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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 06, 1868, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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I IK .V'V. H .'H.l.lilK 1 .'V - '
-lii.. , ; ; . M 'I t ,-
'"" -V U 7 M M M Vi U i-' V' I II ? Vi h IT.,? ;;;' ;!-; ''11 I ,.. Km
. nnwiv. i
aid Proprietor. J
j 'Wm hur, YMon
()CKty; biiiO: Thursday;'
i feeru aji y c, : i s gs ( .
J. W. IOWEN, Editor,
rdrnarjr 6, 1808.
OrriCiS Socood Story E. Di Dodge' Building,
Ona copy, 1 yeur, JliO I Oiiocopy.6 mo, J1.00
On copy, 6 Inos., 0.75 Oiiecjiv..1 inn., 0.40
Oua cviy eeut l'reu to Kt'turiup ul'CluUuI Teiu1
'--'aIfVKHTISINO bates."'""
One eqoara, 1 wtk 91.W One wiiinta lino. tZ.W
Yearly iiilvvrtlwiiiculii JI0O per coliuu, UUil
'at proportionate rutcw for kssspacu,.
For President of tie TJnited States,
Bullject to the tlwilslon of tho Democratic Nft--..
i . tiiuiul touveiuion. . :
Democratic State Ticket.
; . v ,.. For Bucri'tiuy of BUite,
''..' (Tfionias HuHardjOf Logan. ,
For Supremo Judge, . -.
William E. Finck, of Peny.
For Memlm Bord Tubllc Works, '
' ArtHnr Hnghea, of Cuyahoga.
r' " ' For School Commissioner,
Samuel J, Kirkwood, of Seneca.'
For Clerk of Supreme Court, , .
John M. Worjli, of MnlionlUK.
The. ipocinl elcctiou held in the
Eighth ; Corigrossloual Disti-ict foy
membot'of the lower llousobf Con
greBS, oa the 27th tilt.,.Te8uked in
tho election of tho Radical enndi
daU ; and . the Radical papers all
oveif ',tho .'Stato,, aud all tho street
. politiciarjS aro doing their prottiest
to torture the result into a Kadicftl
viotory! They want something td
'crow .about,' and' have", lieard , Qf
nothing else sinda jtey and nigger
Bimnige wore wiped out last fall.
WOVopethey. : will- liave a joyful
timfr.ah'd wilj maljo a groat ddal put
of what thoy call a t'roactiQn("-ra
"gain." - -
fccij (aj. Joolint some figures. In
18G3 tho IJadical majority in tho
district, was &,T6'1) r 1854, tho ma
jority was 2,007 ; in JSG5, bo major
ity ,waa,l,523j and in 1306, when
Mf. Hamilton; the lato inoumbent,
wa biqetod, the ljiajority. was 1,852,
LaBt'fall the majority for the Iladi
ca tickof fin' 1 the dktrkt. was 217
and ab 1 the election, last Monday
woolt, tho Radical candidate, lieatty
. roc.t!jye,d'80Q jnajqrity.. Jhis call
ed' 8 victory.- If it ia a victory; how
" wa5at tton.V.'. Ini.tlud way ; . After
Beatty was nominated, he rnade
Dpoeches,' in whicli 'hc annbuncod
himself in favor pf tho Pendleton
(JroenbTcfc doctrine in Usljillcst es
topt-ropiidjating in tptp , the pnly
doflniie issue ftf.his. party-and oc
cupying about tho sarrto position as
Col. Burns,' his opponent. On the
othof hand, the nomination of Col
Burns" wa3 the.most indjaoucet thing
tha party could have donej bocausoi
inlSCa andt'Cl,' bolted tho Demo
cratio organization' abd held a UfUe
Convention of his ow and gavo all
his support to thoso dow'ardly and in
human tyrants who attempted. to
tako the life of C..L..Vallandigham
Now, of course "hundreds of Demo
crats in tho. district will romember,
that ho, was 1 one rwbo criod ojat
against Tallandighain and will stay
away from tho' election, and. not
care whethor tho friolids pf.African
Buffrage cry victory or dofoat,in tho
8th districW,. That is, alt,r there is
about, tlio .'j victory ; '- ; reaction r
acting. j.. I r' t ft vv u iJOU
So Boatty., goes 'to , Congress
piuuguu iv vuiuugiuusii 1110 continua
tion of top. .National Banks and. for
the payment of tho National debt In
tho same kind of currency in Vuich
n was, contracted, vvnat no tut
Eads think of . the,vi'ctory ?" ! j
Is ii ('reaction reacting?"; ' - .s
: , - i ' ... ' f
Wk are under' obligfltions to lion
P. Van Trump, Membor of Con
gress from the Fairfield district, for
nunlfn rloprimiVnfa J -
Greenbacks for the luboririg tax
payers and gold for the bondhold
ers, wnose bonds are. exempt from
taxation, la tho rallying cry of Ead-
ical Pttntanisra'.: ;." '.'.'',' . ;?' k:; .,
Greenbacks are rocoived by those
who shed their blood that tho Union
might Tie perpotuated ; and prayj
why should not Walt street and the
bondholders tako' in ' payment for
their blood-bought gold interest the
earn kind of -money? -;
lien; William Golden has beep
appointed. PostmaBter at Athens, O.
Referring to the fact that Gen-1
erat Beatty was oliictodo' Congress
on tho Greenback theory the ' Allen
County Democrat says
";Th( first cloctioa held in Ohio,
then, is an endorsement of tho Pen
dleton plan of paying off the bonds
in greenbacks, both candidates be
ing pledged to! that policy. IIiiBza
for endlotoh- and Greenbacks !
