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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 22, 1871, Image 2

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l)c (Enquinr.
J, W. EOWM, Editor,
The First Annual Meeting
of the Stockholders.
The Election of Directors for the
Ensuing Year!
la pursuance of previous no
tice given by publication the
stockholders of the Oallipolis,
Jtfc Arthur &, Columbus liail
road, who reside in tho coun
ties of Gallia, Jnckson, Vinton,
aud Hocking, through which
tho road will be located, as
sembled in the city of Galli
polis, on Tuesday, February 1-1,
1871, and elected the following
named gentlemen seven in
Lumber Directors for tho en
suing year : ; -
AV. II. Langloy...... 2,074
Reubon Alcsluro 2,4C0
Wm. Shobor 1,843
W. Englo 1,511
II. S. Lundy 2,400
T. 1$. Duvis 2,400
J. J. OulbortBon 2,272
' The four first named gentle
men arc residents of Gallia
county ; Mr. Bundy resides in
Jackson; Mr. Davis in Yinton,
and Mr. Culbertsou in Hocking.
There was a ticket voted fur iu
iu opposition to the above gen
tlemcu. The ticket was com
posed of the following named
gentlemen :
Gcorgo Wranglor 1,012
C. D. Jiailcy 9S2
W. Y. Miles 48
N. P. Turner 13
The Board of Directors will
meet at Portsmouth, (the most
convenient place of meeting,)
on Thursday, February 23, and
will be sworn in, when an or
ganization will be effected by
the election of President and
Vice President, to be selected
from the seven, and a Secreta
ry and Treasurer, which may
bo selected outside of the
: The result of this meeting
will be given in our next paper.
f A preliminary survey of the
route from Gallipolis to Dun
das will bo made within the.
next five or six weeks. )
Attorney General.
For the very important of
fice of Attorney General we
believe that no better selection
could be made by tho Demo
cratic State Convention, on the
1st of June, than that of , the
Hon. John McSweeney, of
Wayne County. lie is one of
tho leading lawyers of that
county; and, as a stump speak
er, he is among the ablest.
The honest sons of Ireland in
Vinton and surrounding coun
ties would foci proud if the
name of one of their country
men should bo placed upon the
State ticket. Our readers will
remember tho portion of the
very able speech, delivered by
Mr. McSweeney at the 8th of
January Celebration, att"VooS'
tcr, Ohio, wLich appeared in
our columns a few weeks ago.
A State Ticket.
As it is only three months
until tho Democratic State
Convention meets to place
ticket in nomination, it is now
an appropriate time to bring
forth tho names of the most
popular men in our great State
who should head tho ticket-
Let tho ticket to bo supported
at tho next election Lave
solid and round head. For
Covcrnor, we are in favor of
Hon, Geo. II. Pendleton,
and for Lieutenant Governor
no better selection could be
made than placing tho name of
Hon. Thomas Ewino, Jr., be
neath tho name of Pendleton.
With tho names of two noble
patriots nt the head of the
ticket, wo aro suro of a great
victory the election of tho en
tiro State ticket and a majority
iu both branches of the Legis
lature. 'Put down Yinton
County for PENDLETON
and KWItfG! j
The Missing Steamer Tennessee.
About forty days since the
Tennessee, with the San Do
mingo Commissioners and oth
ers on) board, left the port of
Hew York, on a ten days
voyage to San Domingo, since
which time nothing habcen
heard from her. The Presi
dent and Secretary of the Na
vy see no causo for serious a
larm, as, siuce her radical re
construction under Admiral
Porter, shej is very slow. On
the other hand, outside of of
ficial circles, perhaps nine
tenths of the people believe
that something serious has hap
pened to her, and about half of
them think sho is lost.
The OoTumbusand Hocking
Valley Railroad is ia decided
ly a flourishing condition. The
earnings of the road for the
last year have been largely in
excess of its expenses, and are
sufficient to pay current inter
est on its bonds, and 10 per
cent on its stock. Sufficient
rolling stock is to be immedi
ately added to ; enable it?to
it to transport 250 car loads of
coal per day. At the recent
annual meeting of the stock
holders, all tho old directors
were re-elected except Peter
IlaydenJohu L. Gill filling
his place. Tho old officers
were also rechosen.
The Advance in Wool.
For the past few days the
wool market has shown unusu
al activity. A number of
prominent manufacturers have
been laying in thicr stocks, and
sales of domestic wool in Bos
ton have been made to the ex
tent of 1,850,000 pounds, this
we believe, exceeds the sales
of any previous week during
tho past year. The value of
the wool which has changed
hands is about three quarters
of a million dollars, exclusive
of the value of foreign wools,
in which there has alao been
something doing. Tho market
closed firm at an advance over
the rates current last week.
The demand for woolen goods
ha3 set in earlier this year than
usual, probably in consequence
of the apprehension that the
long continued scarcity of water
will diminish the production
and cause an increase in price
as the3 season advances, ' and
manufacturers who haveorders
ahead at a fixed price are nat
urally desirous of getting in
their stocks of raw material at
such prices as will enable them
to manufacture at a profit.
