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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 08, 1871, Image 2

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f Ije (Enquirer.
J, W. BOWES, Editor.
McArthui; February 8, "71.
are pleased to say that lion.
Almond SotLK, member of the
Houb of Representatives from this
county, is always in attendance
during the session of that body. He
is never absont . from his duty, as
many other members are. When
there is nn adjournment from Fri
day until Tuesday, ho romains ut
the Capital City bo as to put in an
early appearance. It would bean
excellent idea for the Legislature to
adjourn forthwith and stop tho lonk
from tho treasury, but as tho End
Jcals have a majority in both branch
ca, they propose staying up thero
until leaves appear on the buckeye
John T. Wilson for Governor.
Some of the little Radical
papors of this Congressional
district, which are supported
revenue bf-
hv the salary o .
lice, and expect everyday
bo kicked out 01 omcu, uuu
look to Wilson for "protec
have the brazen MV -
dence to favor Wilson tor
Governor- It is hard, to tell
what they will propose next.
But would it not be well for
them to place some Fifteenth
Amendment in nomination for
Anu.nuuu.ui. m
Governor. The "newly en-
franchised'' of this State are de-
termined to Lave a share of
the offices, and have already
resolved to force the Radicals
to accede to their demands.
The Radicals have made vo
ters of them, and they might
as well stand back and give
the Africans room first as last.
Better drop "Wilson and take
up some good, true, and intelli
gent (Rack love intelligence,)
darkey Rev. C. "W. Taylor,
Barber, of TeArtbur, Ohio,
for instance. We might name
other " Fifteenth Amend
ments," but it is not necessary.
Taylor voted for Wilson last
fall for the sole purpose of be
ing "protected," and now we
want to see him and all other
15th amendments and Wilson's
National Banks "protected."
Deal out plenty of Wilson's
"protection" to the darkeys and
the National Banks, and allow
the "white trash" to go naked
and starve and all is well.
European War News.
German soldiers are not per
mitted to enter Prris.
Emperor "William refuse:! to
make a triumphant entry into
A Bordeaux dispatch says
that at the end of the armis
tice France will resume war
with 900,000 men armed and
No person i3 allowed to en
ter or leave Paris without a
permit from the German au
thorities. 'An official dispatch to tlie
Baden Ministry states that the
army of General Bouibaki has
entered Switzerland, crossing
the border near Bruntrut.
Late Paris correspondence
declare that the injury to the
city by the bombardment in
very insignificant. No public
buildinera have been seriously
injured, and not two hundred
persons in all have been killed
and wounded; and ' that the
capital, two months after the
seige, will be as pleasant as
Demonstrations have occur
red in several French towns
n?n.inKt hnlh nrmisfcifia and vio
lation of the territory of
r ranee.
The Empress Eugenie, after
a stormy interview with the
Duke Persigney, ordered him
to quit her presence si nee he
persisted in urging her to con-
oan tn fVo VliamomViovmoiif. nf
France. '
The distress in Paris is very
wnf. T in ripstrnffinn of tho 1
railways impede the revictual-
4ng of the city. The Germans
meanwhile are supplying arti-
tAoa rtf flio tW. tinrqiitv from
their own stores.
The Prussians are driving f
cattle into Paris to feed the in-
habitants. .
Bir.marek hai notified the
British Korcigu oilier that the I
Deippo line alone is at pres
ent available lor tne transpor
tation of rjrovisions to Paris,
bat that until sufficient sup-
nlies can be received, tne uer-
rnans will share their stores
with the citizens.
The execution of the terms
of the convention between Fa
vre and Bismarck proceed with
out interruption.
The revictualincr of Paris
proceed under German super
vision. The armistice in France be
gan instantly at I'aris, ana
three days later in the depart
ments and expires at noon,
February 19th.
The terms oi capitulation
are tbat the prisoners of war
are to remain in Paris during
the armistice, having urst sur
rendered their arms. The
National Guards and Gen d'
rmes"are to retain their arms,
as are alio-the police. Ml the
Franctireurs arc to-be clisbanu
ed. The German prisoners are
funds are to remain in Paris.
