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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, April 05, 1871, Image 1

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, - ' -P'l'.lii-'.","! "Ji."-r" .'! J". ' V''v(r'?'vi;';rr;iii,'rf;'''''
VOL. 3.
I Publisher anuProprlotor. X
f tl.50 PER YEAR, I
I 4 111 Advance
ko. ia.
11 DEKiffl EIIE
Fine lithograph Portrait
- OF
SEon. . r.
At conBidcnvblo expense wo havo
1,100 Large Lithograph
Of our cstoomod U. S. Sonator, lion.
our order from a fino Photograph furnished by Hon. J. II, Putnam, Ed
itor of the Chillicothe Advertiser, which will bo
f3-u.itirfcl for 2Trcim.iner,
making a very
Handsome Ornament Tor
which wo will present to
TChurmun !
contracted for
Portrait! (Sizellx lGinchs!)
Allen G. Tuurman, to bo made to
tine Parlor or Library,
V I'iiW) hm.1
irer.i April 15,71,
For Fine Perfumery, go to Sis-son's
Drusr S"r-.
ftB'rtco advertisement of HrTlull' Oispen
wiry, IhIiiuViI Itnok for the Jillioti MA UltUUS
4ljjfW-in iiiiullior culuiim! It should Iju ron
S 11IU
Gardes and Flower Seeds,
of all kinds, for sale at this oflko.
Call and boo them.
Blank Summons,
For Justices of tho Peace, just prin
ted and for buIo at thiH oflico.
Good at all Timks. Dr. Henry's
Hoot and Plant Pills aro vegetable
andean bo taken at any and. all
times without royard to diet or bu-
81U089. U0U-1W
" Lauoreu Wanted. A good and
steady laboror, who wishes employ
ment by tho month or year, can
find employment by applying to
Ijijuert Uowkn, Zaloaki, Ohio.
Notice to Stock Owners.
Wo aro prepared to print bills for
all ownors of Stock Horses at very
low prices. Como and boo cuts,
Bumplos, &c., and learn prices.
Blank Bonds. Wo havo printed
fino lot of Blank Bonds for all
Township Officers, including Super
visor's Bonds, which aro for sale
cheap. Wo can furnish anybody
with any kind of blanks.
Partner Wanted.
An onortftfllo business mnn IihvIiik ft caiiilul
of $1 ,000, or more, is wanted ns a ono-lmlf Inlcr-o-rt
partnor lntlio Foundry business. Fonmlry
dolni; n vary lui'KO linslmwg i bltuiitod within n
1'itw I'cot of rullroiul in Huullioru Oliio. For
lull pHi'tiouliirH, iidih'UHH llio lftlilur of Enquirer
McAilliur, Ohio.
So)U)Uih(M'2H, in-tr.
Foundry for Sale.
k FoiTNnnr, (loins a very lurnc buslnetH, U
miln'd In Southoni Ohio, In oQ'oruil for mile on
nccount of a (lisngrouiiiimt between jmrtnem.
A iinii-lmll'orthe whole lutnrost InHaM Foundry
willlioHolilntnbiiriiii. Purlieu tleslrlnx i'ur
thur Infunnnllon, civil obtain It by covroapond
liiK with tbo liilltorof A'zrfJcs', MoArtlmr, 0.
Keptomlicr 28, 1870-tf.
District Council.
The next Council of Scioto
District, comprising the coun
ties of Fayette, Ross, Vinton,
Jackson; Athens, Washington
and . Monroe, will convene at
Pleasant Chapel, in Vinton
county, on Friday, April 7, nt
2 o'clock P. M. Those attend
ing tho Council by way of
railroad will como to McArthur
Station, where conveyances
will be in waiting to convey
them to tho Council.
Books, Literary Papers and Magazines
for Bale.
