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:k ljc (Enquirer.
J. W. EOWEH, Editor.
M'Artlmr, April ID, 1871.
April 10, 1871.
ToTheDmocraey of the State of 0.:
Al a meeting of the Democratic
. r ..i A.nmiif nf Ohin.it
wna resolved ihiit tho noxt Demo
emtio Stato Couvention of Ohio be
held in the city of Columbus, on
, Thursday, June lit, A. D. 1871.
. It was also resolved that the basis
of representation in said Conven
tion be as follows : That each
county in the State be entitled to
one delegate, and also to one dele
gate for every five hnndrod votes
cast for Hon. William Iloisley, for
Secretory of State, at the election
held on the second Tuesday of Oc
tober, A. D. 1870, and also ono dol
jmte for cvory fraction of two
t..nJil nnrl fift.v vntfls or over cast
for tlmt gontleman at that time,
which basis of reprosontation will
civo each countv.in Ohio the fol
lowing number of delegates in said
Convention :
fWo omit tho counties except
those composing the 11th Congrcs
Bional District. Total No. of Dole
gates to which, tho Stato is entitled
to 497.
Adams ' 5 Gallia
Jackson .4 Iawronco . . .
Vinton :A Scioto 5
Tho following are tho officers to bo
nominated by the Convention :
. Lioutonant Governor;
Attorney General;
Auditor of State; . .
Treasurer of Stato;
Supreme Judge;
' Member Board of Public Works;
Commissioner of Common Schools
In announcing this call we deem
it not inappropriate to add a- word
on the importance of tho approach
ing Convention. The success of tho
ticket to bo nominated depends, in
a very great degree, upon the men
to bo put in nomination and tho
harmony and unanimity of the
nominations. To this end it is de
sirable and important that every
county should be fully represented,
and the will of the people should be
ascertained and expressed as nearly
as possible. The election will be
one of vital importance to the -State
and country at largo, and will lave
an important influence upon the
great contost of 1872. With a judi
cious selection of candidates and a
harmonious and united effort the
Democracy can and will redeem the
State from .Radical misrule, und
answer back to the East, South and
West, tho glorious news that OhioiB
true to the Constitution and Union.
By order of the Democratic Stato
Central Committee.
Don't forget that only $3 will pay
your faro on tho Grand Excursion
Train to and return from Columbus
n Saturday, May 13.
Official Documents and
lion. A. G.Thm-man.U.S. Sona
tor from Ohio, and the leader of the
Democratic party, will acceptthanks
for valuable documents.
lion. L. D. Campbell, member of
Congress, from the Dayton District,
will accept thanks for Agricultural
lteports and Speeches.
lion. II. C. Jones, ono of the Stato
Son atom from this District, will ac
cept thanks for copy of his ppcech
on tho bill favoring tho payment of
. tho portion of tho amount abovo tho
expenses of tlVo institution, earned
by the convicts, in tho Ohio Peni
tentiary to tho families and children
of the convicts. This would most
likely be very satisfactory to tbo
people, should it become a law.
High Taxes!
They have as frightfully high
taxes in some localities in Ver
mont as in Ohio, both States
being ruled by dishonest Radi
cals. 'AVernaout paper says
that tho poople could make
money by giving the tax gath
erer a complete title to- all their
possessions, real and personal,
for a receipt, in fall. Radical
rulers make high taxes. Let
the people put them out of
Dispatches from the British
Government .announce, a de
termination of the Cabinet to
make Honduras a crown colony,
to form V part of the West In
dies Confederation.
Speech from Dr. Ayer.
A new town has been tered
near Lowell, Mass.,
named after the Great Medi
cine man, J.C. Aver. At the
inauguration the Doctor was
culled on for a speech, and
spoke aa follows:
Ladies and Gentlemen!
On the western coast of Scot
land, where it slopes into the
Irish Sea, a river rising on the
mountains "of "the higher land
and winds down among the
hills and empties into the
Frith of Clyde. From remote
time it has been called Ayr
from an old Scotch word "Ay
rv. meaninff an
easries nest
Mia river of the eagle's nest.
Near its mouth and contiguous
long stood a lmrulet which be
came a royal burg or town
named from the river, and now
about one-third as large as
large as Lowell the city of
Avr. For more than a thous
and years it has been noted in
thy history or Scotland, du-
nnjr the wars of liobert uruce
it was one of bis resorts, and
was esDeciallv favored by him,
hnmnsB ha was there cured of
the ienrosv. Oliver Cromwell
made it one of the depots and
headquarters ot nis army in
Ins nt.tnf.li imon Scotland, and
one of his old forts is now "the
Citadel of Ayr.
