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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, March 12, 1868, Image 1

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VOL1" 2.
711.50 PER TEAR, l -'I
Ia Adr4BM, ... til."
I PoblJihet ud Pfoprietor, )
iJ.i U ' .J .TTI i. Jii'iV.-iV xarTv'f' ...... .. .-. ,. , . , .,7 .. ,,,, .
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J. W.EOWBH, Editor. ,f , , . (1
-. thnrdy, , 4 rebrturr 20; 1868'.
. .OmCSi-3oond ftry F D. Dodgei Biillilhig
,il 4., -in. i vi; . .Mala Httoufc
J..I.-1., i i'.TEBM8'. I
. On tany, 1 year, .50 1 Oneropy.A mod..
On8 copy, B.tnos., 0.7.) Onvcujiy ,H imw., U.W
Oue copy nent free to g"tter-ap oi (Jlub of Ton,
One (jnnr!, 1 wwk l.00-Ons(mar(l mo. $2.30
i!.ieariynavpniiiiiiintni pr commu, autl
i proijyruomvi ruitf tor iiiiice;
6l!Fo:l?nfaiiNT of niit Ukiteb Htates, i
nlijoot to tllptltwi'ltfin of ttlB DPiiiooratlc Ndr
ii r ..!,'. ttonftlCoiivouUomi .. ..-i :
Democratic State Ticket.
v rf H 'or Secretary of tMntav. (t
Thoina Hnll)ard,of Logan. ,
1 For t?uprom Judge,!,, , ,
"WJlUam . riaok,9( Perry. u.q
j For Member Hoard Public Worki, . J
,, a, Arthur Uaghea, of Cuyahoga. )
.'(M, ,i,For Soliool ComralBsloner, i ',:t-.
. i Sttmnel J. Kirkwood, of Bcneoa. i j
i tt n For Clork of Snprfcrnt Court, -.n., .
V if Joktt Mi WaVb, vr Uabonlnt' "' "
1 '"rr i
T .
hlADiNO nittUer a erery pg of (bin
paper, i .M ...r, .ir'i .,..( i 1 i .
Prophecy Being Fulfilled!
- Tb prctsont, isan appropriate
titrie to cr.ll mind1 'Daniol W?b
atora Fam6u' prophecy,.' bo,, often
quoted as a Warning in years patt.
In a'sfcoch'w.h.ch he i 'deliybred; 'cm
the;7t,h of March, 185'Q, ho Baid: f
1 "If tho infernal fanatics pnd AB
Ironists eror get tho power itt their
hands, they will overri Jq 'tho'. .Con
stitution, wet yho' Supremo , Court at
dotianco, change nna make laws, to
uiktlioinsolvea, lay: violent hands
ofl laose wuo aUaon with' them 'in
their opinions or dure question their
Jntirtli&ihty, ana niiallybankmp tho
country, and dolage it with .blood.",;
.TTas over prophocy mora true
thauithis? : ' ! ;
h'hl ji afmost' fina'.fiillillrnqiit
enough to . arouse - the people to n
sense of the daagor which surrounds
.... " i ...-f.ii
inouif , . ..... ,. , ,
Ptoi H ajuisoxon. iV publiah on. the
inaiJe to-dny paper the Report of tb
Committee appointed to pmpire rules of
procedure for impetehuient of Johnson,
the artiuhes of impeaolinient, the. rote by
which they were adopted in the Hoitee, 1c.
careful reading of wbloli must con.
Tince ecry ane, eicspk the totally rblii4.
ed Bidioal ajtina, Ihat ll,e imp.acnrs
hire net ereo a decent prelett to' eorer
their nifarloui pur one to 0Tnhr6w the
MiTorntue it. . -jn u . :, j,.
hateer tire result ef the trial In the
t?enate may be the time for whloh U ti
til on' Fniley, March 13th, we are contin-
Bed that before it UruiiuatVii,'. nine'-tentjis
of the people vjU hoW that (liere was no
exo:ii ofaolioH that I the Prealdent
not guilty, as is ohargel; 6f
daine.iner ii eff-jif.' :
"Uigtr mis
; - , i
Against 'the'rtfolej ' of, Iuipe'aohment
ioe yeniporuuo member' of I he lioUa of
fered their wrimn protest, but the Rirf.
loal-Jaoobine! refused tb allow' it to'be
read o t6'e pubHsheo la1 the official on
..a n . i l..(.l 1 ..." . ' .. . i ' r .
per -or vonresa t contained niater
noidedi,r damajiug to their revolutionary
ii .w (..it I .-,..!..
A epeciej! diepUeh" to the Cin'einnatl
noWrfr'of E."6Ediy'eyif'',' : ;
Acar'trul anyais showi' thal'the'prfsi.
dent will eerlainly be deposed.. A pow
rful' pressure ta beihe brouilit eu' Sena,
tors who hare been holding back, by their
Jtadical friend at honte. Every nienns
will be resertH to to eeeare tUe'rcquisile
LUmbr td eon tie t him." ' ," ' ""' " '"'
Johoeot an his fifendsseek to proiri's.
llnate the trial' itf otdot to 'defeat the
revolutionists, but they'- will be eheeknia
ted. i Instead eMengthy.'examinallons of
wttoeeMijor ibe derense, the consprrttars
will ediuit the proof, and proeeeil regard',
less of iprins of justice, undi . wita the se-
eruj oia.oaucuo, lo force, mature to
a. vuuii, Di;iiTiug. nai mt ex
eitement prduoed. by iheir aotioa will be
orer before the eleotion. ,., j
After executing ihiseoheme, (he extrem
ists will car,.. Bti-.iheto!liwln''irr.
grammes Jteptal th Tonui'e.of.offl re biHf
add autlioioiit Lumber of judgea, to. the
8u; reme fivity to, mitha. It twelve; more
over, tp iugure judioil dcaiaion .in f.