More1 Money and'.'Lesa Taxation
onefttrrSiicy for alf l"""': ' ' ' .
j Ai the fiUit. Convention, ,wnich
assomblod dt Columbus, on tho 8th
of Januaryj Delegates' t$, tfQ Na
tionat Dcmocaatio Convention woro
choson for.; all ,th& . Congressional
Districts in, this State and Presi
dential Electors' Wore alBO;'chosett
iOr most of the Districts, which fact
Wo neglected to- publish ia the pro-
ceedinirs of tho ConYentiori: Tb'
Dclogatoa from tho sovoral countibs
in .the, 'aevoral i .Congressional Disr
tricts to the State Convention met
after thd Convention adjourned and
eloctod Delegates and Alternates
and part of, tho Electors. i .
' j For tho Eleventh (this) District
John Hamilton of Lawronco county,
ahd J. W. Rollins of , Scioto, wore
chose Delegates; and O." T.1 Gun
ning of Vinton, and II. Ondor
dbuk of Gallia, wore iOhoaea Alter
nates. '(.No. lElectoc was choaon.
Ejection for Bloctor was ' postponed
until the mooting pf tho Congres
sional Convention of the .District.
. Secretary Stanton isgotting along
,swniuiiug!y :'a,t the War , Dopart?
meno.-r-wwtiic'ocie btazme, -i ::..
If we were President,; we; would
tdst his "swimming" capacity in the
Potomac River. Chillkothe Adver
LThon alt would bo 'fquiot Co"; the
rotoinac-.s, ... v,- .
'Many of the papors arc in favor
of MayQr Hoffman of New York,be-
iqg nominated for Vice President. '
. 1 Why don't the editors in charge
of Radical papers give. their roadors
the particulars ot the daily irapes;
njurdors, and othor outrages, ; com
mitted by" their" negro pots, upon
wiiito women ana wnito mon
tliroughout tho oonhtry ? They are
tljo ' rcsalts' of the "'reconsfruct,ipn
acts of their party, id this :poqplo
sHqu!4 kiQy hpw they nve working,
Lot tho R&ohl give Its rcadcM'a
low cnapters. ; , ,(
We learn .hai; there ' tire a' Qu'm'
bp of soldiers' widows. In Vinton
county in a starving condition.1 'As
the Grand Army; of, tho Republic
w.ni,'iQrganized.',lor tho. .purppso p
assisting tho starving and crippled
soldiers,' and soldiers'' widovvif, -wo
Quld r.'call.'' 'ip', 'attenjipoif jtjio
branch of tho organization; in-this
town to that mattor. Let theG. A,
R. stand by ;ltfl 'nucjplcs aiut "ol
jqcts not dodgo ' around or .deny
What it has pledged itself to dp.
Wo think tho G.'AJR. has tulsifiod
itis professional ,an,4. .plapad ,i'tsoljt'ljn
tre category, af. Qther secret, cpm-
11100113' known to; be of a strictly
partizan ana uangorous ciiaracter,
It .professes to, have' , nothi ng. .to do
vfith politics.,'; Vt'' Wortp '; qf Is
I'hranchci" ia tho cities ,' have ae
cretly nominatod Gbant for Presi
dent. " Perhaps there are notarving
widows if jthe cities 6 carp for, ''If
that is tho cuse, thou :it has nothing
else to do hut dive into politics. '
The limb of the secret order- ifi' this
cPunty ought to try its hand In some
way, and riot lot Botchers' ' widows
starve, tq cjeatn. ,,,., .,,,.(
Democratic State Ticket. Our Ticket,
j An Illinois paper itaista thefol-
io,wing as its rrosiacntial ticket: ;
!' '" ' For President.'""' " ! '
i j)or Vice-rresidont, . i:Vn
f 'The people of this conntr' will
aujiyuri, iny uuuuai uqnui-
ftwualy. , We havon't any bondhold
ers nero. Maysville JSuuetm.
jAnd if you had, it makes no. dif
ference, as the " loyal ' and "patri
otic" sucks who hojd, ponds ' f.' have
no rights that tho people .are bound
toj respcct.n';;;"l l'"",
'Ibis trovernment was. notfvamed
for oppression, as its oornor-ttone is
Liberty.'1' "'' :!'1' -i '''-'.
If we expect; good times in' this
country, we mast look to the intor
estsof tho'"r 'r
Soldier! ..-,'Lr'.i"
.Farmer, i v.i j.,-v.-.j .-i
. V ' i ...
;" n
V -tl ;.:
. ,"J
t'-r ,-f
Poor Man,
and let tho bondholder go to where
they hum' hrituston and torture
8inner8.LL.,k v ....i .... -
Jfhe abovd is otJK ticket and we
shall suppprt it earnestlyfaithfullyi
and conscientiously through motives
t)ure( and hpnest;1 ' .'''
r If. grooiibacks , jure gooo ' enough
for tho soldier, they are - good
enough' for tha" Boridholderv
liey to gooa. euouga. ior ine
Former they ar rood enough for
Bondholder'.;:.! .' ;;t 1,;'., ,",
If they are good enough for the
merchant and mechanic, they1 arp
good enough for tho Bondholder...
' If, they are good enouga ior the
cioor man, they" are good enough for
anybody I Tpo' good, or tW loyal
sharks who skulked around the rear;
nvosted'lu the,' best paying bonds
cyer .isBued in the. world, and fittr
tenod while the Government ' was
aying. , . , . t, ,p ( , . .. .w8
Don t talk to ns about Bondhold
ers opposipg' pu(r",tIcUQ.t we don't
care a aooier ,., , t,
It is the-'pebplo'B ticket and" fye
ticket for tho, p9oplo, ftn'djq fre
sht'iBfled. i o - i..ii j. ; ii i .! .
,! Bondholders' opinion malcdc
t(ons,' and, crses J,to 1 the'.' contrary
People's Defender.
