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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, March 05, 1868, Image 1

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. A 1 r.llU lllli
J. W. BOWEIT, Editor. - 1
ThuMclWr, -' - ' relrnarr20,1868.
OFrrcE-taoond Rtnry E. T). DbdBo'i Building,
... moid wreoi.
One' copy.' Vyenr, l,fi0fOiieipy,tnw.,' 1.0O
On w.uv. 6 iikw., 0.75 1 Oileciiiiy,.1) mos., 0.40
Ouf poy; u' ""6 to guttur-up uf Club u( tiu,
! .if ifintTtTMINO RATW.' I '
One ivinn re, 1 ek 1 .oo-f ne nquare lmo,2.a)
YeiiiL'.i dvertlwmiMit8 SliK) por colunm, and
f MwinftrllnnulA rutlttl for lefiH HTlfUie.1 '
Foft Pkesident of' the United States,'
Bnblect to the decision of the Democratic Nar
Democratic State Ticket.
. I . For Beoretary of Btate, t , .
. TKeina 'Hiklwrl, of Logan, , , .-,
.' ! For Snpreme Judge,' '
' 1 William E,rinok, of Perry. -.,
' For Member Board Public Works,
' Artln HngHBS, oi OuyahogM
'" ' 'Tot School Commliisloner,''''
fiamnel J. Klrkwood, of Senecfc
For Clerk of Supreme Court, '
John M. VTehh, of Mahoning. ' "
, This, DqmpcWttic 'iftiopal,. Com
mittee met in Washington City i on
the 22J inst;, and' fixed on New
York City as. the place, ' and 4th
of July as the time, for the holding
ot the, Demoeratio' National Conven
tion. , '
wii . i
The contested election case of H. M. Onder
donk against H. C. Jones has ended. The Sen
ate htm decided that Mr Onderdonk Is entitled
to the neat. Next week we. will publish the
Report of the Committee. . '
TfiB Bondholder is the petted and
privileged favorite of the Govern
ment. Ha. pays no taxes. The
soldier has to pny taxes. Tho Vin
ton Record' is highly pleased with
the potted and privileged favorites.
The Vinton lkcord is in Ikvor of
golden bounties being paid to bond
holders instead of soldiers.","?,, j "
'It is & fact that' tho yutmltecbrdy
a Mongrel sheet, is in favor of rags
for" the soldiers- and gold for the
bondholders. "' .
The IIoll Rump, at Washington,
do a great doal for tho, bondholder,
and nothing for tho tax-pnying sol
dier? That is' indorsed 'by tho' in
ton Record. '
Old Mackxev's African Standard
is bragging about Grant being the
strongest man in the. Radical party.
Wo sdpposo his breath is tho'stroug
est part about him at times. , '
8omb l'anatio' wrote a long "moss''
of the 'most extreme nonsense for
last week's Vinton Record about the
Onderdonk vs. Jones contest caso.
It amounts to nothing destitute of
truth and common sense, as usual.
What Next ! Tho VintoJ Record
is now charging that thero are nig.
gors who-vote thoUomocratjc tick
et, T Its worries itself considerably
about 'tho "disobedient niggers'
We know of no niggers ' who vote
tho Democratic ticket : neither does
the Record ; but let the poor thing
say ao. because it has nothing else to
say4-just now. i Last fall- it' went
,;hcad.ovor, heols"".fbr niggor suff
rage; j6v it' whipes bocause some
body has been telling it, niggers vote
the, Dcrnocratio ticket. " It , was
grieved becauso the nigger couldn't
veto now It is grieved bocatise it
eayj ho can vote,' . ,
j.nr3B'rica uonaholders in onr
midst bought their bonds at forty
conta in' greenbacks on the dollar,
and draw about 17 per cent, in gold
por year interest on that forty cents
in greenbacks, which, in tbreeycars
nets him about 100 per cent, on tho
original,' investment.-... Tho poor
man, the hard working farmer, the
poor soldier, and oven the poor
womauj pay that, 17 per cent, to the
bondholder ! while tho .bondholders
and th Vinton Record laugh at the
: i ' ...
Tns situation of affairs t Wsehlnrton
ks not ebsDged, but thers U'less exoita-
mentr Th sase f Gen.' Thomss, who
was arrested, at th Ins lane sf Stanton
for an alleged violation' of ths tennre-of-
ofuos bill, came up bsfors Jadgs Cartter
on Thursday morning n'd fh oaes dis-
uuuii examination. eult has
line bsen, brsught agatnn" gtanlon for
ths falsa imprisonment of Thomas dam.
ages claimed. SlSO.OOO.' iTbs oommittee of
ieyett appointed hj ths House to' prepare
articles of Impeachment against President
JohnsenhaT reported Un-articles of imf
peaohment. ' W publish . partioulara In
another part of this paper. ' .
.Ths reader's attention hTdirected
to political column on i the fourth
page.., ".::;?';, . '.., :
Tai opinion Is pretty generally enter,
tained among the legal fraternity that the
reeenstraetion laws will be decided by the
Supreme Court to b unconstitutional-.
noil tnd vold." -'" '-' " ': ' '
l,?.. Kff. -
I ' i. -."Wl
Democratic State Ticket. What the Rump Hell has Done.
