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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, March 01, 1871, Image 1

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I Pnblishsr tad Proprietor. J
Fine ILitliograplt Portrait
' At considerable expense wo havo contracted for
1,100 Large Lithograph Portraits! (SiZcttxluincW)
Of our cutoemod TJ.S. Senator, lion. AtLfcN G. Tuubman, to bo made to
Ottr ordor from a fine Photograph furnished by lion. J. 11. fUTSAit, Ed
itor of the Chillicothe Advertiser, which will bo
&nitit3le for JPrtxmixiB,
fnaking a very
Handsome Ornnincitft for the Parlor or Library,
which wo will present to
Every 01 J & New Sitaiita to tie Democratic Bper, til March 15, 71,
On the following conditional
Each one of our subscribers in at'roars who will pay up his indebtedness
and a year's subscription in advance, will bo entitled to the Portruit.
Each of our subscribers who have paid ono year In advance, from Jan.
18, 1871, (commencement of Vol. 5,) will be cntitlod to the Portrait.
Each subscriber who has paid less than a year and will pay a year from
the time already paid, will be entitled to the Portrait.
Bach new subscriber paying one year in advance, will be ontitlod to the
Each person sending us a now subscriber, with cash in advanco, will bo
entittlod to a copy of tho Portrait for each' new subscriber sent us.
- Tho Terms of Subscription, whether at Club Kates or otherwise, aro
well known to all our present subscribers.
The Democracy of Vinton and adjolnlnc counties yea, even men of
alt parties now have a good opportunity to obtain a nice Picture for
Parlor Ornament, of tho most popular man in America at tho present
time tho rising man not only of the Democratic party but of tho coun
trya man whoso name aud frame is national, and whoso course in tbo
U. S. Senate has won for him tho profound regard of ovory honest man
throughout this broad land, and the love of tho Democracy of Ohio. Ills
name has boon canvassed throughout the Union in connection with the
Presidency, and is now floating at tho mast head of many influential pa
pers In tho country. In Vinton and adjoining counties he has many
warm friends who have know him from boyhood, who certainly will
consider this one of tho best prosonts we can offer thorn.
Let all our subscribers and those who are not subscribers, In Vinton
and other counties, avail themsolvcs of this opportunity to socuro a Por
trait. Begin the work nowl Itemomber the time runs only to March lot
It is our purpose t purchate a new press and greatly improvo the
Democratic Enquirer, and wo have take the way to not only Increase the
already large subscription list but to raiso tho sufficient moans that will
bo rcquirod to aid us in the undertaking. J. "W. BOWEN.
The Medicines of the Millions!
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Gorman Bitters have held the posi
tion of a Standard Housohold Rem
edy for Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint,
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impair. It is expressly adaptod to
tho constitutions and systems of in
valids who require no alcoholic
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grey hair. Ayer's Vigor restoros its
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riirneritiarg, cneter Co,, r,, samples of Im
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Tunes are Sweetest, and Old
Friends are Surest.
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plied to Roback's Bittors, Pills and
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tive, which by its cleanliness, frag
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Soo advertisement
ayTm Ahmioan Stock JocKHALfnr Fob
ruarjr contain tho following artiolee i Caro of
Block in February; Breeding Swine; Preserra
ttoa of Butter i The Poland China Hog; Rouen
Dveaai Poultry and Dnek Honsc; Winter
Treatmonl and DInomm of Coin Irish Blue
uame rowiij English Whit Dorkings; Mut
ton Breeds of Sheont Diseases of Fowls i Shoe
and Wool Growing In onr Wei lorn Territories;
Inquiries and Answer) Poultry Management:
8hoetng Horses; Ayrshire CattUi Diarrhoea In
Hone; Diseases of tb Ey In Uoraeai nk.
ing Oxen, fto. Also, nandora inrninn nf
Chester Whit and Magle Hogs, Ayrshire Cattle
Boatndown Sheep, Rouen Duck, English Dor-'
ingaaairlsn Game Fowl. Specimen eonlna
sent fre to all Adores K. P. Beyer Co.
Publlsbors, Prkersbnrg,r.
m iWiMBalaBaTJBPait
For Pare Drugs and Medicines
go to Sisson's,
the ttilim.