Aqother scoundrelly. )? h'a8
been introduced into -Congress
to squander the bcbVuVs.
divine patrimony the public
lands. - A million' of acres we
Wanted for , education In ' the
District of ' Columbia. ' t A
million more ' 'in, ! addition , 'to
the many milliona that have
already squandered ' upon ed
ucatiop, , The lands' granted
to Agricultural Colleges were
sold tq spectators ftt from dQ
to GO cents per acre, and the
purchasers lay their internal
scrip upon all the 1 best lands
that are 'lively soon : to.- be
within reach Of the market,-1-'
Cincinnati Times,1 - -
1 .Tub JItstic TtiKPi-K, is th title of t
new paper,' a copy of 'which we have juSt
reotWed, deVoted. (o the Iulerejls and de
vejopmeui of the principle of, Freitpjuon
ry.. It is published weekly by d 8ool
tfoo of Free masons, high, in drder, hatiog
the good1 of tlicr fellow-men at1 iearl, and
Is probably.'llie best Itiiaouib papr la the
country.; firery Mason Uould,hje
; Terms-Ou cop; one year, $i; nl for
six months, fli :.bt. k'-- . 1 si
j Address, The Fraternal Fnblishlng Co.',
No'. D Sprust strool.'NdW York Cliy." " "
jTiikrs were unclaimed (ettera for the
following1 persons, remaining; In' the Post
Offioo fMeArlhur,l,b.'.i;;8fl8
, ; Nannie, Black, , William Cline,, , John
Coffman, W., A. Petty, W.- L. Edmistcn, 3.
A.-C. Haihbarger, Sarah L. Harris; E. Hi
Jarvls, 0. W. LoTjn, Kate Mbran, 2; An
drew' Miller, ' Patid C, Shook, Tlffldren
1 If ..... , , . .
, Wc icnd,lii. wek oopiea of our paper
to our frionds, . throughout ! the eonutyi
loping Ibey1 may Carefully read It, and
will Ilka It much Metier now it' has-been
enlar'aeij and , much ' iipprpTJ,,.. and wilt
'end us their naaies an'4 .becorae regular
subscribers. ; n i (.-, t . j .,'( ,
I .:.''" 1 1 1 '.' 1 n i ;i):.-it ii'.
' ; f,QOK Hiail Wr wilh. aU lour i Deoo;
orttie frlonds to asiist ' uS in the. olrtbla-
tion of the Democratic Enuirtr nd sionre
si large list' of subscribers. ' Let ".our
neighbor see -this paper nd ask him to
subsoribe fort. " M,v"- ''"
it : : u.i i i u
; Tbi British paper says the Zaleskt Com
pany ts growing- rich. ' Of eourse it is
STerythlng the Company own grows even
the hay stnoks grow and look very; beauti
ful and green., The 91 anlaxed town tote
don't grow quite as muoh as the thousands
of dflHars of fusnaoe nrqperty that is not
taxed. Nothing could help growing over
in the irovincs: An act of ihe British
Parliament . would , Start , the aooouut
against a poor, hardworking Buokeye or
Irishman to growing like a eweef potato
tins 'in AugOTt. - '''-'' d '' .l'
, I . . ' ' ' ' I'urtu:
1 j Tbi unequal taxation sheet over hi the
Prorinoe wants to know If w hate erer
attended Sabbath. Bcliool. We never at
tended a Sabbath Sohool whore a ' Peter
Plumfull ",, was Superintendent. I, ;, -
! ' ' -'. XI ." V, ! ,(..'.
I Ttii Her. N. Smith wii deliver a leo-
tare at - the Court Houae, on to-morrow
(Friday) evening, in behalf of the widows
tf mlt.'.' '- -'u'. -'...-I-.. '..' !
j T.. B Davis, of this town, has shipped
during the past tea day 1,600 bottles of
Catawba and Concord Wine to Gallatin,
rennssee. ;'"';" ' :;' 1 '-
Jontr Sxal, cronrietor of ' the Tonnerr
la this town, was arreaedf and taken it-
fdre U. 8. ; Commissiorrer Ilallidaj, on a
barge ,of violating the. internal revenue
law. He bound over to appear on the 25lb
of thia month. , Z u"
Tbb ; following' named person were
granted Teacher's Certificates,' at 1 the
regular meeting of the Board of Exm-
lpersDeia list ptmraay: ;r ,, ,i lf
Far Sit MmthiC, . M.,, Weed, , lissie
Tremiin, Ariatides Fouch, Matilda . Miav
ear, Sarah Crawforj;- Emraa "'Winter,
Mis T. A. Brewer. Uisi E. A. Mace, "and
Jhlia A. Hurley. ' '
"' ,Far, Jtyfoa woflfts Julia Carry, tiuie
Rennalls, Sallie H. Kannalls, Jackson
Daret, Cynthia Ullem; 'ft .-)-,
For KgKlttn monthi Klohard Craig. ''
' ! ..... , tl - ' m, ' -.! .',
Bolt or Holloa. The following pupils
of the Io Arthur Vnlon' Schools ftave
shown a porfect grade in deportment and
their several branohes of sty dy during
tM past month it. 1j -.i.iri." nji .lit
Lanni Hawk, f ?allie ' Payn,1 Almlra
Mark,' C. .W. Hudson.'1 Xev'erett' Pearce,
T. JTimmone, Samuel .Nixon, I.uoretla
Tlmmoner Daver Pearee, ..tLaFayetti
Sprague, Robert .So, Bsnning .Balrf,
Sarah Bill, Eliie West, Cera Btroeg, Luey
Lilllbridge, Anni Winder, Bailie Rankin
andU Brnwi',t;,t'.ftw ,wi
X'.u -t-
Tgoi of.Ui fri4iers ,bf Vten county
is lalkiag of selling thein Sbsep, think
Ing the price e-f wool wDl stun dowa. .Ws
would ad.xise VooJ rljt rs to hold on ' to
.their .,8Mp, ;,.'knd Vs" 'gooi;- tare
of them IhU winter, at, tha demand for
wool the coming aeasos tiU . be greater
thaa ths sUBplr. ' I ' '.' ' . ,!
j Maiy of our farnteri would find It to be
rsr more profitable ir loy wouia aispose
of their eoarse wol slieep and raise those
of a floer grade thoM raised by A. ft E.
