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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, March 22, 1871, Image 1

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Faf iitlw a?dVr?.tor.
NO, 10,
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Fine ILitliograpli Portrait
- of
('...'' " - '
. ,,,.. ... , ,rrtn"
At c'onsidorablo oxponso wo have contracted for
1,100 Large Lithograph Portraits! (Siio Hz 16 inches!)
Of our esteemed U. S. Sonator, Hon. Aixxn G. Thcbman, to bo made to
our order, from.a fino Photograph furnished by lion. J. II. Putnam, Ed-
Itor of tlio Chillicothe Advertiser, which will bo
3-u.itci.i3lo for DF'roro.in.er,
making a very ;
Mai.risomc Ornament fr the Parlor or Library
which wo will present to
Every OU & New Snliscribar to tbe
On the following conditions:
Each one of our subscribers in arrears
r.d a year a subscription in advance, will be entitled to the rortrait.
Each of our subscribers who have paid one year in advance, from Jan.
18, 1871, (commencement of Vol.
Each subscriber who has paid less
Each new subscriber paying ono year
. Portrait.
Each person sending us it new subscriber, with cash in advance, will be
enuiuea w a copy 01 tuo rurirmi
The Terms of Subscription, whether at Club Bates or otherwise, are
well known to all our present eunscriDcroXj
. The Democracy of Vinton and adjoining counties yoa, even men of
all parties now have a good opportunity0 obtain a nice Picture for
Parlor Ornament, of the-most popular man in America at the present
time the rising man not only of the
try a man whoso name and frame
U. S. S.onate has won for him tho profound regard of cvory honest man
throughout this broad land, and tho
narao has boon canvassed throughout
Presidency, and is now floating at
pors in the country. In Vinton and
warm friends who havo know him
considor this ono of tho best presents
Lot all our subsoribors and thoso
and other counties, avail themselves
trait. Begin tho work now! Romembor tho time runs only to April 15!
It is our purposo t purcbato a new press and greatly improve the
De'mMratio Enquirer, and wo have tako the way to not ouly incronso the
already large subscription list but to
bo required to aid us in theunderlaking. J. W. BO WEST.
Democratic Enquirer, ffl April 15,71,
who will pay up his indebtedness
,) will Do entitled u trie rortrait.
than a year and will pay a rear from
in advance, will bo entitled to the
iwr ouch now ouuourioor innv us.
Domocratio party but of the conn
is national, and whoso course in the
love of the Democracy of Ohio. Ilia
tho Union in connection with the
tho mast head of many influential pa
adjoining counties he has many
from boyhood, who certainly will
we can offer them.
who are not subscribers, In Vinton
of this opportunity to secure a Por
raiso the sufficient moans that will
Keep Your Top Cool.
Artemus Ward once, during
iha PMno nf.
fered.a stage-driver a drink of
whiskey from Lis flask, which
was refused in ; most decided
terms. - Said the driver n
''I don't' drink. I won't
drink. And I 'don't like to
se ) any. one else drink. I am
of the opinion of those moun-taitis-j-keep
your top cool.
Theye got snow, and I've got
brains '' that's all the diflfer-
Xhercrfs a wealth of wisdom
in the" sententious remark,
"Keep jour?, top cool." The
fouqtojn.-bfcmairs power and
happiness is in his brain. Alco
hol is a foe of ' the brain, and
when: it gets there, either be
numbs i' or perverts its action.
Remember " the stage-driver's
curt" "philosophy. '
TtfMetid tin' or Iron "Ware.
Leaky ...tin or iron ware is
. easily, ami Quickly, mended by
hammerfrtf Ismail nail or tack
of soft Jeafrfit the hole, cut off
eacli side1, 'and rivet it down.
RivetfVof soft iron or other
, metal hiay bejnsed to mend iron
t kettl etc, . ,
Beecher is so good z a - horti-culturist-that
he can crcn rata
his own salaif j?
. "! ..'. . . , - .
