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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 15, 1871, Image 2

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l)c (Enquirer,
J. W. BOWEN, Editor.
M Arthnr, February 1 57 1 .
[From the New York Day Book.]
Hard Times in New York.
. ..Our exchanges -are making
mention that New. York is full
of idle men, and that the Coop.
"cr Institute reading room is
visited daily by hundreds, who
' have no work, and whose fami
lies need the necessaries of
life.' , This is a startling truth.
There; is an immense amount
of distress among the artisans
of New York city, and of the
whole country; and in the
' main, it is produced by the
terrible taxation which so en
hances the cost of productions,
that there is less of these pro
ductions created now per capita
than ten years ago. But huge
taxation is not all the trouble,
Singular as it is, the fact ex-
. a .. ... r - . -
ists, that although Jaoor is
drug in the market place, it is
nevertheless dear. Every me
chanic whose , line of work
connected with house building
for instance, from the man who
lays the foundation wall, to the
carpenter, brick layer, mason
painter, paper hanger, etc.,
demand and obtain from four
to five dollars a day; nay, even
the man who carries the hod,
and the man who carries water
. to aid in the preparation of the
mortar which . cements the
walls, draw no less than three
to four dollars per day. Now
in the olden times, prices were
regulated by the ; law of sup
ply and. demand., A, surplus
of anything, whether of labor
or lumber, of bricks or bread,
of cattle or of corn, made the
same cheap; a ecarcity dear;
and when there were idle
hands in the market places,
house building cost les3 than
when the trades, whose arts
fabricated dwelling places for
humanity, were all busy. 'But
what a change has come over
us! The law of political econ
omy, which has governed the
world for the past thousand
years, seems to have been set
aside, and the world stumbles
along upon a new principle of
progress, if progress it can be
said to be. There is a rise in
grain, and the poor are made
to pay double for the little loaf
of bread. Is it produced by
a short crop of wheat? or corn?
or rye? or barley? No, but a
combination has been created
by a gang of capitalists, to buy
up and store all the grain they
can control, and a fictitious
scarcity has been produced.-
Here is a result which the law
of supply and demand could
not have brought about, for
supply was not short. A ficti
tioiis scarcity was made to ex
ist by a rascally gang of pirates,
who should properly be caught
and hung by the neck to the
public lamp posts, for meddling
with the food of the great
masses, and making it, through
the aid of money only, bo
scarce in the market that the
poor suffer for want of it.
These evils and they have
becomo almost countless, have
been practiced by capital upon
labor; by the rich upon the
poor, to such a degree in the
past 10 years, that the great
body of have turned upon
those capitalists with thei
trades' unions, and at last these
organizations, right and proper
in their origin, have become a
dangerous and abnormal ele
ment, obstructing the progress
of the country and demorali
zing to the. wealth producing
bodies of which they are made
up It is both the duty and
the right of the poor man , to
protect niraseii against ino en
woachmentu of the rich, who,
iu this antagonism of capital
and labor, - generally get the
better of the conflict, Put the
aw of demand and supply
should be left uutrammcleu,
and while men who work
should draw from capital all
the result of this law of supply
and demand will give, capital
hould not be forced to pay,
first the wages ot him "who
docs work, and then on top of
that, also pay to him who does
not work; such is the ruling
now under the trade organiza
tions. Thousands of idle men,
who never work, are supported
by capital, under the double
pay this capital is made to dis
burse. Hence the. apparent
anomaly of idle mechanics in
all directions, and the tariff of
common labor three to five dol
lars per day. It is the old and
shocking game of .the Dutch
custom of "burning up the
spices of Ceylon to create
scarcity." Trades' Unions are
only now doing by their combi
nations.what theybaye charged
upon capital creating a ficti
tious scarcity by retiring labor,
and obliging capital when it
must have a certain amount of
this labor, to pay double price
for it. .
