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ljc (Enquirer,
J. W. BOWEN, Editor,
.ll'Artlnir. March 1, 1871.
The Northern Pacific Railroad.
This second highway across
the continent is now iu full
jiroccas of construction. Last
July contracts were let for
LuilJinff the Ftistern division,
rrtfir.hinrr acroes the State of
- o
Minnesota from Duluth, at the
head of. Lake - Superior, 210
miles to the crossing of the
Red Eiver of the North.
With several . thousand men
employed the grading on this
section is fast, - approaching
completion, and' the irou is be
ing laid at the rate - of one or
two miles a day, In the mean
time engineers are locating the
line westward through central
Dakota ; preparations are com
pleted for ' the , commencement
of work at the Facifio end ne
spring, and thereafter the work
of construction will ; be prose
cuted 'from both extremities to
ward the centre.
''In. addition to this, the
Northern" Pacific Company
have recently , purchased and
practically consolidated with
their own line the St. Paul arid
Pacific ' Railroad, embracing
some 300 miles of finished. road
in Minnesota on which a pros
perous business is already do
mg. This purchase removes
all rivalry between, conflicting
interest?, and practically makes
St. Paul one terminu3 of the
great ' Northern road. The
Northern Pacific Railroad, sys
tern is B' certainly assuming a
business-like , form, and com
prehensive proportions. Ob
viously its projectors do not in
tend to build a simple trunk
road from East to West and
then wait for a profitable traf
fic to come to it. On the con
trary, they are at the outset se
curing such connections and
alliances with the chief lines of
water communication, and with
the railroad syrtem of the At
lantic aud'Pacific States, as can
not fail to bring to it, in addi
tion to its local business, i
large and increasing share o
the carrvinsr trade between
ocean and ocean. At Duluth
oue arm meets the commerce of
the Lakes and the St. Law-
mice; at St. Paul tho other
eastern arm conuecta with the
commerce of the Mississippi
river and its tributaries, and
with the Railroads of the ceiv
traljand eastern States, concen
trating at Chicago. Ihese two
arms will unite, iu . Western
Minnesota. From the point of
junction a third branch will ex
tend to Pembina on tho Brit
ish border, and tho trunk line
will traverse central s Dakota,
and follow the now famous
Yellowstono valley throug
Montana. Near the boundary
of Idaho, the road will again
branch one arm. following
down the valley of the Colum
bia to tide-water at Portland,
Oregon; the other striking di
rectly across the Cascade range
to the main terminus on Puget
Sound. A North and South
branch will also connect the
Puget Sound terminus with
that rt Portland. At tlie lat
ter ' poiQt connection is' made
with the coast lines of road
now . building southward
through Oregon and California.
JJoth at Portland and .Puget
Sound tho road wilt tap the
coastwise and foreign, trade of
tho Pacific Ocean,-
i The chief advantages peculi-r
or to the -Northern Pacific
rm te 'are believed to boi those :
1. tt'jCaacc3-tlie distance be
tween .ihe Lakes aud the Pacif
ic Oceau .ome;G0S) miles. 2.
It lessens, the distance between
New York aud tho Pacific, by
water and rail to; the same ex
tent. 3.' It lessens the distance
between London and the Chi
nese ports ( by : the trans-conti
nental route atjeast HUU miies,
l ' '. 1 .H1f 6 to toe
4. ii traverses a uciii cu uiuwa
and ..Territories admirably a
laptcd by fertility of soil,
mildness of temperature, anil
equal distribution of moisture,
To profitable agriculture. 5.1 Its
elevation in the mountain is
3000 less thad that of other
ine, resulting in a diminished
suow-fall, a mild climate, and
ar easier gradients. 6. At
convenient intervals it inter
sects ' numerous navigable
streams such as the Columbia,
the Cowlitz, tho Yellowstone,
the Missouri, the Red, and the
Mississippi which drain a vast
rcciou, and will serve as feed-
s to the road. 7. It will
partake of the character of an
international route, permanent
ly controling the' carrying
trade of British America, and
rendering the important colo
nies north, of the boundary,
and west of Lake Superior,
commeacially tributary to our
Northwestern State?. '
Already it is 1 stated , that
setters are ' rapidly , crowding
to the line.; of the . : Northern
Pacific ' Road' in ; the New
Northwest, and judging from
what is known of the 'plans
adopted for promoting ' the
settlement and development
through emigration and colq
nization, of the belt of States
and Territories tributaay . to
the line there would seem to
be no doubt that the corpora;
tiou upon which the Govern
it rt 1 i 1
tnent lias conterred tni3 grea
trust, is determined to make
the enterprise not only -finnn
ciany sound, out greatly and
permanently beneficial to the
whole country. With its ma
dificent endowment of fertile
lands, with the natural ad van
tages this route undoubtedly
enioys, and with the far sight
ed policy already inaugurated
great commercial projee
could hardly start under better
auspices or with greater assa
rauce of success. .
The Income Tax.
The Income Tax is again be
ing discussed, and it ha3 been
asserted by competent author!
ty that the Government is ain
ply able to get along without
it. The cost for collecting aud
its inquisitorial nature, prying
as it does into the private af
fairs of citizen?, compelling
them to make a record of thi ir
affairs and submit it to an oil i
cial, renders it extremely odi
ous to a majority of business
men. It is contrary to the ge
nius of a republic, and the
spirit of our institutions, and is
productive of a vast amount of
dishonesty and prevarication.
