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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 27, 1868, Image 1

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.1 I, W. 10 WEIL, Editor, r
Thursday, - : F.brmary SO, 1868.
OrriCB-Second Rtory K. D. Dodge's Building,
Muln Street.
"'. TBB !M! 3 . . .
One copy, 1 yenr, Jl.'iO I Ono copy, tfmos., $1.00
One copv, t mi., 0.7u Oneopy,8 nioa., 0.40
On eopy sent free togetter-up of Club ol leu,
' 1 ' ' Anvnnrisrao ratts. ' '
One square, 1 wl-ekSl.OO Otieso.uarel mo. $2.50
Yearly uUvortlaonients 8 1 no pur column, uud
at proportionate rates for lean space.
Fob Pbksidf.nt or thb United States,
Subject to the deeislnn of the Democratic Na
. . tlonal Convention.
Democratic State Ticket.
, - For Secretary of State, 1
Thomas Hubbard, of Logan.
For Supreme Judge,
''" Wniiam E. Flnolcof Perry.-
'For Momber Board Publto WorkHi
Artlin Hughes, Of Cuyahoga.
t :i i For School Commissioner,
Samnel J. Kirkwood, of Seneca.
For Clerk of Supreme Court,
" John M." Ve M, of Mahoning. -
T8UK to lion. U., M. Onderdonk, of
the Ohio Senate, from this District; to
Ilea. J, W.( Newman, of.tbe Bouse of Sep.
reseotatives, from Scioto oounty; and
Bon. A; Ji 8waim, of the' House from
Vinton county, for namerous Taluable
publio' documents.' ' '
. If is a fact beyond dispute that
tha interest on our publio debt,
which we will be roquired to pay in
fiftoon years, will equal tho whol
principal. Is it better to go on an
pay the - interest on this leviathan
debt for that timo, as tho Eadical
party proposes, leaving our indebt
eduess , at the end of that period as
it is at present, or to pay off our
debt in Greenbacks", as tho Democra
cy proposes, which .can bo dono in
ono-third of tho time jvrithout any
increase . in our taxes? v Taxpayeri
And voters will "reflect 6a these
things.-1 We guess, they , will. .
Dkmocbats,Onward IThe X7am
Moi'O than two million Demoorats
on toe this. Presidential ' contest, to
wm back: Uomoeratio Governmen
for the whole people. ' JVo .havo no
responsibilities or bacrirntre-watron
loided.with plundor to., check our
march. ; We have courageous lead
ers: ! We have acver dyinp prjnoi
plwr; 'Wo.nnfurta m!ro'"0f ' thirtv
eevea States, and raiso high the old
nag, ana demand jue old Constitu
tion to live under! wfthrqual rep
men Ut ion, equal taxes, anda white
man s Uovernmont. ' ' ;
Onward, Domocratal
ABoci a dozen of the Now York
City Bondholders assembled, a few
weeks ao, at tlio Cooper Institute
and nominated that iguorant booby
Gen. Grant, for Prcsidont, and have
issued and '8ontb over tho country
circulars tolling certain poople that
Grant is the peoplo's choice, etc.
Many of tho circulars are ' sent to
tho wrong persons to persons who
can'find ho uso for them. J. G,
Swetland recoivpd ono a few days
ago, and it is signed by the great
bondholders,"who . pay no taxes and
rccoive their interest in gold and
want to make Grant President.
Tho circular says:' "Tou will , ob
ligo us by forwarding any nowspa
pors, published in your locality,
containing articles on the subject of
Grant's nomination." Now, we
know of no such pnpor in this local
ity, unless It is the 'Vinton Record.
It "contains articles" on various
"subjects,", and it always leans any
direct'idnlts mastors may advise.
If the Itads. should place Fred Doug,
lass in nomination for tho Presiden
cy, it would support him as warmly
as It supported negro suffrago '.last
fell. -
Thb Campaign-DiorsT. This is
the titloof anew weekly journal,(the
prospectus of which we published a
few weoks ago,) just , issued ,by ,;W.
A. Jlitcbenor & Co., Washington, D
C. - Just such a journal as this we
have neodod for , many years We
are pleased to notice that it calls
things by their right names no
4'bu8k:whiickj ng." ; It attacks, the
Eadical Dostructionistsin bothfront
vnd roar at the same time.
We advise Democrats everywhere
to send for it. . . , , ; . ',
Single copies, $1.50, club of ten,
ciudoi iweniy,
Tas Christian Witness, Eev. A. S.
Biddisan'rVdJtor, thus spoaks ofthis
"Tbo.:-Dcmdcratie Enarfer is the
same of a political paper published
at McArthur, Vinton Co., O.,. and
sent us jn exebango, edited by J. W.
Bowen. It presents a fine appear
ance, and is a valuable countr Daner.
