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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 22, 1871, Image 1

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.?;,;3t a
Fi J 1 1
lift, ; j; &-cMbsf jjjWf
f J. W.
I Pnblluhor
and Proprietor, i
i $1 .50 1 PER YEAR, I
1 In Advance.
NO. C;
I Ml
Fisie liitliograpk Portrait
At considerable oxponso wo liavo contracted for
1,100 liiirgc Lithograph Portraits! (Size 11 x 18 inches?)
Of our cstocmcd U. S. Senator, lion. Allen G. Tiiukman, to bo mado to
ourordor from a fino Photograph furnished by Hon. J. II. Putnam, Ed
itor of tho Chillicothe Advertiser, which will bo ,
Ei3.itiT53lo for 3J,3Ttl3lIlSr,
making a very
Slanilsomc Ornament for the rarlor or Library,
WOllTIl $2 13 AC 31!
which wo will prosont to
"Every 0!i & Hew Sitarto to tlie Eciiiccratic Enpircr, til Hard 15, 71,
On tho following conditions:
Each ono of our subscribers in arrears who will pay up his indebtedness
a'r.d a year's subscription in advance, will bo cntitlod to tho Portrait.
Each ofour subscribers who havo paid ono year in udvatico, from Jan.
13, 1871, (commencement of Vol. 5,) will bo entitled to tho Portrait.
Each subscriber who has paid less than a year and will pay a yoar from
Iho time already paid, will bo entitled to the Portrait.
Each new subscriber paying ono year in advance, will bo entitled to the
Each person sending us a now subscriber, with cash in ndvanco, will be
entittlod to a copy of tho Portrait for each new subscriber sent us.
The Terms of Subscription, whether at Club Hates or otherwiso, arc
well known to all our present subscribers.
Tho Domocracv ofvinton and adioininL' counties yea, even men of
all parties now havo a good opportunity to obtain a nico Picture for
Parlor Ornamont, of tho most popular man in America at tho pieseut
Viino tho rising man not only of tho Democratic party but of tho coun
Iry a man whoso namo and framo is national, and whoso course in the
U. S. Scnato has won for him tho profound regard of every honest man
throughout this broad land, and the lovo of the Democracy of Ohio. His
namo has been canvnssed throughout tho Union in connection with the
Presidency, and is now floating at tho mast hoadof many influential pa
pers in tho country. In Vinton and adjoining counties ho has mr.ny
warm friends who havo kuow him from boyhood, who certainly will
consider this ono of tho best presents wo can offer them.
Let nil our subscribers and thoso who aro not Subscribers, in Vinton
and other counties, avail themsolvcs ot this opportunity to sccuro a Por
trait. Begin tho work now! remember tho timo runs only to March 15!
It la our purposo ts purchalo a new' press nnd greatly improvo the
Democratic Enquirer, and wo havo tako the way to not only incrcaso tho
alroady largo subscription liat but to raiHO tho sufficient moans that will
bo roquircd to aid us in tho underlain
Elil !
j.y. BOWEir.
Dr. Brown Sequard recently
said bo believed that tho time
would corao when physicians
would bo called, not for the
purposo of makiug sick people
well, but to teach how not to
be sick. '
The amount of ieo that will
be cut in the vicinity of Boston
this season will not bo much
lo than GOO.OUO tons, the larg
est crop by far for many years.
Gen. Manteuffel bears quite
a striking likeness to Gen. Fre
mont, and, before tho war, wa
often mistaken for him by
Americans traveling on the
Tho "Besieged Resident,"
nn Englishman, envs 5 "The
Parisian is not a coward, but
his individuality is so 6trongly
developed that ho objects to
that individuality being de
stroyed by soino stray shot."
A runaway couple in Dela
ware were about being married,
when the stern parent put in
an appearance Friends inter
fered and argued tho ca9o with
Lira till the ceremony was com
pleted in an adjoining room. ,
Living always in tho world
makes ono as unfit for living
out of it as always living out
'it does for living in it.
There is no better remedy
for cold feet than to slap the'
eg briskly just above the knee,
after raising tho foot. Hie m-
crenscd circmauoii liiuucos in-
mediate relief.
