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VOL. 5.
I -to.
llahor and Proprietor
, w nrwt tjuxw . w. i ia ijuii hi l hi iii itinii in.. ti
- - ' - - " ' ' .
l)t 0nquim.
. J. W. EOWEN, Editor.
April 10, 1871.
Garhen making hns now com
Tnoucod ir enrnestf and nlmost
cvorjbnlj- is at work in their "track
Jmtches.", .
1 Imitation of Hull's Vegetable
feieilian Hair Hcnewcr nre being
tlirust upon tho market in gront
immbors; do not bo doceived by
tlicm, but demand llajl'u.
For Fine Perfumery, ga to Bls-
r"ScB' iiilvei'tlsomi-nt of Dr Utitu' Plupcn.
;iry, IiouiIkiI ltilc fwr tlso MtiUtm-itAlllllAlB
OVinSSn nnuHiurculuiiMi Jt should burua
by all I
SoMRliadiea BiiU'or Jrcadfully with
t.io lioudaclio and tliis cause their
hair to fado. .Nature's Hair Rcstor
ntivo is a snro reirtcdy for tlo aclie
and will restore tho color of blanch
ed, gray or faded hair. Soo adver
tisement. Labor kk Wanted. A good and
stoiidy laborer, who wishes employ
ment by tho month or year, can
iind employment by npplying to
EubehT Howen, Zaleski, Ohfa
Partner Wanted.
An onortfutlr. Iniflnew mini fdivtutf frtflliil
orfl.ltOO.or more, H wantud us n ono-liulf Inter
tut purtnor In tlm Foundry lnislnos. Fuundry
(loiiiK it vury luiO l;Ct!iiHW ; .Ituiited within a
fiiwfuctofn railroad in Southern Ohio. For
lull ptirUciilinsjiidditiss Hie' Edltof ot Siiqnire?
Sic Art l ii r, Ohio.
' aniitumhcrM, 1870-tf.
The Peoplo havo been bo much
imposed upn by several worthless
iSarsaparillas, that wo aroglud to bo
nblo to rccolTlmcnd a preparation
which can bo depomlcd on as con
taining tho virtues of that invaliia
bio medicine, and is worthy of tho
public conflilonco. foot. Ayor's
SarHaparilla cures when anything
can euro the diseases that require a fi
alterative medicine
Foundry for Sale.
A FniTsrmY, dolnjj ti very larnc business, alt
fialitd In Southern Ohio, Is oIlA. d fur siiIkcii
r count of u disiujivoiiu'iiUjC'tvteKi! invtiu!i.
A omi-lmlf crtlw Whole interost In mild Foundry
willhoMoldatftliuritiiiii. I'urtiiM deslrlni? fur
her Inl'oiiniillou, can obtain It liy ronwnoml
Iuk with tlio Editor of Enquirer, McAi thur, O,
ScptwinliLT lH70-tf
Immediate Help Under all CirCim-ttances.
If you aro Dyspeptic, or Bilious,
and aro of a full, plethoric habit,
tlto remedy you need is lloofland't
Ocrntan flitters, a pure Vegetable
Stomachic, and Altorativc, cntiroly
devoid of alcohol, and cotnposod
solely of fluid extracts of tho finest
roots, herbs and barks tho earth
produces , but if, on tho other hand,
your symptoms aro combined with
Debility, Lassitudo, Low Spirits,
and a lack of'Vital force, Jloofland's
German Tonic, in which tho same
elomonts are combined, with that
great medical stimulant, Santa
Cruz Rum, is the remedy required.
Bold by all Druggists.
Who knows . anything about a
town or city, leaving out what is
learned through tho nowspapor?
How aro country people to know
what is going on ia town without
tho aid of tho nowspapor? How
are they to know who has any thing
to sull unless they soo an advertise
ment in tho newspaper ? How aro
thoy to know who aro libornl deal
ours,' and whero they can got tho
best bargains, Without consulting
tho tho nowspapor? Tho businoss
man who advertises liberally is cv
crywhoro rogardod as n libornl
minded man, and to such a one
pooplo naturally look for good bar
gains, and tho rule is a good ono.
Mou who doniro to soo a town im
prove and themsolvos flourish in
businoss, giro a local nowspapor a
liberal support.
