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&l)c (ffnquitcr.
J, VI. rOWKN, Eilllor.
M'Avlliuiv April 1, 1871.
The Way it was Done.
A .UpnUiean ' paper in
Now Hampshire tells how the
Democratic victory was won in
that State:
The Democratic campaign
was manage! with masterly
dl.il'tty ami "eternal vigilance."
Everything for the cause, and
nothing for men, was the mot
1o. Nominations were not
sought ly the nominees, but
candidates were selected with
regard to fitness to win, The
committee was organized and
aided by the best Democratic
brains in the State, and they
worked with prudence, fore
cast and untiring energy.
They were harmonius and
kept their own counsels. They
, did not try to wiu by brow
bcatitK' or hard words, but
wont on the principle of Catcll-
inrr moi'G fllCS with molasses
than vinegar.
Tlio Democracy of Ohio
should remember these valuable
hints. The same judicious
management. self-sacrificing
C3 ,
spirit, aud vigorous work here,
will give'us the btate next hdl
Let us "give everything for
the cause," as our brethren did
in New Hampshire, and suc
cess will certainly follow.
Progress of the Northern
Pacific Railroad.
Tlifi enei-f?v with which
building of this great thor
oughfare is taing pushed for
ward is an added guaranty of
its early completion and its
wise management. We learn
f.iom the financial agents of the
lloatl, Messrs. Jay Cooke & Co.,
that, at the present date, the
grading is nearly finished for
'J 20 miles, from Lake Superior,
through Central Minnesota, to
the eastern border of Dakota;
trains are running over 130
miles of completed track; the
Mississippi river is bridged at
Draiuerd aud once more joined
to the Lakes by rail, and track
laying is rapidly progressing
westward. By September
next, trains will be run to the
lied river, and the grading
will probably be far advanced
toward the Great Dsnd of the
Missouri river, in Central Da
In the meantime work has
been commenced the present
season on the Pacific coast; a
large force of men is already
employed in the valley of the
Columbia river, in Washington
Teriitorv, and hereafter the
work of construction will be
pushed both eastward and
westward toward the centre
with such rapidity as the best
interests of the road may justi-
Including its purchase of the
St. Paul and Pacific Road, the
Northern Pacific Railroad
Company has 413 Miles of
lioad now in operation, and
leforo the close of the present
season the length of finished
track u ill ho at lcat 5G0 miles.
The new highway to the Pa
cific is being constructed at
tho lowest cost
with good work
The Next Legislature.
The next Legislature of Ohio
will consist of 105 members of
thellouso of lleprescntatives
and 30 Senators. If the Dem
ocrats elect 53 Representatives
and If) Senators they will have
a majority in each branch. Ev
ery Democrat in Ohio should
consider himself appointed a
Committee of One to work
without ceasing until the even
ing of tho second Tuesday of
October next mid we shall then
be sure of a majority, in both
brim eh cp.
Til hue is u riot among the
miners at Pottsvillc and Scran
ton, Pennsylvania, and the
Governor has called out, the
Militia to put down the rjlriv.
The Ohio Valley Editorial
N The Fourth Annual Meeting
of the Ohio Valley Editorial
Union will be held at Jackson,
Ohio, on Thursday, May 4, 1871.
Let there be a full turn out of
the editors and publishers
throughout Ohio, West Vir
ginia and Kentucky.
Democratic State Convention.
The coming Democratic State
Convention will be held in
Columbus on Thursday, June
1, 1871. The official call ap
peared in yesterday's daily Co
lumbus paper, and wc will
publish it in our next.
The Election in Vinton
So far as we can learn the
result of the elections in this
county, last Monday week, has
beeu very favorable to the De
mocracy. We have carried the
Democratic townships, by in
creased majorities, and gained
in the Republican townships.
The result clearly indicates that
the Democracy of Vinton is on
the increase, and within a few
years, Little Vinton will be
one of the reliable Democratic
counties ot tho btate. .Let U3
be resolved that it shall be so-
Let us all work together.
An Important Question.
It is an indisputable fact that
all property which pays taxes
to the Government for its pro
tection is entitled to receive it-
But how about property which
. 1 l J 1 1
pays notmng lor protection r
Is that also in similar category?
This is a question which should
be considered by the American
people with reference to the
2,000,000,000 of bonds which
are held by, say, 300,000 peo
ple, They contribute nothing
o tho Government for its sup
port. This being the cnse)
would they have any reason to
complain if the protecting hand
of the government were to be
withdrawn from them ? If
bondholders ' cannot afford to
pay their hare of the burdens
of the Government, other peo
ple cannot pay it for them. A
failure to vote the necessary in
terest would soon make bond
holders willing to pay some
thing for the protection they
receive, for which they are now
so unthankful.