In Cincinnati a mall recently
applied for insurance on the ice
covering a pond owned by him
until ho cnnld house it, but no
company would tako the risk.
Nearly a quarter of the pop
ulation of Paris are reported to
be utterly destitute, or de
pendent partially upon the
public for support.
A foreign gentleman declares
that ho cau tell whenever he
crosses tho border of Massa
chusetts, because all tho women
begin to havo "views.
The latest form of eccentric!
t.v tho vouncr King of Bavaria
has shown is a determination
to edit a journal advocating
certain moras in musiu
Tho case with which titles
aro obtained in Europo is
shown by tho fact that Stultz,
the fashionable 'London tailor,
was mado a Baron by the
Grand Duko of Baden lor en
dowing a hospital in Carlsruho.
Slander is tho revengo of
'mvanl, and dissimulation his
l)t (Enquirer.
J. W. BOYEN, Editor.
Ouiinl, my child, thy tonguo
1 n;it It Fjionk no wrong;
Let no uvil wonl jw no'er It;
M. tho wntch of trulli bulbro It
That it ilo no wrong,
(iimi-il, my child, thy tonguo.
Cln:inl, my child, lliino eyos;
Trying is nut wiso.
Let thorn look on what is rl,'lit
From nil evil turn UiolrBlyht;
Trying is not iv isb ;
Guard, my child, thine cyc-s.
Ouavrt.niy child, thlnoonr;
Wicked word j will scar.
Let no evil winds conn), fn
Tnal may cause tlio Houl to bin ;
Wicked words will Hoar.
Guaiil, my child, thiuo ear.
Ear, nnd cyo, nnd tonguo,
Ciiidi'd whllothou art young;
For, alas! those busy thrco
Can unruly nieuihovs.
Guard, whllo thou art young,
Kycs, and ears, awl tonguo.
Saturday Night.
How many a kiss has been
given how many a cure how
many a caress how many a look
of hate how many a kind
word how many a "promise
ha3 been breken how many a
soul lost how many a loved
one lowered into the narrow
chamber how many a babe
has gone from earth to heaven
how many a little crib or
cradle stands silent now, which
last Saturday night held the
rarest treasures of the heart.
A week is a life. A week is
a history. A week marks c
vents of sorrow and gladness,
which people never heard.
Go home to your family, man
in business! Go home to your
hearth, erring wanderer 1 Go
home to the chair that ft waits
you, wronged waif ori life's
breakers! Go home to thoso
you love, man of toil, and give
one night to the joys and com
forts fast flying by!
Leave your book with com
plex figures yonr dingy oflice
your busy shop! Best with
those you love, for heaven only
knows what the next Saturday
night will bring you! Forget
the world of care and the bat
tles of life which have furrowed
the week! Draw close around
the family hearth! Saturday
night has awaited your coming
in sadness, in tears and in si
lence. Go home to those you
love; and as you bask in the
loved presence, and meet to re
turn tho loved embrace of
your heart's pets, strive to be a,
better man, and bless heaven,
for giving its weary children
so dear. a stepping stone in the
river to the eternal, a3 Satur
day night.
Living by the Day.
I compare, says John New
ton, tho troubles we have to
undergo in the course of a
year to a great bundle of fag
gots, tar too Heavy lor us to
lit. Uut uod Uoes not require
its to carry the whole at once.
lie mercifully unties the bun
dle, and gives first one bundle
which wo aro to carry to-day,
and then another, which we
are to carry to-morrow, nnd so
nil M.
Oil. xnis wc mignt eusny
manage, if we could only take
e burden appointed tor us
each day; but wc choose to in
crease our troubles by carrying
yesterdays stick over again to-
lay, and adding to-morrows
burden to our load before wc
are required to bear it.
How much more we might
make of our family-life, of our
friendships, it every sccict
thought of love blossomed iuto
a deed. AVe are not now mere
ly speaking of personal caresses.
But there aro words, and looks,
and little observances, thought
fulness, watchful littlo atten
tions, which speak of love,
which mako it manifest, and
there is scarcely a family that
might not be richer in heart
wealth for more of them,
The blackest adversity may
bcaf us-' to prosperity. Tho
Arctic wanderer may bo floated
. 1 1 . ... !
into a warm lautuuo on aa ih
laud of ice.