But above all its distinctions
Ayr was the birth-place of the
post Burns. And what a poet!
What a voice has he given to
nl the endearments ot liomel
How has he hallowed the cot
tage and all it covers weans
and wile, patches ana poverty,
Deans, oariey, aie, uarusmp
and the poor man's toil. How
he wraps with tenderness what
ever he names, even his bleak
leagues of pasture, the stubble
field, ice, snow, sleet, and rain,
brooks, birds, mice, thistles
and heather. His Bonny
Doon, John Anderson, my Jo
John, Auld Lang Syne, and
Highland Mary roll round the
world in ever ringing: sympho
ny with what is purest and
best in human nature. His
songs woo and melt the heart
of youth and maidens, bring
solace to the sorrowing and
wage to .the overburdened
by their lot; His inspiration
has set the affections to music
in fetrtuue that are immortal..'
No other man nas ever made
a language classic, but he has
rendered that lowland bcotcli
a Doric dialect of fame. The
name of his borne and his be
loved river Ayr was lifted on
the wings of his pathos, and
now. the approaching traveler
vearns to reach the snot his
genius has sanctified.
Along the borders of the sea
in a parallelogram and sur
rounding the town is a county
of the same name Ayrshire.
It would weary your patience
to hear the history of my an
cestors from one ancient John
of Ayr, then John Ayr, down
through the centnries this Ayr,
now before you; through their
vicissitudes of poverty and
plenty of fortune and misfor
tuue: how thev have intermar
ried with England, Ireland and
Scotland, and later with the
Americans, who are an excel
lent mixture of them all.
My friends, you have cho
sen the name I inherited for
your town with an extraordi
nary unanimity, and have
thereby conferred an honor
upon me, the proper acknowl
ment of which I do not feel
fully able to 'express. But I
beg you to be assured that it is
appreciated find that it will bo
gratefully remembered with a
i- l . !
living interest in your prosperi
ty while life remains to mc.
and, I trust, beyond that of my
children alter me.
If this name has become no
ted among the many that are
worthier around vou. that u
greatly due to its publicity.
May I be permitted to state
whence that earner Until
wit in a few centuries all the
civilized nations of the globe
were pent up on the Eastern
continent. Two or three hun
dred years ago they leaked
over into this; few and fearful
at first, then moje and more,
but always in tlielr. settlements
timidly hugging the "Atlaatic
coast. Within the last two or
three generations, they have
burst oat as it were, and over
run these vast continents of the
West. Now thev aro scattered
here and possess these measure
less stretcher of mountains and
valleys, hills, plains, forests
and piaines with the boundless
pampas and '"'mountain ranges
of South America. Former
generations lived in villages
and towns, wnere pnysicians
were plenty and near at hand.
Now, the people are widely
scattered, in many sections of
these many countries, vov
great numbers the timely treat
ment of physicians ' cannot be
had; over large tracts of - coun
try good and competent physi
cians cannot be had at all.
They cannot visit patients
enough many nines apart w
live bv their profession, nor
can they carry meaicines wua
them on horse back lor all
their requirements. Hence
has risen in these modern times,
a necessity for remedies ready
at nanu, vyim uirecuons iot
. i ii . I i.; i
their use a present recourse
for relief in the exigences of
sickness, when no other help is
near. . It is a new necessity
consequent upon the changed
conditions of human life a
want I have spent my years in
supplying, and I will tell y
something of its extent. 0
labratory - makes every day
some 030,000 potions or doses
of our preparations. These
are all taken by somebody.
Here is a number equal to the
population of fifteen cities as
. ' T H , 1 .1 '
large as Loweu, taxing mem
every day (for sickness keeps
uo sabbaths) nor for once only,
but again and again year after
year, through nearly one-third
"of a century." We all join in
jokes about medicines as we
i -i-.-L i... t
uo noouu me xjuvivi a uiiaaiuu
to kill, the clergyman's insin
cerity and . the lawyers cheat
ing Yet each of these labors
among. the must serious real!
ties of life. Sickness and its
attendant suffering are nojoke,
neither is the treatment of them.
This system of transportable
relief, to be made available to
the people, must keep its reme
dies fresh in their memories.
This is done by advertising.