Tho nowspapor is rogardod as tho
index to the town or city in which
it is printed. This being the easo
we rofor tho reador to our adver
tising columns fen informrtion ns to
whore tho best bargains aro to bo
. Now is tho tirru to have collars
cloanod of evory thing that is calcu
lated to gonorato foul gassos. oy
should bo thoroughly vontilatoJand
tho walls whitewashed.
The Assessors, this years, aro to
tuko tho names of all males over
21 yoarsof ago. Thiaisdonoewry
fourth yoar.
Mysteries of Editing.
. TliiMVorlil ttHnrjfo Ll not nrk't!tfindttnf
in v merit's of a ncwHpnpcr ; ami', as in d
winch, tlio ImiuU tliut aw Boi-n nre but tlid
Qnsivn in-'trnimmtflof tlm uprinff, which id
ni'Ver sciMi j so1, hi-& nuwnHir,' the most
worthy cntiMfi of lis proflpurlty are oftert
h.'ixHt nlmcrvud or known, - Who miBpect
the benefit which tho pnper derive from
the enterprise, tho vipilimce, ntnl the watch'
fal fidelity ot tbf ptiblInliereT AVho ptiusew
to think how much of the, pleasure) of read'
is derived trom tlm skill and rare of"
the printer. . Wo tteo tine blemishes of
printing, if tliey exist, but neldoin obscrva
tlm vxeeliunciiNl. j
We vat a lienrty dinner, hut we) do not
lliink of the farmer that rat&s Sie luatti
rinlK thereof, or the cook that prepared tbem
with Infinite pains and eklil.' liut a cook
of vetfetubleH, nientB, pntdrien, ik1 infinite
boiihotis 1ms a paradisaical ollice in com
1 'fir ion with an editor! Dul'oro him paw
in review all tlie exchange newspaper.
IIu Ih to know- all their contentH, to mark
lor other eyes tho matters that require at'
tentiim, IUh roinHoN ere to he alert, and
clip with incesnant Industry all the llttlo
iteniK that togcthur form bo larp;e an inter,
ent in tho news department. He passes In
review, each week, every Ptato iu the Union,
tliroujrli the newspaper lens. Ha looks
neroiiH tho ocean and sees strango lunds,
and followinp; the nun, lie poiirches nil
round tho world or material. It will fe
quire but a second's timo for the reader to
tnko in what two liour's gearcli produced.
l)y hi in nre rend the manuscripts that
Rwarm tho office liko files in July. II is
hiii frown that dooms them. It Is his hand
that eondeneeM a whole jinjo Into a line.
It is his dmrreet sternness that restricts
sentimental obituaries, that pives younjr
jioetrta twig on which to sit and sing their
liM lnys.
And tho power behind tho throne, In
newspnpers, as in hijfher places, is sotno
times as important as the throne itcolf.
Correspondents, occasional or rnular,Ntand
In awo at that silent power which hns the
lift chatico at an article, and may send it
forth in glory or humility. And, in short,
as the body depends upon a good digestion
no tho health of a paper depends upon that
vigorous digestion which goes on by means
of tlio editor. '
Outfht they not to ho honored 1 And
hIiico littlo fnme attends them, they should
at least have their creature comforts mul
tiplied. From that dark and dismal den
residence they nre at last translated.
A Lump of Brown Sugar.
Po rou ent brown sugar because it Is
clipaper? If you do, buy a microscope,
and examine a lump of the next yoa take
home. " Astonishment " will be, hardly
tin: word to express the feelings you will
have at tho reciilt. Lest you may not got
tho microscope, allow us to describe what
you run see. Under a powerful glass,
thero will be Boen myriads of horrlblo
monsters as lurgfl ns beetles, and having
tho nppenmnce! of crabs. Four dreadful
legM, with claw-pincers at the ends of thorn,
jointed in four parts as with armor, and
liriMling with sharp-pointed spears, are
in iront of the monster, and his hood has
n long pyramidal form in two joints, with
live finger tips at the terminus whore tho
mouth should be. Tho body is oval,
shaped, and marked almost exactly like
tlmtnf a crab, only utHn the rims of an
inner circle upon the hack thoro aro twolvo
more of those long, sharp six-am, with two
at the tail, and four snake like tenencula,
exceedingly fino in tho articulation, and
no doubt intended, like puss's whiskers,
to lie feelers, to warn the animal of danger.
