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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 03, 1871, Image 2

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I)c (Enquirer,
J. W. EOWEN, Editor.
M'Artlmr, May 3, 1M1
Fo. Governor,,
Uch. THOMAS 12W11',
Subject to the, dciiisliMi M tbo lujmoeiutic State
To the Democracy of Vinton
To the Democracy of Vinton County.
Thcro will bo a Muss Convention
of tho Democratic voters of Vinton
ton County, at tlio Court House, on
Saturday, June 20th, 1871,
at 1 o'clock, lor tho purpose of so-
lect'mr Four Delegates to attend the
.Democratic State Convention to bo
Jiold lit Columbus, ou Thursday
Juno 1st; 1871.
It is cxpoctod tlitit every town
ship will bo well represented in tho
By order ot Pom; Con. Com.
A. J. Swaim,
a p. waud,
Patrick O'Keeffe,
C. W. IIollanii,
J. AY. Bowen,
Dcm. Cert. "Com., V. Co.
A.J. SWAIM, Chair n.
J. W. JIowen, Scc'tj.
Who Shall be our Candidate
for Governor?
A tew weeks
ojro we sug-
freste J the uame of Hon. (J. II.
Ixdu'TON for Governor and
that of Thomas Ewixg, Jr.,
for Lieutenant Governor, but
we learn tbat Mr. Pendleton
positively declines being a can
didate before the State Couven
tion. "We now learn that the
uame of Gen. Ewixc; will bo
presented to the Convention as
a candidate for Governor. As
ho is almost the uuanimous
choice of the Democracy of
Vinton county, we therefore
place his name at the head of
our columns, subject to the
decision of the Democratic
Stato Convention to be held at
Columbus on the 1st of June.
Gen. Ewing is a true patriot;
an orator with few equals in
Ohio; and would rualte a
splendid canvass. Give us
Gen. Ewixo and "Little Vin
ton" will roll up the largest
majority ever before given.
Tho Democrats of Ohio arc pro
paring lor tho most vigorous cam
paign tho coining full they have
ever condneted. Congress will
blua-light" that State, on account
otthcKuKlux, by sending u few
regiments ot troops thevo it the
Democrats proposo to say anything
nsruinst our good Government!
I'umeroy's Democrat.
Yc?, indeed, the Democracy
are preparing to elect the
whelo Stato ticket, a majority
of tho members of the Legis
lature, and a United States
Senator. The Legislature will
then rc-dUtriet this State so
that the Democrats can elect at
least one-half of the next Con
gressional delegation, andkCon-grc-Sii
will then be too weak to
enact any
more "blue-light"
Poor Paris.
The late news from Paris is
anything but eneouraging for
the return of peace and good
order. The difficulties are still
unsettled; and there is seem
ingly no prospect of settlement,
For tLc last three weeks al
most constant fighting and
skirmishing has been going ou
between the government tr-oops
and the Communists insur
gents. Both parties have suf
fered severely in killed and
wounded. The rabble is jubi
lant and hopeful, and the duly
constituted authorities dispirit
ed and despondent,
The rubble in Paris have be
come .excited to frenzy, and
unless something U done very
quickly, to restore peace and
quiet, the civilized world will
bo treated to a second edition
of the horrors of 1703.
The Domoeruts should rnitlco
preparations now to curry tho next
Presidential election, so na to havo
a great reduction of taxation, as
well as to cuulizo taxation ; tho rich
bondholder should pay taxes as well
us tho poor laboring man.
Quail and nrairie chickens
aro so plentiful in Chicago that
nearly ten thousand of them
were fed to hogs in one day. t
Selection of Delegates to the
State Convention.
By referring to the call o
the County Central Committee
it will be seen that tho De
mocracy are requested to nice
on Saturday, tho 20th inst., to
to select four delegates to rep
resent Vinton county in th
State Convention-to be holdcn
at Columbus, on the 1st of June
We hope there may be a fu
attendance on this occasion.
The election to be held this
fall is the most important one
and every Democrat shoul
prepare himself for active duty
And we aro only a town, you
Know. Jiancnester Democrat.
Indeed 1 Why, we thin
from the tone of the Dernocra
that you are really in a New
York, a Boston, a Cincinnati
or a first-class London !
A correspondent of the Clove'
and TJain Dealer, from South
ern Ohio, urges the nomination
by the Democratic State Con
vention of Hon. Ralph Leete,
of Ironton, Ohio, for Auditor
of State. Mr, Leete has all the
necessary qualifications forthi
position one of the most nn
portaut and arduous offices in
the State. Mr. Leete is a law
yeroflonc; practice, and un
demands thoroughly the fiuan
ces ot the state.
