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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 13, 1868, Image 1

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JKT,;WI0: Thursday, 0fEBRUlRya3,',8G8.;
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demooeItio .ekqdieeb;
. Telirnrjr 13,' 1868,
Okmck Second Ptorjf E. D. Dodge's Bulidlug,
i Wnlu Btret-t. " ' - ,
;' tub s:: ";
One crtp.v', 1 jeenr, 8I,"0 'Cmooory,6 moij 31.00
One co)Vi A uicw., U.76 Oiicofy,8 mm.i 0.40
One cip- ntut free to get tar-uj) ulUub ol Xuu. .
I lAOVKliriHTNO BATtd.' '
One qnaf o, 1 -ejW.UO OnoMiunn 1 mo. S3.T0
Yem ly ii'tvurtlwnu'iils SHUI per coluiuu, aud
Bt proportldnuto mbn ftir 1 space.
ounjtx-'f io uiciu'cifion oi trie uamocrnuo, nii
; UouulConvenUon. , ,
Democratic State Ticket.
''..; For Botrotiuy ,of 8lto, '. '
Thomas Hnbbard, of Lognn.'
For Supreme Jartgp, ,
tllHa E. Flnok, of Pei-ry.
For Member Boitrd Public Worki,
. .
Arthur 'Hnghes, of Cuyahoga.'
For School Copimlswonpr, .,,
Samuel J. Klrkwood, of Bcnecii,
. . !
For ClorK of Supreme Court, ;
John it. Wehb, of Mahoning,
"What Should be DoNBiOor
Democratic! i'iA els', harp sden the
Democratic i Enquirer .since . it i has
boon xnlargod, and wo 'liope they
are weft pleased' witli' it,, Kwi wo
hope they, will do all within their
powor to aid in its circulation,. Xhe
official vote of this cotinty. last JaU
shows that there oyer sixteen hun
dred Democrata in the county, and
we think tluit at least two-thirds of
this number ought to subScfiBo .for
and read their ova . paper the
largest paper which contains more
reading matter than any6th6r'e'vcr
printp4 V .Yiutoa , county, .i Your
own county-pnper ds now as Inter
esting as 'any of tho' city weeklies,
and you should encourage us in its
publication. Our terms are only
$1.50 a year; and no'. person should'
Bay he is t,oo poor to take his own
paper. ; !- . 1 ". '
Let every' Democrat go toorlc
and send in, the names .and groou
backs as fust as poisiblo. . '
Tax Payers, Look Here.
The monthly statement .of ;tho
Public Dbb't'for 'the liiontii of 'Poli'-
ruary, which has beon promised by
tno isocvetary ot tlie Unitod States
Troasury, has not yet made its ap
pcararlco.: It is said that that "official
is busily engaged in ' ngurlng . to
mako as Tavorable statement as
possible, so as to. sootho and flatter
tho uneasy and troubled : people.
Tho telegraph occasionally talks
about the public debt. ' Wo notice
that the debt will be at least twentyj
millions of dollars above tlie'Janu-1
-ii 'i xi . ,i . 1 " ". "
ry exuiun; inai tiio aocretary has
been obliged to sell ton'ni:llioi dol
lars of 10-40 bonds m order to raise
means to pay tho.curreut expenses.
Now, at that rate, instead of reduc
ing thogreat debt, .itjs increnjiing
it by two hundred and forty'milliqns
of dollars a year. In November
and December , the increase was sev
enteen millions of dollars; and in
January lit.'was twenty millions of
dollars?'.' The liabilities of , the Gov
ernment are advancing drid the re
sources receding; but thd"Radlfcalsj
who t$ respbnsible forl ihi's terrir
bio stato'of alTairsdfclaro.that ilj Is
falso that all is going-btv stisfa'ctgi
rily and smoothly. - They say that
a " Na6riapdebt is a Ka'tioiiar hlcss-j
ing," and that the;dubt W doci'oaslng
instead of increasing Thcy'.niak.
all kinds of excuses-to-decciro't
hard-wrWng fcypayerikir tins
onco happy country." "Even"' the
Vinton "Record,' om of tho ablest ed
ited little journals south 'of1 tho
Eighth Congressional Distrlct.'trjcg
to make the poot tax-payers believe
tho debt' is decreasing.'' Let thorn
all go (orjwardj'u .tho;r, inail career!
It will soon be useless to attempt to
blind tho pcoplo as to the true state
of tho . financial , condition of our
country.'1'' i. bi-.
Thb -.Bemocratie Enquirer Aetna
that there are a number of soldiers'
widows in Vinton conn tr In a starv
ing condition. That's a shame,
cOur&o "the; widows 'doht' b1
Government Bonds; tut' ;fiomo;,p
tho offloeru'and members, pf'tho
urana Army 6f the i .Republic; a bo
cret treasonable 'organization exist
ing in .,this, cQUBtywhicUSas"tie
dared thayt trjll aid ho;pgor',and
suffering soldiers'; widows, are own
ers of Government Bonds. ' "They
draw their -interest in gold the
widows clraw "nothing, but have to
work hard day.and. flight t help
pay thejjold Interest t6'th8 .arifp'J
cratic bondholders. -: .i- ".'
iivmenuy, tney-don-t-own Govern-
ment bonds. Oii'o tateman
Anran),k .iAni'A' vui.
v vuiuau luu nmunn uun ,. i ' . . . .
day at H3c
iiji. u -..j, u i: -
, , flow 14 1HI XiilJivn-TA better time
than now to IthoiAjughly' organise
burj forces in Yinton countv wil
tero'ij' "porno, tlihero. ehp-ild bo ! a
thorough ' organikatioiii'i'lnJ'ieviBry
tpwhship. Victory then is certain.
