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l Publisher ud Proprietor. J
NO, 9..
Fine ILitlaograpli Portrait
i. ... - . .
At considerable expense wo have contracted fur
1,100 Larc lithograph l'orlrail! (Size 11 x 16 inches!)
Of our esteemed U. S. Senator, Hon. Amjbn Cr. Tiiukman, to bo made to
our order from a fiuo riiotog'raph furnished by Hon. J. II. Tutna-m, Ed
itor of Uio ChUUcothe Adccrtiser, which will bo
JSixitolDl for jn?jae3LiTi&,
making a very
Handsome Ornament for (lie "Parlor or Library,
which wo will present to
Every Oli & to Mscrita to tlie Democratic Iprer, til Ajril 15, 71,
On tho following conditions:.
Each one of our subscribers in arrears
ar.d a year s subscription m udvanco, will bo entitled to the lortrait.
Each of our subscribers who havo paid one j-car in advance, from Jan.
18, 1871, (commencement of VoU 5,) will bo entitled to tlio I'ortnut.
Each subscriber who has paid less than a year and will pay a year from
tbo time already paid, will bo entitled to tho Portrait.
Each new subscriber paying ono your
. rortrait.
Each person sending us a new subscriber, with cash in advnnco, will be
ciitiUlcd to a copy of tho rortrait
Tho Terms of Subscription, whether at Club Hates or otherwise, are
well known to all our present subscrtbors.J
Tho Democracy of Vinton and adjoining counties yea, even men of
alt parties now havo a good opportunity to obtain a nice Picturo for
Parlor Ornament, of tho most popular man in America at tlio present
timo the rising man not only of tho Democratic party but of thocou'n
try a man whoso name and framo is national, and whoso courso in the
U. S. 4Senate has won for him tho profound regard of evciy honest man
throughout this broad land, and tlio lovo of tho Democracy of Ohio. His
liarao lias been canvassed throughout tho Union in connection with the
Presidency, and is now floating at tlio mast head of many influential pa
pers in the country. In Vinton and ndjoining counties ho has many
warm friends who havo know him from boyhood, who certainly will
consider this ono of tho best presents wo can odor them.
Lot all our subscribers and thoso who aro not subscribers, in Vinton
and other counties, avail thomsolvcs ot this opportunity to socuro a Por
trait Bcjcin tho work now! Iiomcmbor tho timo runs only to April 15!
It is our pnrposo to purchato a now press and greatly improvo tho
Democratic Enquirer, and wo havo take the way to not only inercaso the
already largo subscription list but to
bo required to aid us in thoundcrtaking. J. W. BOWEN.
who will pay up his indebtedness
in ndvanco, will bo entitled to the
tor eacn new subscriber sent us.
raiso tho sufficient means that will
Tho House refused by a vote
of 114 to 91, on Thursday
week, to suspend the tax on
income, and greeted the large
ndverso vote with laughter.
This is a beautiful example of
a popular constituency, bowing
to the will of the people I
Alexander II. Stephens'
health has baffled the shrewdst
guesses of his physicians. They
liave been predicting his spee
dy death for the past five years;
and yet, though very delicate,
ho is likely to live as most men
t if..
in mucn sounder ana ucttcr
1 ' Sabine, who got his namo up
by creating a corner in New
York funerals, is to marry an
' Mr. Smith, of Iowa, dissat
isfied at his new wife's cuttings
up, gave her a dollar to "scoot."
Cheaper than divorce.
' Canada is. aghast at an
American" speculator who cm
ploys 200 men fishing for trout
in tho Dominion.