Look on this Picture, and
on This.
labor is the basis of our pros
it !l
"You talk about Republi-
cratic principles; pray let it be
known what are these princi
ples." This we now intend to an
Republicanism means a tar
for protection by which he
Yankee manufacturer, and the
Pennsavlvania ironmonger, the
u boiier ana other favored
monopolists may obtain wealth.
Republicanism means a largo
standing army to bo used in
times ot peace in controlling
Republicanism means the ex
clusion of the South from the
Union and the continued dis
franchisement of its citizens
from political equality.
Republicanism means a Pres
ident who looks to the welfare
of the people bv distributing
offices to his relations, and to
those making him valuable
presents, provided the latter
pay all express charges.
KepuDiicanism uviW3 wvi
labor when Chinese laborers
can be obtained.
Republicanism means neu
trality, to aid aud comfort tin
tyrant, but a blockade and op
pression to those over whom
he rules. Spain must hold on
to Cuba.
Republicanism means extrav
agance and corruption in the
administration, an axiom which
proves itself.
Republicanism means cen
tralization ; crush out the States
and become an imperial despot
Republicanism means New
England salt for f! J), free: salt
for Western, beef, pork, and
butter, 108 per cent, duty.
Republicanism means the
prohibition of State courts
trora naturalizing foreigners,
and other disabilities, equiva
lent to a disfranchisement of a
large majority of them.
Now let us hear the other
Democracy means equal tax
ation with no exception to
class; a tariff revenue with the
least possible tax upon the nec
essaries of life.
Democracy means no stand
ing army, and a free ballot un
hampered by the bullet.
Democracy means tho restor
ation of the South to the Un
ion, and a universal amnesty.
Dpmnprnpv means nn iinnrrlit.
' " J . o
President who shall distribute
the Federal offices to men of
capacity and integrity.
Democracy means no impor
tation of the heathen Chinee to
compete with the American la
borer, and veduco his wafrcs to
a few cents a day. Well-paid
i.i... .1 . I...;' - e
Democracy means tho same
recognition to a people strug-
gling for freedom which we
give to their antagonists. Free
Cuba and Freo Ireland.
'HpmnfM'n.n.v mpiinn pponnmv
land retrenchment in the ex-
penditures of the government.
lJemocmcv means the re
served rights of the States, and
no usurpation upon them' by
the Federal government.
Democracy means that New
England shall pay no much for
her salt as does tne west,
Democracy moans a liberal
naturalization law tor toreign
ClinoF ye bdween them.
On the War Path.
The negroes of Ohio do not
intend to oe content witn any
thing less than, what they con
ceive to be the full measure of
their rights under the Four
teenth and Fifteenth Amend
ments. At a State Convention
of colored men held at Colum
bus, week before last, resolu
tions were passed asking for
the repeal of all laws on the
statute books ot this rate,
which make distinctions on
account of color, and demand
ing that ail the schools of the
State be opened and made
equally free to blacks and
white?. The " newly enfran
chised" evidently understand
the situation. The will either
force the Radicals to accede
to their demand?, or they will
unmask the hypocrisy ot the
political adventurers who have
been making capital out of the
negro vote,
Governor Hayes does not
Miirk it a "vain and useless
ftmW1 toxoid a special elec-
& ; rt..i
lion for ifcpresezwive m w
iimbian.a rountv. iil rce
Colonel Young deceased.
mi ' "ounty is ratliensh Ke-
iv " ,l Radical
pubbcao, anu M
majority in the House Oi lwpf
rescntatives is beautifully small
and an additional Representa
tive, by a ppeoial election, be
came a political necessity.
The "artful dodger" of the
gubernatorial chair thereupon
complacently turns himself in
side out and calls a special elec
tion in Columbiana county, on
sixteen days notice. In the
Third District he saw a Demo
cratic victory ahead and re
fused to let the people speak
The stultified Ilaycs will 'dis
cover that although his ways
are dark, his servile tricks will
prove nil in vain.
The West Virginia Legisla
ture, on Tuesday week, elected
Henry G. Davis, of Mineral
county, Democratic caucus
nominee, United States Sena
tor. Mr. Davis has been a
member of the West Virginia
Legislature five years, and was
re-elected to the State Senate,
last fall. lie commenced life
iu a Subordinate position in the
employ of the" Baltimore and
- - I mm - An1
Ohio Railroad tCJnji.""?
has risen by successive ani
rapid gradations to wealth and
great political influence.