Pomona wishing a choico lot of
Books, Litorury Pupors or Maga
zines can bo supplied by calling "at
tho tingnircr Tritiing Oflico, in
Bowon's Building, East of tho Court
Ifouso, Among tho Papers and
JIagaKinosarotho following:1
Now York Lodger
Now York Mercury ;
Now York Weekly ;
Young folks' Kural ;
Star Spangled Banuorj
Hearth and Homo ;
Cincinnati Literary Journal ;
Pooplo's Lilorary Companion ;
Amoriean Agriculturist;
Phronologlcal Journal ;
Atlantic! Monthly;
Young Pilot;
Western Uurul.
The 21st of Juno has been
fixed upon by the Ohio Radi
cal State Committee as the flay
m which to hold their State
Convention, this year, at Col
umbus. This will bo three
weeks after the Democratic
State Convention, which is to
held on the 1st of June. The
Radicals, although the party in
power, are always afraid to
bold their Conventions hrst.
."Whom the goiU wish to
destroy, they first make mad."
What terrible destruction must
be in store, then, for the Radi
cal leaders who have so long
robbed, plundered, outraged,
tyrannized over, and plotted
the ruin of .the peoplo and of
republican government in this
jreat land I The retributive
goddess has n frightful account
o settle with these fellows-;
md if she exacts full compen
sation, they will bo utterly
overthrown and cast down for-ver.
Now is tho time to fix ur
your premises pay your debts
lorgivo your enemies be at
peace with all men and women
kind subscribe for the En
quirer and thus be nrennred to
spend the summer comfortably.
A Weekly Newspaper in tho Right
Spot !
PlWn TOWNS END will bo
gin tho publication of a now literary
weekly paper to bo called
at the City of Washington, March
12, 1871.
A handsome folio nowapapor of
iiuny-two columns, pnntou in now
typo, with a nowongravod titlo-boad,
ana occasionally illustrations. Tho
ontiro contents aro to bo original
and written by tho acutost observ
ers and most tronchant writers of
tho day,
but adnptod to tho intellectual ro
quironicnts of our poriord in tho
consideration of public tnon and
questions, aggressivoly independent,
and always Booking out tho quaint,
tho raro, tho individual, and the
literary aspects of polities; in short,
It will contain tho' Associntod
Press telegrams up to tho -hour of
going to press, and tho latest pub
lie and local items. Special features
will bo original stories upon epi
sodes, localities, and phenomena at
tho National Capital, society topics
at Washington, koon and tronchant
correspondence from tho largo cities
and tho State Capitals, absolutely
independent , notes, editorials and
biographioj stirring to tho hour,
and fresh ballads and poems. Dur
ing tho your Tuk Capital will con
tain vivid descriptions of overy na
tional institution and buronu in tho
United Slntos, noting tiro idiosyn
crasies and imporlectionfl of tho
sumo. It will endeavor diligently
to bo tho privato citizen's roportor
at tho seat of governments, l'rico,
$.'J a year in advance. Subscriptions.
advertisements, and communica
tions will bo addrcssod to .
Tuk (Htickov the Capital,
No, I 'tf Eleventh St., noarPonnsyt-
Hotr Tory deep the aliailows 114
Around ur ha w t to-night
I lmvs no hope to elisor ino no
They vanished with tha llijtit,
ttov dark nrul drear tlx futuro scertH
II w voldofovory joy I
Its light hcciuh but a mockcrjr, j
Iln hltsslntjt but toy.
Choer up, fulnt heart ! tor brighter 4jj
Are yet la storo tbr thoo
When Cotrore that look to withered DOW
Will bright And blooming bat -
The Rat-Killer.
Adam Boplcr keeps a tavern la Alio
glmuy. Ono rather gloomy evening re
cently, viiicn Adam wobIu ratlior a gloomy
humor, a stranger prcflcntod himself about
bod-tlmo, and nuked to stay all night.
" Certainly' eald Adam, oylng the rather
WPdy-looklng etrnngor. " If you toko
breakfast it will be 6hunt one dollar."
" But I havo no money," fiald tho man.
" I am dead broko, but if yoa will trust
mo" , -
"Ahl" eald Mr. IJcploT. "Idon'tllko
that kind of customer. I could Oil miiio
hoiiBo every night mil dat kind, but dat
won't help mo run dls ltouso."