Wash. Thacker, of K$ysville,
wa3 arraigned on Tuesday, for
keeping a liqnor nuisance-
Alter the indictment had been
read to him the Court said:
"Are you guilty, or not guil
ty?" "With a most sad coun
tenance, Wash, replied: Oh,
I'm guilty." He was fined six
ty-fi ve dollars and costs, and
his Bhop shut up until he gives
the $1,000 bond. Jackson
A bill now before the Wis
consin Assembly provides that
whenever eleven jurors, impan
neled to try any criminal case
or civil action, shall , agree up
on a verdict, such agreement
duly announced in court, shall
be taken and held to be the
verdict of the whole , jury.
The proposed change appeals
to the common sense of every
body. Frequently it happens,
that a single obstinate iaror
defeats the ends of justice, his
opinions practically outweigh
incr the unanimous convictions
of his eleven colleagues.
To Cure
Dysnopda. Take
and broth, or the
raw clams
uncooked broth alone, from a
gill to a half pint, on an empty
ntomacnr octore oreakfast, for
a month if necessary, or even
,onScl' ; .a b:
Kock Island sold 49,100 tons
of coal to steamers last year.
Prize candy men have inva
ded Lafayette, Ind., in large
Koopmanchap is preparing
to run Charleston with Chinese
cheap labor.
Eleven mails are received
daily at the Lafayette, (Ind.)
Temperance meetings are
succeeding religious revivals in
Western towns.
Evansville, Indiana, has de
cided to adopt the fire-alarm
telegraphic system.
A girl only twelve years of
ae pve un til u n. cuiiu re
cently in Yadkin county, N. C.
Savannah, Georgia, shipped
6,89i bales of Upland cotton,
valued at $47G,732, for Eng
land last baturday week.
A new lodee of Odd-Fellows.
to be called the De Sota, is to
be instituted at Springfield
Mass., this week
The Y M. C. A. of New
York are negotiating for the
purchase of a $50,000 library
I- i ti i.i' "
Fifty thousand bushels of
corn are stored in cribs at Da
lias City and Waukee, on the
Des Moines Valley railroad.
A muskrat made a hole
through the dam of a Wiscon
sin farmer's trout pond and
thirteen hundred trout escaped
One woman in Johnson
county, Ind., has sent to mar
ket during the past year 1,500
dozen eggs the product of her
own hens.
At Lafayette. Ind., the social
evil is creating intense agita
tion among the people. But
wherefore and how, the papers
do not state.
The Ind. Legislature enthu
siastically celebrated Washing
ton's ;birthday, by firing thir
teen guns at the expense of the
Winona, Iowa, has subscrib
ed $55,000 and ten acres of
land for the erection of a 1 res
byterian college at that point
The discoverv of a button
from his wife's dress in another
man's shirt was why a St. Jo
seph, Mo,, husband shot her in
the arm.
A vouncr man in Bloominsr-
ton, 111., named John Under-
ical, was instantly killed, re
cently while practicing in the
gymnasium in that place.
The revival which began in
Lvnchbuftt in the earlv part of
January stills continues unaba
ted. Un to this time 500 have
professed religion.
The chain-gannr barbarity
has been revived at Terre
Haute, where the hogs enjoy
the freedom of the city, and
where Weston, the walkist, is
soon to appear.
A Lafayette (Indiana) man
stole ahorse in. order to run
away with a young woman,
but while the girl was dressing
a vigilant officer seized the ro
mantic swain.
Wm. Lightle, a route agent
on the Selma, Rome and Dal
ton road, has been removed for
voting the democratic ticket at
the late municipal election in
Decendants of Indians whose
fathers once held lands, in Ten
nessee have employed a lawyer
in Memphis to sue for broad
acres in the southern part of
the county.
A movement is On foot to
displace St Paul as the capital
of Minnesota, and remote it to
a place in Kandigohi county.
The name of the proposed new
city is Staunton. t Km.
A lawsuit over a hog in Ill
inois cost $15,000. ' . ;
A fellow named Hyde, who
claims to be related by marriage
to Mrs. Grant, and who' has
been hiding his light under a
bushel out in Kansas, is now
seeking a small office.
The cattle feeders and ship
pers of the vicinity of Spring
field, 111., arc pushing their cat
tle forward as rapidly as possi
ble, anticipating a spring rush
of Texas cattle eastward
Sheep-killing dogs are so
troublesome in the stock-raising
counties: in Illinois, that the
farmers have engaged a body
of men to travel through the
country and kill all the stray
curs they meet with.