Many undoubtedly shirk it ul
together, so contemptible docs
it seem to them. They have
no sympathy, no patience and
no respect for such a scheme
to draw money from their pock
ets without just cause, conse
quently those who do pay be:ir
the whole burden, and they do
it with an unwillingness which
is painful to witness. ,. ,
Even during tho war such a
ax was hardly' warranted, and
now that six years have passed
since tho war ended, and the
tax not repealed, it thows a
great lack of judgment as well
as an entire misunderstanding
of the will of the people "on
the part of the Government.
For partisan purposes its con
tinuance, may prove beneficial;
but for the life of us we cannot
see any, other - motive; which
keeps alive such- a contempti
ble swindlo perpetrated under
sanction of law, as this income
tax has p'royed ' itself. The
press everywhere, thank God,
arc waking up, aud they should
fight it. to tho, very death. '
Down with this miserable in
come tax.
The editor of the Logan Re-.
publican offors.to sell a year's
subscription to tho New York
Sun for $5 . The Sun is one of
tho livest Republican papers
published, 'and well worth its
subscription price (?G) in gold.
Unnke the licpuuncan, n nas
the manliness .to speak out
against the corruption of pres
ent Chief Executive of-the
United States. There is no
spooneyism about Dana, and
when ho speaks ot Urant lie
generally telU the truth in a
very brief wuy. Of course the
editor of the Republican don't
like Dana's way of talking
about Grant: aud being a little
hard up for cash, he proposes
to sell a year s subscription, to
this independent journal for 5,
one dollar less than the regular
subscription price, after adver
tising at least twenty dollar's
worth for it. We get the bun
daily, and would not be witu
out it for twice its subsdription
price. Logan Sentinel.
. The editor of that Logan
Republican is a live fellow!
He's a witty fellow, tool He's
just such a witty fellow as suits
the Tanxard Grantites on the
hills' of Hocking county 1
He's a Great, Grand, Granny
fied, Glorious Git ANT worship
per! -He worships all the
Grants frorn. Grandaddy Grant
the silly old . Postmaster, a
Covington, Ky., down to
Grant's wee bit of a pup the
smallest ot the litter oi pups
that vvere ' expressed "to him
from Cleveland. Why he's so
much taken up with the Grants
that' he - actually publishes
occasionally what purports to
be letters from dear old Granny
Grant! Of courpo he's down
on the New Yoik Sun I WhyV
The Sun is down on the thicv-
ing Graut "Administration I
lie despises tLc light of the
Sun prefers darkness so- he
may accomplish his dark deeds
without being caught! The
Sun is of no use to a Rebe
who turns himself into an Ab
lition editor, as the Logan Re
publican ''Grants purp" has
done! Poor Purp! He'd bet
ter trade the . Sun off for t
"Sooner Dorg!"
Last Wednesday, Feb., 22,
1S71, was the 139th anniversa
ry , of tho birth of Ueokge
Washington. There was no
celebration of the day in this
town. The day, however, was
celebrated at our neighboring
town of Athens. We mention
this fact because there are not
many Geokqe Washington
in existence at the present wri
Baltimore Short Line Rail
At the meeting of the stock
holders of this road "at Athens,
on the lGth inst., 103G shares
were voted' and the following
gentlemen .elected Directors:
John Waddle and Wm.'.T.
McClintock, Chillicotho, D. B,
Stewart, Athens, Wylio II.
Oldham and George Dana-,
Washington county, John
King, Jr., and John Donncll
Smith,' Baltimore, Md. John
Waddle was elected President
of tho Board, ChaS. F. Lowe,
Secretary and Wm. E. Jones,
Treasurer. The salary of the
President was fixed . at $500
per- annum. Chief Engineer
Manning was present and gave
favorable verbal report of the
proposed now route. The line
ocatcd and agreed upon is
from Warren s Station, on the
Marietta' and Cincinnati Rail
road, down ths Little Hocking
River to Bclpre, leaving the
present line of road from War
ren's Station to Scott's Landing
"out in the cold." - ' ' '..
Near Chicago there is a
steam garden of two acres, cov
ered with glass, and a net-work
of pipes laid beneath tho beds,
supplied with steam by a wow-
nul engine and boiler, to sup.
ly warmth and moisture.
iarlyr vegetables are neaily
ready for pulling, aud the later
ouca arc progrctang finely.
The Racical members Resign.
. sign.
[Special dispatch to the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
INDIANAPOLIS, Eebruary 23, 1871.
Previous to the assembling of
the House this morning it was
known that the Republican
caucus had determined to break
a quorum by thirty-four re
signing, which .. they did by
nacwg their resignation in the
hands of the Governor, who
promptly announced it by1 a
message to eacn branch oh as
sembling. JNo body can tell
what the Republican members
resigned tor.
It would take at least six
days before tho Legislative
Apportionment bill could have
finally been aded . upuii, arid
then they could have 'resigned
with just as much etlect as to
day. It was not even .certain
that the constitutional vote in
favor of the bill could have
been obtained in the House, as
several Democrats were sick
and one or two opposed the
bill. The Radicals resigned at
least a week before they were
hurt: '' .:. ,, ' . ' :
A Radical member in the
Radical caucus last night de
clared that the Democrats hud
a right to pass the bill, and at
all, events, , the Republicans
should wait for the last ditch
before resigning. A commit
tee of Democratic Senators
and Representatives will' issue
an address in the morning,
showing what tho Legislature
has done, and ' what was left
undone by the revolutionary
act of the Radical members re
resigning. Both brunches will
probably adjourn to-morrow
by Saturday at the latest.
