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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, March 15, 1871, Image 3

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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poiitiatiic'u every Vr-ltl&NiuiDAY nv
BBITpll AftD l'BOl'BlETOtt. ... ,
OFFlCE-In HiMxmit Ktoiy of liowim s
' ilulldlng, North 81) of Main Btrect, feast of
.vourt House. . .
Terms of Subscription.
'Ons copy, ons year,....$l W I On copy, 8 inos..I 00
On. copy, ""''" "I 0n' "'M 4 h'"
jf not paid within tho year '' 00
blubs of Twenty.... Z
. The Tmonrufo Kli'i'Urer crcnlalea FBhtt OK
TOUT AO K within tho limits of Vlnlun Oounty. ,
A rallum to notify ft dLcongnnnnoa nt tho end of, the
HnVaubanrlN.a for, Hl b. taken ai now cngBi.oit
or lubsorlpdoi. ...
t't- t -f
Advertising Bates.
: airTll.spae.anccni.1eA by 8lSno AirililB Honoll)
Vvne ahull onnaUtue. .o,iinr6. .... . a -va.
C. aqni.ro, Art ock 1 One. apiaro, 3 we,. N
Kiwh wlftltlimKl InnwVnn Inaertlnn.... .......... ou
Ah ..UertlsliiK Mr short erporlod than three
'ni..iith. Churned at tne above rates.
, Losa. A.lveflltnlfl INI rr sonar for fin.
ini.rth.ii; and 60 oouta or mjnaro for e. h .l.litlnul
Twoaqiuros, $ " .1 ,U ft
Four sou .res, W " !
fclx sq.ia.es, aSlio 2 00
i column, H lHI ' i .1 i
column. ' "J J" 4BwS? B!l
.leTiaraa. tin? ild.n, V r-r.
Hills with rojiilar advertisers U be pjld r,,!'; ,
Bu.lnew NOtlccs-lo, cents s Unci Mnrrieijo Koll-
Nlrtlf-UanawAy tfvtt Husbands-double
nthii In nnnrtorly ehlnSos.
Advert lsemcnL not otherwise o'0' .' "Si
nned until ordered dracoiitlnued, and clUrged accitrd-
Inueil nnm oiuereuuraiiuirniii""-. - -nziv.
, .. .. . ..
Helluhin. And Cliarliamo nonces .n. ... ..
lYVd0 j
rJorner Paint Aal Waler Struts,
OntttidotiiE, btnd.
local Affairs, ,.
40 Prak Row, New York,
S. M. PETTINdltit & C0.
37 Parli Row, New Yortt)
AromiraouR Ascents In tlmt rltv, ftiiu re
knUnlii.il.tdcdiihtU;t fdr a.lvwlUlng ut our
lowest rutOs.
It is , supposed that SrJl'irlg will
bommenco about tho 25tli of this
The West Unidti People's fitftnder
lias boon enlarged and othcrwiso
improvod. It is a goodjinprjl1.
Alt. riilturo is lilaking great prcp
hrations td put dn a new elil.t of
Loautiful apparel.
UArdem nlftkihg is beginning tb
bngngo attention. Thoso Wishing
good and fre&li Gitrdoh BcodS should
tall at this ofltctt;
The special train chartered by the
jlansas Immigration Gocioty, left
Hamden, in this cdiintj', OH MoHtlaj-,
tho Oth ih&t., Villl 202 t1iombci:s.
tel. i r m
tBEActtiNd next Sunday evening
in tho Olifietiatl Ciliurch by filiicr
It A; fAtitiSTEa. Subject: "Isthc
Christian in bondage to tho law of
Tub oldest Jail in this State is tn
Trumbull cdtirily, built in iSl".
Tho Jail in Vinton county was bltilt
in 1852. The Jail in Ross county
vas built in
tiONUEti gl'ows each day, and moro
Opportunities of work by daylight
are ours ; ehortergrbw our lives, and
fewer aro thd days of our pilgrim
This is tho tinlo td pay fbr your
paper and rocelVd a hico portrait of
Judge TiiuttiiAN. See first pagC;
Vd havo concludod to extend the
timo to the 15th of April.
The first numbor of Thb Golden
Age has boon recoitdd. It la devo
ted to tho free diocussion of all liv
ing questions in clilirchj stale; 'soci
fcty, litorature, art, and moral ro
form. TiiEoboHE 'tliTdii, Hditor.
Terms $3 per yoai'. It is a very
fnuch necdod joumalj and should
Lave a wide circulation.
Address rtibllslior Golden Age", TSot
Spruco Hth New York City;
HoBEirtt Saoe, Euq.j delivered a
(oirlporanco locturo at tlid Co'lirt
Houso, last Saturday evening week;
which we nogloctod to nolic'o in last
wock's papor, althoiigh the posters
Announcing tlie lecture were iosdod
from this ofllco. Na fejiffirrtor was
prosont at the lecturo to reprcflorit
this paper, butwo' afo informed that
tho locturer done the eubjoct j ustico,
taking all things into consideration.-
County Survoyot finds n gfofft deal
6f survoying to pcrfcrt-rrt, boing en
gaged five days last week in tho
southern portion of tho county. lie
tfill be engaged1 almost daily until
tho "leaves in wild woods" pu'fc in
ftn appearance. lie can bo found at
this afijcb,- unless aDs6n performing
tho duties 6f his ofllco.
First New Goods for the
firm of W. P. Felton & Son
c6mo out very coWy' thitf ncason.-
.',,IIiLE"lia8ju8troturnod' tvdm the
city with a "groat, grand, atfd? boau
tiful'J nssortrrion't of Goods of every
description for this season of the
year; tt tne' pcopfe' gjvo them a
call and examine' the fine efyle of
Spring Goods and learn the'low'prf
Scribner's Monthly.
'The February uWd March niiW'
bers of this in'oVru'cUve and intcreft
ting Magazine We on our table.. We
will send tho Monthly aud tho Dem
ocratic Eii fiiirer to any address for
one year !fov $4. The torins of tho
Monlhhj il'oirig $3, and of tho Et
qitirer tl.50.
