all the perils-he had dreiid
ed on her o.wa acQn ti.n cbuld
riot but delorej'the future lot btj the
'5fA "AVia'!. DOM'ro?,'' iHoweyer, teith
thnrudent foresight ef a good-Mher
Vy .'Ji-j'-i.?.'..' -efflrwMl hisaJ
ana a kiuu umuonu, uv v. .
soU 'Bgninst despairy and, ertT hiTO:
"i nAU'nnlflaa tola
sell to reuuor uicn wa
arable than that of toany 'emigrknta.
L his 'liw V
to Mts Muller's; to meei the looks of
'.If? hora he Pted
'io 8ee tears .Meanwhile,,
. 7 " ,:. . ,,- T 1 . .
god bostess Wou g.fe him; a
shhke of the band, and repeat I
. -. , ,., .. - :. .. .
''were to be at lasLexempt irom want
. ' wr'Btarying Vheh ' thfc7 little
,rnnmy tnev Drouirni over wiih inem
had .been exhausted. Not word of
En.r'iflh did he know, but his wife
spok-yit fluently, and amirably well
T! y bok'rded"at'""Mr8. "Jtuller's,' a
Matured notable
omiin, who,' on
every occasion, showed the greatest
ren'nwt' and admiration 'fbr her fair ,
boarder. .' let M. 'de la T6ur-dU-Pin
1. ' : . . . . . .
nnn')itfiiiT.'rlri.n(. ut. tr. frinvcr-
sation of that good, plain, and well. !
iia .fcnaa !
...V44I.IP41 WV.4...44 444 1444. WW
: I j." ' I"i.'l.s'ril. ..! i wi. .4 1
oi greiw ennui u inn ittuy. w nut
contract with" the society of such gen
tlemen m M. de Norbonne, M.1 de
Talleyrand, and the high-minded end
it'l?61' d nobiIit?' 6f Vhen -
!eer1'tl inking of this1 transition1, (par
when; ibseni!from his wife
ib,ent!fom his wife
, SJ .
.,1 v.h:. 'w' r i. .-4
",,u VT'", . , . -
auch nunira -nd' heart throbWwr'a to
-uch pungs and heart throbbing. a
make him apprehensiye, on his retu
t--, r 3 v . .
make nim apprenensiye, on nm return
te ' him, Happy r, biisbaad f ' happy
hisb'e'ridi; '
' At1 last 'came the' day when' the
lUfUblTD lUUliljr JV1U 4VH4 Ull.g-
h6iisVbf Mrs. MulhJr to go and in-
'habit their' little cottage, when they
, , . , - . -
n onjy sery.nt a' n.gro.-'a
k,,"d f k-of-aFF-trades, y. ga
Auttaw, fiiAlmon - anH ; nnftlrli-r h O hint.
defier, ' footman, arid 'cook the last
function'M. de la Tourdu-Pin dreaded
moet of all to see him undertake.
Tt was almost dinner time;1' The
pooeihtsrrant' Went into' his. earden
o gather some fruit,' arid tarried as
lonir as possible. ' On his return home
his wife "was absent. ' Lookinj: for
her, he entered the kitchen, and saw
a yoiing country woman,' with her beck
to the door, kneading dough, her arms
of snowy Whiteness bare to the
elbows."'".1" 11 ' '
M. tlo la Tour du-Pin started; the
yoiing -woman turried round. It was
his beloved wife, who had eachahged
her muslin arid"' silk for a country
dress ribt as for a 'fancy balljbutto
plsy the part or a'real tamer s wne.
At the sight of her'hiisband het" cheeks
crimsoned, and" she" joined 'her hands
in a supplicating manner. ",0h I my
love,1' said she, "don't laijgh at me;, I
am as expert as .Mrs. Muller." " ' .
f.Too..fulli of profound emotion to
speak, 4he clasped heri to, hia bosom,
and- kiSsed her ryently; f rom nis
iriquiries, he learned ..that when he
imno-incd her triven.un to do despair,
she had employed her time more Use
ful, for their future hardiness, bhe
had ' taken ' lessons' frcto 'Mrs. Mulief
afidr " her 'aervante.1' and; after six
mon'thei had' become skilful in' the
culinary" art,1 arid' a'lhorohgb" house-
keener discovering her angelic . aa-
tiiifa arid 'admirable fortitude. ; ' ' '
()"bcarcs "o writin'ued' ;sh'e,' '-'it you
1 "WTs in a mo
mcnt understand what cost'efa country-
vnmiii nomfitimeB. .one or two years.