; The Rum Congress, at Washing
ton, has made it ' a I'crirhihal 'offence
to accept an ' offlc from 'the Presi
4wt,pJ?n p.r-,Mt.ed .States., Jn
spealting- of this; the" Ohio' "States
man saysj,.'. . k, . ,.') ...i: !. ..
1 Never before in the history of the
world was theo a rnan arcstid for
accepting' an appointment "from
high Goyernriient functiopary. This
was done at Washington on Satur
day.,- General (Lorenzo t Thomas,
for accepting from 'President JohiK
son the, ai)pointmeri(j of Secretary
or W8r,aa interim, was arrested -on
a Warrant' sued 'out "before Chief
Justice, Carter,',." of , the .Supremo
Uourt ot , tno JJistnct ot tolumbia,
and was held to bail in the sum of
five thousand dollars for his appear
ance this morning Bt 10 o'clock be
fore ' one of the Judges of that
Court; This flrresV, strange, as H
may appear,,i$ not in" violation of a
law., There ' fs- a' law called the
" ion ura of office BUI,!', passed, by
uongress lor tne. purpose ot divest
ing tho President of all control over
his Secretaries ahd subordinates.'
This law is cloarlf in violation of
4t, " nLi!4.5i!. 1 '-p.- "il. . TT- . J
Statos, inasmuch as that instrument,
wnilo it . holus. tue - President re
sponsible for tho faithful discharge
of his Executive duties, confers up
on him authority over his Cabinet
thd right to select, iduspend or re
move, as ne may consider the public
good to require, Section 9 of the
Tenure of..OfScev.Bill provides that
"if. any person shall, contrary to
the provisions of this-act, accept
any appointment In any office, or
snail hold or exorcise, or 'attempt to
hold or fcxerciso, any such office or
employment, "he ehaH ,bd deomed,
and js hereby.declared iso be, guijty
of a high misdemeanor, and upon
trial and conviction thereof, he shall
be punished therofor by a fino not
exceeding1 ten thousand dollars', or
by imprisonment not exceeding five
yeiiys, or. botli said punishments, in
the discretion of tho Courf." "; ,.,
; ,Thia till became a" law; March 2,
1867, and was passed over the veto
pi ine I'resiuent v i"or seventy-eight
years the Government' under 'the
present Constitution fi-om the 4th
pf March, 789, to the" 2d of March,
18C7'- was, administered 'wtyh'o'ut
euch.a law, or without any dqpartr,
raen,t of the , Government suffering
In consequonce of the non-existenco
Of such law. At times party feeling
an exceedingly highland the Prcs
dent was unsupported by a inajori-!
y irt eitliei' brahch'or Congress";
iut that body did not transceud the
imits of the Constitution so far as
to presume upon tho enactment of a
aw thatiwould make tho President
a tmro cypher in the Government.
That usurpation was reserved for a
Conr resS that came into power upon
tt. U!U J!j'...i'jl
tho high-soundino;' pretension of bo
ing in tavor of Froe Speech and
Freo Press, and of taking th Gov
ernment back, in the form of its ad
ministration, to its primitive sim
plicity and austere virtue. 1 ' A'crime
to accept office from tho President !
Alas, for Constitutional Liberty in
tho United States.,' ' , ;
j Tub old Black Sheep who ediis
fhe African "Standard, at Jackson,
0., says '"it is ' bad. policy to run
Grant for President.''. We think,it
isthebost thinp; vou Africans can
do." You t-un' Andy1' Johnson and
eloctod him, . and ow ie is ,"run
iiirig" you against the Wall. If he
should "make treason odious", by
hanging about , twolve. of the de
stroj-crs of the peace and prosperity
of tho' i country, wo think it would
bo good "policy." t-Only two. or
threo years ago the' Standard was
declaring that it was treasopable to
talk against tho acts of the Presi
dent ; now it is calling the President
all kinds of names and crying for
impoachmont. - '
Ax old Republican editor at
least wo Buppose turn to be old the
other day picked up an exchange,
after having adjusted his spectacles,
and theroin road. that President
Johnson had made a short speech to
the ' Committee from ; Baltimore,
which had prosented him with the
resolutions of the Council of that
city, indorsing his political course,
and earnestly .inviting him to visit
that city, and then exclaimed,:-
"Why, bless me,- the. President is
still talking about the Constitution!
Don't Aa know that the Constitution
ceased i to have any efficacy whon
the' Republican party ' came "into
power? Don't As know that, for
years before our party came into
powor we claimed that there was 'a
higher Iawlthan the Constitution to
which we owod allegiance, and we
are now only acting out that idea."
This old reprobate,) we guesi, was
about right. The Republican party
is paying no heed to the Constitu
tion. Statesman. - ' ' " - -
."Wl are i gratified to learn thnt it
is the purpose of the Congressional
Election Committee to report that
Gen. Georsre W; Mortran. from thu
18th Ohio Congressional District,' is
entitled to his seat." Such a report
will certainly be in accordance with
right.'. It seems to us that, the case
Should long ago, have- been disposed
bf in this, way. OAw Statesman,
as. . .- ,,
tuiei was severe snow storm on Monday,
1 r.1 j.i
Democratic State Ticket. What the Rump Hell has Done. LOCAL MATTERS.
t'.TM Z?jr-ur
frQit' boils he not bea
........ wtor'ycTi1
Maxi ot snr faf&iers hare bee atklag
Maple 8ugi;f for (BfVftaf "dajrf "jja 'J
i To . AiuiDS "heHim Myii thi. : ii I i
CbnreH,' si Psgetown'ws destroied "by
fire hff, Sunajt ,'pight, VC"',.'" i
.I - ) ;m , ' ii nni .i 1 1 in ii I ti'i' .. .