The official count of votes.
for Governor of Connecticut,
has been had and the resul
announced. English, Demo
crat, is elected over Jewell
Radical, by 25 majority. The
total vote is as follows : En jr.
sh 47,492; Jewell 47,450
scattering 17.
The majority is not very
arge, but will do, considering
the fact that 1,500 negroes were
added to the Radical voting
force siuce last election when
English's majority was only
seven or eidit hundred.
Many peoplo think themselves
ithcr handsome or interesting. Ar
tho Radical party leaders arc at
tempting to make their lying chap
tors ou the Ku Klux outrages inter-
sting, they wish to bo placed
under that heading.
Tho Democrat has now fifteen
uindrcd readors and is tho lcadinc
paper in Adams county-. Manches
ter Democrat.
Come, come, Ed., we aimed
to "train you up in the way
that you should go," while you
were in our employ. Those
figures are alarming I The
Democrat is only three weeks
old. You have no doubt heard
about the fly that lit on the
elephant and sat there for only
three days, when it thought it
was the genuine elephant itself!
This Editorial Convention
assembles at Jackson to-mor
row. Bro. Mackley of the
Standard has sent us a Pro-
rrr.'immw TVr ovnncf in Via
Prepare for the Excursion
to Columbus.
J. AV. Tatman, the accom
modating proprietor of the
Hack Line, is making prepara
tions for the conveyance of all
passengers who wish to go on
the Railroad Excursion to Co
lumbus on Saturday, the 13th
of this month. The train will
pass McArthur Station about
20 minutes before 7 on that
morning. Everybody should
go without fail. Leave your
names with Mr. Tatman and
he will call for you in time for
the train.
To Mothers and Nurses.
Mrs. .Wbitcomb's Syrup for
Di'arrhea, etc., ia children,
whether-induced by teething
or other causes, is the safest and
best remedy.
Caesar covered his bald head
and grey hair with a laurel
crown. Ayer's Hair Vigor
covers grey heads with the still
more welcome locks of youth.
Our best physicians sanction
and recommend the use of
Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair
llcnewer. Let all who are gray
apply it t .....
Special Services at the
Christian Church.
Eldor S. II. Binoman, of Jackson
will preach in the Christian Chnrc
noxt Saturday night, also on Sun
day morning and evening. On Sat
urday night ho will spond an hour
in sinirinir, commencing at soven
o'clock, and on Sunday night a col
loction will bo taken up towards
defraying tho oxponscs incurrod i
building tho bolfry.
Tub following is a list of letter
remaining in tho Post Offico at Za
leski, on tho 1st of May:
William Downs,
J. O. McGonaglo,
Thomas ilundnlls,
Theodore Kolruor,
Elizabeth Clino,
O. Clark, Esq.
J. G. WILL. P. M.
The advance Agent of a
Mammoth Variety Show ar
rived in this town last week
and talked some like having
his show exhibit here, but he
left without making the neces
sary arrangements. lie wan
ted a bulletin board put up for
less than regular rates, but our
carpentei'3 couldn't "see it."
He went to Hamden and got a
nice little board put up tha
will just exactly suit a humbug
show. The day lor variety
shows has passed the people
want to spend their money for
something that will beuen
The Ku Klux Bill.
The Ku Klux or Southern
Force Bill passed the House o
Representatives, on Gth inst.,
by a strict party vote. Hie
bill as passed, gives despotic
power to the President, and
substitutes his irresponsible
will for the safeguards of the
Constitution. It authorizes him
to susneud the habeas corpus
and proclaim martial-Jaw in
any part ot the United Mates,
making him the sole judge of
he necessity for substituting
his arbitrary will for the regu-
ar operation of the laws.
"Whenever martial law is pro
claimed, the will of the Presi
dent is supreme. By the sus
pension ot the habeas corpus
he can arrest any citizen he
pleases, for any cause, or no
cause, denying the citizen a
leanng and all mcaus ot vindi
eating his innocence, and keep-
ng hnn immured in a dungeon
or government fort as longs
the President pleases, without
egal process, without judge or
ury, the only test ot crime bo
ng the suspicion or displeasure
ot a narrow-minded and vin
dictive man like General Grant.
And thi3 in a land whose chief
boast is liberty, and the equity
and blessings of republican gov
ernment 1 The bill also pro
vides that the so-called Ku
Klux crimes shall bo punisha
ble M
in United States Courts and
empowers the President to em-
)loy the land and naval forces
t the United btatcs in the en-
brcenient of this law.
