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vIjc (Enquirer;
J, W. EOWEN, Edit.
MWrtluir, March Iff, 1871.
Our Railroad---The Routes
between Dundas and
I,iist week we promised to
publish in this paper .1 comrau
jiicilion from tlio (tallipolis
Journal, signed "Friend of "the
Uoail," at Ihickeye Furnace, in
wliicli (ho Little Ilaecoon Val
ley route was favored for loca
ting the road from Gallipolis
to Dutulas, but wo have since
read an able article on the con
struction of the lluilroad in
the (iallipolis Bulletin and the
Journal, written by President
Langlky, and another by
"Frieud of the Road No. 2,"
we have concluded to omit it.
We copy the following from
President Lanqley's article:
"All practicable routes will be
"carefully examined by com
"peteut engineers and the best
judgment of the Directors
"with the aid of the engineers
"will be exercised in making
the most judicious selection
"for the location of the road,
"all things considered for or
against (lie different route?;
"All want the road, but it can-
"not run past every man's
"hcAise or place of business.
"Hence the best route for the
"accommodation of the great
"est number of persons, and
"the greatest amount of busi
ness at the smallest cost, is the
"proper route."
That is the way to talk
about the two routes between
the points named above, and
President Langley deserves
tho highest praise for thus
speaking of the matter. In
his article he also makes two
quotations, one from John G.
Davis, Civil Engineer, in a
treatise on the construction
nanaement of Railways,
r fr:- M. M. Gil!e?p:e, Pro-
s-ituuij iec?si.UT. -save the
dice? r-ni the dollars will take
care cf themselves."
r t
, recnc?'
z -
7c ' -J fbl-isiaeJialclv
y: : xlL
125 Ttad. TL? rval sLrJ
The State Board of Equalization.
The State Board of Equali
zation, which has been in ses
sion during the past winter,
adjourned on Friday last, hav
ing completed its labors.
The value of lands aud
town lots in Vinton county
was reduced 5 per cent; and
the Board passed a resolution
reducing the value of lands 12
percent, throughout the State.
In the following named coun
ties, with the' proper' additions
and deductions, the average
value per acre will stand as fol
lows: MoifjH, $18 20
fiullia , 15 34
Lawrence, 13 24
Jackson, 10 32
Vinton,, 0 85
Athons, 15 90
Washington, 18 47
Scioto, 14 64
J'ilco 13 16
ihm 31 23
Jiockinsr, 13 35
Fairfield, 37 G2
It will be seen that Vinton
county stands tho lowest. In
some other counties of the
State, the average value is
much higher as will be seen by
the following figures:
Huilor MS 14
Champaign, 51 02
Clark, 50 38
Clinton, 37 56
Fayette, 38 68
Franklin 60 41
Grcono, 54 54
Hamilton, 108 46
Licking, 40 54
Miami 49 20
Montgomery, 65 01
Pickaway, 45 O0
The value iu Hamilton is the
highest in the State $108 46.
No small-bccr people are
alowed at tho Washington
Spoon-Thief Butler, Mr.
Twichell and the Niggers.
luich Jed that he would try a sim-,rf-roaJ
iir rme with the other. lie
started for Rainey,
Ube other lacky Lieger brother
from Carolina, and askn
In the present Congress,
which convened on the 6th inst.,
there are five niggers called
colored persons by Radical pa
pers and politicians and, it
appears that two of the five
had quite a time about their
seats. When the drawing for
seats took place, Spoon Thief
Butler didn't happen to be
present. Of course, all the
best scats were selected during
his absence, and he had to take
a back seat, which did not suit
him. When he put in an ap
pearance he began looking for
a more eligible position.
Among the fortunate ones at
the drawing were the negro
members from South Caroliua,
Do Large and Rainey. They
selected, scats near General
Banks, on the left of the
Speaker, and about half way
up the hall, in a commanding
position. In scanning the hall,
Butler's eye rested upon the
seat occupied by De Large.
He immediately coveted it,
and going to the negro asked
him if he had any objections
to exchanging scats. The ne
gro seeing it was Butler who
addressed him, modestly in
quired: "Where is your seat, Massa
"Back there," said Ben.
pointing to a scat away in the
"Well, I'll sec about it," said
the negro.
In the meantime Sergeant-at-Arms
Ordway, who is very
persuasive with the negroes,
went to De Large and succeed
ed in inducing him to change
seats with Butler. Ginnery
Twichell, another Massachu
setts member who had been
unlucky in drawing a seat,
seeing the success of Butler
with one of the negroes, con-
him if he hid any objection to
take a seat a little further back.
Rainey was a member of the
the last House, and, coming in
late in the session, had been as
sisrned a back seat. Unlike
De-Large, he had had some ex
perience, and he had no dispo
sition to repeat it.
"Mr. Twichell," he said. "I
would rather sit here."
"Well, you see," said Gin
nery, with a pmile that was
childlike and bland, "you wont
have much occasion to address
the Speaker, and one of those
seats back there will suit just
as well for writing letters.
You know our State has al
ways stood up for the rights of
the colored people.
"Thank you," said Rainey.
"I think 1 would rather sit
here, if it's all the same."