Tha editor is known to be a man of
ability and exporienco in journal,
ism, and is making a paper worthy
of extensive) : patronage. -We) wish
itBucoesft -:; ';;..;;;:i":.
---ii i
Faon WAshihotom. the President ap
pointed Oen, Thomas Secretary of War ai
interim last' Friday.1 . fitantoh denied Ike
President's authority to remove him, and
refused to give up the office to Thomas.
Thomas made an effort to get possession,
but was resisted by armed sentinels.
Thomas was then arrested, at the Instance
of Stanton, for alleged -violation of 'the
tenure-of-office bill, but was released on
bail. Thomas Immediately Issued an or
ner Ustruoting the de;artmeol not to
recognize Stanton as Seoretary of War.
As we go lo press (Tuesday,) we 'learn
that Johnson has been impeached by the
Senate and suspended from office, and that
Ben Wade is acting President.
Anotuer strange feature in the
Eadical programme ' is, that the
bondholders should be bo jealous of
the faith of the nation now, when a
shdrt time since they were stabbing
the nation's credit by buying up jts
Bonds at forfy cents on the dollar,
and paying for, thorn in a deprecia
ted currency at that!. They are
after the last pound of ilesh, that's
what's tho matter. ' '
; The annual meeting of tho stock
holders of tho Marietta and Cincin
nati Railroad Company was held at
Cliillicotho on Wednosday, the 19th
inst. ' '" ' ' '
i - -
iJohn Medoira was appointed
Chairman., The usual r.eports for
the year 18G7 were submitted arid
ordored to bo published. The fol
ldwing gentlomcn were thou elected
to sorve as Directors for the epsuing
year: 'Messrs. John' King, jr., Thos.
Whitridg'e, C. 0. O'Donnell, John
Hopkins, and Allen A. Chapman, of
Baltimore; J. N. Camden, of Park
orsburg; W. P. Cutler, of Constitu
tion, 0.; S. A. Schulte.of Cliillicotho;
and Nathaniel Wright, E. M. Bishop,
II. C. Lord, Briggs Swift, and Sam
uel B.. Keys, of Cincinnati.
' At a subsequent , meeting of the
Directors, Mr. John King was erect
ed Prosidont of the company. Mr.
King is well known as tho prcsont
Vice president of the Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad Company."! "
A resolution was passed by a
nearly , unanimous vote stopping
further scrip dividonds on prefor-
enco stock. '" '
Tho wholo number of shares rep
resented at tbo meeting was 183,124,
amounting to $9, 171, 150. -
It seems that F. J. Ileseltino, who
has been a Director for the past two
years, was not re-elocted. What is
wrong? "We learn that he was i
candidato for re-election, - and' tha
he received only ONE VOTE:
whieh, there is no doubt, he thought
necessary to cast . hinisolf. "My
Lord!" "thou hast fallen I" Why
"hast thou fallen, 0, Lord?" Thy
happy days are o'er I No more will
Iheo bo seen to go down from the
Big Bricks, to the Furnace Switch
and signal the railway trains and be
taken aboard to rido only a quarter
of a mile to the Zaloski Depot I no
more! ! no more.l I ! no. more for
ever ! 1 1 1 '"How the mighty have
fallen!" Thy voice, will be heard
no more in railway iCouncils ! i.We
suppose the many stockholders of
tho Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad
have read in the "First Book of the
Chronicles of Zaloski'? of the tyran
ny and authority exercised by the
'.'Lord" in tho British Province,
and then sang . , , ., ,
With such ft Lord as thee, ,
We no vcr can agree
After which, as will be seen above,
they crucified him I .
More anon. . i i . -i
TnB La Crosse Democrat. M. M.
("Brick") PoMEnoiy Editor, says:
There is one paner in the United
States which you .can safely , "bet
your money on," every time. It is
tho New York Day Book. .: ,
Ilere is sound thinkiner thore is
principle in toai paper. .
its conductors t know, what De
mocracy is, and undersand and ad
vocate correct theories of. political
economy. , i .: .. :;
They keep their eyes steadily fix
ed on the old landmarks, and faith-
tuny aanore to thom. ' - '-
The Democrat speaks the plain
truth. A sounder papor than the
Day Book is not to be found in any
part of the world1.' It " should . be
read by every man, woman,' and
child on the American Continent-
It teaching are sound as the granite
ock, and should bo- heeded and
obeyed by every lover of Truth and
Justice,.,,, , "if . , ".' ...
We can also say the same of Tht
Old O uard, the only Democratic
magazine printed on this Continent,
C. :CHinifOET ( Bueb, ; Editoj,- and
which is. published by the publish-
ors of the Day Book. '
If .-
Which did the most to sustain the
Government the soldier in'-the
field, or the money-lender In 1 nis
counting-rpcjin? ,Whcn X the" better.