To iork lose ,'uoft ft'Voittjo'ni'qf
time I u'. .u i - Vt:
j sL'OE the : State . oloction iheld in
California last September tw6 State
Senators have diedand special eloc-
tioris.haTO. ,beenld itQ,fill,the,va-.
canpies. pThe deceased were Eepub
n4i8 'ihn edeh Insti'hco'.'bulDem.
cratjs.were fjhcjSQO, .in.jthoitt plaqe.-r:
Thikshows that the tide of Demo
cratic ' revolution is" steadily rolling
on , in the far west,, ,. Thp Xecqrd wjl
bo so kind as to record this fact. :
j-l 4 Ui LI I L-if.-t .
t EjECENi advices from Alabama Sn
dioajte the fefoat of tho ' negro Coni
stltijtioA'in,;' tliat1 Statp,' ( fair', deal
ing j is regarded, but Grant and
Meadojiut the instance of leading
Radicals iaAlaba'ma and . Washing
ton,propose to keep the polls open
until enough votes can be seared up
to'itlopt?it,"if possible'.' " j'';'; ,.'
;,,ji,M0ST the entire Democratic
press 'of towa hfve taken ground in
favotof the nomlnatjon of the Hon.
George H. Pendleton for President
Tpaliadical press inculcate' that
ii was preordained that the mass .of
the people should be3"hewers! of
wooa ana drawers oi water lor, a
privjleged few-r-thaji the.: few, who
hold, Government bonds should pay
no taxes',1 and re'eive thd interest and
prinbipal in gqjd, wh.ilo. the mass' of
tho peoplo should 'bo satisfied with
an iDfcW3P chi?renc'v!' :y-'l "
B-Gfllli'iwlis Journal burn -r
j ' " Vrk on the, road jup ppogressipg
as rapidly as'the'seasou aud(:weathr
er will permit.,. It Js expected ,that
the tyat, .tpii) miles ifiitt from Berlin
will m roady lor t the . looomotivo in
ninety days. This part of the road
is cheaply and easily made, show
ing, 'as. it does, but a grade of fifty
feet (for the entire ten miles. ' In
died, the whole route is one of very
light graaes; with' ntf tunnels and
but I'tUQ, hoayy carta cU'Ic..,',, !v
1 It! is now reported that if Dick
Yates, the jiad,ical,(li,unkcn Senator
froni Illinois, ever recovers from his
present attack of delirium tremens,
,Ksw IliuiisHiBi. This 8((e will
an'.'(econ, foi , titat ffioer ..early in
MsrcL He proaf eoU (ob a Pemoeratio
victory are good. .Greeley, of the Tribune,
is alcjrmed, and speaks very doubtfully of
the Mongrel chinces.-' ; 1 H
They Must go Down.
THo contest of 1808 will" cause to
be eiposed to public view--'r
, '1st. 'The corruptions Of nicn.in
..:2d; The profligacy of pubfic'scr
yantfeN ';"'' "', ;
... 3dl ' The waste of. public money.
4th. The loss of proporty from
. , 6t. ,Tho gigantio tax upon white
labeling men. i .v . . -l i- :, . i k
'.'"Ct.- The exemption of ' capitalists
froraita-xation:'1' :" H' '
,.7tl. The scheme of
for Door" nveh.; " - a
"-iniu tuuo wiiaotj, ouiimor
Wad Jvfn.Pr.ftenAftl . fif .himself,
nqr slt.ppjnbiued, can .stand tefbre
the people in the great storm of iw
di'gn4tionr )thes -questions -N will
9. 'ihey must' go-'.-Uo-tTrf,'' fas
went aown in l2 "and God
the deliverancAf-tCftBlrtmi
, Washtngton,:D'.,C."-;i""
xaoxauso, anq. uoueva inat ney are
tr-ind do jioniething :i(foj, its Bup
Of Dortd I And if i, not too modest, he
wdnid' be most gratifying if
all m
uinwio IU VUllilCUllUU buy
Lian, Pnion," wuld lay aside
tcp8siyo mouoBtyJ and cautious
the e
dcpoiftraent, whiohnaa heretofore
charapt9rizedtheir course, and take
JOPpiaOf i the Ghrittian. Witness.m
the pulpit, and state, the iact to his
audience that it is the organ of the
Church, a common property and a
Wttnlsi of i the. truthW'th gospel,
entirely'' frde 'from' all 'political or
scctalajr mattei", and abpeal to theni
for iti 'suppdrt, arid, thus 'make a
l-..Jili - . 'si.' ...
muuu nu uuui u iu lucrcpse lis circu
lation we will then have some faith
iri th ir'pretChd'ed' Well wishes to
migfitjventure to Bay what .the Eii
qmreri puDiitjhea at w.cArthur(Yin,-.
,JThia is the ooly. rehg'oui, papor
we haye read.sinee.1862, that ia free
from political slang, we believe it is
the bept religious paper published
in the 'State", and' should be enconr.
aged , is ft witness for the truth of
ui J .Titui f
Christian Witness.
Grclcy privately siySlpaai
Grauj;, .stands , n,o jChanqe, , at
Chitagaitijtiioci iu x,. h ,
Mem!bB8 of Grant Club are now
called; i
to Tvli1vi iiJba.
