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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, March 19, 1868, Image 1

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I'.-Si, I "1 it A I. '
-M,l,.i. j V .,l.;-..'l ,l '' IV'
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.1 t.U-j -ii-ifl
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VOL.., 2.
81.50 PER TEAR, l
1 .la AJvwios. J
KO. 9.
-t'il.'.V ' Jl - --Hst 1 V. t I 1 ...
,11... -i ,nAi.' I I i' H Jl - " ' 1 . ' .' '"T
i : : . ' m f . 1 - "' ,'
" ' . '
J. BOWEN, Editor.
, Thursday,
March 19. 18G8,
Omcx-Sooond E. D. Dodg9't BttllJlOg,
Muln Btrctl. . .
. T 233 S, UL S '. ,
Dim oopy, lyenf, UJOt Ori9copy,6mds., 11.00
One oopv, 6 mem., 0.75 One copy. 8 mos., 0.40
Ooa oopy Mnt tit to gottr-apol Club of Teu.
Oni srtiftr, 1 wealt S1.00 Onesquarel mo. $1W
' ifBftrlyftdvnrtlscmi'iitsSlOOpcr column, and
M proportionate ruu iur iw Bpuc-n.
Pon Pbesidbst or rat United Stati
i " IKbJect to thn dwltlnn of t lie Dnocmtlo Ha-
i.' , uoual convunuon. .
Democratic State Ticket.
." ,.. Tor Bwrotary of BtaM, ' '.
' Taonui HttMard,of Logn.
For Supremo Judge,
. William E. Finok, or rrry.
,. .- t or Member Board Public Work,
Artha Hughe, of Cuyahoga.
' ' " Fo School Commissioner,
; ; Bamuol J. Klrkwood, of 8enf.
' ' Por Clerk of Suprtirne Court,
Jolul M. WeTib, of Mnhonln
. JiitDih matter oa every peg eftlii
ft kre recti fed from Ilea. 0. W.Mor
tin," membsr of Congress from Ohio, i
. topy ef the Congressional tilobe conlain-
tug bis epeeoh delitered in the Home, on
iht J9lh of February, on the 'treasonable
ftc!cl of Impeaslment drawn up by a
tomui'utce of severe , red-bot - Radicals
. irailora and deitrvyert of (Lie Oovern-
1 V'at- It is a erj eble cpeech.
'' ITw IUmpshiri r.mcvioii. The elee-
1loj for State ofiicer' wi beld in New
'"fU'Viji'hire' on Tuesday, tfce l;)th inal.,
,Tbe official mujurity for the IUuichI ticket
Ik 2,530 tlie wjnriiy last yenr being 8
!' 1-lC. .It can 'be noen lliu', '.lie Pcmoorat.-
, kiy ir.ade a f ?rjr reepr.pi able gaa, , ,.
'Tlie fUdioul pnjwor have done a great
' r! I ' of piifE:ig arid blowing efooe 111
elfciion they want to make pfople thint
lie IVmocrMS' of (fiat State mv dortp
Kjhitliltlj terrible Ky tainititf a(! ut.TClo
Y.Wt4 o4,itltro in' ope yea.r. ' Tlie Viu'oo
j. Hcrori itrtud its bau l liet ( WBtlr at the
' MirHfc enii Wowrnff too It nuhlleatlon
dkjjtil.!q purpose to it could liiir
- lbs pleasure or suowlng to tue publto on
v'i hen ltit had been liok end chawed"
' by tie little rat lerriors about town, wlilck
preTes Ihat Radicalism l' gradually ru-
; nlng down at the heel; n . . . i
l,"u Jlw Hampshire, t all' right for Tendl
tea fot 1'resident I '' Mark that, (tad, .
"..tBI Peaiocraoy of ik Towiukip net at
'"MaJroV Law office, on Wednesday Venin
of las ( week, pursuant to notice, and or)
'Banked by calling Kphrtani Hunker to the
.iC'bair and appointing Jamea Malone Seo
; telaiy, and then put in nomination Hie
fallowing To a-nsbip Ticket for the April
- Elections ...Trueteee Josrpu Bcco, Jul)
lluhn, Hiram li. Swatm. . TrebUrer4
Oeorgo W. Pesroe. A sseeeor Jen8b Ul,
MitniJ , CUik jrif. McC illivray, , Constal
blea Horace KedJ, AUxaoder C. Powd. '
., i.Tlial is a good tiokot; and we hope thi
Petnooraoy oT this) townslifp 'will. go t
rk and lark without oeasing until the
lose of lbs pjlla on ;be dty of the dec
'ioni 'i - ' ' (;'
, . We earnestly loetka the Democrncy o '
tie " acreral (ow'usliipa 1 of , Vintoi
county to orgaulie for the fpriug Eleo
Uobi,: It j lbs duty ef ever; Derooorat te
; taofo Jn thn mattor,' wilhout 4tj,"' j
-cRemember that this la' the year of ha
'.r.rraidentialv pleotiooV wbicb will .tlide
the fato Of the pcpubUc for'iife.'oT deathj
-and of eonetitutlonal and citll liberty fori
.ages to aruv. . i-' ..'.'..h a
iihly -InipotUnt thai -tow nshif
officers should be pleotodlwbo Wilj oppose
Radlcallam', Rtroluilon, and Huln'" iv i
r r " , ' '-(
., let Ibere oe regular nomimitions made
!l e'aoh towualiip, and a audioleiit number
of tioketr printed or written. Any Dem-j
eraiia'oompelled to oall a meeting for
lli3 purpose, ,07. giina general notice, to',
other . throughout his itowsahip, -of the'
time and ploe' of suoh meeting., TJiU
tbould be done without fall. ' "
I'if Tba nomiuoliona should be judicious,
and 8u6h as will conduce lo auroesa; and;
when made, they should be onpported
tlgoroubly for election. It, ia only by:
ouch concert of action that the party can'
auooeed. Nothing' pan . 'be. gained, but'
trythlng may be lost; By peraonal wraa
' glM ii peraonal affuira' bare . nothing
whaletcr to do with politlos.' Work together
every one gp forward and do his duly
This is the proper time to begin the good
uu giunoue wora. .