Scribner A bd.', CS-t Broadway,
New York City, aro publishers.
MttArthiif linS Another Dry i
Goods Ilousfi litessl's-. (jiliiiair,
Ward Co. llavb QniK a first
class DrV Goods Kstablialimcnt
at J. K. Will's old Stand,
Main Street, arid the establish'
ment i3 uowrepreaenttid in Ui6
city by C. l Ward, brie of the
firrri, who is a shrdWd buyer,
and Who has had rarjrjh expe
riencd ill the1 bttsitlc9s. It is
the deter mi nation of the firm to
purchase the choicest and larg
est varieties of Oood.'j espec
ially for tilts market which
they will sell at veiy low fig
ures. Everything Will be kejit
in the Store that i3 kept in ail
first-class Stores Groceries;
Boots, Shoesj llats, daps,
Qiieenswarrjj fete;, etc.) always
on hand hone except the best
will be kept. When yoti comti
to mill bring yoilr Wives and
chlidretUilong and buy a nice
lot 'of Goods. Everybody in
vited to go and sec the New
Stock of GoodSj whiclt arrives
this week 1
KeW and Valilablo Seccia girrjli
away. Wo have received frdtii
P. Boybr k CO., Of rarkcrsburg,
Chester colinty, Pa., fianipicg of iha
ported Norway Oats, Alsike Clover
and Chester' cbllnty Marnmdttl Cornj
they gcilcroltsly ofter td Beild satii
plo packages free to all Furmers
who send stamps to pay postage.
MoBsrs; Jf. P. Boycr A Co;i rii-tj tho
largest importers of thorotighbrcid
stock rihd cllbico sueds Irl the Uni
ted Slates, aud as tlierSJ Is bo much
bogus Norway Oats ahd rjllicr' Seeds
boing sold, they wish to give every
farmer hi thd country U cllitncd to
test thbir gonuino seeds, frco of
charge, no lidpo all Otlr farmer
friends will avail themsblvca of this
gcilcitotls offer.
"CUTJKI, AS THE GttAVE" i9 ttie
naftlo of Mrs. Emma D. B. N. South
worth's ilew novel, ndw in presSj
and to be published id a few days
by T. 1). rotorson & Bi'dtUci'S, Fhil
adclphliti It will Command it Very
lar'gd .salo, as it is one of Mrs.
SoUthwOMh's most powerfully writ
ten efforts, exciting and sensational,
and is fully equal, if not Slip'orltfr to
"T'lioMaidch Widow," "The Fnmi
lyDoom," "Tho Changed BridcS,"
"The Bildo'S i'ato," "Fair1 flnr;"
and "HowIIo Won nor" which
have pr'ot'cd to Uo fiiii of tile' best
novels ever pilblishod, flfld whicih
are liaVih'g ilrip'recidofJtod fialeflj for
Mrs. Bouthworth, aS a novelist
i .... j i
stands at thd head Of all forrialo Avri
tors. Her Conceptions nrci markod
by originality, and thoro is a purity
and 8weolncss abotit her language
which givo a poculiar' tliortrl td bef
writings. Her characters' flfe' pow
erfully and touchingiy drawn: rind
wo learn to love them because they
are more natifral than nffoctod.
"Crilol aS tlioGravti'' will t'Ci is&tidd
in a large duodecimo volumo, and
sold fit the low ferice of $1.75 in
cloth j or $1.50 in paper cOv'or; or
copies will bo Bent by niail, to any
plaCd, post-paid, by the publishers,
ort recoipt of the price of the woti
in a luttor to tliom'.
Oeo. W; lloLtAND, who Kad been
absent from bis homo in this town
in Tennessee and other parts of tho
South since May, 18G, returned
homo a few days ago; iVtfving boon
sick a groator part of the timo ho
i was absont.
. in- i.tr'i Tf
By tho Terry County paper's wo
soo that tho Common I'loas Coiirt of
that county, in session about threo
1 weeks ago, set asid'o a Will rrYitdo by
Honfy W. Raynor, who cfie'd1 t tho
ago of 93 years, whoroftf titt tta
property to' tho v'aluV of ov6r
1100,000 was left to' one cfrild,
cutting off hia nino oth'ol OhrWrbn
ontrToly, fncluding M'r; Inifayetto
Radnor of out town, Wo" brought
suit, alleging that tho. old man's
mind fi ad bVen unduly inrfiionced1,
which the Court rightly Busfafn'od.
This deeifitoh will tnnke Otr. Raynor
of our town tit least $10,000 better
tff than he now in.
The business of the Reve
nue Assessors is growing slhall-e-so"
small in Yiritori and
Jackfton counties that the two
hAv'e consolidated; ntHd bnly one
lteV'eniie Assessor ntterids the
blisiii'ess. Dur friend and broth
er fypo, II. C. MltiLEii, , df
jacksoiv, the Asscssdt of that
county, having Won authorized
to attelid tho duties in both
counties, arrived here on Tues
day and assumed charge of the
itcvenu j Assessors t)mce filled
by 5. 1 llAtEU.
lie called on us on Tuesday
evening, looking as natural as
"in years gone by." He will
remain here two or three days
to make some arrangements
about the duties of the office
and fix times Foi making future
official visits. He will be found
at the Ilulbert House.
The "Water Mills" of Oilman,
Ward tC Co., aro doing a fine busi
ness at present thoro Wing plenty
of wator, since the late rains a Tew
days ago, and they are tiianufuctur-
risc lartro ttuantitieB of Flour, Meal,
nbd Lumber of all kinds, oftho.bcSt
duality; They aro now Sawing tho
flooring Tor thb bridged across tho
crock below tlio tiiilis and rJolwcbh
John tiowry's urid Joseph itdw'ell's,
and Will Havo lliem iidniplctdd dllr
Hig the bdtHi'rig five weeks.