Union Emigration Society.
Mr. Editor: Permit me
through your paper to inform
the members of the Union
Emigration Society, that, rates
of transportation as agreed on
and articled for, are as follows:
To Cincinnati, from Ports
mouth or any point on the M.
& C. It. K, passengers $3 00;
freight per car load, $10 00;
fractional car load at 25 cts
per 100 lbs. From Cincinnati
to Kansas City, via. North
Missouri R. 11., $8 75; '' freight
per car load $70 00; fractional
car load nt 90 cts. per 100 lbs.
We can go by the I. C. & L. B.
R., at a little advance rates.
I have a written proposition
from tho Gulf It. It. to take us
to Humboldt for 2 50; freight
$20 00 per car load, and frac
tions 20 cts. per 100 lbs. I
have written to other lines for
propositions, but as yet have
not received them. "VVc shall
undoubtedly get very low fig
ures. Those who go by rail will
present certificate of member
ship and get their tickets at
any station on the M. & C, road
nnd at Cincinnati.
Cattle cars will be sent only
when requested. The freight
will be consolidated at Ilam
den and loaded on the cars
that are to take us through to
our destination without change,
but passengers change cars at
Cincinnati and St. Louis.
Those who go by river will
meet us at Cincinnati on Tues
day, March 7th.
A. S. COMBS, Pres't,
U. E. Society.
Thurman, O., Feb. 13, '71.
A new Territory, to be
culled Chippewa, is proposed
to be laid olT from the present
Territory of Dakota. It will
comprise all that portion of
Dakota lying between its
northern boundary tho 4.9th
parallel of latitude and the'
46th parallel, being bounded
on the east by the State of.
Minnesota, and on the West
by Montana Territory. A bill
is now before the- House of
Representatives providing for'
tho organization and govern
ment of this new Territory.
It is to have a Governor, Secro
tary a Legislature composed
of a Council and House of Hep
resentatives, courts and justi
ces, a Delegate to the United
States House of Representa
tives, and everything else of
the sort.
Harrison county can boast of
tho mcancnt man in Indiana.
A farmer in tho north part of
that county has his aged father
living with him,, and employed
at low wages. Last week the
farmer's child died, and natur
ally enough tho old man at
tended the funeral of his grand
child. The dutiful son, in set
tling with his father a few days
alter tlio lunerai, uociccu nun
for the time ho had lost in at
tending the child's burial.
The Sixth Congressional Dis
trict, of Michigan embraces a
territory larger than Massa
chusetts and Rhode Island, or
the Duchy of Baden and the
Kingdom of Saxony. Tho
Fourth Congressional District
embraces a territory more ex
tensive than Connecticut nnd
Delaware, or the Kingdom of
Lecturing is not always prof-
itablo in the West. In Toledo,
Ohior recently, a femalo orator
took in but $15 nt tho door.
and tha fever and ague in tho
A man's best fortune, or Li3
worst, ia his wife.
Waylaying A Methodist
(From the Cincinnat Times.)
Last evening, in the quiet
little suburban town of Green
wood, adjoining Lockland,
there, was enacted a bloody'
sensation which disturbed its
usual equanimity.
A colored man by the name
of Robinson, who has on two
former occasions been concern
ed in very serious affairs, one
of which was tho killing of a
man about a year and a half
ago, was the principal aggres
sor in this terrible affair, and
three colored men named Ma
son, Copeland, and Bushy, nnd
also the hitter's wife, were the
It appears that Robinson,
like Othello, had been afflicted
with the pangs of jealousy for
some time past, but what in
particular our informant was
unable to state. Be that as it
may, he felt that nothing
would satisfy him in his then
moody and revengeful disposi
tion but-blood, nnd with that
object in view .. 'armed himself
with two revolvers and a car
bine and started on his bloody
and treacherous mission short
ly after nightfall.
Arriving near the colored
Methodist Church, in Green
wood, he stationed himself
where he could obtaia a good
view of the front door.