Tho reverse side shows the ugliness of
tho beast even more than the obverse: but
it also shows tho wondrous mechanical
genius of the maker ot it, F.ach limb is
padded with a mass of niusclo at the baso
of it, which gives tho impression of lm
inente power, and over tho muscle there is
n cnuR of armor through which it shows.
Tlieno crentures are eager, restive, and
ravenous; always falling foul of each
other, or attacking great lumps of sugar,
as largo in reality as a mathematical point.
With the pincers attached to the end of
each proboscis they take hold of and tear
each other, repeating in their small way
tho enormous tcogediei of Tennyson's
primal monsters. A spoonful of this raw(
con me sugar was dissolved In about three
times tho quantity of wnter, when, as with
a conjurer's rod, animalcules sprang to tho
surfai'o and floated there, swimming about
uiul up and down, like tho beasts that wrlg
glo in soft water tubs, and finally turn
into mosqtiitos. They can bo seen with
tho naked eye, but not In their en tiro hid
cotisucss. it hns been proved that iu every
pound of unrefined, raw sugar, there are
ono hundred thousand of those acarL
A faumv.R cttt down a tree which stood
(to near tho boundary line of his farm that
it was doubtful whether It belonged to him
or to his neighbor. Tho iielghlor,however,
claimed tho tree, aud prosecuted tho man
who cut it for damages. Tho coso was sent
from court to court, Time was wasted,
temper soured, and temper lost; hut the
cns was finally gained by tho prosecutor.
The last we heard of tho transaction was
that the man who gained the cause went
to the lawyer's office to execute a deed of
his whole farm, which ho had been com-
polled tcr sell to pay his costs 1 Then
houseless and homejens, he thrust his hands
into, his pockets, and triumphantly ev
claimed, "I've beat hint!"
ToCi.kaw Black Cloth. Iflssolre one
ounce of bicarbonate of ammonia lit one
quart of water. With this liquid rub tho
cloth, using a piece of flannel or black
cloth for the purpose. After tho applica
tion of this solution clean tk cloth well
with clear water ; dry and Iron It, brush
ing the cloth Trom time to time In the
direction' of tho fibre.
A Novel Gun Carriage.
Tlmro U a comical Story connected With
the Ordnance Select Coramittco. It was at
onetime proposed to firemountnin-guiuf off
the backs of initios 4hat carried them It
was urged that this Would obviate the' ne
cessity of dismounting the gun from tho
mule's back aud mounting it on its car
ringo ; a mountain battery could thus romo
into action In far less time. This proposal
was warmly taken up by tho coromittoo,
who forthwith" Jlo,'edixl to test ita fmsi.
A mule or donkey was procured,
aud a small gun strapped firmly to a cradle
resting on the pnek saddle, so that tho
weapon p'oin tod over tho donkey's tall.
The animal was(thunlvd into tho marshes at
Woolwich, accomjmnied by the committee
aud several 'bigwigs." who were attracted
by such a novel experiment.' On. arriving
at tho butt the gun was loaded, the'lBkey
turned with his tall towards tho earthen
mound, and tho usual preparations mode
for firing by means of a lanyard and fric
tion tube. Hereupon one of tho committee
remarked that this mode of firing might
derange the aim by the jerk on pulling
tlio lanyard. A discussion followed, and
it was fiuully arranged to fire the gun by
the piece of slow match tied to the vent.
This was done, and the match duly ignited.
Hitherto the donkey had tuken rather a
sleepy interest in the proceedings ; but the
fizzing of tlie match on his back caused him
first to prick up his ears, then to lay them
back, and finally to liegln to turn round.
The committee wero thunder-struck, and
"skedaddled" in all directions ; the secre
tary threw himself flat on his face; there
was an agonizing moment of suspense;
then bang the shot went ricochet ting
away in one direction, while the wretched
donkey turned a complete summers- nit in
the other.
Success in Life.