"M EvERViiobV." Wo have i;b
cbiVod tho first nurrlhor of a now
illustrated faiiiiiy paftbr, entitled
"For Everybody." tt is certainly
0 no Of the finest pointed tjajibrs in
the country) and its illustratidhs as
well as tho gtneral character of its
contents, entitle it td our Warmest
bHcbmilirhS. tn glancing" Vbr' it
wo find a great numbor of depart
ments Tho Dairy, Kitchen, Gar-
tleb, tfrtiit GroWbf, Slower Uardbri,
The Farm, The Stdbk fut-d, The
Cdok Book, Beo Horipbr, Pdultry
Yard, Musical; The Drama, The
Huitlor, Young Folks', tic.; all full
of the most Useful and instructive
and interesting fending tlirtltoi; tt
cannot hbltf rHcasing classos of per
sons; Thb dublishbr, desirous of
eitctidlrig its Circulation, rjffcrs pri
ees oho startling a nature' that fbw
would believe them genuirtb did he
not explain his reasons and refer to
Sbvel-'af well known iirjuses aS guar
antce of his Siricerity. To" evory
Hvd hundredth fiUbflcribor lib prdm
iscfl cither' a FritiCd ft Co. Molodcon,
worth $G0, or a Siribr Sowing Ma:
chliid Of ctjiial valiio; hlid t6 every
thousandth subscriber an Excelsior
Mower, worth $li0, niado by thb J.
P. Scibcrlirig Cd., Akron, O., 01- a
P'riUcb if Co. Farlor Organ, Of fialfle
valtio. lib rbferB td cither' tlio Soi
borling Cd;' Or tlibir nbnts, to
Messrs. rinco & Co., Or The S'agc;
SonsA Co. Lithographing, i-'i tt t-
ing and Manufacturing Co., U una 10
Samjilb Copies', giving full particu
lars, will bo sonton receipt of fif toon
cents, bjp thb ptlblishor, Ilbnry It
Sage, 2G Alidri Stf;ect, B'uffaid, N. Y,
FIELD!" Gardeii and Flower Seeds.
of all kinds, fol; sale at til is office
Call and sob tllcm.
Books, Literary Papers and Magazines
for Sale
I'orsons wishlfi a fchoicb lot of
Books, Literary rapors or Maga
zincs can bo supplied by calling at
thd iiiimlirer Frlttting Office, in
BoWon's Building, East of tlie' Court
IIouso. Among tho Papers and
Magazines are tub following f
Now York Ledger ;
New York Morcttry
New folk Weekly ;
Young Folks' Rural ;
Star' Spanglod Bannbf ;
Hoarth and Iloino;
Cincinnati Literary Jourrtnl
People's Litorary Companion ;
American Agriculturist;
Phrenological Journal ;
Atla'n'tic Monthly)
Y'oung jfilo't;
Wostorn Rural;
iu it r " T
For Pine Perfifmery, iff Sls-
tioOD AT ALL TlMES. i)r. iftftfiJ'S
lioot ana riant jfills aro vogotAble
and cab Vb' taken at any and ail
times w'ith'o'u't regeffd to diet or .bu
siness. 6"ofi'-4w
i'ar'tner iantcrf.
Ax enernth) biulnem nnn M$inn k. 6a)1u1
of fl,(X(0,ormWo, la wantpd ir co-hn!T. iuUsr-
oat partnor hi the Foundry buslucts. , Foululry
doing very lnrgo bualnoiif iltuntod wttliiq.a
fow foet of t rntlrmd In Bouthom Ohio. For
full pArtionlar','AflutoM th Editor or Jiifwirr
MoArthur, Olito'. 1( y
Bopterifbl'r'44; 1870-tf.
"Boe oilyurtisom'tint of, Pr Jlntt, pipo'n
nry, hoadoil llonlc foV the MWUunil A R li 1 AQ E
eVJDSia anullicr column! It inould be read
Blank SuirirVio'ns,
For JuBticos of the Po'a'co, justpi'ih
toJ and for Bale at this ofilco.
For Ayer's Medicine's, rrf to Cf.
W, Siseon's,
ten to Fifteen Thousand good
Shifiglefi, ai.MiiiTiN's.
, .,, ..ifiniiUl :fofBale.
very large biisiimsit, tit
imlei in Hiititherii Olilrt, is onvrod for mleon
ancount (if ii (Itjonrt'imlent jtweun parinen.-
A oiitf-l.a.UOr tlio yholiWutorf st In nni.1 Foundry
wlliuquiliit A.l'ialii, I'urtios desiring fut
tlier iii()rmntivili,itji obtajn.it liy corrcjpond
InK with tile I''j1)li.rii,f Enquirer, MeAHnurtO.
Bejilfctt! 1 agJCTt'f.... - - .
Job Work.
We have just recetye& A large
inyly ,o'f Cardf; . Me Heads,
AterlMsiBUl ireads, En-
elc.i lilcli we will
print fdr nierchaiiti ..aiid Ijusi-:
ness nieii in good style ft, .reas
onable rates, liius posteu ana
Circulars distributed At Reason
able rates dn appTicatidti at this
For Pure Drugs and Medicines'
o td SlSBBM; .. .
Job Work. Railway Time.
Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road.
Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road. TIME TABLE.
On and after Deo. 28, 1870, Trains will
run an loiiows:
sw : : :
n :
- a
s-s ; . :u ! : ; . .
mp www
?i : : : : : :
2 6::::::
:-: -:
2x : : : : i :
i : ::::::: :1 :
l" I C liS w
. . .
: ;2 :
v. b :
: tt
: s
Mllm I
oi ii -i l -hh -ieitottr
: -A
a IT-
: : .g? : : : : :
: .: - : :
s5 :
"cljjd,NXll KXPUKJS wliLriiXv dully.
All ollior I'm Ilia (billy:. oScpi.I, jiilmljiy..... .,,
i'ISi :i'S.TI K IMM.'.yst t'.AS T inn ki-A nn
Alo) l.ctwocii llnm.luu and AllicnB.
Portsmouth Branch.
, jijU. A'cco)irpoitillm.