: Owiko loWie) sever wlnter,Tnsny fsim.
e'ri'fe yoqiplainlng of mraitjr'ofi fes'd
for tbeia tUtfi. v.r i s m-.n, ,.. .,
.1 - I 'a- i, ii lir ijLu ' i
At Jaokion, oa Saturday week kgo,' t
man nairietl Do?id Masriijg arrested
foi barint tbres wites." ' M ' '.!
i t-i,-..
.',Thos wishing1 (o advertise," will ,btaf U
mind, thai this paper, has the laigesi cir
culation 'f' any pajer'' published la this
OOUDlyu. ii-. c .: .- -r- i ....p kiI I
' -r-i ,. i ill i , . tm II - i i ' I
" Tnl Transfer of the cSf" shops anl ins
foundry from ' Franois Jones' '.' English
Province will Increase the fslueWf eal'
estate in MoArthur. ', , - ,rn .. V, -.; u, ,.,.,
..ii. ! .nanijii iii,.,i.i, i'.
. .-Tin Treasurer of Brown- township was
not robbed.' s we' stated last wsskU' fclr.
Thomas Weed, of Brown, informs us- that
the Trea9urerKof ' SLarr township, . Hocking
sounly, was robbsd, (-..- j . i ..i
.. iJ :-. , . ,Jr,.. i. , VI ..a-
TM Athena Mutenaer Bays that a Mr
William FoUer, of that place, was In the
famous Dorr Rebellion, Jn Rhode Island".!
Our unole, Mr. Simon JloffiU, foreierly of
Newport, R.'J bdt now or Minneapolis',
Minn., was also is 'that terrible rebellion.
, h ,i ' I " 1 mmmit Ii ii i r
Miss R. H. DavidsoU delivered a lectnre
on Friday evening last; on' the true posi
tion and relations of woman, whioh we
heard, and with whioVMJ '.present were
well pleased. ; She presented a great many
truths which struck 'home with
, ' ..... in "
loroe. , ,., i, I i . i i
.; 'iM-m il M .11 ' i I '.
8o!ii people wonder why this I6wn can
uut aaora Deiier iao wains ,aud straet
orossingiii - We- esa'l teli; unless it is be
cause the Iowa councilmen think it would
ooet a few dollars. 'The erossio'gs are in
a miserable 'contllon almost ojarigerom
to pass over during a dnrsl night. ' "
1 un' -i in .1 t
Wihave reooived a pumberif 'ths JVlw
'Eiijland J foit OJtei'getiri, 'publiajitei
weekly by W. M. Kendall, no. 88 Conrross
street, Bo'sibd,, Mass.', at il.4o' per , year
It. is a very uTalanbloiJournal-the only
one 'of the kfud published In tka TXnk'ei)
JStates, and,. w advise our readers te send
for it. ' ' ' ""' ' ' ' ' '
We call the atteniion of the pnblio lo
the advertisement of Messrs, ' .Pllom t
Bro., in this paper, who have opened a
Produce; ProVislonta J roeery 6tore,s at
Henry Richman's jJdj stand, -on Mqin
street, where they will car the highest
'market prioe in cash for, qutter," eggs, dried
.fruit, i flaxseed, beeswax, chickens, and
tveiy thing else that farmers and others
may hare for sale. 9 and see them.
8o wise men, jnsl from ih'a . land " of
Judea, are " weeping, and Walling, and
jgnashing their ; teeth "' becauso we .pub.
liehed, two weeks ago, a, number of anil-
.Christ resolutions which were passed by t
number of M. E. Church Ceoferenoes and
commented pretty strongly upon the same1'
We don't care what' wise or.dogrlijed men
may say about our- comments. We are
prepared to back up by proo(what ire said,
As an instance, for the present, we refer
.ihSj Wiee men to the, case, of Revi Mr
Ur-r-v who lived oa the Big Hill In the
British' , Province, whose flattering voice
was silenced not among females bnt In
the M. E. Church pulpits, by a Conference,
for paying .miduight visits to young wo
men's bed-rooms, 1 Howl away, ye hj'no'-
oruesi we can and.. enough to 'Bore!
any Ax" tliaf Lord Heseltino'e ttoSe-rag
oao steal. . V. v. ..
. W learn that Thompson, on of the
scribbler's for, the welcome visitor tp
every family eirols," (see prospeotn of
Headline's anti-tax sheet,) made, little1
speeoh to his Sunday 8chool children, last
fall, after, we had , charged, him , with
writing tno slang above the signature of
'feter; Plumful,' Jn which he told them
that he had never written anything for
any paper that he wes ashamed of, The
innooent children had read in the Enqui
rtr that Peter Plumfdl): was their 8unday
School . Superintendent, and they all
thought it was very wicked for him to
write such bad language and then come
to Sunday School and pretend to be good.