The great secret of success in life consists
in bending all your efforts to whatever you
happen to engage In. Don't let your fickle
ness lead you to slight your present occu
pation, and think light ly of it, hoping some
thing better will turn up by-and-hy. The
way to get along in the world is to make
every Btep one that is ahead, and each to
follow Its predecessor. For full fifty per
cent, of the effort of the world Is absolutely
wasted in indirect, diffuse, indttlfiulte la
bors. Voting men start on in life without
purpose or point, ca'tlng a thought neither
on their fitness nor unfitness for a particu
lar culling; now doing this thing, then
that, add after that nothing; oneduy going
on, another on the right (which 1s wrong)
or left, the next backward, and then not
going on at all, which is jierhaps as bad as
the whole combined.' The right line in lifo
is the one which leads straight ahead.
This almost always secures success. If
you are creeping, do it energetically until
you can get on your foot to walk ; but
never try to do both at once. And when
once on your feet, never get on your hands
and knees again ; but strain all your efforts
to your new life.
How to Choose a Wife.
Wo venture to give the following recipe
for the (election of a wifn :
"A lace for everything aud everything
in its placo," snid an old man to his daugh
ter. "Select not a wife, my son, wlw will
ever step over a broomstick."
The son was obedient to tho lesson.
"Now," said ho, pleasantly, on a May day
to one of his companions, "I appoint tills
broomstick to choose mo a wife. Tho
young lady who will not stop over it phall
have tho offer of my hand."
They passed from the splendid saloon to
the grove. Some tumbled over the broom
stick, others jumped over it. At length
a young lady stooped and put it In its
place. The promlso was fulfilled. She
became tho wifo of an educated and wealthy
young man, and ho tho husband of a pru
dent, Industrious, and lovely wifo. He
brought a fortune to her, and she know
how to eavo ono. It is not easy to decide
which wan under tho greatest obligations,
both woro rich, and each enriched tho other.
Luxuries and Necessities.
The refinements of increasing civiliza
tion transform what were once deemed
luxuries Into necessities. People who
have not passed the meridian of lifo can
see marked contrasts iu the style of living
in their own short lives ; and how mucU
greater the contrasts when the lapse of
time extends overtwoor three generations I
Carpets and chimneys belong now to every
cottage; but Queen liess herself swept
her erminod trains over rush-strewn floors
and noblemen once sat blinking in the
smoke that curled along the rafters with
no chance of escape. The potatoe eamo
first. to be stared at ai a curious tu'.er
from South American wilds, and tea
was sipped at great cnturtntumnnts two
hundred years ago, as tho rarest and cost
liest of drinks. We remember that nails
and pins had their day of value, when wo
see In old houses the floorboards fastened
down with wooden pegs, and consider that
pin money meant the greater part of the
expenses of the toilet.
Tan no wkfam. of Louis Napoleon recalls
the cutting repartee which her ts said tor-
have received from Lady Vlessingtoa. Ther
coniitess had befriended htm When he was
A Ioor adventurer In London, and went tcr
Parts to be near him after he had become1
prosperous. Moch to her chagrin, he paid
her no attention but one day When their
carriages wero abreast In a thronged1 street
Napoleon said "Countess, how long do"
you expect to remain in Paris V She an
swerod, with dignified and ominous wit,
Only a short time. How long do you ex
pect to stay here."
"MVdear sir." ailri a mnrilHt aeenal
lng a sturdy wg on the day of election,
I am verv glad to see you." "You
needn't be,1' replied the wag. " I have
A Stunning Valentine.
' The foHowfftg-fssub1'imolytfteiidifi9tons.
and we recommend It as a model to patrons
if the Saint. , ' '
My dftar Miss V. Evory time t think" of
you my heart flops up and down like.
churn dusher. Sensations of unutterable
oy caper over It like voung goats over a
st nblo roof, and thrill through It like Span.
!si need it's through a pair of tow linen
trowsers. As a gosling swimmeth with
delight in a mud puddle, so iwlra 1 .in a
sea of glory. , Visions of ecstatic rapture,
thicker than the hairs In a Marking bmsli.
and brighter than tlie hrtei of a humming
bird' pinions, visit me in my slumbers
and borne on their invisible' wings, your
Image stands before me, and -1 reach oat
to grasp it. like K pointer snapping at a
blue bottle-fly.. When I first behold ydiir
an trelic; perfections, I was bewildered, and
my brain, whirled, around like a bumble
lien under a glass tumbler.! My eyes Stood
opn like cellar doors la -a country town,
aud I lifted ap-any ars locatch the id I very
accents Of your voice., -My tongue refused
to wag, and iu silent adoration 1 drank In
the sweet Infection of love as a thirsty man
swallowetha tnmblcrof hot whisky punch.