" Well," Baid tho Btrangor, after a paueo,
" havo yoa any rats about hero?"
" Ya " rcpllod Adam, " you'd bettor l)e
Hove wo havo, Why, do placo is lousy
mlt dim."
" Wc-ll." rejoined tho man, "I'll tell you
wlmt I'll do. If you lot me have lodging
and breakfast, I'll kill all tho rata to-mor
" Doiio," wild Beplrr, wlio had long been
dpflperatfly nnnoyol by tho number of
Korwayn that infctitod IiIr prcmlBos.
Bo tho stranger, a gaunt, sallow, melan
choly -looking man, was shown to bod, and
no doubt had a good sloop. After break
fast i cxt tiornlng, Mr. Copier took occa
sion In a very gontlo manner to remind
hiri guest of tho contract of tho previous
"What I hill your rats? Certainly,"
enid tho melancholy stranger. "Where
are they tho thickest ?"
"IVy aro powty thick In dor barn-yaidv"
nnnwrr'd Adam"
"Well, let's go out there," oakl tho
stranger, " Cat stop 1 llavo you got a
piece of hoop-iron?"
X ploco about fifteen fort 1 ng vena
brought fur tho stranircr, who examined
It caiofully from ouo end to tho othor.
ExircuHlng hlnvtef cntlieTy sotlsfled,
finally, vith its length and etrcngth, ha
prorvoded to tho barn, accompanied by M'.
Dt'pler and quite a crowd of idlers who
were anxious to eeo in what manner tho
great nit-killer waa going to work. Ar
riving thtiro tho stranger looked around
a little, thou placed his back firmly against
tho door and ra sod bin wenpon.
" Xow," said ho, to Adam, " I am ready.
FotIi on your tats I"
How this sceno terminated we aro not
precisely iiiformnd. It is enld that, al
though no rata answered tho npiteal of tho
stranger, Mr. Bepler began to smell ono
pretty strongly at this junctnro, and be
came very angry. Ono thing is certain,
and thut Is that tho now boarder was not
at Adam's table at dinner, nor for any sub
(sequent mea'. Ho hod suddenly resolved
to depart, probably to pursue his avocation
of rat-killing In other quarters.
A New Business.
Theri h a good deal of tnlk In Philadel
phia among the brokers about a fast young
man vhote lather is overburdened with
Tho young mnn would not work, and
tho old man could not bear an idler, and
many wero tho qnarrcls botwocn them. -
At last tho old man, quitoout of patience,
eald :
"Now, Jack, Iglve you ono week to
mnko up your mind to what business you
are to go in. No son of nilno shall bo a
lounger, and go to work you shall. At tho
end of the week, If you havo wado no
choice, I will stop your nllowar.co alto
gether, nnd mnko you tako a stool la my
oflico, and work enough you'll havo of it
Well, Jack promisod to look around and
make up his mind.
At tho ond ot a week, sharp and peremp
tory is was his way, tho old broker eaug
out to his son :
" Well, Jack, time's up i have you mado
up your nrfud to mnko your own living f
" Well, futhor, I've boon thinking of It,
and have soraothliig on my mind, but it
will requlro considerable capital."
"Capital, Jack, capital, my boy I" said
the do lghtod father, " Only try to mako
your own living, and I will buy you a
national bank, or a lino of stenmors. Well,
what is it, Jack ? What 1 it?"
" Well, father, I was think ng that if
you would only advanco mo three or four
hundred thousand dollars, I could Invest
in (lovornmcnt bonds, and mnko my liv
ing by cutting off tho coupons."
. v Tho old mnn nover talks to Jack any
moio about "businoss,"
"An old man in Saybrook, Conn., Hvci
on a farm that was never bought nor Bold,
it having come down to him from his ances
tors, who obtained it from tho Indians." In
publishing tlite paragraph tbo Charlottes
Tllle, N, ft, Chronicle snys; "Thoro is a
farm, or farms, of more than 2,000 acres,
near Walker's Church, Albomarlo, of simi
lar character, bolonging to , the Nolson
family, descendants of Meriwether, tha
original patentco, Theso lands huvo de
scended from father to son, and by war
lingo, never having been sold.