Ginnery went away, labor
ing under the impression that
a few weeks in the House has
a wonderful effect upon a ne
The New York Democrats
propose to flank the bayonet
election law in that State. A
bill has been introduced in the
Legislature, which proposes to
change the time of holding the
election of State officers to the
first Teusday in October. As
the Congressional law only au
thorizes the use of troops at
polls where some officer of the
general government is being
voted for. the State elections
held on the first Tuesday of
October will be entirely tree
from the presence and dictation
of the Federal marshals. Sim
ilar action is proposed in Maryr
land and Virginia.
New York complains of the
prevalence of private gambling
Lvdia Mason, of Ky. crimp
ed her hair with a too hot iron,
and now goes bald.
Northern Pacific Railroad
Northern Pacific Railroad Bonds.
Among the bestjsccurities for
investment at the present day,
undoubtedly, first mortgage
railway bonds hold a high po
sition; and those to which we
call public attention in this ar
ticle tire par excellence in this
Their issuo is made upon
such a solid basis as to leave
no question an to their safety,
and they yield large rates of
The national importance of
the Northern Pacific Railroad
was believed to be so great that
Congress granted the most stu
pendous land subsidy to the
Company, to aid iu its con
struction, of which we have
any knowledge; which with ju
dicious management, will in it
self be fully equivalent to a
direct guaranty : of the pay
ment of the bonds themselves.
This, land grant, in area, is an
empire in itself, amounting to
22,000 acres per mile, and an
aggregate of over 00,000,000
(sixty millions) of acres, and is
of more varied and valuable
physical character than exists
elsewhere iu the world.
The testimony of scientific
officers of the United States
army who have surveyed and
reported upon all portions of
this belt, set forth ivariably its
richness of soil, mildness. and
salubrity of climate, its com
parative exemption from snow,
its capacity of supporting a
dense population, in positive
and uniform accord. There is
no section of the world where
the certainty of larger crops of
wheat, barley, oats, potatoes,
and other roots is assured; and
west ot the Rocky Mountains,
on this belt, apples pears,
plums, cherries, and other
fruits are abundantly produced.
Our readers must bear in
mind the fact that the snow
falls on the belt traversed by
this Road are extremely light,
rarely exceeding two feet in
depth in the highest altitudes
along the line, and much light
er than in the Middle and
New England States. This
fact is fully attested by man
and beast. The pasturage of
this belt is a marvel to travel
lers. The domestic cattle of
Montana, Idaho, Dakota and
Washington Territories range
out all winter and are fat iu
March. Mexican horses, that
are brought here by Indians,
are turned out to shift for
themselves on the range from
latitude 45 to 53, and come iu
fat and strong in the spring.
Portions of this Road will pass
mrougn ine winter nomes ot
buffalo, elk, deer and antelope,
which are always fat in the
spring. Trains of pack mules
thrive through the winter with
out forage while subjected to
considerable service.
There is no question as to
the mildness of the climate, the
richness of the soil, and the
feasibility of operating daily
trains over this Road the year
through without interruption
by enow.
Besides the agricultural re
sources of this belt, veius of
bitnminous coal of excellent
quality and inexhaustible quan
tities cross this route in vari-
ovs places. Iron and other
ores are also found in abund
ance; and timber of the most
valuable species and of all va
rieties, in quantities beyond
beyond computation, abound
along the belt of country
ihrough which this great North
Pacific Road will pass.
Such, then, is the general
character of the climate and
productiveness of the land.
and the certain assurance of
operating the Road at all sea
sons. The Trustees are re
quired to keep and have at all
times under their control, as
sccnrity tor the hrst mortcrtjre
bondholders, at least fiive hun
dred acres of average land to
everv thousand dollars of out
standing bonds, besides the
Railroad itself, with its equip-
raents anu rrancuises.
Can there be any better se
curity than this? We think
not. It is equal to a bond and
mortgage on improved city
The value of this empire of
land will iu part be measured
by the revenue derived from a
completed lload, and tho in
ducements to (settle upon the
The way ti-altlc and travel
will depend upon the soil cli
mate, timber, fuel, miuerals and
waterpowcr contiguous to it.
as will also the settlement of
the country ; and We know that
no road ever projected had all
these features in such promise
and certainty as the North Pa
cific. The through traffic and trav
el has equal claims Upon com
merce over other routes, as the
Road will be the shortest of our
trans-continental railways, of
easiest grade, and cheapest;
which is sufficient of itself to
control the great bulk of the
travel and business. It short
ens the route between Lake
Superior and Puget Sound, as
compared with the distance
between Chicago and San
Francisco, 500 miles, and makes
a great- saving in expense.
Owing to easier grades, it will
be the shortest, fastest and
cheapest route of commerce and
travel between Asia and Eu
rope, bringing China and J apan
and Europe 1,GG7 miles nearer
each other than by San Fran
cisco, which is sufficient to con
trol this traffic. On the whole,
never was an enterprise entered
upon which had equal prospects
in itself; and when wc add
that our great National bank
ers and fiuanciers, Jay Cooke &
Co., mainly through whose ef
forts our country was supplied
with the sinews of war during
our late struggle, have control
of its finances and a potent
voice in its management, we
may well be inspired with con
fidence that everything in con
nection with this enterprise will
be managed with practical econ
omy, safety and integrity.