The Hanging of Brentlinger.
Andrew Brentlinger was ex
ecuted at Lima, Allen county,
Ohio, on Friday forenoon, for
the murder of his wife on the
21th of last October. The ex
ecution was witnessed by about
thirty persons. Brentlinger
charged his wife with criminal
intercourse with other men.
The murder was a shocking
one, the poor woman being
hacked to death with a com
mon pocket knife, and after
ward with a dirk.
On Wednesday night nine of
his children and three of his
little grandchildren came to
bid him farewell. They staid
until night with the prisoner,
and the scene is said to have
been a very sad one.
The railroad between Pitts
burg and Baltimore, which had
been in course of construction
for many months past, was
completed on Monday last aud
regular trains commenced run
ning yesterday. Tho distance
between the two cities is 325,
tho highest grade being 50 feet
to the mile. The road has cost
A bald-headed old gentle
man from Massachusetts, evi
dently a deacon in one of the
churelu'3 there, was heard to
say in Washington, tho other
uay, uiat "ino l veaiuenc is a
tool. Jt is ouly in ex-
trcmo cases, we believe, that the
deneonsi ot New hnglaud are
allowed to use such expressions
It is proper at this time for
Radical editors to furnish chap
tors upon the dead Democratic
party. , ; .
Postmaster General Creswell
has finally concluded to allow
tho people living along the
Louisville and Lexington rail
road the benefit of tho mails.
The negro route agent has re
signed and a white man has
been put in his place. The
troops can now be withdrawn.
The Ohio and Mississippi
railroad is proceeding with its
arrangements to carry out the
understanding with the Balti
more and Ohio Railroad Com
pany, to change and narrow it?
gauge to that of the hitter road,
and thus give an unbroken
through line hence to St. Lou-
The Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad, and Marietta and Cin
cinnati Railroad, having given
necessary bonds, have been
designated as common carriers
for the transportation of mer
chandise, without appraisement,
under the act of July 11, 1870,
from the port of Baltimore to
the port of Cincinnati.
The San Domingo Commis
sion, including the expenses of
the lennessee and other vessels
placed at their disposal, cost
the Government hair a million
of dollars. For this certain
amount of information was ac
quired which could have boon
obtained as fully and correctly
in the Congressional library
and the files of the New York
Herald. Paying dear for the
whistle, that.
The trial of W. W. Holden,
Governor of North Carolina,
has been brought to a close.
Six or eight articles of impeach
ment were sustained by more
votes than were necessary to
convict. Iu several instances
Radicals voted with the Dem
ocratic majority. By a vote of
36 tp 13 be was declared guilty,
and an order passed removing
him from office and declaring
him disqualified from holding
any office in the State. The
"martyred loyalist" is now a
proper subject for Federal hon
ors, and we doubt not Ulysses
will reward him handsomely
for his crimes. -.
The latest Ku-Klux outra
ges as if to rebuke Butler for
his audacity in swearing that
the South is overrun with mur
derers occurred at Lowell,
Mass., the home of the immal
culate gimlet eyed Congress
man. On the -1 2th instant a
party of four roughs assaulted
a man and woman walking near
the Fair Grounds, and after
beating the man senseless, out
raged the woman in the most
horrible manner. In the name
of millions on millions of wo
man we ask the Ku Klux Com
mittee to incorporate this fear
ful outrage into their report on
(he subject of Ku Klux outra
ges, and if troops are to be sent
South, we insist that a regi
ment at least shall be sent to
Governor English, it seems,
is re-elected Governor of Con
necticut by a majority of up
wards of one hundred. The
Legislature is Republican. The
Democrats might be iu a ma
jority of fifty thousand on the
popular vote and yet the Ite
publicnns, under tho present
unrepublican arrangement,
could control the lower branch
of the Legislature. Represen
tatives are apportioned among
the towns on the basis of pop
ulation. To show how wrong
fully this inequality works one
instance will suffice. The Re
publican town of Simsbury
polls but 334 votes and has two
Representatives in the Legis
lature, while tho Democratic
town of New Haven polls near
ly 0,000 votes and has no more.
If Simsbury is justly entitled
to two New Haven should have
fifty-three Representatives; and
this is just how it is that the
Democrats are swindled out of
the Legislature.
Wonder if Grant wouldn't
forego his San Domingo spec
ulation, if so by doing he could
re-annex New Hampshire to
his administration ?
Hie brains and conscience of
tho Radical party are engaged
in a ueauiy conuict wuu us
corrupting patronage and brute
force, Which will wiu ?
The Court House Insured
for Five Years.