Tho best method of cleaning articles of
liver, that has becomo' blackoncd by suU
phur, when moclmnical application is In
possible, immerse them in ammonia iu
which a rod of zinc has been Inserted, -
Best Soil for Currants.
Wo have novcrJiail 'good succees with
currants on light sandy soil. A though
well cultivated and well manured they
tiovor grow vigorously bushos word email
and fruit thin and of imperfect size. . '. At tho
end of two years wo dug them up and
throw them avay Wo boliovo that in
Bitch soils, as a fruit for family gardens,
thoy can only be rrrowa satisfactorily In
the following places;'' ,i ' . s ;
Either clofie to tho north side of high
garden fences.
In orchards or under the branches of
fruit trccft which overhang tho garden, or
by muUtingmJ. ., r
U such warm light Bolls Iho plants must
have moisture, nnd this ranst como cither
from deep mulching or cool shodo. Tho
mulching may be officaclous for a time, but
wo beliovo tho bonefila would not bo vory
lasting. Tho truo oll for currants is a
woll drained clay soil, or clny and loam
mixed. In this no mulch will lo needed,
and ordinary cultivation Is amply sufficient.
Tho finest currants wo havo ever seen
wero grown in the partial ehndo of apple
nnd pear orchards, and the owners have
never been affected with mildow or tho
currnut worm. Coolness, shado, or mulch
ing nro indmpensablo to insure success Iu
currant growing.
Vegetables and Fruits.
Ono of tho over recurring questions
met with in looking over our correspond
ence is: " What artlrles of food may
properly bo called" vegetables, nnd what
fruitel" Thero is no trouble in defining
what a fruit Is according to tho botanist's
viow it Is a ripened pistil with whatever
may Iki pormnnontly attached to It, whether
pulpy and ediblo or not. Strictly speak
ing, a iKippy.hcnd Is as much a fruit as is a
pear. But when wo como to popular usage
It is not eo eaoy to decido which among
tho fruits shall bo callod vegetables. We
onco suggested that those cateu without
preparation should bo culled fruits, nnd
thoso that aro n?ed cooked or dressed
should bo called vegetables. This very
nearly covor the ground, but not com
pletely. In this cuso tho tomato cooked
or as salad would be a vegetable, but if
eaten, as somo prefcMt, raw and plain, tt
then is a fruit. '
What then would beeomo of tho melon
family, arc they fruits?
Vegetables and Fruits. Fruit Garden.
rhnnrf Trees wfll need pruning, washing
with soap or lye, protection against Insects,
trtc;, nnd such other earn as has already
been snggoatod for trees in tho orchard.
. Pruning of small linitta may bo done
with tho knlfo wherovcr necessary, to bring
tree into ehnpn,
tyro Vines not attended to last autumn
should bo pruned In tho Cr.it nitld spoil
that occurs.
Stntirtierriet may Ixi'sot as soon ns plants
can be procured, and the front is tulrly out
of the ground.
IVcMm will bo needed for grates, and
posts should bo got out. Whero dnmblo
timber is scarce, sot a short locust poet in
the ground, and spiko to ib an upright of
other wood.
LbwJ&trrto and Itiiaptwrrlra should bo
set as early as tho condition of the soil
will allow. Tho underground shoots,
which will form the canes of nest season,
start vory early, and aro 11 koly to bo in
Protection to Half Hardy Shrubs.
Tlw high winds of winter oro likely to
tear off tho straw or other protection
placed about shrubs ; and calves or other
cattle allowed to win on the highways
will often do Injury. Wo havo found red
cedar boughs bettor than straw, because
they are not eaten by animals. Sheep aro
very fond of hemlock, and young cnttlo will
occiwionally cat It, though It Is much bet
ter .tlinn straw. Whatever has boon used
it should bo l!uked to, patched up, or ro
nowod, if necessary. It is much more
important that tho protection should bo
good nt this season than earlier. The
changes of weather aro likely to bo tnoro
severo and frequent. Wo may havo days
when It is so warm that tho buds will
swell, nnd tho frost almost all come out of
the borders, followed by a temperature of
zero, or below. This is what kills fruit
buds, destroys tho promltw for blossoming
of ilowcrliig shrubs, and brings forward
tender plants, only to sudor by tho frost.