We heartily commend these
securities to our readers. N.
i. Independent.
Dr. Williams, the member
of the Legislature who died at
Columbus, was a Republican.
Ilia death leaves the House di
vided as follows: Democrats,
55; Republicans, 5G; vacancy, 1.
It requires, under the constitu
tion, 57 votes to pass a bill.
Gov. Hayes, of course, has or
dered an election in Jackson
county to fill the vacancy in
the House. The election will
be held on Thursday, March
23. If the Democracy of the
county go to work in earnest
they can elect a man to fill the
vacancy, as the majority for
Dr. Williams was ouly 35 -
Let them nominate Bernhard
Kahn, and they will no doubt
succeed. We are muchly in
favor of teaching Haves a les
son, before he leaves the Gu
bernatorial Chair, that ho will
remember until he arrives in
that warm climate where Old
Johnny Brough, Davy Tod,
aud Old John Brown are now
supported to be serving out
their time.
The Cincinnati Enquirer
say3 that a resolution of cen'
sure ought to be Introduced in
to Congress upon President
Grant for paying no attention
to a charge of attempted bri
bery made by the Assessor of
the First 'District of Ohio
against the Postmaster at Cov
ington, Ky., who is the Presi
dent's father. For the Presi
dent to continue in office an
official thus directly accused,
without any investigation, is n
most culpable act, worthy of
the strongest censure of Con
gress, if it would not, indeed,
constitute a good . ground for
his impeachment and deposi
tion from office. No one can
defender pretend to defend,
the criminal course of the
President in this matter.
The Kepublican tnajority in
Congress increased the salaries
of tue Federal circuit-judges
to six thousand dollars. . Tui's
came, probably, on account of
the political functions to be dis
charged by them in the bayo
net elections, The" district
judges, baving no such func
tions, got no increase,
[From the Chillicothe Gazette.]
rKAROiCPldrt at hor rchlenoo lit ttnin
bridge, Ohio, Kultriinry 17, 1HTI. Mrs. ,Tnn K.
I'eurco, widow of Job M. Penioo, In tho foil year
oi lier ago.
Sister Penrr-ft una bWri n worthy member of
Clio MutliodUt F.plseo'pol ( Imivh lor more Hum
80 years. Win was nUo a very esriiust Member
of tho I.O. (i. T., unci itllcudcd tliu ineotlllg of
the society an long ft she was libit) login Hliu
wits nick lor several wcvk, during winch time
vIkUui! hor often nml iihvnvs found hurrloady
to (vnverxo on tliomibjort of rullglon, nml at
tlmim WHRVorylinppy. Hlitl Wl5 fttf.iort Woman,
nn utToptionnto mother, nml licv Irienilu iiiuwoll
itattntled thnt slio routs Hi pence. Four ndiilt
TEN Millions Hflcdlliips. fy) will liny 10D
thousand of the snuUlost, Larger sizes lit
corresponding prices.
Twrnty-llvo varieties of EvteVgi-eous nud For
est Troca very cheap.
Price lltts free. Dcscrlntlvo C'nlnlogiios 10
White CdtUmhern.
Wo lioliovo lid iR tbo Ijpst (Tncumticr known,
nml that wo liuvo the only 8PRd of tho variety
iu existence. S3 cents a packago, by mail.
Bturgcou liny. Hour (!o,
n!)-tf Wisconsin.
NOTIf'fe Is liorcliy rIvoii, In lnrurtnro of law,
of the intention of tlio Conniiisiuiiei4 of Viuton
county, uliio, to build it
Coverefl Brifla;e with Stone Abutments
lirushj Pork of ilaccoon Crcctc,
At tho crossing of tlio MrArthurnnri Lofrnn
Rood, near tlio residence of UlumiuM Johnston,
iu Bwan Township, and Unit
Petitions for nnd nehlonstrnnees
thelitlililinROfOiosainn will ho considered If
filed In tlio Auditor's Oillcu of said OottiltyiOn
or before
Saturday, the 22d D,iy of April, A.
t. 1871.
Uy order of Commissioners:
Auditor Vinton Co.
Mareli 13, 1871 -6v
IjV.lSIIA R. Ifl'SToN, tflioso place of rosi
J denco is unknown, if lioroov notiileil thnt
Kchpcca Huston, did, on thn 10th day of jlnreli,
A. 1). JM71, lile her petition in tho office of tlin
Clork of the Court of Common Pleas, wllliin nud
for tho comity ol Vint in, uinl Stulo of Ohio,
clmrtciim the said Klishn It. Huston with willful
absence lor more than threo years, uiul nskiiiK
that she may lie divorced from the said Klishn
It. Jlieitoni which petition will be for hearing
at tho nel term or suld Court.
11 v Mayo, PUHAdwav & Mayo her Att'ys.
March 15, lK!l-(iw
Estate of Jeremiah Roach.
Probate Court, Vinton Count?, 0.