J. W. BOWES, Editor.
V Arthur, February 2,"7i
Imperialism alias Flunkeyism.
A Washington correspon
dent writes I "We are getting
to be just the least hit Imperi
al in onr ways here. For the
first time in the history of the
Executive Mansion, the ser
vants appear in liveryk His
Excellency is surrounded by
the military. There is a con
tinual jingling of spurs and
clank of sabres, and the Illus
trious 'tanner, how grown so
great, can only be reached
through a battallion of flunk
ies, and Brigadier Generals
(by brevet) are ns thick as
blackberries. Mrs. Grant.
when she receives, is surround
ed by her ladies of honor, and
the handsome, lolly General
Michler acts as master of cere
monies, and presents the vul
gar crowd to their exclusive
The old adage "put a beggar
on horseback and he will ride
to the devil" is verified by
the Grant administration.
Under former administrations
one or two plain servants in
citizens' dress performed the
duties which now require the
service ot a score of flunkeys
dressed in the United States
army uniform. To such base
uses have the regulation button
and strap of the service been
brought, that on meeting a
man on the streets of Wash
ington wearing them, it is im
possible to tell whether he is a
Presidential flunkey or a Major
General of the U. S. Army.
Another calamity to the
French, in the shape of the
cattle plague, has broken out
among the immense droves of
cattle gathered at Brest for the
relief of the half-starving pop
ulation of Paris, and is doing
such havoc among those herds
that it is impossible to bury
them as rapidly as circumstan
ces require. A cordon has
been drawn around the cattle
affected with the disease, and
as they die off they are carted
to the water side and tumbled
into condemned war ships,
which hvhen filled, are towed
out to sea and sunk. It is to
be feared, however, that when
these carcasses, in the process
of decomposition, rise to the
surface, they will be washed
ashore and create another pes
tilence. Trnly, the cup of
misery to poor France has
been filled to the brim and she
is drinking to the dregs; but
from the very extremity of her
sufferings there is at least this
hope that she will give up
up the tight, and that her victo
noua enemy will not be with
out generosity in his exactions.
The question of forcing ne
gro children into the i white
schools of New Orleans is still
agitating the people, and the
limes oi mat city cnaracier
lzes the interference as an act
of audacious agitation for po
litical purposes, to create party
capital ana, perhaps, provoke
violonco, and says : "This peo
ple have cheerfully acquiesced
in the laws which give equal
political aud civil lights to col
ored with white people, but
they will never consent to the
intermixture ol white and ne-
9 a 1
gro children in tne came
Measuring Corn in Bulk.
A correspondent requests us
to publish a rale for measuring
corn in me duik, or in wagon.
Wo find the following rule giv
en in several books but cannot
vouch for the accuracy: "Mul
tiply the length breadth and
height together, in feet and
tenths of feet; then multiply
this product by four; strike off
the risrbt-hand fiarurc. and the
result will be shelled bushek"
VY imam iilovu liarrison
writes of the Bah. Domingo an
nexation Job says:
"I feel very confident (hat
the whole nroiect is a merce
nary speculation on the part of
P.ftrt.nln "nntren in iliia rynimifv
ana m ban Domingo With
territory capable of sustaining
the present population of the
globe, inexhaustible in Its en
terprise, and tieerlesa in its
strength, is it not humiliating
to see the Chief Magistrate of
the nation magnifying the an
nexation of the petty Island of
C3. TV-i! -
ami xuiinngo as a measure nec
essary tocur national security
and prosperity, and to provide
honest means of paving our
honest debts without over tax
ing the people? We ho more
need it for any such purpose
than We do the planet Saturn.
Such exaggeration tnay do for
"liunconibe," but is unworthy
Ml .. "
ascnsioie man, ana a satire up
on the boasted Inherent excel
lence of our republican institutions,''
Clean Your Teeth.
Few people are aware why
a il 1 .... mi . . t T
teetn aecay. xne rotting is
caused by innumerable worms
that collect oh the enamel and
buiTow into it. It is the masses
of these filthy things that
chiefly make up the tartar,
that is so foul and so disfigur
ing to the appearance of the
teeth. They number millions
in a nasty mouth, and so mi
nute that they cannot be seen
by the naked eye, requiring a
good microscope to be seen in
all their hideousness. They
are white and transparent,
with nearly the same conforma
tion at both ends. They seem
to have a joint in the middle
and are in perpetual motion.