All the bills passed have not
yet been enrolled and signed,
but will bo to-morrow. The
Radicals will not make even
seed-corn by this last political
Failures in 1871.
We reproduce the annual
statement by the Mercantile
Agency of. New York, giving
the number ot. failures in 1S70
and the number of failures in
18G9, with the amount of lia
bilities. From this exhibit it
appears, that the number of
failures in Ohio in 1SG9 was
221, and in 1870 it was 2GG
an increase of 46, and that the
aggregate amount of liabilities
of those failing in 18G9 was
$,G()3,000, and the aggregate of
those failing in 1870 was $7,-
956,000 an. increase of $3,
293,000 which is fearful to look
Mr. Pendleton was a candi
date fcr Governor in 1809; was
defeated, nnd no doubt many
of the parties who failed did
what they could to assist m
his defeat. They did not want
any of his financial policy, it
would make money too . cucap.
They wanted to get down to
hard pari 'aa-eoon as possible.
They have got down to it, and
pretty hard they find it too.
The llepublicaus triumphed,
Their financial policy is in suc
cessful' operation. vYheu the
defeat ot' Mr. Pendleton be-
came Known, tor. a certainty.
the Republican press sent up'a
great shout of joy over the de
feat of- the Pcndletoniau poli-
rail .
cy. luo result is an increased
crop of failures. It seems to
us tho people . could . stand a
few more creeubacks.--
[Wayne Co. Democrat.
Soldiers of 1812.
By a law just passed, Con
gress provides for placing on
tho pension rolls ' all surviving
officer's and soldiers of tho war
of 1812, who served a' period
of sixty days and were honor
ably discharged.' The widows
of such officers and soldiers
are entitled to pensions, pro
vided they were married prior
to tho 17th of February, 1815.
The particular form of proofs
and applications will be pre
scribed, by the Secretary of the
Interior. "
: Among its 'greatest curiosi
ties, .Wisconsin reckons' a 'wo
man .'who has been married frix
times, twice to the same man;
has been divorced turbo times,
twico fronr the samcjilaiiand
Is uow a widow. .,. ; , ;
' ; A'Uichinoncl woman asks for
a divorce, saying mat si;p ua
not seen her husbandsitlco he
murdered her futher.
The Newark Advocate says:!
"The cost of tunning tho va
rious Common-Pleas Courts of
Ohio' lias grown enormously
within the past ten or twelve
years. The addition ; to the
number of judges has, of itself,
entailed a largely increased ex
penditure. Rut the increase
from that cause is not as great
as .originates from i a.- .spirit of
dilatoriness that; has fastened
itsclf'on ";many "of "our courts.
A .lack ' .of promptness". and
preparation On the part of at
torneys has become a fruitful
cause of long terms, but the
responsibility for this .rests
more on the-judge who - toler
ates it than on tho lawyers.-
rwM ",' n
mo practice or - keeping juries
only null occupied tor days unci
weeks together, .is fin evil that
should have a remedy. Ily the
oojmniHis papers . this weeic,
we observe with satisfaction
that Judge Green has made an
order that ( all attorneys bo
presort when their caes are
called, otherwise they will be
proceeded with or continued to
the next term. Wo under
stand Judge Follett has indi
cated a purpose to , pursue i
like policy iii the court over
which he presides.1',
Tho Belfast Journal reports
a remarkable case or dropsy
in that city. A boy of 1G, .is
so swollen by ihe disease that
he weighs 250 pounds, and
girts five feet.
A doctor W(ts asked to dance
the "Lancers." lie declined
but expressed a willingness to
lance the dancers.
Slate nf Ohio, Vinton County, tm
lluelicyo Fumai-o Company, Plaintiffs,
rt. Goel A Co., UufunvliintH.
In Vinton County Court ofCojiimon 1'lunn.
eh r of J)i)iiiiioii.
riirsti.-mttotliuconiniainloi' 1111 Execution In
vuuiiiiovu nitiHU isstuicl In mi the Limit oi Com.
moil I'k-as of Vlnlon county, mill to niu tlirnctiii
II SIH'I-I II nl Hlllil county. 1 will oltVl- fur aula
lit tlii iloni- of llio Court Ilonso, in tllu town of
.uuAiutiir, v nnou tuutiiy, ciuo, on
Saturday, the 2,th nan of
at tho lionr oi 1 oVlork v. M. of uni.l ilny, tlio
iiMiiiwuit(iirt.rriiHMi iiiciiiiai, 10-wir. :
. The Nnrlll pint of Olit-lot-Nuinocr Two (2.)