Tns ? Vwocratifi-y Enquirer, pub
liaLed atllcAhhur. Ohio, allr rtf.
viewing some of the xtrawtiijt
apa tnieving' tricks of KadicaliBoi,
say? it agroes with . tho La Cross
Vemocrat, and goos in for Eopudi
ationf Coming to ' it. is Urosse
Democrat. ; ; -!.
Wo have boon in favor of it ever
slacethe war closed. . ! ' ' " ." :
' 's bigh time, to repudiate the
debt made by the thieves and plund
erer :'U',-
vVabuom Townamr Dswocpatio Tickit.
Tip ' Desnonruoy of MadiHou Towuchi)
met in Zaleski, on Saturday, the 11th Init
and nominated 4he tollowing eandidatps
for townahlp tffflcera; " . .,.'.
For . Trueteea A. WV jampp, ' Abram
Brjsan,,-David PInnpy.7 : -, .-.
Far" Clerk J. D. Vandprford. ' 1 ""
.fp'r'TriMWt.Kjtfrilia-l lEenokiYI It Z i
For Aspcspor -Morris Albangh. -
That U'aneiMilcat"liokel-la tloket
that should reoelvp thp votp pf pvery man
that township. ' W'' '
.tet pvery map go to the polls nd Votr
for therp men. ' ' '' ''
,&J, p'aJCOTTt.ii i
.ngtam'VoiJM'K ,nul;l.iu.A jril-noJ-dK-.-"
.DioTT VT'iVt .iaaJt B'hiiJitl OX
' ' raoaf an rortions or lue country we
lave cbeeiiog newa of P revival of bus!
nep,... ., 1 1 . ', n. ' 1
l Ond the above basely false ser. face
Id the Vinton Stecri ' of last week. W
can't ace what It expects to accomplish liy
making suoh falae statements' Not from
one single porllto of the eouatrj bap (lie
Record had a wotd of oheering newa of a
revival of buaineae. The eountry ia tired
of tbla Radical Congress". The country
needa reposenot agitation. "From all
portlona ef the country wp hetr" the
cries of" distress and loud oomplaints
against the tardy action of Congress ;lu
giving relief to a suffering people. In
every journal, we read, and so do the
scribblers of the Rttord, of large meetings
of manufacturers protesting agaipst the
moat odious and corrupt system of colleot
inj publlo revenues : of meetinga of the
suffering and exulted people demandipg
equality of taxation and that a atop be
pqt tp lb profligate eipendllurp of the
people's money ; and phamplets are being
issued suggesting remedies for the somlng
financial orlala which a civil convulsion
would at once precipitate into a condition
or gpreral bankruptoy and ruin. Tbe
"cheering newp " we receivp in thatcWil
War ip contemplated by thp traitorous
leaders of thp Kadical party. Thp very
air Ip filled with rumors of tbe proposed
movements of that aecret political organi
sttlon known as the " Grand' Army of the
Itepublio, " and the Radical Governors of
Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Missouri have
telegraphed not of "a revival of busi
ness "but that "Ihe spirit of 1861 seems
again to be aroused," and that ''troops are
rapidly tendering their services to sustain
Congress. " That's thp "cheering news '
wo bear; that's the way business is re
DjsraisT Covmcii. from tap ChrUlian
Wiimn of hut wetk wp learn that the
District Ceunril of the Cliristlan Union
Church' of the First District of tbia State,
met lh thp Church, at Byington, in I'ika
couaty, on FHday, Feb. 11, 1863 and
organiied .by appointing . Jev,Wriu'h
llilburn, Moderatos.iiiAmpng the minis
ters present wus 'John Gold; df'Viutnn
coiipty. ' A largo number of oongi-cgaiious
in teveral countiej were reported to be
in good condition itand from the minuts
of the Council, at .published in the Wit
bmi, wp popy al follt.ws: i
Congregations of the Chrls'iaa ' TJuion
Church in Vinton oou'nly, aro
Elk Congregation nil iiharj 8 members ;
all Jq peaoe aud r union. John . wold,
Pastor- - ;. 1, . if.,;( . - 1" i .". i 1
rilgrio Congregation numbers 11 mfni-
bera in good Oondjiion. John'Ootd, Paslos.