According to the report of
the auditor-general of Missouri,
the aggregate taxable wealth
of the State increased from
$262,344,922 in 1865, to $559,
082,589. in 1870, or for the
whole period one hundred and
fourteen per cent.
John C. Powers, of Lafayette,
Ind., left that town and went
to Missouri to avoid arrest for
passing counterfeit money.
For the same offense he was
arrested at Carthage, Mo., and
last week died in the jail of that
New York has an ; inhabit
ant born in 17C6, ten years be
fore the Declaration of Inde
pendence. He is active in
mind and body, and will soon
give a birthday reception at the
Union League Club-rooms,
when he will tell what he
knows about the American
A lady teacher in the Janes-
ville, Wis., public schools, has
laid aside ner ferule and adop
ted ihe method of -kissing- feer-
pnpils into obedience. The
larger boys, it is said, are par
ticularly unruly, . and require
daily correction.
Charleston, the new capital
of West Virginia, is peculiarly
situated, while it burns gas in
its streets, has no railroads and
is not reacned by the various
telegraph lines. If Governor
Jacobs desires to telegraph to
Wheeling or Pittsburgh he is
nectsitated to travel seventy
miles by water and cross into
another state.
The German republicans,
headed by John Jacoby, bitter
ly oppose the annexation of
Alsatia and Lorraine to the
German empire, on the. ground
that it is done against the will
of the inhabitants of the prov
inces named and therefore
illegal and unjust.
The forty-first Congress
gave away 33,760,000 acres of
land, to enrich the managers of
three leading railroad corpora
tions. Uh, the virtuous forty-
first congress I None of th
members were benehtted by
voting such magmheent gifts.
J) our radical governors are
now on trial for impeachment.
Holden, of North Carolina ;
Butler. of Nebraska: Clavton.
of Arkansas; and Reed of Flor
ida, What pure representa
tives the radicals select 1
Since the departure of the
German troons from Paris the
cafes and places of public resort
have been reopened, and the
1 Jl VI!
papers nave resuineu implica
tion. A healthy stir has also
begun to manifest itself in all
branches of trade.
The most curious ant in the
world is the parasol ant of the
YV est inaies, u me accounts
which we receive of its habits
are correct The ants walk in
long procession, each one car
rvinc a cat leaf over ' its head
as a parasol in" the sun. and they
1 i -.1 A.
ueposib laese iu mura wu vr
iweive ice uuuw kiuuuu, ap
parently with no other object
than to form a comfortable nest
for species of - white snake,
which is invariably found coil
ed up, among them on diggtpg
qui me aeposu.
What Girls Should Drink.
' . Dr. Dio Lewis, in his book,
"Our Girls," says :
I am astonished that a young
woman who is ambitious of a
clear, fine fckin should drink
tea. It is a great enemy to
fair complexions. Wine, cof
fee and cocca may. be used
without tinging the skin ; but
as soon as tea-drinking becomes
a regular habit the eye of the
discriminating observer delects
it in the skin. Tea compromi
ses the complexion, probably,
by deranging the liver. Weak
tea or coffee may be used occa
sionally, in modern quantities,
without noticeable ' harm ; but
I advise all young women who
would preserve a soft, clear
skin and quiet nerves, to avoid
all drinks but cold water. It
is an excellent plan to drink
one or two glasses of cold wa
ter on lying down at night, and
on rising in the morning. It
vou have good teeth, and can
help the food into your stom
ach without using any fluid,
except the salva, it will, in long
run, contribute much to your
Cleansing Blankets.
It is quite as important to
have blankets on our beds clean
as to have the sheets pure and
white. The foul emanation
which they absorb in time makes
the bed anything but sweet
The Boston Journal of Chem
istry gives the following meth
od of cleansing blankets : Put
two large tablespoonfuls of
borax and a pint bowl of soap
into a tub of cold water.
When dissolved, put in a pair
of blankets, and let them re
main over night Next day
rub and drain them out, and
rinse them thoroughly in two
waters, and hang them to dry.