NOTICR is horuliV (riven Unit C'llAUI.KS
THAPlIAOAN.AdministratorOfthc Estate
of Jeremiah ltoaoh, deceased, lias II led bis ac
counts in IhiMillice of (lie l'rohatu Court of Vin
ton County, Ohio, for llnnl settlements and that
the hearing is set lbrthctiih duv of April, A. U.
1871. II. IV MAVo,
March 15, 1871-4t Probath Judge.
$650 PUll MONTH I
A curious Book for curious Tooplo,
A sensible Book furscnniblo People.
A good Book for everybody.
Medical 0111111011 Scnsci
By 15. B. PooTfc, M. .
Price in cxlrn cloth 83 2"i
Trice in Cabinet Library -3 75
(jeriuun Edition 3 50
- Kent pout paid on receipt of pricu.
If Youwant to .Enow
The effectsof. Sexual Starvation; Prostitution
Ciiiitineiico on tho one liiinil, nml Vioo on the
oilier i
If You want to Know
How tohavehenllhy babies; how to keep them
hoult liy. how t J grow up healthy; and die only
of old ne;
If You want to Know
Al) about common sense reined les; Klcc.lrioily
Aniund .Magnetism; and who believe in it;
If You want to Know
All n-bmtt dUonsoH peculiar to Vomcn; to Girl
hood; to tho Maiden; to the wife, and mother;
If You want to Know
Valualjlehints to the childlesf:; howtooTCrctHiip
Ilarrciinc-s; how to becomou father; how to
becoiuo umothor;
If You want ta Know
All sboutdisonHes pecullnr to Men; Iheir nature
and treutment; Jinpoteucy, sciuiuul wcuknesM,
If You want to Know
All alioutthe sexual orftnns; caiiKoof tlioir din
Kiuco; their Inlliieneoou ilevolojiiiient ; ou wo
men aud civilization;
' If You want to Know
All about Mnrrlopo; ltn history, I'ollinmy, Mo
uoymuy; l'ulyanilry anil Frt'e Love;
If You want to Know
Thfl philosophy of clnponientu) ndl)rtatlm In
marriaue; huW to (lerfeet ninrriiige ; mid thous
and tilings never before published,
Many audits nro now making from 4ri00 to
fft60 per month tiollliijt this wonderful hook. i
juiKO DescriptlvcCircular sent free on rppllcn.
tlon. Wo want L'ood livo Agents num who
can fully appreciate tho innritxof tho work, and
tho lact Unit It meets it unlvei biil want. Agents
wliodexlretodoguodau wull ns uuiko niuiiey,
9-lm 432 Broome St., Now York.
hi:kiii 's sale.
SUitt (if Ohio, Vinton County.
Mary Lnmb, Plniiitift",
John H. Roycruk ul. DefununntH.
Iu Viuton County Court of Common 1'loiu. Or
der of Sulo.
Purminnt totlie eominand of nn order of mile
Issued from thfl Court of Common I'leasol Vin
ton county, nnd to mo directed an Hhurlir.of miid
county, I will oiler for mlii nt tho door of tlio
Court Iloii.ie, in tho towu of MuAtthur, Viuton
county, Ohio, on
Monday, the 10th Day of
April, A,D. 1871,
nt tlio hour of 1 o'clock P. M. of mild dny, the
following (lencribcit premlnes, to-wit:
ilegliining ut tho Corner Mono at tho South
Kie't Cornor of Ont-It Mtiinliur Four (4 ) in
rtelildin' Addition to the town of lliiiiiilen, in
tlu eoiiiity of V hi tun, nnd State of Ohio; thrncu
running duo went to tbo Depot GroumU of the
Miirk'tta Cinclnniill KailrOKil Coinpany;
thonco Willi their lino to thuNorlli-Kust curnor
ofiaid liojiot (round; thonee Kant to Hainuol
Tarr'i lloo; thnnco Mouth lolhft place of begin
ning, c.oriUlnlng uhiiiitThree-l'oiirllni of un acre,
more or hum, iiccording to tho Towu Plut, on
which lot it erected u
Taken a the property of John JJ. Koycr fct. !.
tomitiHfy a Judgment ol the aforoouid Court in
favor of Mary Lumb.
AHpraliied nt Twcnty-cnrf llnndrod Dnllari
(J2l6(J,)and mint bring two-thirds of thatxum.
Tkhmm or n lihlf caili on Ihu day of
aiilo; md oue-hulf in ilx mouths, with interest
from duy of iulc..
Slierlfl' Vinton Couutv.
li. L. Clark. At'l'y for Schildct & Co.