''Jurn: t,LiV Si viM
rewarded by the Government? Can
the Vinton Record, give any miorm
ation upon the subject?
The Public Debt Increasing Only
The Public Debt Increasing Only $12,000, 000 Per Month.
i The Washington'correHpondcnt of
the Chicago Republican announces.
that the forthingmonthlystatoment
from the Treasury Dopartment'will
show an increase of the Public Debt,
in the month of January, of Twelvo
Millions of Dollars.. . Twelve mil
lions! Just think of it, reader!
Tho debt cannot be paidl
' Look at that, Tax-payers!
The ' Public' Debt increasing
Twelve Millionsa month!
I One Hundred and Forty-four
millions a year! : , 1
- Why, what is the bn4 to bo?
. There k.but pne remedyl -
We agree witn tne ha, Urosse
Demcicrat,nnil say:
How are the Greenbacks to be Paid.
The Eadical bondholders in thoir
fronzied energy ' to defeat tho peo
pie's plan lor paying the public
uobt, denounce Ureonbacks as an ir
redeomable currency, and ask how
are they to be paid, u the bonds can
not bo paid. We answer that they
during that time without reducing
tho principal ot the debt ono parti
We proposo to stop paying two
hundred millions of dollars a year
as interest on the bonds and devote
pal, so that, at the expiration of
hitoon years, instead or having paid
two billions of dollars as interest
merely, and be still owing tho entire
same sum, and in strict accordance
with tho law and justice
With a sufficient inflation of the
currency to givo bouyancy to busi
ness and impart prosperity such ns
we had during the war, to . all
branchos of trade,. the present rev
enucs, which undor tho great de
pvession - are irksome and grievous
to be borne, will bo scarcely folt
and with a rigidly economical Gov
ornmcnt, at least two hundred mil
lions of Greenbacks a year, can be
dovoted to tho liquidation of the
debt, so that by the gradual with
drawal of cpreenbaoU front circula
tion in fiftoon years, of the amount
necessary to pay tho public interest
an tnAjmMio debt, we will nave
e win nave
paid tho principal-ana afco
the great good of finances, a basis
r.trt IV hhnia
tor specie payment.
If it is thought that in connection
with inflation the. taxes should be
materially reduced, wo can relievo
the poople of one-half their present
burdens, and still pay tho debt with
the interest we now pay, during the
present generation. ....,
It is not the fear in regard to the
liquidation ot their claims that dis
turbs tho bondholders. They don't
desire them paid. They wish the
investment to be a permanent one
on which they and their children
can forever fatten off of tho sweat
and toil of the millions who will bo
compelled to labor to pay them thoir
interest. Lhillicothe Advertiser.
The contested election case of
Onderdonk against Jones is not vet
decided. . Jt" is reported tjiat tho
committee havo, accepted .(Jndeij
donk's proofs and thrown out thoso
of Jones. Thp Committee is largely
Democratic and it is likely that On
derdonk will be sustained. Mid-
dleportPress. ' ' ' ;
j Certainly. '; Mr. Onderdonk ought
to be sustained he is . entitled to
the seat in the Senate. n
The People Shall be Masters.
i The, people are sovcreii'n.. and
the President, Senate, and Congress
only servants underpay. ,
; A lalso idea has got abroad in tho
the land, viz: That mon- in 1 office,
are masters of tho people. It must
be checked and smothered out, or
there will soon be a King, with his
Dords and Dukes, riding about over
the country. .., ,
j Away with all Buch pretensions,
; . i ,v
iu or oui oi onice.
! The people must bo masters.
Lemurs Womas and he Tsui Post
tion. Miss R. II. DaTldson, of Cam.
bridge, Ohio, will delWer a leotare on the
True Position and Relations of Woman
on Friday E-enlng, the 28ih-1nst., at tht
!. 15, Church, commencing a 7 o'clooav-
after the adjournment of the meeting of
the Toung Men's Christian Association.
Miss Davidson ha for a long lime been
deeply Interested In' the cause of Female
Eduoatlon and the true position of woman
und has giren considerable attention to.
tbo iuTestifatiom of these) important lob.
leets. t'Bhe desires to present to the pub-
lie, tnitiy' Interesting Cbplos;' 6h will
speak of Woman's Inluenee In tht soolal
world, mental equality of tht . sexes, her
rights la tht domestio relations, of female
labor and its) dot ta la ation, tht Dolltieal
status of IBs femall' sex, of tht question
of, female suffrage, of woman's eapkalty
fer general business, tto. Let Uiert be a
Urea attendance ; all will bt Interested.
Adndssion 35 eeiM --y .
T li I-1. 4
S.lt JD.vii
.inHf to
i Hho "kicked the bucket," one night
last week, after the danoa WO 0?tr?