At the March session of. the
Commissioners of Vinton coun
ty the Board had the Court
House insured .in the most re
liable and the most popular
Company in the United States
the Aetna, of Hartford, Conn,
-for five years for ? 10,000
against both fire and lightning.
Only $325 were paid for the
policy or $65 per year. The
Court House having beeu neat
ly repaired from cupola to
for:' htion, it is right that it
vhv-id be insured against fire
and lightning, and be kept iu
its present beautiful condition.
The bill allowing the voters
of Adams county to vote for
or against the removal of the
county seat from West Union
to Manchester has passed both
branches of the Legislature.
The vote will be cast next Oc
tober. If the people know
what is to their interest they
will vote against the removal
of the county seat.
The Grand Master Mason of
Ohio has issued an edict against
all brothers guilty of intem
perate, profane, immoral or li
centious habits. Requiring
that if they insist in this course
of action, they shall be stricken
from the rolls, even if it greatly
reduces the membership.
There has been a perfect
reign of terror in Par'i3 for the
past few days. A mob has
bcim in possession of the city.
General Duval is at their head,
and leading them in their work
of blood. Chauzy was sent
against them, but his troops
deserted to the revolutionists
and he was taken and killed.
A force under Generals Le-
compt and Thomas also aband
oned their leader and they
shared the same fate. Murder,
riot and pillage are. rampant,
The members of tho Theirs
government have gone to Ver
sailles. - There is some talk of
the Prussians marching back to
Paris. Bismark says he will
bombard it if the trouble is not
quieted soon. It is to be hoped
that order may be restored
without Prussian intervention.
Alas ! Poor France 1 Deso
lated .Paris 1
The Bbiciht Sjdk. Tliis spright
ly young pcoplo's paper iu prosecu
ting a vigorous spring campaign,
seemingly resolved to sccuro tlio
attention and pntronngo of thoso
not now its patrons, whilo its com
petitors iiro resting, ns is tho cus
tom at this season ,f tho year. It
presents to each present subscriber,
and to nil whoso names aro sent in
before May 1st, a very handsome
engraving of Prospect Tark, Brook
lyn, prico 50 cents; also a copy of
tho "Story of Greta," a pretty pam
phlet of about 100 pages, by Mrs.
Sherwood, ono of its. most popular
contributors. Bright Sido Compa
ny, Publisher, Chicago, III.
A Beautiful Assortmont of Locks
and Stationery at Strong's.
J. P. Dunkle whs elected School
Director hist Monday.
The Nursery i tho most delight
ful juvonilo publication of tho day.
J. L. SnonEY, Publisher, Boston.-
Terms 81,50 per yonr.
The natural product of wheat
in our country, under careless
cultivation, is about sixteen
grains to one. Tho unusual
product, under the highest or
der of garden culture, nas gone
as'high as seven thousand' four
hundred and forty-five grains
to ono.
It requires a gain of leas than
twenty members next year' to
give the Democracy the next
Congress. Ihere are more than
fifty districts where the vote is
so close that b'y politic and ju
dicious management the Dem
ocrats can carry at least thirty
of them. If the Democracy
will begin tho work of perfect
ing their organization now they
will inflict an overwhelming
defeat upon the Iiadicals in
1872. It is not too soon to
begin the work of organization.
SIPIIETG-, 1871.
s;. O. SWIFT, .
Wliolcunlo Dealer Iu J ,
Paper and .Small AVares mid
Bloxioi'y Largo Slock, Suitable for Spring Trade,
Handkerchief Put up in Attractive Stylos and Cheap.
(! I'll 111 Cl'y Hair Oils and Fancy Soaps,
ftliil't tfroills Wido Pleat, Embroidered and Dain.
Nil ponders Adjustable and i'nissia unices.
Fih Hook Cotton, Linen, Silk and Grans Lines.
Trimmings Tailor' and Drew
Brian k JIooKn as usual, run nine.
!!( Kronen Notes and Envelopes to Match.
Spool .Col Ion At Agonts Prices,
That can bo found in First class Notion Houses, sold nt a small Advance
to prompt short timo buyers, or loruasii in nanu, auan uiscouniniiowuu.
o -
BGrPecorations and Wall Taper Made a Speciality.
Chlllicolho, April 1M. 1R71.
Many Now Patterns.
The Rhode Island ' Senate,
which is all over and inside
Republican of the modere
siliam kind, after considernbhi
discussion, has rejected by a
decisive vote, a proposition to
amend the Constitution, so
that naturalized citizens enn
vote without owning real es
tate. The Constitution of
Rhode Island permits negroes
to vote without owning real
estate; not so, however, Ger
mans, Irishmen and other nat
uralized citizens.