Mark its extent. An advertise
ment, taking the run of the
newspapers with which we con-
tract (some ivvv annually) is
struck off in such uumbers,
that when piled upon each oth-flat-wise
like the. leaves of a
book, the thickness through
them is sixteen miles. In ad
dition, it - takes Borne- seven
million of pamphlets and
twelve million circulars to meet
the public demand for this
kind of information. Our an
nual issue of pamphlets alone,
laid solid upon each other,
make a pile eight and and one
quarter miles high. The circu
lars measured endwise reach
1894 miles, and these assertions
are matters of mathematical
"Whatever the estimation in
which these publications may
be held here, they reach the
firesides of millions upon mil
lions of men who do treasure
and regard them, who in their
trials do heed the counsel they
Not only over these great
Western continents but also
throughout that other land so
little known to you, under our
feet, the Australian continent,
there are few villages as large
as this which are not familliar
with the name you have chosen,
aud employiug the remedies
that bear it. j
Thus, . gentlemen; have I
striven in my humble sphere to
render my service to my fellow
men, and to deserve among the
afllicted and unfortunate some
regard for the name which
your kind partiality hangs on
these walls around me. We
may look forward with confi
dent hope to the renown you
will gather under it, and the
prosperity, which there . is rea
son to trust the future has in
store for you. Situated as you
are here on one of the mam ar
teries, between the west and
cast, between the great indus
tries of ' the plough and the
spindle you must aid in their
exchanges and thrive with
them. Soon these channels
will be opened wide aud pour
ing through your precincts
streams of men and mcrchan
dise that will-need your fur
therance arid must contribute to
your growth.
Located here in the centre of
New England, to what dearer
spot can you turn that men in
habit? Beginning life rich
with the honors of your mother
town whose influence through
her schools and her scholars
is of itself an inheritance, with
" "- . ' T a
SUCa exampiea na-jjiiwicuue,
Boutwell and Hoar, what may
vou not hone for of usefulness
in the councils of the state and
nation. ; .
Contrast our condition with
that of the European nations,
alternately torn and impover
ished with wars, credit it as
you may to the better education
of the people, and you will re
alize the value ot the example
old mother Groton has set you,
an irrivfbv nf vnnr nmliirinn t.0
O V M V v. Jvv"" ------------ -
follow- Build schools for your
childrea and nnd talent to
teach them; then intelligence
and integrity in prosperous and
happy homes will be your sure
Associated as you have made
me with your weal or woe, 1
wish I might be allowed to con
tribute from my means, such as
they are, something towards
this first foundation of the pub
lic good.
Gentlemen, I have detained
you too long. Oppressed with
with the fear that I do not de
serve the distinction you be
stow, I pray God to make me
worthier, ' and to smile upon
you with his perpetual bless-
The San Domingo Report.
The long looked for report
ot the oan uomingo vjorauiiS'
sioners has mado its appear
ance, and will be found in an
other column. The report is a
one-sided affair, and contains
nothing favorable to annexa
tion that ha3 not already been
laid before the public by the
correspondents who accompa
nied the expedition; while ev
erything unfavorable has been
carefully surpressed. The con
clusion arrived at by the Com
missioners is that "the annex
ation of San Domingo to the
United States would be hardly
less beneficial to the Haytieu
than to the Dorainician peo
pie;" but not a word is said of
the benefits to accrue to the
people of the United States.
people of ban Domingo would
be benefitted by making their
half of the Island American
territory, furnishing ollicei-s to
rule over them, soldiers to pro
tect them on land and a half
of war vessels to protect them
Irom invasion oy sea,- all at the
expense of the taxpayers of
the United btatcs. Any other
God forsaken country in the
world would be equally bene
fitted. What the people of
the United btatcs want to
know is, what benefit they are
to derive from this annexation
project. This information the
report does not furnish, for the
crood and suthcient reason
probabty", that there is none to
give. Is it not inconsistent on
the part of the administration
to go out, thousands of miles in
the ocean, to annex new terri
tory, while tho Republican
majority in Congress are try
ing to make it appear that
there are already ten or twelve
States in the Union, in a State
of insurrection, and beyond
the power of the Government
to control? "Would it not be
well to demonstrate that we
have tho power to govern what
territory we have now, betore
seeking out new countries to
The little State of Rhode
Island is Republican, as it has
been for years. This is to be
expected from a people who al
low negroes to vote without a
property qualification, but ex
act it of all foreign-born citi
zens. '
There are 320 defaulting in
ternal revenue collectors in the
United States, the total amount
of whose indebtedness foots
up over twenty million dollars.
Valuable specimens of black
and white marble have been
discovered within a few miles
of Bristol. Va. It is 6osccpti
ble of the highest polish, being
as smooth as class. It is vari
egated, with beautiful stripes
ot cold en color. An abund
ance of it can be obtained. It
juts out of tho side of the hill,
whica is irom cignty to one
hundred feet bighr aud lies well
for quarrying.