Hon. D. J. Callen, Repre
sentative in Ohio Legislature,
from Mercer county, drove
cart, wheu tho Cincinnati, Wil
mington & Zauesville Railroad
was being constructed, and
earned money to enable him to
attend school at bomersct.-
Afterwards he read law with
Hon. W. E. Finck.
Judge Jacob BniNkniioOF
has retired from the Supreme
Bench to make room for bis
elected last fall
Judge Mellvane.
The Ku-Klux Commission.
,. It i3 curious that the mo
ment the Washington Ku
Klux Commission is ready to
begin operations, Jacobin news
papers resume the publication
of outrage reports from the
South. Of course the resump
tion of the outrage business is
understood. Tho Commission
was appointed for a distinct
and palpable political purpose.
It is desired and expected to
make a report that will give
color of justification to tho em
ployment of troops throughout
the South before and at the
next election, and it is tho pol
icy of the party Which it rep
resents to prepare the way for
report of this kind. The
most elll'dua! way to do this is
for tho journals of the party to
trot out as many bands of Ku
Klux as possible, and keep up
a constant recurrence of out
rage upon "trooly loll" whites
and inoffensive freed men.
Previous to the appointment
uf the -Commission, the news
papers were almost bare of the
sort of reports in question.
It seemed as though the out
rage business had been wound
up for good, and there appear
ed to be Borne ground for the
hope that no more would be
heard on that head. But the
hope was not to be realized.
If any one thought that the
Radical factories for the pro
duction of canards about terri
ble persecutions and frightful
crimes iu "the States lately in
Rebellion" had been closed up
that person wa3 mistaken.
The work was only temporari
ly suspended. All the facto
ries are in operation again, and
the fabrics turned out aro of
exactly the same pattern as
those presented for public ac
ceptance when tho Radical
party was last in need of Fede
ral bayonets to make tho peo
of the South vote the right
way. Crisis.
The Ku-Klux Commission. German Unity---American
Gen. Grant, in a recent ut
terance recognizing the new
German Empiie under King
Wilhelm, proclaimed that the
confederation was the nearest
approach to the American
form of government, which, he
says, it greatly resembles.
Nobody had the news but
Grant. In this expression the
wish wag father to the thought.
He would liko to be Emperor
of the United States, with an
cnfailment of a crown 1 and
sceptre in his family and a her
editary throne to transmit to
his progeny and multitudinous
brothers-in-law. This is what
the Washington usurpers are
after, and constitutes the only
resemblance between the Uni
ted German Empire and the
late constitutional Republic of
the' United States. The Abo
lition party is intent upon
traitorously converting this
Government without formal
change in its written Constitu-
tion Ironi the Democratic
Federal republic originally de
signed, into an arbitrary, vul
gar oligarchy, chaotic in its
composition, essentially despot
ic in spirit and Republican
only in name. Noiselessly, wi
lily, warily, as the ppider
weaves its web, do the leading
minds of the party, in secret
conventicles, prepare their ne
fariousschemes and brood their
treason. Let a betrayed and
indignant people arouse itself
betimes and "expel the mis'
chief," or it will awaken soon,
but too late, to find the repub
lie of Washington helplessly
enveloped in the toils of Radi
calism, and our liberties hope
lessly lost. Every week affords
fresh proof of their treacherous
purpose, in the shape of unwar
ranted encroachments upon
the rights of the States 'and
violations of that fundamental
principle of our political insti
tutions, popular soveaeignty.
Some of the territories of
the far West are Democratic.
As a punishment for such polit
ical contumacy, the IIouso of
Representatives on baturday
last passed a bill giving to the
Judges of the United States
Courts and the Governors of
the Territories tho power to
make the legislttivo apportion
ment. These officials aro ap
pointed by tho President, and
the design is to give tho cen
tral power at Washington a
controlling influence in the lo
cal politics of the Territories.
Every diw and almost every
hour develops some new phase
of radical rascality to 'bolster,
up their crumbling power.
Important to Soldiers.
The bill to extend the bene
fits of tho bounty land system
to soldiers and sailors of the
late war, their widows and or
phans, provides that all honor
ably discharged soldiers and!
sailors who served in -the re
bellion ninety days, or their,
widows and orphan children,1
can acquire homesteads on'
public lands . of the United
States; or if discharged on ac
count of wounds received or
disabilities incurred in tho line
of duty, their term of enlist
ment shall be deducted from
the time heretofore required
for a perfect title. In case of
the death of any person who
would be entitled to a home
stead under tho provisions of
the fiivl. suction of this act, his
widow, if unmarried, or in case
of her death, or marriage, then
his minor children shall be en
titled to all the benefits enu
merated in the net; provided,
such person died during the
term of his enlistment, the
whole term of enlistment shall
be deducted from the time
heretofore required to perfect
the title. Every private sol
dier and every seaman, marine,
and officer who served ninety
days and are now now inscrib
ed on the pension rolls are en
titled to the benefit of this
This bill will, we doubt not,
pass and become a law.
Nothing more happily illus
trates the sympathy felt for the
people of Franco in this coun
try, than the prompt and ac
tive measures that have been
taken to send relief to the suf
ferers from the war. Already
three steamships have been
chartered to load government
'stores for that purpose and sail
direct to French ports. Among
the items of freight for one of
these steamships are 10,000
barrels of beef. The New
York Chamber of Commerce
has notified the American Min
ister that the sum of $20,000
is at now awaiting his draft
for the purpose of purchasing
supplies to send to the people
of France. A ship was laden
at Boston the other day, and i?
now on the way to Europe on
its mission of mercy.