March b. 187l-w-i:i',
MltLlrtNf flfcnr Tedil5ttonr tb Ihl
wnrf.i-hil frnvnttva ttlllTta M
HO , a it fc Rm 1
J. Valh PrtKleiof. h H. UcnoniLD Co., nrumnta an
Oi'ti. A'li, Bat) I- ranahoti, Cal., uoil Vi and J4 Cummfliuo Ht, N.y,
Vinccar Bitters are not tvllo Fnncy Prlnki
Miuloof Poor llnni Whiskey. Proof Hpirii
Bad Refund IMnuorn doctored, spiced nml sweet
cnoilto plcnso tlio lasto, culled ''Tonics,' "Appctlz
ors," "Restorers," 4c, flint land tlio tippler on lo
drunkenness and ruin, but nro a truo Mctllcluo, mailo
from tlio Kstlvo Roots and Ilorbi of California, free
from all Alcoholic Ptlmulnnf. Tliry tro tli
(JIVING PRINCIPLE, ft perfect Renovator and
Invigorntor of tho System) carrying oft" all poisonous
nutter nud restoring tho blood to a healthy condition.
No person enn tako theso Dlttors according to direc
tion! and remain long unwclli provided tliolr bonci
aro hot destroyed by mineral poison or other means,
and tlio vital Organs wasted beyond tbe Mnt of re
pair. They aro a Ocnlio rnrirh llvo ha well nsa
Tonic, poncDsliir n)o, tlio peculiar merit of acting
as n powerful njrent in rellovlntr Congestion or inflam
mation of the Liver, and nil tlio Visceral Organs,
young or old, married or single, nt the tlairii Dt wo
m.mliond or nt tho turn of life, these Tonlb Bitters liavo
no cqtud.
For Iiillnniinntory nnd Chronic Rlicumn-
limn nuil (.out, Dynpepnla or Iudluostlon,
Miliflun, Remittent nnd Intermittent Fevers,
Dlscimca or I lid Dlood, Liver, Kidneys, nnd
lllndder) theso Mil Icra liavo bocn most successful.
Hucli PHcnkrfl nro dinned by Vltlntcd IJIood,
which Is generally produced by derangement of tbo
DIkchiIvo Or'kann.
nchc, J'alu In tlio Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness bf tho
Chest, Dlulncss, Bour Kructntlons of tho Stomach,
nmllnstoin tho Mouth, Ililluus Attacks, Talpltatlon
oftuonenrt, InUauimntlon of tho Lungs, rain lit tho
regions of the Kldnofs, and a hundred other polrlful
symptoms arc the offsprings of Dysdcpsla,
'i hey invigorate the Stomach and sllinuirdo the tor
pid liver and bowcK whlrli render tliem of buorjiihlled
cilicney In clcnnBhu- tho blood of all Impurities, and
imparling new life and vigor to tho wholo System.
FOR SKIN DISEASES, Eruptions, Totter, Salt
Iilicum, Illotclics Spots, Pimples, i'ustuies, Dolls: Car-
bunclcs, fling-Worms, Scald-Ucad, Foro Eyes, Erlsln.
clas, Itrli, Eenrfs, Decolorations oi tho Bkln, Rumors
nnd Discuses orllio Bkln, ofwhalcvcr name or nature,
aro literally dug up nnd curried out of the system in a
Hiort tlim by tho l of these tllllci .One bottle In
aebcase will couvlnvo the uiost luercaulous of their
curative illcct.
Clsanso tho Vitiated ninod tidipnnv- vnn o.m i
Impiiritles bursting t hrough tho skin In I'linnlcs, Ernp
tiniisor Sores, clennsu It tion you nnd Ituhftructcd
and slupiilsli InlheUliiH; rlransBit wliciiitlnfuul.Bnd
your feelings will tell you when; Keep tbo blood jiuro
uuu iuu uuuiiii vi uiu b uii'iu Yt iu icuow;
I'IN. TArr. nnd ether tvoirnis. inrVini- . o.n
sVstein 0(60 ninny IIiousiiiuIk, me illecttudlv (IrI rov
ed nnd removed. I'or full dlri'clliiiis. rend hnfcflillv
the circular nrnuml each bottle, printed In four lau-gunges-Englieh,
(ierumu, Irciich nud tpunlth.
J. WALKER, Proprietor. R, II. McDOKALD A CO.,
Druggists nnd Ocn. Agents, Ban Francisco, Cal., aud
T3 and 11 Commerce Street, Kcw York.
iiiJUi r s sAi.v.
State qf OKiti, Vinton County,
hliziibcth Well., I'lninllir,
Pavld II. Shivi'l, Defendant,
u Vinton Lounly rmirt ofComnioii I'luas. Or
der of Sulo.
l'lirsimnt to the cohliiinnd of an order of sale
InthenlKivd cause, isiued from (Ho court of
t'oillnlon l'loasof Vlnbin tiounty, Ohio, nml to
niudiieeted u Klierllf of said euiinlv, 1 will cider
lit iiiilllic sali', ut the. dmir of I lie (liiurt House,
in tlleluwu of JlcArtiiur, iu euld Vlnluncuttnly,
Monday, the 10th, Dai of
April, A. D. 1871,
n( the hour of 2 oVluclc h. m. of Kiiid dnv, ilm
fellotrlllit ditsei'ibod iirciuines, situate III till'.
'ioniiol MeArlhur, in t ho county oi Linton,
ami Slate ! Ohio, U-y :
In-l.uS Niiuilier Two IIiMdri'd and rievenly
(aVU,)iiud Two Hundred nud rjevnnly-ono (HTl!)