Tor of an v Uw' Coiiirea mav nam imm,i
the ConslUlon, declaring all' male oitl.
lens of 31 yearB Md. upward,, entitled to
un ag.regsrdlein ofCo)or; brlnn ln,l
the Soruthern'atatcs; throw-out the, eleo
toral tore of ttione Stales ihivt. refuse ne
gro nffriige ' rerlee tha 'oirll and diplo
xoaiioieerTice, bill, Undor'prefense of file.
glity cane a thorough rxaminatlnn In
to itit iqiiaiineations of all Encumbents,
and oul all who are retire enfand ahnbint
mvir uuuroouni ior nie, and tout perpet
uate thei power Indefinltelr.' ' , ,
Tha Meat oanard darted Is that Wade
deolarei he, will east t hie vte to depone
Mr. JohMon,jad then resign at Priden4
oi ine-Benatej tqaripg the honors Mr,
Colfax., ,,Tlii i iallibwh. Old,. Ben hat
1'resident oq Uie brain s bad aa General
G ran t or M r. Chase, and , if . he tan irete
''.SP " flM;l i4r,.,i pv.d ..,
A epecial dlpatoh to the tame paperof
luesday taysj - ' i-jt.. in ; u . :i i.i .iiiii-
peacheht onsplraoy thlckent and 'pan
not be dissipated for tornk dayal '
TheM is- bo euthorily, howevef, for cCn
Iradiotlng the i atemenl that 'the1' Prei
dent and hiscounoll have agreed oa bis
defeaeeiuioiv .ti.t -j-im...? .ui'
An absurd Mport is also In efrcntadoTi
that the Hretidenl'i ootinnel .will' object tb
certain 8;a!or ae eampetent Jud gn, and.
failingdn .th , flballenge .will' refuse lo
proceed with pie . trial. , Hie, .resignation
and appeal to the people' It ale canard.
There la a eomple lijtivipfn of .opipiotj , es
to the mult of the Jilal, tod bit friends
are confident of h'S. acquittal, unices the
Benatt it determined to . saorifioe truth.
honor '''.pnmot6 party ad.'
'i'.i.V'f Mm' lubHribe-ifor tbU
) -,t
The Contest Cass Of Onderdonk vs.
Jones—Report of the Committee.
' Sonator 'Carter," 'Crtaifmah' of th,c
Committoq pnj rrivilogcs And - Eleq
tions.i to which committee was refor-
rod the petition 'of, two electors of
Gallia- county, in .this .('he 8th) Men
atorial r.Dietrict, composed of tho
couniios ot ; Vinton,. valmvv JIcil's,
a,ui, Jjawronce, contesting, the right
of ll.-C. Johes of Vintpn, to a seat
iu iuv ounuie us jjenawroi tins Jis-
ti'iut, iu vhioh it is claimed by said
eloctors'tliat' Jones' SvaS not duly
i. ti t . , . .i ... , r.
eiectcq ,eonatoi; ot the. JJisuict, out
that it.IVL, Onderdonk; of - Gullia,
wnsf duly elected Senator,' submitted
th'Ropprt of ltHp Ppminittee. And
after- disponing of minor points in
the- "case; "the'; Comhiltte'o "procoed
with tho arirumoiit as follows: !
t. This brings ns to the real and
only question presented in tho case,
which is :' Ar'o pcrsoiis having a dis
tinct and vMible admixture of Afrii
can blood, entitled, to the rights and
privileges .,of.-doctors,. . undor- tho
Constitution of. this. State? - '
(All; the claims of counsel for Mr.
Jones migTit 'bo conceded, and yet, if
such person's aro not 'entitled to tho
privileges ' of ( electors,"" Mr, . Qudcr
donk is clearly entitled to tho seat, as
tho lb (owiijgstatemont shows. . Per
sons conceded, to have voted for Mr.
Jones, having a visible admixture of
African bloody 40 ; from which do
duct illegal votes conceded to havq
been rjast for ILr Ouderdonk, 11
Hleffal v6tos claimed to have henn
cast for Mr, Duderdouki irj addition
to tuo ;above, a Mr., Jonea' major
Hy, as shown by the abstract of
i 1 A r. i .
vuiea, iv my leaving a clear ma
jority for Mr. Ondcrdonk of 17.
Tho conBtftntional provision de
fining tho'quulicatious of electors,
is so plain' that there should be no
vunnuvorisy, iw w its moaning. xne
word i "whitq," which is one of the
words .of qualification, used, 'is a
term of -well established signified
Ijion, and, ns applied to man, is iiiii
vorsally understood.; to'.,mcan a per
son of tho, pure, unmixed .blood: of
tho, white race, ... To say of. a man
that he is white, is to affirm that he
has, no negro blood in his veins'
The word "white-'" "means'1 pure
fhite, unmixed; and in constitutions
and ' in popular ''Tahsuairo excludes
the ' whojp African raco, , whatover
niny bo the i admixture of African
bjood! 1 Whoever has a distinct and
visible ladmixture of Afrietth -blood
m not white, and the word'" white"1
has hover been appliod to Such" per
sons.1 To any ' that a person who
hns'an' admixture of African, bio- d
iri his voias,' less'llian ono-half, in a
wliitQ,ap,ersmi, ,js an absurdity, ii
luiuruuiro, and to hold that such tier
S'jiiB aru ontitlod to-the rights and
privilgos of electdrs in this Stato, nB
tljo Henato 'hiut' do,. in order, to
m'alntaiir lU right of Mr. Jp'ncs to
'seat, in, 'this Jody,' .would,. 5n- tm
opinion of ;a majority of the com -m;itteo,
.Uo: a, direct and opon viola
tion. loth of the Jotter and spirit' of
o? Con st i t u tion :i 1 Tit o-" ' fr'u mers o f
that1 liistrnmcrif; 'must, lib 'Supposed
to, havo 'u's'tpUlib word in Us usual
oi'dinary 'and ' popular signifieation,
wtncn would also bo its legal one
ai d that, as is-heroin shown, w
ildvdr 'kx tch dod" s6 as' to ' in blud e'ui
ndrson havin-r ari'adnuSturo of At'-
ricah''.ll9p''citf)By.4'uftOtUy.-or! de-
f'he' othbr1 wdrds'of qualification
I Malo' citizeii's of the United
States,. :At,thq.tim.o .of and nrior
tllft aflontion.nt. t. in nrasnnl. V,n.