Let the Boys have Tools.
Evory man who can offord It should
supply his boy with tools, and a room
whero they may bo used and cured for. A
boy takes to tools ns naturally as to green
apples, or surreptitious and forbidden
amuriemonts ; and ten to ono, If ho has a
chnnco to develop his mechanical tastes
and gratify thorn to thoir full extent, his
tendencies to vicious courses will romaln
undeveloped. Such a result Is enough to
compensate for nil tho exponsonnd troublo
tho indulgence wo commend would entail ;
whilo tho chances that tho early develop
ment of his constructive faculties may, In
this mechanical ago, bo tho moaus by
whleh ho may ultimately climb to faint
and fortuno are not small.
Tho fences of tho United States coot
more thau tho houses, cities Included;
more than the ships, vessels and boats of
ivory description which sail on tho ocean,
lakes and rivers; more than our manu
factories; with all their machinery, and
more than any one class of property, real
estate excepted. Thoso of New York are
put down at 1144,000,000 ; thoso of Ohio at
$115,000,000, and Pensylvanlo ntttOO.OOO,
000. At this rate tho tnoucy invested in
fences alone is more than oqnnl to tha no
tional debt. As fences require to be re
no wed, on an avorago, onco in tea years, tho
annual cost to the country Is not foj short
of $00,000,000.
, To Ciioouk Pomt: -This meat Is so pro
verbially, and even dangerouslyj unwhole
some whou' 111 fed, or In any degree dis
ease that its 'quality should bo closely
examined before It is purchased. Whoa
not homo-fattonod, it should bo bought, H
possible, of somo respectable farmer, un
lees tho butchct who supplies It can b
perfectly relied on. Doth tho fat and lean
should bo very white, aud tho latter finely
grained; tho rind should bo thin, smooth,
and cool to the touch ; If it bo- cln timy,
the pork ia etnlo aud should lxs at onco re
jected; it ought also to bo scrupulously
avoided when tho fat, Instead of being
quito clear of all blemish, is full of small
kernels, which aro indicative of disease.
The rannnor of cutting up the pork varies
In different countries, and also according
to the purposes for which it is intended.
Tho legs are eithor mado Into hams, or
slightly salted for a few days, and boiled ;
thoy are also sometimes roasted when tho
po k is not largo nor coarse, with a savory
forcemeat inserted botwoon tho skin and
flesh of the knuckle. Tho part of tho
shoulder callod tho hand is also pickled in
tho snmo way as liams and bacon, or it may
bo salted and boilod, but it is too sinewy
for roasting, After those and tho head
have been taken off, tho romnlnder, with
out further division than boin spilt down
tho back, may bo converted into wholo
sides, or flltchcrs, of bacon j but when the
meat la largo, aud required in pari Jor
Various other purposes, a chine may bo
taken out, and tho fat pared off tho boneB
of- the ribs nnddolns for bacon ; tho thin
part of- tho body converted into pickled
pork, and tho ribs and other bones toasted,
or mado Into pics nnd sansagos. Tho feet
are generally snltod down for immediate
use. The loins of the young nnd dollcnto
pork aro roastod with tho skin on j and
this is scored in regular stripes of about a
quarter of on inch wide with tho oint of
a sharp knife, before tho joints aro laid to
tho fire. Tho skin of tho leg also is cut
through In tho same manner. This is dono
to provent its blistering, and to render it
nioro easy to carve, as tho skin (or crack,
ling) becomes so ofispand hard In the cook
ing, that it is otherwise sometimes dl Ill
cult to divide it. To bo at any timo fit for
table, pork must Iw perfectly sweet, and
thoroughly cooked ; great attention also
should be given to It when it Is lu pickle,
for If any part of it bo long oxpoeed o tho
air, without bolngr turned into, or woll and
frequently banted with tho briuo, it will
often .become tulntcd during tho process of
curing it.