They discbarge an acid of some
sort, which combines with the
lime of the enamel, and if they
are not cleaned away regular
ly, they thus penetrate through
this very hard coating and get
into the body of the teeth: tne
acids of the food then find
entrance into the substance of
which the teeth are composed,
and the sure consequence is
the misery of the toothache
and the visit of the dentist,
there to be subjected to the in
ternal process of filing plug
ging and extracting all of
wmcn mignc nave oeen saved
by a little attention to clean
liness. We wish our young friends
could view under a microscope
a drop of saliva from a tooth
brush they would see with
amazement that it contains sev
eral thousand of these wrig
gling little mouth-worms. "We
are sure that they would need
no stronger argument to make
them use the brush thoroughly
and keep the teeth clear of the
most disgusting animalculae
that can be imagined to exist
anywhere much less in the
mouth of a decent person.
Peach Prospect.
Latest reports from South
em Illinois, the great peach
orcnard ot the West, repre
sent the almost total destruc
tion of the peach buds by the
extreme cold weather or De
cember. The thermometer
ranged from 12 to 16 degrees
below zero for several days.
In the peach region of New
York, the same calamity has
befallen the growers, though it
is inougnc mere may be a
sprinkling of fruit emerge from
the general ruin. Out of every
seeming evil the wise man may
evolve some real good, and in
this case, if in addition to the
destruction of the eggs of the
! I 1
curcuno oy irost, tne orcnard
ist improves the occasion to cut
back tho straggling and elon
gated branches of his trees, the
result will be in favor of the
ways of Providence.
FRXMATvargrar hair and bald
ness mar be proTontod by tho use
of Hall's VegeUbl Sicilian Hair
AeDewer, a harmloss preparation,
which i endorsed by the highest
chemical and medical authority.
Mulching Strawberries.
The Prairie Farmer mentions
the case of two strawberrV r-ril.
tivators, who divided equally a
two-acre stmttb'erry patch, so
tnat eacn had an acre- Both
were mulched alike at the ap
proach of winter) with, a deep
covering of straw. The fol
lowing spring, the straw, was
entirely removed from one
patch, and allowed to remain
as a mulch till the berries ripen
ed on the other. The fruit of
the former sold for S600: of
she latter over $1,300. We
are not informed if the ground
of the uhmtilched acre was
kept constantly mellow and
clean The same paper recora
mendjj where straw is scarce,
sowing oats in autumn between
the rows which will be killed
down in winter and form
mulch-whipping the oats with
a brush over the plants, lhev
protect the plants from dirt the
following season. The only
objection is that the oats like
weeds, may diminish the au
tumn growth of the strawber
The Drunkard's Will.
I leave society a ruined char
acter, a wretched example, and
a memory that will soott rot
I leave to mv Parents, duriner
the rest of their lives, as much
sorrow as humanity in a feeble
descript state can appreciate. 1
leave to my brothers and sis
ters as much sorrow and injury
as 1 could bring on them. 1
leave to my wife a broken heart
alife of wretchedness and
shame, to weep over my pre
mature death. I give and be
queath to each of my children,
poverty, ignorance, a low char
acter, and the remembrance that
their father was a brute.
Salt Your Chimney.
In building your chimney
put a quantity of salt into the
mortar with which theinter-
cources of brick are to be laidi
The effect will be that there
will never bo any accumulation
of soot in that chimney. The
philosophy is thus stated : the
salt in the portion of mortar
wmcn is exposea aosorDs mois
ture from the atmosphere every
damp day. The soot thus be
coming damp, falls down in the
fireplace. This is an English
discovery. It is used with
success in Canada.
The Cure of Catarrh.
Take one part finely pulver
ized saltpetre, and mix; with
two parts white sugar reduced
to flour. This is an effectual
remedy in all the stoppages of
the head, catarrh, etc. It must
be snuffed up the nose a dozen
times or more a day, according
to the severity of the affection.