John W. Davis, of Favette
county, Ky.,' recently sold five
blooded heifers for $2,200; one
of them a Mazurka heifer, went
at $1,000.
, SPRING-, 1871.
Wboletal Scaler In
Paper and Small Wares and
Hosiery Largo Stock, Snitablo for Spring TraJo.
Handkerchiefs Put up in -Attraiitivo Stylos nnd.Ciicnp.
Perfumery lluir Oils anJ Fnney Soaps.
Shirt Fronts Wido Ploat,'Embrofdorod and Plain."
Suspenders Adjustable und Prussia 13ruccs.
Fish Hooks Cotton, Linon, Silk and Grass Lines,
Triinininss Tailors and Dreas Many New Patterns.
Illailk Books As usual, Full Line.
Paper French Notes and Envelopes to Match.
Spool Cotton At Atfonts Pricos, and
That can bo found in First-class Notion llousos, sold nt a small Advanco
to prompt short timo buyers, or forCnBh in hand, aCash disconnt allowed.
aarDccorationfaml Wall Paper Mado a Speciality.
Chllliootha. April l;SSri.
We take plcnsuro in announcing
to the citizens throughout this en
tire section of country that Mr. J.
Ira Bell, of northern Ohio, and one
of tho loading photographers there,
is here, and is having under bis di
rect supervision, on Market street,
nourly opposito tho Ilulbert House,
Photograph Parlors very neatly
and tastefully fitted up for his bu
siness. The doors of h's Gallery will bo
thrown opon to customers by tho
24th inst. Mr. Bell proposos to
oxocuto all kinds of work in his
lino according to tho very latest
and appropriate styles. Portrait
work from miniature to life sizo,
also copying and enlarging from old
pictures. All work will be war
ranted to give satisfaction, and done
with neatness nnd dispatch.
Matihas Mitchell, one of
one of the persons whom Old
Rudolph Cougehnour, the noto
rious burglar, lent his assistance
in the robbery of the dwelling
house of T. M. Bay, near Ham
den, last fall, got into a quarrel
and fight at Allensville, on last
Saturday night, which resulted
iu his being stabbed in the left
side. A warrant was imraedi
ately sworn out charging Mr
Michael S.' Snyder, who is so
unfortunate as to have only
one arm, with the stabbing, and
the warrant was pluced in the
hands of Eli Reynolds, Con
stable, who made the arrest,
bringing the defendant, before
Esq. Sage, of Elk Township,
who continued the case until
Monday morning. The pre
liminary examination closed
about noon yesterday, resulting
in the binding over of the de
fendant. The defense offered
no testimony as it was plainly
proven by the witnesses for the
State, (so we are informed,)
.. . i n 1 . 1 I.
that Mr. csnyacr ncteci in sen
defense, being attacked by
Mitchell. AVe learn that
Mitchell is slowly recovering.
Dr. II. C. Moore drebscd his
VoTimb TO BE Lokt. Ill HlO incllllcllt BnffO
orUonxiiinptiun.tlio OrHt HViniitoniH m ccncriii
ly a ImckliiKcmiKli, piiiimln tlm ehoHt, illllli-ulty
nrhrpiilliinir. iMiitircsloll of the lnnas. Burnt!-
tiling ihoulil bodoiiu nt once to check theroimli.
nllny mid hoiil tho irrltntcd parts. Allen'
Lull riftlniiui will Droun up I lie cougu in un
Incrt-ilililvNlicii t tlnios itUo ircvnt tho forma
tion of tuhrn-lm. Whrtra tiilMtiv.Ica nre onco
ft inn nil, the dimtnsn Uliurd to euro, i'or wilu hy
ull MeillcliiH DtmKint. niu-tw
The steamer Dacia has gone
to lay the cable between at,
Thomas and Demerara.
On tho Bth of Anrll. hv I'uU'r Shriner. Km..
of Uii liliiiid Township.
II. Kkmv nnd MUs Umzauktu J. Ki'Kititr. of
On the Hill of Anrll. bv tlio mmo. Mr. Jrfl
jocmiinu lowiimiip.
On the 17th nf Kobrunrv, 187t, by A. O. Klllott,
Rmi.,if lliirrlnonTownslilp, Mr. TuOMAl llAY
On thn 1Mb. of Mn mil. br the nmo. Mr. Vim
Lir Chauo und Minn Maktiu A. J.owiikv.
On tho IMth ofMuiTh. by the sumo. Mr. 1). I.
UnUMMOND Ullll ail8H(JNA J';. JtANIIAI.Ij,
Atllamden, on Haturdsv nlrtbt, April VI.