Since the light of your face fell npon
my life, I sometimes feel as If I could lift
myself np by my boot-straps to the top of
the Presbyterian steeple, and pull tho bell
rope for singing school. Day and night
rou are In my thoughts.- When Aurora-,
blushing like a brido, rises from her saffron
couch , when the jay bird pipes his tuneful
1st in tlie applo tree, by the spring honse ;
when the chanticleer's shrill clarion heralds
the coming morn ; when the awakened pig
ariseth from his lied and gruntetb, and
goetb forhismornlngrefreshraonts; when
tho drowsy beetle wheels his droning flight
at sultry noontide, and when the lowing
cows come home at milking time, I think
of thee ; and like a pleco of gum clastic,
ray heart seems to stretch clean across ray
bosom. Your hair Is like the mane of a
sorrel horse powdered with gold : and the
brass pin, skewered through your water
fall, fills me with nnlxmnded awe. Y'our
forehead is smoother than the elbow ot an
old coat
Yonr eyes are glorious to behold. In
their liquid depths I see legions of little
Cupids, bathing like a cohort of ants in an
old army cracker, When their fire hit me
upon my manly breast, it permeated my
entire anatomy as a load of birdshot would
go through a rotten apple. Your nose is
like a chunk of Parian marble, and yonr
mouth puckered with sweetness. Nectar
lingers on your Hps like honey on a bear's
paw, and myriads of unfledged kisses are
there ready to fly out and light somewhere,
like blue birds out of a parent's nest Your
laugh rings on my ears like the wind-harp's
strains, or tho bleat 4) f a stray lamb on a
wean lilll-sine. Hie dimples on your
cheeks aro like bowers in beds of roses, or
hollows in cakes of home-made sugar.
I am dying to fly to yonr presence and
pour nut the burning eloqnenco of my love,
as thrifty housewives pour out hot coffee.
Away from you I am as melancholy-as a
sick rat. Sometimes I can hear the June
bugs of despondency bur.'ing in my ears,
and feel the cold lizards of despair crawling
down my back. Uncouth fears, like a
thousand minnows, nibble at my spirits,
and my soul is pierced through with doubts,
as an old cheeso is bored with skippers.
My love for you Is stronger than the
smell of OofTy's patent butter, or the kick
of a young cow. and more unselfish than a
kitten's first caterwaul. As the song bird
hankers for the light of day, the cautious
mouse for tho fresh bacon in the trap, as a
lean pup hankers after new milk, so I long
for thee.
Yon are fairer than a speckled "pullet,
sweeter than a yankeo doughnut fried in
sorghum molasses, brighter than the top.
not plumage in the head of a mnsicovy
duck. You arecandy kisses, raisins, pound
cake, and sweotened toddy altogether.
If these few remarks will enable yon to
seo the inside of my soul, and me to win
your affections, I shall be as happy s a
wood-pecker on a cherry tree, or a stage
horse in a green pasture. If you cannot
rcciprornto my thrilling passions, I will
pine away like a poisoned bed-bug, and
fall away from the flourishing vine of life,
an nntiinely branch ; and in the coming
rears, when the shadows fall from the
hills, and tho philosophic frog sings his
cheerful evening hymns, you, happy in
another's lovo, can come and drop a tear
and catch a cold npon the Inst resting
place of
Junes ErAMi!fONnA8 Munoiss.
Chilblains and Chapped Hands.
When chilblains manifest themselves,
tho best remedy not only for preventing
them ulcerating, but overcoming the ting
ling, itching pain, and stimulating the
circulation of the part to healthy actioa
is tho liniment of belladonna, two drachms,
the liniment of aconite one drachm, car
bolic acid, ten drops, to collodion flexile,
ono ounce, painted with a camel's hair
pencil over their surface. When the chil
blains vesicate, ulcerate, or slough, it is
better to omit the aconite, and apply the
other components of the liniment without
it. The collodion flexile forms a coating
or protecting film, which excludes the air,
whilst the sedative liniments allay the irri
tation, generally of no trivial nature. For
chapped hands we advise the free use of
glycerine snd good olive oil in the propor
tion of two parts of the former to four of
tho lntter ; after this has been well rubbed
Into the. hands and allowed to remain for
S little time, and the hands subsequently
washed with Castile soap and tepid water,
we recommend the belladonna and collo
dion flexile to be painted, and the protec
tive film allowed to permanently remain.