Thus the work goes on all
over the country. While the
course of the Emperor Napo
leon has been universally con
demned in this country, there
has been all the time the kind
liest sympathy felt and ex
pressed toward the people of
France in the misfortunes for
which wo dc not hold the peo
ple responsible.
Tho Democratic Enquirer at
McArthur, Ohio, wants to
know if John T. Wilson is
"Presidcut of one of the Na
tional Banks of Ripley and di
rector of the other." It is
really so, aud wo vouch for the
authenticity of the report,
West Union Defender.
Pleasures of Arithmetic.
As it is extremely probable
that the Government, or rather
the tax-payers will have to
foot the entire bill, a banker's
clerk, accustomed to sveh work,
has furnished a calculation of
what the compound interest
and principal of tho Pacific
railroad subsidy bonds would
amount to in thirty years, the
timo the bonds have to run.
Tho principal being all bonds
-issued to the Pacific railroads,
is SG-i, 618,832 90, but the cal
culation is based on a principal
in round numbers, of $Gd-,500-000.
In twelve years tho in
terest and principal would
amount to 8129,780,684 more
than double the original a
mount. In twenty years it
would amount to 520(5,888,80-1;
in twenty-fivo years to $276,
8G3.9G6; in thirty years the to
tal, principal and interest,
would be s370yl7G129, being
01,500,000 original, principal,
and 8305,970,129 interest.
In twenty years after that; the
interest and principal would
amount to more than our pres
ent national debt. As to the
Pacific railroad people who say
they cannot pay their interest,
and did not expect to pay it
till the bonds mature, except
that portion paid in ono hair
the Government's tranportation
account, it is evident that the
Government is "stuck."
Still: what doci that matter?
John Sherman, Jay Cooke,
Schenck, Bingham, and a host
of other saintly radicnls, from
Grant down, have insde much
money out of this subsidy and
land-jobbing business, and it is
the right of the people to settle
tho score. It is the price we
pay to 1x3 ruled over by "God
and morality" tbeives, and
maintain in power a "party of
moral ideas' and immoral practices.
In South Carolina the ne
groes do all the voting, the law
making and governing general
ly, and the whites do. all the
Sltitcof Ohio, Vinton County.
W. W. SlmMov A. John Dozer
J. W. tiled irinii'k.
In Vinton Coiinlv Court of Common Pious,
oiilcr of Sal;'.
iJlUlTANT to On.' oimiiiiiiul (T .-in order of
Willi In liiu iitiovi) cm)-'-, Ksued from the
Court of Common 1,'lons, Vlnlmi county, Ohio,
nndtntnu directed :i Hboriil' of fcuM county. 1
ill oil it :H public null' i in I lieivinisc,s of .loll n
Dn'.cr, ill Harrison Tuwutililji, Vintou county,
Ohio, on
Saturday, tlio 4t7i, Daij of
March, A. JJ. 1S71',
between tlio hours of to A. m. and 1 r. M. or
mild day, tlio follow in;; describe! ju'opu'ly, lo
vil :
Taken ns the property of John 1) rer, (o H.itisfy
iv J it lament for cunts, I y said Court, lit UioiN'u
vcubcr Turin, A. J). Jt'iH.
Klicriil' Vinton County.
Fclirimry, 23, lS7l-2w
State of Ohio, Yinton County, ts;
Duekoyo Fitrnaco Company, Plaintiffs,
B. Hoot?. A, Co., lofcir.l.'in(s.
In Vinton Count v Court nf Common Pleas,
dor nf K.vei'iilioii.
Pursuant tolliccoiiiinunil of tin Kxociitionln
tlienbovo raino iM-ucd I'lviu the Court ol Com
mon l'leiisof Iiii.iiiroiinty, ami to nu ilinvlod
us hi'rill'ol'n:iid county, I will ofler for sale
at tlio door of tliuCoiirt llon-e, In tiio town of
McAi thur, Vinton county, Ohio, on
Saturday, thcSiith Ihttj of
March, A. D.lStl,
nt tho hour ol 1 o'rlod; i sr. of mV ilny, tho
followiiiif ile.MH'ihed promises, to-v it :
Tho North p:irt of Oiu-lot Number Two (2.)
Iielnjj a utrlp olf tho Korlli onil of said Out lot
about One Hundred mid Twonly (l-.Mj feet wide,
and all of said Out-lot oxei-ot Unit part of 1 it.
said Lot conveyed by Charles Ilobliir.M and v. jli
to tlio ilarletta it Cincinnati Uailiond Coir, pu
ny. Also, n strip off tlio West 'jldeol'Out-lol Sum.
bur 'J'lireo (:),) emiMeiii in at the lino lieiu-cen
Out-lots No. 'J and No. :i ; i-iiniiii;f tlielice Mast
on tho North line of said Out-lot Noli uatll il
iutoi'M'clH a lino riimiiiti' South fi'oni tlio South
west corner of Jn-lol. Number Twelve ilL'
thenco South Onu Hundred nml Twenty (ISO)
feet iinl.il it inter-ocls tlio lust nnd west lines ol
Oiil-lotNn. 2 above described; Thenco we t to
nml division lino between said l,ol. No. 2 nnd
No. 3; uuil tlienco North to tho lwco of bi'tfin
i in if.