Jji'TtiAYKD mvnv from tlio "liny rVoi."uo.ir
U Zttluskl, ndnrli brown Mare, 8 year olil this
sprimr, ruliiur pour small white Hjiot on tlio
head anil lotitf white spat on tho nwe. A lib
I'v.il row.inl will l)u piill fur Information tlmt
will load to luir recovery.
TllOJIAS Kllll'T.KY,
April 12, 1K71- Zaloski. Ohio.
Willlan Waller's Heir.
Probnto Court, Vinton County, Olilo.
NOTK'K is liornby (flvon tlmt fiurnli Ann
Waller, tiuanliunof Mury I,iu'lnilu Wntlor,
Iiiih (lli'il lii'r nn-oiints I'iiv final Boltlciiipnt with
nor said Wanl ; aul tint name is sH I'ur hrarinff
on Saturday, Uic6tli ilny of May, A. D.1S71.
H. It. MAYO,
April 12, 1K71-It l'rnbiUo ,Iui1k
iii' or hinfltn Books
DUUIV PniMcnr-,t,;. no. ScMlun.
ill 5 ok SiurcA iMid 'WiTSimiiIh, or mumI ntmnp lor
O'. nnnlu ! tu mn In mvlmr u'IicFk villi
fr thl' (I'lviTiUciiipnt. to J I It 1 GUT SIDK ('().,
Mnimrnmimn, unicaRo, in. ia-iy
nniiiiT Ainrntvil. wi'ukly loryoiinu pco
An rlfslit pntro, llliiKtrn.
OAiUil ! OIUCIi'lo. 1 test , pronto!, ami
One Dollar.
Iicaiii't in tho worM
Axt'iii" waiiii il. i.ulKO promluiiiH or c,ali cum
mission, Sav wlioro yon saw this advertise,
nient. lililLilir SIDE CO., l'alilisliolH, Uhittago.
in. ia-iy
Attachment Notice.
Jarocl It. Uandnll.lTff.) JVforo It. 8. l'.nrnlilll,
nuainst i-Jiutleo o( I hi! fence of
(leorgo Turner, DoPf.J Jackson Tp., Vinton,
V7 issued an order of Attachment In I ho nhnvo
nctiim, for the stun ot 1 1,31. .luduon'iit : and
fl.i.iH) probable costs of suit. Maid omii-o will bo
"N the C'Hh dnv of March. 1N7I. Rnid Justice
lurtieariiii; Jiay w. ion. in i o , mc.K i m.
Apvll 12, lfWl-Sw .
Mite nf Ohto, Vlntmi County.'
If 10. Smith A Co., I'l a I n tiffs,
Warner ninxham ot. ill., Delondnnts.
In Vinton Comity Courli f Common l'lcas. Or
Vtirstinnt to tlio ooiinnniid of nil nr.ler of sale
der ot Male.
ton county, and to mo directed ns Mierill'ol
said county, I will offer for saleat tlio dour of
the Court llonse, in tlm town of SloArthtir,
KMicd lri'in tin1 Court ot ( ominini i'leas ol iu
Vlutuu county, Uino, oil
Tuesday, the 10th Ttay on
Mat, A. JJ, iff 71.
nt tlio lioerof 2 o'clock r. M. of snhl clav, tlio
fol low i tin ilcsoribe't promises, situated in Vin
ton county, tn-wit:
Tlio South-west Ounrter of tho North oast
tiiatlerof Hection Nninlmr Six (tl) Township
rvuuiwcr J.U1, vu, urn, Jtuiijju 11,1,1, uui j...it,iiii-i;u
Taken ns tho property of Warner llliiKhnni
ct ul. to satisfy an order of salu of saidCourl in
favor of It. H 'Smith A- to.
Appraised at Ono Hundred Dollars ($100,00,)
nnd must I n l up- lwo-1 birds of that sum.
Tonus of Salo. Cash in hand.
DA MKT. liOOTir,
Sheriff Vinton County.
Burnett A MofJiiffey, Atl'vs for I'l'll's.
April 12, IK71-5W
State f Ohio, Vinton County.
Barney Houston, Plaintiff,
James Kunnnlynml Cuthnrlno Niinnaly, lifts.
In Vinton County Court nfOoinnioii Vleas, Or
der of Salo.
Piirstunt. to tho command of nn order of sale
Common Plena of Vinton county, Ohio, una to
nio directed nsHlicrln"of said county, 1 will oiler
at public. Halo, at the dour of tlio Court lluiiso,
in tho town of ilcArlhur, inauld Vinton county,
Tuesday, the 16th Day of
May, A. D. 1871,
at tlio hour of 9 o'clock r. m. of unlddny, tlio
fol low I ml described nreinlies, to-wit:
In tlio above cnusn, Nsiioil from thff Court of
lot Numlicr Thirty -Hix (W.) In tlio Town of
Mt. rroasnnt, mioi connty, uiuo.