Idle men arc found all over
the country, and trade is dul
to the point of stagnation; in
dustry is rusting out for wan
ot employment; misery ana
destitution are the fruits of al
this, but the hugest evil, broad
and wide, resting like a horri
ble nightmare upon the nation,
is an atrocious party supporting
an equally atrocious adminis
tration, which has cursed the
wealth producers with taxes
and leagued itself with capital
ists to grind these workingmen,
and finally driven them into
such an. abnormal condition as
is now presented; keeping up a
fund to support the many idle
men, through the high wages
of the few who do work.
This picture, of thousands com'
plaining that they cannot find
employment and yet claiming
four to five dollars a day for
working in any department of
ordinary labor, and this condi
tion of things lasting year af
ter year, production of wealth
in the meantime being thus
constantly curtailed, is most
startling. The laws of political
economy are for the time sus
pended, and commercial chaos
must be the inevitable result,
till trade societies on the one
side are established upon .nat
ural principles, and capital on
the other is made to cease its
Logan's election to the Uni
ted States Senate is said to
have cost him $10,000. That
is the sum which the Lincoln
itcs paid him to go in for the
war, after he had taken steps
to resist it in that part of Illi
nois called Egypt. -Lincoln
paid too much for him, and he
has now paid a good deal too
much for a seat in such a body
as the United States Senate has
become. No doubt Logan ex
pects to be able to steal back
his $10,000 before his term ex
pires. But after the present
session of Congress there will
be so many Democrats there,
that stealing will not be so
easy as it has been.
The American Bee Keepers'
Convention assembled at Cin
cinnati on "Wednesday. About
one hundred and fifty dele
gates, including some of the
most noted beo keepers in the
country, wcro present After
the election of officers, a joint
resolution was adopted provid
ing that the next meeting be
held on the first Wednesday of
December next, at Cleveland.
On Thursday last,-in Green
ville, Ohio, O. C. Perry, Au
ditor of Darke County, shot
and-killed Edward Bartling,
who entered 'the Auditors
office and assaulted him on a
personal grievance.
The senatorial branch ofthe
Ohio Legislature has com
menced the discussion of a
sine die' adjournment, and
passed a resolution fixing the
4th of. April as the date at
wnicn me per .cucm . ui uiciu
bers shall end. This is a bad
sisrn that the session will be
oloncred. We have noticed
or several years that whenever
the Legislature commenced the
discussion of the ' absorbing
topic of the time of adjourn-
monf frt t.riA PYfllnainn of all
other legitimate business, the
sessions were uncommonly
long and profitless. The symp
toms are bad. l ne prospect is
that this Legislature, winch in
flicted upon the people of Ohio
the most intamous traud. ever
perpetrated in passing the so
called Fifteenth Amendment,
will keep on legislating until
the middle of May, and then
reluctantly disperse, alter tink-
eriner about every thincr within
the possible domain ot legisla
tion. At the close of the ses
sion and after a few odd jobs
have beei put .through, there
will be found an additional con
fusion, in the .. statutes and t
wider range of absurdity and
Puritanism in the laws. This
trouble arises from the original
misfortune of electing middle
men, and leaving both positive
parties without a reliable ma
lority in the Legislature. . The
Hamilton county "Reformers,"
who ran on both sides ot all
party issues and betrayed both,
organized the House on false
pretences and passed tne x it-
teenth Amendment traud in
defiance of the protest of the
whole people, are largely , re-
spousiDie ior me lueiuciency
of the. Legislature and the
worthlessness and pettiness of
its acw.
Senator Hamilton, of Texas,
received an official notification
from the Governor of Texas,
that the Legislature of that
State had" elected tieneral Jo
seph J. Reynolds United States
Senator for six yjearsfrom the
4th of March next. Thi3 is
a very curious proceeding.1
The same Legislature last
spring, when Texas was re-ad
mitted to the Union, elected
Mr. Hamilton Senator for the
tana ending -March" 4th 1871
and also tor tne six years
term beginning March 4th.