Ami, nlso, nil llieKmtinps and Machinery used
for euiTviii; on (lie. l'Niiindi'y located on tid
Lois iimi pails ni j j its.
Also, pallern.of different Idnils ii('C.r-;s:irvfov
cairyiiuc on llui i'oiiiii'o'V lurum iucludinp
ualteriis lor Furnace Twocr u:nl lilueKmuilii
i'wcei'i niiout twculy-fivi! I'low point pailerns,
ono lull net ol country Hollow ware pallorn
allnies of Avauou box pnltoins. three i.cs fiii'Mi
bell patterns, lour enno mill ii'ittcrns, is :.,;
of Hiiitar kettle patterns, liflo-n coolc sti v
pnltoi ns, three cannon sfovo patterns, thenar
lorslovc pntleiiiH, lour ixnUeanil Iron! pall. ins.
loiirjaini) i;r"to pauerus, iwo pump piumins,
'four plow patterns, one full pet hollow ware
patterns, about seventy hardware patterns nml
uhoutmio hundred piitlonis it r.inerent Minis
All of tho iibovo lands nml tcnrmeulu ioitolhiii'
Willi all the pnltei'ns mid tools tluitsnid c niip.i
ny now owns nnd uses for carrylny on null!
foundry business;.
All the above described property to bo sold
ns un enlire'y and is shunted in "tho 'i'ov. n o,
llaridcn, ill the county of Vinton, and State ol
TuUon ns tho,yimpcrly of H. Coetz k Co., to
stilinfynnexeciition ol'nforcsaid Court, iu favor
of liiu'lccyc furnace Company.
Appraised :it Kivc Thousand Nine Hundred
nnd Kifdity-Thrco Dollars (?."',hs:),) and inusl
brliitf two-thirds oflhnt sum.
TxiiMS of bAl.li.Cas.li in luind.
Sheriff Vinton C'o.,0.
IT. C. ,Tost..s, Att'y for IT Si.
Fob. 23, l71,-5w
"VJO. 1 Omge. Vinntn, ono year old, warranted
11 VI u
iiual In slzo uud ijualdy to any ever oiler-
ed In America
Fond your orders nt oncoiiiiU secure them til
the. following low' priced i
Orders from 1 to 10 thousand nt S3 () perthoir,.
" " 10 to MthniiKiiiiil at lTo 11
" " 6otoH)()fbousan,lal 1M "
" " 100 tlious. Alipu aula 1 tj "
Tnekcd nnd delivered in Chicago free of clinrgp
t o Wnrrantod to arrive nt ik.-tinution in
purfcot order.
Also, WropliifC Sprite.n, Arbor Vltne, nnd
Heilo Hants, fioni Ml cents to ?ii 00 por Hums
iimi. All varieties of lCveriireens and 1'oroi
Trees cheaper than uuy plncu elo in America.
Sond 10 cenls forlar;o iloscrlj.llvo Cutaloytit
orKtiunp for jaiia) lists.
l'INNKY A T.AWF! I'.Nf F.,
bluiiou Hay, Door Co.
''A llopository of Ftinliion. ( FlotiBure,
HAitrEiFs" ii azak.
A tu pplement font uln in" numerous full. sized
pnllcrns of tisi'fnl iii'tlrlcs accompanies tho pa
per every foitiiif:!!'.
Harper's Ilnnr euul.'iiii.i folio paes of the
sl.:o ol lliu-per's Weekly, prinleil on supcrilne
calendered paper, uiid in published wucl.ly.
XMen nf tie 1'rcna.
Harper's llnuir contains, besides pictures
patterns, etc.,, n variety nf mutter of e-pccial
nsn nnd interest to llin futility i m Hi n s no
hctillli, dresH, nnd hoiuo)cc.iiif in nil Its
branches; its editorial iii.il ti-r is specially mlnp
led to the circle it is Intended to interest and
Instruct j nnd it has, besides, (food stories nnd
literary mutter of n.crlt. Ills not tuirprisiiH!
that tho Joiirnul, with such features, bun
uciileed in il Hliorf tliiiu nil iniineuso Mirr-eKs;
lorsoinethluKofits kind wn- desired in thous
ands olfiimilics, mid Hh publishers liavo lllled
tho demand. TheyniiiiK Indy who biiVMiisln
lu number of Harper's D.i.-ii' Is made a liitli-ai'i-lbur
for life. jVw York Homing 'ant.
Tho llaar Is excellent, bike all (lie periodi
cal which the ! larpcr Publish. It Im ulino:t
Ideally well edited, nnd tho class of rcadci ii for
wliom ll is inieniicii t un inoiuers unit naiurii
tera In nver.iire families cim not but profit l)V
lis (.".o'l sciv;e ami :c:od lafli", which, we have
no doubt, arc to-iiny mukinx very niany homes
luippler iiiuti tnoy may naveiiei'ii iicioro 1 1 ic
women bcnun tnk'inif Icssonx iu pcrMoiial 'iiihI
household and social inaniiu'ooii'nt In m this
good-natured juuutor. Tht A'ntiou, fl, Y.