This bill, so full of malignity,
liate, and vengeance against all
the men of the South who do
bow down in abject sub
mission and worship at the
ladical shrine, is put torth as
in a benign, loving, God-
earing spirit to protect loyal
men, especially loyal blacks,
who, according to false assump
tions, are being murdered,
hipped aud driven from their
houses because of their devo
tion to Republican principles.
Stripped of all its disguises and
laise pretenses, it is si m pry a
bill to overthrow what remains
republican liberty and law
these once united co-eqeal
States, and to substitute in its
stead a ceutralized, consolida
ted, military despotism, with
the President as dictator, law
maker and judge. By this bill
the rresideut is not responsi
ble for anything he may order.
Io has the discretion, lie can
not be impeached for any
wrongful act. lhe authority
put in his hands to do what
he pleases. His pleasure is
made the supreme law ot the
and. lie is, m short, made an
bsolute despot. The Czar of
tussia is not moro absolute.
lie man docs nflt live who can
safely invested with such
power, under such temptations,
and the people ore not fit to be
free who would consent to con
fer it.
Forty Wives and Feltons'
"Wesecnaman rise to ex
plain the other day that "if h
had forty wives, and they were
all dressed in me Deauuiu
new stylet of goods just coming
to Feltons' Store, he could love
them all." So if you wish to
see that which is lovely, ele
gant, fashionable and cheap
just call at that Store and see
their Hew Goods trom th
Eastern market and you wil
be gratified.
Excursion Tickets to Co
lumbus and return on the 13th
can be had at Hamden, Mc
Arthur Station, and Zaleski
in this county.
From TIamdon only $ 3,25
From McArhur only 3,00
lu'om Zaleski only -
Who would stay at home
when they can go to Columbus
and see so many fine things
and come back for so little
money V What a good time
all will have.
Oh, How I've Suffered with
my head ! All on account o
using the poisonous hair prep
arations. I now use Nature'i
Hair Restorative, and it has
removed the poison and restor
ed my hair to its former vigor
See advertisement.
Beware of all kinds of confidon
tial circulars emanating from New
York. Tho countorfoit money-
swindlers havo adopted new dodges
to gull grcenies. Discard all prop
ositions that you do not know to bo
gonuiuo. This is tho only safe
For Pure Drugs and Medicines
goto Sisson's.
It must be highly pleasing
to a large number of Radicals
in the city of New York to be
told by the Tribune and Times
and kindred sheets, .that they
are a precious pack of thieves
and venal scoundrels, because
they hold oflice under Demo
cratic appointment. Because
the Democracy see fit to di
vide the omcial patronage, aud
give a portion of it to the more
decent Republicans, those
sheets at once denounce them
as tools of the Ring. Where
the Radicals rule there is no
division of offices between the
parties, all of them being swal-
owed up by the insatiable
Radical pot-luckers.
Guardian's Notice.
Probate Court, Vinton County, Ohio
Notice in hereby irlvon that John .Iiickinnn.
Jiinidlun of llenrv J.. WllUiiin 8.. June A..
argurct I... Hester C, nml Granville 8. Jack -
inn, n:ix Med ins account Willi lug 611IU it nrtls
r ii.'utiii! settlement; nml that tho same is not
r hearing on the 27th day of Jlav, A. 1. 1871, ut
o'clock. A. M. ll.'Ii. MAYO.
.May ii, ibii-lt Probate JuiIkc.
Guardian's Notice.
robate Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
Notice is liorcby ulvcn that Robert Dnvls.
Guardian of William J. and Ruth A. Hemphill,
minor hoirs of Kolwrt Honiplilll.ileceiiBocf, has
Mien iiih account with Ills said warns lor par
tial settlement; and that th name In set for
earinjfontlie27th day of May, A. U. 1871, at 11
ciock. i-. M. li. IS.MAIU,
SIay3, 1871-41 l'robut Judo.