Tun pANr.nns of Ssuff-t.vkino. In
one of our hospital reports will bo found,
tho Lancet states, a st utllng instance of
tho poisonous effects of leit l being pro
duced by tho use of coiiliuninated pnuff.
Tho victim, who wns a resident in India,
was in tho habit of taking " best brown '
rappee" exported by a well-known and
popular English firm in leaden cases. Ills
medical odvlsors first attributed tho full
ing power of his upp r extremities, nnd
other unplensnnt symptoms, to tho uso of
his favorite tobacco, but, after ho had been
to tho trouble and cxpouso of coming to
England in search of further ndvlco, his
suffering was traced to tho real source. To
bo quite coitnin, six separate packages
wero ordered from Calcutta, and a sample
from each wm fmind to contain an inti
mate uuion with a considerable quuutity
of lead. Unppeo appears to bo a rather
moist preparation of tho refreshing weed,
and whero It adhered to tho f-ido-i of tho
leaden cases It was iu theso instances fouud
to bo dotted with spots of carbonate of
lead, formed, it la supposed, by a combina
tion with tho walls of the case, of carbonic
ae.id, liberated by tlio fermentation of tho
damp snuff; it presented, in fact, a minia
turo example of tho process by which
white lead is manufactured for commercial
purposes. A medical man who has re
cently returned from Calcutta states that
ho had lately met with thrco patients
suffering In the samo way from tho samo
cause.. They nro probably not the only
snuff-takers who aro being poisoned with
lead. Both manufactures nnd consumers
would do well to seo to it at onco that
damp provisions aro no longer stored in
leaden cases.
A fiu'E which will Unite Poliriied
Stkhl. Tho following Is a receipt for a
cement used to fasten diamonds and othor
precious stonos to metalic surfaces, and
which is said to bo capnblo of strongly
uniting surfaces of polished steel. Dis
solve livo or six bits of gum mastic, each
tho bIxo of a largo pea, in as much spirit of
wino as will sufilce to ronder It liquid. In
another vessel dissolve In brandy as touch
Isinglass, previously Bbfconod iu water, as
will mako a two-ounce ' phial of strong
glue, adding two small bits of gum am
moniac, which must bo rubbed until dls
olvod. Then mix tho wholo with heat,
Keep lu a phial closely stopped. When It
Is to bo used set tho phial in boiling water,
FitOBT in Cistkunh. A small Increment
of heat frill, in nearly overy case whero a
cistern is covorod, provout tho annoyances
of tho wntor freezing. Tho little boat
given out by tho burning of a Child's Night
Light set afloat in an old tea-saucer upon
tho water, will warm tho air obove euffl
cloutly to keep it from congealing. Tho
burning of a night-light at tho cost of ono
farthing, under a tap or noar to tho Joint
of any water-pipe durlug frosty weather,
will save much plumber's work and vexa
tious bursting of pipes. J-
Cltnit fou A Felon. Tako half a gill
Of strong vinegar, dissolve In it a teaspoon
ful or moro of salerntus heat as long as"
tho flesh can bear soak the felon as long
as desirable-, repent the applications as
often as tho pain returns, and a cure Is
cortnln. , This remedy must bo applied In
the first stngoB, as It Ib of no avail after it
k greatly swollen. "
Advice to Young Wives.
t would Fa? to tho young wife, do not
hnnjilno that localise you havo obtained a
Lusl aiid, that' Jour attention to, personal
nentnous and deportment may be relaxed.