D. Wolf, of this town,! are ftt the. hest
qpH,tJ.'' T V.Jj'h,' llJ8 pP for
i Two horses, attacli-d to a afeigli, run
away from Pan. Will & Bra's store last
Saturday, - On o, the h arses was badly
injured by failing n tb froisn ground,
General Report
Qf the N: Arthur Unwn Schools, for
the' Term 6f Fourteen ks, End
ini Dec'. 20.1m-. '.'i: ' .
Whole N lumber PiyiiU earollej, ..
Arerage daily atteadaio , .. :.
j 1 ' ' absence. ' i
' f ' number belonging, ' "
; ".;' per cent, of Uedanoi J '
'j 'I (,,, wfjw'.v. 4-.- I '"! ... .
Number of Visitors. !.'' '
of vSalts by Sanerfntehdenl ' 140
j "u( ' 'of pupils who hale not miss
" who,he not Veen Urdj .
vi. of tad. narka, -n. , :;
-1 of tardy rhatki eiensed, "
, CI
v. pupils wilndrawn,
M. R. BARNES, Sup't.
Tir? Board qfSoho.or.Bireciari of the
iSaleski IatitpeaUent Soi.pl IUitriol met
last Friday week and elected Wn. Baugh,
man. President,1 A. W. alnev, SeTe(ary,
and R'.' E. Phillips',' Trastlrer;:
' j SoMX one of the members of the British
Eariiarpep't'OTer i (he, lrovinoe o'f'i? tf
lekl, 04 lUt .y8li naae a general
ami M terrible attook apoa tbe, AVjuirsr
and in editor, tasi week, In the anti-tax-
'a'tioU orgin printed in 'the1 Interest of the
.arjiinien'l.' Jhe 'oidf towloo lord 'tries
to make' U too, Byckejesand Irish thiqk
the leditof bf ,thi paper i meaner than
('his member of the British Parliaments
'j He1 first' gel; ' very ;rthyj beoause
e stated,' (wo'l wees',' ego,'' tnatMt
didn'li .. eost 'i'the' ' Bfltiih' ',, 51,300 '.'.'a
year to run a paper to oppose the taxing
of 91 town tots and thousand of dollar
of Furnaee property. "Jtrj "wrathy,' ii
dod, hegdU.' Begins lo 'sail hard names
i-even steals part of ,hii own , name to
nake one, .for us. .. Th,at'a lvl k9 lb
: PrtJi.th.- . T'y mey.ooV.V eteaj ljciih
' amerio nce, but made a u.agugtful fall
are,'' Someof theje Zileskl British ari-'
iooratsavf jdt abpnt a) muoh. sense'as
ib.B.jitish'iho;.fqa&b; .the. Y,nks In
the Revolutionary war. v They; know a.
(r'eat deal' when 'they are in England
omi'n'eerihg 'e'r the poor1 people, and
whenihsy arrive la America and esUb
Ilsb. ' Prqvinje n,thrBig Creek, they
now so muoh more that they think they
lust domineer over every body and every
ihing - even "agRo'lif ".a" f, CieJ , Pig
ri?er'(tajtqaUrisl ad BqoWt P'l"
ndolosa them up pusuaat to ''an ao of
'nrliasaenU"' 1,1 -' ' ,f ! i '; -,
j He; thed' taik'i very targe" about (he
Enlargement of Ibis paper; but owns up
iha't hft hed about ."paying $1,200 a year
jo run 'an anti taxatioa paper and being
406, out pf pocket'' The ,munt of
taxes the Britisft ought to pay on tne vi
lots and the Furnaoe property is probably
jised to run the British organ. How nioe
It i to make Assessor belief (tbat the
Zaleskl Company : are as poor a Wharf
rats?: 0, y British 1 y old England
a'nd sharka Y . In America charging labor
ng men large rents, and givipg them a
imall amount. of earnings, and talking
Poverty ana pieaaing tne uauj min n tui
,sx assessorst; Shame I ; '" ' .f ''. "(".';
Then he says, that, notwithstanding our
"trying to injute tbjt Company, they have
ton en In. (heir business a astral, their
fclnes and land have produced, and their
Rattle, sheep, aud hogs grown and In
creased aa usual.", Well, let us see about
that. .. "Their, business", ha not -q&m o
Jonduoted a to pdng 1 njoney enough
pay the small amount of. (axe doe, al
though '91 lot and thousands of 'dollars
of. furnao property oapo' taxation.
;The mine and Unds" appear tq be In
lie arrear. Taxe not all paid on the
ladi; the miner at Bungbol on trik
for 4 few dollars eaobr The iheep are
5 rowing and Increasing In the bone
ad, ,The hog don't look, anjr better than
poor ogi dmom,etlmes ; and tk cattle are
dolig as.weB a any oattli c do that eal
hay that bas sraoked every morning before
breakfast until the top of the slacks look
a green a a moadow In the " middle of
the May." I The rail are hauled to and
ftom .the Bay farm, a usual Of course
the Company are 'going on in their busi
ness as usual." Seme of the poor labor
lsg men' over (here understand bow the
Company aondaet "business.", !, , .
For, Pure. Drug and. Medioiaetj -go to
Biason't Drug Store.'i , -; 3i ,,i v n
HiUnwAixr Sjorxs II TihwaexIII
Strong Ik Gibbon.' eonltnue to , exoelt
Their assortment is betUr their goods
superior, n.d, their pricee lower, than
any other House In thl eounty. ';'
tThey ar new arranging 'for a large
, pply of all kind of Agrloutttiral ' Im
plemeott for th 8prlng T;rdo. , j fresh
tnpply of Pittsbnrg Stv received this
week.: Farmer wllldoj well to give thou
an rly oU.';' ' 'VV''!,1 ?'
Blaaii Book" .at Sirooid .