... . . ' ' i . ,
Htitution,. citisensliip ot the .United
States tvus limttbd to the-white race.
hy.the docisioh of overv dcVpartmont
thb'Govflrnmhrtf; of tlm TTnitn.l
States'' In. 'which 'ih'o' oucstioiicv'cr
. j v . . ' .v t : .. .
,ueen riuscuso, inaL taKing tlie
who e provision. . '.tevery, white male
citizen, of the United States", it be..
comesivefy clear nndi oortain that
cluUp pcrsorls of .any,. other., color
racp. ,,. ? - wu.
The fiuostlon m'titlo o$ f mViQrf nnf'ri:
un4 uuutitviii.eu, wuo, oQnaio,snouiu
dHcJidytli'qut.egai'ti tq 'tlip decis
ionp of, any.otlier opartment of the
trovernment on the same subiect.t
S(j jfar as tho Senato is concerned the
uuoBuoii 'fi.cnyCTy. Pvhnft ln.qo
(ildlny it. thiallndv: is tn Via rrnrM.n.
)artit hir lw. . . ... ,
by its obligation.to support.tluit in
and its.duty to regard th
lawa maue in pursuance flf it.'hs th
ruli of .its notiotV, softir as they mffy'
armllnnltlrt tiV'fliA ' diirtn ' w. '!.
beWre it.1)j By thd Ctfnstitutioh: th
pimto'lshiado :;the , judgo,' of,',thp
oluotibn. rotiirns and, niinlifiiiit;nn
, Its imomberftnd .no. power, is
anykvlioria. conferred in that Instrtf-
m'eiit) ttpon a-ny other departirient of
tho jGevernmorlt.'to stfpervlSo of Hi:'.
rcccirs actronnnri tin iinnnni i
irojBi hb Moeisipn. j jqneo op decis
ion br' Opinion of a court, or of nv
othdr i:tjepart,n)eni ot tho, Govern-
nionn;,, has; atvv authority oven th4
ateiiai.lts. deolBlonf this fiues-
JDec(ding the question presented
upoT what is horei-n claimed to be
lruo mcaning of tho Constitu
tion! as to the'-quitlifirjatlons 6f'dlert.'
lbrs,l and' ih ftcebrdAnfa 'foitK' Vf.a
VieVB0epfe'ss'e:a fa tlip riffhts flnd
Mutiqs 0VV,8,?cntte2in1,rnakinflf the
dochfon, ... the jnajonity of the com-
.preaen ,t the foUovringvrr,.
the; tramers of the 'Coifstitutipn in
tended tc'cou-frie':tho elective ft-an-chitte
'ti the 'hite rh(ifl !hnil W.
mary of the vote cast iri said district,
and find tho followjng rcsuH.."
The whole niitn))er'of votcscast j
' for Henry M. Qoderdonk,, lor . r
Senator' in said district, aa . !
, appears from tu - - .at wt,' '
was.... ...... i.,1.7. .7,303
Prom whieh dcdf.ct ftjr'.iicgiil
votes castlor said Unueruonlc
The whole number of votes cast- i
for llomor G. Jones, for Sen--..i,-i
atorinsaiddistrict.asappeai'S '.!
from said abhtract, was.i.1.;... 8,003
From which deduct for illecal ',
votes eastfor said Joncs..J.... ' 42
'' , V ... ' r . 7.901
Leaving a majority for said,.
, Henry M. Onuornonlc ot...;.. " 21
. 'The undorsigned, therefore sub
mit the-iollowing' 'resolutions and
recommend their adoption : , ;
Mesotved, That Homer U. Jones
hot entitled to u seat in tho 58th
General Assembly as Senator from
t!io 8th, Senatorial Distriot. . "
.liesoloed,. That Henry M. Onder-
donk is entitled to a seat in the 58th
General Assembly, us Scnhtor from
tho 8th Senatorial District, " '
On motion of Mr. Carter, tho
report was laid upon tho tablo, and,
ordered to be printed, and madotho
special order for Thursday, March
G, at II o'clock, A. ji. '' '.
' On Thursday the case was . made
the special order for Monday, March
9th.. ' '' '- '" I
Let Republicans See the Dangers
1 masses aro
patriotio men, desiring to Vote for
itho best interests of the country'.
i" .h.dciii; uwy uro ueing uo
cbived and led away into revolution,
anarchy and despotism, , by rene
gade's, who, during the war, joined
them for money making. - Look at
Sainton,, look at John A, Logan,
look at dozens of the ' most rampant
RadicaIs,'now ruling, a great party,
and driving the, counlry.'.to destruc
tion', to , satisfy ;ambitions. desires,
and pecuniary necessities. Jait not
time for the . thousands of - honest
men in tho Republican ranks, to
opon thoir eyes? ' , ';
' ATo-opy'thp above, from tho Cam
paign Digest, publishod at Washing
ton City.1' ' " ' i 1 - ' '
1 ., J-, -i : ; ' .. .
! Tlicro aro a great many honest
and patriotio Republicans in Vin
tin county, who arc' being deceived
and led away from, .Truth and into
dangorby the wild Radical leader?.