1871 Now they turn around
and elect another man for the
latter term, claiming that Ham
ilton's election for the second
term was illegal. This . pr&
sents a veiy curious case to the
benate for decision. It is un
derstood that a similar: obi et?
tion will be made to Senator-
elect Cooper, of Tennessee
whoee election occurred about
a year ago. ',
General Morgan, of Ohio
in a recent speech in the House,
proved by the official record
that the Eastern States have
received nearly four million
dollars for fishing bounties in
ten years. It also appeared
that while Massachusetts fur
nished in the late war 197 less
regiments than New York, she
has drawn on the plea of war
expenditures, a million more
than Mew York, bhe furnish
ed 180 regiments less than
Pennsylvania, and has drawn
nearly, million and a half dol
lars more money. She furnish
ed 162 regiments less than
Ohio, and has drawn from the
treasury nearly a million more
of money. These facts being
challenged by Butler in con
versation, General Morgan pro
posed to offer a resolution in
in the House asking official in
formation. Butler said there
would be no objection to it;
but when Morgan proposed it
in the House, Butler was the
only man mean enough to ob
ject to tho inquiry.
There is considerable talk
about the Capitol in reference
to rumored corruption and
misappropriation of funds, and
a committee of investigation
ia now in session ta discover
what is the matter among the
minor officers of the House.
A bill passed the Senate on
the 25th appropriating ten
thousand dollars ior the expen
ses of the special committee to
investigate alleged Southern
outrages. A small sample of
the way tho public money is ex
pended for partisanobjccts.
Gen. Hickenlooper, vs. Job
The following conversation
occurred between Job E. Ste
venson, a Cincinnati Congress
man, and Gen. Hickenloopei
late U. S." Marshal, in the Cap
ital at Washington.
General Hickenlooper Mr.
Stevenson I see you are one of
the signers of the document
containing the false charges
against me that I was a leader
of the famous Pendleton escort
in 1868. , . .
dob xes, General. You
see that a man in my position
has to sign a great many
things that he doesn't know
anything about.
lien. Hickenlooper Yes,
yes, 1 understand that; it you
had been forced into it, as it
were, by. the pressure of all
the rest of the Ohio delega
tion, it would have been a sort
of excusej but I find your name
very., near .the head ot the list;
consequently I must conclude
that you. .attached your name
to what yon;knew at the time
to be . an .infernal lie. Good
evening, sir.
Gov.- Haves . has lost, in a
very short time, .his reputation
for fairness and honest dealing
in his office, by several of his
recent performances, and espe-
ci any ay nis seir-stumncation
in refusing to call a special
election for Congress to fill the
vacancy in the Third District,
and his unseemly haste in or-
uenng an election to nil tne va
cancy in the Legislature occa
sioned by he death of Colonel
Young. In. the .one case he
alleged that the time was too
short and the expense too
great, in the other the dead
body ofthe Representative had
scarcely been buried before he
had provided for the' election
of a successor. The motive is
disgustingly palpable. The
Third District was quite certain
to elect a . Democrat to Con
gress; Columbiana county is
equally certain to elect a Be
publican Representative need
d to maintain the ascendancy
oi mat parry in me House.
Fie, fie, uplbn such a little Gov
The carpet-baggers and scal-
aWflfJS of iha Smith linvft
chronic aflection for visiting
Washington during the sessions
of Congress. This, of course,
costs money.. Honest men pay
their ownhills when they trav
el, but not so with these chaps,
They have a contrivance to get
us, the people, to meet the ex
pense. Their friends always
keep a committee on recon
struction or on southern out
rages on hand, with the view
of accomodating these gentle
i 1 1
men oy summoning tnem. as
witnesses. .. A double advan
tage is thub gained.' The car-pet-baggers
and scalawags get
their expenses paid by Con
gress, and. the committee have
always an expert set of witness
es on hand'; ; '
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iilstory or all Religious Denominations" with
treatises nnd tables relating to events connec
ted with Blblo History, with many fine Kngra
vings, forming a coinpletoTrensnry of Christian
Knowledge. W. FLINT CO., No. 211 S. 7th
St., l'hllo!lehihlft,5CUHtom Honso Place, Chica
go, and 178 West 4th St., Cinoinnotl. 4B-4v
I ltvaenillnsr Oil CENTS
with ago. holght, color of oyos and hair, you will
receive, oy ramrn mini, ii ciirrutL ueiiuu ui
your future husband or wife, with nnmo and
date oi'mnrrliiKU. Addross Vf. FOX, P. O, Draw
er No. 24, FuHonvlllo, N. Y. 2-4w
Wowlllnnnil alhandsomo Prosncctus of our
New Illiistratod Family Itiblo containing over
200 fine Scripture Illustrations to nny Hook
Agoivt, froeof charge. Address; Nationi,Puii
tisiiiNa CO., l'hlla. Fa., Chicago, 111. or St. Lou
is, HO. .-"