-iltoui oi ii wdi In n vf.laaiiii
. At uw will Imj
Put this in Your Pipes.
i .'IliCACK,'' of the Cincinnati Com
mercial, in his Washington letter of
the: 15th ult., says: , ''
" A number of Radical nanors have
denounced the Ohio Legislature for
rescinding tuo . ratmcation .of,. thq
fonrloenth amendment. They seem
to ftorgct that the Republican party
repudiated that amendment a year
ago . , It was. entirely superceded by
the passage of the so-called Itecon-
strqetioa Bills.- Except as a basis of
reconstruction, it is entirely worth1
less, -. As . a basis . of reconstruction
it promised peace and security to
both flections, and was accepted aS
sucn in nearly every Congressional
district In tho North p and if the
ldaqors ot the Kepubhcan party had
mado one-tenth' of the effort to'ue-
cure its adoption in the South that
they' have since mado to. force-the
adoption of the military, the Union
would hiive been restored under It
a year ajro. But the extreme Radi
cals: never ' intended that amend
ment to serve any other purpose'
than thaH, of an electioneering dodge1.
Having usod it in tho campaign of
IBeo they had no lurthCr uso lor .it,
and openly repudiated iti " So fir as
the legality oi tljp.recision is con
cCfod there is, at any 'ritoBopub
licau crece'dont for it. ' . '
l(Tho Ohio Legislature' of, the win
tor', pf 1866-61 ratified an ainen d
montto ,mako slayery", perpetual,
anu a year later .the. same body re
pealod that ratification. . New Jer
sey w.ill follow tho example of Ohio
and withdraw , its assent also, and
thus! the adoption of the fourteenth
amendment as part of the Consti
tution will bo mdohnitely postponed,
it not lorever detested i Xno JKadt
cals havo no right to complain.
,'' Radical oditors"will !pleaso post
the above in their hats for future
reference' '. 'V'' '.. "." '!''.
The Poor Man's Friend.
monstrous strides mado dur
ing the last fiye.yonrs towards ki ug
ly government renders it a matter
of self-preservation for tho laboring
classes to unite in the coming con
test, and wield the, only, power loft
them in bohall ot equal rights ai
a free white man's Government! If
they scatter thoir energies, and go
with this party and that partj', lit
tle can they accomplish m over
throwing the class legislation ot the
men in powor. No. Your only
hop? and safety is to all go together
in support, oi mo ioinocnaiu prin
ciples enunciated by the Democratic
Ktiir.esmp.n of thn dnv1. ' ' -i:
'. Id showing the way in lighting
the path the energies oi the JJom
ocratio partywill be' for th ppor
man s interests. i
We advocate rcducqd taxation. , .
' Wo advocate a reduction of offices
Wo insist on a reduction of ex
penses. ..; I . ,..!.,.!,! . , ... A I ..I...
.'Won protest against any more
" AVe demand oneurrency forrioh
andjioor. "i r . '.- 1 ...'
.'..WiO say, Disband that large stand
ing rmy. :"'
.,, Call back those exiled States. ' '
, Abolish those bureau poor-houses,
And let' every ablo' man' in the
South, black and white,' havo fair
piay nna plenty pt worn, and all
will go wcll again, as it was boforc
the' war. Campaign Digest, Wash
ihgt6n, D...C-1,,.,... .. s-.,, .
bun Ai
i Tat foadi are at present In H very bad
i Miit i' , ,- ! I '.'
- Somi of the weather-vlss perions pVe-
diot an wrly spring.
U stated that there are 'twelve
planipg mills in the city of Cincinnati. '
i ------ t ! i,.Hi i M ft ,1!
Tflt Cinoinnatl nuirer,mj the first
oe established at that place was is
id. id
-ii.h iii
Oca friend Patrick O'Keefe is thor
oughly repairing hit Grocery room, on
Logan itreeti; u-..i.:-,i . . i
1 .- ii. t
t Bsc that your .neighbor is a lubioriber
te thej Dtmotriie Snguirtrj Only $1.60
a year; or 75 eenti for 6 month.
' ' ' i'i I ,1. i l.iu' ;:
., TH00Tereil brlJgs eoron the'ereek, al
a . 1 1 i. i i. ' i ' ! '
appeu , norm si hii.ii iraosi com
pletedj Our friend, Ol W.jWils'o'n', le the
contractor, and 1 doing a. good job.
i 1 . , 1 - i .
VTa haTC reoeived , Tlu ' Land fT ov
forPeVuary. It is aeholoe number.!,.
p Termi, $3 per yeari Bill, Irwin jt Co.,
Publishers, Charlotte, N. C, dan. D. B.
Sill, Editor. i
', 2 I ", 1 ! , I I1 It v-nt '
i. Tai attention of the public la- direoted
to ' the! adTertiaeinent of .? C. St Palmer,
Proprietor of the Uellipoli If artery, who
has a" very choice telectioa of Fruit Trees
of every description.
i- m i
JihiU MAieaa shot a large Owl which
visited the locust tree, In front ef hit rsii
denoe, ion last Thursday -light-thei owt
spreadj wingt of which' iitasured fear
and oni-half feet from tip to Up:1'1 1 ' '
; - h mi ' i -' - ar
It it tald that JLht oeUbrated Profoasor
Agassis announced last October thet there
would' bt twenty-sin mow tlorm' during
thlt winter; IT tbJnt we hat bad aboat
tiiteea so far, and (en mort yet to'comt. "
i . I " 7,i-,.ji,
, WoiinABoM.J-Thi
; . ..I.,-.,. .
. Woitn ut BoM.-i-Thit notlltni mdath
brjnajiiintfor: TeTiiaary "li al "beei ' r t-
''opublltiti V&ani Co5., Hi febetUut
'8m ftiHEfka:.
d.iw dim lj )&t j s.U it.)