Taken in tho properly of David II. Hhlvel Ui
satislv u jttilgiui'iit of llioiiiiid Cjiu t iu lavorol
Kh.aliDth Wolt-.
Aiiralseilat Knur Hundred Dollars (Sl'iU,) and
must bi'inn iNvii-iliirdMiiftliut huiii,
Terms ot Sale Cash in liiind.,
Slioriif iu ton County,
Mark Itanihill, Att'ys for l'l'H.
March 8, ll-5iv-lUJi
Trout Street Portsmouth, O.
J. V. TOU'K'Mi U agent fr several Willi, and
hi house Is linail'piartors for luan.v tlusirahle
uuiki'H t lv:isi'rn (eMMls. All gooiU will lie
sold al the low est possible price
( lose Cash Hu.vers, r'irat Oiiims Time, Trade,
Wholi'sulo l'eihl'lers ailil I'llriuiceniuii nro par
tlcul.n ly iuvltod lo un cxamiutttlou of hie stuck.
State of OMo, Vinton County,
Buckeyo Furuaco Company, Plaintiffs,
M, UocU Co., DefendiinlH.
In' Viiilon County Court of ( Wirmion l'lens. Or
der of Ksoeutiitn.
Piirsiiaiil lo IIih coiniiiand of tin F.'cciithiii In
llieiilHivo cmiKL' issued from tho Cotirt (l('otn
nion I'le.is of intoiicoiiuty.and to mo directed
an WierilV of na-id coiinly, I will offer for sale
at (lie .door of tho Court Ilouso, in tho towu of
McAithur, Vinlon comity, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 23th Day of
March, A. D.1871,
nt tlie limif ol 1 o'clock r. M. of Rnhl day, the
I'ollowliiK described promise, lo-wit:
The North piirt. of Out-lot Number Ttt'o (S.)
being a strip otf the North end of Raid Out . lot
nliuiitono Hundred and Twenty (li.1l) feet wide,
ami all of said Out-let except lint part of tlio
saiil .ot conveyed l.yCliarTes HobbiiiN nnd wile
to tlio iliiriefta St, ifiieluuatl jtailnnid Coulpu
uy. AIo, a otrlp off tho Wont Idoof Out-lot Num
ber Threo (H,) eoniineiieliig at tho lino bet ween
Out-lolH.No.3iiudNo.il; running flietico Kant
on tlio North lino of said Out-lot No H . until It
IntcrnoctH a line riinniiig Houlli from tho (South
west corner of In-!ut Number Twulvo (!';)
Ihenco Houth Olio Hundred raid Twenty (IW)
fi'et until it intenects the lust nrril Wont lines of
Oul'lot No, S iiIkivo described: Thonco west to
said division line butween said hots No. 8 nml
No. H; nml thonco North to the place of beguw
And, also, nil the Knuiiies nnd Machinery tiled
for carrying on the Kiuudry located On buid
Lois ami jiartsoflitM.
Also, put torus of dlirormit kFndrt nftcossarv for
carrying on tho Konmrry buslnesH, ineliuling
nalterns lor Kiirnacef TWoer" and lllaeksiniih
Tweeri about twenty-llvo Plow point pallerns,
one dill Hoi of country hollow waro patterns,
nil stws of wiiuon box patterns, threo sizes ftirm
bell pntUirmi, lour eiino mill iiatterns, six sluts
of sugar Itottlo pntleius, fifteen cook stove
pal lei ns, threo camion stove pal terns, live par
lor stove pattern, four grate nml Iront patturns,
foiirjiiiuli grato paltorns, iwo pump piilliurns,
four plow iiulloi ns, ono full set hollow waro
patterns, about seventy Imrdwani pattoniH and
ulHiiitono liiiuilreil pallnrnsof dilluroiit kinds.
All of the above Dunn) mill tenements togotlior
with nil tlio imilenn and lools that said coinpu
iiyuowowiin nml ur.ua for cuirylnu ou suld
round ry business.
All tlio uliovo described proudrty lo ho Kohl
us an eiillrolt and l sllualeil In tho Town of
Ilaiiidou, ill tho county of Vinton, Anif blati of
Tiikiin as tho property of 8. (ioelx it Coy to
Hidlsfy nnexinuitioti ol n foresaid Court,' In I'nVor
of lluekeye Kurnare Company. 1
Apprnlseil at r'lvu Tliousinul N1no ffllildred
and Klghtv-Threo Dolliun (W,0f,) and must
bring two-thirds ofthatamii..
TtliMU op Bale,-Cash iu linnd.
Kherlir Vinton t o., 0.
If. r. .Tovrn, Atl'v for. Pi ll,
( eh. I h7 i . -n w
fetloii hd luro Bloh Blopd-rlrll
creiine of F'lenh- And "Weight
-Clour Phinund Beatltlful
C.UKKS, HO ()i;i(.k, HO HAl'ID ARE
Tllli till ANtiKS TIIK BODY 11NJJKR.
Every Tiny nn hxertas'e afftlvsh and
Weiyht is seen ttti Felt;
Set-ilhiln. Coiisiniinliiin.