:' Oua friend, Arch. Norrie, sturted for
Tennessee, on Monday afternoon last.
i 1 1 li
i Ret. Ma. Wans preached at the Chris.
ttan Church on Monday and Tuesday
OTenings. . . t . i-.
; Ws learn that the Treasurer i.f Brown
Township was robbed of about three hund
red dollars last Tuesday nigiit week.
I The American Agricultwritt for Februa
ry has not been reoeired. : Wil) tht Pub
lishers please send it? tw
i Bias tht advertisement of tlit McAr
thur Marble Works, John Criqmias, pro
prietor, In to-day's paper. ! Be it prepared
to execute all kinds of work tu his line
in the most satisfactory manneiv
' Wt bare reoeited a number1' of Thi
tTorlhender, a weekly quarto pajeC, deTO
ted to the North End of Hew D. E.
GaVlCEdholr.'" -
Terms $2 per annnm.- , .
Address H.Clay Gatit, Publisher, New
Trk City. . . . -
M T-, ados Bob Thompson, " one o 1 the
ditors of the British sheet, ' wishes is lo
recommend "some reliable Health 06 cer"
for tht British Province. We know f no
respectable Health, Offioer who is las;
enough to loaf around in the Proinee,
unless yon can afford to allow him I high
salary, let him hare a house at rev low
rates, flour at less than fifteen dfilars a
barrel, bay rum at city prices, pulled
wool at the puller's price, and'a 1 rst to
nae. we don't know what Ton want a
"Health Officer" fer, unless von wrnt the
many hundred dollars worth jf Pork
inspected, which was Infiltrated y R. 0,
Whorton for the Co., a year or tio ago,
and which is said to bt tour,
Eh? T ;
! The British paper, owned and
by the rioh and aristoorntio Zalesjcl
oter In the British Province,' on
Creek, says; .
the Big
Mr. Joel Cotterill, on Xaeooon
Plymate's Mills, is forming a com any to
sink a salt well on his farm. Top will
be the third well on bis farm' in Oaltia
county. With the stack-water completed
we predict that the Raocoon' Valley will
soon rival the Kanawha Valley for salt.
Mr. Samuel Coe, about a quarter of a
mile went of Moenville, opened k neweoal
mine on the banks of Racoooo, jabout 20
feet above high water mark, ibeinaj the
Nelsonville soam about 6feel thick. -The
coal ean bt dumped into ti boat en
Racooon, with no other cost than that ot
""ning- . . , . ' .' ... I ,
; The E ileskt Company hart oponel a
new ooal bank about 600 yauls west of
Bainbrldge Ulocks. The vein! Is over Ire
feet thick, and of the best quality; '
' mm. ,', 4..
Yooho Ma, Loox 'HaasI 4 We will Ul
you how you ean make fen tkousand dol-
t... i. . i.j.i ,
' w
wilh induitry and hcMeity, aad a fortune is
almost certain. But to tdooeed surely,
Ibis education must include, a knowl
edge of the scienoe of accounts, and a gen
eral understanding of busfness .customs.
No young man is capable, In these times
of "Eharp Practice," of doing business for
himself without this knowledge,, whioh
there are but tow ways of plaining. One
is oy serving a term of years cf sad expe
rience in unfortunate business, and the
other is by attending a good Commericinl
or isusmees Ulloge for a few weeks and
learning how to oonduot business of all
kinds. For this purpose, Smith's Mercan
tile College, at Tortsmouth Ohio, has no
superior in mis oiate, wniie the expenses
- ... i .- . i, i ,
v. iiouuiiin ii, ro maua itss than any
oiner uollegt..,. , , . i (
Business Notices.
I Cash Paid Ton Sawntis. S. Oobtz A
Co., of the Hamdeo Fousdry, want sev
eral thousand Shingles, for whioh they
will pay cash. - Apply immediately.
Fon Fine Ptrfumtry, 'go to Slsaon's
Drug Stort. ' !
Gold Pss. Morton's eelebrated Gold
Pen's at New York prices SO cents and
wards for sals at Billioghurst's Pic
turo Gallery. . 8
j School Books for salt St Sinon's at
half 'prtot. '
E. D. DoDas Is offering bis present lot
of Goods at extremely low figures. Now
w thetime to secure bargains. :
God it's Ladt's
Boos for March is
beautiful number.'
Only (2 a year." L, A.
oodey, Publisher, 306 Chestnut Slroet,
Philadelphia, Pa.1 !- .
'. V. .'1 4 ' ' 'I 1 '. ' , . .'
Tut superior quality of Axes and other
Edged Toble at Gill A Richmond's Hard
wart Ptore, art told at extremely low
prloet. Every other article is sold low
at that Bouse.