4s our paper U 'aritarg'.-d'wt.' "Kail ecn-'
tltde to furnish , our reed rt wllb eor.
raj variety ef .mieceUa-uuui and aewa
articles, aad endeavor 14 Kake the paper
more ioterestlng to the general reader
Ask your neighbor to su'.scribe for ilj ' " '.
r PxTXMoa't MAOtint for' jfarch bas
baet received. It .isfUhout doubt, the
nagaaine for the times, i ... ... ,' , ,
Terms, $2 a year. Address Charles J.
Peterson, !0 Chestnut 8trtet, Phlladel-
phii,pa. " ''.-v..;
. W 'bare reoeWed a number of the
WhlUside 'Arfui, 'published , at Pulton,
Whiteside county ,11, It is an excellent pa-pef4-toaadly
Pemociatlc in politicly. W.
8. & Q. W Pratt, Editbra. 8uooeta to it
and lilt noble editors, 'We place it with
pleasure on our eichaige list.; '' V' ' 1
'- .a . -
Dun. John 8. Kic a a old cltiien or
Fayette county, in -thia, 8tate, who was
visitiog . hit , ten jn th'twa,, died en
Friday night, February 7, tged (0 yean.
He was itorn at Orange Court House,
Virginia and emigrated ' to this Slate
many years ago. He bad been a member
of the M. JS. Cburcb for oret forty years.
'' I.AST Sunday wat a disagreeable day.
During the day it rained and blowed;
sleeted and bio wed snowed and blowed.
It wat ft horrible day, But few persona
ventured out.' Many ttaid at home and
read ' their Bibles, and thought muchly
about '; fleeing from the wrath to come,"
. , ,1. ,.
HcaaVt Ioskph, an illustrated maga-
tine for girlt and bojs, for February, bat
been received. It it very Interealiag--v
Terms $1.50 per year; Ihret copies
B. B. Fuller, Publisher, 245 Wash ing
ton 8t, Boston, Mass. s i . , . .
.! ! IT" 1 " "" ' '' V
Tbb columns of this paper art always
open for eontributiont from good writers.
Manuscripts should be legibly written en
good paper and on only one tide Of the
sheet. ' 'Correspondents art requested to
write their names and addresses , legibly
and in full en eaoh manuscript. .
i : . ') i -. i .
A. . ... .
about oau-a-oosen enicaent, oeicnging
to A. C. Ross were ttclea last Monday
night ' All that will ever be tald about
this chicken stealing torapt It Just this
If the persons t who were engaged in the
affair, both directly and indirectly, devise
some iway to pay the owner the market
prict for tht ehlckent, at toon at posei
ble, their namea will not bt made public
by being arretted, at their names are
already known to the owner.
T hi.. Young Men't Christina Attooia-
ation, of MeArthur, will bold it teeond
Anniversary meeting on' the evening of
the 8th or March. The Programme will
consist of Orations, Essay,' Paper, De
bate, musio, ee. Tht Committee of Ar
rangementt L. D. Marling M. R. Barnea,
,J, J. Eberle, B. A. Hulbtrt, MoD. Lott
ridge will make the Exhibition one which
shall merit the approbation of tht com
mnnity. , t, . . .. .
f, FlBKDAar it generally the most dreary,
and, apparently, tht longest mtnlh of the
year, It ia the stepping stone from win
ter to spring and in tht order of things
it is appropriate that it should bo the
shortest of all months. , On the four
teenth inst., the god of love, and the firm
friend of ail bashful youths; will hold bit
brief but usually brilliant reign'. Then
each one it at liberty to transmit (post
paid all the pretty toft thingt and tore
laden missives that ht tr tht may choose
PiTiEioa't, DaTtcTo commences the
new year with, a larger subscription list
than they have bad at any previous time;
and at it comprises tht namea of the bus
iness portion of tht community through
out the country, Commission Merchants,
Importers, .Jobbers, and. Manufacturers
wnnoi prestni weir easiness to a more
desirable data of readers, or in 1 more
advantageous way, than' through the col
umna of Peterson't Counterfeit Detector
and Bank Not List; aad-the rates of ad
vertising in itl are very low, considering
ine oireuieuoa and Influence: For rates,
address T: B. Peterson & Brothers, Phila-
aeiphia;pa.:;;;.'r, v;,,;;,; !: ,.,,,, .
Th Spring Term of the Court of Com
men Pleat will commence on Tuesday, tht
10th of March next.. .
Tbt following it a list of tht Grand
Jorort ' '"'" ' ' ','
Wm. Eiohorj Aaron Turntr, . John Kee-
oanKSavid Hall, Eh Grave, Henry Her
told, Bernard Quinn, Joseph O'Neal, Wm
Clarke F. W, Hay net, W. W. Belferd, John
Colter!, Levi Bull,Charlei Whltfatch, Jihii
Radciiir. ..V t' , '
,Tha following' is a'list of, the' Petit Jur.
rcr's:, j . ,, j . , i , ....- ;
, M. B. Potter, Nelson HorThlnee, Roldren
Tripp, T. M.Baj1, O. F.Clark, Wm. Lundy,
U. Wartman, . W. Bethel,' J. IT. Ri .
palls, T. KI. Chftffin, David Ferry, ,Andrew
Curry; .,. v ,, ; ..
.1: -I I , 1 ' , !- . .. .