JlcAi'thur Congregation numUre ll
burs in good condition. No pastor. . . : j
Three Committees wero appointed one
on Resolutions, one on Publishing, an!
one on Sabbath Schools each ' of whom
inado" TPporta which were submitted to
and approved by the Council. '
The Council will meet again, pursuant
to adjournment, on the 13th day of next
June, at Wamsley's Chapel, ia AdaniB
oounty. "' ' ' ' , ' ' ' I
f- - u. t.n- ' '
Doses it Cati.vm'Obiat WotttD'a Vai
niETlss,' which afa being orgauiiad at Mo-
Ai'thurj.will start cn Ijuir d'avcliog lour,
Monday, April' 13tb, making Ihr.lr firsl
show at this place. . Their tiUerkinment is
Jirit-cUsi and entirely tint througbout ,
oonrting criticism anil -defying'conyjeidW
Their wagons ar all new,' an I gotten
up in the y;ry. beat atyle. . On thp niorui
l'ig of lle Exhibition ithey. will, muke a
grand proeeiiion, at 10 c'clook, led by tht
Metropolitan Sitter Cornet Opera Daii tinder
the direction and ' leadership of Prof'.
Dick NobAN, witoise name and famn as si
pcrrormer of the ,Lfl a come ia as fumil'
iar as a hotiae hold word, seated in their
plendld 'Golden Swan Chariot, 'followed'
by a large cavelcade ' of jhorecraan. ani
Jlurjuj Rayt Trdlipe of wild. Indiana, alt
in a fiue and gordout oostume. The word-,
robp for this parade has cost tho managers!
ever fifteen hundred dollars. '' ''';
They exhibit In Molrtnur, 0, 13th of!
April;! at Hamden 14th; Jackson 15th;
Pikaton 10th , Waverly, 17th; ' Chilli :
ootbe, 13tb. . ... I -..I. . ; '.
Spitting upon the People.
The New York Tribune tho other
day, on being told the South werp'
starving, turned its holy eyes upon'
tne poor struggling millions, weak,
sick, and heart-broken, and in truly
Christian tones, belched Out "Root,;
llog, or Die!" It sees the black'
wretches down there, thriving, antj'
muraprtpg, ana, turning the Bouthi
into a literal boll, with not a word
of regret. "When the enslaved and
shackled whites complnin of their
destiny,' it spits upon tlibm.' On tbe
22d instaht, thdr'e is to boa meeting
in ' New, j York, T of . tho victims of
Sfanion's and, Seward despotism
during the roiga : of trrror ia.the
North. Hundreds of innocent men.
somo of thorn veterans of the war
of 1812,g0Q(L citizens and pure
minded patriot who , were thrown
into , the bastiles of, the country at
the tinkle ot. the bells of these two
ofDoials, bto now -to give an express
ion of their- wiftwa) rftCnrrllrnr thhr
Outrages. ''What1 docs . tho Tribune
say 7 I( calls tljo gathoring of thcie
nonost citizens, who navo boon 1I19
victims of a -despotic government.
'KA. cofiventibh' bf,b6untr1nmil)er8.
hotel burners, ' and July rioters."
Go on, all ve who swear bv the New
(York Tribune. ,A day.'pf rotribu-
iton ia cominz., cine victirjisof.nipu
iger republican despotism, artd the
teachings of the Tribune, can afford
to bide their time. New York Day
Book. :
"Jfi fmpOaohmeatitriaU has bo! coa
tuued fo.ihp281'nell. :"t b;rt -t
; I . 1 .li Hit wi.t bn.'nii t! w -s vil f!r
.,it. ant) li'in'mut '.vutt laicir
Call for the National Democratic Convention.
v) ...j . , ... VOXtUOU, ,
. The National Democratic Cora
mitteo, by virtue of authority con
ferrcd' upon (.horn by "the tasfc National-Democratic
Convention, at'tt
meeting held this day at Washing
ton, D, C, voted to hold the next
Convention forthepurposoof nomi
nating candidates for Presideut and
Vico-Presidont of the United States
on the 4th day of July, 1863 at ,12
o'clock m., in tho Cityot New York
The basis of representatives as
fixed by the last National Demo
cratio Convention, is double tho
number of Senators and Bvpreson
tatives in Congress of each State
under tho last appointment. . '
Each Slato is invited tosond dele
gates accordingly. ' 1
S. R. Lyman, Josiahllinot, IX "U.
omtth, William M. Couvorse, Gideon
Bradford,, W. G. Steol, W. A. Gal
braith, John A. Nicholson, Odin
Bowie, James Guthrio, L. S. Trim
bio, Rufus P. Raniioy, W. E. Nib
lack, Wilber f : Storey, W. L. Ban.
croft, Lewis V. Bogy, George H
Paul, D. 0. Finch, Isnao E. Eaton,
Thomas Ilaynos, William McMillan,
W illtam Ailcen, Absolam H. Chap
pel, George A. Houston, Joseph A
uozier, A. B. Greenwood, John W.
Liftwick, Thomas Sweeny, John
Patrick, James W. McCorklo, W, L,
Sharkey, John Hancock, John H,
FREDERICK O. PRINCE, Secretary. Washington, Feb. 22, 1868.