The Vinton County Lodge
I. O. O. T. No. 21, will meet at
Hamden, on Wednesday, Feb.
15th, afternoon and evening.
Good speakers will be in at
tendance. All subordinate
Lodges arc invited to attend.
The "Mechanics' Dramatic AJ
sociation" of Zaleski will ex
hibit in the evening.
The Senate of Indiana, on
Monday week, passed- resolu
tions declaring the ratification
of the Fifteenth Amendment
by Indiana and the States
whose restoration wa3 made
conditional upon the ratifica
tion of it, null and void; and
inviting the States to join with
Indiana in the call of a Na
tional Convention to amend
the Constitution. Senators
Hughes and Elliot, elected as
Republicans, voted with the
Democrats, for the resolutions.
It is stated that Schuyler
Colfax will become editor of
the Brooklyn Union, when he
retires from the Vice Presiden
cy, at $10,000 a year.
Nonsense ! There are five
hundred men in New York
who would bo far abler and
better editors than Colfax ever
could make, and who would be
pjlad to receive 30OO a year.
What fool would give Colfax
$7000 more than he is worth?
Yes, ten thousand dollars,
would be eight thousand more
than he is worth as an editor.
A "man and brother," at
East Cleveland, Ohio, has com
mitted a brutal Outrage upon
an old lady sixty five years!
of acre. lie is one of those
darliies upon whom the exper
iment of "educating" has been
tried. ,
There is a little boy in
Westporr, Conn.; less than four
years old, who has acquired a
fondness for pipes and tobacco,
cries for them, uses them with
apparent enjoyment, and has
smoked several entire cigars).
A Leavenworth paper an
nounces the . marriage of a
young lady named "Sierra Ne
vada Latta."
The new hammer at the
Bessemer steel works at Harris
burg, Pa., weighs 35,000 lbs.,
and cost $92,000.
Judge .Evaus of Zanesville,
O., .has made a reputation as
the man who could never make
up his mind to eat an oyster.
The Second Regiment of
Prussian Landwehr, composed
almost entirely of married men,
left over 8,000 children at
Rouseville, Pa., it is said, can
beat Boston out of eight for
crooked streets, and have
crooks enough left to start an
other town.
The five pig-iroj) furnaces in
Scioto county are appraised at
ift A A ANT . t Va va
d8,.5b; the twelve m Jacksori
county, 8116,100; twelve in
Lawrence &2R7.239: The two
iron mills in in Portsmouth are
are valued at $41,000; three in
tawrODCQ county at $158,000-
(treat ( Tort nre being made
at this time to facilitate and
n 4, "fnvard the grading of
the Chesnptitkt? md .Ohio Rail
road line. Wilirii! two or
three weeks nearly fifteen hun
dred negro laborers have come
from Virginia to work on the
The bill requiring railroad
companies so stop cattle trains
to unload, feed and water every
twenty four hours, has passed
the lower honse of Congress by
vote of 124 to 57. This move
is said to be a raid on the Tex
as or western cattle trade.
The Germans of Pittsburgh,
Pa., San Francisco, Cal., Cin
cinnati, Ohio, and at many oth
er places in the country, cele
brated the fall of Park
The small-pox has become
epidemic in London. The
rapid increase of mortality cau
ses alarm. The deaths from
this disease which, in the first
week of January were seventy
nine, in the third 'week in
creased to. one hundred and
eighty tight.
Rcyels, the tinted Senator,
out oi fl !5-.nJ-ai'V of ?i,000, has
been enabled to l&avc money
enough to purchase a $2ir,vJl
plantation in Ins adopted State,
lie will yearly remit to his sis
ter in the New York Poor
House, a half a dollar for
Smallpox is committing fear
ful ravage's in the Red River
country, lwo thousand Indi
ans and half-breeds have died
recently of this scourge in the
Saskatchewan district.