,- KiLiiT'a WiitT.-Thii it tht tills of
a ntw Illustrated weekly . journal, pub
lished : by Ai A. Kelly fc Co., No. 08
Broadway,' New -York City. It Is neatly
printed, Well edited, fearlest ia'ilt denun
ciation of, wrong, and earnest in tta ap
peaia lor ; right. , jut , tUnqtraUajt art
deslgntd and, engraved by the best artist
In the country ; and the ttoriet are 'inter
esting and txcitmg. ' Balf a ninifon dot
lara of tht profit, in shares, including
ope hundred , thoatand. dollars in green
back, will be dlafributed to its' patront
oht sbawr to eaofi inbsorlber. ( ';'
''The terms art, ai follows: One copy 3
months, with number of t shares, $1 00;
ont eopy fi montbt, with two number! of
share, $3 ,00) !ont copy tnt "yar with
fpur4"ntmberf f narea;"fi SUgle
4.)U dm e II i l (1 1;' I'i nii d
i.d ;Davx Bhl'tts paid t)or!;tow an
other r.vieit on Monday last. - R wat well
; Tigged" big tow-bell and a red toarf
around hit neck, and a tin born In his
baqd.' ' He trios to make people (hink thtl
he la dabrlcl and "has appeared en earth
to found the last trumpet, but wt think
bt Un't Mare the Inhabitant very much, j
We believe be make! mort nciit 1 than It
will bt necessary ' for" Gabriel to make
when, be comet forth on 'tht last day,
It this age of humbuggery, when the
wit of one-half tht world art at.work to
cheat tht other half, it it refreshing to
find in 'article of general utility among
at that possesses the merit claimed for it.
It requires a" knowledgt ot tht higher
mathematica to enumerate the number of
worthless bair preparations that flood eur
market, vaunting their auperior excellen
cies from the ehow-caset of tvery drug
gist. Among thir mess of rubbish, how
ever, there it one article that, If tha pop
ular verdict it worth any thing, it at far
removed from it competitor! in the valu
able propertiet it possesses, at it it in itt
tnormout dtntnd. Of course w allude
to the popular Barrett'e Vegetable Hair
Restorative," which it to highly indorsed
and reoommended by druggist. ! Those
who have need it and their name ie
legion art uganlmout in their praise of
tt absolute superiority overall it would-
bt competitors. Cincinnati Timtt. ,
Tut Democratic Enquirer at 'Mo Arthur,
haa been enlarged, and very much im
proved in appearance. Scioto Gaiettt.
TBI nqutrtr came ont last week en-
la iged and improved. Vinton Record.
Business Notices.
'i . .. ,j ' , j
At Cost. Every person thou Id give the
welt known Dry Goodt House of Dan.
will A Bros an early call, at they are
now telling .their prettnt stock of goods
off tt tost to aa to make room for a large
and variegated assortment for the Spring
trade. Their goodt art all new, and the
prices they art now told at offer great in
ducements to purchasers. , -
Buxis. We have juat printed a lot
of Blankt lor Justices of the Peace Sum
monses, Subpoenas, Executions, &c. ; and,
also, all kinds of Blank Deeds. All for
sale at tht lowest rates. . .
For Purt Druga and Medioines, go to
Sisson't Drug Store.
.Tooxo men entering Smith's Mer-
chantilt College, Portsmouth, Ohio, tarly
In January wilt bt competent to keep
Bookt practically by apring. . Now It the
timt to prepare fof business nnder the
direction of a practioal Biylnes Man.
The College it open Bay and Evening,
and the com te it more thorough than any
other. Marchantile College in tht United
States. ,8tudnttoan enter at any time
No Class System. Call at tha College or
Addrest ' " ' 1
E. W. SMITH, Principal.
i Barratt't ; Vegetable Hair Restorative
at Strong'!. -
1 Lost On tbt road between Mo Arthur
and Zaleski, via ' Vinton Station, on last
Saturday evening, a good saddle-blanket,
Tht finder will be rewarded by leaving
tbt tamt at this offioe. -
i . ' -,
i . ' i
Blank Bookt at Strong'!.'
Ntw BaKxy. Capt. W. M. Soeman
hat opened a new Bakery at G. W. Pearoe'a
Family Gfooery. where he haa at all times
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Light Roll, Ac., at
tht most reasonable ratet. Glvt him a
call.; ' " " ' " " ' -
., ' I' ,-. .:
Wood't Tonlo Bitten at Strong's,
.. , 'ij. i .. . ..
Beet Commercial Note at Strong's.
' Puaoi roa Sntt Any person wishing
to purchase a apleudid Piano, will aave
from1 ont hundred to one hundred and
fifty dollar by tailing at thia offioe. We
can furniab them at greatly reduoed ratet.
Ntw Rat Exterminator at Strong's. '
1 Otb Erts Mapi Ntw. If you want a
Bne: fair of ' speotacles, al a very low
prioe, just go to Gill & Richmond'! Hard
waft jSlort. ,i ..v i i. 1. 1 1 .
' Foi Avar! Modicinet, tall at Sisson't
Drug Store." ' ' '
.- j -. - 'i i...t )! .- ; . -.
Drugs, ' Book!, and Statioriary, at
Strong'!.' ,J' ' " M'' ;' "
. DgsrisTxr. Dr., J. Dunlap, DentlBt,
having had thirty-atven years' txperienct
In hls'profesulon, i now permanently lo
eated kt Mo Arthur, tad 1 at present bet
ter breoarod to nerform all ' ooerations
pertaining to Dentistry t and , in the most
approved manna. . I ., t ... .....
Calliat tht Hulbert House.' .. . ...