1871, ClaBIHSA. wife ot It, V, Kulcli, ugud 40
lIUllll'F'S SALU.
Slut o Ohio, Vinton Comity, nr.
Joslull V'lllier, 1'lulntllT,
Abruliani Wlllier, Defendnnt.
In Vinton County Court orcniiuiion Pleas.
1'urHiisnt to tlm ooiiuniind nf un Kvornllon
In tbo iibove cause to rue dlrociod from the
Court nf Common I'ltwx.ol the albiosiild Coun
ty of Vinton, I will offer ut publ in Hide, In the
town of MoAi'Uiur, in ulorcsaid comity of
Viutou, on
Saturday, the 29th Day of
April, A. l). mil.
at the hourof 1 o'cloek V. ftf., of snld dny, lb
follow ing described riersouul property, to-witi
1 Iron liruy llorso, 3 year old;
1 Iron Gray Uaro, 3 yenrn old'; 1
Bay Muror 5 years old; I Boy Colt,
2 years old; I Hay Colt, 1 year old ;
21 bead of Hofriv, 1 Dun Cow ; 1 Rod
Cow; I Brlnula Cow; I Rod and
Whito Spotted Cow; I Bluek Cow;
1 Brindlo Cow, witU white back; 1
Brlndlo Hoifcr, 2 years old; 1 Year
lintf calf.
TnKon as (he property of Ahrshsm WHherlo
sntisfy an KxernHoa of aforcsuld Court, In f
i vor of Joslnh Wllbor.
I'EUMS or BALK. CnsU In blind.
Khertlf Vinton Co., 0.
Urosvenordr Dans, Att' lor I'l'ff.
April 10, 167l-'Jw
. or TUB
(Ixjtiin July lust.) in IiIik pushed forunrdwltli
irraitttiiorirv from both extiemlt is of the Hue.
TliolniMilhiL-oHlH! Itnrthern l'iit'ifle Railroad
M-vurnl thousand men mu iMiiphiycil In Miiiiic
xotttnnd on the Tim-IIIo fount. The irrmle is
nearly commutod 266 miles westward Irom
I.nke Biinerlor;-truins are runnlnir over 130
miles of llnlslied roud, iiml triuik-lnyiiiK is rap
idly progressing toward the eastern border nf
Dakota. Inclildlnir ItH mirchiiso of the HI. l'nul
k I'ae.illo Hniul, the Northern l'ac.lllo Company
now nan 413 miles or couimeieii romi, anil uv
September next tills will Oo increased to nt
least ftOU. , . . .,
A Good Investment. .Tay Cooko A to.
are now sellinuaiid uulienitntlnirly recommend,
tsnl'rolltnlilo and perleclly Sale investment.
the First Mot-tiriitro I.nnil Grunt (.old Holms ol
the Northern IVUlo KuilriKid Compiuiy. Thoy
hiivonn vun to run. bear Seven and Three-
Tenths per eent. gold interest (more than 8 ler
uent. eurroiiev) and tire seen red hy Hi st and
only innvtKiiKo on the KNTlitu iuiad aNii its
BQt'IPMKNTii, alut also, us last us uiu uuuu is
r.nniltleteil. on
83,000 Acres of Land to every mile of
truck, or uliu Acres lor eucii i,owu ihiiki. iney
arc exempt from I'. 8. Tux i rrlncipnl mid In
terest nre payable in Uolds UenonilnntioiiH:
Coupons, ?1UU to Sl.lXKIj Registered, 100tu10,
WKI. nro at all times ruecivtililu at tkS pkh CBvr.
ahovk i-aii, in exchange for the ('onipnny's
J-fliniB, nt their lowest, ouch prleo. This rendu:
them practically IXTEliEST UKAltlNa LAKJIWaK
Lands for Bonds- Nortnerii rac.iiii T-Ju-s
11 A NTH.
SlnlcliiK Fund- The proencdH of nil sales
oflnnds in required to be devoted to the re-
parcliu-e nnd oMiicellation nt ino nrsi jiiort
mure bonds of tho Company. The Land (Jinnt
oftlie lloail exreods Fifty Million Acres. This
Immense Sinking Fund will undoubtedly enn
rel tl.ciirinetpnl of the (.'oinpnny's bonded debt
below It falls due. AV Itli their nmulo security
und hiKh rate of interest, tliere is do more riior
Exchanging 17. S. Five-Twenties
Th0 8itcecsiofthoNow (ioverninenl. It percent.