So Thompson sd the braien impudence
to get up before the Almighty, and talk i
suoh a deceitful way that they thought he
didn't write the bad language attributed
to him, Thompson, 'you. deoeived ' those
ohildren; and we would advise parent to
take their children away frem a Sunday
School , that it under the supervision or
suoh a hypocrite. ' " 1
" '1 ' " ' ' " itm- ' " ' '
' Thompson's Sunday School paper, print
ed in the British Previaoe, and sometimes
before the, 'ringing of th bell; for Sunday
School, aay that , Wm. Baughman, with
gas, and Egbert Bowen," through ignorance
1 busted np " the English pound. Well,
Thompson, if gai anA Ignqranoe destroyed
the English Pound, can you tell your
readsrs what defeated lord Beaeltln for
Railroad; pjreotpr.T ; An4 ,'irht , ls,J, lie
cause of the transfer which is to be made
of (he,. Car Shops from 'tis Provino te
Chilllcothe T , Has ;gak m. Ignorance ,nyr
thing to do with; thateh ? Perhap it
wa tfit Idumbrbrate ' ignoransl , lord
Heseltlne that def sated hit fof Director j
and the poor quality or gas with which he
supplied the Ratlroad Ceihat ia saasing
th transfer of Ihe Car Shop. Bob, on
had UtUr employ Baughman and Bowen
la gM and. play. Ignoramn for th Pro.
Inee, or it will loon- b eold for Tate, er
uirui obiv, unices jon could get It
ill exempt from taxation, M ysu alxeady
4. ' $' it i '-vi -..u..- 1 inilr.. I
ji 'x-.' t ai.i ll-.nlL,Vrf i4 I ..tw.1 i
V' .,(. w . nil Wilirfr i
oi,. riii 11 .i. ijti l 4m ttiu. -4lh
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad.
1 II Is believed ' that the election! of the
new Board of Diraclors1 of tl Marietta i
Cincinnati BajUoad, at ChiUioothe, Ohio,
on the 19th olt-,ud placing the road un
der the vlrluoil ioUol of th popular
CiUimore,- .Ohio' Railroal Co., , will
greatly .benefit Southern. Ohio. There are
many" advantage to b derived by the
Important change;' anil (he Cincinnati
Gateltt thus speaks of th arrangement,
as relate to that city :
Mhi election Is part of ft railroad move
ment vt great importance toihis city. It
implies the control of the Marietta i Cin
cinnati Railroad by- the Baltimore Ohio
Company, 'in connection with the Cineia
nati, Indianapolis & Lofnyette Railroads,
forming through .ooDnoction end run
ning arraaKsment for carrying freight to
and from Baltimore and alt part of the
Wcbi! without change of-oar. It implies
the immediate completion of the bridge
over the Ohio river" at Parersburg, and
the putting of the Marietta Cincinnati
Kailraad tnt-4ret-ek rxiadition, and
furnishing it an equipment for the pres
ent wants and the increase of business
that will speedily follow this arrangement.
, It will be, the creation of, a great thor
oughfare from the seaboard through Cin
cinnati to (he heart of th Wast. It is
the' must 'important railroad event that
has happened te onr city for 'many years.
It Is reasonable, to suppose that the power
of thi great route , will extend its con
nections to all parte of the. West, North
west and Southwest," It future business
comprehends a large direct trade between
the West and, Europe,, by the new line of
steamers from Baltimore, at whose wharf
tar road' will deliver and reeeive freight,
saving' the high charge and long delays
of thr port ef New 'York.' ;'" , '"-
1 This direct import trade will be further
facilitated by1 the measure now before
Congress to permit imported goods to be
shipped '. direct 'to the great eitlee of the
West., By this, and the, saving of port
charges, goods can be placed In .the store
of the 'importer1 of Cincinnati at as low
price A in New . York., Among (he west
ern conneolious, whish this,' gnat route
will reach out to, ,thcr is eine which has
great possibilities at a small allay, by
the .completion of the MartinMille road,
fonneoling the Cincinnati IJianapolis
road with Vinoennes and. Cairo, .and
taking La another great route to the His.
sissippu., W look upon this mute as se
curing a great business through this place,
and an holding sut still greater prospect
for us in ihe; VVestera, and floutliern ooq
nectine,,"thati with 4ts growing 'power M
will be continually reaohiag forJ "j..
v iTus .Court ;o( .Common' Plea
ntxt week.- We shall be pleased
many of Onr friends s ce 'Call
to see as
on us.
We would be especially pleasi (b ess the
many t. who- have' i received the - Dent-
eratit Rnquittt for the past year, and have
negieoiea ,ip lursnsn ny ViUD'iqaiitjg
oil',' in. the shape of , greeabackf where
with we may i" oil the maehine." I-., i"')
''.i;.. .i -''i - -w, i ii
RriAKtHO of the 'benefit t be 'derived
b the'eleotioiibf ."new Bonrd oil Dlreci
ors of the Marietta Clnoiniati Eallrtiad
And the road bow being tinder tie oon'.ro'
of the Baltimore Ohio Railroad Co", the
Chilllcothe Adcertuer of last week says :
i' For ChiUioothe, it iinplie that the
shops of the Company which were wrong
fully transferred to ZaleBkl lo build up
the interests of Sn Enirlish eomoanf. will
be again located here. , Lord Beseltine,
who was again a candidate for direotor,;
was defeated, which 1 sign meant of that
event. - We alio hope thab our gaeatest
need, a decent depot bnllling, will alsa
ioiiow speemiy., upon tne Heels or tbis
change." ,. . ... . .( .',"..,
The Stockholders of (he M. & C. R. R.