Theso complaints not unfrequently invade
persons of languid circulation and relaxed
habit, who should be put on generous
regimen and treatedwith ferruginous tonics.
Obstinate cases are occasionally met with,
which no local application will remedy,
until some disordered state of the system
is removed, or tho general condition of the
patient's health Improved. Chapped lips
aro also benefited by the stimulating form
of application w advocate, but the aconite
must not be allowed to get on the Upsy or
a disagreeable tingling fesaltsv
an . "' ' '
Let no young girl give her "likeness"
to any man, unless he is a relative. It U
holding herself in very Cheap estimation1
to do so. What, pray is left lor her real
lover, when lis comes, If so sacred a gift lis
on another man's table, to be gated upon
by his chance and sometimes ' bo varf
choice acquaintances t Many a young
girl who hns thoughtlessly committed her.
self in this way would afterwards give
worlds to recall the foolish gift, which has
been prised only ai a matter of boasting.
What Woman is.
U must be borne iff nrind tl'inf iff the
foibles attributed to woiffen' arl but the
characteristics of mankind in general. H'
is said' there b nothing fixed, immutable,
snd . steadfast ffl the character of woman1,
Tiftttf ft Is", most Irue, that they are as
elisngenble as light as fluctuating as the
Shallow of, "a summer oca. But are. net
fnen particularly tho more youthful par
at least the more 'sensitive, the more po
etlcal as changeable, as eapri'clon's f fiot
Uiis very love of change snd Vanity Is the
consequence of a quick, apt, scnsl-Jo, and
precipitate nature ; and suctr a nat re in
woman's, as it shows ltsoff' In every hing
around' her, and In everything she does.
Whose mind is struck so forcibly as hers
by the striking and Vrflliant images traced
out by painting anfd poetry t Whose eye
so quick as bere for color 1 Whose ear so
formed for the changes and vibrations of
sound T -
Her only attachment is home, and tht
she carries about with her. Her vitality is
untouched, her sympathies are unhur. by
the Influences of foreign customs, of of t
strange sky and air. In hut youth stfe
may have blossomed about the doorway of
a cottage ; In after-life .she may be" trans
planted to a house in the city, made to"
breathe the hot and crowded slf fobask
In the artificial sunshine in the shadow.
In the smoke, and in the thick stntcqihere
of a town. But even there she is happy
even there she Is making sweet everything
she touches, and shedding light and cheer
fulness on every side of her. n or counte
nance U as pleasant as ever. Her playful
laugh la heard as of yore-
Maxims for Young Girls.
Kcver make your appearance In the
morning without first having dressed your
self neatly and completely. Keep your
clothing, especially undei-clothlng, In per
fect order. Never let pins do duty as but
tons, or strings take the place of proper
bands. Train yourself to useful occupa
tions. Remember, it is wicked to -waste
time, and nothing gives such an impression
of vanity and absolute silliness, ss never
having anything to do. If you are in your
father's house, take some department of
household labor npon yonrself, and a part
of needlework, and make it your business
to attend to it. Do not let a call from this
idle girl, or a vis t from that, or an Invita
tion from the other, Interfere with the per
formance of your duty. Let yonr pleasure
come in as recreations, not ai the business
of your life. If you want to marry, do not
court or try to attract the attention of gen
tlemen. It is better to be a woman than a
wife, and do not degrade your sex by mak
ing your wbols existence turn on the jjlret
of matrimony.
Keep the Mouth Shut.
This is very Important, both for happi
ness and health. By keeping it shut more
than it is, fewer disagreeable things will
be said, which will make ns lees unhappy.
As regards health, it is also important.
-People should cultivate the habit of breath
ing through tho nose more than they da
Man's nostrils were not Intended for the
sole purpose of distinguishing odors, good
from bad, but were put in hia head to filter
and purify the air he breathes before it
enters his lungs, snd to soften and warm it
when chilled, damp, and unhealthy from
Ibe influence of a variable climate. He
who breathes through his mouth will at
ways find himself more or less In trouble
with pulmonary or bronchial difficulties.