Tcrma :
Iftirpor's Hn7.ur, ono your ,l 00
An Kxtm Copy of oltberllm Mutfazlno, Week,
ly, or llnr.ni' will ho supplied gratis for evety
Club of Kivu Hubscrlbi'M nt 1 1 O'l eiu'li, In one
renilttiinco or, bix Copies lor 'U UJ, without
i-xlni copy.
Subscriptions toTTarper'n Mnpfnzlne, Wcnkly,
nml Ihi.ar, to onu uddress for ouo yenr, fl(MJU
or, twoof llurpor'Hl'oriodlciilii, to ono uUiiruxn
fur ouo year, S7 00.
Hack numbers enn bo suppllod nt nny tlnio.
Tho Annual VolutiHH, nf Harper's; Weekly,
In neut cloth liliuliim. will bu Hi nt by pxtiress,
iron ol'oMii'iise. for 7 OUuai li. A (.'oinpleieriet.
eoiiiprlsiUK 1 1 Volumes, font oil receipt ol'c.iMi
at the rale of .f,1 i" per vol,, freight at tlio ex
pense of purchaser. Vohiino XiV. ready Jim.
imi'V 1st, 1K7I.
TliepoHliimi on ITnrpcr'H Weekly Is 20 eonls
Ayoitr, whioli must bo paid nt tho Kiib.scribui 'N
Adibuss HAUl'KnAlinOTIIKIW.N. Y.
ForPuro Drugs and Medicines
Koto Sisson'r!.
11 1 fftv 'Al'lW 5"V'4MrtW
li'J "Tub Amkiiican Stock Joiuinai. tor Kob
inry contains tiio fillowlbK nit ides : fln.ro of
-dock In P'ohrunry; Ih'ce.liii.nHwiue; i'rescrva-
tl in of lluttor; Tho Poland (Miiiia llojri Itoiu n
l)iieki Poultry nnd Duck llousoi Winter
Treatment nnd Diseases) ofCowsj ivlsli lllue
l:uii 1'omIs; Jhi'Sllsli Whito DorlcliiK;
(on llrei'ds of Wheep; lllseasesof Kowlsi Slieop
nnd Wool (li'invln,,' In our Western Territories;
luiiilrlc-i and Answemi Poultry M iuiiieiiieiil;
Shoeing Horses; Ayivhlre Cattle; Diarrhoea Iu
Horses; Diseases of tho Uyulu llnrsiw; lireak-
iiiK Oxen, ft i'. Also, handsome Knuriivlnirs ol
I hester White nnd MiiKio llofcs, Ayrslilre.OnttJi),
Southdown Sheep, llouen lhicks, KiikIImIi Dor
king nnd Irish (lame l-'owls. Speidinen copies
entfrio Irt all. Adoi'efa N. r. lloyer & Co.
riiblishers, I'arkersluii'!?, I'll.
rNify-Tii V Ai.r .ihi.h skkim iuvkn Away.
Wo hnvo lecclvid from N. P. lloyer & Co., of
Pnrkorsbtirs;, Chester Co., l'ti., Ramples of Im
ported Norway Oals, Al-ike iC'lover nnd Ches
ter County MnniinoLli Corn; I hey Kcuerously of
fer to pcihI smnplo pni'k!if:os free to all Fiit'tiiers
who Head stamps to pay poslaijo. Messrs. N. P.
lloyer & Co., are the D:ir;,'est linportors of Thor
ciiKlibi'od KHock nnd Choice Heeds In tlio United
Stales, and us there Is so much liojtus Norwny
O.its mi l other Seed being sold, they wish to
give every Firmer in tho country a chnueo to
test their (Jjiiiiino feeds, freo of charge. We
hope nil our fanner friends will avail them
selves of thin p'oneious offer.
A OUKTS WANTE51 -('"-'" I'KIt DAYi
CO.. UOSTON, MASS,, or ST. 1.0U1S, MO, -4v
8 ?MM.
WANTKIl AtlUNTS, (S!?0 I"t ihv) to scilllhc
rclcl.raloil liOMK Sll UT'l'l.B KEWINO MA
CHINK. Ibis Ibe iindcr-focil, neikcstliu "lock stitch''
(dike on lioih flilcs) unit is fully llcnnsiil. Tlio host
nml clu'iieost. I'ninily Si wiiijj Marliluc In tbo-innrkot.
ViMrnss .lonssoN, 1'i.auic Ac Co.. Itoslon, Miiu., ritU
bur;.'h. l'n., Jliliin!o, 111., orHt. Louis, JIo.
TKJ Contnlnlnar Fleet wood's "Life of
LIGHT I'liri .""I.ivesol'the A pestles, lOvan
OP r ll-ilsniiil Jlarlvrsi" Doddridire's
THE "I'.vldencesof Christianity;" "Ilisto
worl.l. ry of tho .lews," by .Inscpliur ; "A
History of "nil Uelijiieus Deiio'mliintions" willi
trealines and tallies relation to events ennneo
led w it H Hihlo History, wit h iniiny fine Kntrrn
vlnics, foriulnpr a i'ooiiir'teTreasarv of Christ inn
KiiuwIeilKO. W. KIiINT CO., No. 20 8. 7fll
H., l'liiladi lplilii.ril iistoni Ibuiso l'lacu,Chleii
i?o, iindlTU West III! .St., Cineiniiiitl. 4t!-4v
rjMIISXrj NO JiUMIH fll O t!