,'-.'...lj TV
4 . n
i .t,
I SPECIAL . -NOTICE, r- . 'County
Bank) ilcArtkut, Okw. -,Prsms wishing
to send money tor thslr . friends ! Eng
land. Ireland, Franoe, Germany, or ny
part of. Europe, eta obtain Drafts for i.y
amount lr this Bank. We issue Drafts
(triet ati reasonable rates, thereby
saTlng ( ''tu..'' w' rchasw the eipease and
trouble of sending tl other places! 43,3m
I .'; . mrii .1 ;.' .... i,
Th superior &ualitf "'of Nails, locks,
latches, Butts and Hinges, which Gill &
Riohmosd are selling at such, low figures,
ill eoo be goei We oaa'l see. how they
4an sell uoh good aniolSs so eheap un
less they hare hirel somebody
them. .. , , , . .; ,
to steal
'' .; ! t irTi vr 1 f ; ..
,Tq head of the Gorgon, which, aocord
trig to the ancients, was affixed . to ' IM
shield of Medusa, had a very peculiar
capillary ooxerjng each hillr was a tq-
Omoui serpent, and the aiot upon all be
solders waa immediately to. turn, them to
stone. '- ; l.i..-.. t.i w(
t Such a head of hair could hare been no
les uncomfortable ,lo 'its owner than' to
Others, but would be no more trouble to a
modern lad than the premature whiten
ing to which all are Uable. i Hain do not
ttan turn Into snakes now--day on the
kiad of" the wearer, but tner turn ereir
ttd h'ooma diseased at the roctf, and fail
out and, baldnoss too -commonly ensues.
A sure prereataUre and remedy for this
Is the use of " Barrett's Vegetable' Pair
Bestorat(,". as ma ay a, lady and, gentle
mm hate truly teetifid.. Jry t.
I ,.'..' ; v , .'-.ji ... : ". 1,1,1 ,( f; i . i
,Drt(g ' BjOoki. - and
-. I "..it I;
j Gold Psg. Morton celebrate J Gold
fen's at1 Jlew York prlocs,-'5d cents and
jipfayilsfor. sale st Ril.pgiiurst'f Pi.c;
tur Gallery jf, i . i t...0.'K ,3
1'i'fftT'M i l.i.M it M.Wi ' ,(.( ,. j
' Ir any'of inr' readers are premkiurely
gray, 'or arq troublei 'with fulling' of the
hair, dandruff, or itching jot,' the 'ecalp
they (have oo'y to rsoi Ring's, Yefeloble
Ambrosia, and. their trouble will soon be
over. Thf preparation Is not 'only k! re
storer.ot gray hair.'but jOne of' 'e' most
elegaut hair dressings we . have ever seen,
It alio by softening end invigtratUg the
hair, prevent premature baldnes and
In' many ease restores hair' to bald
heaV ' ' :-" " " i
' '.';l' ';-M'.-- V T-T.l h... I lr I
' Accidskt. There was an . explosion in
Dr; A'yer't taberatoyy, 'yesterday-,' which
caused Some excitement Irjf the' Vicinity;
Ayer'-s Pill are . manufactured iiuder iin
enormous presstife.', Itf CyHndre, like can
non', which Jomilimfe prove tqo weak for
the eon-pressed forces, and burst with ter
rifio, violenoe. , Fortunately, the pieces do
not. fly far, so that ae one has ever been
hurt by them.;' -The action Is mora like ice
than powderi bat it make Pills which
all l1ie',world"actBowIedges art Pius.
Daily Jourpa Lowell '
; School Books for sale a( Slfjop-s'al
i . J. Ap Filtoii 1 just reoeiTlng'a' large
and desirable stock of fresh Good, which
wero purchased at low sash raUs, and
which he will tell' only at' 4' very snail
advaooe a' oie 'cist . This Is a raro oppor
tunity for people' .want of. the latest
style of goods to obtain genuine bargains.
:3o and tee. - .. ! ' citu ... ...!;'..:-.,
..: : , 'in i ri ii. k. :;i .'-.! i. t i
BarreU'1' Ve'table Hair Restorative
at StrongV '" U,J
' Yorjsa '. men ': nirlng' ; Smih'j Mer
obantjlp College,. Portsmouth, Ohio,' early
In Janaary wlU be. oompetent to keep
Books practically by prlji.. Now is the
time to prepare fof - basines1 under the
dlreetlon of, a practical Business Man.--,'
The College I ' fpn,ayAn'4', Evening,
and theeouiae is. more thorough, thai, any
other Merohantile College-in the United
Slatesi ' Students catf 'eoj'tej it' 'any tlhief
I No Class 3ystem."Cl a the'tJuilegyor
Udirest;,! .,-r;'? . iVi!..,,4 '..,.,, j!
! iv ii,i , B. f, BMITH, PiinclpaU.
! Fob,1' Ft Ptrftfiuery, 'go. t -Sisson's
;Drug Store.',M " !i . ':'' ;! '
I: "- . v-. , . . fill j a t titi
,..'" I . .,..'
I Or course' when you gel ' married, you
.want to go.lo house. keeping, , Juat go tQ
Gill Si Richmond's Hardware.: Store, . and
pee their Itoek of f. itohen' FnrolshlDg
poods, which offered at siieh low rates.
Everything it1 convenient Just the arti
cles, will all the modern ' improvements,
tor those cqtumenoipg house-keeping.
Pens,' Pencils,1 Eraser,' Paper' Kaivesj
ttles, Ao' ftoT at Strong'.,'- '.,.
rl!lffVTar.il.Tll. y ' nnn1&n: '---rtAMlTtt
laving had thirty-ie'teh years' experienoe
n his Jrofnilon, lj now permanently lo'
sated at Mo Arthur, and i at, present beti
ier prepared -to perform all operations
pertaining to Dentistry, and in the most
Ipproved manner. V ;"' .
Callal'tn Hul'berVjlouBe;.