IicIiikh strip oil' tlio Nortli nil ol' s.ihl Out. lot
iiimiii, wnu uiiiHiicii Mnu xweniy (laoi fei twlilc
-niil Lotconveyuil ly Oliurles Itnliliiimuiifl wife
anil nil of sail out- t oxcciit Hint n.n i. ,!' Hi.
iu liiu luanutiii .v I'lliuilllliui JUUIIOIUl coiupa
Also, n Htrlpoirtlio West siiloorOlit-lot Nnm
uiii-iois m. a ami io.;i; riiiintnir tlicnco Kns
hit iiiri-u a,) cc'iniiieiii-iujt t uic lint) lnlwccn
on tlio horlli line; at snlil OuL-lot No a until It
iiitoiwrut u lino rnnnlnjj Hnnlli litnn thn Houlh
west foriior or In-lot Xuinljer Twelve (IJ:
thonrn South Ono lluiiflicU nml Twenty (I-.'0)
feet until il Intorsci'U tlio lust Hiul Went line, of
Oiif-lntNn. 3 nlmvH lU'si-rllied: 'J'lii'in o we.t to
Hiiiil ilivlsion lino hetwuen h:uU Lots Xo. S nml
No. 8; uiul thonce North to the pluco of bcirin-uiiiK-
. ,
Aml.nliiO, nil thfiEtinIno nml Mai-lilnery up
for onrryinff on lliu Koumlry lotiiilej on sit Id
Lots nnd parts of Lots.
AUo, putloriisol'iliirorent klmlH mwessarv for
onrryln( nn tho Kouniii-y liiisincss. Im-liiilinp
natterns lor Kiiniiico Twoer nml llliiekHiniili
Twoits iilioiittwonty-flvo Mow point put terns,
ono full Kut of country hollow wnro iJiitterim,
ullniresof iviifton box pattorns, throe blue I'm ni
bell patluiiis. lour cm e mill iihUuiihi, ix siw.j
of miKiir kettle piilterns, liliceii ouiik Kli Ve
iiutterns, threo eailnon kUivi: pHUuriin, ilvapur
lorstovc iiattnniK, t'ourKnitPiiiul Iront pnttc-rns.
l'oui'jniul) K'-'l-J putUirns. two pump patterns,
I'onvplow nnttcrnK, ono full set liollntr wnru
pntterriH, uiiout boventy liariUvarepiittorns nml
alioutotin hiliidrcil li.-ittnrnsof (llnVieiit kln.in
"AUof tliouliovo IhiiiIs iiinltonenienlntofjetlier
wiui an too p.vrrorns nun wiom unit sum ooinpA
nviuiwowiiH nnd usos for currying on mlii
riiiinii ry iuimiiusj.
A II tlio RhoveiloKfirllied pronerty to be so'd
Unladen, iii the county of Vinton, anil dtutcol
a ci! in tlm Town nf
.Tuknu as tho nmocrtv of H. finet)! A Co.. to
naiiniy ml e.ei'lli inn 01 aiorcsaui cumri, iu luvor
of JSuekoyu Kurimoc Comnanv.
ApiimisoUnt Five Thousand Nino Hundred
and' biKlitr-Tliree Dollars (45,n(),) auU must
wii'ifi ii-uiuim ui uiul sum.
IfcitMH of oalk. Cusli iii hnnil.
DAMKI, nooTir,
' Shorlrl Vinton C'o.,0.
IT. C. .TONf.s, Atfy for Pl'ff.
;Foh. 2,M71,-w . ...
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
won wink yixo uii biood,
collent medicine enjoys,
Is derived from its oiu-es,
many of which nro truly
miu'volloug. Iiivoterulo
Tho rcuutntlon Mils ex.
oases or acromions ills,
case, whoro tlio system
Boemeil snturatoa with
corrimtlon. Lava bnnn
J purified nml ciirctl by It.
IT?? disorder .which wcro nir-
r,' aSZta.-jy pmviiKd by tho scrota.
' T--t. i ii Sirr luuiconLiiiiiliiutlon'iiiiiii
thcywcropnlnfullynnili'tliiff, hiivobocn rndlcnlly
cured In eucligrcat nmnliors In aluioitovury men
tion nf tlio country, Uint tho public scarcely uocd
to bo iiifoiHioil of its vlrtiios or nsos.
Sorofulous poison Is ono of tho most destine,
tlvo enemies of our race. Ollon, this unseen and
unfclt tenant of tho organism iinaonnincs tho con
stitution, and In vllos tlie attack of enfeebling or fa
tal illsonsoB, without exciting a suspicion of lis
iirosciieo. Again, it loeins to breed lnfoclion
throughout tlio body, nnd then, on some fnvoiHblo
occasion, rapidly dovolop Into ono or oilier of It s
hideous forms, cither on tlio surfneo or anion i lm
viluls, Iu Uio latter, tubcrclos may bo suddenly
deposited in die lungs or heart, or tumors forincil
In tho livor, or It shows IU presence by eruptions
on tho skin, or foul ulcerations on somo part of
the body. Ilenos tho occasional uo of a bottle
of this 6ariaparllla advisable, oven when no
active symptoms of dlsoaao spienr. Persons nf
fllctcil with ths following complaints Kenornlly
niul.lmnioilialo relief, (md, nt length, cure, by tho
uho of this S AltS A PA HILL At Ht.Anllto
ny'l Jt'ire. Ko or HrynipeUu, Xrtter.Hatt
llheuhi, Scalil tread, JUnyu-orm, Snr l'yrt.