1.0i)p. ii. i:flo
Wip, linmilc'ji
, Juokrf'll ,.,
Ar'T. l'orlsnloiillj
mi ill
7.50 A. it. I2;:i0p,ii;
10.M " 5.10 '
Traliin Conneot at Loveland
For all polntK (in the 1. ittln Miami Rnllroii'Uftlul
tit I ill. lii.iiiiiipolls,t(:liu',htimtRiillrbii(l Jiiitc
UotUiir all points tit;
,,Ve Vf: P, E A 110 DY,
iUiatrif TrilMjKirtatlon:
Portsmouth Branch. Columbus & Hocking Valley Railroad.
look EilOcliiu Monday, September 111; atO A.M.
nrif tl ri -' -
. ...... uronis yir . ,
Frotti COLUMBUS (yi Athefi?) to' PORTSMOUTH
Oter tp .Oolumboi & Hooding Taliey and
fflarlatta & Cincinnati Bail Koala.
Going Eaat.
Colnnil.na,... 8 Ul
Oi'ovoport.,.. . BiM
Wincluwlur.. H
I,iincntcr,... l
SiiKiir Orovo. 9
Win im
Nulsnnvillc,..10 4;i
iHiiiiiia ll
AWiciif 11
Ooimg . Weit;
So. 21 No.
I.FAVg. A. M.
Atliuim 6::l
'. M
Sallna 6:1V)
NelKonvllIO 7:1H
I ........ 7. HI
SuKar 6"ri'6H:lH
l.iiiir.Hiior ..n:.n
WIllc.llBMler :1H
Caforl tlie 8 -00 A.M. Train mm throinrh to
Portsmouth witliontcliiu.un.arrivinir nt Mc.Ar
tlmr at at :!f7 P. M. i and Inr for t he 1 .DO P. M.
Trnl n from Fortxinnnih for Columbus arrive
atMArthnrtl:U7f. M.
CI(rn(ic(Miii(K'.tlini mmln at iancAsUr fori'lr
dnvllln, KmiitMVllle, anil nil pointa oil the flu
cltlnntl AMilNklnmim Vnlluy Kallitr.
Diiw.t coniu'i'tli.n nindo atUolnii.bua for I)ny
toii.Bprlnir.loliI, lnilliiniiKlla, C'liinniro, and all
poInU Wcnti iiIho, I'orClev.dandj lirtIulo, FlttH
l.iirK, l'UUadolplila, New York, aiid all poluta
Uinnontlrfhif Wiulo at Iiunn by both Trains
Willi nil Tmln'lt'nr HtialUvillo und all point.
ontUoatralUvHld Urauch. .
J. W. nOHKUTt .
. , Hiiperluleiiilont.
E. A. BiJKl.L.l.oo'lTioket Aii't;
Portsmouth Branch. Columbus & Hocking Valley Railroad. "BEELINE."
Portsmouth Branch. Columbus & Hocking Valley Railroad. "BEELINE." Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and
Indianapolis Railway.
On and attcr MONDAY, fny nth. IjW, -ifniiKertrnlna
wllllfftVo t.OLlIMBUS.auoTar-
riva at poiuul niiincii.ooiuw, na n.uuna
Ooliinilnn IliTuam
Oroatllno lilBpni
( Invulnnd R:W m
Krlo 7:16pm
: pin
1 :) a m
4:10 pm
2::N pin
2:33 am
9:45 a HI
ISVj fin
10:50 a in
4 :to. p in
I Mi a in
ll :00am
MnlTiilo. ......
Niritfiira Fnlli .
,.7:110.1 111
, .Vjllllll
Albany ,
,n:ij. K 111
Ito.lon .BiO.') I) Jit
Now York City.. 8:00 p'm
n:wp m
l'aMrnuiir trnlna nituruiiiK arrive' it jto
liiinlTin at 0:55 a bi, ItM p in, 1 p m, an'il 13:00
lit. f ' '
."no " Ibnlns Ooliiinliiia at 9:2B a rh'.on
iiTiiv. rnnn lliroiijtli Without dutontloii, by
ImiII. Krln ami Nnn fork Ontral lUUwava.
arrlvlna at Now York on Monday ruorulutf at
ioVllM'lt I' ,i I ...
ThaThroiiftli Oiir froiri I'ortamonlh to ilh
erja to (.'oliiiiiliiia over thofurlella A Cincinnati
artd tin. (..Iiiinl.ni h irooklnB Valloy Kull
roflda, whli h pn.aoi MoArthur at l:Ipm., and
all other train.' on Ilia Oolnmbua llix-klnu
Valloy llnlhoad. make ohaie ooiineotWi.ia at
Oolunihimwltb Tralua No. and o. 4 on the
"Boe Linn." . .. . , .
For particular InforMatlon Jrl,r(rap1 to
thVoiiRli tiitkola, tlmn, r.oiiiotlona, etc., to all
SoInU Kaat,-Went, Jortl( and Knuth, apply to
Vaddro R. FOK0,)uliimlMia,Ohln.
E. IVfXltfr,;in.HiiporlnlendD.t,
ff'rn. Ainnf,, Columbus. 0.
fAiseiigfr Ayent, Columbw,,0:'
Uvk'niiAiioor '
Hoofland's Garni an Bitters,
Pmimniil,, l!y ,l)r,
) f..t.....U- U. til .. . ..
' ' '"'! " . "" i uiiiui.;, nil.
I liulr tittrMilitcllim Inn. tlilo uiiii:ry fro ill Uurinii
icvurruil in
iFliejf Cared Your Fathers Aiin Mothers
tnd.w.lvwini yt.it lunl your .clill.lron. Tl'i.-y nru oi
Irolyilil'rri'iil; linn, thmniioiy irmiliiiK now 1
1.0 ciintry mllfil IIIiiuk iir Tunics. Tlii-v nci mi
UDiufl , lullul.lu iiiuill'nc. '1'l.cy nru
... 2HI
.tver Complaint, tiytyetiti .