all deserv vt of Ibankl for defeating
the British Lord who re ins and rules
supreme over in. the Province, ' We are
glad the British tyrant has. been silenced
by the Railroad Co. j and we now hope the
Zaleski Co, will next lake hs oase in hand,
and wipe him and the Sunday School Su
perintendent and the filthy sheet they say
they print for"family olrolos" which Is
filled s with bad ..reading,' , and , sent
to two or three dosen persohs along th
Big Creei,' entirely out pf ihe'ommunliyl
1 he aristocratic tyrant ia doing ao good
Over tier; most otl the iucleye and
Irish naturally despise, hii. A very few
people however who wee aooldentally
laduced to go there and ate so much for
flour, poor meat Sorgum molasses; rent, Jia ;
that they can't, raise snough' mean to get
away with, and think they are- commpel.
lad to worship the tyrant selling jul
enough bread and sorgum molasses to live
on. We pity thoee who are compelled to
lire under a, BriUsh tyrant ia that way 4
such domineering should nbt be tolerated
In thi face country. The American pec
pie gave the British a first-class ' "trim.
ming" in the Bevolutionary War, about
seventy year go, and they hould not be
permitted, at thi latt day, to oome Into
th i-,' 'V .. '.' '...in;.- , :-.,,.. ., ,. '
"Free and happy land of America' 1 ' 1
and exeroise i mor authority than any
American espelally on the Big Creek
The people of Vinton county can get along
without a British Lord, who trie to dodge
paying, his proportion of th ; taxe. '. Ths
Buckeyes and Irish pay taxes oa all their
property according to law-even on their
own lots: ! t .'-. . :.-.-v .-. . ',.,
, ,Tbe ear shops should not remain there
for th aole purpose of enrlohlng a Brit.
ish Co., and encourage them In domineer'
ing over Irish and Buckeyes. We leaf
that the shops will, soon be removed to
ChiUioothe or Parkersburg, and that the
Foundry will be removed to Chilllcothei i-!
So long as Zaleski is ruled by the "Lord
Ole Mister "Peter. Plumful," and the
KChief Pig Driver," Just l long U wil)
amount to nothing. , Those thr ee "dead
oocka la the pit." don't believ thi, bnt it
tm 4- ' Ik. L.a J . I, !-. 1 1 .
w ui uu iiauu-wrivmg is upon me
wall I "A house divided against . itself
can't lUnd"" that' Is, a house occupied
by Buokeyea, . Irish, . and British the
British must retreat. "A there will soon
be a transfer of th railway shops, we
snpposs thsr will also be a transferor
th ruler of die Proviso hU ttrm f "of
to paving almost exprired.' ' Uii '"
,;-' - h. : i " "
" AS ihe beginning bt March was Uka' k Hon
to end . Mil be like a iamb, t.,ii .
IIl'! 11 ii
btmmiaj wa l.mu-nl ui 1
t.M vhU x.lr Jtt sui Mill ui
a CiunTS, of Books A (JiudsHes
Wagon andCarriage Bhojln this plaoe,
is good blacksmith." The wprtlhe tti
cute is exoellent, anii Is a erU $ Amew
sau luccaamim,,, m xrpnworj on we
wagonsi mad at that shop cannot be ex
eelled tnywhere.' Mri Books also know
bow w do the bett of4work oh wagons.
carriage, do. , . , ... , ,
Abopt one-fourth of the paper printed on.
dcr the superintendence of the moral Hcaeli
tine, of last week, Is filled with, reading
thnt would even be too low tor the most obi
cene noon or paT ever printed, and.'circu.
latedatmldnlKht Several tM,mnn .' oi
led onr attention to It, saying; '"Why has
the English paper got so nlthyt Why, ie
1"u' "nar4aeseiune would allow snch
stuff to be published to his uiw: th.
send to his friends In Englandt What doe he
ui iwesne want people to respect him
iu)r reaaing wicn a pa.pert" We don't know
what he expecta, but suppose ho endorsee aU
Uie paper contains, from the fact that we no
tice that the prospectus of his paper plainly
states that "it ahaU be a welcome visitor to ev-
rcie, giving entertaining and In.
struct! ve reading, designed for the family flre
slde." The obscene articles In the last paper
maybe very "enterUinlng and Instructive"
And Ha tit .,1 ..l .. , . . l . . '
. .. -""w""' " every ramllr clr-
tZlZ re ? Md """'Kneo for the family
fireside" only, but we are very sure that there
are many "family etrcles;that never "wet
oome" such "entertaining and instructive
''"- nweranensea to favor the pnbll
eatlon of a moral paper, one that should con
tain no obscene advertisement, bat now he
has changed his mind, and "giving! enter
taini andimitrtictlve. rending" to "fcmilydn.
cle", Francis J. Hemline, Manning DW
7TTtlCa' -Director of the
M. A C, Railroad, are ypn ashamed t , .--.a ,1
Statement of Facts.
Editor ttrquiHEH: ' ' -
naving heard report within the last
few day that seriously reflect upon th
character, of a ,;"promineni lady member
ot we rresbyteriau Choroh," la her
eapaotty as Treasurer ef the "Mil H).
ty," I deem it iny duty as a member of
mat Dooieiy to offer through your column
toe roiiovinr hiniA.. . ,l.