Sore Man, and other eruptions or vlslblo forma
of Snrofnlout iIIfoiiso. Also In Ihe moro con-
ccnioti rormsi
aintm uitunsu. aisu hi iiiu muru con
rms. as Jhtpcpia, ltroptff, llenrt
t'U, Jipttcnuit, Nnuralfla, anil
ii uiotraum aueollon of the musoular
Dttccwe, .
tlio various
nnd nnrvrtna ivilAinL
HjtpMUi or Vrnertn) KnU Werturtal Dis
eases nro cured by It, thougli a long thno Is ro
quired for siibdiilng those olistlualo maladies by
any medicine, lint long-ctntinued uso of this
modlclno will cure llio complaint... JJeutnrrho-n
or lihitrt, Vtorlne Vleerntion, and i-'mnne
limnne, nro commonly soon relieved nd ulti
matoly cured by Us purllVIng iiikI Invigorntinnr
ofToct. Minute direct Inns kir each ense are found
In otn- Ahnaimo, supplied ffmtls. Jlhctimallinit
and UQut, when cnusl by acciimuliitkHis of ex.
trnnootts matU-rs In tho blood, yield nuiskly to It,
ns also Livrr VomplnUitt, Torpidity, t'ofiapt-tiiH-or
InlammnUott of tlioX(vtr,uii(Tru4it-
tCinf'. M
when arising, ns they ollon do, from Uie
V AH 1 1,1, A is a great festorer for tlio strength
a Doisohs In t ie blood. This &A11N4-
arising, ns they ollon dor Ironi tlie
Isohl In the blood. This 8A11HA-
guti and l.tnllcm, Jjmpondent, Merpteti,
and troubled with tt&rvaut Apprelunim$ or
J-Yam, or any nf tho afToctlons syniptonuitlo of
lFmiknmt, will find Immeillalo ndlsf and eon
vlnulng cvlilcuot of lie rostoialivo vowor upon
trial.. .. . , '
Jr. c.'AV: CO.iX.oweU, mass.,
. I I'fitctlcnl nnd Analyttcnl Chomiiti.
fiQtO BY ALL DKUUGlsrni liV'tni WilitlUi:,
nnd vigor of tlio svstom. Those who nre Lan
' " v- i ' r-i oi Tin -
' COMMY. , w
'- : ' ' " ' ,' '..
Secured by First Murt(inl oil nail-
rond nnd Land Grant,;
Offar for stliiat in
trrcst the Fird 'Mo
ar ana a rented in-
'rirhjaacLand Grant
Guld Bonds of the Northern 'Pacific
Railroad, Company. They arc free
from United Mates Tax, and are is
sited of the foJIoiriii a denominations:
Coupons, $100, -,$500 $1,000;
j?..iv!..i.; t irir a Kfint si nnn
$5,000, (tni $10,000. i -i i
1 ' i i ' 1 . '; ! f i ')
wn lioiimionileil (iovcriiiiient. Iimnls to Capllnl-
w th thninnHIVyHll.lcnnQ www which
ll rnl Inn. roi'omiiK'ihl lliosii NorlhiTil I'nellli-
ti, nml roniilo, winiow. niter tin- lullt'Hl Invert-
Hiiiiroiui uoints to our nioiius nun ino t,ounu
Gold, Payment T-Both Principal
nml Infci'M. an! piivnblo In Ainerii-iin jtoM coin
at. tho oillci! ni' Ja'v Cnoku A Co.. New York
city ino prim lpui ni ineoini in .ioyeiir, iiiiu
the Inli.'i'ist (at I lie riitoofsevii anil three tentln
percent, per aiuiiun,) nait-yt'auiy, urstoi Jan
uary nml July.
Porfect Safety. fbo bonds wo aro
now sollinjr tire soi-ureil by n first (mil only
nioi'l on all tho ir"peily nml rililn ol Urn
Noilliein I'ai-lllc llnilroiel Couiiinny, which
will ciubraeo on the ciiinpli'tliiii ol the work:
I. fiver Two Thmisiinil Milts of Honib with
rolliliK atock, building, nml nil oilier equli
menu. T.anil to every liilloof HiiIsIil-iI roail. 'J Ills land.
2. Over Twentv-twi) TliniM.imt Aeros rf
iiKiirnltiirnl, tlinl ere I mul uilii'-ral, ninouiit.
mi; in an lomoru iiiunr iny minion nori-H, con
sists of ill li-rnato siviloim, li iielilng twenty In
folly miles on em u shleol Urn track, anil ox
tonilliiK in A biKinl fori He belt, from Wisoon-iiii
IhroiiKh tliu rielut poillons of Minni'-iiilii, la
kolu, Montiitui, Idaho, (Joivgoa ami Wuehltig
lon, to 1'tiKot Kuund.
Whllo llio (InviTiimont ilocs fiot diroclly
Kuniaiiloe the emeU of llio Itoiul, it thusnni-
ily providi's toritifir inn nnn aroinpt pnynu-iit
liy mi unreserved intuit of land, the iiuwt vnl
u'ulilo eer conleric-d upon u groat uutlout.l
Ths llortfaffO. Tlio Trustees un
dor tho Mortjj;:ii;o, are Messi-s. Jay Cooko jif
rilihidi-lpliia, nnd J. tM.ir Thiiiii!-on. rresi
ilent of sho IViinsyh iinin Ceninil l!:iih'0:id
Comiinnv. Thev will direcllv .-md iiernmueiil-
ly n-in-enent the intoresls of tlio Krst Morllii-.ri(
boil'lnolilerx, end 11)0 roquirud to ueo that tlio
tirocttrl) o,f Umd tata urn used in pnrolimhiff
and cancel' ing tii batata of tin Omnpiuiy If they
can Iik bought before niiitnrity at not inorii
than 10 per cent, preiiihiin -, otherwl-o tho Trus
tees nre to invest tho proceeds of land sides in
Cnited Mates IiomIs or Kenl K'Uiito Mortmain m
for tho furlhi'i- wcinlly of Northern rni-illo
bond Itolderii. Also, tlnd they havO at nil tlmrs
in their coiurol, us security, at least 5(H) ai-rcs
of nverito land to every ? t ,000 o r oiitstnndin-j
llrst inorltfiie hondu, hesiiles tho railroad ilsclf
mid all ltH cxuipuiuiiU uiul friiuclilaos.