Si-I'lll'ls Jn its'
ninny ii'u.ip, m
iii tlio 'rlil'ont, M'lnlli; Tumors, Nodes in the
ninnv nirnis, iiniiuiiiar
Discus, Uli-er
Uhmds; uinl other pnrl'i of tlitj system; Hori)
Kyes, htrumihiH Dlscniirgtn from the Karsj
l-lriipiive I "if uses oi mo r.yes, nose, ntoiitn,
and the l'oruisnl Mkin Dhujases; Kruptloni, Ke
vjr yores, Si aid Ill-ail, Uliig-worm, Suit Khellid,
KrvKliu liif, Airne, Ulack Spots. Worms In tho
I'lenh, TimlHrH, Cancers in the Womb, nnd nil
Urtikuiliri and Painful Klsehnrffes; Might
Sweats, iitlil all Wastes of the fcllb Principle:
aro within the Cunlilvli Kongo. hi iilidway'a
Sarsaparilllull tlbMlTOnt, nnd it rew days' uso
win prove to any person using utoreithor or
these forms of iliauuse lit jiotent potver to ours
iot only does tho 8AHSAPARILLIAN XIK
Sl ILVK.M' excel all known remedial UgehtH hi
the Curo of t liinnic, Se.rolliloli, t'i)ntl(ntloii
Sliln and Syphiloid disease!, Lftlt It la the only
positive reinidy Ibr
Urinary and WdmU PlScnsos,
ihos, Gravei t)nbocJ:
Urine, Bright' Pis:
i in ult fcnjcs Vthore'
uropsy, ineoiitineiiuu oi I
eiiHo. Alhinninill'liLi riliH
tllllHiare llrick Dust DcdrtsllSh ( tlie water Id
tlilcK, eloiiMy, mixed Willi Blit)3tltru-pg like tliu
whito ol nil egg, or threadH 11 kB while silk,' of
there Isnniorblil dark; bilious appearance, and
white bono-dii!.t deposits; and where there Is ft)
pricking, burning sensation, and pilin in tho
Small ot the Hack, and along I ho Loins, , In all
these conditions. .HADWAY'8 KAltfiAPAi
KILLI AN IIKSoDVKNTialill.il bvlhft uppllea
tion of ltadway'K Ready Krellbr til the Spina
and Small of tho Hack; and the Hotvels rcgiila
U'd with one or two of Rail war's Hl-gttlutlng
Pills iicrday, will Soon make a tbliibtuto cure;
In a row days tlio patient Will be able to hole!
and discharge Water nrlttli-ully without palli
um! the tli ino will lie restored to its natural
ulnar mill umber or slierry color.
Arbstipplleit vVUH new, lloaltlly tltul vigorous'
Idooil. ihat lurnlslies srlllnll strtlclllro. Hence
nil suffering' from Weakening Discharged,
either .Male or PcHlulo.tirrrom Ulcers or Soros:
tlirougli the ruiinr.itlvo procesBOf UAHWAY'M
s A USA l'A 1(1 1, 1 AN, arc arrested, and the rup
tured organs hi'iiled.
OVAlilAN fUMlIlt CtiUptj TtlMOK 01
Hkvrki.y, Makh., .liilv 18, lHfil).
fin. IhiiWAY : I have had Ovarian Tumor Iri
the ovaries and bowels. All tho doctors snid
"lliero was no help for It." I Irl'ti etory thing
Ihat was rerninmeiiiletl.lilit nblhllig iielped me.
I saw your Itesolvent, unit tluilijjlit.l would try
it, liuthiul no faith In it, because I had sullereil
for twelve years. I took six boll les of thelle
solvent( pu box of Huihvay's Pills, and ureit
two botllii? ol yohr Keady ilellef j and thbre i'
not usign ol'a ttiiiibr tp in seMh br felt, and r
feel lietlor, sniartlir, Happier than I have for;
twelve j oins. Tbo worst tumor was Iu the left
side of tile bowl-In, llVcr the groin. 1 write thla
t yrili for thu bcuellt ot oillers, Tou can pub
lisli if you ehuoso. , ,
Zdjf Price Ono Dollar.
Cures the Icorst pains in from One tf
Twenty Mfmitea
Nut one hour after rciuilng tiiis adrerllscmcnt
need any ouo sutler with pain.
KiltST, A KO 18
That inslanllystopstlitrrlost eitcrlicintingpntn
Whelllcr' tif tlio tilngs, Slmnncii, Powf-ls, or
the ghuid.-i and organs, by dnu iiiplicntinn,
In From One to Twenty Minutes,
No inatWr (low vlolciit or excruciating the1
pain, tliu KIHUiMATIO, Kod-riddcu, Infirm:'
Crippled, ffervouH. Neltritlgic; or prostrated
with disease, may suner;
lliutway's Heady Relief
Will, lit from o.s'i TO TWFjiTy MINbiEs, niri
(the ttntt cowori, ami lliia medii'iiie, so rapid in
slopping pain, can ho purchased Fifty ( cuts
per bolllo al almost every druggist's aiid coun
try merchant's sloro on this continent, and
within one hour's distance of uluiost every hub
i attion in thn United Slates.
