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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 10, 1871, Image 1

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ww1 ww., -iif - -Wlf : - 5
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f J. W.
' I PubllshM
ud Proprietor, S
J. W. EOVTENi EJitor,
M'Artluuv 'May .,3. 1
April 10, 1871.
To the Democracy of th6 State of 0.:
At a meeting of the Democratic
Bfafo Qontral Committee) of Ohio, it
wpa resolved that tho next Demo
cratic Slate Convention of Ohio bo
hold in the city of Colombo, on
Thursday, June 1st, A. D. 1871.
Jt was also resolved that tlio bnsis
ofVopresontation in Raid Convcn
tiqii bo as follows: That each
county in the State bo entitled to
one delegate, and also to one dolo
"gato for every five hundred votes
cftBt for Hon. William HoWey, for
Secretary of Stato, at the cloction
l.cld on tho second Tuesday of Oc
tober, A. D. 1870, and also ono-dol-cgato
for every fraction of two
hundred and fifty votes or over cast
for that gentleman at that tirao,
which basis of rcpHsentation will
givo each county in Ohio tho fol
lowing number of delegates in said
Convention: .
Wo omit the counties except
those composing tho 11th Congros
Bional District. Total No. of Dele
gates to which the Stato is cntitlod
to 197. - : . '.:
Adams...;. Gallia. .4
Jackson . . .'...-I Lawrence ; . . .4
Vinton 4 Scioto 'B
Tho following are tho officers to be
nominated by tho Convention :
Jjieutennnt Governor;
Attorney General;
Auditor of Stato;
Treasurer of State;
Supremo Judgo;
Mcinbor Ikmidof Public Works;.
Commissioner of Common Schools
In announcing this' call wo deem
it not inapjiropriato .."to add a word
on the importance of the approach
es Convention. The success of the
ticket to bo nominated depends, m
a very great degroo, upon tho men
to bo put in nomination and tho
nnd . unanimity of the
nomination's. To this ond it is dc
sirublo and important that every
county should bo fully represented,
and tho will of tho people should bo
ascertained and expressed as nearly
as poPsiblcT 'Tho election will be
ono of vital importance to tho State
and country at largo, and will have
an important influcuco upon the
great contest of 1872. With a judi
cious selection of candidates and a
harmonious arid united effort the
Democracy can and will rodoom tho
Stato from .Radical misrulo, and
answer back to tho East, South and
West, the glorious news that Ohio is
truoto tho Constitution and Union.
By order of tho Democratic Stato
Central Committee
-fii!0 ndvcrtl-mont of Dr Butts' Tlnpen
i.iry, licmlwl IJckjIc for the mmmx-JIARKJAGB
OVinK nnotl.cf column! It should 1.0 roa
by nlll .
Wc tnko lonu re In commend inffTllK
R111K U llm not ice of our reailc.' as onu tho
prettlMt, Npi-iRlitlietHiul nnt vivl.mlilo of the
pnl.lleatioi.s foryouuR pooi.lB Willi which we
ftro iicquaintoil. Seo wlveitlfomi'iit. ia-Iy
For Fine Perfumery, got to Sisson's
For Fine Perfumery, got to Sisson's Drug Store.
Every one nis own Doctor.
Thoso who use Dr. Henry's Root
and Plant Pills generally get along
trith the least expense of doctor's
bills. Soo advertisement. 134t
Go to Strong's for Tobacco.
Criminal Subpcenas, and overy
other kind of blanks for salo at this
offico. - - . , , ...
Testimony. Tliousands of moth
ers are constantly speaking in ox
altod terms of commendation of tho
magical offect of Mrs. ; Whitcomb'B
Syrup for soothing infants teething.
For All Who Eead.""""'" '
We, cM Mtftwit Iifsitntion, rocommrnd AT
T)KN'tt RKADV HOOK JIlNDEttim tlie lii-nt we
hnve over sncn 1'or tlie piirpones tntondoil. .It
ffi'ont convenient, )i'fe',fc nduptalion to bo
Jifany wnnt und Its Tory Imr prim will roTtoln:
fy IuTiir If Into coiiimon, 11' not universal use.
'o advurtiMuiuunt. , ,, I2-ly ,
It is said that the chewing of
coarsely cut gentian root after
every meal will cure the taste
for tobacco,
To the Democracy of Vinton
Thero will bo a Mass Convention
of the Democratic voters of Yinton
ton County, at tho Court llouso, on
Saturday, May 20th, 1871.
at 1 o'clock, for tho purposo of se
lecting Four Delegates to attend tho
Democratic State Convention to bo
hold at Columbus, on Thursday,
Juno 1st, 1871.
It is exnectod that every town
ship will bo well represented in tho
By ordor pt Dcm: Con. Com.