- I l.iliii t..i.i I '.'. ... si i' u-i
"'PeniPtnell!,1 'Eraters, PapernJveV
Rule!, j Ac' 4o.' at Strong't. v , t '
Foa Fine Perfumery, go to Sisson't
Drag 8tore.,-; .u'.,:j jr -.- . , ,
"J; I .' ,'lV r '.ll . !;( t.liK(r I l.V
1 Qui Pais, Morttn'i celebrated Gold
Pen'! it Ntw York prloet 60 tents and
upwards for tale, at BiUinghurit's Pio
tuxt GaUtry, .,,, i 'T,.,', to..o -,?3,
luii-lii'W- nil. ' I . 'li ,f -..!!.,. -I ril'
8chool Books "for: 'salt, at SiisonV at
ilw ul ju.i ex fiui.l cl oanl ui.il it
.l eans tunb it'iu vt
Special. notick. , Vmum . aumv
Bant, IfcArthur, Ohio.' Person! witting
to tend money to their friends In Eng
lasjd, Ireland, France, Germany,' or any
part of, Europe, oan'obtain Drafts for any
amount at this Bank. . Wt issue Draft
direct and - at reasonable ratet, thereby
saving to the purchaser the expense and
trouble of tending toother places,' 43,3m
McArthur Market.
Reported by J. K. Will, Dealer Id Dry Oooite,
Apple, Green, Mr bu. TS
Butter, , 30
Bean. tatAlOT
Apples, Pried, i ; ltw
Corn, ... . , 70
f i.li, white.
Chiclcaaa, . , , li-,-j(i
MeKriil, , iii(uri
Flour, per bhl,
M,.lnm, SorfOtMiiiitO
, ' i ,u86&-
Suit, per :ttil, . ,t J ,10
Unl. ... - ,l . tVC
Sugar, . . i , 12 to IS
Belpr f
Marietta - v ,
10 51) A. M; tin,.).
low , a.is .
l-ldr. a. lo.frt
11 58
li.M "
' "
HMmJen . i
Blanchefter '
. t.00 "
i !- 7 07
. 7.45 "
1S '
lioveland ,
coma sakt.
, H-lfi r. it.
1A "
' S.S9
, O.ldt. ,
7.:tl "
. , .,, gIS ,
.... !, ......
, J2.12F.M. U.6. M,
. M ' '
12..KI " 12.51 '
' l.H ' W.S1 '
l.M " 8.1V l
4.M 4.47
' 6.00 " ' 4.18
W uster TraagporUttion.
1 .:!!-.
And ghrnhs, . . .-. , ..-,
For.' the Spring Trade'' of '.1868.
I woulil respcftlttlly Inform lh citizens ol Vin
ton county tlmt T have tho lnriroKt tor'k'ever
offered in Southern Ohio, oon.istlnfl of Apple
Traea, t and 4 yenrs troin mft; Peach, Plum,
Cherry, Qitim-e, mii Penr Tree i also, Kectnrine
and Qnn Omnee l.nree i-tnck of Concord
Grape Vines, ana other varieties. . ,
Immeniie stork of Curranta, Oooerierries,
Bluckberf en. RaupberJies, Htrnwbori'iea, Khu
barb or Pie-plant, A'pnriitua ro-,u. : .4. . . -
AUn. a fine I'nlleotion of Koaes. nahiiiia.
Gladioluaaea, and Oreeuhoute I'lanta, at whole
sale and retAii. ,
Onlera will meet with prompt attention.
TarmaCash.' 0. N PALMKI1,
febl3-2m Callipolia, Ohio.
Slate of Ohio, Vinton Count!.
Jclilol A. Felton and 1 Vinton County
Ellita A Kt-lton, PlulntlffS, 1 court common
riRiilnxt plena,
joaepn w. Jtnnnana, inar
lotte Iluiiualla, Homor C.
Jone, Jatnea K. Jodph,
MorUeculIl. Jones, Clilniv
Jones, nnd David Warron
Joues, Dofoudnnta. J Order of Bale.
IN' PATlTITTnV ' , . -
In pursuance of the command of fin onlor of
Snleln tlie above ornise from the Court of Com
mon Plena of said Vinton county, and Stitfe of
(jmo, tuoiiniiK uate ui ovt-niin-r stu, A. Ji.
1(467,) mid to mo dtrrctod u BlicrlnT of xuid
eonntv. I will offer lor bhIk nt tmlilio auction.
at tho door of the Coui-Hluusu, in the Town of
flit'Aiiuur, iu iiie aiotctiuiu coiuuy oi Vinton,
uii 1
Tuesday, theWh Day March A. D
1308, ; '... '; .
at the hour of 12 o'clock M. of said day, the
following described hinds and tenements, situ
ate lu county Vinton, aud Uite of Ohio, to-
Wlli 1 -
In-Iots Xumberg Ono Htindivd and Twenty-
nine (1211.) One Hundred anrt Thirty (1)0,) One
Munurea auu riiiriy-uiitt (lal.) 0110 HuikIi-h
and Thirty-two (132.) One Hundred and Thlt-
ty-fhiee (1.13,) and Uno JtuiKlreit nnd Thirty
four (134;) and Out-Lota Numliera Thlrtv (HI,)
Thirty-two (32J Thlrty-thDH, and Thirty
four (,) In tUo VHlugo of McAtthur, Vintou
euuuiy,vniu. 1
Part of the South-West yum'tor and Part of
wiir Aurin-eufit wuarwr ,.i rM'ciiini uuiliner
1 wenty (;so. i,riown dumber tleviin (No.
11.) lt-ume Numlier Seventeen tN'o. 17.) in Vin
ton county, Ohio, containing Ufty-oua acres
uiuiv ur ...
Appraiseil as follows:
Out-Lot Numlier Thirty (301 nt Two Hunrl.
red and Fifty Dollars: '.