If (hose w lio Hi'c now milTerlilK I'ain, no mai
ler w hat the cause may he, or lit what iiiiino
It is lulled-if external, lirtity lUDWAY's
ItKAiiV Kki.ikk lo thu part of the. body whore
the puiii is present. II iulerhill, 50 drops, ililt).
ted in waler. as a drink. Whether tin nips,
Spasms, Inlhmimation. Chugostion, Asintla
(,'liolern, ChillKiind rtot, llislnost violent, ex
criiclntiHg and (iirluilng p'nliis will h stopped:
iu fr'iin one Id I went v miuiiles.
. VV'II Afopd InsUint Esse:
CilNfiKSTK S ttr Tllfc T.PN03,'
hysterics, cuoup, dii'htiikpfa.
. 4 NF.1JK,ll.0lA, iiirtUMATISM,'
COT.l), OUILTA Af)lIKCIlll.l.H.
The iipplii iilion of tho RKADY TiKI.IKK to
the. pail or purls Wlit r'O tlfa' pain or tlifUrully
exists will afford case nnd comfort. 20 drops
In it liitll'tihnhlcr of wnter will, In a few nin
infills, curo Cramps, Spasms, Sour Sffrmnrb
lleiirlburn, Pick lleadne.lio, Diarrhea, llvaen
tery. Olio, Wind in tliu Dowels, and all inter
nnl Pains.
Tntvi'lera should, alwflvs entry a ImiKIo of
lUDWAY's HKI.IK with tlier.t. A fewtlrops
in water will prevent sickness or pains front
change of water. It is hotter than Kroneli
lli andy or Hitters hs a stimulant.
l Evliii ii a;ii;,
r'EVldt A Nil MlVK CVUKO
Kl fit FIF l'T CF.NTS.
There Is nol a icineilinl agent Iii Iho worlif
Ihat will euro KM VIC! AND AOUK,
nnd all ol her Malarious, P.ilious, Hcnrlet, Ty-'
plmld, Yi'llow nml oihfr Fevers (aided by1
li'.idwiiy'i Pills,-) so iptleR as Uadwuy'H Ready
j 2TOT 3ltE
Persnh iieed suffer, bo ilikt ever so much bx-t
posed (o r'ever and Ague', If they will only take
ItAliWAY'K Kkaiiy Kei.kf. iiiidkeoiY Ihelr fteto
fin alien with Ilitdwiiy' 'is, Iflllidreds In thn
West, who have hllhurto been doctoring at Iho
rule of one and two hundred dollars for a few
iinnil lis' trealnient arc keeping themselves ami
familii'N rrec from fKVHIi anil AUUK, CHIU.lt
and FKVtli, JllfJCUitATJS.V, &;. for ono or
two dollars a year, spent for Radwny'i lleady
Relief nnd lladwav's Pills (coated).
Tho UHADY UKLlKF will nffoM Inttanl east
to nil. Price only oUoenlspeT brttlo,
N. 11. Hcu that every hotlln has nn India
Rubber Stopper. Hold ut all Druggists, and st
I ir. Railway's olllc.e, No. 7 .Maiden Lauc, Now
York. .
Elegantly Coated with Sweat 6am,,
Vthoa,, ueJulatm. purify, cleanbu aniV
Rad way's Pills,
a it. r,iof!'rKits o tuk (rrowA'cfr, r.i van,
HO M'KI.S. hIDS'KYS, iiiJdokh, hkiivovA
MATION OF TlinUOWKLS, I'lLKS, aud ttll .
I'uiigenieiits of tho internal Visej-rrt.
Wurrantcil lo Effect n PosltlveViiro.
0-OTmervo Dm following symptotpfc" result-'
lllg froui Dlponlefs of the lilgustive Organ i
Cons! ipntloli, Inward Plies, Fullness of, the
Dlood in tliu llosd, Aeldlly or rhb Htomki.h,
Nausea, Ileurlhurn, Disgust of Kontl,- Fulliies
or Woiffhi in tho filomaeh,' HiflrV Kruclatlons,'
Hlnkingor Fluttering nUho Pit of rbeBtoniacli, .
SvMmiitiiigof tho rioad, Hurried and Dlfllnult
llreiilhlng, FlntrAi Ing at tliu Iloart, CMikhiSDr, .
tlullocatiiifi Sensations when in a Lylbg P- '
ture, Dliniii'ss of Vision, Dot or VTobilH-lnre
Hie Sight, Fever rtrnT lmll l'aln in the Head,:
Dellolune.y of Persplrutlon, YeltoWnoss of tho
tfldinnd Kyos, Pain In MioBhlej Chest, Llinlw,
mid Uuddcil vlushes- of llout, Dilrnlug in tho
A few ilosps of Raday1 Ptni, will free tho'
system J'roui'all llidabovo-nivmud dlsonUrs.
Prloo 25 Cent Per Box.
KAnDWjrVsr & ob.. . j
No. 87 Maiden Lane, W. Y.
Knnd oim Ivtlcf stamp to RADWAY ft f'Oy -No.
H7 Maiden I. hiii', Ni-w York Infnrmnl Ion'
worth Ihi'liSiiniH will be will ymi. .-!

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