J Baioaik. Thoso- who advertise, sell
the cheapest and the most goods. Will &
Co., of Zaleski, advertisf apdj ar doing .a
n Business selling a large .quantity of
i4oods,,t lowerv prices than ani other
Boom In that towa. 1 They bave received
I very fine and choice slock of Goods of
evry aes0Tlpti,o,a,'whioh were purahased,
extremely low for oash, a,nd ;U,ioh they
are offering to. the pibJU at figure that
fill pleast all Who all to examine them,
tou will tare nwney by going to Will &
a. A ,, -i.
Wood's Tonle BitUr at Strong',
-ti.i; r.tn-1-.IJ ..'ii sill .i-.'.".?."...!-
JTh large and' eeraplste assortment of
orelgd anM Domestic Hardware, Cutlery
'ro'u, Steel, ic, a( Gill &. Richmond's,' i
sold a,t,a.atouihlqgly low priocs. .
jot of Good " at Dsn.' V?tH Bx !-a
ranidl so'inf Oif at the
av a desirable assortment .of . drees
joode suitable for winter and early spring
Wear, walon the ladies 'should call and
examine before going elsewhere. ' Every
thinj.is o the latest tjle, ,.,,,,'
j Best Commeroial Note at Strong'.,
! Pusos ron SsLi-Any person wishing
to purchase a spleuiid Piano, will save
from one hundred to one hundred' and
fifty dol'.ars by calling at this office. ' We
ean furnish theoo at greatly reduced rates.
i New Rot' Exterminator at Strong's.
Theex will be another arrival of New
Goods of every description and of Ihs
very latent' tyles i I ki Will'i' this
week., M. WU1 i now in the City tusking
the purchase.) at very low cash rates, and.
he will, therefore, he prepared to under
sell all other. Houses in the oouaty. Let
eVefy tody go and examine the new and
fresh assortment bofore going elsewhere
and secure the best of bargain ia the
finest and cheapest goals. ' t
Fo Arer's Modioiues, 00,11 at Sietor'i
Drug Btbre.: ' .-ii
Reaves flelpre
Xeaves Mnriua. I . ,.i
;i,eY?e AU,ia , . .
I.eHvuM '&itfkt
Le-v McArttiUr ' ' "
Lenvi-l Jlmilfii 1 ' ..
I.euveH Cliilliu'ilhe
Leaven Bian.jlifster , rf
LenveH L6vuluu,l
' s iftr. .
lit 6 "
' tl 50
l.'.U. ai
U',34 '
' u 30 ' "
1 lil-. I
1 (17
' 7.46'
;! 016 !
t -
1M ,
i J ii' i- i.i it
Lcaroj Cinrinniiti
Arrives 1,'ovelan'l
Aitiriw BlouulMintrr - j
Arr,vi tliiilii-vtluj
Arrives Hmn.ln 1
Arri'MMeArMiur .
Artiv8 ZalwHt , i
Arrives Alliens
Arrives Marietta ' .
! Ma IS;
., ti.lt. f, a.
..1 -v.ts'j"
t'i f s;a " j
, J 1
II. is
VI.VI r.W; 12.35. a
lijfl WAV '
i u, " ia.ii '
, i si . IMS "
ll I. 4.1U i.i! '4.47 .
6.00- ' f 4.14 . "
Muster Transportation
Stall of Ohio, Vinton Coui.ty
Jiililnl A. Kelton oiul
' Ellia A Kellon, l'lalntlfft,
Jom'VlrWr liiinortlW, Cliar
lottc RniiullH, Howur C.
Jrinen, JnmvH K. Jonm,
:,MorUecui It. Jonce, ClUna
. Jones, unil David Wurictt
Vinton. Comity
court wttaruon
!Uiaa..4 ,
Order of Sale.
Iu pursuance of tho comtnimd of an order of
sale m the above cauxe from the Court tirtora-
moB Plua of sulci Vtnton ccnmty, ntdl Mbito df
Uliio, lutuu-int! uuto oi nuvuliuw a.ui,. v.
I6ti7,) anil to mn directed as Sliorifl uf miiU
...t.. r.in.nr.,....,!..., ..Kii,. ...i,.ti....
at the door of th CourH louse, lit thr Town of
.ucAruiur, iu uio tuoresuiu, cuuiity oi v tutou
Tuesday, the 10th Day March, A::D.
. .... a - riu-a ' '
i , i -ii-,- ,- V"wt i
at tho Iwnr of 12 q'dH:k M. (f tuiid ilny, tlm
followliiK tleHcrlliecl latiils nlttl toneiiipiitn. sltu-
Ht lu county Vinton, unil btate of Ohio, to-
' Iu-Lofs NnmlicrsOneniinilrt'dnndTiventy.
ntne (131.) One Hundred and Thirty (UW,) On
uimnreuorm tmrty-one (lut.) uno itunitroa
ty-three(TO,) and 6ie lluinliucl und-Tlilrtv
fonrfUM: amlOnt-LotH Nitnibrrs Thirty V.i.
Tlilrty-two i..'t!,) Thlrty-thrw (),) mid Thirty-
four (.4 J Iu the V"lxc of MeArthur, Vinton-
couiuy, uiuq. j
Part of the Soutlt-West (itnrter nmt Purl of
rc oi me "tuiu- ic iiuirier nim j-nrt, oc
Korth-eaat CJimrfc-r of Hoctinn Numlr
renty (Nn ai,) Xpwn Kutnlier Jileveu (No.