Radical riscirLE8. Old Tom
Benton onco said in tho midst of
ono of bis tcrrifio diatribes, that the
opposing political party I' was held
together by tho cohosivo power! of
public plunder,.', aim tbativ their
principles wero seven in number,
vl2: "Fivoloayda nn4 ,twq email
fishes.'.' . It .would ' 60cm that the
dominant party of tho present ago,
having cxlianstod tho usual, sources
of public plundor, havoturnod their
attention 'to such smaller "veins'-'
and ''pockets", as a vigilant search
into their1 neighbors' affairs' may
discover. , In the .line of ' plunder
tlioy make 110 invidious distiuctrori
between ."fijh, Jcshv or ' sound rod
herring"';' or, to speak more exactly,
till is dsh which comes to- their net,
Is it Rigut! Wo would aalr, tho
poor man of tho north if it is either
just or'right for congress (so calloil)
to forco from tho laboring., classes,
by means of-taxation, the wheru
with to support tho iiidolont nogros
of tho south?. They (the negroes1)
arc living in idleness and positively
refuse to labor, replying, when, call
ed upon to do so,' that tho buroau
will support them. 'Youar'o obliged
to, support the "bureau"t and in
order to do so, allow your families
live upon tho bare necessities 'of
ifo. Let thoso "won who know
their rights, - and knowing dare
maintain," act from the honest im
pulso of their hearts, , and strongly
rebuko tho Infamous- rump for thus
squandering the ntonoy which right!
belongs to them.; r. ' . 1. ',
Soldiers and.pdnsioners, the Dem
ocracy of Yirtton county, as repre
sented by , tho Enquirer, urges, thi
repudiation of pension, bounty, and
all other claims against the govern;
ment: Vinton Record. . --i
This Record , is entirely destitute
common sense j but,1 like itd
drunken ' Presidential aspirant-
Grant it is blessed with , a ,vcry
Fuir quantity of "horse sonse.'.'i Jtj
may bo the ignorant "thirig"'can
make (joldiors beliovj'tliat the ,n-j
quirer has urged repudiation of tho
pension ' ahd bouhty claims," and
the 'payment of all thieving army
contractor;- claims.1 i ''It ; is very
smart." Wo 'don't know ;what the
"soldiors; and pensioners would
do without itit is such a useful;
little thing," It is torribly down
on the "repudiation of the pay
ment of cluims mado against the
government by tbioving army con
tractors. Theso thieves and con-(
tract6rs gave' Mrs. Lincoln, 'thc;
wife, of the"! late lamented, " thou
sands of dollars worth of clothes to
have her advisd Lincoln to give the
thieves and plunderors big fat, .con-:
tracts, and now it roust 6ecm very
pleasant for the soldiers who enlist
ed in the early part of the war,and
served from three to five years, to
have the colloctorcaU upon them for
tiexcs tp, 'pay the debt mado .to op';
rich thieves, and to pay tho bounty j
debt. 'But allor doing tho fighting,
the Boldiora. are obliged.to help payt
the bounties that kept tho trboly ;
loyal" Radical towards 'dul of the
sorvloe. : How tho Record and the
radical stajr-at-ljomo pinlps ana si cs
WW we " potr soldiers,,;, ...vj ,.,.;
ISM -fWii 'lit.1 iiiii TrWii.'-.i r,-i.i
Jiliji'jwl JJhI i-ui ,U :il J--:it
PiTtasoN'p MannsinP' for Maroh has
been received. Terms, V5J a year. Pub
lished by C. J. Peterson, 366 Chestnut
8ireet, Philadelphia. V ";. ,
I Towh. C'apt C. Cold, Sub-A'Siat-ant
Commissioner of IhejS h Sub Division
of. Louisiana, arrived at- his old home In
thia place one day last ,fYetk, looking at
though ha lured to live away down In the
' Bunny South." Ha leaves tgaia for the
South on Monday next.' ; . :
Oca friend Samuel Kirkrodall, of thia
town, thot an Owl, on Tuesday last, and
left It at this office, Ihe out-spread wing"
of which measured four fapt and three
inches from lip to tip. 'u ! j
- 1 :,mi .1 , ', !
Fus. The 'pitiscna 1 at Zileskl were
aroused about 3 VoI'Vk on Tuesd i.v
morning last j 'fht'Srj ft Hfe" The'
fire was discovered in tht dwelling br.nn-
of IL Jennings in the sou's part of towo--and
waa under tuoh hendway .that It was
imposatble to pilihgnish U. Thebulldlng
was 'entirely consum The dwelling
house of fm. Baughropna few fept from
Mr, Jennings, wap 'soon ia flames and
also consumed it being) Impossible to
savp either bulldlnc' enfaccount of thn
wind blowing so hard. Port of the house
hold goodt belonging to ;rsoh dwelling
were saved. The fire ; originated In a de
eotivo flue in a small building adjoining
no dwelling or Mr Jeakitigs. Mr. Bauih-
man's loss Is about $1,400) Mr. Jennings
about Sl.COO-rVsry severe 1oim n
tn Cueistiaji Umom Cuoxch in Mo
Abtuus. Wp are pleaaed to aay to our
readers that the Rev, A.'B 8ollars, of
Adama county, but formerly from Tennes
see, and tl.a Rev. A.,Hmphreys, pf Pike
county, have been holding meetinga at
tins tliurch In thia place, twice each day,
ainoo 8atnrdny lest.' the meetings have
beeit largely ' a ltendei..i-and all those in
attendance h;ie been deeply interested in
all the sermons preached by these rood
and vfrqe ohrlniiant who know nothing
among men but Chrial and Ilitn crucified.
hese ministers havsjong been needed in
our midst. Al! ehbuU be happy that tbev
avp come among usrso. fatthfal and so
true. The Holy; .Clp not a politioal
text-book or. a politic) paper la tha only
Uiar that guides than) Enoourago them
n tha good work. f:' tet all be in good
spirits, and at peacPjWith eaah othex at
II t lines. AtUnd .tie meetings ' Have
your mines records J amisg thaso who
have alreftdy,gono)rtrard:(T, ; -"
in? congregation npw humbera 22
aiejnberaU havipjr Joined,., tinea .tiiis
.uioitujj Luiuaieuvcii. ai organn itioo
waa effeoted on Moodav. The msetings
are still being hold a,s we go to press.