ProfitablenosB. Of course nolhinL'
can bo safer than llio bonds of tlio United
Hti t , but as the ticiveruim nl no lnmt r a
hoirower, mid ns the Nation's preneiit work it
not Unit of pieserviujf lis existem e, but Hint of
DKVKi.orisn A contisknt, we remind I hose
who desiiM to inoieiiso thier ini oino and obtain
ii more permanent investment, whlloslill hav
ing a tii'riot'uy luiiuoiu ouc-urity
United Stutes 5-20's. nt llioir
inn. yield tin; uresiiut innvliase
ed In II v o years, uiul Hpeeio piiyiuents bo ro
nori-ent. eold intorust. Hlionld tile
sinned, Ihey would really pay only V p r
lln present prOiuiuiil would lueuuwuilo
rent. ( or ii in tnrco yuurs, only a.'s per cent , as
Norlliern'rii Iflc 7 S0's, selliuK nt pnr In cur
rency, ichl to tho Investor 7 8-10 jier cent, (fold
Inleres't ulisulnloly for thirty yums, fret frum
lrnitl malt fnai. fl.lOOcurrcnev. iuvcNtnd now
in Hulled stales fl-iO's, will yield per year, In
Kolll. tiHV&ii.M. 1,100 cuirenc.i', invested now
In Nurlhiii-ii Piwrftlc7-Ws, will yield per year, in
K"lil ?'il,.)0. Here is a iliirereneu a annual in
eftjso of lionvly out'thl (l, besides u ilillerouco of
7 to iu per coin, in principal, wneii uotn classes
of bondi
ils ure
i redeemed.
Ths Eoad How BuildingWork
wm bp(5im In July lust on Ihecnstorn portion
of (he lino, and the money provided, by llio
sale lo sloel; holders of sonic six millions of tho
Company's bonds, to build mid equip the load
from Udiu Superior iutosh .Minnesota to tho
llO'l liiver of tho Noil h miles. The ifl'inlili
on tills division is now well mlvHiired. tho iron
isbcinx rapidly laid; several UioukiiiiiI men aro
.atworlion Ihe lino, and uiiout tlio llrsiuf Au
gust, next this ln.portant section of tlio road
ulll bein full opei u. ion . in the meantime or-ilei-s
hovo been ai'iitto the 1'y.illo eoast for the
comiiiciiceiiiont ot tho work on tho we torn end
mealy spring, ami llieroultsr lliu work will
he inislied. both cutiward and weslwurd. wit u
us much spocd as may he consistent with solid
ity ami u wise u.oiioiny.
Ueooiv:A!o fo: ' Lands. Thcso
bonds will bent nil times, before maturity, re.
ceivalile, at 1 III, Iu payment lor (lie Company's
iauua,ui, men- luwest cusit piieu.
Boris Eohargcablo.--Thb regis.
tered bonds can be o,li,-ingcd nt liny touo for
cnii)')iis,. tlio coupons lor roistered, and both
tliesii cuii ho exchanged for ol I it, s, myalilo.
prlili'ipal mid ln,tciv-.t, at tiny of lliu pi iueijud
IliiiiiK-liil conti-eM of Kuiope, in the coin of tlio
various Luroncuu couuUie.s.
How to Get Them. Your rienrofst
Hunk or lliinl.iT will supply thero bonds In
any llosircd iiiuount,and of nuy needed deiioiu
Illation persons wisliinto e.xchuime sloeksor
titliei- hondH fur tlii'M', cuu (lo so Willi miy of
our iifonriwiio win miow mo nignesi curroiii
price for all iiiarkotablo securities.
Tliosu living luWiiirHi-H remote from bunks
may send nuuioy, or oilier linnds. illreeily to us
by expiuau, and wo will send back Northern t'u
ci'llu lunids iitoiirowu risk, nnd without cost to
tlm Invtstur. s'or furtliui- Inforiiuitlon, pain
phlots, iniis, etc., call on or address the tuulr
signed, or any ol tho liuuks or iiuukurs cm
ployed to sell this loun,
For Sals T)y ' 1 '
J A M V.H T, lilt A DY A Co., V . ..
II All T. C.U Oil KY, On., C.en'l Agents
W lisTKUN HA V IN (IS HANK, . Pittsburgh
S. JIcCLKaN & Co. , ,
After n thorough examination wuhnvo Accept
ed un uguiicy for llio sale of tho aliovo lloiuls,
rei-onimoud ihoni to our eustoiuei-s uiul luvest
Ors generally, '
State n Ohio, Vinton Cnunfy,.
XT. W.Maddox A John Dozer
.' . .' -against ' . . i
J. W. Jdi C'lnnlck. .
Ill Vinton County Court of Ootnmon Plons.
Order of Side, '
IJUItSUANT to'tho'eomiiiAiulof ah order of
sale In the) nbovo cuii-o, Issuod fiinn the
Court nf Common Picas. Vinton count y, (mlo,
audio mo dii-ectertasfiliorlfr of said 'eounty. 1
will ol'ler nt iiublioMilcon tliopieuitsctof ilnltii
Dozer, iu llurrliiou ToWnslilp, In ton uouufy,
Ohio, ou . .