Here he awaited with the
ferocity and impatience of a
bloodhound untiHhe services
were over, and then, as the
congregation had about half
emerged iuto the open air, he
fired his carbine interne crowd.
This shot failing to vtound any,
he again placed his carbine to
his shoulder, and taking better
aim, again fired. A shriek
followed the report-, and a
piercing cry rang out, "Good
God, I'm shot 1"
Consternation how took pos
session of the crowd, for the
second shot had convinced
them that it was a deliberate
attack made upon them. Some
ran into the church and others
more undaunted gathered
around the wounded - man to
offer assistance. But ho soon
er were they gathered around
the prostrate man than a third
and fourth shot were fired by
he concealed assassin, and this
time Copeland was shot. Again
he crowd wavered, some tell
back into the cnurcn, while
others sought safety by a rapid:
etreat elsewhere.
The demon seeing the crowd1
flying, emptied the chambers of
one of his pistols, and this time,
wounding Mr, Busby and his'
wife. This seemed to satisfy'
ins thirst for revenge, and he
made an attempt to escape, but
lie did not succeed, tor that!
same evening he was pursued
and hnnted like a, wild beast
by. the excited populace.
Ho was linally secured, by
the Marshal of Lockland and
iilaced in durance vile, but
such is tho animosity exhibited
bv the friends ot the sullerers
that it is feared he will bo sum
marily disposed of by a tribu
nal of his fellow citizens.
Robinson will doubtless be
brought to the Hamilton coun
tyjail for safe keeping, until
10 meets with the jusi retriDu
tion of the law.
People having mends in
Paris, so long cut off from
communication, are greatly rc
lieved by tho raising of the
scige. Tho banking houses in
London ftnd JNew lork are
doing a heavy business in the
. .... ... i i .
way ot transmitting iunus to
Pans. The Parisians are m a
condition to appreciate materi
al remembrances of this char
Many false things havo more
appearance of truth than things
that bo most true. " j
Tho Presbyterian memorial
fund now amounts to $3,000,
000. They expect to have the
ffntire 5,000,000 secured by
May next, ..o;
The Philosophy of Eating.
Take you meals regularly;
do not dine at two P. M. to-day
and nt seven to-morrow, and
four the day after; but fix some
stated .hour; arid, for the work
ers, I should say that from six
to half past six is a good and
serviceable hour. Dining late
is, ns a rule, preferable to mid
day dinners, for dinner ought
to be the principal meal of the
day; and to be enjoyed as well
as digested, it admits of nei
ther hurry nor interference.
The work of the day should
bo over, and a long rest, fol
lowed by light occupation be
fore bed-time, will be singular
ly conducive to health as well
as happiness. What profit or
pleasure can you get out of a
dinner when you know that an
army of clerks await3 your su-?
per vision, or that some tall and
remarkably stout ledgers have
to be balanced as soon as the
cloth is removed? You wait
with impatience for the courses
to be served, for the food to be
swallowed; but as for the di
gestion of the same, that is
quite beyond.your jurisdiction;
your business is to clear so
many dishes in a given time;
your work is cut out before
you, and, like a true Yankee;
you are not the man to shirk it.
But you must consider that
you have a stomach to super
intend as well as clerks, aud
that if you do not give the
bowels a passsing thought, the
balance will be dead against
you in the ledger of health.
Do not forget the good old ad
age, "After dinner rest awhile."
Harmony of Colors.
Many ladies with a small for
tune lavished on their dress,
look dowdy and gawky; while
others, with only a scanty
purse to fall back upon, out
shine them in every particular,
because the harmony of colors
was studied m the latter case,
and disregarded in the former.
AY omen should study, individ
ually, the colors that are most
becoming to them, lue real
secret of success ia dress is to
wear only those colors which
harmonize with the hair, eyes,
complexion and general ap
pearance. It is not eo much
the style or texture of a gar
ment, as the colors. If only
our American ladies would be
more independent and select
P .. jl 1 1 -i
ior inemseives wnaiever is
most becomingj without regard
for what is worn abroad, they
would soon establish for them-
selvea a reputation for taste iu
dres3, which can never be at
tained by blindly following
he fashion set for them by the
dames of the Continent.