It is said that a roasted on
ion bound upon the pulso on
the wrist,' will stop the most
inveterate toothncho in a few
A New Haven genius draws
fine portraits with a hot poker,
which inspires some one to
suggest that he is an adept at
The Knoxville (Tenn.,) City
Council has passed an ordnance
to prevent ladies of color lying
around groggeries and getting
A discbarged. soldier was
lately garroted, robbed and
stripped in the streets of San
Francisco, by three comrades
. ...i i . i . i i i.i
wir.n wuom ne. nau Deen arms
A Montgomery, Ala., young
man ot wealth amd family,
drove a dray all one week, on
a bet of $ 000 that ho daren't
do it.
New York bridegrooms are
adopting tho English custom
of presenting the bridemaids
with monogram lockets to wear
at the ceremony.
Greeley says "hay" before
answering a Question, such is
his lovo of agriculture, says an
A Cincinnati theatre was
enlivened the other other
evening by a fight on the stage
between a dog and a cat, not
'lown in me ijjus,
J. W. BOWEN, Editor.
M'Artlmr, March 15, 1871
State Convention at Delaware
State Convention at Delaware---Nomination of a
State Ticket.
The State Prohibition Con
vention met at Delaware on the
23d ult. After the usual tern
porary, organization, Mr.
Howard, of Athens, was elec
ted President, and one Vice
President was elected from
each Congressional district.
Messrs. G. Frauds, of Deb
ware, S. Scott, of Montgomery
and W. C. Holliday, of Hock
ing, were elected Secretaries.
The Vice Presidents were
appointed a committee on res
olutions, and a committee com
posed of one from each Con
gresfional district was appoin
ted to select candidates for
State officers ; and during the
absence of these committees for
consultation, the time was dc
voted to addresses.
The committee on resolutions
reported, and after amending
it so as to make it a prohibi
tion platform, the convention
adopted their report.
The committee on candidates
made the following nominations
which were unanimously rati
Red :
Covernor Gideon T. Stew
art, of Huron county.
Lieutenant Governor P. M,
Waddle, of Morgan county.
Board of Public Works L
li. Silver, of Columbiana coun
Supreme Judge Samuel E
Adams, of Cuyahoga county.
Treasurer Thomas Evans
Jr., of Delaware county.
Attorney GeneralJames W.
Stinchcomb, of Hocking coun
State Commissioner of Com
mon Schools Solomon How
ard, of Athens.
Clerk of Supremo Court
Azra Alderman, of Morgan
Auditor of State W. B.
Chadwick, of Franklin county.
An evening session was held,
which was largely attended by
the people of .Delaware, and at
which temperance addresses
wero made till a late hour,
when the Convention adjourn
Improved Paste.
A now form of paste for attach
ing paper haugings to walls, and
ono which bosidos possessing tho
merit of cleanliness, has tho advan
tage of preventing tho paper from
Separating or pooling off, is propar
od by first softoning 18 pounds of
finely powdered bolo in water, and
thon draining the surplus wator
from tho mass. Ono and a quartor
pounds of gluo aro next to bo boiled
into gluo water, and tho bolo and
two pounds of gypsum' aro thon
stirred in and the wliolo mass fore
od through a sieve by means of a
brush. This is afterwards dilutod
with wator to tho condition of a
thin pasto or dressing, when it is
roady for uso. This pasto is not
only much cheaper than tho ordl
nary flour pnsto, but it has tho ad.
vantage of adhering.
We aro in receipt of a copy of tho
St. Louis Journal of Commerce, tlio
most usoful journal for all classes of
manufacturers and business men
printed on this continont. It con
tains tho pricos of dry goods, gro
ceries, hardware, drugs, etc, in all
tho leading citios of tho United
States. An edition of 50,000 was
issued la January, and another edi
tion of 100,000 will bo issued soon.
Business men and others, wishing
copies, should address Wolcott
Marmaduke, Proprietors, JJq. 27 S.
St., St. Louis, Mo.
Buying Votes.