Notice Is hereby itlfcn that n netitlon will be
mtentetl to tho Hoard of Commissioners of
r iiii'.uiiiiNlj.ulllu, II.IIK.II 1 Vfll I... B.I-
ion in June, A. 1). Itni jiraj ingfor the estali
iKliment and vacutioirof a countv road, in
Jaekson TowiiKliip, in said county, us follows,
to-wlt: Ileirlnniuir nfc or nour an nnnln tren In
ic roau lteiiinnieu inr ny Ainifjiiret J. 11 III and
okis ; cnence u .jonn rutoirs iiiucKsniilli
ion: tlieiicft in ft KfHtttt.fmHterlv flirepHim tn
tli lino between tho lands of Raul Tllton nml
John Forrest; theaco Knit with said lino, or
Hourly no. to or near a Hickory hush on tho
lands of Joseph Downey ; thence 8oiUhoantcr
ly to a notched white oak trou on the landa of
said Downey; thence Eauttotlio Kocllon line;
tluinco alonpr Kaid lino South to tbs McArthur
and Illoniiiingvillo ltoad. The vacation
of wi muc h of said Road petitioned for by aaid
Margaret J. Hill as Ih East of suid Bpple tree
where said above described road begins Is
prayed for,
May 8, l71-4t
Kennedy A Chandler") Refore R. W. Reich, J.
apninst P. of Clinton Townabip,
John W. Fell. J Vinton county, Ohio.
On the 5th day of April, A. 1). 1871, Raid Jus
tice iKsuud an order of at tachment in the above
action for the sum of I'llly-Kiglit Dollars and
Eighty cents.
Said cause Is set for hearing on .tho 22d day
of Way, 1H71, at 1 o'clock l M.
Hainilnn,0.,May 8, 1811-!!w
Kennedy A Chanillon Rcfore ft. W. Kelch, J. V.
turalnst of Clinton Township,
Moruullim Fell. Vlntou county, Ohio.
On tho 6th day of April, A. D.lfffl.sald Justice
lMsued an order of nttiii hinant In tboabovu ac
tion for the sum of Nino Dollars and Threo cents.
Hold cause is sot for hearing on the 21 day
Of May, 1S71, ut 2o'elnek P. u.
Humdon, O., May 8, 1871-8w
Uonry C. Robbing) Before B. 'Vf . Kolch, J. P.
amibiHt of Clinton Towimliip, Vln-
John B. Royer. J ton County, Ohio.
On the 8th day of April, A. D. 1871, unit) Jug.
tico turned an order of attachment In tho above
action for the aum of Fifty Iwllars.
Bald rauHu Ik net forliuarlugon the Slot tiny of
May, 1871, at 1 o'clock p.m.
Hamden, O., May 8, 1H71-8W
UENRYO. ROBBINS) Before B.W. Kelch, J.
OKnlnHt P. of Clinton Towimliip,
Jolm 11. Royer. J Vinton county, Ohio.
On the Ht.li day of April, A. I). 1H71, mild .Tim
ticc ImiipiI un order of attae.linient in tho above
notion for tliosuiii of One Huiidrud uudNlnoty
Six Dollarii and Ninety cent.
Maid tMtime la act for hearing on tlio 31fit day
of May, 171. at 2 o'chx-k r. .
. , 1IENHYC.U01J1J1SS.
llaudvu, O.. May 3,lH71-3w
siiisra-, i87i.
Wholesale Dealer iu
Taper and Small Wares and
Hosiery Large Stock, Suitablo for Spring Trado.
Handkerchiefs Put P Attractive Styles and Cheap.
Perfumery Hair Oils aud Fancy Soups.
Shirt Fronts Wido Plout, Embroidcrod mid Plain.
Suspender Adjustable and Prussia Braces.
Fish Hooks Cotton, Linen, Silk nnd Grass Lines.
Trimmings Tailors' aud Dross Many New Patterns.
Hlank Hooks As usual, Full Line.
Paper French Notes and Envelopes to Match.
Spool Cotton At Agonts Prices, and
That can be found in First-class Notion IIousos, sold at a small Advanco
to prompt short timo buyors, or for Cash in hand, a Cash discount allowed.
. o
jesrDecorations and Wall Taper Made a Speciality.
Chlllioothe. April 11, 1871.
In compliance with nn Act piwsod April 5, lWift, to orovldo for tho hotter rojrulatlou of tho Ro
coipt, D.sburseiuout, uud 8lu-kcoplng of tho 1'ubllo Itevcimei
Balance In Trcaxnrv 0280 4"
Ralanccln Treasury R "
Bftlanco In Treasury Im SI
Balance in Treasury 12o 00
Balance in Treasury ' 535 10
Iiulani'O in TreiiNiiry 1" 00
Balituco iu Treasury 12 00
Net Balance iu Treasury.
TVK, the undersigned, Treasurer nnd Audllorof Vinton County, Ohio, do hereby certify that
tho foregoing Statement is n truo Exhibit of the Balances reiiiulnliif- in tho Treasury of Vinton
countv, brlnnfrlngto each Fund, as appears of record iuthe Auditor'. Ollio.