Taken us tho iironcrtv of James Nuiinnly and
Catharine Niinnaly to ntisfy a Judgment ol
0 foresaid Court In favor of Harney Houston.
Appraised utTlireo lluiwlrwl unit r-lKht IXil
larfl mid (Inc. third (fWBj;,) and must bring
tivO-tblrilNor that sum.
Ten us of Bnlu. Canh In hand on davof Halo.
Sheriff Vinton County,
I). R. n.mn.AU'y for I'l'fT.
April la, 1S7I-5W
State of Ohio, Vinton County, er.
AluaUam Wllber, l'liiinllff,
Oeorgo W. Howon t, nl. Iiofomlnnln,
Tn Vinton Comity Court ofConiiHim rieiM, Or
der of Hull,
Pursuant to tho command of an Ordorof Snip In
tho aliovo cause issued from tlio (Jourl filCoin
mon Pleas of Vinlon county, and to inu ilireclod
as (heiill'of said county, I will ofTer lor salo
at tho door of tlioCiiurt IIoiiho, In tho town of
McArtluir, Vinlon county, Ohio, on
Monday, the 21th Day of
April, A. J). 1871,
at the hour ol S o'clock I'. M. of said day, the
following ilcseri bed promises, lo-wlti
ln-loti Number 'I'wcnly to (!I2.) Tvvonty
Ihren (a.l.) nnd Twenty-four (III,) nnd Olil-lnts
Nmnlierrtevon (7), Kiglit (s,) Nlno(.) slid Ten
(10.) in the Town of VruUsvlllu, Vinlon cuunly,
Taken lis tlio property of sahl Tlnfeiiilanln lo
sallsiyad:iT(.eof Kloresuld Cutll'ti, ill favor ol
Abraham W I flier.
Apprulsnd nt Hix llimdrml nnd Eighty .four
Dollars (tiiM.OO,) and must bring Iwv-lliinU of
that sum.
' Tkiims of Bai.h. CuhIi In luuid,
DAM PX r.ooTir,
Klierlir Vinton Co.,0.
IT. C. Jonrr. Atl'y for
Murch !, lS7l,-rV H
Appointments Notice.
NOT If IB Is hcroliy glvon tlmt (ho nnders(jii.
ed 1 1 as been duly appointed us Administra
tor on the Kstato of Mitrlliu A. (lUiiiiiug, lata of
.vi.i.. .1....- ,
April ii.Mllw HI flU.Kt IIAIO.
Stale of Ohio, Vinton County.
William 8. Turk A llrrt., rlnlnlirfs,
R. Oct. & Co., l)efeli(lntiW.
Ill Vinlon County Court of Common PlPan.
uor oi num.
Pursuant tntlio command of nil nrdnr of sole
Issued from tlio Court of t ominon I'lpasof Vin
ton roomy, and to lite diroetol ns Sheriff ol said
conntv, 1 will oiler for mile nt tltoilisir or the
Court House, In tins town of McArtluir, Vluton
comity, Ohio, on
Tuesday, the Oth Day of
May, A.D. 1871,
at tlio hour of S o'clock I'. M. of said day, the.
followlnif described premises, to-wlti
The .North part of Outdot Number Two (5 )
bciiiK a strip off the North end ot said Out-lot
about Ono Hundred iindTwenly (fai) footwido,
mid all of said Out-lot except that part of the
said I.ol convoved by Charles llubbins ami wile
to thu Mnriotu & Cincinnati Itailruad Cumpa-
"'Also, n strip off thcwcHtslrtcoffWt-lot Num
ber Throe (i.) rnminenriiiK "t tlio line between
Out-lots No. i and No. 3: runninjr thence Kast on
the North lino ol snhl Out-lut No II until It In
tersects a line running Soul h from the South
west corner of ln-lot Number Twelvo (12;)
thence Smith Ono Hundred a. id Twenty (ICO)
feetuntil it Intersects tho I'.nst and W est lines
of Out bit No aabovo described; Ihcncn West
to snhl division lino between said liutsNo.il
ami No. l; and thence North to the place ol lie
Klnninjr. And. also, nil tho Knglncsnnd Machinery used
for carrylnjr on tlio
mid. also, tho Circular Saw Mill, ntlncbcil to
said Foitndrv, anil Mil tho mnebin 'ry nnd lis
turcs belonging to tho Saw Mill, all of which
are located on said lotsnnd pnrlHof Lots.