Send for our Now Trice List nnd a Club
form will accompany it, containing Dill direc
tions ninking a lnrge snvtngto consumers unci
remunorntlvo to club organizers
The Great American Tea Co.,
81 & 83 Vcsoy Street, New York
P. O. Box B0i3.
An unfailing remedy for all Bronchial Thtllcultlcs
Coughs, CoIcIh, Ilosrsuness, Asthma, Ulpthorls, Dry
ness of the Throat or Wind IMpo anil nil Catanhal
Diseases, f""!
The wonderful modern discovery of Cnrliollc Aclil.
Is destined to become ono of tho grostost hleaslnK to
mankind in ita application to diseases nf tho throat
and its (treat cnrntlve qualities in all offectlens of the
Oiibot ao Lvnua.
Dr. Wells' Carbolic Tablets,
hosldss the groat remedial agonl Cnrhollo Aeld con
tain other inprcillenta universally reromnienilrd,
which chemically combine, proilurlag a Tablet more
highly medicinal and better sdnptod for dlaiascs of
the throat lhan any preparation ever beforo offored to
the public.
DAH1 inil Bl! t'E yon out Wkix's Cab
unU I lUllj homo Tablets ; don't lkt
Wells' Carbolic Tablets
And for sale Wliolcsnlo only by tho
Great Atlantic) & Pacific Tea Go.
P. O. BOX 6500, S ClIUllCH ST., N. Y.
I Local Agents Wanted.
want a Local Aorant In overv Town
nd Vlllago In tne coimtrv, toeun
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Vom.n. A Magnllleent f5,lK) Pre
ilum Stool Kngravlng sentaratis
i every subscriber. From $1,00 to
HO,oo cun booiuilymado in an oven-
Jtllowed. Send stamp for Hpooimens
nd Prisio Olroiilnr. Address,
AMES It ELLIOTT, Boston, Mass.
ng. a niterai cnin commission in
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humbug. Address LATTA A 00., Pill,
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b- Notice
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BON TON PAPER CO., Cincinnati, Ohio.
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iut3 lYiario ooniD prtll nttP or jWMi
to a nermanont black or brown. It contains
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for CJrooshook'a Calculating mnelilno, rapid,
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ii vu mu ii in im oi Figures at a time, carryinganu
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out the leiwt thought ou thu part ol the opuru-
mr. auiithhh
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uy K .K,-''m- 'W "''I"". Immense
Front, Stiipi-ndiiu rcvulnlioiiH and atarlllng
dlaeloaures. Oneida community nnd Umiuvh-p-Tlns.
Tho whole aiildnrt In id Inuo iiikI iu
n dconspess exposed lo unlwi-aiil oxeri-olloii.-W
ritlon III the iiIomM or Clvlll,ntlon, Chrh,.
tint) It v and Pub o J iinililv. Hi.n.i i. i
Hiidtoriiis. U.S. Publlblilng Co ,111 JUouniu
onntnlna tho followlnil articles :-Cro of
v BAvinsAnoor O
Hoofland's German Bitters,
Prepared by Br, O. M. Jackson, Phlladolphli
I'lielr Introduction Into this country from Uorniau
Kta'Wi ,U 1835.