Saturday, tho 4th Day :of
; March, A. 1). 1871,
between tho hours of 10 A. m. unit 1 p. if. of
said day, tlio, following dctfcilbcil property, to
wn t . ..
Tnkcn an thopmpoity of John Dozer, to satisfy
iijiidgniont lor cosh, bv said Court, lit the No-
Hheriu" Vinton County.
February, 22, 1B7I-9W
lOOontsPostpiilil. . ' Addrcn ' ;
87 1'tirlc Ilow, ' '
.!.i'HJ.. IT
-For HjuUuhVf fiul Cure of i lie Krlu(kiai tin.
fiirtiiiiaipi'oil rrhiilili- of Cbrlsllsil I'md '.utlirnpy.
tilbsys on tho Krrornof Yortlh, sml the Kulllos of
Afi', in relation MnsuMit fcooii iivu.s, wlili
Midisiy sill for t hs nlll'i'lril. Hunt In e, In sealril i n
vdnncs. ArtilroM, UuYVAUU ASaOClATIytJ, iJox
P, l'lulsilelyhlo, Ps, ... ...
iTy lli.t AMlilllCAN KNITTING MAUIilNti
CO BOSTON, M Abrt.. or ST. I.IU'IH, MO. 4IMW
WANTKP-.UIKNT, i$?0 t"r ilnv) In rsIHIkJ
f..Mitli..i1 lKIMIiKlllnrl.K HKWIKHMA.
CIIINU.- lias iWfamlnr-fW'il. nmkm tho "loi-k mltcir'
n'll o on luilli BlilMI nml in fully lli-onrml 'J'lic licut
tutu cii'-ii nt lunniy -WMitf iMiu-iiiiMi in iiio iimrki't.
llliru'll, I'll, Olllrm.'!!, III., in-Ht. I.oill, Jin.
Aililifl". Joh'isoH, Ci.mik .t Co . llimlnn, Mnns.. l'ltti
TTF t'ondilnlnii Vleel wood's. '"J.lfV of
LIGHT ClirNI,""l,ii'csrirtbeA)oRtles. JOvan.
V .-(relists mul .Alartyrnj'.'.- L)oilili'iilfro't
THK "Kvldeiieonof Christianity:" "ilisto
vrorl'K l',v ol'.llio .iewH," by .. ,litwtilinr ; ')
llislnr.V .of, nil lli'lijfious t lenonlilhlhilis" Willi
i ri-n I iMi-4 nnd lUhlns l'llatliu; t" eW-nts ennueo
led with I'llilo lll-lriiT. Willi liuiny flnoKnura
vinits. forininir iieoniiilftoTroiisiirv oft liristlnii
Kuowledlie. V. KI.INT & CO., No. 8(1 H. 7tll
St., riiihiilol;iliin.ri('iistoiii Iiuxe IMaeo, I'll Inn'
?o, and 17(1 West 41b St., C'itioiiiiiutl. 43-4w
I .. llysonillnif . ),) CKNTSl
0 1 1 w I I
;urn of
wimi nrre, noivnt. Color of t-yog ami hair, voic
ri'coive, uy reiura mail, a ilorreet nU-ttiru i
ymir mihiid illnlnlncl n WII'O. Willi llallit "II
lUte of iiiniThine. Adih-csi W. l-'OX, P. O. I'm
i-rXo.n, i ultonvtllc, K..V, s j ,j
nitini) iiiistniuil ol- -w f. willi iiaiua uml
i, . i 8 iw
Wowlllsi'iul n Jlinndsoino Prospectus of 'oiir
Now Illustriited I'anilly llihlo containing over
'M line Se.rlitiiro lllitsli-ntitms to any lloolc
Airoi.t. froonl'oh:u'tf. Address, NATlONAI.i'UB'
lihuino Cu .l'liiln. l'a., Chicago, ill. or Bt. l.ou
ii, Mo. a v. ... ... : ,, : ;; .
lUiiDUCTIOX OF ritlCEfcj
aSEAt siviNfl to coiTsiimd
8nnl fovourK iw Trice Mst- linda CI nil
form will I'd'ompimy it, contain Inp; full direc
tions milk ii.K a l.,rf,x siuii.irto coiisuiiiersuiiil
veiliiinnratlvo to clilh t)iKni( l :t .,. ,
Hie Great Amprican Toa Co.,
ai. iv.u.j v cfcey Btreot, iNew Voi k. '
l'.O. HoxBOIil. m-1
An qiifmllns n-ini'ily for nil llroiielilnl lliniciilllca
0'iUflis. Cu!i , Iloiiininrsii. Aillnum l)litliuilii. Dry.
ne-s of i lie T" mat or AVI id 1'ipo anil all CiiUrrhsl
IHsimisi'S. 7JTf
Tup wol'di'i-ful inoilcrn illscovi'ry of Cathnllo Aclil,
Ik il.'.stnii'il tij Ikcoiiii hoc of lliu L'l-eatcsl hhiHSlni;.u,i
iiinhUli.il in it.i ilit!tnittiiii to illst'iises uf tlio llinmt
nii'l us jjren' cur ilivo ipuliilcs Iu ill iifluctiuiw of llio
Ciuw kM I.t.NGI. .
Dr. Wells' Cnrlmlic TaMcts,
I csldus tlio urent. ri'inoillnl neeiit (Wlio'lc Arhl eon.