Read This. Costar's Celebrated Book -
thorn Salve, . for outs, burns,: biuites.
wounds, boils, . ring-worm, ehapped band,
itob. and almost evtrytking else, only 3b
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universal d inner pill for headaohe, oos
tirtntss, ohills, fevers, Ac, 'only 25 oents
box;: the Pectoral Cough Remedy, for
ooughs, ' colds,' hoarseness, tort hro&t,
bronclal affeotiont, Ac, on'y 25, oents a
box j and the preparation of Hitter Sweet
and Orange Blossoms, for beautifying the
complexion, to i eoftea and - beantfy tht
skin,- remove frttklea; pimples,' eruptions,
So,, only f 1 bottle r all tht beet reme
dies yeljntroduoed, and for sal at Sis
oa' Diutoxt. i.Go and get torn now,'
iji; ,ti '.O.I,J l)T l-'dJiii,!- IK- lit''' 'in
,tHV!-V it-l 'Kl'A. M) 1..U JI
Blasks, We have just printed a lot
of Blanks lor Jqstioesof the Peace Sum
monses, Subpoenas, Executions, Ac; and,
also, all kinds of Blank Deeds.' All for
sale at lb lowest rates., '
For Pore Drugs and Medioines, go to
Sissdn's Drug Btore. 1
' ra men entering Smith's Mer
ehantile College, Portsmouth, Ohio, early
in January will be eompetent to keep
Books praotioally by spring. Now Is the
timo to prepart fof business under the
direction of a practioal Business Man
The College It open Day and Evening,
and the eoui so is more thorough than any
other Mirohantile College in the United
Slates. Students ean enter at any lime.
No Class 3yslem. Call at tht College or
E. W. SMITH, Principal.
Is one of Dr. Ayer't leotures he stales
(bat Chenilslryoonfdrs 'more practlcaj
benefit on mankind, than an.' olhev sou
enoe, yet from no other source could more
be so easily obtained. Tht arts and econ
omies whioh ohemisty would teaah. if
more thoroughly and generally studied
would speedily exercise a most beneficent
Inn uence. Be freely confesses that he Is
Indebted to this scienoe for tha virtues of
bis remedies, and advises that the practi
cal application of ohemistry to medioine,
the arts, manufactures, and agrlcalture
e enjoined upon our colleges and schools.
Barrett's Vegetable Hair Restorative
at Strong's. '
Blank Books at Strong's.
Tus ancients desired "locks bushy and
black as the raven" as one of the perfec
tions of manhood, and tresses long, silken
and lustrous, as Ihe crowning beauty of
womanhood, but Time, tht sly old dog,
drew his fingers through their hair and
left "His Maek" in whi t. Time is now
baffled by those who nse Ring's Vegetable
Ambrosia, tht greatest and most reliable
Hair Restorative of modern times.
Wood's Tonic Bitters at Strong's.
Thi Indestructible Pen the very best
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Best Commercial Note at Strong's.
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fifty dol'ars by calling at this office. We
ean furnish them at greatly reduced rates.
New Rat Exterminators at Strong's.
Oi,pErES Madi New. If you want a
fine pair of- tpetlaelta, al tV'fVery'le'w
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Fon Ayer't Medicines, oall at Eisson's
T a . ...
Ton Hardware House of Gill & Rich
mond is just the plaot to go for durable
articles. '
Drugs, Books,
and Stationary, at
Dentistxt. Dr. J. Dunlap, Dentist,
having had thirty-seven years' experience
in Lis profession, Is now permanently lo
eated at Mo Arthur, and is at present bet
ter prepared to perform all operations
pertaining to Dentistry, and in the most
approved manner.
Call at the Ilulbert flouie,'
Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Paper Knives,
Rules, Ac, Ac, at Strong's.
McArthur Market.
Reported by J.K. Will, Dealer in Dry Goods,
A pples, Green, per bu. 71
Apple", Dried,
fish, white.
1 oil
nenna, .
- ' MX I
Flour, per ebl.
13, IH)
Molasses, Sorgo 50(3 no
Oats, ' 34ti
Salt, per bbl. 340
Leaves Belpre
Leaves Marietta -heaves
Leaves Zileski
Leaves McArthur
Leaves Hamden
Leaves Chillicothe
Leaves Blanchesler
Leaves Loveland
10.60 a. w,
1.16 r. a.
8.31 '
S.OO "
7 or
7 "
9 - '
8.16 r.
8. 16
10.64 "
12.23 a. W
12.36 "
S.20 "
6 03 "
7.48 "
Leaves Cincinnati
Arrives Loveland -Arrives
S. 10 A.M.
T.31 '
, ... 8 1,1
' 10.63 '
Arrives niiillirotha
Arrives Hamden
' H. 12 r.. 11.3SA. H
i 12.31) lx.61
1.14 " 12.61 "
' 1.64 1.16
4 04 4.47 "
rrives McArthur
Arrives Zsleski
Arrives Athena
Arrives Marietta
Master Transportation.