They Cured Your Fathers and Mothers
ind will cure you and your children, Thojr are i
Irely (llOoroMt from tho ninny preparations now I.
ho country called Hitlers or Tonics. Tliey Are no
avern pronnnillons, or anything llko lueut ; Alt Ruoo
lonest, vclluhlu uiodlclnos. Thoy are
27i greafeil known remedletjbt
.Iver Complaint, Dyspepsia,
Nervous Debility, Jaundice
Diseases of the Kidneys
nd all Dlaoasei arising from a Disordered Livet
Itomiich, or . '
Vmsllpallon, Flaliilonco, Inwnnl Tiles, Fiihiens o
Ulood In tho Head. Acidity of the Stomach, Nan
sea. Ilenrl.-hiirn. Ulsguat for Food, I'nlnoss or
Weight In llio Stomach, Sour Jtrncla
cr Hons, Sinking or Fhittorlng at iho
Tit of the blomncli, Hwlmmlug of Ihc
Iload, Hurried or Mlfllcnlt Urealliliig, Flutlor-
lngatUio lleurt, Choking or Suffocutlug Bcusa-
Ions when Ins Lying rosi.nro, Dlmnosa or VIlon
Jots or Webs before Iho Sight, Dull Pain In the
. lioad, Dcllclency of rersplmllou, Vollownese
of tho Skin nnd Kyes, i'liln in the Side, '
Back, Chest, Limbs, etc., Sudden
Flushes or Heat; Duruiiig In the Flosh,
Oonstaut Imaginings of JCvll and Great Depres
Ion of Spirits.
Ul thtM intlttaU DImim of th Urn or IHgttUt
Orgatu, combined wim impure uimi.
HnAflanrl'e r.APrrtfln RitffirS .
entirely vegotohlo, and contains no liquor. It k
compound of Fluid Extracts. The Hoots, Herbs
nd llarka from which those Bxtrncta aro mnilo, sn
athcrcd Troni Oornmny. All Hie Modlcal virtues an
jtraclod from them hy aaclontlllccliemlat. Thtsi
xtracts are then forwarded to this country to bo usoi
xproeelyforlhe nuinuraCtiiroof these illlters. Then
I no alcoholic auhslanco of nny kind usud In coin
onndlngtho Ulllors, lioucoitlslhoonly lillters tha
an ho used in cases where alcoholic .stimulants sr
... ,l.,lanliln.
Hoofland's German Tonio
I a eomblnnlion of nil Iho lngrodlonls of the Blllcrs
nth ruaa Santa Cms Hum, Orango, etc. It is nso
w the saiho dlseaso aa tho Bitters, In cases whorl
omo puro alcoholic stimulus is required. Yon wll
ear In mind Hint these remedies -are entirely dlfler
. n , it I r... . I.n A..wn nf IliJa.lia
nl irom niiyoiuors nnvBiiiecii ii ihuh.ww. I..WU.B
sees named, (hose beiiur sclcnllflc prcparntiona' o
ledlcnl extracle, whilo tho others ai moro decoo
Ions of mm la eomo form. Tho TON 10 l decldcdlj
ne of Iho most pleasant and agreeahlo romedlos ovoi
nereu to ine luioiic. jis ihimu ib uAniiinuo.
1 I. l.llnlla lir.i.r.lvtlir. nTllt nrftiinOP
JUIIPIirtl III II1KU II, .Yllliwiiei . ...hi ....- ,y
nl nwullxltinl minlll ina havo canned it to bo known OI
uq rrcaiust ui mi uiihub.
rpiidM ta nn mnillcine onnal to Iloolland's Oormat
Utters or Tonio In cases of Debility. Thoy impar
tone and vigor lomo wnoio sysiein.siroiigiiiun "
opetlto, cauao an enjoyment of tho food, cnablo tin
toniaeh to digest it, purify the blood, glvo a good
onnd, lioallhy complexion, oradicalo Ilia yellow ling.
TO Iho eyo, impart a bloom to tho el eke, am
nance the patient from a Bhort-brentlicd,o.nno.aloJ
rcak, and nervous luvilid, to a fuU-Iacvd, tluu i aw
Igoious poruon.
Woai And Delicate Children aro Halo Stron,
I? wing tho Litters or Tonio.