LFonot wring them.
A verv calatable luncheon is
made as follows: Cut a slice of
bread an inch thick ; pare the
crust and toast very Mightlyon
one side. Cut a slice of cheese
a quarter of an inch thick, not
so large as the bread by half an
inch on each side ; pare off the
rind, Jay it on toe toasted bread,
place on a flat tin plate, and
put in the oven . ten minutes.
Mix a quarter of a teaspoonful
of salt, with mustard, and a
sprinkle of pepper, and stir in
to the toasted cheese, when it
- a
is ready to be eaten.
An Iowa boy of twelve
years, becoming angry with the
person wun wnom ne ooaruea,
poured kerosene oil over four
horses owned by him and set
them on hre. Three were
burned to death before help
could reach them, and the
fourth was burned so badly
that it had to be killed. But
what shall be done with such
a boy as that ?
Old ribbons will . look quite
renewed if washed in cool suds
made of fine soap, and ironed
when damp. Cover the rib
bons with a clean cloth and
pass the iron over that If you
wish to stiffen the ribbon, dip
it, while drying, into gujn ara
bic water. White silk gloves
wash well, and should be dried
on the bands.
To Test Flour.
Place a little in the palm of
the hand, rub gently with the
finger : if the flour smooths
down, feeling slippery, it is in
ferior flour and will never make
good bread, but if it rnbs rough
in the palm, feeling like fine
sand, and has an orange hue,
you may purchase it confident
ly. It will not disappoint you.
A crood. storv is told of a
German shoemaker in Utica,
who having made a pair of
boots for a gentleman of whose
financial integrity he had con
siderable doubt, made the, fol
lowing reply to him when he
called for the article J MDer
Soots ish not quite done, bat
cr bill ish made out" .
Rules for Painting.
L Let the groundwork be
carefully prepared and dry.
2. See that the colors are
well ground and duly mixed.
! 3. ; Do hot mix much more,
nor any less paint than you
think will be necessary for the
present work. -
4. Keep the paint well mix
ed before using.
5. See that the paint is neith
er too thick to work well, nor
too thin to cover properly, and
apply it evenly.
. 6. Do not apply a sccceeding
coat before the previous one is
dry. r
7. Do not use a lighter color
over a darker.
8. Do not add driers to col
ors long before using.
9. ' Use just as little driers
will do the work.
10. Do not overcharge the
brush with paint.
11. Begin with the highest
part of your work and proceed
To Cleanse Musty Barrels
or Casks.
Put a quarter of a peck of
unslacked lime in the bung
hole of the barrel, into which
pour a gallon or two of boiling
water to slack the lime, then
put in the bung and shake the
cask well, eo that the contents
of it will come in contact with
all of the inside. - Let it stand
a day or, two, after which rinse
out well with plenty of cold
water. If the barrel or cask is
still musty, the same operation
must be repeated, and a Btrip
of cloth dipped into melted
brimstone and hung down in
the bung-hole, set fire to and
the bung lightly driven in.
It is stated that at ! a recent
revival meeting in New Harap-
smre one oi me young Dreinren
arose and said that he had re
ceived a revelation from the
Lord that it was . his duty to
kiss Sister , and she, noth
ing '.loth, rejoined that if the
Lord was willing she was, and
the kissing was proceeded with
them and there to the evident
satisfaction of both parties.
In New York on Saturday,
a little boy fouryearsold, gave
nis iittie orotner, aged two, a
dose of creosote, which killed
him. . Their mother had placed
a box of vials containing med
icines, on the table, and whilst
her back war turned, the boy
picked up one and gave his
little brothefa swallow from it
The child suffered great agony
before he died.
It is extraordinary how early
the youth of this country gain
an insight into the workings of
our institutions. A clergyman
visiting a school in Maine was
particularly struck with the in
telligent appearance of a little
urchin of seven, and proceed
ed to ask him some questions
for the purpose of drawing him
"What do vou exnect to do
for a living wnen you grow up?'
asked the worthy divine.