W 0 would advise, theso honest . Re
publicans to.; cut loose from them
and helpvoto them out of power,'
Fenian State Convention of Ohio.
I At' the 'meeting of the delegates'
from tho various circles of the
Fenian Brotherhood of Ohio, the
hlllowing .officers Were elected
Ciipt. -P.i It... Welsh, of Cleveland
Sile Center, 'and A. J. McOafFerty,
Secrct'ai-y. Tho meeting was a suc
cess. All tho Circles in the State
were well,, and fully represented.
The following proamblo and resolu
tions were unanimously adopted:
;iv HKMHfs, The time hae ome that the
mailmen or unio snouiu maolteit more
sympathy, WHO their brethren In Ireland
til' their defiparate etruiile .with an'UH-
scrupulous fee, aud that the, moat effective
mode (o do so 19 to pivo their undivi led
tupporl to that organii;.ion. which, alone.
capable of crowning their efforts with
success, the rcnlnn l.rotherhood, , . ,
jWuKBCAt,' John Savage, by his acts and
anlfcedents, claima from us our decided
confidence in his truth and ability.
peU resolved. That We sustain the Fohjnn
Brotherhood, and oall'on all true Irishmen
do the same.- ' ' "
Jlmltei, That John Savaire. is C. E. P.
B.j is the true representative of Ireland1!
cause, and thereby entitled to the earnest
and undivided srpiort of all who earnest
cieeire ttie libirition- of Ireland -'" ' '
Ruahtd, That we pledge ourselvee, ard
feol tafe in pledging our constituents, tu
support John iriuvage, and through 'him
Co).. Thomas J. Kelly and hit brave asso
ciate in Ireland, England, and Scotland
in 1 1 h e i r dnring tfforts for the cause if
Motherland. ;
Eesoleed, lhit this , organintion thai)
aeter be used for any oilier purpose than
mat 01 renaenug unccl aid to our hreth
ren In Ireland.'
Many .other matters of inteioit to
the JjrotuerhOQU .-transpired, and
trom the enthusiasm and earnest
ness which was manifested thronarh'
out the session, .Wo are. confident
that Penianlstn. has stood the storm
w.hieh at one-time threatened fts
destructio'nand wd feci certain that
uru lung reuiuuittni win. 00 stronger
numocrs than ever in the Jiuck-
eye tato. .
BnIAKoio. The, Vemoeratii inquirer
comes 10 our sanctum enlarged and other
improveu. , we wi.n ,u UBbounded
!ie"fa and hope that it may eive .'di'm
Radicals; In Vlntin county, bllxen," nexi
il ' we go in Tor strong and vigorous
measures' upon all occasions, and, ir,
ready tit 'any moment for-any thine thai
comes upon I he boards.' The Enquirer wii
of the doten papers that supported
Vallniidinam- ror u. o. Benator, and i
me iof. lh hundreds-that 'will eunoorf
Jeoi'ge H., Pendleton . next fall for the
Chief Magistracy. . Here , it our hand.
Uowta, for flie next contest. , If any. man
attempts to haul down the Pendleton ting
shoot klip On, the ppot. iofl'Jf'l Defender
Tl Court of .Common Pleas , di4! ; no
onven pn Tuesday last tha Urns axed by
law. Judge Ply ley, who is holding Court
Jackson, tied Friday next at the time
iO i.-.:.if. J,. it.t m ' (,-'-' .0 t
;',, The VliildhUlic'ord says we get,
buhdlo pf paper every weok, marked
"C. O. D." -'NoC. 0,D." is marked
on any paper we get,. As tho Mecora
hi attending t.6 oar bMslncivw.p kd-
yisto it to, Bsj'f . the Express'.?. jCpvW
n ' C,. p.. r.",is rrtarked on our paper
each week, and pubjish anaccount
of its investigation in our private
ajQTairs. . . . ' . . i . .
.i-.j 1-
Tae Ohio E)le has been purchasod by
Messrs, tutliill, akia 4,Jiigt.y, . who are
lis editors. The Eagle it a . very , reliable
politic:! paper, and la published In one of
the strongest Demooratie oountiet in this
-. Long may it aoarl T . i .
Wi undersialajid turn there ia, or was
aliort.tua-HHMF-(rttlfrr oorrnty;
.inioreu man who is no I1U yrara of age,
union titeora.
" Pabaw! . What does the Record intend
o do for him ? Doea ii want him ta vote
far "de Unioa?" Nurse him well, tad
he Will live to hear of the transfer of ilia
old frieud, Thad. Stevena, to a warmer cli
mate. ..IV :.''2' ' ' .' ,
Ir any persta doubled that., the , secret
order known ae the "Grand Army 0f the
tlepubl'c", was a most dangcrouslpolitical
org.iniiation,' that doubt uiust be removed
by the dispatches' sent to Waehiiigiou
from the various "posU'4'. throughout .the
country (jfrering ngrcss assistance, io
the eveut of forte being usd to eject fltin-
ton from iLu war cflloe,
Such a tccret, political, nillilary organ
ution aa that of the " ra d Army of tb
Hi-public ia uaogerous to the liberties of
the people' ' ' '
Hat editors, of 'the Vinton Retard hav
asked. ' us a number of times
avoid : Haying Anyibiag personal in ou
political controversies with ' them.', W
hav aimed to do so... In tjieiir la.ilt'jseek':
paper, we notioe they have opened a per
sonal buttery upon us, as their 'pnllfica
vocabulary" is entirely exhausted
nhen,ever we want any advice from lln
aforesaid editors about our private affijrj
we shall, be very sure te.stnd for them
or, if it!ahould become necessary for Us te
have a dictator or a guardian appoiuted
we shall make an effirt to have tho name
ot those learned geutUmsn reeommen Jed
to the proper authority for afyoiritment
All our lime is taken bd in attendinv to
p.ir own business we can tot find !lhn
o attend to other p ople's business. -
Tut Vinton Record says w have, rend
H '(lie members of tlie" Ji. K. Church out
f the Democralio party. We have taid
nothing about the members of the Clmrcl
in the Domocratio party ' The Record oer
ta niy knows that preachers and oflijors
'K. the M. . Church in this and othe
places have not oaly read out, but turned
out, of-tho Church all the preachers tlfey
tbiujjhf wero Democrats. In omo places
U,oy; veu turnel out the members tlie.r
tiiolisht were Demicratj." . The Record
dught to hire some AI. E. Churnh pjlitica
Hieacimr 10 prij-- ior.li; oeciuse "every
little helps," as the man on the gallo
"aid 10 the preacher , when asked if he
gliould pray fur him .-' 1
.1 . ."'