Now wo Blialt be happy ; you will no
.i j i -.i . .fe-'
you many prooiBf. puiii. om, ws
mitVi u riAwitchin!? sriiilo upon' hi m
.vr:.7i, yTi T .... -1. i o ,
"fTnmn. r.ome.vou promised us a salad,
and I am coinif to bail for to-morrow ;
tha evea is hot! r To-day the bread, of
;tha towit will: doj-jbut. V!;,tiODceior
ward leave lt to me. ;. ; ;
From that moment Jladara de Ja
ouru-lPi kept.'hcr word.:';She iri-
... it
rAsfsrsfcd W goiugi herself to, Boston to
sbll tet Vegetablea arid, creitm; cneeses.
it'Wuso'ri Bacl errahd th8t :MJde
Talleyriftidtnbt het.'i.jThe. day
hWnatti her i 'visit and afouud; ,hor in
poultry yard, surrounded by- a host of
fowls, hungry ohickst':and pigoons.'
A Sha was jtlPtpat she had proraisaa
liiftUh' had beeA
,tolWucb li'en'efitleltnat Bhe'-'sCBthid'
lesB mtitruwiA. uj .4. uuuuv.w. . .
winter. " Iler beauty, which had been
remarkable iri the gorgeous palaco of
Versailles, was dnzzlirig in "her eottago
Jb tbe'teir world! M. d Talleyrand
aid so to her '
' "Indeed!" replied she, with nalyette,
'indeed, do : VOU - think 80? " I am
usiigmeu w-utur .j. a-wvmau-
always' arid everywhere proud of ber
- 1 v . ' : ...
personal anracuona.
" At that moment the blaclc Mrvant
bolted into the drawing-room, Holding
in ktfs Kind hf jacket With a Ions rent
( , . ,w 1
in iha ' har-tr.' 'ilissia. him iaiika
10 toe bacu. "iiissis, nim jaeuei
A. . t m . e 1
torn ; please mend him."
i She immediately 4ook . -needle.
repaired CullahV jacket, and contin.
ued the conteraat
eimplicity.,- ( . '
'This, jittlo ad.
conyereutfou with a charming
'Thi, .littl. .dvntur. mad. a deep
u u i w j ' m i
imnrMBion. on th blind xtf M.- aTI
- '" - - . - ,. , '
ton of yoico peculiar to turn.
k:..o.) r. , ; .-r . , 0
TlesetforustoUlfle. LUe lsbrtet, .. . '
"And sin la here. 1
Osi see is tbe AtUiag of s leaf, : . ' f . i '. :I i v
,. i A uropsing tear. ... ... ...
We iiava no lima to ynort awnr tHe hanes. '
XII should I earnest Ins world like ours. '. :
Hot sasny lire, hut only onehsTs we , .
' Osr otolS one '" -- ' '
How sscred atould that one life STMbs .
. :lf .That pairow span ! . , .
Dar aflor day Oiled irti with blamaadtOll:
Hour after bo ur still bringing la new spolL. i . :
ljhsa''Ist u clasp th'nw-born bhlld- J ;"i -
( .. This Infant year "
Enjoy Its fragrant lireatb, Its ssnoy smiles.
r fare siaris me tear -. f-rr
Which warna na that the lot of man Is Cala. -
And csllsus back o duty's atU again. , .
ion of the Emerald -Isle, but sot
himself, ereen. war '.taken up (for ; be
was ft the time down)- near -Manassas
Jnnetion, by a Uoniederate scouting
party. . r ,
He wore ' no special uniferm of
either ariny, but. looked riiore:like a
pyr than volunteer,, and Oa i this
ground'was arrested.-- , ; ; r, -,
, ".Who ; are you, what' your name,
and where you from ?" were" the first
questions put to him by thear'med
party; "",s C)'tl' r'::' :':
Pat rubbed his eyes, scratched his
head, and answered, slowly
.' "Be gerra, g.ntlemfn,'fthis is ugly
questions to answer, and beore I an
swer any 6f them. Id be after axing
ye by'yer lave,' the sarne thing."