Q TUEss nnismxs ui tub a
Most IHood Itirinors
iver known, and will cnie nil diseases resulting fmi
bad blood. Koop your blood pure ; keep yon llvorl
3rder; keen your digestive orpins In a aouml, health
londitlnn, by tho usoof theso romedies. and no dh
ease will over assail you. Tho best men in tho cum
iry recommend thorn. If yoam of honest reputnlio
go for any thlug you must try theso preparations.
Like tho following was ncvor beforo oQ'crod lu behft
ILa o
nf any medicinal preparation :
Chief Justice of tho Supremo Court of roiiiiaylvaiiil
t. . writes!
Finf.AriKi.rMTA, March 10, 180T.
I find "Tlonnand's Uormnn Hitters" )b a roikI touK
send In diseases of Ilia dVenlivo oralis, and of grea
sencflt In cases of debility and wautolnervousacllu
si the system. Yours truly,
4- duo, w. wood w Ann
Jnillce of UioBtiprome Court of Pennsylvania. ,
Fiiu.Anici.riiiA. Anrll S8, IHWi,
I consider "ITooflnnd's Gorman Illlters" a valuiihl
siedlcino In cases nf attacks of Indlgeslloii or l)y
pspsla. 1 can certify this from mv experleueo or It.
. Yoiik, with respect, JAllllS TIIOUPSON.
Justice Of tho Supreme Court of Pennsylvania,
Piiii.aDbmmiia, June l.lww.
I luvo found by exporlcnco that "iloolhtniVs Oei
aao Jlltlors" Is a very good (onic, rollevlug dys)epll
mptoBis iliuosl directly.
H oKonag siiarbwood. j
'HON. miT. hooers, !
IMayor nf Iho clly of Buffalo, N. T.
Match's Ofrids. IliJFfAT.o, Juno 93, IrVlf).
' bavonsed "Hooll'and'sClenuaii illicit and Tonic'
amy family during tho past year, and can rncmn
nend them asanoxcollant Ionic, Imiinrllng lotto an
Igor lo tho system. ' Their ueo ubb been proihictl
H locldodly boiiellclal olTocti, WM. P. 11O01I11S
Ex-Mayor of Wllllamsport, Pennsylvania;
I lake groat nlcssiire In rocoinmoiidjug " lloonand' .
Jeruiau Toulo to any ono who may bo uflllcted wilt .
dyspepsia. I had the Dyspepsia to badly tt was In)
)OKsJlple to keep any food nn my stomach, and 1 1
f mo so wcalt as not to ho olilo to walk half a milt
nro bottles of Tonic effected a perfect cure.
nnnftgnd'l German Bomedles are ronnlorfnllod
fbqgeimliis liavo tho signature of (I, HI. Jacliaoi
)n the front of tho outside wrapper of uaeli butt It
ind tho nnmo of the article blown In oacll uolllo. Al
Hhors ttiocouuterfult, - Q cm .
Price of the nittera, $1.00 per botlU)
Or, hair doaeu for fi.OO. I
Price of tiio 'ionic, i.SO per bottlei
r, liairaloseu ior$1tt. .
the ibiito it put J i tiuiii-l Jlulllft. ' ,
Ilecollsct that It Is Dr. Iloolland's German Items
lies that aro so univsifally until and so highly rocuiri
Bended) and do uol allow tho druggists to Indues yol '
A like tnyllilng olse that lie may sty Is lust ai gool
x-causo he makes a larger profit on ft. Thcso Mm
lie will bo seat by express to any locality upon au
latlon to tho
l4fJIoiIAlJ OlTXrion,
Xo.ltlil MICH H1'nKlsr,l'hllnMitt,ia,
CHAS. M. EVANS, Propriotoj
(formerly 0. M. JACKBON A Co.) S
Those remecllos aro for sale liy i)nigKl(l,SWrokec
srs, and Meillclns Doalors every wbc.
t r7"t)o not rowel to oxiimluO well thfl article 19
uy.Ui ordpr togotUiogeuuluo, '
For ialo l?y
Mc Arthur, Chio,

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