1,0101 will compel the earl v hiirrunder of United
sutes 6 per cents. Mnnv holders of Five-
Twenties fte now exchaiiKiii) uieui lor norm
cm I'ucillo Sevcn-'l'blrtles, thus reiillzinn a
hiindsome prolit, und greatly increasing their
yearly inronis
Other Seonrltle -All iiinrketiibleRtoeks
sod liuiids will be received lit their highest
iMinvnt price in exchange lor Northern I'ncKle
Meven-Thirtles. F.xi-kksh ciiaiiokh on Money
orltimils received, mid oh Seven-Thirties sent
in return, will be pnld by tho Kiniiin iiil ARents.
r'ull In ornintlon, maps, puinphlctx, etc., cun
he obtained on nniilleatliiu itt any ugency, or
frinii the iiiidcrHitfncd.
V-lnnnclHl Avellts Kul-tllOI'il 1'iudlle Uulll'oud Go.
y MASKS aud BANKEK8 ftntrully tliruiighuut
tlm cutliitry.
After ii thoroiiKb exaniinatlon we hnvo ac
cepted un stfency for the sale of the nbovo
Itonds, reconiirienn mom loonr uuioim;i ui
Investors generally.
Ceo. Lnntz. Alex. Penrce.
Hardware, StovesT and Apiltnral
Bliuiufacturcrs of Tinware,
D1RKOT attention to their largo and vnrii d
SUHjk fur the Spring und Hiiiuliier Tiude,
consisllntr in part ol
WlllHon'ti, Collins and
till warranted to perform well.
of Pittsburgh und Zimesvillo patterns, and
Plow JSHocvrs
for same. The Celebrated
Malta Double Shovel Plow
admitted (o bo the best in uso. The Zanesvlllc
nnd other Cant 11 lows always on hand. A largo
Hoes, Rakes, Sytlics, &c.
Aonts for
Jluckeye Mowers and
Jieajfcrs, Sweepstakes, and
Thresh Ini Machines.
Also for tho
Double Harpoon Horse HAY Forks.
Tlioso needing Repairs for Mowing Machines
arc reipieiitod to suud In tlieii'ordois early.
Miircli '-".I, 1H71-U
irv z am: sit 1 1
J". A.. IMTA-lRTIIsr & CO.,
AtPhlllipa' old Bliiml, on Main Street,
Znleski, Ohio,
Tnkn Ihls method of ImformltiK their friends
ami tho pooplo of Viutou county in general
tliatlhey liuvu opened u
mid will keep coimltmtly on hand a largo slock
Groceries and Provisions
ami nil kinds of the
All of whli h will be sold at
Aawopay ('nub for everything wo buy wo
id i ays expert to procure them ut low jii'lces,
und we lutcnd lo sell ull our Oooda
Choapor than they can be purohascd
Elcewhera I
Clre us a cull, nnd we will natlsfy you.
(if every deserlptloa token In cxeliutiKO for
Znleski, Wnndi M, lMTMt
ffVfl MARnTrn.-Krtsuvs fur
AlllIKKH, which Interfere with MAHItlAUK
wltlisuru means of relief fur thn Krriiig unit
Uiifortliniite, dinonaod mid debilitated. Hint
frcn, In trilled envelopes, Addren", IIOWAHIi
ASoOOlAXlO.N, o. b.NlutUbt , I'uiliidelphu,
I'M. uol
Yoiinic Mini, on ureal bOOTAI, KVfdX nnd
Tlt.VYKDawiiy from tbo "liny Purm," near
Vj ..deski, wdai'k brown Mi.ro, H years old thl
H(iing rather pnor-smiill while spot on the
hii.irtitiid Umg white apot on tlui nose. A lib'
eniF rewaiti will be paid for Vuforiimtloii tliut
will lead k fier reeoverv.
THOMAS siiir-Mcr,
April 13, lK7f- uleski, Ohio..
iTnfWJa PTAT1VI A unitl. fur UBb
lug or biiirflng Book,
Mitguiliiot, i'siwrt, Mu.
ilcs, etc., eto. Bw Uivnf
ut 11 ok bums mill Ncwn Siiuuls, or send it.mp for
clruulsrs, or S."i rents for iwuiplo, savlnc whrr Vol
snw I hia mlviTilscuiuiit, to liUltiUT B1DK CO.,
MMiiiliiuturers, Cliicnifo, III, Il ly
DDIOUT Olntlle,, weekly lor young po
An elfilit page, llluslra-
nrettlest nnd
On ft nnllar.
Agunu Hunted. I.ulge proiiiiiiins or cash com.
missions, Snv wbei-e you saw this d?ertise--mriit.