' We think it will hardly pay for
us to arguo any longer tho question
of the payment of tho national dobt
with the "Vin ton Record, until the
controversy between tho Record and
the Scioto Gazette, as to1 whether
tho senior editor of tho former pa
iNr !k nr in nrir. 11. i( ffi-Denv !' ia onlvnrl
Tho. Gazette of last week speaks' ori
tho "greeny" question as follows;
I "We noticed Inst week that
"greenhorn" on a visit to this placo
haa mistaken one ot our blue-nni
formed policemen for a Brigadier
General. The senior editor of the
Vintoii Record having been in town
alfew days prioy to the appearance
of tho article, he chooses to, consider
it os a personal allusion."" Wo are
freo to admit that the senid of the
Record is liablo to suspicion in this
case, but "wo aro hot aware that he
is tho only specimen of that genus
who visiis us. Jt li,o claims exclusive
right to tho title of "greeny,", he
hau, bettor get it copyrighted, and
makethe announcement in his paper
so, that his friends may know how
to'addrcss hirh. '" '
It niiglt bo throwing words away
for us to say-'anything aboui the
payment of the National debt hetoro
tho senior editor of tho Record pub
lishes the announcement that the
title of .('groony''' has been' '"copy
righted," as the Gazette mther inti
mates that he "claims exclusive
r.ight'l. to that title. After'that we
shall "know how to address him"
oh' National and all other quostions,
and know whether he is! "Itabld to
suspicion in this caso.", .
, , .
Two evils seem to stare the De
mocracy in the face. Vinton Record
'Two niggers seemed to stare t-ho
Katlicals in tuo taco until thesecon
Tuesday of October last, when they
diBC6vered ' that' tho ,' two ' nigger's
wero really ,', two eyils. ; , . ,m.
Tfil PiocBArB FftQCiiia We have
neglected is notice the recent enlargement
and decided improvement in our Vinton
eoanty eotemporary, but it affords os
muoh pleasure to notice 1 these healthful
uigns of the limes. We say td oar Dem
ocratic brethren of Vinton ooanjy, rally
lo the tupporl of youreoaaty papers'1 The
Enmirtr thould be bandsbrjselv luttliaed.
Jubm it a geoi-prospect. of a mail
reute being established from Wilkeeville
to tit'eskl,
;;Tn Raniay Station House at IUysvllle
cught fir from, a defective, flue,.' a few
days ago; but the fire was extinguished
before much barm was, done.' '' , i
''Tin loArthur Colon Schools, we learn,
wee closed -on the Gtu inat for a vacation
of two weeks. .The Schools are now laid
to be 'gaining ground. ' We bope
may continue improving, . ..",' (,
" . ' .
KtDOcrD. The Chillioothe Aivtrtiter
foams Ihat the new- managers of the Ma"
rietta & Cincinnati Railroad have found
it necessary to reduce the wages of their
employees ten per cent. .1., . ;
if 1 1 11 mil un in i,- '
, It will be seen by referring to another
part of this paper (Jiat the Commiasionert
have advertised for proposals for gradin
ruiuiiiinmcnia necessary to make an,
proacnet 10 toe uacioiitta isridga across
Uij Raccoon, t ..: 1:1. ' '1
'- , '
Wg omitted last week to speak of th
trial,' 'at' Cincinnati, rf Johu' Seal', prcprit
eto qf the (aanery in this to 10, for vlo-
atlng the Internal revenue la. He was
found guilty, and fined $1,000 nd costs
the cost's being about $3Q0, " .V , ,
A ruck of wild geese passed over town
set MonJ.y, wending their way north
waru, uij weather .prognosticalon sa
101s is a sure indication that S'orn win
ter lia) at Ian relapsed the icy grip with
which he has held us bca.id to long. ,
Lirrra noli am tlLD'CiTWtJr or Vivl
ton Count r i.x Illinois. The followln
letter was received last , Mony from
linoia. It speaks lor itself ; ' ' j
' " Patoka, 111 . March 5, 1868. ;
' T. W. Bowu, Editor Democratic Enquirer!
Enclosed please Mud one dollar and fifty
cents for your paper for oneymr. .
1 was aurpneed te tee that you had got
up such a rrtpe;tahle rsrer. when I re
ceived it. '1 'think it fur abend of any pa
per ever. printed in dial oouoly. - ,
, t.ei-pecuiiiijr,
... , : u 0. W. BOWES.
Tux County , Commissioneri. William
Clark, Thomas Mngee, Almende- Soule
held their qunr(e-)y eestioq last week at
the Auditor's Office. ' A large amount oi
bus! nets was transacted. . , ' ,. ';
A new -coualy road (the notice of the
petitioners for which we published) was
established from a point near Du'ndas to
the road leading from Vinton Furnace to
Vinton Station, near the Store House.