...).. ,. ; -
Tub Maroh Term of ihe Vinton Court of
Common ' PUaa con raenoed on Fridax-.
March Hth, 1868. Hon. J. V. PJylev.
Judge. Gcorgo La.
nti, Clerk; . James
Malone, Deputy CUrk
J. ti. Shockey,
Sheriff; A. h Hunter, Deputy Sherifl'.
B. Sliivel, Pro;e:tliing Attorney.
The following' pcreona compose I the
Grand Jury 1 . ... I . .','..
Wu. .Eiohor, Airon.--; Turner, . Joh n
Kceuan, Dasiel Hufll, 11 Graves, Henry
tlerrold, Bernard 6iiun,"Wm. Clait, W.
W. Belferd, John Ckterill,. John RalolifT,
A. 0-Elliott, Jarae MoQillivray, Wash
ington Keeton, Isaac Ketton, ;i
They examined the County Jail and
reported that'tbey found everything con
nected therewith ia good, oonditio'n,. and
'he cafe keeping," toaifort and health ot
inmates well can d for. i - -;, , ;
Tnert rart 13 orin.inal and '-13 civil
cases on the docket. I t 1 "1
'iheiollowing caiet have been disposed
of: 1 " :' '
Miles Voorhep vs Jaidoe Robbint and
Others, Tritsieos of Elk Towuship. Aotion
for damages. Jury trial. Jury returned
verdiot of one cent, da-nages.
David Skinuer .vs Ann JIoGinnis and
others. Sale of laude confirmed and dued
ordered. . :, .. ,1- . . ' , ',"
Ira A;. Denny P Hannah Danny,
orco. Divorce gtanled.
Mr. Editob: Hy attention haa been
cadled to a b'tragrnpbln thp Zilcski papnr-
u wuiuu uurgci wun going where
1 uuuiu uuif uo iinnu, so ap to avoid pa
officer Of the lawi. I arlsli toiinfnrm the
Zaldiki paper man thtt I did not do any
suoh thlrg. aa every jierton well knows
that I sold my properly hart arid weni.tol
tl.p herthern pait of this. State to look'
for a plnoo where I could move: my family
and aend my- children to achool, and 1
did not go away tp avoid boinj anxious
ly Bought for." i'l'waa absent, about a
month' before . the. Zaleski, paper says
was sought for- If tha man who. prints
tha ZU ski paper will opme over here and
I ay a " Barber's bill" to "the colored
nilpman " it mijht bp paid that ha had
I. ma right once.,' I am not guilty of the
-haign m dj, against me. JOB L0CA3
MpArtsur, Biaroh'14, 1868. 1! : -1 ',
.. I '- "'Pf- 1 .
At thp meeting Of the Si-hool Examinert.
j ela at Ihe Onioj School II oust last' Sal
nV lay week, certificates' were granted the.
following persons j., - , j !
For six monthp-4-JoP. Miller, A'-d. Clay
pool, Martha Casaell, Mary A. - Dillon,'
Mollle ftymer, 0. W. Hudson, "Armlnda
Martiudale, ' Amanda Bn'ggs, Deborah
llriggs, Spllia Kanntlla, Clara Co, ft! E.
Colvin, Al lis Winters, Ao'aah Hunter.
Kebvooa Trimn.er, Mary J. Cos and Mallia
Currip. .'t-tw.'! : -nt 1 ; ',ut 1 Xt-r-. l-'i
For" twelve ' months 0. S.Luckoy,
Annie Darr, Mary A. Cufry, oa Ultt,
Mary E. Rsnnalla pod Mary Hastings,
For sight nomas--D. B. Dyp and Emma
-CthIo,'-iji?.i. l J-.' !! n-v.-t ,
-mI A ;ii'i't''."i:'tf" i!
,'! .1 jti r-'t hua. ', ; 4;.it tot ;mu
, Hi on 1 1 ihe S'.itmiou of our readers to
the Law Card, in thia paper, of Meate.
Mayo, DuHadway ft Mayo. . These gen
tlemen have formed a co-partnership for
the p raclce of taw In Vinton and Jack
son tod adjoining counties an office
being in Moirthur and one at Jaoisoii
Those wishing to go to law or whp bar
legal business of any description what
ever that they wish attended to promptl;
should go and give them "a statement 01
the case."
Roll or Hosot. The following named
pupils of ibe MoArthur Publio School'
have shown a perfect grade in deportment
and recitations front February lt lo
March 6th, thp olose of thp term. , Th
report shows a rrarked improvement ove
the report for January; ., , t
High ScAoot-'Eldlp Drake, Aaron Isn't
Samuel Nikos, C, W: Hudson, T J T-.
mons, C. M.'Snge, Pallie Payne, Levrreti
Pearce, H.nnip T!uvrk,Hiren Toward
Mary Fn-noh, Dura Hulbert, Almirs
Mark, Lncrrtta Timraona, Ada Dnwd.