It Is the most hurtful thing in the world
to go from a warm room, in winter or Sn
tumn evenings, and draw the damp and
chilly out door atmosphere directly Into the
lungs through the mouth. It has, time
and time again, resulted in sovere attacks
of illness, and not unfrequently death.
Lying in Bed.
It is often a question among people who
are unacquafu'fed -With tho anatomy ' and
physiology of men, whether lying with head
exalted or on a level with the body, Is the
most unwholesome, ftfost, consulting their
own case on this point, argue in favor of
that which they prefer.- Now, although
many delight is bolstering up tlielr heads
at night, and sleep soundly wltltoot injury,
yet we declare it to be a dangerous habit.
The vessels in which the blood passes from
the heart to the head are always lessened
in their cavities when the head la resting
in bed higher than the body; therefore
in all diseases attended with fever, the
head should bo pretty nearly on a level
with the body ; and people ought to accus
tom themselves to sleep thus, and avoid
danger. , .-.J-r
Home Education.
We should riot hesitate to attribute'
greater Importance to home education than;
to school education ; for It la beneath tho
parental roof, when the heart is young,
and meKcd by (he Warmth of flrettldo affec
tlon, that the deepest impressions aro1
made ; it is at home, beneath parenial in
fluence and cxample. that the foundations of
physical mora), and mental habits are'
laid ; it is at home where lasting opinions
are founded. School instruction can never7
supersede the necessity of vigilant pnrntal
loading and training at the firosldo.
The language of reason, nnaccomptnfe I
by kindness,- wlfl often fall of making an
Impression . it has no effect on the under
standing, because It tonches the heart. Tm
language of kindness, Bnassoclntcd with
reason, will frequently be unablo to per
suade; because, thomgli it msy gain upon
the affections, H wants that which is neces
sary to convlnts the judgement, Bullet
reason and kindness be united In a discov
ery, and seldom will even pride or preju
dice find It easy to resist it.
" Some ; people ate ; skeptical
to sach a degree thai thef' art
afraid fa trust their own senses,
and they pbstinatery i cfiise to
listen to the Jcrgic of facts. 7
Thcy hate Been in thousand i of
cases thrrtt patients xvto trmJer
regular medica treatment did
not gel! Defter, -were ' restored to
health as hy rnagic after npj'ng
Xf. Radway's'.cekatetl feme-
dies,- yet. such ; skfplic'i will
ascribe the Cure rather to some
unknown cansc; than try the
remedy, though t ifftarialjly
produces the -same effect; J A
severe cold might prontufce in
flammation of the. itniff, bow
els. ees etf!. rVvpnmnfiom
I 0 t 7 iKiuts
diarrhoea ccffTgestiaiis erysipe
las, cholera morbus, fever,- dys
entery, neoralgia, toothache,
diptheria, croop, fpthahnia,
palsy,, swelllflg of the gland,
and innumerable other diseases.
It is not at all1 sttrr-rfsiog that
one remedy should remove the
one cause of all these different
diseases, and thereby cure them.
Cat whether surprising at not,
Dr. Radway has proven it to
be an indisputable fact. His
Ready Relief is just the reme
dy for the diseases above enu
merated and many others, and
it effects a cure In an incredibly
short time. In diseases arising
from a corruption of the tlta!
fluids, such as syphilis, scrofula,
running sores, leucorrhoea, etc.,
Dr. Radway's Sarsapanllian
Resolvent is by the medical
faculty even universally ac
knowledged even as the most
effective remedy, and highly
valued by them as such.. Dis
eases of the above class, are in
many cases hereditary and most
difficult to treat. Tbey require
a most powerful blood-purifier
like the Sarsaparillian Resolv
ent to prevent the spreading of
the virus and save , the patient
from a premature grave. The
third large class of diseases
arising from a disordered state
of the digestive organs, is easi
ly and unfailingly cured by
Dr. Radway's Regulating 1'ilK
These Pills being vegetable,
are safe and harmless, and yet
act more powerfully than prep
arations of mercury, which
shatter the whole system. All
of Dr. Radway's celebrated
remedies arc for sale at all
druggists and dealers in. medi
cines, and the trade is supplied
by Dr. Radway Ss Co., 87
Maiden Lane, "New York.