Out-Lot uuihr Thirty-two (.12) nt Two
Miimirea aim ritty-six Dollars aim ! itlyt'ents,
Oiit-Ixit Number Thirty-three ('flj nt One
Hundred and Kiaht 1 Hillars:
Ont-LotNiiiuUir Thirty-iiur (31) at Three
Thousand Dollars;
In-Lotn NumlMrsOneHutidredand Twentv-
nine (laij and one liuiuUt-a and XUli ty (lao,
t Kixty Dollars.
In-Lots Ntiiiiliera One Hundred nnd Thlrtv
one(181,)OnHundre.l un.l Xhlrly-two i ii,)
OneHimdreil nnd Thirty-three (1SU and One
tinraimi anu rmity-ioiir (l.H.) al ive hund
red (l.illiirs!
Part of the South-west Quarter ond 'Pnrt of
me inorin-euKi, yiiRrter ot nection JiUtuoer
Twenty(2U,) Township Number Kloven (11,)
Kanxe Numlicr Seventeen (17,) at Two thou
sand mx nunareaanu nity Hollars; - .
And eaoh of Uie above descrllied lands and
ienement8 musi oiing two-uurus o tile oj-
iiiiseu viuue pim-uyuiy,
One-third cosh In hand; one-third In ono
year: and one-third In two-yenm from thednv
of sale deferred payments to bear Interest
and to be secured by mortgage upon the preia-
iaea auiu.
..; ' - JOHN J. SHOCKF.Y,v '
1 ShorlVlutouti).,0,
H. C. Jones, A If y for Pl'll's
, February tf, lo)W '' '''. '
-.ii -.- .'.-.v.- - "ii '
The Board of School Examiners for Vlnlon
Connty wlllmeet at the Union St-hoiU House,
ill McArthtir, on tlie 1st and ,'M HHinrdavsof
Murvh, April, May, ReptemlMr,.0:tober,'aud
Nowanbei ; and the Lst Huturiliiy In January,
February, June, July. August, nnd Ileeemlier,
In each year. Examinations to eommem-e at
10 o'clock, A. M. 8utlaluctory evidence of koo1
moral character wU he rwiuired in all cuses.
A fee of 50 cento la reuutred bv law from eeh
applicant. y. .
m. K.tiAiotAin-11; , .itionni of
jORVILLB OCXNINO, '"'f- K.h.vl
i. iL MotilLUVRAY.Cl'k, J ExamltiVt,
. ' , 'i -i ' P ."tt - 1. 1 -'.-..Ni ti- '.;
TheFinttleaf.vonrV-wlne Mnehlim rn
the only Cotupnuy iu the trade who will re
turn the Diircnase uioner if the machine is
not antisiVtory. -'' t " - " '
i. ,Th Finkle Lfon ewin Mrwlilne 1
thft (Sulv lcM-k-sUU-h machlue tliut has lu nno
dle"elNiettlng," so that the noedle cannot be
set wronff. ' . : a
K ' The Fuikle A Lyon Sowing Machine Is
theonlyatralxht-needlemaehliu! that haa a
positive 'ttake np," requiring ho cluinvjo of
nsloa In ruunluu froju ue kind al aouda tu
4. , The Flnltle A T.vftn fVarlntr Maehln hhii
iiieoniy-Biiuiiio-ettrrw-r'inac.ovt-rcolnea aui
friction of Rhutth. aud protU 41ireoll
1 ft. Tha FinkleA Lyon Hewrlng Marline is
tlie only family inrtclUne In Uie world; that
will sew linen thread with tha fiudltiv tlmt It.
does allk or cotton. ' f... . ..
. Onralm hi appoint a looal agent In every
town, WirougU whom all, orders luust tamo, .
! riakle & Lyon S. M. Co
Sf , 'o. 67 Broadway, Hew Tork:
uv, V I tv. . 1 ui .- i. l-. . ) ,' e
a' ,1. J TVBw,:Agent, McAxtUur, ,
)ut "iiti d 1
,i'iiiiii- sir..Swt
MaBg0MRaaignMMamHMna9 t
t.;.., .- r.-r -tf H-t' J -4 .-' t
KI-.lv.V ' :. .1 ;'-( I--'
.... , ., - - - r A
SHED'S xflUa P. ft, VIIITOH consxY, OHIO.
I, qosts. WH.acar.tsa, a.WaiSHAtrr. W. wavoutii.
i., Ki)iijctiirrs ef.
1 I..
u 08.t'Jl'gs;';
'Hollow 3VTarc,',
Casters and 'Becl.'.Fastcninsra.
A10, .
1 5"" M-- ? i -.
The only DoiiMe-Aclinji Force Pump lntise, ni '
th most eonvenieu and durable ever invented.
" ' : -. f.l f
' tar-Machinery ol all kinds Kopaired on short
notice. '
The Ware manufactured ai tlie hi ml, I inm
aa.nny In th.'s market.
,1 I).
At,tire stniid ormerly occupied by Bothwell,
Locust Stkiet, "'. ". ilcA
Wcnld re
pectrtilly announea lo the ptihhe that
to keep oongtnntly on haud a com- '
he intends
fiew Mnorimeui or . , . 1
WWeh la gotten tip In a afyle of wovkmanahlo
mil 10 oe excfiien nyany ahon iu this part
I . pi ine country 1
All kinds of work in mv linn will n a., .... '
ly a.ad promptly. '
Of all kinds done to order on short notice.
XT IT 33 e it a. ki ir o. . ,
' ' A foil anpply of '1 .t
'. 'COFFINS '' . I J
Kent constantly on hand; and 10 per cent will be
oeductedon all orders for cash down.