Chemists assert that much of
the vinegar usually sold for ci
der vinegar, is adulterated
with sulphuric acid, and 'that
its use causes the decay of the
teeth, to say nothing of the
Jefferson Long, negro member
of Congress from Georgia, was
opposed to the repeal of the
iron-clad oath, and expressed
his opposition to amnesty on
general principles. That a ne
gro should hold such views is
perfectly natural, and it is not
wrd to explain why scalawags
and carpet-baggers should en
dorse them,, but why a respect
able white man should favor
them is indeed a political curi
osity. With the approach of Spring
comes a flood of rumors about
Cabinet changes. They are
perhaps about as reliable as
such rumors generally arc
Grant would no doubt like to
make some changes in the Cab
inet, if thereby he could im
prove his chances for the Pres
idency. The chance for doing
mis is poor inuet'u, as cacn
step he takes only gets him
deeper in the mire, and makes
his case look more hopeless.
It is said that a bill will pass
Congress creating a Third Uni
ted States Judicial District in
Ohio, with Columbus as the
a . . rnl
scat ot its location, i he crea
tion of a third' district is only
for the purpose of foisting up
on tho people another Radical
Judge for life, another Clerk
and Marshal ami subordinates,
whose principal business will
bo tho exercise of political in
fluence for the party in power.
An old grave yard near Iron
ton, which was laid out some
sixty years tigo, is now nearly
all washed away by the river.
Nearly all the brimstone the
world uses comes from Sicily
about 300,000 tons annually.
The impeachment trial of
Gov. llolden, ot JNorth Uaro
liua, commenced Tuesday week
at Raleigh.
A negro has been elected
mavor of Natchez. This is
one victory in tho South for the
A 1
The Rochester Union de
clares that the Radical party
are going to the dogs. If this
is. true, it is A melancholy thing
for the dogs.
The Democrats of New
Hampshire are quite sanguine
that they will carry that State
in March.
Germans in various part3 of
the country, particularly in the
yj'esiern ciues, are ceieuruuug
the TtvJl of-Parie. -
A clQlhfrg dealer in Nash
ua, N, II., has cflered a suit of
clothes to the schJar in that
city who shall make -Je most
improvement duriug one i.ei'm.
In describing a new organ,
a rural editor says: "The swell
died away in delicious suffoca-
'on, like one singing a sweet
son" wider the bed clothes."
Some lulling parties in Maine
don't take an axd along, "be
cause there were lot?; of people
fishin? last winter, and they
can fish through last year's
The young King of Greece
is addicted to croquet; but his
medical advisers have ordered
him to abandon it on account
of the danger of cerebral ex
citement. The Portland TMe.l School
Board have adopted an order
asking legislation to compel
the children of the city, be
tween the ages of eight and
fourteen to attend some school.
A reporter who attended n
banquet concluded his descrip
tion with the candid statement
"it is not distinctly remember
ed by anybody present win
made the last speech."
An Ohio farmer saw a man
tearing down his rail fence,
. 1 1 ' -1 . 1 1 . x - 1 jl. -
and uaueu nun 10 Know ww.
reason. The Jeply was that
he was suddenly szed with
the shakes, and wa9 holding on
the fence for support.
A man inJMinnesota had got
all ready to be married, when
he received a letter from hi?
wife in Maine, which reminded
nin that he was already in the
holy 6tate. He had entirely
forgotten the circumstance.
The Newark, Somerset and
Strait3ville Railroad has been
completed to within three
miles of Somerset, and the
work is beincr pushed with
commendable energy. The
road will pass through the
richest of the coal and iron re
gions of southern Perry.
POE 1871.
lintirnvuil. Is one of tho most useful ami inter-
This nlnndlil Weeklr. trrentlv fmlameil and
sling Journals ever published. Kvery nnmlior
Ib beiiut l'illly prlnteil on line paper, and elo-
Kiiuiiy iniisirauu wuu ongiuui ungruTings,
New In volition Noveltlns In Mechanics, Man-
umeturiiM, i.iiuuiiHiry, i uoioirrapiiy. Arcn
ltouturo, Airricilltiiro, Kiigiiwuriug,
Bcluiiee ami Art.
: .... nBnH. fnirlnUM
Olinniu-t, M.'iuiiliiotiirt'i'n, and Pcoplo of nil
proroKsioiiH or Toulon will tlnd the SoUnlllc
Atntrlonn. of Kirnt. vultto mid Interest.