Ulveii under om liuuds.oUlclallv, this 1st day ot May, A. D. 1S71.
J. I. DUXKLH, Treasurer Vinton County.
May 3, 1871-3w HENRY REYNOLDS, Auditor Vinton Co.
Democratic Successes in the
In the election for an nddi
tional Judge in the District
composed of the counties ot
Lucas, Huron, Sandusky, Erie
and Ottawa, on 3d inst., Scney,
Democrat, of Toledo, was elec
ted over Fitch, Radical, by 3,-
000 majority. The District
gave 2,500 Kadical majority
last 'year.
Toledo gave Seney 2,300
majority, and elects Jones,
Democrat, Mayor, by over 600,
defeating Kraus, the old Radi
cal incumbent. Frank Hard,
the gallant and eloquent Dem
ocrat, is elected City Solicitor.
The Police Board is also Dem
ocratic. I he -Northwest says
Nasby, the Postmaster of the
Blade, "finds a Confedrit X
Roads in his own city."
bandusky elects a Democrat
ic Mayor, a gain of over four
lion. E. Fi Dickinson, Dem
ocratic ex-member of Congress,
elected Mayor of Fremont.
Two years from the present
writing the Erie Railway Com-
)any will control the entire
politics and legislation of the
State of New York. That
corporation already owns three
udges, eleven hret class taro-
banks, between one and two
thousand miles of railway, for-
y-scven Assembly districts,
two State officers, with other
valuable rollinor-stock and real
estate to the value of $50,000,-
000. So much for the pluck
and genius of its managers.
The Cleveland Plaindealer
tells of a woman there who was
made a widow on Sunday, was
mourner ou Monday, was
married on Tuesday, and was
the recipient of a surprise par
ty on Wednesday.
A man in Illinois is reported
o be very angry because the
published notice of his marriage
happened to conclude with
Jbuueralat his late residence
on Tuesday at 2 P. M."
Northwest. NOTICE
Scaled Proposals
Will bo received ottlio Auditor' Office, In Mc.
Arthur, Vinton county, Ohio, until tho hour of
li o'clock u., on
Wednesday, the 7th Day of Jane,
A. D. 1871,
for tho building of a
Stone Abntmciits
Brushy Fork of Eaccoon Oreek,
At tho oroaxing of lho McArthur and Lopan
Rood, near thu reaiiloiiee of T'lioiiiaa Johuoton,
liiSwun Townalup. The
Plang and Specifications
are on Mo, for Inspection, ot tho Auditor'! Of
fice. Contractors will be required to glVo-
to tho atlfaotlon of tho Commlis!onorn, for
uio laiiiifut pprrorinancvoniie worK.
TlieOoniiiilHaloiiera rwwrve the right to reject
ony and all blibt.
By order of CuiumlMlonera
Auditor illt'ili Co., II.
.April 'JO, 171-luN ,
At a recent wedding recep
tion a young lady accidentally
set her back hair on fire. When
it was extinguished she said
she was glad it wasn't her best.
Thobnildliiffofllui Northern Paul lie Railroad
IbeviiTi July lust.) is lieinir imslied forward with
"reutencrpy from Imth extieniities of the line,
i-overal thousand men aroeniiilo.ved lu Minne
sota and on tho Pncillo coaot. The uraiieiH
nearly eoniplewil 66 miloi westward from
l.ako Superior; traiint are running over 130
miles of iliilslied road, anil trnck-lavlnu: U ran-
Idly progresNhiK toward tho caxtern border of
iiai:iitn. incju un ii pureiui-ie 01 tne Bt. J'ltul
M I'lieilli: liad, the Northern I'aclllu Loiiiiuiv
now lina 413 ilea of (Mimpleted road, mill by
Septcnilicr next this w ill Uu increased to lit
least 560.