Persons frequently die from
catarrh in the head, the disease
becoming so bad that the mu
cus, instead of discharging
through the nose, as it rhoula
do, falls down Fthe throat and
lodges on the lungs, producing
many a sore throat, the cause
of which is not suspected; and
terminating fatally, in many
instances, in that most dreaded
of all diseases, consumption.
The Portland (Maine) Ar
gus, auuaing 10 tne naaicai cry
made against Mr. William M.
Tweed for giving $ 50,000 to
the poor of the ward of the
city in which he resides, say:
"unanes oumner once lectured
in this city for the widows and
orphans of deceased soldiers,
lie charged two hundred dol
lars for the lecture. The total
receipts were not half that
sum, Dutthe great champion of
iiaaicansm exacted tne last
penny of his price. Which is
the true friend of humanitv.
the practical William M.
Tweed, who gives away a for
tune among the poor in a win
ter or the uplatitudmai ' Mr.
Sumner, who takes some one
hundred dollars more than he
could earn out of the treasury
of one of . our most sacred
otrni'llfAs V"
The Cure of Catarrh. A Spat Between Judges.
Washington Suiiday
Herald fells of a singular brebSe
in the" Supreme Court of the
District of Columbia, in that
city, on SaturdaV. The Chie!
Justice CartteiJ. had delivered
an opinion id the Farragut prize
money ease,, and jvheh herhad
dotifij Associate Judge Vylio
expressed his views in dissent
of the opinion of the Court
The Herald says t
The Chief Justice whitened
with wrath-, his tiion-ilk6 locks
shook with irBj and in a voice
whose hotes wdre pregnant with
uncontrollable rage, he said :
"I am surprised at the dissect-
! - -.. T 1 . ... i.. ..
ing opinion, i ne J udge In tne
consultation room assented to
my VieWs J he has Crept out Of
the hole into which he has
Went," &c. The audience whose
prophetic souls had drawn them
to the Bpot Of witness without
money5 Without price this Sat
urday matinee, indulged in
vociferous cachihatiohsi Judce
Wyjie rose with the dignity Of
an insuicea man ana lodge, ana
saia : "i retire irom tne Dencnj
where to remain is to be ihsul
ted." The Uhief Justice Was
about to proceed with his live
ly picture of the consultation
room, when the qtiiet interfere
ence of his brother Justice re
strained him In a degree, and
here the battle ehdedT
To Remove Ink Stains from
Moisten the stains with oxal
ic acid, which instantly absorbs
the ink and evaporates, i&e-
peat the application at inter
vals, or until the stain is en
tirely removed. Oxalic acid
is a deadly poison, and should
be cautiously applied with a
camel's hair brush.
Washington died (after the
incumbency of the Presidential
office of eight years,) not Worth
so much as one years salary of
ine riesiaeni. xvxaaison and
Monroe died terribly poor.
Washington went into the rev-
olutionary war comparatively
rich and came out of the Gov
ernment service of fifteen vears
comparatively impoverished.
urant, in lbbl, was Jnot worth
ten cents ; he will go out of his
"service" on the 4th of March,
t art o 'if. - 11.1. 4,, i
iota, wim a ionune, it is De
lieved of Millions of dollars,
and with his family,' lineal,
collateral, and matrimonial,
saddled upon the Government.
Mrs. Stover, the daughter of
Andrew Johnsonr who presided
with so such quiet dignity for
three years at the "White House,
is now Mrs. Drown, the wife of
a country stoorkeepetin Green
ville, Tenn. Mr. Brown is a
plain and elderly-lookiffg gen
tleman, well to do in the world
through his denlidgs in dry
goods, groceries, and notions.
Mr. Johnson's only living son,
a youth seventeen or eighteen
rears oi age, is a cictk in lvir,
Brown's 'stora
When Andy Johnson Used
to take a little too much of the
"over-joyful," the Radical edi
tors said he was drunk. But
when Grant does "ditto they
say he was "artificially excited"
or "incapacitated for consider
ate attention to business." If
artificially excited or incapaci
tated for business are not new
terms for drunkenness they are
certainly very mild ones.