Tin bridge 'fc'uiit "aoross Elk Fork cf
Raoocon, near Speed's, was inspected and
accepted by the "Commissioners.' 0. W
fij'on was , I he con traotor,,. The. bridge
across Big' Rajcoon, nea)f Wflkesvijlej
wus also, inspeotei and aoeepted. Hold
ren was .tho conlruololv ' ' ', ,1
cuiciDi. .Hainan urewer, rather1 an
elderly man, but not so much to that age
Miould be the sole oaiisecommitted sui
cido, on Wednetdiiy last, by placing the
muzzle of a musket id bit mouth, aud die-
charging it, resulting in instant death
Mr. Urewer resided uear Hope Station, in
this county, where lha act was committed
Some few weeks since, he was arrested
for a violation of the Internal Revenue
law, and fined $'2o0 and costs, since which
time it is said he has not been possessed
of his right reason and faculty of mind.
i more full detail of the particulars will
he given next week. ,
Lona ITssei.tise'3 "welcome visitor to
every family circle," the most obocn
sheet ever sent lo any " family fireside,''
(see its prospectus,) is now boasting
ibont its 1 real estate transactions, It
says the Zatoki Co. has sold eleven cot
t ig s for $9,850; four unimproved lots for
572j, and three cotlngei for $2,250. ' i
then, British like, has -the brnten ' iropn-
Jenct lo sajf, that the. 'citfzins' are'bgin-
ning to discover the advantages offered hy
the Co," We should like lo know' wbal
'advantages are offered by the - Co, ?"
We' 'discovered".' abeuti. two veara'airo
hat ''the advantages offurod us by ihe
?u.,wtre to see ihat we were completely
swindled out'of tuo sua of $35 due for
labor, as will be seen ' ty the, following
ederj'.-tri ) " ,.! ...
I'! - '..'.' ZAiiisKr. O.. Mav23 18C6.
Mr. F. J. HssKtriNK, Esj' : ,, ;
iThere Is due Mr. J.. W. Bowen S85 for la
bor done .for me 'in Mher Herald offi.-e
I'leaae pay the same hnd charge to my ac
count. . V. L. KUMiaTON. '
'ITnioTltno f. .r..J 1'.... .1.1.
I.", , 1 lt'"1. - r "no.
after say ing he' Wpiild pay it. if we would
get an order, t . , -i ' ;"'''"."".'-; ,' "' ' " ,
Of Coarse ha didn't liel nh. nn .
1 'ileslmplj wanted us .iU'-'-' dlsoove'r the
advantages offered by fh'e; .Co.!" ;
Which .wo,."disooveredl"'. .,-.. " ;
Gome of the "cliixens-are beginning to
discover", that 'advanrtnirs"'are taken in
parenting of ''cottages'! by "the Co. j"
and we might ask, just for ajojte, it mis.
akes are not made sometimes in favnt
of , the "Co." and against the poor tenants
and labortra? ' Itentatakq 'a '.'risV. ocoa.
nionally if the "Lord" gets exceedingly
wrii'hy; provisions areieold at high ' fic-
ures; wages paid b the ,"Co,!; ar'ralhe
. But, notwithstanding if) Ihat, the
bitiiens are beginning;, to,, .discover the
advantages offered by' the Cb. y'.'l'V
mere are yi 10U ia the Province npon
whloh ne taxes are paid., ,' WheoVanj at
tbete lota are sold, doet the 'Co" make
hajiuBae,r, ,rayto the taxea ' for the
present year, or for the past year.'er both?
What haa been done with toil 812.85 r
ceived for. thosa' li lots? . Wat- any ef it
aid Inta couttty teaurjti;,"Faauly oir-
cles.'.wenld be pleased te read 'something
"entertain,- and, instrutive,l.,pon this
taxatita aatterf ,-!-
Wiuiam Waltoi, a young man, after
an absence of four weeks, was found dead
oa the 23d o( February, In a theket,
tweea Iron Valley and Hamden Furnaces,
where he had bung himself trill) a wool,
comfort, (0 a small trea. , Ilia body
fallen lo the ground and lain ao long lh
the roioe had out the clo'.hind under tl
body. It It supposed that lie wis inetne
Tnjblue birds have made (heir appear
ance;,. ,,,, ., v . -
Business Notices.
Jost What 'Yoo Wat. Beader,
eend yon glad' tidings of j jt ! '.
W. . ..11 ,
.1 v mc ion you wneie you can tavt
your money I , . .
, meat wishing to buy the finest' heav
leet, and cheeped goods should be sure
go to fan. ttiu-iia,,,,, they have
'v-ijr uesiraoie asiorin.ent of every at
i 01 me very latest styles a complete
variety, from which can be selected any
iuing you matwant. ....
This is really the people' more.'
Tub. March number of The land
Mi eontuint seventeen articles, from abl
writers, representing : eight Southern
states, Among the pootio contributors, i
ting number, are Mrs., Margaret J. fcres
ion, Vr. V. 0. .Tickiior, , Judge A.
uequier. tnd J. Augustine Signalgo.
flmong the prose writers are, Rev, Dr
Uabney, Miss Porter, 3',.B. . Hodae, Hon
n, Kavenel, T. C. DeLeon, Esq., 4c
Soldiers will feci an interest in the two
Kilitary articles In this number, tie
lovers of fiotlon In the two thrilling 'sir.
nen, agriculturists in the article on Janan
tiover, library men in the article on Mr
hlckens' Rending, and tho" whole coilnlrv
In the account of the Buruinz of Colum
bia.,,,, .-, - , ,.; -'-ill llA . 1
W ht not use I, White Pine Compound.
waen it 19 such a sure remedy for Conchs
Lnug Complaints, aud Kidney tumbles f
For vale at Sissous. 1., 1 . .,.1 .
Tai CoxraoeR ah Piao o.v in Ocxax!