I HseniUmr O.) CENTS
with n:e, hciitht.colorof eyes anil h.-iir, yon will
lvieive. by return mail, it correct picture ol
vonr Intiiic hiilmiid or wife, w ith niiino nnd
daleoi ei-irrkao'. A Idivss V. FOX, P. O. Draw
ei'No. a, Kultoovibc, N. Y. ,2-'lv
We will send n Jhandsomo Prospectus nf our
Xi'W llhisl rated tain ily Hi bio containing over
'J'H lino Si'riitiuii 1 1 liir-t i-iil i.'iis to nny IIikiU
Aent. frceol cliaru'i1. A Idress, Xition-'aiPuii-i.isiiino
Co., i'hii:u Ph., Ciii.inyo, 111. or St. I.ou
is. Mo.
Send for our New -Price I.lst nnd n Club
form will itn onii'.iny if, coutalnhr; fell illrta'
lions iiiahii.K il lai sal inirto coiu uiiiei:, nml
remiiiier.'illvu to club oi'i;aniiiel'3
Hg Great American Tea Co.,
m & Ve-y Hlicet, New J ork.
r. o. iioxr.r,n.
An nnrn'lnsr 'ineily fur nil llivmi'.hiiil Pilllrulllcf
Coii'bs, Co:ils lloiiis.'iHss, Asiini'ii, Dlpliimm, nry
i"s ol ihcThront or Wind And nil Catarrhal
)i9. ' . n
'ilio woiiilerful moilern illPcnvcry nf Carliolio Acid
Is destined to bccnincitne of the irn'ntost blesslncs In
ui.'inklml in Its niipllcnlloii to ill ciws of thn Itirou'
nml iu f.'riMt rnr.iiivo (pijlfilc in all idlVctiiiiiii of tin
Dr. Wells' Cnibollc Tablets,
l-cshlss the irront Miioirril le.-i'iit Oiiho!lo Acid con
Iiiin other iojrrcilleii h iinlvi'rsiil'y recnmnienilt'il.
'!iich I'hfiiilcilly I'linibhic, iroilnchis nTuMnl men
bltility rin'dic'iml nnd hctb-r iclsiili'd for ills'Ttsis ol
tlio II, mat than nny irc'iiiriitloii over before oH'iToil tu
iiic pniino.
fnAtj'j Un BPHFVOttdHT Wn.l.'H CAH-
L'llU I lisiiij imi.ie Taiii.e'H ; don't lkt
7clh' Carbolic Tablets
ai;i; a sum: cmtK. tpytiiem.
r. o. KKijbi nit;, si piattst., n. y. holk
80LD BV DUUOdlSTS. 51-Sw
l''(Jll S I.12 l-.v ...tV WiJKiiB.
And for sale AVholcsnle only by tho
Great Atlantic & Faoiflo Tea Co.
P.O. ItOX. BV.I3, 8C1IUIICJ1 HT..N. Y.
Local AQ-ents Wantctl.
want n I ,no il Afcr t In every Town
lid Villain) in too copnll'v.'to eiin
nss for subseri hois to the Wkhtkhs
Vdui.p. A Ma.Tiihli cut .Ti) i)i "re
limn riteel Envl'HViiuf is soul M'atis
M',eiy.-iibsrriboi'. Frimi ifl.bO In
10,1)0 can bo cicllymaile In an even
i.,'. A liberal eunli I'oiiniiisslon Is
'Imve l, Ki nd ..lainp foi Speelinens
ml I'rize Cii'enliir. A.hlress.
jA.MK.-i it. KLI.KUT, IlosWii, Mass.
WATCH VW.V., and () n itnVHiire, nnd no
liiniibiij. Addreiis I.ATTA A (Jtj., PitU
biirh, P.i. -hv
ia- notice -m
A UOX of l'lno Inltlnl H'litln Paper ami
Kiivclopeii sent Kit ''.12 by mull for 0U cents.
DON TON PAPER CO., Cinelnimtl, Ohio.
I( Mfl'rwi (!i)inl Wl" eliani?oanvcol.
lilt, LIMBIC Ollll) ,.,! i,ir 01. .,!
toll permanent black or brown. It coiiliilns
nopof on, Oaecomb sent by mall fur $1. Heal
ers supplied at reduced nifis. AddresM Win.
I'alton, 'J'reas, Kiirlnidleld, Musn. iiS-lw
"genehal agents "waTTted""
for droi" heck's C.ilctilnt Inn nndilne, rapid,
nceiii-alo, reliable, simple, Kasily opo rated,
cheap Oi'd Ik-:i tl 1 1 Till, till in;; Instantaneous
ndilltioiiH or subtractions, taking from ono to
llvecoliuiim'.of ll;;ures ut n t lino, ciirrylnir nnd
liorrowiiiK its own tens, hundreds, etc., uitli
oiiltlie b'.ist Ihouht on tho pnrtol tho opera
lor, Aihlr-'sK
m!-Jw ZKKil.KIi&McCUItDY.CInclniuitl, O.