Its nrnctlcul Kutresl ions will sava hundreds
of dnlliirotooKTV IIoiikoIioIiI. Worksliou, and
.Factory In tho laml, hnbiilm Hltnrdlnfr a contin.
unl Koureo ot valuuiiio niKiriieiiiin. ino ivn
lors are ussiMod bv iniuiv of the nblest Ameri
can and Kui-tipeiiii Writers, and having nccess
lo nil nio leiuiiii ne.ioiiiuic nun niiieiiuiue.nl
toltriiuls of tlio world, thn coltiiniisof tho Hei
entllle American arc constantly onilcbed with
the clinli ost Inloriiuttloii,
An OJjldal List of all the Patents Is
sued is Published Weekly.
Th Ypni'lv Viimbors of thn Melenl.lflc Alner.
losii muke Two Hplendld IVolmnrs of nearly
( Inn Thousand I'nues, C'liiiviilont Insl.uto Four
TliniiKKii'l Onllnary Hook 1'iikuu. Hpoclmen
copies sent fre.
Terms WWl a Yenri S1,W) Half Ycnr; Ctulwof
Ten Copies for lino Yenr, at V0 each, 2j,00.
Willi n Hiilundid I'rnniinin to the pursou who
forms the I 'lull, consist ing of u copy oT the eelo
lii'Htod Hloul I'luLu Eugnivlug, ' iloil of J'lox
liws." In cnniier.lion with thn piihlluntlnn of the
Holeiitillo Aineili'im, the nndei-Klp-nad nonduct
the iiiostexloimlvo Agency lo the world for pro
curing Patents!
The liost way to obtain an answer to tho ques
tion ('nn 1 obtain a 1'sU-iitT Is to write to
Munn A 'o., 87 Park Row, New York, who have
had ovor,Twnnt.y-flve Years Kxiwilone In th
business. No chnrie Is mads lor ojiinlon and
sdvlefl. A pen-anij Ink Mketeh, or foil written
rli'.erlntlon of the Invention, should b sant.
For Instructions eonnemliiK Amerlean and
Rnropoan ramnts, uavntis, lM-lsuus, lnterier
enrim, li))ectd Oaans, Illnls on Belling I'ateni,
Ruins and rrocoedlngs of the Patfliit Offloas,
the New Patent, taws, Kiminatlons, ExUtn.
skins), Infringements, etn., alo,, send for In-htkuotion-Booi,
which will be mailed free, on
application. Allbualnesi strictly confidential.
Addro, Ml'NN 4 CO.,
J'ubUi.cr& of the -(nHd'a American,
04 i7rrlt Row, Kw York.
Hoofland's German Bitters,
rmpArcd by Dr. O. M. Jackson, riillndolphli
rtwlr Introduction Into tliiB Country from Uvrmua
KKtirrod la
They Cured Your Fathers and Mothers
infl will euro yon ami your chllclroti. Thoy nre et
Inly (I lll'ii rout .from lliu many preiMi-nlloim now I
lio country cnllwl HIMoik or Tonic. Thuy ro no
nvorn iroinralliiiK, or Anything like tliuiu ; Hat Root
touort, rolluljlu incdlclmta. Tlicy aio
TfiO grtalert known rtmttllnfot
Jver Complaint, Dyspepsia,
Nervous Debility, Jaundice,
Diseases of the Kidneys
ad all Dleeaiea Mining from a Disordered Mvet
lloiuacli, or
Vinsllpatlon, Flntnlencn. Inward PHm, FiiIiium o
Blood lo tliu Head. Acidity of Hit) Slonmch, Nun
bur, lleai't-bnrn, DH'iml for Food, Ftilnuss or
WolRlit In llio Btnmnch, Hour Krncta
t. tlotiK, Sinking or Kliittorhitf St tlio
INt of the 8loinur.li, Hwiiniulng of Hie
Ilend, Hurried or Dllllciilt BrenlhliiR, Fluttcr
lUK l tliu lluurt, Choking or BuUocullnK Seusv
on whon lit n r.yTtior roslnre, DlmneM of VI!ou
.Dcttor Wl before tho Hluht, Dull I'ftln III tho
Head, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellownc
of the Sklnnuid Eyes, Pain in the Side,
Back, Client, LI ml, etc, Huddeu
Fltmlioi of II cut. Ilnnilns III the Flesh,
Connuul iuiBKhi,IK r Bv" n,d Ureal Duurcii.
lou of Bplrlu.