-Our'Veadtrs o,!t know that the peslileri.
ai doctrines of Mongrelism creep into
nine-tenths ef 4he read'ng metier issued
from (he publio press.,. We mus',' have n
pure .hteral ure, without a taint of the
igger about it, without the slightest bil'l'k-
a.nd-molass(i hue, Or the present genera
tion of readcra will beoome ,as dobaujhed
s tye, past. , the Caucasian, sciles'' of
ttorres, new. bel Issusd fiy' Van Evrle,
nortnn & Co.; of the New Voik Day-Book,
re 01 tne pure white, man style, and the
No. 1, whioh we have ten stved ,iit ir
me press and ready for the publio The
Confident, Flag on ji, Ocean a ca"pi-
ibi siory, spirited, thrilling, strictly his
itorical aud patriotic There is not a Dem
ooral in the country who will not prize it
httrl.lv ' na - . V . . . .
e"v o i uae most entertaining
novelettes evur written, The seiies will
be kept up.
I j; . '!..;
At Ciil 4 Richmond's yoa can End
confplfcte assortment of Hardware of all
descriptions, at prices so low that we don't
;thick their profits are much. They are
always uadertelling everybody elae.
: Tag March number of that excellent
illustrated magazine for boys and g'rls
Jierry't Muteum is reoeived.
' Published by II. B. Fuller, Boston,
Mass., at $1 50 a year.
.RKtiaiotij NoTiog. Rev. A. B. Sollers
and Rev, Mr. Moore, of,; the Christian'
Union Churoh, will hold a mseting at the
Court House, commencing on the Hth of
tuia month.. . Let all those who wiah,c
hear the word of Ood prcaoi-ed, attend
the meeting. , ; . , : , (
Cahj Paid roa SuiNiirs. S. Ooetz 4
Co., of tha . Hamden Foundry, want'scv
erar Thmsmd Shingles, for which they
will pay cash. 1:1 Apply immediately.
' Foa Fine Perfumery, go. to Slsson's
Drug Store. .-'-.- ' '-.-' ;
Blanks We have just printed a lot
of- Blanks for Justices of the Peace Sum
monses, Subpoenas, Executions,' &o, j and,
also, all kinds of Blank Deeds. All for
sale at the lowest rates. ,,....' , .
For Pare' Drags and Mediolnes, go to
Sisson's Drug Store. - J
' 1 f' '
; Pasbms iJ find it to their advantage
to visit the Hardware Store of 8irou'g 4
Gibbons, and e heir Farninj ' Xmple
raents, before going tire where. ' Price
very low, u '' ; '" ,', ;," , J'. ;.
j Tnx Indestruotible Pen-i-lhe very best
ia nse for tale at Strong'e Drug Store.
I ;, , . , . ......
Foa Ayer's Mcdioines, call at Siston'a
Drug 8tort. ' .'' ,
' ;Coai roa NxoaALoiA. T.adieawill find
'hat Turner's Neuralgia Pill is the only
utre cur.e for Neuralia, and Nr rve Ache.
fr sals' at Slsson's Drug Store. ' - .,
; This. Coslar's Celebrated Buck
thorn Salve,, for ruts, burns, bruises,
wounds, bolls, rlag-worm, chapped hand,
ft oh. and almost everything else, only 25
eents a box; the Universal Corn Solvent,
fo Corns, Sc., (sure cure,) only 25 cents
a b,ox the Celerbraled Bishop Pills
universal dinner pill for headache, eos
t.freness, ehills, fevers, 4o., only 2i cents
hois the Pectoral Con eh BomedT.'for
ooughs', "eolds, .. hoarseness, sure threat,
bronotal affections, 4c, on'y 25 cents a
box? and the preparation of Bitter Sweel
and Orange Blossoms, for beautjfylng the
omaplexlnn. to eoftea i and . beantfy the
skid, remove freoklte, pimples, eruptions,
Jto.; only ft a bottle : all the besi. reme
diaa et Introduced, and for tale at 8it
ton't Drug Store. Go and gel tome atw.
. Piasos roe Seta Any Ferauowjs Ing
0 purchase a splendid ritno, will ttve
irom one hundred to ane bnndrel and
fifty do'art by calling' at this ofllc. W
'.an furnish tLem at greatly reduced rates.
At Ha New Hampuhhe State Fair. Rr.
rett't Vegetalile Hair Restorative took the
First Premium, ovcrj all competitor,
awarded by the jiidtres, amorgwtiom were
ome of the best chemist! In, the country.
It stands confetsedly wiihoiit .a rival
hroughout ' Niw England, sod wherever
it bts been introduced, it. has driven til
other preparations front the market,
Oo l 8trohg 4 Gibbons end 'examine
their superlrr assortment of hardware.
1 , 1 , 1 - ' t 1
A Ctacvt will outa Clown wuld be ne
circus at all in tho estimation of the
ooys. A man suff;ring from a Scrofulous
'lumor ' In the blooJ, it only ' sufferini;
needlessly, when a few bodies of Dr. J.
W. Poland's Dumsr Doctor will effect a
nure.. . (,.,, '. 1
Ootn Pins. Morton't eeletrtltd Cold
Pen'e at Ntw Tork prices DO cents and
upwards for tale at Billingbnrst's' Ti
lure Oallery. " " ' 'V'" s
'ciiool Books
for salt at U son's at
half price.
Toono men entering Smith's Mer-
obantlle College, Portsmonth, Ohio, early
n January will be competent to keep
Books praolloally by spring.. Jfow is the
irae to prepare fof business under lie
direction of a practioal Business Man.