Also, patterns of different kinds ncccssnry for
carrvlng on tho Kounilrv business. Including
patterns for Kurnaeo T 'r and Hlacksmith
Tweer; about ttttnty-flvo Plow pulnt pntterns,
one full setot country hollow ware patterns,
nil si .esof wagon box nut terns, three sizes I'nrm
bell patterns, lour enne mill patterns, six sizes
of siiK'ar kettle put torus, fifteen cook stove pat
torns, thveo cannon stove patterns, live parlor
.stove patterns, fourgrnlo mid front patterns,
lour jamb grate pmteras, t wo pump patterns,
four plow patloi iw, one full set ledlow ware
patterns, about seventy hardware piillorns and
iihout ono hundred patterns of dilifrent kinds
All of (he.-ibove binds and tenements togelh
er with all the patterns and tools and thu Cir
cular Saw and all the fixtures lielonglnu to the
Snw Mill Hint said company now own nnd use
for earn ing on snhl foundry hmdni ss. and for
1lie inan'ii fact ni o of lumber said levy Isiubjoct
to a levy malic on two stove patterns.
All tho above described properly to ho sold ns
an entirety nnd Is situated in the Town of Ham
den, in the'eounty (if Vinlon, nnilHIiUo of Ohio.
Taken as Hie properly ol S. (ioel. & Co., in sat
isfv nuordcr of sale ofaforeHuid Court in favor
of Willim S. l'ai k llro
Appraised at Hix Tliuiisand a ml Kiglit Hun
dred Dullnrs (W,NH)UU,) and must bring two
thirds of Unit sum.
TKliMS OH' S5AI.K. Clisli I" band.
Sheriff Vinlon County.
firnsvpunr Dana, AU'ya for I'l'lfl.
April S. IPTI Tiw
Geo. Lnnlz,
Alox. Penrce,
PKd.nts is
Mwarc, Stoves, ?Jii AiTicnltnral
Manufacturers of Tinware,
DIHKCT nllenlioi' i tlioir largo and vnried
stock forllie Spong and Htiiiiiiicr Tiado,
eonsistlng in part ol
WHlmm', Collins' and
all warranted lo perforin well.
of Pittsburgh nnd Zanpsvillo patterns, nnd
forsnmo. The Celebrated
Malta Double Shovel Plow
admitted to ho tlio best In use. The Zancsville
nnd oilier Cast lllows uliviiys on baud. A large
stock of
Hoes, Hakes, Sythes, &c.
Agents for
Huckrye Mowers and .
lleajws, Sweepstakes, and
Threshing MaehlneSi
Also for tho
Double Harpoon Horse HAY Forks.
Thoso needing Itopalrs for Mowing Mnehlncii
are reoiiestod to send In their orders early.
March 2tl, IhTI-I I
At l'liilllps' old Stand, on Main Htrect,
Znleski, Ohio,
Tako this method of Imforinlng thedr frlenls
ami I he people of Vlnlou county in general
Unit they have opened a
and will keep coimlanlly on hand it largo stock
Groceries and Provisions
mid till kinds of llin
All of which will ho sold t -
Aswupay t'Hsli for everj lhlug wo buy ivi)
lihvnys evpect to procuro them allow in'lein,
mid we Intend lo suit nil our IHiodii
Chaapor thanthoy can bo purohaccd
Elcowhoro I
Glvo rtsrt; call, nud wo will satisfy you,
Of oyery dcserlpllon lultrn In exchange for
Ziilokl, march n, 18711
VJ uiiiig Men, on gnat HdCIAIi MVIIJS and
All! HKS, which liiliferi) wll h M A It It I Al iH -
Willi sure iiiemis of relief fur tlm ftrrlng inul
I'ufoi'liiliato, diseased ami dehllifale,. Hint
frco, In m-iiImiI (iivelopMH, Address, IKMV A KU
Asvii lATH), No.'iS.NInlhHl. , Chlludelpl.l.i.
I'll not
IKTTINO MAn.RITl.-Kssiivn foe
The man who is too poor to
tnki' a nrt'spfifier is too poor"
to fdiiciife his cln'lilrenj Bookd
afjli)(!s are good forliegin
npf's but Ul succeed we must
study events as theyoccdr, and
from tlio fresh newspaper learn
how others live and prosper
A newspaper is a' continual
school-tenchcr in the house,
ready to imprtrt information at
nny time, to any one who' can
rend or Tat eft.
UO.IIOSTOM, MASS., Or BT. I.OV18, MO. I -tif
flfiCfclT K,,f fWtMllliltiKipMftiriiub
MBiVa-fiVhr. f a.;;L. ; "' l"'.
Stredt.NvIv V.,rk. V"-" """""
fcrnouien (,,.( a.m.;;.'; ... 'v.'." r x nAr"v... ..