Hon: -In the fall of i860, the ladie. of
. " a rviiwi ui ina orcftni..
me rresbyterlau eongregation thought it
ndvisabl. to do something toward r:
pairing th Church in mch way at would
dd to it comforts and appearance, by
getting thing that th gentlemen perhaps
would deem unnecessary, and be nnwill
in f t pay for, -by th Usual method Of
subscription. After deoiding against a
eewing sooiety.'U was proposed by Mr.
Hewitt; that, a thew , succeeded well in
Logan with a "Mil Sootety,'' w should
try th same iere.-' Thi wa flnUly
egreed apon, ' Cone'eauently" there wa
notice given from the j'ulpit, by Mr. tfar
r (then , Paster,) that there would be e
meeting of, the Mies at Ur. Wolf for
th purpose of erganixing'-V Kite So.
elety.'" Thi meeting Twa Id on the
tS'h Jay f Ocf.;i8(ll' rWr. pre.'
ent Mrs. Bodge, Mr. Hewitt, Mr. Now.
ton, Mr. Harris, Mr. Maeksy, Mr. Am
brose, Mrs. I. M. Rannells, Mr.' Lant;
Mr. French, Mrs. MoBeth, Mrs. Bingham
Mrs. Wolf, and myself: Mrs. Harris was
oalled to the chair. After some discus
sion, it was determined to have but one
offioer-a Tressurer-whose duty it should
be to preside at all meetibgs 'and 'taki
charge of the fund. coUecU'Ma,
D. Dodge was selected to fill, that office.-
The eubjeot of membership wa taken up
and after a good deal of discussion it
was deoided that instead of paying a fee
of fifty cents, as was first proposed, that
,ny lady having a meeting of th Sooiety
at her house would be considered a n.inv
ber, . II was ths express understanding at
the time, and hag ever been since, thai
the money colleoted wa to be used for the
benefit of the Church, It wa to be used
only in tuch manner a the ladie them,
selve ahould designate. Th enbjact of
refreshments came np, and It was decided
that Ihe lady (jiving the meeting should
be the judge as to What should be furl
nlshed. ' This, however, ' after , a pretty
thorough trial was found to be rather ex,
pensive, and it wa determined at a sub:
sequent, meeting to restrict it to oa onp
of ooffee and one1 piece of oake to each
person.' The meetings of (he Society were
all held in towa until the. summer of
1862; when it was appointed at Ur. Sheri
wood' the first .meeting held in the
country. , It then met in .regular orden.
every two weeks, at Messrs. Dillon', Mil
ler', Aikin', Hay', and Lyons'. . Th
next meeting was In town,. a were all
those Md tA 'the'; winter of 1862 03, t't
a meeting held t Dr.'.Wolf'Maroii;
1863 Mr. Dodge resigned her position s
Treasurr, pn acoount of il) health, and
Mrs. Wolf was appointed to fill her plaoe.
Up to this time there tad, been eighty
seven dollar reeelved and eighty-nine
dollar expended, leaving th. Society in
debt, At a meeting at Mr. Mahala
Brown', February 5, 1868, at which a
majority of th member were present for
th purpose of eettling the finances of
the Society, it was found that from the
tlm of Mr. , Wolfs. aocepUnce of the
Treasnrership, up to Oot; 10, 186T, the
last regular meeting, the receipts from all
source amounted to $350 21 j! expendi
tures,: $318.21, leaving a balance of $40,
which, was loaned to , Mr. Sherwood by
the Treasurer, and yet remain in his
hands.. Th accounts of Mrs. Wolf were
coepted and approved,' and the ladiee
present united in indorsing and luataia
ing her in declining to settle with any
ether than th Booiety'of whioh she was
anoffloerv-; Their right lo settle thoir'own
affair has never been questioned aatil
very recently, and they do not- new feel
disposed ie submit to any interfereno.
I will say in conclusion that there Is no
charge In Mrs. Wolf account for aerv
Ice rendered by herself,! or for . walks
mad, a ha keen alleged, the acconnls
of the Society are open for the Inspection
of any ene who may fee. Jait enough
Statement of Facts. MARY E. MALONE.
Business Notices.
.,, JDflt Aiv. Oold Jbo "goneipj'
rather; 4hlghj butDan Win Broe.lil
eonduno to aalljgooda t tht'old prlcMi
Asron Will, on of th Arm, Who ha bad
more "experienocj ln'seleeting goods than
any merchant in Vin'ton csunty sino th
war hating to (elect and iny fsrjtwo
aonses spent the past week la th oily,
selecting' g. desirable assbr'tmsnljof goods
rcr the pring.trade. Th Be,stock just
opentd is very beantiul seme of th ve7
nnest styles everjbronght to thi market
In fact, Aaron ItJiororighly understands
what i wanted in this market ' These
good were all purchased at the very bot
tom prioes, anl we mean no Umkf
when we say they wiU sell -more goods ef
mora superior quklity for less money
than were ever sold in Vlntonjcoonly. Be
sure and go to Dan Will 4 Bros, before
going elsewhere. lU IK, , . . ..
lit, kind of Notion at Pearc'e Fam-
ny uwoery. , Be inland ask'for.Bread
mis piece the best kept in town.