Nervous delif Itly, Jaiindice,
Diiees rjf llie Kidneys
feRUPttdrtS OF triC'SKlM
on an PiHimnen Qrir.!ii'' limn a umoiuurcu 1.1 v
lloniitcli, or
IMPURITY of f Me 6L6od
'nii.llpnll.in, Klxtiili.iife, Inwnnl I'llua, Fiilnui. n
Ulni.il in Him M...KI, Aul.llly or 111.; Hlomnuh, Nun
I'rt, llciiil Inn ii. I llHL'.ial fur .Foul, Knl.iea. or
Vi'li;lil In lli.t Hliiinili'li, Woiir ICriiHii
II..I.H. Hliiklnjfi.r I'lliltcrliiL' nl. Ilin
.. .I'll or llii) Sli.iiliilill, HiUiiiiiili'ii; or the
Il.'iul. ll.lVl.Ird ...l.lblliiiill.Jllrc.illiliij.'. KJ.illiir
IliU ill llio llulil, C'liiiKliiK or Hiilliiculiii Sena
fcii.li .wl'i'rll . iii.il T;,ylij. i'nslprf' riJWHriiiil riT- Vl'ion
Doisni- vVmU lirlnivilipSI-U. hull 1'iilii in the
llvHil, Dvlll'i'iM Y of rorKiiimllmii V.illi.wiifxa
of Ilia Hl(lti ilnil My,, I'nin In tin. Hl.lu,
lliitk. ( ImI. I.lnil.1. i'Ic. Hmlili-n
Filming l Hull, lluming in Ilin I'lu.li,
Ovlinlunl IniA-lnlii'. i.f Kvllunil Uruiit liqircn
id ill oi HilrU.
Ul IhtM inlkiite Iftmttt lit the JArtr or lligenti,
V, aim, aiiuiiiuM man inquire iiiwi.
Hoofland's German Bitters
jnllrnly vtwiliililn. kii.1 cnliilur. no llqiior. Ill
cuiimolluil .if Kliiiil HxInulK. Tlio Itnoli", Merit.
1 ill VtWWr lyiilil wliicli lliiwi. ICxIriiclK nil' liiiiile.ar.
MllK'iril IVoiu (i.iriiini.Y. All UwMwIK'iil virtues an
ilracluil frolll lllinli .liy Ik ycluilHIiuclii-lniKt. Tin-
kIi'hi-Ih are Hu h mrwinili'il lo tills cchiiii rv to In. lire.
ii.ruly ri.rllib ilWiiiiiWiunillf Hichc lliti.irx. Tlien
l in. al.u.liollc Hiil.alHiicu of any kind iikuiI In ron.
Oim.lli.t! Hie llilleri, lirncc It In I In: only IIIIIitk Mm
an Ih. iImiI n cili'u HllelD illciiliollc aliillillHl.taan
ul atlvleiUilo.
rtddfland's German tonto
fOiiililiil)rij jif till Iho nirrMli.lr iif ll.o lllllnr.
I Nil. i it Cri.y. Ihl.lt. Om.iirtt. in. ll. ia turn
liof iiiiju (IIhi'iUu ilf llii! Ulllopi; lll.citi'il.r .w licri
ll in H illciiliiillf Ml ...111 1. 1. .-11 , II 1 '.(! Yt.l. Wil
ear III iiiinil nun luene ruiiieiiioa aruouiiruiy (inn.
hi. fioninnv ollicrri n.hnrl Iwil lor lliecuru of Iho (II
tw ni.nii'd. llii Hu lirliiir ..: ciilillu nri'iiiirnlii.tiA o
k'iilciil catriictH, ivhile lie ..ilina, aio mcrd (Iitik
liiiiK of iiiiii hi, wiiio (jjrnt. ThoT.O?UO I ilncidcdlj
iitif Ihu MiiMl uli'ilrililt anil ilv'ijUeiiljle.jj.ilullu. nvoi
i.ri'11 in mo piiniic. n. iiic in i!xiiiMii''. ilia:
caHiro jo lltke (I. Wlllcjl" .lllH'W hi?; cshllartilinif
id nielldiiillipi!llll:. have c.liit-cil ll lo he known a-
uu r.uivrv Ul on .unit c.
Tlieroli no iii.idicji.(c oqiuli iii iiii'otlnilii'ii Hnrmai
4tlorK or Tonic in iionia of Didillliy. They inipar
lone anil yijp.r tii.l.ijc ;ioie yn;ni. airi'iiuicn in.
ppiMlle, rrtiitj.i ijit r.iijoyiili nl of i,hujroial. enable lh'
iollMall Iii itlji:al 11, purify Ilia blood, give i soixl
onnd. hciillhycomi.li'xlon. (rndlcalo the yrllmv tint
inn the eye, in.piirt n hlooni hi the clHckK, an
In. M.o lia,iiiu.i iroin n .iK.ri-.iri'inm'.i. t'..iui; aim
(lilll ilr'kii
ic a
('Ollr lllvllid, Iii li ru'l fucuU, rt.nl' .
Weak and Deiicat CUlirSS are Uade Stros
ill puiwiii.
ly using the Sitters or Tonic
0 , Tiicaa 1IEHEDIE8 J.I.K TtlH
Howl J!lool A'iii-ihL-i-g
rvor knnwt;, and,W,lj fllliall dlMpKuct n-aiiltihg fn
had I.I.hmI. K.M.d vo ir IiUhhI niiro f ki'in. v.... liver
OT.t'r: keep vOllf dl'-.-allvo orirniia lu a Bound, health
:jlililli;ii, Ijf (lib .i&e, iff tUev ri'inodlen. anil no ill
nine will ever inHiiil yiiii. 'J'nc hi'tit nieli III I lie com
iry reroiuuieiid ilium. If yearn of li.ini .l ri puuii
u iur BiiyiiiniK Jon iiui'l try mere prcparaiiiun.
Llii the tlillowiiiK ii .never biilutu ollurcd lu bcha
i any nicillcinal prrpnratlon i '
HON. GE01t01JwriVO0lWAhD.