UUIUUTKlbGCU., Publishers, hlcugo..
111. 11-ly
8 '1.0)CIIC
AftFMTO ' 'i'ornntl.lwrpipiitortuV'
M,ytRllp In-rlptbm Duels. Exlrsln-
Mala V F- Afrtu ) r . ti. ...... . . a -
-7 ' iiiiiMTinriiin iff nKflirn, irM
fjiriiiHtlon fr.. Adiliest Am. liook Co.. 02 M'U)ltui
K"VSI ,H V A f IV,
$5 TO $20 A DAY!!
In you Hsut s sllimil.in nimsleiinsn st or nnr
liiirni'. to rn our new 1 strnnd irAif ftrt CltMrr
hint to lutiornnr. IJon't lies Ill's rhani-e. ' Hum
pin froo. Adilri"s llixlmn Rirtr HflrtMillt 75 Will'
St., M. Y.or to bourbon St., Chicnga,
who hml siilfernd for jours from DesftiKM, Cs
turrh nml Si nifulii, wus cttred hy a simp'e n nu ily.
llerrriiips liy nnd irrnllinde proinpn lir In srnd the
rciwlpu frefl uf charge to any one .similarly tffllctrd..
AilduevsMra M G. Lkooitt, Jersrv City, N. J.
Oil III I n now prepared to ft1 orilein lor our
New Mu uillo I'srtrldgn Sportinir liinVs, of various
lengths ami cnl lire. For sceursrv and aiifety, we
Kcominrnd our llrtcch Load.iig ri'llia, as miperior in
every respect lo nny otheis now iniule. For Cinn
lrs ghlnir full iWrlptlnn nod prices, sni.lr to
hhiirps1 Kill,) Mfg Co.. Harford, Conn.
0OffGHTT"doUGH ! oough" :
Why will you Cuuuli wlicn yon can bo so isslly
rel loved by HfliiK
Dv. Wells' Carbolic TablctH?
They nre a smo enre fi Bore Throat. Cold, Hoarse,'
ness. Cntdrrli, aed nil d .heiu.es of tho Lunus, Tlirouf
and Hioik Mini '1 ubis.
Krom tho great number of Testlmniiinls as to tho
i llkltincy ut'tlia in vuh.ablo uicdlcinc the folloing
la oelecieil. "
47 Wnhpnnseli Ave, Chicago. III., Jim. 14. 1871.
' For the Inst ten years 1 have boen a great miller
"erlroii frequent all inks of Acnto ltroncliillH, aid1
"hsvo never found anyililni: to relievo me from ihesu
"utlsclu until I tried Dr. Wellt' Carbolic 'lubMii."
ELUUlll.TU T. ltl'OT.
PAIITIHEJ 1)""'t ei w"f"'les nrt c'os be
UnU I lUll- palmed off on von. bemru you itet
only WKUJJ' CAltllOblt) TAHI.KTS.
JoiinQ Kki.uiuo, l'lait Street, N. Y. Hole Agent.
Sold by DrngiriKla. Pi lee cents s box.
A Consumptivo Cnred.
Wbem dentil was hourly expected from Coinninn.
tion and Asthma, all remedies having faded, srei
dent led to a discovery wlierel.y Dr. 11 J.ones cured
Ilia only iddld. lie now gives Oils recipe free on ra
ce pt of two li.il, (o pi.y cxienses Address C11AI'
liOCK&co., iMt Race, street, Pbllialelpbis, 1.
giving name of paier. "
wit., iba
iirr.inle.1 to suit , ,
tin' tale eBuruwhrm a...i
snlo who'esnie onl'v hv lb.
! A n '' M Clmrob Sr., N. Y.
I'. 0. box rm. Bend for Tbes
Nnetur Circular.
WANTKD AOKNTtt, ig20 per dav) lo aelhlnr
eolebrsted HOME Sll UTTI.K 6KW1NO MA
CII1N1C. Iliislheundor-feeil. miiUea the -'lock stitch"
(a Ike on both aides) and ia fully lleeiiwd. The beat
and ch.-tipent liunily 8ewin Muclilne ill the markets
AildrSK Johnson, C'i.aiik Co., Iloslon, Maes., I'lits
burcb, I'll., Olileaitn, III., or St. bonis, Mu.
bout Belling, mid most iilli-acllvs subscription book
ever published, (ino agent in llenvor, Colorsilo,
sold UNI iMiplus In 4 dsya. Ono agent in Milwnukie'
sold .to copies In l day, and a lariro number from to
to 811 enplea nor iluv. Send for Clrcnlara, Willi lojins
atonee. Aililrew U H. l'L'IILISIIINti CO., Chicago,
III , Clneluuiill, Ohio or St. LouN, Mo.
rnm.-iiri .no hum m o i op
I Hy sendiiiK ) CENTS
with iiro. belRht, color of eves mill hair, vou wlil
rocclve, by return mail, a correct picture of
your ful lire biisbiiinl or wife, v illi name nml
date ot iiiarrlnu'o. Address W. FOX. I'. U llraw--er.No.