. GiiAt Exoiiniairt ur ZAUssr. .n..
people of Zaleski and violnity are ' like
people' every where ; when they disoover
that they can buy a fine lot of the latest
styles of goods at vry low nrloes. th
lwaye go to th place and buy. nearly
every, thing they see. The well known
House of Will ft Co," ofl Zaleski. has l.t
been filled with a superior assortment of
Good, whioh were selected in the oily by
Aaron Will, one of the firm, who know.
Just what is needed in that market for the
Sprlng'trade. They are now ; efferini
greater Inducements than any otherHor.se;
ana ir you wish to save money Just go and
ouy in latest style of goods.
MoJNw Goona.-J. A. Fslton i now
In th eitypnrchasing a new and complete
lot or good for the spring trade, whioh
wtu arrive this .week. , It will be the
finest stock of goods ver broueht lo this
plaoe some of tho latest and most beauti
ful styles. ; Go and see him before making
purohase elsewhere. He will be prepared
to undersell every other House. ... ,
If yon want any eatables "while attend
ing Court, go to G. V7. Pearoe' Family
Grocery,, ; fi,,, . . t' . . .. ,
Rilioiob Notim Rev. A, B. Boilers
and . Rev, Mr. Moore, of the rhrlmUn
Union Church, will hold a meeting at the
Court Houss, commencing on the 14Ch of
this month. Let all , those who wish to
hear the word of God' rre&Ahd .
the meeting; ' '
Cass PAtb'rou Suiholis S. Gobts b
Co, of . the Hamden Foundry, want ev-LlVojadfilnglf--s
will pay cash. Apply immediately. -
Foa? Fin Perfumery, go to Slsson's
Drug Store. .
.i , ; , , , ,
- Biawks. We have just printed a lot
of Blanks for Justices of the Peace Sum
monses, Subpoenas, Exeoutions, Ao.; and,
also, all kinds of Blank Deed. All for
sal at th lowest rate.
For Pur Drug and Medicine, go to
Slsson' Dru,-j Store. ' '
Toe wo : men entering Smith' Mer
cantile College, Portsmouth, Ohio, early
In January will be oompetent to keep
Book practioally by spring. Now i the
time to- prepare fof business nnder the
direction of a practical Business Man.-.
The College Is rpen Day and Evening,
and the comse is mors thorough than any
other. Merchantile College ia the United
States.. Students oan enter at anv time.
No Class System. Call at the flnl ilka A nr
E. W. SMITH, Principal.
The nicest Candies are kept at Pearce's
' 8x "advertisement of H. P," Ambrose,
manufacturer of Saddles, Harnes, Collars,
Bridles, &o, in thi paper. He is fully
prepared to magp to order any -article on
Shot! notice and In the most workman-like
manner, of" the best material.." All work
warranted to be as represented. Go and
exanine work and prices before ffoinir
elsewhere. ' ' ,
'w .. .!.; i:- ij t ' '-.! s ;
T yon want Une TobaW'tlnd' Clirars, and
nice Pipes, go to Q. W. Pearceli Foinlly Grocery,-
1 . ... . !
i Th Indestrnetibls Pen the very best
in use for sal at 8trohg' Drug Store.
' The best Cheese is kept at Pcarce's Family
Grocery. Also, Fresh Bread of all kinds. :
Fo Ayer Mcdioine. call at Swson's
Drug Store ' ' ' . , . ,
Cvwt roa Nkdraioia. Ladies will find
that Turner' Neuralgia Pill is the only
sure our for Neuralia, and Next Ache.
Fof sal at Slsson's Drug Stor.
. Ton may have your money refunded II
"Barrett' Vegetable Hair Restorative'1
does not perform all that is promised for
it In the advertisement. If vou do not
also pronounce It the best preparation in
the market you will reoeive th amount
of your purchase money. -
? Riad This. Costar' Celebrated Bock
thorn Salve," for ' cut,: burn, bruises,
wounds, boils, ring-worm, chapped band,
itch, and almost everything else, only 26
cent a box ; th Universal Corn Solvent,
for Corns, &e, (sur ear,) only 25 cents
a box f the Celerbrated Bishop Pills a
universal dinner pill for headache, cos
tiveness, chills, fever, &c, only 23 cent
a box; th Pectoral Cough Remedy, for
coughs,, told, hoarseness, tor throat,
broaoial affections, fto., 'y IS cent a
box ; and th preparation, of Bitter Sweet
and Orange uioeeom, for beautifying the
complexion, t oftn and beaatfy the
skin., remove fracklea. vlmales. erdctiona.
e,l only $1 bottle i all the Vest tern.
die yet introduced, and for sal at Sia -
oil Druf BtoM, Go tad get om new.
i.i riu.fjkin,.i & i-.rf t.i .1,..- U"r y "-i. . j
. , U
Pianos ron Silk.- Any persoa wishing
lo purchase ja spleudieV Piano,-will laava
from one hundred, to pqs buuJrej'end
fifty dol'ar by Calling at Ibis efiice. Wa
can furnish them at greatly reduced rates!
The nicest Candies are kept at Pearce's Go to Pearce's Grocery for fresh Caller and
Crackers, and the very of BREAD.