ClilerJIUIIijiilif tlib Slllireine Coilrl iii f'enii.ylvaiib
, li-rlu'a.t, , .,
. . . . rnii.Am-.i.pili, Stllltli 1(1,
I Dud "Ilni.llniidV (luiinuii Illlter." is tt lmi'iiII lii'lili
laeful III illKenMi' of llie (IIki'.Hvo oiniiK, iiinlof (iroa
aeiieni itirioca iu (luiniiiy and wiiliioi iiorruiiaaciKi
ji mo ajrsiuiiii iiiura iruiy.. ,, .
libr. jiinisl'iifJsir'stiN,
Juatlce of llie ail;ri lilt t'onll (f iViih-iylra'nia.
, . fllll.iiKI.I'lll, Arpill V8, imin.
.1 Counlilcr " lloolluiiil'. Oerioaii III Hern" avulual.l
onllriue lu ca' i.f atlackaol I ,.lii.-ri i i or lyi
Jaiulii. I ran certify Ihla from inv experleoee of I).
....... .....u.. ..u'lu '... i... ufr
VIIIC. III... .vrjIVVI, I1UU .I.VK.i UV,
JuMlii) bf tile diipreme Court of Peiinsylvnnla.
. . . 1 '. . , l'(l.Al)l!i.tMIIA,.Jiine 1. IWfL,
I have fouiiu by expoi-leni 0 Mint " lliifiltfltill't. (Jul
ttau lllllera" la a very Kood tonic, relieving ilyrij.opll.
uiplouii alino.l directly. , , .
UlCOlttlE fliIAlIUWOOl).
lion. nlF. itooEits,
.Rliynr I.f ifi cily ( BulTilo,lt. T.
Mayoii'8 t)i ficH, Uuyrai Juno,?. IfifW...
havou.ed 11 lliH.lliiiidVlieriniin l.lillei. and Tonic'.
n niy family during tliu , past yeur,aHl tun rnconi
neuil lliem a an excellent ton
iiiiiii loine, imparling nine an
Tl.alr live haa been pnalncllv
Ivor lo tlie avslui...
If UedUvdly bonullclal olivet.
ilON. JAMES M.Wpop,
Kx Mnyor fif Wllllaiu.port, l'ehliaylvaula'v
I lake ijS'al plcaaure In riii'iiniiiiemliiig " lliinnniid'
Jaruiau l'uulo to any one who may be oflllcted wit
i.M f l.rfA Iho l)i'M.clt in haillv ll wa. hii
Misall.le lo keep any food on My ilnmtich, and I la
lame ao weak aa not lo he able. 16 walk half a nilli
rwo bottlea or TuuiC olTeUcd a imrrect citro.
, . tiJZtlTTONi
,llnnflaniV Oerinan Jlomedloa are MiuiiSiRdlod
rlii ueuiilnu have I hu jilgnatiiro of V, 11.' Jl tick oi
mtholroia offlii Outside wrnpiier (J eatli bollh
hid iho inline of the nrllcle'dowii lu eddi bottle, Al
Hliaa am Counterfeit. Q mj
t'rlc'eor iflie ttlilera, i.1flfo" per liot'lle
, ir, a half aloaeii ror AOt. .,
Price of the Tonic, M,51 per Dottle
r, Iiall" doaen for $f:HO .
the limie U jihi u U" t JlultltS.
Itcrollrr.t .tliat It la fr. IlooflnudV OAfman Ilcmc
llet that ru ao iil.ivor.ally used and ro highly rocon
neuded ( aud do uolallow llieilriigKleta to iuUuce yo
A UKo . anything olae that he tbSj any U Jiial aa rood
Mx-ainui li makei a larger pro A on It. . Thc.q.rpon
llnwllllorNtby expror. to any locality npou ap
)lcallon to tb.i . .,, 1 . . j k.
No. 0.1 1 AKCII U 1'H KHT, VhmttlvlpkiH.
CHAS. M. EVAJfTS, Proprietor
, (Formerly ,0. M. JACK HON Co.) ,
TtinfA rian.xilc'4 aro fi'iranlo by IlmirglsU, t)lorcke
tt, anil Medicine llealcra avnrywhaie. r . ,
Ifr )(Mi..i rrgit yo oxaniiua wuli Uit artlclil yt
tax, Hi oritur to aul Iho g'liiiiliia.
Cr.'Sv.sisso'N,' '
M: Arthur, ''''".
Business Cariis.
chillicothe; OHIO.
THIHIIotol, ll f.-w ffi' t from tlie Itnllroiid
lNipol und wlw'ff all traveler ujm.ii nil
IrnliiKOiin take nb:il,liua jiist.iJien (rreiitly
.iilui'Ked and .piprxiUKlily. repnirefl, painted.
Sir., und N now In ooinpfi-te order fur the re.
ee,. ill.. OIKi4S.J . - Tlllll, n mill-
utiifor iiiuaiA''TKBMH moiikrAUiL,
1 H A M .HoUSe.
iAtksbK; ohio;
r. VI T- S. r a T
I V ' .
THIS Hote;forTnf tv':,)l M)Bn IIiiii)0,4ina
boon tlioneik'niy ruiiiivatfrt nniKiVii'iiti.
". . .i ,
hilly fiimlHlicl. ' Ilavli)in',iiii.rlor fnclliiloa,
evorytlilnjr will be done tonwtke ptH-Nt com-
.........i. ,nn. pm,i,in ... .. 'f 1--W I 1 IH-MI
nnukot nllol'iln. Nieelv fimiliied. Iir,i nn.t
olpnueat Heda (liixj HliUili., M'erVeflVirl
mmle for tlie comfort of patron i. All chimera
J.WtVARNER, 1 Propretir.
T1IW IIo1.il la In tho in.wrToonvpnlent par
of the city on Front Btroet, between Mar
kil nun .. eiierson.
Ai.I.CARKH cntrnated to him will receive
ph.inpt nn. I careful attention, at reasonable
fees. OFKICK-Uii Main Ht.
J C. BiSHOP, M; B:,
Wilkesville, Ohio.
Qt PECI At, attention given lo tlie perforuiancc of 8ur
1 pn-ai uiteriiiioiis... .....