"Wei), we are ef Scott s army, and
belong in Washington," said the leader
of the party.' '"'' ' ' " '' ' ' ,
"AH right," says Pat; "I knowed
ye was gintlemin, for I am the same.
Long life to Gineral Scott!" I 1
.' rt Aha! now,' you rascal: yoa area
prisorior," replied the scout. ' "
",The scout seiEed Pat by the shoul
ders.' ' . "'' ;"'1' :'; '
"How Is that are we aet friends?"
inquired Pat. ' . "' '"
"rio, was me answer. "e oe
long to 'General Bauregard's army."
,. Thcn."ye told me a .lie' my boys,
arid thirikin' it might be so, I tould ye
another. Now' tell me the truth, arid
I'jl tell ye the trath, too." ; ' '
; l",Well,. we, belong' ta 'the State of
South' Carolina." ,; ; '".' '',.'.
"So do I,"' promptly responded Pat ;
"arid 'to'; all other States of the coun
try, too; and ther I'm thinking I beat
the whole of. ye.''.'.I)o' you think I'd
como all the way from ould Ireland to
belong to ono' State,- whon-J had a
right to belong to the whole of them?"
'' Pat was taken.'to tbe camp, but as
nothinz . could .be .. made -to , appear
against him, he was discharged. :
- J- ; 'i ...
Shellabanrer, of Ohio, it ja
saitf, will not' be'able to' resume
Ins seat in Congress.' He is af-
brain. ";,t: 'ri i
Mil '
l. TTxiox: Peace i Liberty:
"Without UntonTthere'can be ho
feace na wiipouj, x-.acv.
An Apologt. An old and popular
Irish .clergyman -.bud a disagreement
with one of his parishoners, who was
an ixtremely refractory character of
great wealth, but of low origin, vulgai
habits, and abusive tongue. Upon
hearing from-' a third party that hi
ancestry had been spoken or dispar
agingly by this rich boor, the old
pal-son, borrowing a Scriptural met
aphors exclaimed, . " Why, sir, . my
father, would not have set him with
the dogs of his flock."' This remark
reached the ear of tho nabob, who
immediately repaired to the clergyman
and demanded an apology. The good
61d man. listened .patiently to the
ravings, of bis parifchoner, and closed
the discussion with the remark: i
' "Did I really' aav that' bit father
.... "
would-riot have set vou' with his does?
I was wrong, air j believe he would,'
: ! '
., ...
'A SoTithern 'exchange says :
"We.hearct a very worthy old
freedman, who is ' be'ffinnin to
understand the working of the
League, ".give his opinion of it
the other day, as follows : i .
"I tell you, de League and de
darkies jis remind nie of when
old'inass'r atf:ad used to put
up; de fatten hogs. ; I'd take
bnie corn and scatter it 'long,
an as soon as dehbgs 'lid taste
itj dey d follow right long,
pickin up de grains, and never
lookin - ahead; and de fust ting
dey kriow'd dey was in do pen,
and de gap up I An dere dey
sraid till we knock'd 'rnrvon de
Little Bobby I say, ma,' is it
true that we are made "out of
dust? :
.JIa Yes, my boy; so wc aro
BobbyWell, I'll be hang
ed ifl believe it; 'cause,, if if
we was, when we sweat
wouldn't it be muddy? ;
Stanton took possession of
the War Department again on
the 11th inst, It is thought the
President will not recognize,
him officially, but will transact
all business with the Depart
ment through the General of
the Army. , '
Grant surrendered his post in
the "War Office without orders
from his superior officer. He
should be cashiered according
to "regulations." ' ',' "
"Wm. Henry. Smith, Secretary
of State of Ohio, has resigned
his office with a view to con
necting hiriiself with the now
evening paper to.be '.started in
Cincinnati, Gov. Hays has ap
pointed John Russell, late Chief
Clerk in the office, for the un
expired term. 7 ;r (L ' 'v''
,.!.liA7man at .Detroit Mich.,
skated sixty consecutive hours,
for $500. -i.'v : ,.,,h';
A radical preacher', of the
Methodist in Decatufjilowa, is
being tried for alledged ..'indis
cretions with 'the' ewe lambs of
J. '.' t
There is no jioubt of the tele
graph beii-g extended, to Santa
'Jeff. 'DaVis"- and -his family are
C I . ..

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