I Ruis.i NuntljerHi'ventei'n (No. 17,) in vli't-
II.) R
ton county, Ohio-, eontululiiu llfty-ono aerce
more t le-Mi -, r,-. , . . .. i ,
, Appmlwd ns follmvK: ,
' Ont-Lot- Number Thirty ()) nt Two flnil
reil and Flfty Diillanc ' -.. ' . ' i , j
OiU-Lot NuiiiUer Thlrty-tvro (!tn tit Twol
IT unil mil nnrl Vifiy-slx Dolhirnniiil HftvcentK,
Out-Ijitt Mimiher niirly-tltreu () iit Dm
llitii.lrc.l nod lilHtit iKUlHrs; . . ,
Out-Lot Nunilic-r Thlrty-finir fft) ' nt Three
Thoiis.mil Dollars; ' 7 .. ,
Iu-LiUHKiiiiibcM-Hdite tlmiilrc'iliind Tw unty-i
nine (I3.) untl One Hunatetl unit Thirty tlJtlJ
ut Klxty Dollttrn. " - 1
Im-IiIm Muinl)Crs On TIiiiiiIimI iliiH Tlilrtv.!
one (1:11,) Oiie HuiiiTiitl mill Thlrly-two (I'ti,)'
Oile liuudrml imil TUirty-tUiwilKl.) mid One1
IluudVnl uud Thirty-lour (l.il,l at Five liutiU-j
rvSilolhti-s; ' ' j
hart ui tliePoillh-Witrt flll:iit.-r unil Part of
tne JNortli-K-'Ust Cituii'iii.'i- nt flection uuuief
Tweutyaii.) Township Nuinlier T'li'ven (ll,)i
aauilHlx IiuihIix.'U uud lllty dollnrs: .. i
Itulioe wuin-wriseveiitwii ul siwe nwtu-
Aim eiuui ot tne hoovw aefn-nisxt inniis ana,
trnienient must brlns; two-thirds of the nuJ
pruisedi value respectively..
, , TKH.11S IIF bale: t I
Ono-tlilnt rash In luinil: otiMhlnl In him
your; anil one-third In twvj-yeani from thciln
of sale doArroil. jiayiuents to heur Interest
nnu to rn socureu uy luortgatsc upon the ineiui
n. j. nones, att y ior ri us. .
' Folinuuy a, Utoow. 1
The Board of School Examiners for Vinton
Count vrllllneet at tho Union (School House,
in McArthnr.on the 1st anil Kit Sntunlnvsol
March, April, May, KeptomUer, OeUilMr.'ntiil
November: and the 1st Suturtlny In .lumiiuy,
February, June, July, Auirtist, und DisiiliitjeT,
lnewih your. Examinations (ic6,airueiire at
10 o'clock, A. H. ,. batibfuetory evidence of good
inorul chiirnetcr will be required In aU eanes.
A fee of oU cent 1 required by law from each
""ifj'n. TJATWES,Ch'n: 1 , "J Board ' of
, , i. M. AloOllXlVBAY, Cl'k, J Examiu'o.
',... .-' n '.i- ; '-.
-- I.i I- :., "' !:
The Flnkla A T.von fo-wlim MiIlnA rv
tho only Coinuany iu the tnido who will
turn cite purenase ntuuey it mo luacuLue Is
uoteatlsfafltory. .'' -.
'A The HtJcW & Ion Sewing Machine is
the only lock-atlteh machine that has lu uee
dle "w;lf-aettlng," so that the noecUe cunnut be
set wrong. :
a The Flnkle Lyon Sewing MncMne Is
cunomy HinuKUC-ueeuta niucnui hat iuia a
jmsltive "tuke up," requirlnit no dung of
teiulou lu ruiinlua frumf Hii kind or
Huothur, . i ...... '
'.k4- The rinftleft Lyon eewlng Jtuclilnoha
the only "Sliiittliwurrier" Unit ovoreonuM all
frlaUun of shuttle, and protect tuo thread
from oil In the ehnttle race
6. The Flnkle & Lyon Sewing Maohlna ts
theonly family raoohine In Ute -world thnt
will sew Uuen thrwul with the facility that It,
drw'B allh or m,tt.,ti.
i l Our aim ia appoint a IwM agent lh every
town, Utroiusk wlioea all ordeta uiiuit come.
? VJ' riivkle ft lyoa. 8. M. Co.,
i) No. 'SI Broadway, Hew Terkf
' J. W, Bowo-, Agent; JlcArthur.
tjt-Ll, , o .j .... . i ... i . . k
a:,t i vi fv-.!i-f.3 'l jm.ii '.tti ..
. ... .''. .'-i-.i i-
A St D Z N " T O TJ N 3 H Y .
o,rato:r cairrTo?,
Stoves, ,;,,.!; ;; ;;; ;; ':"','"
Castings,;;-;;;. ;.;;;.
t Hollow AVare, ,
; it-, 1'. - v ..,,',
;.. Sugar Cane Mljla,
Caatcr an4 Ped Fastenings,
Die onlv Double. Acting Force Pump n'n, n4
die most i-oiivcaitu and duiatlo eter invented.
9-Machlaery of all klnd ltwialrel on short
Trie Ware mnnf)ictiecl at tk ii soM as low
as any iu th'. market..
4T .
At tlie staud formcrl- occupied by BotliweU,
MoAbtudk, ,
Wool. I n-(wirijllv unnnttnf to llir. .Mm that
beiutcirU to keep" ciMniiuikiiy on IimiJ a ounu
, , plcte assortiiii-at ot ' ' ' '
: ' ! ..I ..Ii i ! t.1 l ji , ,WJ
f- '" 'i-AtTBKHI ? di.tM
.-ii,, i:.i -...1 ; ib --:,,.! (!, I dro it
' LOW EST LIVING . 1'BICliS ll.ln' .
i i -i' .., Tt ',. vi ; . '. , -J,
Which ill k-ntten up In a ltU A wnrhmsnshiD
nut U ti-Jci'ilcd bfunr, Hop iu .tlul p t:
- .-! i . of the countrv I j
t..-, .-I tl , .-.. iii. n- f - .