Offioe With II. II Wi imp, M. V., in Bopiresa'
-.- SloAflTHUR, O,
-A.TTOlilTE"Z: iA,T I,A."W,
TS . . . T , fl .
rBvn"ng a"Pfv.JSI '"-joai Lioomy,;
Hni if I' 1 1 1 1 if irn
vVT'Ifih ntiond prortiplly'tti ny..Jiiu.itie!.
anyCoiii'Uol Vinton iiiKlHdJoiuliijj couiilieN.
OFF1CK In the Court Houso. la-U
ci4ArLes w. blf;
TiT.haUimd ill! i'.'ciillnsinps onin!iied to
liiKciiro. Sininlv of lilili.K lie'ecls mid
MortKiiROMulwayH on hand. OKFu e No. 'Z
Weal VV lug lialiiDi-lilge Hl.ak. tf
(Oppick, formerly occupied by I. 8. Pana.)
riU Wibiltj In.liort.VlliloH. ali',1 alljiiluing
TT (i.ui.11'.'.. All tc-fiiil tiuliic'sa entrunUd t l.la
uaro pauliiptlyat'.iaidcd lb. Ss-ll
will nt (olid prompt ly to ilt lopial buKinosK
ontniHtrd t hlKouro In Vinton tuxl niljitlnlng
MoMer ej6NEj
M;AiiTiitiR, ditid.
k iWiiij? ist.Miii Westiif. Hrtli,i,i nro.
V.,Mpf.,elulaUohlloiiglveu to tlibcollectioii
j.iii.i.n. in-iv
B. iR; HIGGIN3 & Mo.,
Mannfaottirera of
Marble monuMMts,
SoMl) jiasli
VJ luiml. J
isorlnicnt of Marblb coiitiinlly on
All kinils 01
C cm etc ?) W title
rionotoorilcrhilin; ncritslvJii. ii
YTiEritF.srWTa the .following v
ETNA.of rjnrtford, Conn. .
?J(InE WRITERS, New Yorir".
HOME, Columlju.
MERCHANTS', Chfcnfjo'.
And tho followlrfK , , L
NATI'N'L LfEA Hbm E,' of N. York,
jjia?Polfoic'ii .isu'ett on rnnsonnble terrn'fi.
Mcdonald loxtrii(7e,
Mj SiETefiir, & teller,
MoARTHUR, tthlb.'
a 1 , ...
ftfll.Ii attend to all bnsfhesi entrusted to his
T T cure ,
P-rvV'f.'.rfW i- U, VS53
TS . now n
S now l)feA'nrd for all Kind's Of Dental
K Wnrli Jl.t..l. ... u.111 ti.t
From 10 to 25 per Cent Lower
Mian any Dentl.t In Vinton' or nWy nt tlie Ad
liilnlnit co.mtliw.
r-r-',.. "teas
Ilia wurk "bull all al' iil,l'fiiel loll. Call It" I
VI' l.llll,
TKnt'l2,i'J?,,-te M'4' thieve
mors, of all kimb,, fr()1 ( H.n.an nvalenri
eruption, aledeatr.,,e,lh;;th
ty restored. Their 'i-T,,K!U , 5r"15! hw
eulle. out many Ijrnomnl irreton.) wl.o l.atn
bitiialiiee. their aoudi-Wul Vretena (0 1 1.,
pnl.lin They are out In nlmosf eviry f.iu
iron. I nnHcrea adoH ii topilla, und all Forll.i
inoi, (wanuf Mry ,.) .. i
vm Fiin.l ttATE toHchit-ri! what, (undertint
I'l'im"1"." fHT M: "'Kiuded an the most
brillliiiitteiiirnphyirtiiiishlevcd hy aiiT medi-
W hjT'i"f t1 ' P" lili"1 "to Amirhan public
.. .. ' .-""i'it- ..fminw .Hey iM-riorm
...... . ; " ' ';' M'" woniierrn preiM
"'" t'.1" public tne Hll Khenm ffvrt (r
l. i ' 1,.'f.'"ly';". '"'"tray, r,n.u.-rl
,." ri- ' a i- " 'r "n w try iii.a
vlz.41 Dn.Wic,VaRarnker and'HaU BliemrJ
Hywipnn (rm. )f nil, rno. the ..i.l.lle .
vvi'.l aAain,forilioiiRaDdsvifn'alkeloi,a of Ih4
, 7'"''. ' JHT" roredhy Ihem, after all
other remeiliea have utterly failed. '-,
3T. V. H4Pnic m. rn n ui...... ..
" " - .j , ik. rri'iiru.Mr4r
,. ,. ' . INi'lNNATl, OHIO
O WJ8IB-WS.. " jtl,.'irth,ir .
? . W 't'.''i ' oo;' Hnni.lcn ;
II. V. VJION,( : ' , J .1. '
II. II. lllsilopiSosr, Wllkeavllle.',
'"it sAVed My life.
Wof aEiMlij feliggist;
Allci.N ihr.p hkUnml
la M lltr.ll...ll..l.rnniJ Ik. iiti.'.
;, , : f . ....... uw wuw i-nrvDlCffonM.
t.oii(tli inn inrrcdlralioft tiin. Thenrla nd
n-medy t hat, ran show tiioro evidence of real
merit than this llalDaliU for curiua; donaclinp-
, .-0-.. vwavara, xxniyaiiitfa, Jl VUI, OtC
IT icS ON TiipNEYsl
It acts on Tiia Liyee i
,. ;, ' ' HI ff.'ht . ill. I! -1 !
hieh makes it more Uimi a Cough Remedy I
li thI j?oit6wiN& i .
1. t ""iv nir..ir.iiM, iani..