A Good, Investment. Jay Cooko A Co.
are now hi-I I i ng ill i I iiiilieniliitinlv reriiiuiiieiiil,
usaProlltubhi anil iiprlectly Knto Invesliiient.
the First Mortu'ajfii l.nnd (limit Oobl ltomlsol
the Northern l'urlllo lliviliiiadConipany. They
have an years to run. bear Seven und Three-
Tenths per cent, gold Interest (moro than S per
cciii,. cui roncy) unci are aeeiiivn ny iirst nnn
onlv inurtimiro on tlio kntikk hoaii and its
koj iwikntm, mid also, us lint tin the ltoad is
completed, on
23.000 Acres of Land to vory mile of
track, or rrno Acres lor each l.ooo Itonil. They
lire exenit from V. 8. Tax ; Principal nnd In
terest ure puviible in Gold; Penoinlnntionx:
Coupons, ?i(W to Jl.OUOi Registered, 1(W to flO,-
Lands for Bonds. Northern Pncidc-DH'S
ai-e lit all limes nij-eivablo ill Ts.N t'KH t'KKT.
aiiovk r a it. ill eeliaiie for tho Coinpniiy's
Iiiinds, at their lowest. cash price. This ri'iHle.s
Ihein practically intkiiicist iih.uiino land WaK
Sinklnp; Fund- Tho proooedM of nil sales
oi iiiiins nro rcipini'ii iu ne ncvoien io mo it
piircliiisn and cancel lation el the First Mort
iinitn Honda ol'lhe Coiupaiiy. The Land Grant
oftho Koud exceeds Fifty .Million Acres. This
Iniiuensu Sinkhijt Fund will undoubtedly can
cel tl.ein'iiM'Ipiil ol'tbe ( niiipnny'H bonded debt
before it lulls due. With their uinplo security
and lii'li rale ol'inlorcst, there is no more 1'KOK
I'l'.tlll.K ou kakk.
ExcbanKlnn; U, S. FlvoTwenties-
The success ofthe Now (iorernnicnt. 5 per cent.
I.oun will compel the early siirrendorof United
states H per cunts. Many holders of Five
Twenties njo now exchiiniting them for North
ern 1'ai'lllu Seven-Thirties, tlius realizing a
luindMiiuio irollt, and greatly increasing their
yearly income.
Other Securities Ml ninrkelnble Stocks
and Itonds will be roceived at their highest
current prico In exchange for Northern Pacldn
Seven-Tliirties. Kxi'hkkh uiiakiikm on Aloney
or llonds received, und on Soven-T'liirtles sent
in return, will bo paid by the Kiiinne.ini Agents.
Full in ornmtlon, maps, imtnphletM, ete., can
be obtained on application ut any agency, or
from the undorsigned.
riin.Anr.i.riiiA, Nkw Yokk, Washinoton,
I'limnciul Agents Northern I'liclllc Rnllrond Co.
By BANKS (Hid BANKKllS gmtrally throughout
the country.
Altera thorough examination wo lmvo no
copted an agency for the solo of tho above
llonds. recommend them to our customers and
inventors generally.
Geo. Lantz, Alox. Poarco.
Manufacturers of Tinware,
DTltECT attention to their largo and varied
stock for the Surina and Hiimniur Ttailo,
consisting in part ol
WillHon'8, Collins and
all warranted to perform well.
of Pittsburgh nnd .nnosvllla patterns, and
Plow iSlxocvra
for sumo. The Celebrated
Malta Double Shovel llow
admitted to bo tho best Iu two, The Zuticsvlllo
nml other Coat IllowNnlwayaou hand. A 1 urge
slock of
Hoes, Hakes, Sjthes, &c.
Agents for
Jtuckcye Mowers and
lleapers, Sivccpstakes, and
Threshing Machines,
Also for tho
Double Harpoon Horse HAY Forks.
Thoso needing Repairs for Mowing Machines
aro rccnostd to send in their orders early.
March W, 1M-U '
A iciiing Men, on great HUCIAI. KVII nnd
A HIlHKrt, w hleh Interfere with MA RIM A UK
wilh sure menus of relief lor Iho Krrlng und
Unrorlunalo, diseaaed mill debilitated. Hnil
free, In cfied iiiveope. Addles-, IKlWAIil)
AsMKJIATrtiN, Nii.a.NlntllHI , Pbllu-lelpldn,
I'll. mil
TTTRA YKD-nwoy firow the "Bay ram,"riPnr
l J ZnltMkl, aditrk brown Mare, ftyeara old till
.riittf, tlir poor aawll white aunt on ther
hoiid und hmu; white Rpot oa tlw none. A lib
end reward will be paid for information tluit)
will luuxl to her temrerv.
April 13, IK71 Znlctiki. Ohio.
fns or Wilding Book,
"""" "'iniL.fc.il. B,ln, eh.iet0i ti0,llH.w
at B nk btoiim niTiow Simula, or Kcnil ntump for
olroMlnm, or VA centa for nn til ;!, nylng where roil
nw tlits tdrrrtlreinont, to HKlOliT B1DK CO.,
Mnniuhotiirors, OiIchro, III. l'i-1y
An elulit j)iiKe, lllutra
nniniT Plnrlied, weekly loryounff peo-
DniUnl OlUCJldc. t, nelUmt nix
DriA Dnllfir i'h''iest In the world.