Grammar School liirney O'Donnald, Pat
rick Canty, Iaio Lanta, Warren Jone,
Annie Winder, Lucy L! Uihrldgd, Frank
Morton, Flora Ron, flattie Dowd, Corn
Strong, l:ia Went, Ella Craig, Maggie
Arnold, Anuie 8weeney, Mug'ie Vlurloy
Addle Cole, Joseph Felton, John T imlin-
1011, irono- Dobn, Uunnluit uaird. Robert
Ross, Danverp Pcaroe, iliratn Raiuer,
Channoy Taylor.
Ahcndsd Roao Law Thp road law of
this State haa again been amended. We
are unable to give thp law in full as
amended, but it substantially restores the
old law. The Township Trustees again
lay eff their respective townships into
road distriots ; and Supervisora are to be
elected in each, at thp annual ppring
election. (Township Trustees will do well
10 noticr that part pf the law.) It gives
tbe Supervisors, $2 CO per day,, after de
ducting his two days' laboring and Im
poses a Sop of flvp dollars and costs upon
Supervisors ' who are elected and fail to
qnall fy or serve. It restores thp bridge
fund of the' counties to tbe County Com
missioners where it properly belongs.
. The law may have defeots but in onr
brief notice wo are unable to point them
out. But in our opinion It Is a great im
provement on the law repealed.
Now is tbs Timimo Rbao. Now is the
time for Ihe people to read and undorstam
ihe issues that are to come before them
this fall tor decision. It was never so
important for thp salvation ol the Union
ihat the people aot understanding'. One
false step now may prove fatal to tbe
government beyond the hope of recovery.
Never was tbe national existence, as a
free constitutional government, in as great
peril as to day. . The Congressional con
spirators and traitors have their haods at
tlio throai, of the nation, and the body is
almost pulseless.' Wa tell thpJJ peoplp that
tho struggling to-day is-not odp of parly,
but for the existence or destruction of
tree government. If the Uradioals tri
umph, free cons'ilutional government is
at au end, and only taxation and oppress
ion are in reserve for lite peoplp. I
We oopy the above from the Fret Preu,
Of course this is tho lime to read. Our
country is about to p tss through an 'ordeal
more aevero than any one either within
the recollection of any man now living or
recorded in the anna's of tho world.
Read Democratic paperB and know what
ia going on. subscribe for tpe JJemocralic
Enquirer. '
Business Notices.
Wht not use White Pine. Compound
when it is such & turo remedy for Coughs'
Lung Complaints and Kidney tumbles ?
For tale at Sissous, ."
Tub a'tenlion, of cnunlry merchants,
ilirmen, farmers, and other, is directed
0 the adverllsoiHC-iit of Joii .h Carpeulpi-,
tieti'eral- Commission "Merchant, New
York City. Send fir his price current.; ;
Caj;; Paid toR' S,iniN'ir,K3. S, Ooktz &
Co., -of .the , ll'iniduii Foundry, want S'V
eralj 'ihjutand Shinglns, for Whioh thty
will pay cash.". Apply Immediately, j
Fob- Fins Perfumery) go to Slsaon't
Drug Store: 1 . ' ; . ' " ' ! 1
Blauks--Wp have Just printed a lot
of Blank's fot Justices of flit Peace Sum
monses. Subpoenas, Exeout'inns, &o,; and,
also, all kinds of Blank Dptdp. All for
sale at the lowest rates. --
For Pure Drafts and Medicines, go to
Sisson's Drug Store... . - ,j .. .
1 - :l
Tut Indestructible Pen tha very beat
In use for tale at Strong's Drug Store,
Foil Avcr's Medicines, call at Ei'sson's
Drug Store. .'" . , ""' ' . !
Coat; roa Nkobalota. Ladles will find
that Turner's Neuralgia, Pill is the only
are cure for Neuralia, and Nerve Aohe.
For ealp at Sisson's Drug Store. - 1 !
Riad This. Costar's Celebrated Buck
thorn Salve, for- entt, burns,1 biuiaes.
wrinndt, holla ring-worm, chapped band,
Itch and almost everything also, only 25
nento a box 1 thp Universal Corn Solvent.
for Coma, so., (Sure cure,) only 25 centr
a box ; the Celerbrated Bishop Pills a
nni versa t dinner pill for headache. oo
tiveness, cniHs, fevers, &o., only 25 eentt
n box; th Peplnral Congh Remedy for
ooushr, colds, hoarseness. 'arp Ihropt
Kroncial affeoiione Ac, on'y 26 penta a
box t and the preparation of Bitter Sweri
and Orange Blossoms, for beautifying the
oniplexinn, ,ln soften and beamfy the
strtin, remnvp rreoRiep. plmnle. eruntinna
&c, only $1 a bottle ; all the best. remp
dies yet intrpduoed, -and fnrtaeat 8ia
toD B urug otore. uo ancj get pomp now
' " " il 1 ! ) '
' Hoa.H. M, Onderdonk bap beta admit.
M to thp oontesttij teat la 'thp Ohio
Bppjatr,-"'- k .. v '- --. - - .. - , -x
!',..i rj.ri').. ;. o-.to.t '.,l.:i''
PiAnoa roa Sblk.- Any person wistiint
to purchase a. aplcudid Piano, will aave
from ona hundred to one hundred and
fifty dol art by palling at this office. We
can furniab them ak greatly reduced ratet
Wiwon'd advise tht peoplp lo go and
exsmlnp the large ataortment of goods a
thp House of Will & Co , at Zaleakl. The
reputation of Ihe Hcusp will bp sustained
for offering tj thp trade the moat ehoioe
selection of gooda at thp loweat pricet.