Ever rarmor, Moohanio & Worker
Cnn Mnko$BO to $IBO por month with
Onr Popular Bodn, Knpj auil Piotu i'oa
) .W Pch'CH by mall freo. Addroni
flOODHPEKD'a Empire lloolc nml Map IIouso,
Chicago. n-iw
by I) li. .Iso, H. IOi.mh. I.nitjo Hales. Inimcnue
Prolitji, Btiiieinloiii rovelalioim and stnrtlliiK
(llseimiiires, Oiielihieomiiiiiiilly mid llHinyM
UiHon. Tho wboln sublet, laid barn nn 1 Us
lildeoujoii'MMexpiiiied to univer-al u.Micrnl ioiu
Written In Iho interests of Clvili'iilkiu, Chris,
liatnly and I'nldie Moratitv. Send !iii'eiri'iihii
and t-n in ,, V. f. 1'iJjIi :Uiu,' Co . Ill Uuuiuu
ut.. N. Y ni -i.v
3 S & M
m i- a ?
P. i-3 o
m T o K.
m IT7V F?1
iuvis nBAiuiop
HooHantl's German Bitters,
Propnri'il by Dr. C. M. .lii-ksnn, l'lillnib-lphli
riioir Intioiliicfiou lulu this uoiiidry I'roin Ueriiinn
icturrod in ,
Tlicy Curctl Your Fathers an:! Mothnr8
inil will euro you nml your children. They nr el
irelydin'ci'onf from the iiitinv prcpninlloiis now I.
im coiiiitry ciillcil llillers or 'roiilcx. They im no
nviirn prciiii'iilloiis or nnyllibiL' like Ilium j lull kouo
louest, luliahlu iiieillchies.' 'i'liey aro
JVio 0tv(j(s known rtmcillttjvt
Jvor Complaint, Dyspepsia, "i
Nervous Debility, Jaundlco,
Diseases of tho Kidneys'
ti nil Dlsenuea niluliig from a Dlubrderod I.lvoi
Itomncli, or
tonBllpntlon, riatiilonea, Inwmd Plloi, Fnlnesii d
Wood tu tlio lloail. Acidity of tho Hlonindi, Nmi
tea, Ileiiit-lmi'ii. l;lsL'iint. for Food, fulness or
Weight In tlio Ulomnclv, Woui' Krnctu-
tlonf, Bliil(bif,'oi'l''billerliiL' nt thu
Tit of tho Hloiiiuch, HivbnmlnK of the
Howl. liiirrleil or Dllllciiltllronthhii?, I'liiller- '
luttattua iluait, Clioklnir or HutlociaiiiK hunuv
lonfl when Inft r.ylnpr Posture, Dimnoim of VIloli
potaorWcbn hol'orolhoblL'ht, Dull I'nln In tho
Iloiiil, flollcieiicy of Pei'siilrntlou, YoIIowiiusb
tf tho Hkhi nml lOyos, l'nlii in the Hiilo,
.. Uncle, Chest, Minlw, etc., Hiiilileu
Fhmheii or Ilont, llurnhii; in tho Idash,
Coustiuit liuulnlnii of Evil nml Client Ueprcn-
Ion or filill.
Ui tlutt indUatt Vlteaft of tht Hm or IHgottlb
Organs, comUiuJ with Impure lilooi.
ii-- Hoofland's German Bitters
S entirely vepntnhlo, nnd cnniiiluH no liquor. It 1
compound of I'lulil Uxlmcts. Tim ltools, llorli
rd lJiirkB from which tlieso KxtrnctH nro niiide, an
tliercd IVoin (luiiiinny, All tlio IMeillcnl virtues nri
Stractod from tlioiu by n fclontlllc chemist. Thosi
jctrnclB nro tlien forwimlcd to this country to bo usei
xprossly fortlioiiiiuiufiittiuiiof Iheco ltil loif. Then
I no alcoholic subsumed of finy kind used in com
oiniiliiiK tho llltlors, lumco It l Iho only Ilitlerii Ilia
an bo used iu casus whero nlcoliulio tiuiuliiuta un
ot advisable.
Hoofland's German Tonio
I a comblnntlon of nil tlio inpruilleiiti" of the IllttnrH
nth PtitiB Siuitn Cruz Hum, OraiiL"), etc. 11 is iihoc
r tlio isiitiio disi'iiso ns tho Diltors, In cases wher
omo puro nlcoliolic Hllmiihis l renuired. YoU wll
car in nilnil Hint tlieso roimdic nro entirely dlll'cr
lit from nny others ndvertlseil Tor Iho euro of thoilla
nses tinmed, llieso linlinr eclentlllc iii'eparatioin r
icilicnl extracts, while tlio others nro inero ilecno
Ions of rum Ih snnio fnnn. The TONIC! I liechleillj
lie of the inoHt iilciisiuit nnd nureeahlo rcmiHliiw evoi
ifcrod to tho public. Its llislo B exiiilsit. It is I
lciisnro lo take II, wlillo its llfo pivinj;, nxhllaratiiiif
ml meilicliml qniillllcn have caused it lo bu known Oi
bo prcutoisl of all Ionics. .