The Radicals of Jur neigh
boring city of . Portsmouth
where, in 18G3, at ia Demo
cratic meeting, the women
waved black flags, could no
settle the question, Svho shal
be Post Master 'A withou
holding an election. ';' The elec
tion was held a few days ago
and four or five persons were
voted for, ' among whom were
Oliver Wood and Milton Ken
nedy. Mr. Kennedy came out
of the contest victorious. The
following, which appeara in the
limes, jjemocratic paper, ami
the Republican, of that ex
treraely Radical city, phows
how the election was conducted
At this election Oliver Wood
ceceived 43 votes more than 1
did, and he got them as follows
to-wit : inrst. He bought ev
ery vote he could get, white oi
black, publicly and privately,
paying from one dollar to fatty
for a single vote. He furnish
ed the whiskey to make Dem
ocrats drunk who then went
and voted for him. He got o
this class not less than 50, some
of them the strongest Demo
crats in the country. Third
He hired Arch. Saunders, a
colored man who was working
forme, and professed to be my
friend, to work for him, aud at
the same time to let on he was
working for me, and did so de
ceive me, I having full confi
dence in him. 1 trusted him
with the colored vote until he
got in furty or fifty of my votes
lor W ood, before I found it out
Fourth. The election was held
on Friday, so the voters on the
Bostona (hands) could vote, of
whom there were twenty-hve
or thirty colored voters, who
wo'ld have voted for me; but the
Mate of said boat refused to let
them come to the polls, saying
if they did he would discharge
every man ot them that went
and voted for me. Whether
Captain Moore knew of this
or not I can not and only be
lieve it when he refuses to dis
charge said Mate.
I neither paid money or used
whiskey to buy votes. If the
same fairness had been used bv
Wood I would have had 150
majority over him. I don't
propose to stand any such swin
Con. GroKvenor has written a let
tor doclining tho uso of his namo tor
tho Kopublican nominatied forGov-
ernor. JNow, what nro wo to uo (
Ironton Register.
Why, do as we advised you
to do three or four weeks ago :
nominate llev. C. W. Taylor,
the African Barber of this
county I There's no decline in
him !
We don't propose to dun anybody
ust now, but wo hopo cvory man
whoowos thiHo(ilco,vill bo suro and
tako It that this notice moans him ;
for It docs. Wo- want money and
need ovtry dollar duo us.
Don't go back on your news
paper. A Bubacnber to an
own; paper recently stopped
Siis paper, and the next week
ie was nearly kicked to death
by a hprse. '
[From the Washington City Sunday Gazette.]
What Talent, Energy and
Skill Can Do in American.
A Feature
of the
Great Carnival.
To the general effect and
splendid success of the late
Carnival, ho small contribution
wax made by, the Napoleon of
IJTnggists, the famous Dr. II.
T. IlelmbolJ, of New York,
who, at great expense came to
Washington, bringing with him
the finest and . most valuable
horses and carriage ever driv
en on Pennsylvania Avenue.
A special description of this
establishment. cannot tail of be
ing interesting. The Doctor
brought with him five horses,
two Ilambletonians, and three
Kentucky .ones. They ' were
1 riven together, two at the
wheel, and the others tandem
Their graceful' 'action, perfect
docility, admirable training and
great speed, became the theme
of prniie. Many of the most
uisunguisneu gentlemen oi tne
nation's capital, by the invita
tion and kindness of Dr. Helm-
bold, enjoyed the rare treat of
riding over the finest avenue
in America, in the handsomest
team, and afrer the five best
horses, now driven together,
the world can produce.
These are the wheel horses
two large, powerful, and bright
bays, and while they are as
mettlesome and proud as the
historical horse, of Alexander,
they are gentle and obedient
to the slightest movement of
the rein.- They are very fast,
and singly, have frequently
trotted a mile in two minutes
and forty seconds. Jupiter is
nine years of age and the
Prince eight, and so perfect a
picture of equine beauty, each
looks as they stand in harness,
that one almost expects to see
starting beneath Ins proudly
stamping foot a new Hippo
crene, such as sprang beneath
the slender hoof of winged
Pegasus. Horsemen in New
York and elsewhere, have made
repeated efforts to purchase
this span, but :thc Doctor
would not part with them for
love nor money. They are
among the noblest of the re
nowned Ilambletonian stock.