The College is pen Bay and Evening,
nd thecouise iflmore.thorough than any
Iher Merchantile College in the United
states. Students caa enter, at any time
Vo Class;3ystem.Callat the College or
AdJrest - . . .-
E. W. SMITH, Principal.
Tut Agricultural Implements at Cili 4
Richmond's will flcusc ill tltft U rx
amine Ihem. . : . ..... ...
Farmers, ynfandflenm their low prlre-,'
Cn the idol March,. lKU),ttlie rcstdenceof
iSl"i;wiiu V'1" Townsl.i by t e
& t,' Mr"'l'n"thiiu litine, Jr.'ond Jilei
Mary I). Haym-s-both cf Vinton county.
We acknowledge the rrocelpt of the usual
printer's favor-many elices'.of tht.lnost t e
Uclotttcako. ' " ' ..
Two congenial Domocnitle .ri!r tehrivn I m-.
unltdln one, and motiy doys 01 utefulteca
and of happiness are before thini. yfo wlj,h
tho:na briahtftitlre: , ,'.i,i- . .
McArthar Market.
[Reported by J. K. Will, Dealer in Dry Goods.]
Apples, Oreen, per bu. 7.1 1 Apples. I. ried. . 1 !a
n j. :. ... ' f ' .
Crn, '
Urd, '
1 V.n 2"'li
in.''" :
'.i' lith.wMte. S01O
l"(&13.-'n.u..1..r ,W.-
IMM..Ist.,SorB so
,t..i . .....
in 1 rnir, prr ttii :),
taAi.11 tome nt'.r.
Leaves flelpre- 7
Leaves Murieita
leaves All. ens
l.enve Z ill ski
Leaves MuAithu
Learos Hamden
Leaves Chillicothe
Leuvcs Ulnnclir-nl.r
Leaves Lovelnd
ArriTes Uincinnnn
' Ft,..
0 6U... t Mr.
8 1ft.
1 Hr.i
S.64 "
I OC "
' ' "
1 07 -,
II 63 '
1-' 2-'A. H.
U .33 , 'I
, t tO '
6 8'
1 16
vtAiMt eoise ri-r. '
' rXMtM.
748 1.
t.M '
2.IS .
4 4Y
Leaves Cincinnati
Arrived Irfiroland
Arriven Ulanoliester
ArriVMi llnm.len
Arrives McArlhur
Arnvaii Z.ilevki
v.iua. at.
7.31 "
1 1ft
10.81 '
li 3d '
1 14 '
1 64
Aril -oa Aihene
ArriVfls Miirietta
Arrives iioipre
4.1S '
w. w. i-eabody.
Master Trantportatiog,
I. ' 0 F'
MeArthur Lodcre No. SCA. rWnle i
pvury TuoaUay evening. Degreo nieetin 5a Uie
E.L.HAWK,Sco'y. .
Will give you a chance to obtain a fortune
f 850,000 tn Franco, Bmlth 4 Cot Kax-
tuckt Lottery, drawing tho middle and lost
of each month during tho year 1808. '
Send your addrest for a circular. Address '
',' . FK.VJICE, SMITH CO.,j '.'.,
I March 13, 1868-Sw ' Covington, Ky.1
I 1.
Notice I hereby given that tlioCommlaBtoni1
eraol Vinton ociuiity, Ohio, will meet at tiie'
New CrUtse, lit K idnlilt'a, on Big tUccoott.
Creek, In VliitonTuwiuliIj), ou
Friday, the 10th day of April, A. D..
j -' 18(J8,; ' ;'"' '
at 10 o'clock A. M. of mnld day, and odor to let .
w tuo iowoi ro&i)uiuij.uie uiuaoi uie
!i '.';!..
I.:, , j ...J5
nt the endn of snl.l Ttrl.ln.
niieciiHMiKiua uiuue Jtnow at uie urldie en
enldiloy ofsalv.. ., ,,r .
: iiy oidor ul the CommlaRlonens;
t , W. V. KELTOS, "'
' ' - Audltur Vinton C.r 1
' March 11, 1808-td . , .., ., ,, ,
.1 !
AhraAckley. widow, John Ackloy, larael t
A.'klpv .In. ..L-u AwntBltnL-i.t -r .. .
tin Biikcr, her iiuslmnd. ofthe 8tto of lift.
sqiu-I, Hunn Hwkett, and John H.nk.'tt, her 11
i.u.Kiiiu,duuw aiuut'ny, riiv-on oinitn, aila ,
JolinSmttli, her husband, Julia AcUk-y, of
Vinton county, Ohio, and Fanny Sinallwood, ' '
of Hun countv. will tuko notion that, on il -
WTthUiiy of March, A. U. 18tiS, a tx'tillou woa
aim nirninss nn in me LierK s unieo or the '
Court c Common PtoaA, of Vinton county, "
Ohio, pmyiiiK for the parUtlon end ""bIhu
mentof dower to tho widow of the Jollo.wSujr ,
drtsoriboil real estate, pituale In the Couuty OX 1
Vlntun, ami Htt of Ohio, to-wiu .,!! ,j
The. North wt qunrUjr of Uie Bouth-weet .
cmnrtirof Heftion Thirty (30,1 Townnlirp Ten
10.) RiuiKe Nineteen fit-, of lands aahjoet f
entry at the Laud Omco. at C'ralUcotbe, Ohio. ;,
andoontnlnlna rorty-ntnrTsaiid fifty cue-
k.mrfKw.11,... n. .uhllQIllLllni uUl . -,'
Tiie saJil petition will be for btarluK attb
next Term of the Court ef Comi
Vinton eonnty, Ohio, next fi
ext. Term of the l ourt er Common riuaAor
vlnton eonnty, Otuo. next following toe
March Term. lKSa. of mM f, ,rt.
-'1 , ' . HKNJAMZN IUJ5.'.
J. H. ftelth' ItVy tor tetlUtiaw.
Marco u, ia-ew
.1 ir

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