A gentleman of Halifax, be
at a ladies lair not long
since, and being solicited to buy
something by a fair creature
who kept one ot the tables,
said he wanted to buy what he
Feared was not for sale a lock
ot her hair, lo his surprise
and delight she promptly cut
off the coveted curl, and re
ceived the price offerod 10.
The happy purchaser was ex
hibiting the trophy to ono ot
his mends, who very suddenly
blasted his ioy by saving :
She. rather outflanked you
for to my certain knowledge
she ouly paid three dollars for
the whole wig."
A couple of rakish young
fools went all the way Irom
Urbana to Springfield, to
"lick," cowhide or shoot an cd-
ltor tor language spoken in
their disparagement, and both
went home without uavmg in
flicted a musnuito wound upon
thcTt. intonded victim, . who
kicked thein out of his sane
During . the past half century
tho annual oapture of shad in
New Jerey waters hits de
creased froni 111,492 td 26,
879, mainly from killing young
shad iu ecl-vriers;
Fireproof Wash for Shingles.
, .glesi, . ,
A wash composed of lime'
salt, and fine sand or .wood
ashe?, put on in the ordinary
way of whitewashing, renders
the roof flfty per cent, mord
secure against taking fire from
falling cinders-, in .case of fire
in the vicinity. It pays the
expense a hundred fold injts
preserving influence against tho
effects of the weather. The
older and more weather beaten
tho shingle the more benefit de
rived. Such shingles generally
become more or less warped,
rough and cracked; the appli
cation of the wash, by wetting
the upper surface restores them
at once to their original or first
furm, thereby closing up the
space between the shingles,
and the lime and sand by filing
up the cracks and pores in tho
shingle itself preyents its warp"
A charming young widow of
Perry county, Ind., being un
able or unwilling to decide
which of two lovers to bles3
with her hand, induced them td
settle the question by cards
"old sledge," best two in three.
Accordingly, the candidates
met at the lady's residence one
day last week, and in the most
amicable maimer placed thd
momentuous "rubber," the los
er retiring vith a benediction!
on his successful rival and the
prospective bride;
In Boone county, Indiana,'
the delightful task of teaching
the young idea how to shoot
has been temporarily suspended
for reasons set forth in the fot
fowing official document : ;
"January the 15, 1871. thearo
was a scoole meating held at
No. 3 township and the persona
that was present voted tfor the
scoole to be dis mist. , Don si
cording to Law. Director;'
for he warnt Doing eny good
an the measles, thearefor we
want the scoole stop."
Do not begin to quarrel with'
the world too soon, for, bad as
it may be, it is the best.wd
have to live in here, If railing
would have made it better, if
would have been reformed
ong ago. The worst fault it'
has is want or chanty ; ana
calling knave or fool at every
turn will not cure this failing.
t there were not 60 many
knaves and fools as we find, the
wise and honest would not be
hose brightjand shining char
acter that they are allowed td
bo. We may laugh or weep
at the madness of mankind ;
we have no right to vilify then!
or our own Bake or theirs.
Misanthropy is not the disgust
of tho mind at human nature,
but with itself ; for it is laying
its own exaggerated vices as
blots at the door of others.
Do not,' however, mistake what
I have here said. I would not
have you adopt the low and
sordid fashion of palliating ex
lstiug abuses, or putting the
best taco upou the worst things.
I only mean that indiscrimi
nate, unqualified satire can dd'
littlo good ; and those who in
dulge in the most revolting'
speculations of human nature
do not themselves always se
the fairest example, or strive to
prevent it3 lower degradation. ,
By looking into physical
causes our minds aro opened
and enlarged ; and in this pur
suit, whether we take or wheth
er we lose the game, the chasC
is certain of service.
An Oregon paper describes1
a fierce murder nnd adds calm
ly: "Tho perpetrator of the
deed is supposed to be Jack
Kanim. who 13 noted lor little
tricks of tlna kind." -
Dr. Ilertmuller, a Gerraaii
rhysician, avers that in this
country unedded women livd
on an -dvcragb eight td ted
years longer than wives unit
mothers of families;

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