He is a Kentucky horse, six
years old, and a bright bay a
tull blooded animal, and capa
ble of making a mile in two
minutes and thirty seconds. He
is as tractable and kind as a
horse "possibly can be. The
sagacity, which might be call
ed supra-equine intelligence, of
this beautiful animal, is most
remarkable, and well fits him
for the leadership of his spirit-
a companions. vc Hazard
nothing, in Baying that Dr.
Ilelmbold would willingly give
ten thousand dollars for a horse
equal to Magenta, It would
be hard, very hard, to find an-
other like him.
Tho next horse, appropri
ately bearing the grand old
Koman name ot Augustus, and
fully sustaining its meaning,
follows Magenta, and like him
a native of Kentucky, lie
a bright bay, seven years old,
and makes his mile with case
in two minutes and forty sec
onds. His valuo we do not
know, but if emergency re
quires he can tako the place of
Magenta m the leadership.
For Augustus, tho Doctor ex-
It VI .
presses a peculiar aiiection, and
he would not part with him on
any terms, , ; . .
Like the other four, Volant
of a bright bay, eight years
old, a Kentuckian, and trots
with ease a railo in two min
utes: and fifty seconds. So to
speak, he controls tho lead
horse's and balances tho whole
team; When put to his full
speed ho nrceents a vivid pic
ture of tho meaning of his
namo. 1 he live horses togeth
er can trot a milo in four
minutes. Ihis is fast, very fust
or a team qi' this buso. Five
Uexters .could not- trot it
together without long and
careful training.
The harness worn by these
horses is - in perfect keeping
wiui ineir neauty ana value.
It is made of the finest
leather, gold mounted, elabor
ately ornamented, and' bears
the monogram II. T. II. The
reins are of French buckskin,
martingales are made of fine
scales of gold, and they flash
their purity of metal in the
sunlight with every movement
of the horses' necks. The whip
cost one hundred fifty dollars,
and is heavily mounted with
It was built by Brewster in
New York, and it is a most
magnificent specimen of taste,
strength, ease and convenience.
It may be used either as a
landeau or as a close carriage,
and with two, four or six foot
men. Its first cost was twenty
eight hundred dollars in gold,
and it is considered the finest
carriage ever built in America,
It is longer than other landeau?,
hence the hack look or ap
pearance is entirely avoided.
Dr. Ilelmbold has .secured
the services of Mr. D. .Kings
port, a horseman of great skill,
and a driver of long experience
in this country, and in Europe.
For several years he was in the
service of the Emperor Napo
leon as his driver. He is in
full charge of the establishment,
and makes the confracts for
transportation. lie receives
the comfortable salary of two
hundred dollars per month, to
say nothing of perquisites.
Each horse has his own groom, I
but their salaries and those of
the outsiders we do not kuow.
Dr. Ilelmbold treats his
horses as if they were intelli
gent human beings. Their
condition is carefully examined
every morning, and their phys
ical wants consulted. First,
they have some nice vegetables,
and if they do not eat these,
fruit is resorted to sometimes
they havo apples, oranges,
ban nan as, and grapes as a last
resort. I hey are very fond of
grapes, and it is no uncommon
thing for Magenta to eat in the
morning five pounds of white
grapes ; and such as Magenta,
Volant and Augustus get cost
one dollar per pound and this
is the simple idea advanced by
the esteemed and valuable
friend and family physician of
Ur. Ilelmbold, Dr. Filbert, of
Philadelphia. None of the
Doctor's horses' aro clipped,
but are thoroughly and con
stantly groomed, and their
coats shine like satin. The
Doctor gives as tho reason why
horses are clipped, that it is to
secure their neat appearance
without regard to the comfort
of the animal, and to save
All this is quite sufficient to
indicate that Dr. Ilelmbold
lives like a princely gentleman.