J . N J ICa It.: fo.rt-ibiiTtH w'.tMe A llwu'i
jiinir iiUiKftin hn: nrrivni l u-nnti an m.na
lw without it, for it lwwv Wy. Ilfa. i Wok 4
t,..,..,..,,, uiwf .nipi.uniwaa aeateii
uiwn Mip9ij a,(.ini3r,wdtHre. I uiod
verylrinfrrb.wa. reoojimeDile,ti,h id mr
a KrenkneuN'1' money, and Kot no Ilnfij. I had
U.ntAlit'a'i-iiiih IbtiaHiu lor.juilb, .but.' l.iiew
nothiit of aM meril. 1 aid not like to . take M
" 1 : .. 1 fc,!T.'"ni m: nadmot m.m
.1 lx.lt iti. W. le.r. Wfinn.iHM... A.IJ.1 ...1.1
- " .r " - www.. vrr ii.d 1 I "MI
hliiil conlU notaell a mwllclae 1 knew notbin
Uliolltj. Ill uriro.1 .nr. I.. trv ll U.w..... 1 1.. -T.
and to my gnitRful auturjaq. tUe V)it Hatle
"."l""' .eKm.awi ii.i)l l iertliinl IviUld
.nru . i..Kwuru imaicii ami well, and
mi ij..-h ' uj.uw.imiy .10 hik irieiida alio,
liKtuiuer.i of the 'luallllesofAllwr'a- Lunar B11I-
sain, I remain reaueetfiillv.. '
I 0. c'ottuf.l:
IT IS HAElliis8 T Tfil StKsT DEtfoAT
. , . , UBiLiyl ......
it cimTAmird miyMA'M-rbli.vi
It in Bold by Medicine Dealers every where.
Id not be dei'Hl vod. yon tvhe want a obd mcijl
leiiu',1111.1 jlesuef'(f'. r,in i...., . rw.nn.
allow iii.prlneiile4(i'alerataelivoi.otbcr lu.l.
suina. Hee tliat you pet Al.LKN'8 tl!NO ISA IB AM
noil you will hate tho best e.niiih' renre.lv orlercd
lo tlio iul.lic; uuiloiio thill will Rive MlifHo
t'o". . J. N. HAKHla ( . .
Hob? I'nipl ieM.rs, Cinc.oiiati.O.
p W . BIPSnN. McArlbur,
Ml. .. 8. KTHOKO. ". ' 1
It. 8. WIUVX AMIO.; Ilan.dn;
H. C. WUIDI. . . : m, '; -
U. 11. BlSHUf A 80S, WlikeavlllS:
. lrt A VtlKK
with. tbaf'.ftnwiF Kov'iiiar.
Warraated to , it. all ' tattra.
t'oreal evitryuihore.- And for
Bor 55Bo
Noclar Circular,
I.-' , . I v. ' ' . '
The moat Important dlaenn-ry'nf IJteace. Ia lljj
i-oiidcrful IIEALINO and I'LEANSlNll ..arrtit f..r
all dlseam'H nr wcalonew oft'ie IIKSI'IKATOKT OK
Tl.mat. or linloifu diaeare of Ike I.uni.1 and (or all
Irrlii.tli.nj6f the inneiwiir. uieiiibrane. , , , .
Ail.vcali.tsind puhll .peakcra wlw apeak anjj
Ins without (Tort,, iiMi.thi-se T.bUK, llielr rtfvit in
elearlns tho Tolee ia .In.nlv aalunlrhinf aa i.n ba
ahown by nimieroii. roriltivalos. . , , . , ,
Dr. AVclls' Crtrtimife TaWc.si
act (tlreatly on th'sinuruotia imratir.na and.ahnakt
.re promptly anil noeiy laaen in ail einl.ri ar vio
lent chance of weather, aa llwy equaliie the circula
tion of llm III.mkI and lima w.rdofl all tondeneyto
eol.laand Lung dlflknilty.- . , . ...
i ne .ri.ii;tuiontwoniii.Bay; an, nr.i.riM mcdieinea
havo ihriNmllatbna, and they would .. , .,
PrTlllmll 1,13 pobllo against Impoaltion. hy,
UnU, HJil hln other n.fdiciaea. thrust upuH
Ihetn in atnuaof tliese-adinlrabb Table. - t
J..a K;i,UKiU,!H PLAIT ST., N. Y. 80LB
AC1KST. . ;'
rJOLO BY PBOClflT.a,j rtlc835fntaa larx.
S-ollhJllei)., ok great. ISOi.TAf. HVMIX aact
A IICHKS, which Interleio wllh MAKHIAiK-i
with sure means .of relief for tho F.rring andj
Unfortu.mli., dJsonsed and dcJ.Uitnldi, NaiUj
frco, in senled ciiveloM'rr, Address jAIO,V A Kb
AMHOCIATION, No.x B.NinthSt., Philadelphia:
I'a. uol
SllORT t It Am);
! guidk to' Mbnt nA,ND','
i.l,... ,.:.-
10 Cents I'OTtpni'l. Address
6eo. j. haMoS,
Si Tftrk ltow,
Afbftm., ,. ,
Framei.' .
hi fi. t ANtH6r i 6& '.;
' 1 1 ' .i i . . I. , . , . ,
Invite the attention rf (ho Trade hi thefrftr-T
sivc Hwortnic.it of tha above hmm!.. of ttr..J
puMiOiitivH, nuiHaucluraund importation.
Also, ,
, " '- .
Photo Lantrtrt Slides
E, A rf. ?. XnTHn'y' 4 CO..
Oppoalt'e iutropolltrB'Aoleli
MPoiTraa a ate MiairrAOTeaaa or
i r' i - ' I I. A I
io' MattJrialrf; 8 6m
Rimdolph C atifiny Eitat. '
Probata Court,' VlWl!Mr1 County. Ohio.'
NOTICE la herobyiflwB that RANSOM FOX.
Administrator ( the MataM i Bnadolpht.
Wntkliia' e.tnto has Hied herein Ida ao.vi.mt
wiui aaid ef late ior partial aettlamo.il i aud tha
the samp ik aet for liearliig on tlie Kd day o
I I I ... II. IIAIU,
Miircli B, lfCt-'lt 1'robBt Jipltfe;
0 l!KATTLAf'ttft.i'Af!l fc
H'.Ma (JO., SOhMJTh N, T,
Pi 0. Bor IMB.r Bchd a.r Tliea-

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