Aneni. wniiiod. I,iil)ro pruniliiniH or cnsli com
mlHsions, Say where you saw this advertise
nieiit, 1IKIU11T HIDE CO., l'ubliislicra, Clileago.
111. 18-ly B '
y Hie AllliltlUAN KNITTINO MA IllNli
CO.JBOSTON, MASS,, or 8'f. LOl'lS, MO, 4 -4
ARPMTt ,'"r ,iii(t piipiilarm
Mif?tP ' , ""'I'tion niikt. Extra In
Mnlo f(fiWir.f,lM,l,, to A&ntK In-
S;", N"X,,r'I'.'ll''U",Am- Uwk V-U ""
$5 TO $20 A DAY!!
Do yon wnnt a altuntlon iu iinli'stni at nr nrar'
hnine, to nell onr now 7 atrnml IIVi Wir$ Cloth f
l.inntoliintnrtMr. Don't in mi llila ohiinco. Hnm
iiIb ftco. Address nudum Hirrr Wirt Wilt 75 W'u
St., N. Y.or to Denrbon St., Ch cauo.
who had RiinVrcd Tor yra from DrarriMt, Ca
tarrh and Srmfnlii, waa cimrl hy a aiinplclipinedy
llorayiniiaihy anil (irallinde prom;la hr (o nen.1 t'ha
rceoh,t'ifreBofclir?loany on alrallarly afflicted.
Adiloota Mra M Q. LnootTr, .Jeraey City, N J
SHARPS' 8pOKTINft RlFf.ES. " w.r
V 1 lJ? ! ! "nw l,r'P'l to fl'l orders for our
New Me.Rllle Cnrtrldgo Sporting- Rilloa, of various
lun(!tlis and calibre. For accuracr and aafoty.
recimmcnd our Urcoch Loading rlflia, si mprnor in
every rnspcet to any others now nmilc. For Cirrii-
ttvs:&d1;c,rcc, l"
rZZxyzt"" w,,en j'ou c,n he m wi,jr
Dr. Wells' Carbolic Tablets?'
Tlioy nioajiirocmi forSriTI,rot. cm,
.raM "ieeM",,f ,he Un" Tiiit
kmni llm treat number of Teatlmmlalt as to tha
is itler'wl lnvaluablo medicine the following
47 Wahranwh Ave, Chicago. VI, Jan. 14. 1R71.
for the Inst ten y,re 1 linvc bi.en a great biiITit-orfi-om
fienn.ntalUi-l.sof Aeulo Bronchitis, amp
Imvo never lonnd snyihlng tn relievo me from iheso
"atlatks until 1 tried Dr. W Uarbolio 'niblttt."
Ulikaiiktu T. ItooT,
nAIITSHM r,(,,n,t , wH'IfM st:e!ea be-
urV'. !Vv',:. ri'"'0'1 olr"" v"n- br J'ou cet
Joim (J Kku.oo.1, Piait fJireet, N. Y. Slo Agent,
Sulil hy DriigL-lsis. Pi leo W renin a Box.
A Consumptive Cured.
.i.ni '!,';'? a".'!1' " '"" 'l',""y ''Wcti'i from Conaiimn.
tlon n. Asthma, , n-mMn l avtne fallnl trtt,
dent led to a discovery whenhy Dr. II JamV,' eowT
l.:a only child. He now give, hta" r" l L free Z t
K Wo "K?l,f "l"nws, A','lr CHAD,
J," " , wholeaalo only ,v ,,
WAN I'KD AclUNTS, ($2o p..r dv)to aallthr
,v.u'1,i;,"1 mksiiT;tTlk sW(inoma"
Oil IN h. Has the under-li ed, mnkca the "lock atlteh"
(s'lkeon both aldesiaiid ia fully linmsed. The best
" L" m-winn niiinniie iu me marKet,
wr,n,in, v i.ikk ,y i.e., nosion, Alase.. 1
buri'li, I'n., Oblcngo, 111., oi-StXoiila, Mo.
aoents wantku for
best acllinir, and moat nttrnriiva subacrlplmn hnolt
ever puhllsh.d. One agent in Denver, C'olormlu.
m.li IWlcoi.k'aln4daya. One agent In Milwankio
mdil .lOciiplua In A day, and a Inruo number from i'V
to 8ii onples per day. Send for Circulars, with lejin
at once. Aililn-aa V. 8. VV BL1SII I N(l CO., Chlcac...