Ul tfuu inrtlcat Ditto (if Ih Llvtr or Dlfiitit
Oifaiu, combUud with Impiut lllooi.
- Hoofland's German Bitters
S entirely vogrlnlilo, mid cinitntun no liquor. It i
compound of Fluid lixtrnclx. The Itoote, Herba
ni Marks from which thmi Extmcts aro made, an
thercd from (ioriniuiy. All the Medical virtue an
xtractcd from Ilium hy RPclenllllochomict. Tin
wttMA nn, tlinn ffirwiirdful to IhU country to be nset
"premdy for the nmnii luul n re or t htwe 1)11 f er. Then
?V alcoholic" subslutico of nuy kind used In com
ai mliY'V tho Bitter, hotice it In the only Uiltura tha
an lie uV'l ' alcoholic .etiuiulanU an
ot advinnUip.
Q "
Hoofland's German Tonlo
I a combination or nil the liiei!lenli of tin Dlttora
nth I'Uita Simla Unix Hum, OraiKC etc. H la nsot
wthomiiio diccinio ns tho HIlU'W, hi cases wherj
omo pure alcoholic stimulus Is icc,Hirctt. " "''
car In mind Mint Ihoeo rmnodies arc entirely dlTot
nt from any oMiors advertised for Iho euro tiMHe (iia
bm)H named, these beliiR sclentlllc preparations o
icdical extract, while the oihri-s nio morn clncoc
Ions of rum Ih eoinu form. The TONIO in tiocidedlj
lie of tho most lilcnsitnt and airreuahlu remedies evel
Herod lo Iho lmlilic. lis lasto Is cxqnlsllo. It.l
leasnre lo lake It, while its lifc-Klvlnir, exhilarating
nd medicinal qualities huvo caused it to lie known ai
no prcalest of nil tonics.
Thcro is tin medlcino equal to Tloollniid's Gormai
illtersor Tonic In cases of Debility. They Imimr
tone and vi'or to tho whole system. stri'ii,lhcn tin
liiicllte, cause an enjoyment of thufooil. enable th
omiisli to diwit It, purify the blood, j;Wu a good
onnd lienUhyenmplexlon. crndlcntc the yellow tins.
om Iho eyo, Impart a bloom to tho ch'eks, am
bailee tho patlont from a short-brraithed, anaoaled
rcak:, and nervous iiivilid, to a fuJl-faced, rtoii1, am
Igorous person.
77aak and Eollcate Children are Maio Stroa
Tsy nsl&S the Bitters or Tonic.
Q TiiiBB nintECiEs anc tbb
TJcut .Blood Iurlflcrs
lyor known, and will cms all diseases resulting; trot
bid bio.Td. Keep your blood pure: keep yon liver 1
Jrder : keep your dipestive ornau In a sound, health
loudltlon, by the Itso of these remedies, and no dli
euso will ever assail you. The best men in the com
iry recommend them. If yoars of honest rcpiilatlo
go for anything you must try tboso preparations.
Like the following was never before offered in belts
nfnnv medicinal preparation: i
iion. oeorgb"wTwoodward,
Cblef Justice of the Supreme Court of PcumiylvauU
writus :
PnitaTuti.rniA, March 10, 1807.
I And "ITonflnnd's Gorman 111 I tors" is a food tonic
nsefu) In diseases of tlio nlRunl ive organs, andofgreo
aenellt In cases of debility and wuul of uervous actio
Mi the system. Yours truly,
noN. jameTtiiompson,
Juellco of tlio Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.
- riiil.iDEi.niiA, April !I8, ltltm.
I consider "Tlooflaiid's Gorman Hitters" a valuiibl
medicine In cases of nllacks of lndlResllnii or Dyi
popsla. I can certify this from my experience of It.
Yours, with respect, JA-h&tt TUOMrbOM
Justice Of tbo Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.
Piin.APiEi.riiM, June 1, 1HW.
I have found hy eziiorlence that "Iloolland's Got
an Bitters" Is a very good toulc, reliuvliiK dyspeplli
sinptonis ahuost directly.
Mayor of Hip city oi Buirulo, N. T.