Jow, In reality, is tho timo for you to ex
hibit superior tOfito hud excellence ia tho
Cultivation of your address, nnd tlvs bo
coming olognnco of your appearance. If it
required winie little caro to foster tho ad;
'miration of a lovor, boV much more is
requite keep- yourself lovciy iu tho
eyesofhiin to, whom thero is no privacy
or disguise your hourly companion ? And
if It was duo to your lovor that you should
always present to him, Who prdpdaod to
wed and cherish yon, a neat ftnd lady-liko
aspect, how much moio Is he ontMud to
a similar mnrk of respect, who has kept
his promise with honorable fidelity, and
llnkod all his hopes of futuro happiness
with yoiin? If you ran mnnngo these
matters without appealing to study them,
so much tho letter. Some husbandH aro
impatient at the routine of tho toilette,
and not un reasonably bo they possess
nctivo nnd energetic spirits, sorely dis
turbed by any waste of time. Somo wives
havo discovered an admlrablo facility iu
dealing with this .difficulty ; and it is .
occret which, having boen'discoverod by
souie.may bo known to all, and la well
worth the finding out.'
Hasty Words.
TtacvUfhat is in tho world, that rushes
down our si reels, devastating homes, min
ing happiness, nnd laying waste tho ploas
out places, has many fountains. Bin does
its deadly work in many ways, and sor
row comes from a variety of sources.
Ilnsty words havo muoh to answer for
anrci; tho rest. We nro apt to think that
a word or two does not matter ; that wo
hoed not trouble ourselves to bo over par
ticular as to what we soy. But this is only
ono of our tunny mistake's. Words livo.
There Is BO much vltulity In them that
tley take root even upon very unlikely
Boil riacity words aro almost snro to havo
little sense and lofis kiudnoM lu them.
They aro not the offspring of meek and
quiet spirits, but of hot, liarfnionato tempers.
" All men aro liars I" Who but a man in
a passion would havo said that ? Tho ns
sortiou is so sweeping and unjust, that if
David had not prefaced it by his profession,
" I said in my haste," wo should not havo
understood it. Perhaps tho reason why
such worde arc' spoken is, that tho speaker
foela himself nggrlovod. Wo often do in
this llfoof ours ;' we cannot have all wo
wish from our brothois snd sisters, nnd so
we allow ourselves to grow fretful and
augry, Wo are unroasounblo enough to
suppose that all things should bo ours,
and when wo find only few things coining
to our eharo, then we becomo discontented
and peevish, and speak hnsty words.
Female Society.
What Is it that makes all thoso men who
associate hubltuulty with women superior
to otliore who do not ? What makes that
woman who is accustomed to, and at onso iu,
the, society of men, superior to her sex in
general ? Solely becauso they aro in tho
habit of free, graceful, continued conversa
tions with the other box. Women in this
way lose their frivolity, their faculties
awaken, their delicacies and peculiarities
unfold all their beauty and captivation iu
tho spirit of intellectual rivalry. And tlio
mon lose their pedantic, rudo, declamatory,
or sullen manner. Tho coin of tho under
standing and tlio heart changes contln
unlly. Their asperities aro rubbed off,
their better materials polished nnd bright
ened, and their richness, like the gold, is
wrought Into Dnor workmanship by tho
CiigerB of women than it eVer could Ire by
those of men. Tho iron and steel of thoir
characters aro hidden, llko tho charactor
and armor ot a giant, by studs aud kuots
of good and precious etones, when thoy aro
not wanted iu actual warfare,
- )
Atlantic Telegraphy.
The press despatches from Europo to
Now York for four weeks recently num
bered about 100,000 words. Hero is a mnn
sitting In a darkened room at Heart's Con
tent. Tho ocean cablo terminates here.
A fino wire attached thoroto Is made to
surround two email cores of soft iron. As
tho cloctrlc wave, produced by a few pieces
or copper and zinc at Valontla, passes
through tho wlro these cores becomo mag
netic enough to movo tho slightest objoct
A looking-glass, half bu inch lu diameter,
Is fixed on a bar of iron one-tenth of an
Inch squaro, nnd half an Inch long. On
this tiny glass a lamp is mado to glare so
that Its light Is reilccted on a tablet on tho
wall. Tho language of tho cablo is do
noted by tho shifting of thlsrcfleciod light
from side to sida Letter by letter is thus
expressed In this manner la utter silence
on tho wall. There Is no record made by'
tho machine except as tho patient watchur
calls out to a comrado the translated flashes'
as they come, and which he rocords. It
teems a miracle of patience. Thero is
something of awo creeps over us as wo seo
tho evldonco of a human touch 8,000 miles
away, swaying that lino of light by such a
delicate process as this,
Time and Money.