Uiin ntlii-r liu.'i'eilli'ii. iiiilvcisiiliv ri""iiiiii( nihil,
which i liCliiloiilly raniil'liio, pi el in I iw h Tolilel nii.ro
Illicit ly mclio'wll mul betlor arlniiteil fur illsinseii of
tV thMnt limn any nrepiriitlon wr befuro uff.Tcil to1
tin- pahlai.
OAil i l1kl liK hi'kk voirKT Wei, i. '8 ('au-
I 'Til I'll GO0P8 UK fALMKDOl'-l'ON VOU IS Tlli;lU
l'LACK. , i .
Vella' Carbolic Table's
.3T S . 'fi;'.
KUIt SAI.1C l: lAII WIlKltF.
'. And for salo Whok-Rloonly by tlio'
Great Atlantic & Taoifio Tea Co.
r. . r.ox. ,V;0, s ciicucii i'., x. v. '
Local Agents 'Wanted.
want a l.offlil Agent InoveryTow ii
ml Yillnuo in tlie eoiiutry, toeiin
'iti fiii'subsci'ibiiirt to tliu Wkmtkkm
VoiiT.n. A Sliigiilllcent ?5,(H) l'rn
iuiu Steel Kngriivinir is sent a rut is
oMirv siibse.rilior. t Vim 1.00 b
lO.lii) can lie ea-.il ni.i.le in an even'
ig. A iibeial cash coiuniission is)
.i lowed, r-omlsluinp forHpoi-iniima
id Prism I'ireular. Adilress.
AIKSlt:LI.IOTT. II sum, Mass.
and I'lO n ilnv siico. mul no
TT hiiiubu
burgh. Pa.
Addross I. ATT A. ,t CO., Pitls
n9 Iw
" mNoTI C E a ' ' :
A 110 X of Finn Inlliiil Writing Paper and
Envelopes sent VII M? by mail for 50cents.' '
BON TON PAPER CO., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Tlia Afoi-rirt PmtiIv will change anycoN
llie IVl ngIC LOITI I) ()1ii huir or I mini
lo a pertnanont blade or hunvn. It c-ontnins
no poison. One entnb sent by liiuil for if I. Deal
ers supplied nt: reduiH'd rules.', Addretw Wnir
Pulton, Tre.iH.Rprlnglield. Mush. n2-4w
for (Iroesheeb's C.ileuliiting niai'hitio', rapid,
ncriiruto, rcHslile,. ulniplM, J-iwily oiieraled,
eliesii nml heaiilil'ut. (living iiiKliiiiliiiieous
iiddltioiis iirsiililraellons. taking Ironi one (
tlvnooliimim of tlgiiros ntntiino, carrying sml
hollowing ll own Ions, hniulrods, t-tc., wilh
oiilUio least thought oil tlio pin t of tlio opera
tor. Address
n-4w ZU1ULKR & McCUllDY, Cincinnati, O.
Every Faraaor, Mephanio & Worker .
Can Mako $50 to $150 por month willi
Our Poplar Bo, ki), Mapn and Piotot'eB.
B.v.,80 IVgtJ by mall free. Addron"
(KKl)spEIil'8 Empfro Book mul Map House,
Chicago. - ulMw -
liy lR..Jsn. H. Ki.l.ta. Largo HuIcm, Imninnso
frollts. Btiipendoiisi mrcUliona luul HtnrtlinR .
(llsrlosuri'M. OiicldueAiiiiiiiiinlty nml iuiniys
Uirlcs. The wliolo nulijoet laid bare nml Its
lliiluonsiiom exposed lo uiilvursiil execration.
i ntlcn in the inloii'Sts ol' Civilization, Chris.
Ilanity iiihIPiU'IIo Mornlily. Send lor circulars
and terms. U B. Fuhllslilng Co ,li Brooino
8t K.V. . (-.
Tlio Tlovlow Iii tlio ifeognl.cii organ of tho
niilwny Interests or (ho Wosl. it columns
lurnlslin fnlthliil record of new railways pre
lected mul building In all puitHOf the country:
tho IreNhost news In rrgard lo tho practical
uiul Ibtiine.lal oiioi-Htloiis of lomling Western,
i.',.utri, uo.l kiiiillievii Hinds i 'origins! am
ti.i i.. x..i.w,t,.,i i.iiii.ti.s uimn em-rent railway
Chtcaso Railway-
ootlon of tin' kl"'
VvnntiiRfs to nny other rribll-
i . . l. Kl.ti.tiiurna'f i ' A . Ill I'll Hti
ootlo.1 Oftiic l " '". . ' V : uAlLWAlf
nil coininuiiieiii"i
toplrs, and vurlous other matters of ipcclnl in-
''t'iui'iiKVIKW is pnlilisbod irvervl'hnrjidny .
nt thoolllce, lioom 00 nnd 4l.4-pu4)Wl ulot'k
Ciiitom lloiiso Place, t''hBI,lrpvmiK.rmBt.m.
HuiHcHptlon prii-o- ..-.;K,oi)iror anntnu
Tun coptce to ons aiMress. .. .. ... - , i
Koieiu isuliserlplloiH.cacli.... ,) .
As a-niivorllK nn medium for mhnfsMitrrii
anddonlorU. Iron. Hlecl, M;"!,' "
rolal lit e to Ihill way Coimtriu-t li, Kolling Stock .
uiul and Hupcrstiuctures, tho, 1 1 . .i '

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