Dtisit. Dr. J. Dnnlap, Dsntlst,
having had thirty-sevfln years' exoeriene
in Lis prefessioa, a now psrmanenlJy lo
oated at Mo Arthur, and ia at present bet.
ter prepared to perform all operation
pertaining to Dentistry, and ia th most
spproved manner. " '
Call at the Hulbsrt House;
The very beet Liquors of all kinds for medic
lnal purposeeCare kept at G. W. Pearoe's Fam.
UyGrocery. .r v ,., IV air
Gold Pi. Morten' telebrated Gold
Pen's at New Tork prices 50 cent and
upwards for sale at Billlnghursf Pic
ture Gallery. ' . ii-um.t,' 3
School Books
for sale at SIsson'i'at
half prioe. .
On thn ?7ih nf iri.r....M iua t
Brine, Mr. Beirnniln V. Coulter and MlMn Ciry
Ullom, both of VhiKn oounty. ..,.,
McArthur Market.
Reported by JT. K. "Win, Dealer In Dry Goods. 1
nppie-. ureen, per nu. ts
Butter, -.- so
Beans. IMntiKi
Apples, ITxied,- ' 100
iewx,. j ,) 2S
Coffee, . Ma.lO
Klh, whit; 8(,to
Cnm. '' 71)
Chickens, ' i- 120
Flour. ter hbl..-. iS.ftO
Ird. -.'' I..!
Molaa8ee,Sorup C0ci.C0
Oatu, 88(440
Salt, per bbl'!-. S.lO
Sunar, . i 1 la li
Leaves Belpre . ,
I.e-ree Marietta
11 IK ..
Leaves Athens
Learea Zaleski
Leave MoArthur
Leaves Hamden
Leaves Chilllcothe
Leaves Blaachesler
Leave Loveland
Arrives (,'iacinnutf 1
1.16 r.w.' 10H
" 116
1H " ,,lilA. .
1 W
t OS;
60 !
- :I
tsaivs eeiss smut.
Leaves Clnerhnati .
Arrive Love land
Arrives Bltncheete
Arrives Clilllioothe
Arrives Hamden
Arrives MoArthur '
Arrives Zaleaki
Milt. -
f. 10 A.M.'
: 1 is f i
, , ,. 0.GS V
I- .8
11.18 "
13.39 A. h,
l.6t "
la, 61,"
; .isr"
1 v 13.12 r.a,
-i ll.SXI
Arrives Athens '
Arrive Marietta
.. 1 I
Arrive Halpra . i ,j
A la
Master Transportation.
J0. 0.F. '
i i.t;yt
McArthnr Lodge No. SM Kimh,
every Tuesday eventnar. 7..o2 -.h .i?7
lost Friday evenina ofenoh n,n,,
i mortf.li.
pRODUCJ: AND ,! -i '
" ' i.v.vtioif.'9'''' -
; TJIiI,02-r
wnitpay the emarket price la Cash tor .
Bring on your :
" . ; t '4
; ' . ..." I in i
' ''." 1 '' ' 'j ,'..t
-: "onions,- I:".
' POTATOES," . '. '.r J i""'f '."j
! .)... J
We also have a fresh and 'cbmpto stotk-'br
: .'ct ".'.1 n'( l-wnos
Give us a null una rA- . .
March5,186g'ra ' l, , ,UIiL0M BR0-
- 'o. i.-'n., i 't viv
' it ; :- i .f.,t,;t .
; ' .. . . . .- - : -.; t . ,, i
Beg leave to Inform the oltiseas of TthtoaW
adjomingcounUes that h. pvepaVd to SSni(I
i i-l .,.,t
: - : .
". ;
i I i- llO
- ; , -: 1 r.t . in i. . . : mh
' ' : ' TABLE TOPS, Ao.
-' "T'-'U .11, illfl
Ike latest and most Apprevtd Style, . i
All Work neatly aaj jromptly eiecutedj
All my bf!o are mnci .'1. ..
other dhopa. Peraoos about purchiaiag w, n.
prices'9' uupectioa of my .iock and
. u . J ti.w. ;lil
. Shop-In Malaaa's Bnildlsg, en Main Street.
Feb. 87,1868 tf ,, i ''
M -'. a ii
iij. rs,:.( LtUi
."'I i J-.lf
V; '1)000 JIe.v and yoMEs' j
PoaaeMlna good character and energy, W.
verene and uiteUij;ence to act a canvas-era for
a series ef , ..... , ;,. ....
" Five Beautiful Ideal American
; ram,; ..v.;.-
Engraval o svoks is Paris bv the moat eminent
Lithographers In the world. Then flieea, which
an most beautiful and poetlo ooecephoaai a,
ileaigned to tvpifyth beat Meat tv pea of Amen,
ean Womanhood, repreaentlng their charities,
devotion. sympthioe, attachments and huroi-m.
The lithography is ia (he bigrteal etyl of the
art, and Is such as has rarely been Muatedi -d
cannot be eroelled.
The portraa have reealved mqaalllad)ate
rom Ilie moat eminent eritio au4 pormtaent
newapapar oith country, and ttsej Moild 4urn
I For partloujai an W.piive elreolar,;4-
ia ia iae n -
jT . r 44 Main Streel.Si.rinKtlald, Mais;
march.lM-w ' .-.i , i
rt,...,-..f .', .n, iv jf::-."t t 'A
I'.-O t . tt imii -'

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