A Ciacct without a Clown would bp bo
circus at all Jn thp estimation of the
hoys. A man suffering from a Scrofulous
Humor. In tho blood, is only suffering
needlessly, when a few bottles of Dr. J
W. Foland'l Uumijr pocloi will tffeot a
Gold Psxs Morton's celebrated Gold
Pen's at New Tork prloea SO eenta and
unwarda for aalt aXflUHnghurst's Plo.
turt Oallery. 3
Sohool Books for pais at 81aton'j at
half price.
Vooito men entering Smith's Mer-
chantilp College, Portsmouth, Ohio, early
In January will be competent to keep
Books practically by epring. Now la the
time t prepare fof business nnder the
direction of a practical Business Man.-
T-e College ip 'ppn Day tnd Evening,
and the course is more. thorough than sny
other Mtrchantiis College in thp United
Rtatea. Studentp can pnter at any time.
No Class .3ystem.Call at thp Collogp or
E. W. SMITH, Principal.
On the 12th nrfiroh lfwa hv tq t d.i.
Afr Ullll. Tll.i. l'r, ' . ' . i: "
ents both of McArthur.
This happy couple did not forent tha Trf.
ier. 1 nose wno rcmexuDor the Printer are al'
ways sure to live a happy life.
McArthur Market.
IBoportcd by J. K. Will, Denier in Dry Qoodt.1
Apples, Green, per bu. TB I Apples, Dried, 1 88
Butter, 80 .tMfwnji, t5
.'i nonee, rrVIWi
1,00 I Cnndles, 12S
u 1 nan, wftlt.
lour, ner kbl.
12 tn 1J
Moiftfii(H, Sorgo SO
Oals, SBflitn
fait, pur bbl. a,0
TiCttv flelpre
Maii. Fxritxw.
10 SO . M. 8 lor. M.
leaves ftinnetta
LeaveB Athens
Leave Zilmki
Leavp MuArthur
Lav. Hamden
l.eares (Jhillicothe
Leaves BliinnliMisr
leaveit li?Und
Arrive Uiooinnnli
8 15
i n
SM "
s on
' 4 3
10 54 '
11 6S '
12 2.1 .
12.35 '
t itt
0 03
5 60
Leaves Cincinnati
- Fxmts,
Arrive" Lnreland
Arrived Hlanol.estnr
0. 10
7..1I "
8 1(1 "
K an "
1. U "
IH "
: '4 OS '
Arrivs lliini,n
Arrives Zilelii
An-t" Aihcm
Arrives MirWip
Arrives lleipr.
12 35. at.
4. IS.
Master Transportation.
Jt o. 0. r.
Mr-Arthur I.ode;o No. Ml.
Itegular meetings
gi-oe meetings 11
Auuv ffiiuu; vvuuiiiK 01 wn mnni1'
E. L. HAWK.Scc'y,
' Dairymen, Farmers,
And Others,
" SORGHUM, MQLASSE8, 4o., to. :
1 ' ".. TO
QeneraUCommissioq merchant,-
412!, 444 & 440 rFajAt'nyff.n 5i reet,
' , ; NEW YORK CITY, , ;
And receive hla weelilv Prion Current. of
rrouuca una itroocne tne moat complete
Price Current Published In the United Suites.
Marking Plates and Cards,
,.- 'I -'. '
. - Furnishod free. '
Liberal Advanoea mado on Conalgnments,
Ettabluhdd, May lit, 1800, '
First ClnBP Befetenoea Given When Required
QNI,Y,, ..... ...
"- ' ' . ' f 1
Will glyo yoa a enanos to obtain a fortune
of tSO.000 la Franoe, Smlta ACo'pKek-
rupKV Wrtuy, drawing tho middle aad last
of eaoa month dtiring thp year Iftg, ,
popid your address for. a circular: "Address
.ii' di FRANCE, SMITH CO.; -
, . Urefc U;UNfir ' ' Covington, y. '
.i''oI v-;"f ;'tl- ;, l' ..1. T ':
David irofflilnMi, who realilct In th Rtatn of
Illinois, George lfrtTiilnra, II nry llollliinm,
Nelson IlotflilneH.iiiMl Joy II mt, Iiiti-in'fir-ricd
with lii-nionl Hlxon, of the c imiv of
Vinloii.atidt-tiuooroiiio.will tHkenotl'i; tln.t
VoHsHoltliinea, Kxwulorol tliulnst will nud
testament ol William Hoflhlnen, dee'rt, 011 tho
14th duy ofilaivh, A. 1. lnW, Hied M j etltlon
In the Probate Court, williliiund ftrllirrui
ty of Vinton, and Wale oluliio, nlletli;tii(r tlmt
tlieanid William Ilolllilnenited wlitt'd In ft'
slmplv of the following dt soribed n-Hl t-la!o,
Nltunte In said county ol Vinton, nnd State of
Onlo, to-wit:
Iti'lLa that part lj-lnw west of the Roll Road
of the Knt half of the 'orth-oast juflrt r of
Section Number Four (4,) Townnhlp Nuniler
Ten (10,) EanireNumljor Kcventeea (17,) ccn
tnlnltig Forty acres more or less.