There U tto moillcino orpinl to lloonnml's Oovmnt
Uorsor Tonic In cases of Debility. Tlioy liiiinr
tononnd vlyor to tho wholo system, Htn-nl hen tin
piietilo, canst) mi enjoyment of thofooil, eiinblo llx
loumeU, to digest it, purify tho blood, kWo a ool
ound, lienllhy complexion, crmllcnlc the yellow Unci
om tho eye, Import ft bloom to tlio ctoolis, mil
linnco tha pnllent from ft ehort-hrenlhctl, cnnc nle-l
renk, nnd nervous iuvilUI, to a fuU-fuccii, rlou-, itu4
lgorous pcrsou,
WoaS and Dollcato Chlldron aro Uado Stro
by using tho Hitters or Tonic.
licet Jllood i'urlflors
Wir known, and will cm o all dlnennoii rosnltliif; frol
bnd blood. Keep your blood pure: keep you liver I
rdor; keen your dlireidlvo organs Iu u sound, health
lomlltlon, by tho iiko of theno iciiiedlcn, luid no dil
oneo will ever HHHiiil yon. Tlio best nieti In the com
iryrocoinnicnd lliein. If yen m of lioncnt reputatio)
Ku for any thin),' yon must try theso preparations.
Ulio tho fullowlng was never beluru efl'uicd In helift
fit any mcdlclnnl prcpnimion :
Chlof Jimtlco of tlio Hilpremo Court of PeiiiiHylvunll
wrlliu :
PinUrjRi.piiiA, Mnrcli 10.1R07.
I flnd "nnnflnml's (leiinau Hitters" In n uoud tonic
nseful In dlsciiHos of t ho digust i vu oikiuih, nnd of ku iI
Denetlt In enseo of ilohlllty nml want of nervous uellu
U Iho sysloui. Yours truly,
iion. jAMEaluioMrsoN,
JuBtlco of tlio Supremo Court of PoiiiiKylvniiln. .
I'liii.Ain-.i.riiiA, April Si8, Irltti.'
I consider " IloonnndV flernmn IlittinV a vnlunlil
moillcino In casus of nt lucks of IikIIkckIIoii or l)yl
(Mela. 1 cnn certify this from my experience of II.
Yotlie, Willi loepect, JAJllia THUJUi'bON.
Jtistlcool Ibo Supremo Court of roiinnylvmiln.
PlIII.ADIll.l'llIA, illllio 1, lmw.
I linve found by oxporlunco Unit " IliHillnnd'g (let
nan Diners" U a very irootl tonic, rollevliiK tlyapoplti
Diuutouis almost directly.
'nON. mTf. ROGERS,
(Mayor of Iho city of nuirulo, N. T.
JlAYOtl'B Ol'PICU, IltlPPAI.O. Juiio it. 18(1!).
hfivotiscd "llooHiiiid'sUurmnii Hitlers and Tonic'
amy family dm hie; tho past yciir, and cnn reconi
nand lliein ns nn excellent tonic, iinnnrlliifi toiionn
jlirorlo tho system. Tlielf nso iiiB boon nroilnrtlv
)f iociUcdly buuullclal oll'ucts. VM. f. KUUlllU)
:' ITON. JAME8M. WOOD,"' .
Ex-Mnyorof Wllllomsport, Pennsylvania
I tako frrait ulensuio In rocomniciulhiu " lloortnnd'
3eriuau Teuio ' to any ouo who may bo ullllctod wlti
nsla, I had tlio Dvsnonsla to bndlv It wm Im
ussihlo to keep any food on my loiniich, and I Ix
aino so wtmli as not to ho nblo to walk half a uillt
two bottles of Tonic ouectoa a porrcci. euro.
Iloolland's Gormnn Homcdlei nro eoiinlorfultod
riiej Kuiiiilno hnvo the slrimtiire of l, HI. J ncknoi
n tha front of Iho enlflilu wmppor of euch bult.lt
mil tho iiniiio of tlio nrtlclu blown iu each bottlo. AJ
Hliors aro counterfeit. f tiU .
Price or tlio lilt tor. (11,00 or bottlo!
Or, a lut It' dozen lor .. 4
I'llee of Iho I Onle, KH.50 nor bottlei
Or. u linll' dozen lor 1t1.no.
the 'W)i(t it imt up in Quart Jlvttle.
Itccnllcct Hint It Is Dr. HoodniKl'i Ocrinnn Iloroa
lies that are so universally used and so highly rocora
iienduil ; and do not allow tho druggists to Induce ym
fs tdko anything olsn that ho mny sny la Just m Rood
xcuiiso ho innke. a Ini'irorprollt on ft, Thuso reins
lies will ho sent by exprom to any locality upon ay
plication to Iho ,
Xn.MIl AltCir tmiUICTfl'litUtdclphta.
CIIAS. M. EVANS, Proprietor
(Formerly 0. M. JACKSON Co.) ' fl
Thosoriimedloinroforsalo by Umralsta.Htorokoop
Irs, nml Moillcino Dealers everywhere.
8 f" Do not foriret tooxmnluo well thqarllclo y
wy, iu order to gut tho guiiuiu.
For sale by
McArthur, Chio.

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