'I mean to be President,"
was the reply;
'Indeed, said the clergy
man, deiignted to learn tnat
the little fellow cherished so
lofty an ambition : "and if you
get to be President, what will
you do then 9"
"Why, make my father and
mother, and my brothers and
sisters, and my nncles and aunta,
and all my cousins rich," was
the somewhat unexpected re
Partner Wanted.
An energite fcwri mm httTtnx a enptte!
of $1,000, or immi la wanted m ft oaa-hatf Inter,
rt partner hi the ItaftihT tnulnete.. Too miry
doing very Urte baslneM iltqatH within ft
farm or ralroM hi Southern Ohio, rur
(tall partlculr, ncM rem the Editor of Jtimim
MeArtbmvOUo. '
September m, wm-it.
ftWBet KlfeTtieeaMnt of TH Brittt? Pfiinni
wry, heeded Book tor the XMlm-MAHHUS
9 VWS-m another eol uranl It I ban HI be IWd
by HI
Blank 6ojninoii r
For Justices of tho rocq, imprin
ted and for ftala at this office.
Hodand's Gorman Bitter?,
frcfrttfwf fiy fir. C. .. Jackmn. Plill-iili
fbeir liicnxliiclloii itilo title country from Uvrnwtf
ocurrud iu . .
They Cared yir Father ui Hatfrert
tnd wtU enre yne end your elillilnMi. tttiff ro .(
Irclj different friim Ilia nimir nvmn"tr Wow I
ha country exiled Ml tar or ToYitM. TWf wr ntf
em iraiMnrfki.nf llilnn Ike thorn tot Boo
nnmt.wllaMeatedlcilMn. Tlwy.ro
: ; JHL
.Iter Complaint, Dyspepsia,
Herrous Debility, Jaundice.
Diseases of (ho KMneys
d ell Dtmntcf ytfrlilng from Disordered I. foot
Vtrntlrmtkm, Ffafnhnea, Inwirfd file, fuhnn 9
Wood to Hie Head. Acidity of the Hlomadi, Nmc
M, UMrt lmrn, UIbkiiH Hit fmid, Kiiliie. or
Weh(ht In IM nicminrb, Koiir Krncu
ti lUmo, WfiklHH (rr KlffMerliii nt tke
Tit of llie Mutmwh, Swlrwriirti of ttit
nad,Ilnrrlcd or lllllriiMrfflhlii, firmer .
U( ftt (lie lltart, Choking or SnnVctitlne; Sew
km when In ftln. IHwture, Wirmrwt of f Moej
L or W.lit oeftire the Wuht, U11H I'irtft rn the
lleed, DcflcUnry of Penulratlon, Yollrwm;e
of Ilia ttklti and Eye., l'aln In tlieHlde,
Backf Chrnt, MmlM, etc., Hmlilm
Fliwhe. of Ifoet, HirrMM fir the rtndr,
Oueetaot lantfttt'w of Kvlf md Urest Uepre'
(Inn ol 8)lrlie.
Ul Vim Indicate IHtta f ttu Untr DlfUlH
trgaiu, comoumi mm tmjmn ismm.
HooflanrVi German Ditters
I entirely yegeUlile, nnd conmlo no fl t
omnonnd of Fluid KxtracM, The Kiiofe, fferhw
ad iMrkf from which theie Kilnicl. era mln, rf
wtlwred from (iernmny. A B thw Mcdlral Tlrtnm arr
slracted tmm Ihein by Mlnfle ehermVt. Tin.
trarl are then fnrirnrnVd lo tills tmmrj to ho nee
sprerxly forllie matiuratinreorilitwe lliilem. Tker
no alcoliolle rnnetMice of any kind Mrd la mnt
enndlnx die IHllen, hence It I. the only Bitten fha
n he iiimhI In court where alcoholic .ettimilente arf
K aavieanie.