III., Cincinnati, Ohio or St. Inula, Mo. k '
, ,, Hy sendlnK -), CKNTS
with ago. height, colorof eves unci hair, vmi w lif
receive, by retiun mull, a correct pl(:lure of
your future husband or wile, w ith nnine ami
dale ol'iiiiuTlngc. Address , FOX. P. O. Druw
crNo. i!4, Fliltonvllle, N. Y. 13-.v
Tllft Mnrrif (iml i-bangenuyeold
AlglO L-OIll I) ,.,,,, huir or lier.rli
t4 a peiiiiiineiit bimk or Imm n. It eontnins
nopiiUon. One comb sent lv inuil for $1. Oeul-ei-s
siipil led at reduced ru'tes. Addiowi' Win.
Puttou, Treiia. Hprlngllelil, Massi. la n 4w
It Ia s sure and perfect renivily fur nil dlsessea of the
I.1VKU anil SPLKEN. ENLA lit 1KMKNT or Olt
ol the LIVKlt.DlIOI'SY.SI.UOOIHII CI 14- j
Tta. Wki.u Iim v i Hit becouin aware of the oitrnnr.
dlnary inedtcliml irnperllca of the South Aiuerlc.iu
I'laim raiieit
sent n sponlnl omlimlwon to Hint iuiiiry to procure
It In lu native purity, and having found It wonder
fill curative propurtiKa to even exceed the aiit.rtpn
lions formed by its groat repulstion, lias conelmleili
to nflur It to the public, and In happy lu Male that he
Iihs perfected amnigi'meiita lor a ri-gnlar monthly
supply of Ihia wonderl'iil 1'lniil. Ilu has spent inucfi
tune expuriinentlng and Invesllgutlnii as to tho moat
indent preparation trom It, for popular uao. and hae
for onie time used In his own prm-tlec with moat
hspiiy r.xiuiis tmi i ffi-otual Uledlcluo now prosei.tcil
to liie public na
Dr, Wells' Extract of Jurubeba-
and ho coiifliUuitlj reenniiiiends It to every fsmlly as
a hoiisidiold remedy which should be freely taken a
s Bmoii PiiKirimi In nil derangements of the ayai.na
tint to animate and fortify all weak and Lymphatic
temperaments. dOIIJN (J. KI'.LL.OItO, rialt Bt.,.
New York. Solo Agent for the United Slates,
l'rlre One Dollar per bottle: Send for Circular.
Noritlnr and Sultnce hat met togrtlnr.
OtntatttiMl (JeoUiy hitve klfttd each, other.
A book of Ihrllllru Interest and (roatest hntxirt-
snce to every human being. Tho Pspors, l'lilplia ami'
I'enplo are all discussing tho subject ami book, every
man, wmnan and child wnula to road II, The lony
Herco war la ondril. nnd honorable lime aeoureil.
Science ia true, tlio lliblu literal, pure and beautiful,
ooui now aaticaon, sun arm irieniia. uiki a worn,
duya, six actual days, not long periods. This boob
irlvcatho very cream ofsrlonuu, niakhiit IU thrilling
realities, beauties, wonders nnd sparkling geuia m
liundicd fold more Interesting than Action AfjeiU
Wnntod. Ksperlenoeil Agents will drop other
bonks nnd so-.-uro territory Immediately, Address
for circular. 7A Mil, Kit MctlllRDT,
HIV unco ht,, O'lietniiatl, Olilo.
Send for our New Price List nnd s f'llll'
foriiiwill aecoiiipauy it, cotitiiliilng full illrcC
IIoiih inukhig ,i large sitvlngto consumers awP
I'iMuiiiieratlvu to club (ugiinlicrs
ill iWl Vosey jsiroet, new lois.-
p.o. Rnxnnm.
it euiitaina nvor iuo nut- built,... . ...... .
Scenes and Inoldenla In the War, and la Iho only
AIITI11CHTIC and OFFICIAL blatorj of that greed
" "i'li'bllsbed In both Bngllsli and Oerman.
nillTinil Inferior histories ere being alroiiln
uAU I IUN tod. Heo that the book you buy
oontulna 1U0 line enKrsvlngs and mspa. Henit for e li
eu lars and see onr terms, and s nill ttcaerlptlnn of the
Chicngo, III., CI eiutuitl, Ohio, nr Hi. Lotus, Mo.
... - .ft UhOIa-

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