$5 TO mA DAU
Tin ,., H....I n O..n,l,M.
. "w . p.ii.,ni.n h or nr
luiiiie. to snll our new strand White Wire Clothet
Llttl til llllt ffHWi' llAll't Hl'u ,1,1. k.nu a..
pin free. Address titer Wire Mile 18 Will'
HI., N, T.or to Jlusibon St,, Clilotga.
who leid snircred fnf yWH from DrsftieM. C'
tiirrh mill S, mfiila. win enren by a (ihlple rclT.
Ilnrsymprhy iu.il grnllludr prninptt hrloirnit th
rrrnlpts fruB of clirce t0 ny one niinii.r'7 ffllctd.
Aililnen Mr II (!. I.eooktt. Jersey City, N. J.
SPOUTING niFI.V.. " w..
0 "" l"Prl to tin unUn Ihr nuf
N.A klifhllli. CttlMl.l.A a..H..;.. ma.. ,
, " :""S" D,n,i itiuri, oi virions
IHiglhs nnd enhhre Y.it i'rurov and ofoty, w'
n'otmnclul nur Ilroccli tnailiiic tilled u suprinr in
every respect to miy othem nuw nude. Fur Circu'
Why will j,m C,uMh wliun you run be to easllf
nliovcil liy usIm '
Dr. Wells' Carbolic Tablet?
They are sure rare fur Sure Thrust. Cold, Hnnwa.
noss Catarrh, smIsII , ,f cases of IIic Lihil's. TUnt
snil liioni'lilal Julies,
Kroin ibn crent nuiiibor of Tpstlmonlnln us to the
fltulHiM-y ol ill. a liivnhmlile iniillcbie thw follow Intf
18 Bclcrteil.
4t W.ihrnfleli Ave, Cllilcapto. III., (fun. 14. 1871.
or tlic Inst ten years 1 lmve boen s treat sdffr
"er rrnii. fieqm nt nitiii'ks of Aciiib Hrnneh lls, amr
'have never found anyihlnif to rellevn inn frma iheao
"afmks until I tried Dr. WelU Carholia TnbMe."
Ivi.iiabi.tii T. Hum..
Ml- llHtllli.il iilT i.n .. I.....
Dnn't at wnrlliln.. .li.'
Joiin 1.1 Kki.i,oou, Plait Street, N. V. Sole Agent.
""''d I')' DniL'iilsla. Price KAernta a llox.
A Comnmptlva Cnred.
Where death was Inuirly o.perleil from Confnmn.
timi and Asthma, all rcmerilcn havln failed, ari
dent led to adlsenvery wlierehy Dr. 11. Ji,meeurf
h a only child, lie now Rlvca this recipd free nn to-
uJ, i!'f!,y:,'.',"".".l.'!.'1.'"' ''"P0""'" Address CltAD
I (K!k A CO., Um Itaco aireet, J'hlladcluhla, fa
liivlnij nmnu of paper. r -, -
Willi the iSrern TiTrjUntor.
Warrnnieil lo ant ,11 ,,M
tor, nle rtierfiehrre. And fr
sale who esalo only h II,.
K:TKACO..HUImroliS(., N V.
I. (I. ll.iv KM. Bend for Tliea
Nnctnr Circular.
iANTHIl AflKNTi, (2Q per ,tav In ,eUht
y celebrated llDMKsilirrfxK 8KWI.NR MA
OIIISK. litis thenmler-feed, makes Ilia "lock atltch
(n Iko on bath alileal and la fully licensed. The beat
and eheiipest family Hewing Marlilne In tha market..
ti.i.irn"" .lou.saoN, i i.akk .v l o., iinsinn, Man., I I tl
iiimh. Pa.. Ohlcairo. 111.. cirSt.IMils. M.
Cvkr (ink TiioiHAsn ILLUSTRATION. The) largrsf
best si'llins, nnd rnnut stlrwllro aiibarriiitinn b.s k
ever iiihltMieil. One nirent In Denv.r, Cidorailo
sold tisi comIks In 4 days. One aarent In Mllwankia
sold . 'HI ei,. li s In J day, and rie number from !
lo HO copies i.er d ,v. Hend for Circulars, with t.jma
at once. Addrera U. H. I'UHLISIIINd CO.,Chlcia:.
Ill, Cinclniiitll, Ohlnortjt. I,ul, Mi).
rimci no hum mo i or
I , llysendlinr ettf CENTS
wl.li nR, hiMKMt. color of eyes and hair, von will
receive, by return mail, n correct picture of
r future husband or xvife. with nunia and
(Into ofiuurrlmio, Aililress V. FOX. !. O. Draw
er.Vo.iM, I'ultonvllle, X. V. I.'l 4w
TIlP TM-lirii' flomri will ebiuifceanyeold
lilt, JII.IIC Winil)(l, Imlr or Iwnrl.
to a periniinent black or brown. It contains
nopolsoii. One cuinh sent liv mail forll. Denl-'
ers supplied nt reduced rtiles. AddnW Win.