Hoodand's German Tonlo
enwrMnaf lon of all (her rMredtenta of the DHMW
rth runa Hania Onii Itnm, Orange, ele. It la e-C
eaae nnre atcotiotte tuniiint la mtnireir. imr wi
ear la arlnd that llia irdl ere eirllrely rWtoe
BtnximanyoUirtaiiertlMdrirthecnreof Ih. (Me
ewe. named, thene heliw reliTnlHIe preparallna e
nrflral MiimetL while the Mhera are mere eaeog
irtlietarhe dlrraae a lite uiiiera,) tmm wn.rj
rrmtofnimleromelltrm. TheTONIO ledrahkdrf
ne of the moet ntnarant arm airreeame remeeRt rw
ITered to Uie pnMle. lt ta-le n eiojrnMfev It It t
leanre to like It. while II. ilfe-jrlrhw, wlinaliif;
d medlcliial ntialltle. bare' caond It to be aw ar
beneftMetef all lonlea. .
eflieieii no medicine em si rw lUmltmft tTmrwe
ttere or Tonic la cave, of IMitthy. They nnf
tnae ana Tlicw 10 urn wnrae .ytcent, nrrncrnra in
wmtlte, eann an erdnyment of thelbod. tmeM tW
aowftik todlgeMH, pnrlfythe Meod, (lee fos
rmd. beallhy owplelrnterad?a WeyeHww Mne
m the rye, Irsoiwl Miimw fhe ehreke. snf
bange the patlenf from rhort-lirwrtlieil, tsnewsieeT
reek, end nrrrorrf rnnlrd, rrf l lticeaV rtowt, aaf
Weai cnl SQct CHUws t XtlU Stroa
tj TBfcg tie Bitten if Tsfife .
tnea imngrii am twi
Tlcttt Illoocl urlflera
rrer known, and will cure all diet an a mosMuic frr
bed blood. Keep year Meed aerr: her ymr Irrr-r I
nler; keep yoor dlKertrf e orjn. In ronwd. araHa
wndltlnn, by Die nre of there rem wile, and a aw
eare win erer aerall you. Thehvetmen In Ihernne
iry remaiaiaad them. If year of lionrat reHMatle
iwfor any Url off yon tnatt rj tker ywiaiatluaa.
Like the toHowlDg wn nerer KloN offered k btbe)
ndanymedkiDelpreaarailoir: ,
Cblef Justice of theSwareateConttof TenmjUtnH
TwrllAnr.rwi, March ta, Mai.
1 find "IToofland'ii (lerni.n Hitler." I. a irnod WaM
Benefit in ea.ee of duliitlly and want ef aerreeaaeltei
aaeful la rtlreara of the dircllve onrau. aaeef ree
ilueryetvui. xonn iniry,
Jartlce of tlieSawmneCoartef FeyWanla. .
rmi.BKi.rwi, Aarw n, am.
I tmn.tdor " Booflnnd'a OonHwa Hireran a rahwhl
Mdlcliie In tares of attach of lae'iRe.tkwi or lyi
sepeia. ) can certify this from my exonrtrnre of It,
aeure, whu reraeci, u ajuu; iiivaievn.
$ cMllee of the Bnpreme Conrt of rennfyhranla.
rHii.ADii.rHit, uno 1, lrnn.
1 Hate fomtd by .xperience that " Ilmxtand'. Uvt
Ma bluer." H a Terr good loate, rcftettng dyspepth
nwtOBM akooat dlrucilr.
Maynr of thji elly wf Bnflhn, pr. T.
J4Tfm' Orrm, Bnrpi, Julie II, JW.
tmn astd "Jfoofamd'eHenaaa Ulller. and Tiiwle
M My family dnring the part year, and cwa Hum
f Ivor to the ay.tem.
il uiem as an exeemwi tonic, impartlne lone aw
af decidedly beneficial effsctt.
Their ase baa Iters swiwsrrlv
If -Mayor of Wtlllameport, Penasylvanls,
I ask great fleam re In recommcndliiK " lliiaif
3nuan TobIc" to any one wlioniay beaflllclod wis
yWM)fla. I had U10 I)ypep1a to badly K wm tie
?otel hl to keep any food on my stomach, and 1 1
same so weak a not to lie tlilo to walk half a e!h
Two bottle of Tonic effected a nerfret en re.
TloriflMicV German Remedlot are rarmfcrfeltre)
fne RoiiHlne have the tlKtialnre of V, OT. Jackawl
w Hie front of the oalalde Wrapuer of earh boltl
od th name of tlio artlckiJlowB In sack bottle. AJ
rther ro cooBterfult. f ff-mrm
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