L. O. O. F.
McArthur Lodge No. 864. Regular meetings
every Tuesday evening. Degree meetings uie
last Friday evening of earn month.
, , , ti. ij UAW&.ocoy,
The Board of Bohool Cxamlnmw frir Vlntn
County wl limpet at the Union rVhooi Houae,
in McArthur, on the let and td rXatnrdari of
March, April, May, September, Ootolier, and
November: and the 1st Saturday In January,
February, June, July, August, and December,
In each year. Exmninatloua to oomineuce at
10 o'olock. A. X. Batlsfactorv evidence of aoid
moral character will b required In all oaara.
A fee of at) cent la reaulred by law lrom each
applicant. , ., , , ... .
in. n. DAttnr.rs, i;n n: ixsoanl or
' OBVILLE OUNNINO, ' " 1 8rhool
i.J, M. McOIUUIYRAV.Cl'k, J Examin't.
If.. . ,. ; . .-
. IX. J?. AHBE03B, . . :;
Mai Btaxit, - MoAethob, 0
' Mancoiotur of, and Dealer In, '
8ADDLE3, " , ' : . 'j. ' i
I'"-. HARNESS, '-I'",
? .'' COLLARS, f '
' ! BRIDLES, 't"
BITTS, ..' .
,' i WHIPS,
And sU other articles In bis line of butioess,
He will mnke to order nv urtlcle on th hn,
e notice, of the very best meterml.-and in the
most worknmnlite maimer I limit; ha(j manv
years experieno in the hnslnen, he feels confi
dent tlmt he nan plea-e nil who mar faior him
with his i,!Uruniije, both m regard to iinte and
quality of work. .
All kinds of Repalilns'done on the most reason
uie le.iins.
Call and examine stock aad prices.
Feb 2T, 18C8-m
Begs leave to inform the oitiiens of Vinton and
aiyom.ngiiountis Hint he prepared to lurulh
uciu wiia
The Latest and most Approved Stylos,
All Work neatly and promptly executed.
All my prcesare mi-ch lower than those of
uiiwr snope. rerson aiiont purclnisini! are ia
rited to-acareful inspeit.oa of ar stock OLd
Shop In Malono's Building, on Main Street, '
Feb.t7,186S tf '" -j
A Live Democratic Weeklv. renletawlth nm.
spicy editorial, scathing dissections ol nwniirel
isin, caustic comment a on bnjtus "lovnlly," Hlih
erlng denunointions of Radical despotist, dis-
iininntstn, robbery and rnscallty, unsnnring ei
poitioits of the ereat Vronis. ttinnm rnn m,..
and stupendous outrages heaped upon the peo
ple by the Niitmniil Bunk swindling shop-., the
honrihnldins Sliyloeke, the nianiil:u!inrinic cor-
mornnw, me proteenve tariff vunipnee;ih negro,
bureau vermin, and the emire mongrel brood ol
robbers, tyrants, siitiaps, pimnw, spies, detect
ives, rum traitors, eta. II In a hlH. rr.rl
defiant defender oflhe rights ol the people, and
...v viuiivn, cieuuiiwi uuu euicieui Irlend 01 lue
working classes.
Kvery man who earns his living hy the sweat of
nis brow w II find the PiapATre To be just the pa
per he needa. Everyman who belioven in white
supremacy and that W1KTEMES Must rule this
eminlry; ehnuHtaid In extending the eir.-uliitloo
and mourner of the IiisriTim, as it la empliali
ceiiy i La WniraMAsi'sPPAPea.
t-unlirhed u OrIII poli, Ohio, evory Frldsyal
- uri niliriiiii. iwlltUH til h iu . ai c.
And Shrubs,
For the Spring Trade of 1868.
I would respectfully Inform theeltlsens ol Vin
ton county that I have ihe Isreest stock ever
offered in Southern Ohio, consisting of Apple
Trees, 8 and 4 years Irom graft i l'tai-h, Plum,
Cherry, Qmin'e, and Pear frees ; also, Nectarine
and Osai's Oramie. lsrse. stock of Conoord
Grape Vines, and other varieties.
Immense siook of Currants, Gooseberries,
Hlackberres. Kasnlierries, Htrawberriea, litiu
Imrb or Pie-piant, Aoparagua ro-u.
Also, a flue collection of Kosea. Dahllna.
Gladiolusses, and Greenhouse I'lants, at whole
sale unu reinu.
Orders will meet with prompt attention
Terms Cash. C.N TALMER,
ftb!3-2m Galliiiolis, Ohio.
Slate of Ohio, Vinton County.