I'attoti, Treas, Hprinu-tlcltl, Masn. 13 n-4w
It la nsarcand peiferl remedy for all dlsaaaea of tli
I.IVl'll and HI'LKKN, KNI.AKliKMKNT or OB.
or a WAN T or Itl.OI 1), 1NTKIIKITTKNT nr
il t.be l.lVKIt.llKllPSY. Hl.tiOOISH ( IK- J
Cl Ii V I IilN ,,1'llic ItLOon. A IIHOKHHK8,
Pn. Wr.Li.tluivinir Is3cuie aware of the etitraor.'
(Hilary me licliml proieriiia of the South American
I'lnni. i-Hilr I
ai nt usperlnl cciiiuiiImkiu to that cnnniry to proeura
It In p, nutlve purity, and having found It wonder-'
fill curat Ire pt oicrliea to eren exceed the antelpa-'
lions tormetl hy its vrent repalnlton, liaa eoueluoed
In oiler It lo the public, and Is happy lo atate that ha
hna perfi etml iirraniti'iuenu lor a ri'Knlar monthly
aupply of th a woiMlurful 1'lanL He ha spent mneli
thiHM'XpcrlmcnHnji and invmiKutlnfr M to the moat
cHlcli in prepnrntain frmii it, fur popular nae, ami hat
for Home lime used In hia own practice with moat
happy rosulistiioelfcelunl inedlcnio nuw nreteBteil
to i ho puhlhi as
Dr. Wells' Eitract of Juruleba-
and tin eonfldetitT, racnmineuda It to every family at
A Iioiki'IiiiIiI remedy which shun Id b freely taken at
n lli.uoii PiTKiriKK In all deraiiiamienta nf the ayalain
and iniinlnintiiund fortify all weak and Lyinphatts
lemtieriimuiiui. JdllX Q. KKLLOOO, IMatt HI.,
Ncsl Vi-rk.. Bolt, Atfrnl for tha Unlteil Uiatea.
I'rlceOim Hollar per butllel Bund fur Circular,
Sorliitnreaii Hutmiee tunle mrt together.
oenreuuna Woiiyy Hilt Kleeetl etc olAsr.
A book of ihrllllrR Interest and (troatest Import
ance lo every hiuniui belmt The I'siwrs, l'ulnllt and
1'eoplo me all illaciisahig the aolj.-cl und bnuk, every
mini, woiiiitn nnd i h lid vauia to read it. Tl e lonz
II. ico war Is cndi d. and hoiinmblc peac e aoenred,
Hi'tenee Is true, tho lllbln IHcrtil, pure and beautiful,
liuih now stiil.-lloil, and llrm frhuula. Oisl'a work
iluys, six actual days, not long periods. This bonk
tflveHlhn very cnaiii ofaehiloi', niakliii Its tlirlllhi(t
realities, beauties, wonders and sparkling ;oma
linuiliod fold more Intereallng than lift Ion Agenti.
WiintoM. Kxiierieneeil (rents will drop other
book nnd nocur Urriuiry h edlaioly, Addreia'
for tlrculiir. ZIKi.LKlt s AleCt'ltDT,
1IW Jtaco Bt Uinciiiiiali, Ohio.
1IY ClKT'l'INO Xflr CLtJhS.
Semi for our New Prlco hM and a Cluiy
form will ai'coinpiiny It, contiilnHip; full dlrec
Unns uuikiiiK a Iiii'kh w'iiipto'coliaiimera uud'
ri'iuuiieraUvo loeltib oraniwrs
ill : Vchov Htrcot, Now Yofk..
I'lO. llox Willi.
Heehes ami Incidents III the War. '"''' W
AUTtlliNTlO unit Or'KIOlAI. hlatory or that grli
""'ri'iMlVhoA In l.nlli Knllehait(l friiiir.
nmirinil Infiirior hlsiuriea are bellijsireala-
unU I lUN '"i. H"' lh,lt lhe b,nk b,y
uoiiiaina 100 line eiiitravlngs and ma. Hend lot elr
eiilara and see oar icrnir, and a hill deaerlptlmi ofrhe'
work. Address, NATIONAL I'ClllilhlllNH I
I'hirMgo, IIImCI c iiuiill, Old", ol HI. Uniis, Mo.
it. iiui n ntfravlnm of BattlH'

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