Henceforth the Democracy---and
that means the people
are not to compromise With the
Radical leaders ifl their grasp
ing after Power, under anv
color or pretext whatever.
They will remember the lesson
taught tbem by the founders of
the government m their stfnff.
gle against the domineering
tyranny of British tncraarchv.
and save the heritage! of their
ratnera irora overthrow
Twtstt-Piv Ci!NT8.-Thu mmm
will buy bottle of Mrs. Waftcbmb'tf
Syrrin, the gttut nWlhirtg roraody
for all disoasoa iaoidonli ts infants
aud children
Highly Important
busan 15. Anthonr
spectacles -
Anna Dickinsbii
lias krrf
nr i i tl A', t
lvu Aaeie nazictt has
t.ifnl MflMr o,V
- ivai-v. uuu a
Celia Burleigh 'dresses
dove-colored quits. ; " " .
Miriam M; Cole is jovial 'and
Mvra B. Brad Well wear di&
mond jewfclrjr.
Lucy Stone BlackweH fiViil
wears panteiettes.
... mm-ij)
.baron von Beust, the Ads
trian Premier; smbkes forty ci
gargs a day; -
A.Berksnife hb'g, was soli
in Warren county, $ i recent
ly for f 150;
"Wiliiamsport, la,; Saws 6dt
300,000,000 feet Of pine Witt
ber each yeaV.
' it is estimated (H . tli'icfe
slitfes HaVe improved the health
of Women twenty-five per ctitiii
Cincinnati manufacturers
$25,000" Wo$k of sausdge meat
anfiiially.- Rough oh the Gdgj;
It is said tnefe afe'm'&fe lha'tf
500 men ih Kew York eltto
who are worth offer $500,000;
farepa lias valid 'reasbfisfbf
not appearing in. public; Lit?
tie Ifosa' is frantic with rMittht:
One exDrfesa iiiedaeheffti iff
Chicago Is said to' hSvB trails
ed 1,600,000 miles- in ienyeatft
The new Govern ef Ma ffff
has just appointed his frf ede
cessor in office a Justice of thtf
Wash Mclean', of Clncifi
nati Enquirer." is worth twri
htmdredthottsafidfld,Il2ir& 6al-
stead, of Commercial,- one htifl
dred and ten thousand dollarsi
Hhe deepest exeatalloff fa
the United states is & ctfppef
mlheinlake upericrrj It U
l,d00 feet deep.-
A "Jtfew Yorfc fawyW pfopff
ses that all the" lawyers of tfce
country contribtfte ffve dollafS
a head for the relief of the
daughiers of f ndge Taiieyr Whtf
are poor and obliged to WOtkl
for a living
Phe devil has CeTta.it.tvt fcftf .
ken his chains in Loraine cotf
ty. The papers there are filled
with accounts of elonemehid,
thieving confidence ffames Ami
swindling. Oberlin is in th&t
PeUnsvlvttnia has add
other to her lisi of ttlnetal fe
sources ia the snap's of a valtt
able emery mine in Chestef
cotinty; ;
When' fiheg'fo goes iodeep,
he turns Lis whole attention" w
it, just like a Radical official
does when he begin to steal J
Cletelatfd rejoiced m its
first aegro jure last Week lie
was one of the noble twelve in
a esse involving sixty thousand
Monroe" County is nol only
sound in its "Ochlocracy fcut in
its morals The grand Jury
adJoUrUed the other day with
out being, called. 6n to find an
indictfment.- Wlnta tha rmitrt
jadl had hoi an inmatt fot
lh6 business failures in flh'fl
durmg 1870 MmUted 260
involving liabilities' Amounting
to$7.950.OOfo 'th'rn i'a nn in.
crease otet i8(ft. ia that year
there were 221 fAilurAs, -with
14,,000 liabilltes. The fail- "
ures throughout the country in
1870 show an increase -over
i860 of 29 pet Cent and of 33
per fcent. as compared , tritll
tirowiiWeii, "f Save I ii"
I nW
fellow, hat's" thin'g; I tell riiy'
wife' lots1 Of thing's" that nKvKr
wafi thade it a rule to ielf tilt '
wife fevery tJiirigHhahapp'eV
. ,Smithkins:'OlhT LaZ

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