However, he has other carria
ges, among them art American
drag, the most stylish and ele
gant one in the eontitry. It is
heavily trimmed with gold and
fitted for two coachmen and two
footmen. The hubbins are of
gold and the tires of the finest
steeh It cost a large sum of
money and will exceed m its
rich effect any carriago he, has
ever driven at Saratoga, Long
Branch, and other noted wa
tering places;
The Doctor atso hnS a top
Phreton,' used with two or four
horses, and it id often fcecn and
admired in the pleasure drives
of the Park and Harlem lane.
The citizens of the bid
world -might regard with
amazement tho rich and abund
ant life of a citizen of a new
republic, vieing with their own1
lives in power and adornments,
after a few years of ptrong ef-
tort ana the succcssnu appnea-
tiou of talent; cuciy and skill
The American Artisan.
Is a' weekly journal devoted!
to' the interest of Artisans and
: Manufacturers,- Inventors and
Patentees, ft contains; numer
ous original engravings and dis
criptions of new machinery? no-f
ticcs of all the latest discover
ies; instructions hf'. arts' arid;
trades reliable recipfesf, for
use' in the field, the work shopy
and the' household ; practical
rules for mechanics and advicd
to farmers; descriptions of re
markable inventions recently
patented in the United Stales
and Europe, weekly articles on
"Our Works and Shops," and
others published with por
traitsunder the' heading of
"Sketches of Distinguished In
ventors, Mechanics and Mann-'
facturers ;" the whole forming
an Encyclopedia of general in
formation on topics connected
with the Industrial Arts, the
progress of Invention? etc.
Each number of the Ameri
can Artisan will contain read
ing matter, in which the prog
ress of the Arts and Sciences h
recorded in fam'dkr langnage,
bf dry technicalities and ohtruse
words and phrases. In this
journal is published! regularly
the official list of all Patents
issued weekly from the United
States Patent office. Twenty-
six numbers make a half-yearly
volume of handsome and con
venient size.
Terms of Subscription. The
publishers of the American
Artisan, in order to place their
journannthc hands of every
Mechanic, Manufacturer and In
ventor, furnish it at the ex
tremely low price of $2 00 per
annum or $1 00 for six months.
Specimen copies sent free. Ad
dress, Brown-, Coombs & Co.,
publishers, "American Arti
san," 189 Broadway, New
Advice. When yon want to sell
property, advertise it. In that way,
yoa will get the best prieo. A safe
occurred, last week, wheroin a man
lostfivo hnndrcd to a thousand dol
lars, because he had not previously
invested thrco or four dollars in ad
vertising! If you advertise, yoa
givo everybody a chance and there
by sccuro tho best price.
"I hoard it."
"Who told ton?"
'Her triond." (?)
"You don't say?"
""f is dreadful I"
"Yes awful."
"Good gracious 1"
"Who'd think it?"
"Well! well! well!"
"Bear mo I"
"I'vo had Kit
Suspicious I"
"And I, too, soo I"
"Lord help us 1"
"Poor creature 1"
"So artful 1"
"So sly 1"
"No beauty I"
"'iuito thirty I"
"liottveou you and t
"I'm going f"
"Do stay love I"
"I can't!"
''I'm forlorn 1"
"Faro well, dear (".
"Good by swoot I"
"I'm glad sho's gorief"
Two Montreal gentlemen,
spirituously festive, tried to
dance a jig in church to the
music of the orgau, and were
cruelly ejected.
A railroad train broke' loose
at New Orleans the other day,
and went straight through a
warehouse; and dwelling. It
telescoped a whole . slumbering
An Arkansas iilanter likes
the Chinee as cotton pickers
better than negroes. Thev
work for $li a month, and live
on rice and molasses.

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