Johtel A. Felton end 1 Vinton Cownt.y
Eliza A Felton, Plaintiffs, I court common
aualnst pious.
jusepn vv. illiniums, innr
lotte Rannnlls, Humer 0.
Junes, James K. Jones,
Monlecal IS. Jones, Cidna
Junes, and Ds vid warren
Jones, iAjieniMnta. J Order of Salt,
In nursiiant) of the command of en order of
sale in the above cause from the Court of Com
mon I'lene of said Vinton oounty, nud btnte ol
Ohio, (beurlr.g date of November SBth.A. 1).
lf-07,) and to me directed aa Hheriir of aiiid
county, I will oft'or for sulo at public auction,
ntihu door of the Court House, in the Towq of
MoArthur, In the aforesaid county of Vinton,
on .
Tuesday, the IQth Day March, A. D.
1808, - i .
at the hour of 12 o'clock M. of said dny, the
following described landa and tenements, situ
ate in county YUiUm, uud btuto of Ohio, U-
lu-Lots Numhcra Ono Hundred and Twenty
nine I12D.) One Hundred and Thirty (13U.) One
Hundred and Thirty-one (181,) One Huudji
and Thirty-two (IS!,) One Hundred and Thirty-three
(li,) and Otie Hundred an-l Thirty,
four (134;) and Out-LoU Numliers Thirty (30 )
Thirty-two (32,) Thlrty-lhrfe (,) and Thirty
four U44,) in the Village of McArthur, ViiiUiD
county, Ohio.
axd, Aijuo,
Part of the Bonth-West ftuarter and Part of
the North-east Quarter of auction Nnnilier
Twenty (No. 20,) Town Number Eleven (No.
11,) Itunge Nuuioer Seventeen (No. 17,) In Vin
ton county, Ohio, eoutuining lUly-oue acres
more or leas,
Appralaed a feUowst iw
OuULot Number Thirty (30) at Two Bund
red and Kilty Dollars:
Out-Lot Numlier Thirty-two (82) at Two
Hundred and Fifty-slxlKjllarsi ami Fifty cents.
Out-Lot Numlier Tldrty-tliree (33) at Ouc
Hundred and Eight Dollars:
Out-Lot Number Xhlrtjr.four. (84) at Three
Thousand Dollars;
In-I.oU NiiiiilwrsOtleTIiiridredntiil Twent--nine(l.)
andOneiiuiidi-ed and Thirty tlft),
at -Sixty Dollars. ,-,
In-Lot Numliers One Hundred and Thirty
one (181,) One Hundred and Thirty-two (132,)
One Hundred and Tliirty-Uiree (lit!,) and One
Hundred and Thirty-lour (184,) at Five hund
red dollnra; -
Part of ttie 8onth-west Quarter and Port of
the Korl.h-eiist Quarter of Heotliut Numlier
Twenty(20,) Township Number Eleven (11,)
and six hundred and fifty dolors: . ,
Ann each of the above donci llied lands and
tenementi must bring twoihlrda ot- Uie ap
pralsed value leepectlveiy-. .
One-thtrdi cash In, hand: one-thlrdr fn ohe
yen and one-third
1 1 two-yeArs from the da v
of solft-hferrwl pay menu v bear Interea
jua o morteagouponuiepreiu-
JUO.lt .I. UHOCKKY. ' ,.
Blierlll VimuC00
xT. C Jones, Att'y for Pl'ITs,
February 4,
r. " I si .(:)
I ,.
. - I -. I.,, Ij.l I f
e. eom. wn.irei t. a. wcrsiiACrT. w. wimotiV
S. GrQ&TZ &', CO.,
. . SttBula;turcr li.S','m,
Stoves, J ! .'. ' i
' ,',''Hollow"W,are',''m''
Sugar Cane,: Mills,
Casters and Bed FasteniEgs.
i : v ! . i ; - ' t, rt
' THE . OniO PTJilP,. ',
'- ' ' 1 v.
Theonlv Pouble-ieting Forro Pump Inns, and
the most couvenieit aud duiabla ever inreuted.
- :
wMauliinery ot all kinds Ropaired on shore
notioe. ... .-4 r . , K. .44 ,.. ,... ,
The Ware msr.iificllire d at Iha Is ioM Ia
aa any In (h:e market. - - -
At the stand fbrtaeriy occnplcd by Eolhwelt,
Loctrsr Btbist; "J '' m ' McARTnra, '
' ' ' ' . ' 1.1 . ,-i . j .- ,
WcnM respectfully annnnm to the priblio r(,s
heuiteuds lo keep con.uintly nn baud a sou.
, yieie aaaoriiuunt ol ( , i
- --ill ,'1 i f i.. - I ; . 4. LI
'. 5 '..vi Th
' ' .-. i..t-.' T i .' -i :j , r , I
Which hi gelten up In slyln of Irorhmansnf
sot to be excelled by any dop.iu Uut pan.