M iron's Ofriox. Bttrrai.0, Juno Vi, l$flfl,
have used "Hoofland's German IJIttcrs and Tonlo'
a my family during tho past year, and can recnm
nena tlium as sn'eacellenl toulc, Imparting tone an
Igor to the system. Their ties baa lioen producliv
)f decidedly beneacial effects. WM. r. 110UEK8
Ex-Mayor of Wllllamsport, Ponnsylvanla.
I take great pleasure In recommending " Hoonnnd'
Serman Toulc1' to any one who may be aUllctud wlL
Jyspopsla, I had tho Dyspepsia so badly It was lin
possible Ui keep any food on my stomach, and II
:ame so weak as not to bo able to walk half a mill
rwo bottles of Tonic effected a norfect cure.
Ilnnflnnd's Gorman Romodles aro counterfeited
I'liq ueiuilno have I he signature of l. BI. Jack
n Hiu front of tlio oulsldo wrapper of each bolllt
md tho nanio of tho article blown lu each bottle. AJ
)Uiors aiocouutorfclt. Q Baa
Price of the nil torn, 1.00 per bottle
Or, a hair doaen for 15.00.
Price or tlie Tonic. 1.B per hottle.
nr. n half rioceii lor T.6.
rt ilVte is put up in Quart JlottUt.
Recollect that It la Dr. Iloolland's Gorman Reme
lies that are so universally usod and so highly rocom
lipmitiu ; aim uo not auow ine arugKisw ui inuuce ym
10 lalio anything elso that he may say Is hist as good
H-.caiiso lio makes a larger profit on It. These Feme
lira will lio seat by express to any locality upon ap
dlcatlon to tlm
l'XtinroiPAij ovipioh,
Ho.t Jl AKCIt HTIlHUr, I'Mladelvhia.
OHA8. M. EVANS, - Proprietor
irormony v. n. .iaukmud co.) s
Tliosc remedies are for salo by Druggists, Storckoei
rs, and Medlcino Dealers overvwharo.
fTUo not forget to eiamlno well tba article 701
vi w vrusr w get us genuine,
For sale by
a. v. sisson,
McArthur, Chio.
JIartha OTcVay's Estate.
Probate Court, Vintoii County, Ohio.
10TKK li horebv given that ABRAHAM
IN MAUTIN,' Admlnlntmtor of tho Kstateof
Mitrtlut MoVHV.doueused.hns filed his account
with said estate, for partial sett lenient, In this
Court ; and that the same Is set for hearing on
tha M day of March, 1671.
Feb. 8, 1871-sw H. B. MAYO,
, Probate Judge.
Caution ! Caution !
AM, poraons are cautioned agnlnnt orderlns;
nny kind of Kvergreens or Forest Trees,
until they have sent alamo for our price lists.
RATKHnnd mohk of tiiev than any one else In
America. nrOur prices are less than ONE
HA LP" tho oi'ilinary NnrBery rntes. I.nrge de
soriiitive Catalogue, containing much valua
ble fuformntltin, mailod lor 10 eents. Address
Hturgeon Bay, Door Co., WlsoonHin.
January 'i '7t-4m
CO., H08TON, MASS,, or 6T.
.OITIS, MO. 48-4W
WANTICD ARKNT8, (20 per dsy) to sellthe
celebrated HOME SllljlTLB 8KW1NO MA
CHINK. Has Ihennder-fpcd, mskes the "lock stltV
fsllke on both sides) and is hilly licensed. Tbetmt
and olnrapont fntnily Hewing Machine In ths'nisrkst.
Adilrsss JoiiNSim, Clark & Co., B'wton, IUus., P1IU
burch, I's., Ohleaim, III., orSt. Louis, Mo.