Many peoplo tako no' card of their money
till they havo como nearly to the end of it,
nnd others do Just the same with their
time. Their best days tiny throw away
let them run like baud through their fin
gers, as long as they think thoy still havo
an uhnoxt oountluss number of them to
spend hut when they fiud their Jays flow
ing rapidly awuy ; bo thut at last they havo
very few loft, then thoy will at once mako
avury wise uho of them; but, unluckily,
they huvo by that timo no notiou how to
dolt, ' ' ' '
Job Work. :
Wc have fust received a
xnpyly of Card; Notts lk-nib,
Letter llciuls, 4 i I MI end, En
velopes, elc.j ! which wo will
print for nieithfiiit and busi
ness men in good f tyle at runs
onahle rates. Bills posted unil
Circulars dtati ihfjted at rfcnaon
alile rates on application at tliiff
Lettuce in Winter.
It is said that heads of let-:
tuce can he produced' iu winter
in from twenty-four to forty
eight hours, by taking a small
box filled with rich earth, irt
which one-third part of slacked
lime has been 'mixed, and wa
tering the earth which hasbeeii
previously been soaking in
stronr? brand v twenfWiW
hours, and sowing in the usual
way. We aro assured, but
will not vouch for the fact, that
a gcodsized.head of lettuca
may be obtained iu the ..'time
[Harper's Magazine.
The Circlevillc Democrau
says a fue has been burning hi
the neighborhood of . 6heho
weth's Fork; in Pike County
for some month's past; A
large hole has been burned irt
the ground, some fifty feet hi
circumference, ami is still burm'
ing. We always thought hell
would break through up irf
Coal rates in Columbus,' nrrj
as follows: Jacksonville, ana
Lick Iiuri, Hocking coal,' de
livered to any part of ifmdtf
for 14c per bushel; by 0itr
load 10 l-2c. ll ay denvillo'
coal ' delivered for lie ti'.f
bnskel; by .Car load () i-2c
Straitsvillc coal delivered fof
Mo; on the car 10 l-2c.
The St. Marys reservoir wasf
made by the State of Ohio irt
the rears 18l) -10-41.
average length is .r2,120 feety
and its average breadth is 23,
700 feet; average depths 10 1 i
feet. It contains over 12,6.00,
000 cubic feet of water, and fa
altogether the largest artificial
body of water in the world;
It is stated on reliable ati
Ihority that the Baltimore and
Ohio Kailroad h a3 leased ihii
Ohio and Mississippi road, and
that a third rail will soon bo
laid upon the latter. This pur
chase, according to legal opin
ion, will make null and void
tho iniunction gotten out re
cently hy the Eric HailrOad
against tho Ohio and Mississip
pi uauiofui.
The grand Democratic l!iun
der from New Hampshire will
reverberate and re-echo from
all tho valleys in every State
of our once glorious Union,' un
til the political atmosphere of
the whole country is, purified
by the dissolution of inephilic
Kadicalisrn, and the sun of the
Constitution again irradiates
and vivifies "the best govern
ment on earth," which it is
when free from Iiadical mal
administration and corruption.
Jenkins, a colored leader, at
Columbus, dis-gubted at the
shameful treatment he and Ida
race received at the hands of
leading Republicans, voted at
tho Democratic primary elec
faven Forney with the, Prcs
abandons Grant's adininistiw
tiom on the removal of Sumner
from'the chairmanship of the
Committee on Foreign, Rela
tions. Forney is douttltos look
ing out for pastures hcWt but
!;e is ono of a fevv iffgfate ren
egades wild -Will be plainly
made to understand .that they,
have forever forfeited , position ,
with the Democracy. , . ' ,
iyor the bvst White Lead
!o to 8tron('n Di'uy Store
Printed "'Justice's' Dockets
for 6alc'utthis office. Cotmi
and seo them!

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