, . j , OI-tl(0:COlUltli I .
AI1 kinds of work In mv lib will m' rfAnl1 m .
ly nod promptly. ... ... . a.- ......
. .-,tU.BiriNG;!
I ' I i.l I ' f.ll'-'i ...
Of ail kinds done to order on short lotlst. -i
. : ' 1 ; Atoll supplyvf . - t.,:
coffins t ":
Kept constantly n hand; and 10 per east, will i
ueducted ou all orders for euh ui a, " . ; '
' March 7, 1867-y
Stale of Ohio, Vinton Coiaiff.
Christopher Wlnkleman.Plamtiir.l Incourt rem. '
against 1 mon plena.
William A. Pierce and f Older and
Patrittel V. Vodjt, liefendntits. Decree.
Pursuant to the eonnnand of an orler and de
cree issued fro.n the court of common .plans of
Vinton county, and -tale of Ohio, end to ma
directed ns bheiiB of said county, I will offer for
ale at Publio Auction, at ihe door of the ' oart
Hnuse,;m the town of Mc Arthur, in the comity
slbr;snid, oa . K ,
Tuesday, the 10th day of March,' A.
. D. 18G8. .., ...
at the hour of 1 o'clock . m. of "aid day, the (bt
lowing descritMl lunda and tenemenia nn
equal Undivided half ol the following described
Commencing at tht Souilt-wesf corner
of that part of Oul-Ut Number Twenty
five (25,) in the Town of YYilkesville, in
siid oounty of Viulon, owned on tht Hlh
day of May, A. D. 1869, William 0.
Ciine, and running South-east parallel
with the Street in said Town Fifteen ( 15
Rods; and thence South-east Eleven (11)
It oil a on a straight angle with' said
Street; theuce Fifieen 15 Rods South
west on a parallel with - said SOjond
Street ; thence North-west to thi placo
of 1 beginning containing ont aore mart
or less together Wilh the Flouring and
Saw Milts and all other appurteuauoet
on said land. , i
Taken as the property ot William A. Fanrre ta
satislv a iudmneiit and decrea of tha nfi,reAiJ
court In favor of Chrisloph.r Winkleman. .
nppriM-eiH ai one ihouaana one hundred and
nrteeu dollars and mast bruig. twe-turdaeflhat
sum. . ,
lerms of sole cash fn hand at the time of salt.
... .t i JOHN J. SHOCKBY,
i-heiiff Vmtou county. .
P. .1. Dana, Att't for Pl'fl, , .
February t, UttMw.lt) ' o.i-.it 1
tfbtloe Is hereby given that a petition vrUI
tje presented to the (JoiuuiissionerB ot Vinton
county, Ohio, ut their next regular cession in
March next, praying fur the tauvey and ioca
tion of u county roud leading iroin b. C. fcv
kin's Mills to Junies Durbeu'aln Vinton coun
ty, an follows : Commenoi'ig at B. C. EaJUn'a
.Mill and running the nouiett pmctlool ituta
to Htrauslinugri'S lane; thence the iic-aroet
pnwitU-Mt route to interseot the Hamden ami
vYUkeaville lload, at or near James Llarhan't,
and there to terminate. And to have mad
all sunn alterations and vncutions us may be
necessary in the location of s-ilil prauoaed
roud ; said road to be forty feet wide.
ivoaois XOTIOE,
1 1-
Elisabeth Louisa Orlraea, near Chlllloothtl,
Wappalo counly, and Bute of Iowa, U haieby
notllied that Felix Orlnies. did. nn th auf.
day of January, A. Bt. lstio, tile his petition la
Hieomeeoi uio v.iurcof the Court of Com
mon Plena, within and for the County of Vin
ton, and State of Ohio, charging the eild Ellr
nlieih Louisa Crrimes with adultery with ono
Daniel Button; and nuking that be nuiy be di
vorced from the wild Elizabeth Louisa Qrlmoj j
which petition will stand (or hearing at to)
next Term of anid Court. v
Dutott thisOuth day ofjnmiHry1; A. t. l?3s,
-ioMJ ByD.It.bhivel,hlAifA
Feb. s, 1S68-8W t .
TiroDatn KotAotM
i ! -A -l.-ii, -..i-l-i
. 1
. U :
Notice hhoreny given hat L. A. Atwoo4,
Administrator ort-he Entateof Elloa Davis, list
Hlmt hi aeeoanta for Inspection ami nartlat
settlement la tha Probate Court of vtutoa
county, Ohio, which will po beardonthtUat
dayofAlaroh,A.i.l8'i ' ' . '
rhroraiTJT,lgl-w Probed Jat.
l.rfti 1 '-l",v -'JT . if 1. 'o -I -
!.(-.. :i (ir

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