THE Containing Fleetwood's "Life of
LIGHT Christ," "Lives of the Apostles, Kvan
OF goIUts and Blartyra;" Doddridge's
THE 'EviilPneROfChriBtianlty," "Histo
world. ry of tho Jcwa," by Josophur "A
IllhUiry of nil Rcligicus DenoiDlnatfons'' with
treatises and tables relating to events connec
ted with Illble Hlstorr, with runny fine Kngra
vings, forming a complete Treasury of Christian
Knowledge. W. FLINT A CO., Ho. S6 H. 7tli
St., l'hilndelphln, 5L'titom Honso Place, Chica
go, and 176 est i til St., Cincinnati. 48-4 w
JJy sending OO CENTS
with nge. height, color of eyes and balr, you will
receive, iiy rtiturn mail, a correct picture of
vour Ittturo huslmnd or wife, with name mid
date ol'mnrriiigo. Addi-ess W. FOX, P. O. Uraw
erNo.W, Ftlitonville, N. Y. 2-4W
We will send njhandsom'o Prospect of our
Now Illustrated Family IJililo containing over
200 fine Scripture Illustrations to any Rook
Agent, fi'oeol eliaigo, AcJdniHS, N ationai, Pub
lishing Co., I'hiU. l'u., Chh'.ugo, III. or Kt. Ixiu
is. Mo. q -lvr
Send for nnr Now Prlco List nnd a Cluli
form will accompany It, eontuliiiiiK full tllroe
tions iiiukiiig a lingo savingto consumors und
rcmtincrntlve to chili oiganiers (
The Great American Tea Co.,
31 433 Vcsey Street, New Y'ork
P. O. Uox BfllH.
An unfailing remedy for all Ilrnnchlal HifllrultlfS
Coughs, Cold.', llonraencrs, Asthma, DIMliril, T)rv
new nt the Throat or Wind Pipe and all Catarrhal
Is destined lo become one of the greatest blessings 10
msnklnd in its atmlientlon to diseases of the throat
The wonderful modern discovery of ( srlmlle Aeld,
ami its great rnr.illve qualities 111 all effcctlulis of tho
UlirjIT 1HD l.VXQH.
Dr. AVclls' Carbolic Tiiblcts,
hesliUs lbs great remedial ngent Carho'le Acid eon.
tain other Ingredlen s nntversiillv rernmmendrd,
nn:cii irlieniiejiiiy cointillie, proiiuelug a latilet more
highly medic'nal and better adapted for dlwsscs of
the ti roat (linn any preparation ever before offered to
ne piioiie. .
I 1101.10 TAULK'i'd j DON'T I.KT
MS St'RK Y017 flET VI KI.L'H vAH-
Wells' Carbolic Tablets
And for sale Wholesale only by tho
Great Atlantic & Taoifio Tea Co,
p. o. nox, tram, 8 en ukch sr., n. y.
I Local Agents Wanted.
' wnnt n iocni Agent in every Town
md Villiigo ill tiioconntrv, to can
ass IbrsiilHrrllwrs to the Wkhtekn
VoKl.n. A Magnificent (5,00 Pre.
limn Steel Knirravlirgis sentaratia
it'vory siibserlher. From $1,00 to
10,00 can he oaslly made in an even
nit. A llbernl cash commission la
illowed. Henci stamp for Spoclmons
nil Prize Circular. Address.
uAMESiC ELLIOTT, Boston, Mass.
WATCH PKEK, and VV) a day aura, and no
humbug. Addreas LATTA A CO., Pitta-
burgh, I'll.
8Ga.N o T I C E -
A BOX of Fine Initial Writing Paper and
Envelopes sent FKlsKby mail for 60 cents.
BON TON PAPER CO., Cincinnati, Ohio.
The Magic Comb a
to A permanent block or brown. It contains
no poison. One comb sent by tnall for $1. Deal
era supplied at reduced rates. Address Win,
Pattou, Troaa, Springfield, II ass. nMw
t..m riMnaiiAplr'i rtnlniiliif t nif mnrhlnfl. rfLtidl.
nociirnte, reliable, simple), Easily operated,
cheap and beautiful. Ulving instantaneous
nddltlona or subtractions, taking irom one to
llveeolnmns of llgiirea at a time, carrying and
uorrowing iin own ions, nunureiis, ew.( wiin
011 1 the least thought on the part of the opera
lor. Address
ntMw ZKlULEitA McCUHDY, Cincinnati, O.
Every Parmer, Mechanie & Worker
Can Mtk 00 to $180 pair montn wurs
Out Popular Books, Maps and Piotarei.
niiU Peges by mull free. Address
(JOODSPKED-B Emnlre Book and Map House,
Chicago. ulMw .
HaniiVand Publio Morality. Bend for elrenlsrs
P'ff u.B. rubUbhlBRCOj.411 Broooie
"UBEWMSsvIE g. 1-3 f)

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