The distress and suffering in
Paris is immense. In that vast
metropolis there must always
bo hundreds of thousands of
people who have as much as
they can do to keep the wolf of
poverty away jrom their doors.
Now, when there has been a
reign of terror for weeks
when the non-residents who
have spent millions of dollars
have left wnen the stores and
shops have been largely closed
to assure their 6afety when
the great factories have ceased
their work what remains for
the industrial classes to do but
to either beg or starve ? Such
a state of things even in this
country would be intolerable,
but how much more oppressive
in old and thickly-settled Paris.
A large portion of the people
must be fed directly from the
public treasury, and how long
can this continue ? Very brief
ly, and the reaction to the old
order of things will be terrible.
The British flying squadron
now at Kingston; Jamaica, is
to go to Havana.
LakeTahoe tunnel through
the Sierras will not exceed
three miles in length.
.liitiitr ,8ms , tf' J&. ay fair
prosfreefl (or the tjOemocraicr to
carry ihVs'tafe at trie net fall
Section-, " The ' peoTiJe' are sftk
and1 tffcrj Vf radic'af miWnfe and
are" d'e? eWnrnctf tlW " change
shlr ; Inker phw,f,-tMthff
wh'eretef clectfonV' hiive ' bveu
held,' they have tosffiWeol ' a
. j t
cafisfny ami to plaoe tho te
inocracy in the foregfotfrVd1
Within flier last twelfe ttmtU
Democracy l as " gained . signal
triumphs hi. otlicr States i aind
why not in Ohio ? Oar. f-eo
pie are just as tired of' radical
ism! and just as Kradv and an-
ious fr a change' as were the
people of ISew Hampshire or
of any other locality where
changes hme already Ireen
made,- All that is necessary to
insure success, h far the Con
vention, wliicb is to lie holden
on the first of June, to be fruo
to the party and to the people,
and put forth such a platform
ana ticket as will commend
tberostdres to the sound jods:
ment of tlie masses. Any at
tempt to re-enact the miserable
and foolish farce of 1800 will
be just Hs fatal now ns it was-
then, "What we want Is a can
did, straignt forward, Demo
cratic platform of principles
with our very best raen as can
didates. Give us these and
then let us have a vigorous, ac
tive campaign and success will
certainly perch npou our ban
A recent decision of the Su
preme Court of the United
States establishes a very curi
ous coincidence. Two years
ago Governor Palmer, of Illi
nois, refused to pay tax on the
income he received from the
State as the salary for his office.
His reason, as expressed in a
letter to the United States col
lector, was that the Federal
(jovernment had no right to
tax the States on the means
employed to carry on their
governments, and the office of
Governor and the salary paid
was one of those means, Tho
case was reported to the au
thorities at Washington by the
collector, and the enforcement
was ordered to bo suspended.
The decision referred to cornea ,
up from the State of Massa
chusetts, and the Supreme
Uourt uses, word tor word, in
the decision, the language em
ployed by Governor l'almcr in
his letter to the Collector of
internal revenue iu Illinois.
The New Yoi k-Sun says the
New Hampshire campaign was.
down to the last moment, car
ried on by the Republicans
exclusively in the interest of
jGeneral Grant, Not so in
Connecticut, Forewarned, Gov.
Jewell was forearmed. As
soon as he heard the thunder
of the Democratic guns from
the Grauite State, he let Grant
slide, with hia San Domino
8winllej his unconstitutional
Ku Klux programme to seenro
his renommation, and espec
ially the outrage upon Sena
tor Sumfief. This was tho
turning point which opened
the way to what can almost bo
regarded as a triumph. Not
withstanding all this, . English
and the entire State ticket is
undoubtedly elected.4
Poor Grant !
The people of Minneapolis
are quite indignant at tho re
moval of Col. O. Aldrich, post
master, .and the appointment
of Dr. Keith in hia place. Col.
Aldrich was the first Represen
tative of Minnesota in Con
"The Suffolk ia still grappling
for tho lost Tor to liico. cable.
She las favorable. weather for
operatioua ' . ' ,

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