BSB-Everyhody Invited to call and examine my'
Fuimtuie before goiug elsewhere, , ,
- - '
March 7, 18U7-y 1 , P. MORTON. '
State of Ohio, ' Vinton Curuitij.
Christopher Wlnkleman, Fhuutiff,! tn court corn.
. i'-'ln ' - mon pleas. .'
' WilhnuiA Penioeand , ... f Oreder and
Samuel V. Dodxe, Lefen.laiils. ) Iieerea
1)UK.sUANTtotl,e eommnnd of nn order and
dc:re issued rront tho courttof common .1
ple el V mlon county, and Btale of Ohio, and tu
iiM(liiwiedns,-herifl of said eoitnfr, 1 will offer fur" -snleat
Public AuuUi.ii, at the doi.r of the Court '
House, ia the Town of iUeAnhur.. in th ..
aloresail, on v '
Tuesday, the 10fA day of March A. ' '
, . D. ISiix. ' . - -
at the hour of 1 o'clock r. w. of said day, the
following lands and tenements one eonal nndlvi
ded half of the following described preinuoa to- . iv
Commencine at' th South-
of that part of Out-lot Number Twenty. :
five (25,) in the Town of Wiikesrille.'in
said county of Vinton, owned on the 14th :
dayof May, A. V. 1859 by William C.'1''
Cline, and running South-east 'parallel '
with tht Street in laid Town fifteen (19) '
Rods; and thence South-east Eleven hi) '
Rods on:, a itiaight aa-rle with aaiit -
Street: theuce Fifteen 1151 Rods Snmr..,;; .
west on a parallel .with., said k..j
Street ; thenoe , North-west . , to, the place ...
of beginning containing one acre more -1,
or less togetjlur wtb 1 Hie -Flooring andiis.j
Saw Mills and. all other tppurtenaneea 1 ,
on said land.
Taken as the nroneYfv of William a.
satisfy a jiidKment and decreo of tha aforesaid
court in favor of Christuphr WinUleuian.
Appraised at' one thoumnd one bun.Ire.l and
nrieon dollars and must bring twe-thtrds of that' v
sum. ...... . .,
Terms of sale caih in hand at the time of aale.
( riherifT VinUiuiwiinru .1"
February 0, ISuS-Oa-H
,1 J
1 .--1 -!l I
ti i-iv.;-tiit.-ji ,11 i.
ii,:-T - 1 , : ,:;.- i, , i (.. I.'i.i,
Ice herebv fflven thnt a netltln,, vin
be p resented to the Commissioners of Vfntnri :" 1
county, Ohio, at their next regular ae.stlon in '
Wiuchuext, praylpn lor the survey and lo-, , .
tirm nn eonntv rod ln,Hnflr fr,., s. cr. irn.
kin's; Mill to James Dnrbons, In Vinton conn.
ty, us louuwa: Coiuiiiuhohik .l w. (, Eakln't
-Mill and runnltiK the nearest praetleul routo
toSttnnshnn-h'hiiie; thenrvthv nearest prae-1' "
ttili route, to lnterwet Iho 'Hamdnii audi r,t
WUkesvillellorul.ator ueiu' James Durlxm's. - .
and there to terminate. And to have inndo" '
U mtch Bltemi Hns and vaunt ions a may be 1 hi
neoeasory in . tho location of said iriijut4.d,,.'
road? suid rond to be 'fort v feet wide.' "TH"
" '' ' "'"'- ttAMY PlsTlT10KERa.'''nu
i February g, lsoa-td . ,. n HiJK,t
,r,y I .ik(i-il. .-:i , '.
,l uji )M?li if- ... ;V..
Ai ' iT ;-M!.;
" t- iV 1 ,it Jo
1. 1 a-j.,,,vi i t
Ell iifhetli T.rtfl a tlri mAA V.mo r.nn . 1 ,i .
WapniUQeounlNvand Htakiul Iowa. i lu,n.ivu t, ...
notiiieiUhat Felix Urimes. did , n...
day of .Tnnmrrjr, A.T; Wit, ttlo hi petition In A
uie outowoi trie uun-a or Uie :Umrt of Coruwrt.-J 4
ion, .aid
.....ii 1 mw, wiuiuuuiuj tor tne LQiinty of Ylu-,
riaw ot (into, etmniinij (lie sitld Ell.-
BltiK tho .'
nvi:i.i:i.NjiNi crilinw Willi R.
Vorw from themiid tltimlielU fotitsa Grimes
l. J.U.IUI.I I.UUH,. 1. I.I, ML lit. IbA i I .
whlcH tietltton wlH-shmd for lienrlnir at ih'M'l
ncxtTenuof sakttwirw , . ' , -, - n.,-
lUilaaitlidaj-of January,; A. D. IS68j ' L
fini V'"1 B7l' U'Sblvtl.Wa Atfy.k'fci-li
t.-i. i ,b,Ki '
,,f D rw
ate) .Notice. ' ,
noi fetorebyftlvOTthMJohnlLGnrT,,.,,,,.,!
Ouordlan of Jam, W. C. ilawk and V'.uuua j. , 1 H
HuwkltiBft filed h(s toomnin for tuspartion'"'" "i
audfltiiikaattlatueni.liilie Probata four of V . -.
Vinton county, Ohio, which will te for hear-.
Ing onjlhc Kin Of Fcfcrnnrr A. T. is at. 'w
l " '--dObKPH KAKr'Jt,'- It
Frbrtiary MWWw v.t j ITubcteJuduy,, s
. ttrti
Kta nh 'net nw-yr -li t.i-i ji-fKt
' ' ' 'iXV MUM JaIjiW

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