That It Is necessary 10 sell inld real estate In
order to carry out the provisions and luttint of
the Will of the said William Hotllilm n: nd
that Mury Ilofl'tiines, a widow of fnld dcet-na-ed,
hosdec-llned to take undor sold Will, ami
elected to take under the law, liud la tntltled
to dower In said premises.
The prayer of suld petition Is for asslpnment
of dower to said Mary llofTliliies, nnd Tor a,
aaleof said premier, ub-t to haid dower cn
tnte, to carry out Ihe provisions and intent of
thewild Will as aforesaid.
Said petition will be fortiearlng on the leth
duy of April, A. 1). IsoR. '
. , V089 nOFFnTXES,
ETecntorofKxtoteWllllnm Hoillilnr-s.doc'd.
Bated thl lliihrla. .,1 II.....1. i . J
t w "Ki., . is, ioya.
a. w.
CIM- a, w. rixoM,
Wllllpay the hlgheot market prico In Cash top
Bring on your
Orany other artlclo'yon may have to dispose of.
Wo alto have a frosh and cornple stock of
GlVfi ilR tt fflll rtnrl stsua tV,. A,..i a .
UohingHtoy SU,W "
Mnrch5.18C8.3m ULLOM at ER9.
JOHir CEiMiirs,
Bi'BS leave to Inform Ilia Ui ?. .,L. .".
adiom.nen.,.,1.. .. " Vimowere)
n -"- -'v. ..,n ,1
thm wtth
rr.-,arijd to IWfuikS)
Tit Latejt and most Approved Stylet, .
All Work neatly and promptly executed,
All mv nr'Raia ftrA miMk I. .. .1 .l
other hop... Person, nhontpnrehasinV .,0 in
prices. ' ' ""f,c,i0 P4
8hop-In Malone's Building, on Main Street,
Feb. 27.1808 tf
Notlco ishorehv elven timi hArmMi..,AH.
orsof V litoiu'ounty.oiilo, will meet at tn,
New Brlclee, r.t lt.ulclin's on Big Racton
Creek, In Vlntou Townahlp. ou "u"-u
Friday, the 10th day of April, A, D,
10oVloe.lt A. M. of snlrt day, and offer to let
the loweiit responsible bidder tho
the enda nf salil Tti-t.in . -
sali7ayo'f?re?m,'.Juk"0 at th0 Bri,e
cj oruerof the Commiwloncrs:
Marchl2.1868.td Auditor Vinton Co.
1,000 Men and Women I
Possesslnir ood etirelr an.l .....
a'en? "?J i"to"il!cnce 10 ct as aanvdue.'sfor
. Five Beautiful Ileal American
, Faces, -
P.nrrnved ov trnns in Pai is hv tht most emfnftnt
Lithosr.'inhers in the world. These ftee wine),
most beautiful m il noetic Mninu
to trn'v the timt li'e.iltvn. .if ...,.i. .
Uomt-nhand, reprwentinp theT iIit'Iics
'vuiinii.synil'ill'Pli. nuiic-lime: 18 ni'li lieroitm
The lithoBi-nphy in m tho lii'hest mv-io ..1 - ti.'
art, ann l mieh as hat rarely been c qtt led. mi
wi f)4:riicLi,
ThnsB pqrtmit have received oaqnabOed it'lit
roin the most em neut eri'ip an l i.r,.-. .,.,
newsimnerottherouiitrv. and ilievhm,irt nrV.
ewory hon-'ehnl I in the (and.
For particulars slid deyr-itive ciroular, ad
Ji'"a L. f: lloniNSUN.
v. i V'"n Ktmet,iJpi''ugllW, Mass.
march sMS-ta-aw. ... .
AhraAekloy widow, John AcltW, ttrm
Acklev.Jiicoli Aekli-y, Ast-na Rnker.Mid Mar
tln !iku-,Uer huibtind, 01 ihn ,-b;:ila of Mia--jourl.Busiin
Ueskett, nnd Johtt K .kott, her ,
husbund, June Metlieny, Phw iw 81111H1. ur.d
John Smith, her liiwbttntl. Jultu Ai feUv, of
Vinton county, Ohio, nnd F'uinv St.iwiiwood,
of Hoas county, will hike notice thnt, on tin,
7th duy of March, A. 1). im, a petition was
(lleil against them In the Qeilt's li)i . 0 of tli
Court of Common Plena, of Vinton county,
Ohio, praying for the pnrtitipii und nt-iun-nicntofdowerto
the widow of the lollowiiia;
described will e-itnte, sltuiile In Hie C'ouuly of
Vinton, and 8tateof Ohio, to-wlu
The North went ntuirtur of the Routti-wwl
qnnrter of feotion Thirty 30,1 Township a
I Township
laiids siihli'ct. 1
lin.j tianite nineteen 1 01 lands snlilii't to
ivy at the Land Olllea, at Chllliepthe', Ohio,
d containing Forty. nlneneics nnd lltly one-
hnndredths ot an acre 149 oO-l'OO m'ren.l
Tho said petition will be lor heariucc at the
next Term of the Court of Common l'leaaof
Vinton county, Ohio, next following the
March Term, 1568, of said Court.
J. H. Keith, Att'y tor I'etltiouer. , '
Maroh 13, loW-evr .., .... ..,..'
; ,.-i; i 1 - V'. ' "' ;'

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