24, Fiillonvllle, N. Y, I3 4w
Tllf Tfirrii riiimli will clmnire nny cold'
lllfcj iUa-lO IjDIIII) rei hair or liearb
ton permanent black or brown. It contains
no poison. One conili sent bv mail for $1. Ileal--
era supplied ut reduced rules. Address' Win.
Put ton. TreiiH, Sprlnirlleld, Muss. 1.1 ii.4v
It la s auro nnd perfect remedy for all diseases of the'
I.IVKR and 81M.KKN, KNI.AlttiEMKNT or OR.
orthei.lVKIl,l)110I'f(Y,(SHitiOISII Cllt- I
Cl'I.ATION of the 111.00 1, A IISOKH8K8,
Da. Whliji Uiivinif hecomu aware of the extraor
dinary ine.liclnul proMriius of tbo Uoutli Auiuiic.in
l'lant, called
sent n speclul commission to that conniry to precuru
ltln lit native pur.ty, and liuvin lonnd its wnniler--i'ul
ciirullve proiwrties to even exueeil Ibu antulM
H.thM fitrniMl hv its irrivit reniilntion. haa ronrluilMl
to ofter It to t lie public, slid Is happy to state that de
ltas perfected arrangements lor a regiilsr monthly
supply of this wonderful Plant llo lias spent much
ttuio vxwrlineiiting and investigating aa to the moat
rlUulont preparation from It, for xpular use, and hiuj
for some time used In his own prsetlce with must
luipiiy results tno etfuulual medicine now presented1
to tlie public ss
Dr. Wells' Extract of Jurubeba-
soil ho conflduiitlj rocoininanihi It to every family ss
a lioinu-hold rouioily which sliould bo fieuly Isken as
H Kl.ooo I'cnintl: III nil derangements of the system
anil to uniuiiitu and fortify sll weak iiml Lvmphntia'
tcmpeniineliU. JOHN Q. KKLLOOO, l'lstt HI.,.
New York. Hole Agent for the 1'lilterl ttlaten.
Price One Dollnr por bottle: bund tor Circular.
HisrljitiireHnd Hnitnct hun met toitther.
O'etienUand Geology fitive kiateil fttvk other.
A book of Ibrlllli g Interest and greatest Import,
snco to every hiunioi lielnu. Tlie Papers, I'ulnba sliiV
I'eoplo are nil dlisuiowlng the aulijuot and book, every
iiisii, woiiiaii and child wbiiis to read It, The long
tleici) wur is eiuU'd. nnd liouornblo peai e aeonredr
Science Is true, die litiilo lllerul, pure and lieuutiful,
Imth now satUOed, and linn frienils. QihI's work
days, six aetunl days, not long periods. Tills book
ulvosthe very cream ofsclenoo, making Its thrilling
realities, U'Siitlea, wonders und sparkling genu
hiiiiilred fold more Inturosllng tlisn net ion Agents
Wonted. Kxperlencod Agents will drop other'
hmiks und secure territory
gents will orop oiucr
IniiiieillalDly. AddrsM'
for circu ur.
.-rruory llinnciimioiy. auiii
Usee St,, Cincinnati, Ohio,
Head for our New Frlce tint unll fiitU
form will accompany It, cont'alniiiK full tllWc--lions
nialiing a lurge saving to consumers au
reumilcrutlve to-ulnb OruuUw-
81 it 83 Voiiey Wtreot, New York.
1'. O. Box Will). '
Tt aisitalns over UK libs onjrsvlngl or llslt er
B,.m.rw d lneldenlsln tbs Wsr, slid l the only
AUTUEi TIC sud Oi'FKJIAL blatory of tlut gM.fr
'vabltoWd In both English and Oermsn,
nsnrinil lnforu hlsliaries ars being etrculs.
CrUI lUN ted. Hue that the book yo bwy
ountums 10U nne engrsvlngs and nisna. Hond for sir
uulnrs Slid see our terms, and s full description of the
work Andre..., N AT10NAL PTJIlLlb'llJNS CO.,
Cuicsjo, lll.jCl.c.uuail, o.ilo, or bi, Lou.s, Uo.4-1

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