Al Wmdi" irViirft in my-'lioeiriH ih.ilohe' ot-
tj and it-ouru7. ' - . -!-...! r i 1 1'. i.,.--1
.J., x- ., t: . - ..'l', ' .'. ..'-ii.' .,fn,tf
" -i ' : ' ..i.'i i.'i
. ,i. - . : -Ii ti ', -to ,.-(
Of, U Uiu.li done ) prc)cr ou ahart -st:)-:n
' i-ito-'i -' ''. ' ' .it i.i
TT3ST M'BT, W A. Or .
A full supply uf .
C0FFW3 .' ;
l;--tii--7 j
I t
gfiot cpnutonlly on hand; and 10 ir cent, will he.
HWEvenSody lurilsd tocall ari'd nulia rojt
Fuinitilit Delore gotnR olncwUeru.; ' ..
u (.ft
,'Srareh7, ItW-r
I .it
P. KOH'fo.V
S ALBiu.
. - '! . !'.
State of Ohio," Vinton YWy
it - 1 1
Chrti.plier Winkleman, riiitititf.l Tn court kons
, .. aKniuat .... , , I. mon pica.
Williatr, A Tesicc and ( Utflor anU
Hiwnuel v. llo.tgn, iJefendsnt. J J liecree'
1)l!B',tUAKT to il.e i-oii,nmnd nf an oraer anil
. decrv- ismie.1 frum the eauvt of couimon
pleesot Viu'on county, and title of Ohio, und Ut
niedirecir.1 asheriflof -Ridiounty, 1 will offer ir
tiale at Fulilin AuctiuD, at Ui tor of ilie-c'otirt
Houe, in the Tunntf JlcAriltur, jo tho vcanly
olortu'airt, on ' '
Tuesday, the 10th day of Marc.irA.
;;, R L3ce, f,-i
nt the hour if t o'clock r. t. of said ("v, tha
lolloM-intf Innds and teiiements ona equal undivi
ded, bait' of the i'ullvn ing uaontxl pretuiMO to
win . , I . ,
Commencing at tho South-west Corner
of that port of Out-Lot Number Twi.nry.
five (2.5,) In the Town of Wllli?svjlil, in,'
said county'of Vinton,' owned oft Ills lih
ilay of Blay, A. V. 1813,' by H'ilriUm- C;
Cline,'' and running Soul h-rasf parallel
with the Street in said Town lifteea (if)'
Ruds;; and thence South east Eleven (11)
Rods ou a ..-eiulglit angle with i said
Street v theme Fifteen (IS) Kodai South
iweat on a t parallel , with. laKl Sewqd
Street theoc North-vefrlt to, Ihs place
of .btginning eoutolniag .tone tort, more
r lpj together, wlih ihe Ftosring ;ant
Saw Mill. p Jj all .other, appurtenances
oa said land.
Tnkn as the riroifrtj ol wtlltam A. Pfsire to
ntiMt a Jiijiiii ttort trlMrf oi tlm, tftreei
oiir,t in tavurcf ChfjtMr.U'oU'inkleiniMi. . . '
Appraised at one tliousi.n.l one hun.Ica and
fifteen dollars and must bring t-);trls otthat
num. ... -. ' - Si , ii . 1
'terms ofnrB--cah In nonl a tiio I'riWofaale.
'' 1 '' ' JOHN J.-KlIOCUBT.v
J i ' ' fctcriff V'iatga(mnlr.
, D. S. TaSa,AM't r Pl'J, .l4..' M
F.fctu rv a, isu8-Jw-l , " '"
" ' "
Scrfliu lahereTivBlventriat a rjeMUnn 'm
be privietited to thu L'oininlBdloni'ra of Vlutou,
county, Ohio, ut ttieir next rvirtilar scssioa la
March next, priiyinir for thu Nitrvoy ni'.l UJ
ciition ofa county rou
y roai linilliia from B.C. Ka-
ktu's Mills to J times lmrlx-ns.
ty, n toUows! Cotumenulng at 8. C. Eokiu'
Mill ami niuulnt! tUo nearest p.-llcal routo
to HtnmsbaUKlc'o lnne; tlienee Mto no.-itMt prof,
tieal route to lutenmct Ho- llicsadc and
WUktavLUc Road, ut or,,nnar Juroos Innbeu'e,
-ail there to t. riuluuU.-. An.l to have uiAdo
Hllstli'h alterations ami -vocation as mav. be
neceNsoryin tlvo locution' of audi piopiect
road; said road to bv forty feet wi.lo. .
- - mxsy mrnosiits1
F-cbrnnryS, lS6$-td .;.,-,..
m Vinton ootm-
Elliabeth Louisa Orirhes, neer fhll'lroth
Wiiiuwlo county, and Stole of Iowu. lf l.,., , .,r
not(iid tliat Felix Orims, did, !x ti . . -, I
day of Januhry, A. D. Km nle his iwtui -i, id
Uioom.eoithe Clerk of tW Court of , , , S
mon Ploiw, within and for the t.i.i.ilv r' M .
ton, and Btirte of CHilo.eliurKlnK t,. i,.,i v iL
auetu J-'Hii1rlmsTvlUi aluii,.rV u.d, .w
Dnniul B ttonj and sskln, that '
VOTced roiu umimlil EllziiVih !.t,i,l- i i t Si.
which petition wlU stand ftr hoi inn at, iJ
Dated tUls3Utu.day of .Ttinvnu r,' , '
By D. ii. bulV4i,hrt aU.
.Feb. a, 1668 dr,
I ' 1 . ... v , IV
Probate Notice.
Notice t hereby riven that John R. Oivp vr
Ouavdlaa of Jidaii-s V. C. llnwkou.t Eitii.n Y
Hawk, h! fihjd'hls ae?nuii'i for Uwv. t c
and final nettlomeuK In tlni prc-boi. (' (1i t.af
VlDton comity, OUto. -thioti wiU f fm ii iv
log ou Uio 'iiih of ttSHMitrv. A.
i ' . - T -' JijL'J'H KALI: t; '-:'!
' Februory , lW-3w l'roits iuh ..
i ' (' . ...
iv-'-'"."' . 1 .- .

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