A; J. Swaim,
C. P. Ward.
Patrick O'Keeffe,
J. W. Bowen,
JDem. Cen. Com., V. Co.
A. J, SWAIil, Chair'n.
J. W. Bowen, Scc'y.
Another Deserter.
Hon. Gideon Welles is ou
in a strong letter against the
policy pursued by Gen. Gran
and the Radical party agains
the States and the people o
the South. He declares
"If the people of the States
respectively cannot make and
execute their own Jaws, bu
are to be governed and con
trolled in their local mumcipa
affairs by a central power, then
American Democracy and
American Kepublicamsm are
mere shams and delusions."
Here is a centre shot from
Donn Piatt at the Grant ad
ministration :
"They who control the Gen
eral . Government turn their
backs upon the Constitution
and the past, and seek to usurp
throughout the powers wisely
delegated to the States, and I
now join the great array in op
position t0 that. I fought du
ring the late war against an
archy. I now propose to fight
against despotism."
Anarchy is what the Radical
leaders need to establish their
despotism; and by .their in
cendiary legislation they expect
to gain both.
To Mothers and Nurses.
Mrs. "Whitcomb's Syrup for
Diarrhea, etc., in children,
whether induced by teething
or other causes, is the safest and
best remedy. - -
Cajsar covered his bald head
and grey hair. with, a laurel
crowu. Ayer'sIIair Vigor
covers grey heads with the still
more welcome locks f-youth.
Our, best physicians sanction
and recommend -the use , of
Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair
llenewer. Let all who are gray
ppbr itt : .
The Consresaional Library
nt Washington, contains 187,
G88 volumes. ;
' Ninety-three Chicago x real
estate agents have agreed .to
lispcnae wh.bunclay adver-
isinor. -
"Wyoming must be a servant
girl's paradise, for they get
here 857 a week wages ana the
privilege of voting.
At the Salt Lake Theatre a
pumpkin pays the admission of
two people, Mid they get two
carrots ill chaffee: : ; ' '
One thousand Coolies, it is
announced, are to be brought
from Asia to work in the quar
ries of Portland,' Maine.
An auctioneer advertises for
sale a large quantity of oil
paintings by some ot the an
cient masters of the day." '
In San Francisco, during the
night recesses of the courts, the
jurymen are taken to the thea
tre by the deputy bherills
A citizen of Montreal is un
der arrest for refusing to a cen
sus enumerator the ages of his
two unmarried daughters.
A Texas paper, describing a
late light with Indians, .offers
to show the scalp of Vone of the
savages . kijle'd by ... our " young
Kansas vigilnnts now hang
horse thieves head downward.
It takes longer than the ild
fashioned way, but is equally
conclusive. , ; .
. Kansas City is. getting along
fast for its age. It claims to
have 500 or 000 boys between
the ages of 8 and 14, who live
entirely py stealing.
A negro insisted that . his
race was mentioned in the Bi
ble. He" said he had heard
the preacher read about how
"Nigger Demus ' wanted to be
born again. :
Only ten per cent, of the
money passing through the
New York Custom-house is
stolen 1 This is better than
was expected before the matte
was investigated.
The present unhappy state
of affairs in Paris has occasion
ed a second exodus; of artists,
in the greatest distress. The
best of Parisian musicians, ref
uges in London, are now wel
A few years ago John A
Logan was a shirtless pettifog'
ger in Southern Illinois, living
only because nooouy would
credit him for whisky enough
to kill him. He is now a
prominent Radical candidate
for tho Presidency, lhe work
house used to be the goal
the vagabond ; , it is now the
White House.,
Grant wants to make the
next Presidential election unan
imously Democratic. Ho says
that Sumner, Schurz, Morrill,
and others, who oppose the an
nexation of San Domingo, had
better go over at once to the
Democratic side where they
belong. i
Judge Trumbull, the ablest
Republican in the U. S. Senate,
denounces the Ku Klux bill as
unconstitutional nnd revolu
tionary in its character, and
calculated, if enacted into a
law, to change even the form
of Government.
The N"ew York Sun con
cludes a leading editorial arti
cle with this: ,"The great troub
le with Grant,' said cne of the
foremost Republican statesmen
of Pennsylvania.uot " many
months --eince, f that every
where except in a camp he is n
damned fool." ' That foremost
Republican statesmen of Teim
sylvania should learn to give
utterance to his well-known
historical , facts .in language a
little less profane.
Prepare for the Excursion
to Columbus.
J. "W. Tatman, thej accom
modating; proprietor of the
Hack Line, is making prepara
tions for the conveyance 'of all
passengers who wish to go on
the Railroad Excursion to Co
lumbus on Saturday, the 13 th
of this month. The train will
pa?s McArthur Station about
20 minutes before 7 on that
rning. Everybody-should
go without, fail.; Leave your
names with Mr." Tatman aud
he will call 'for' you intime for
the-train. J : iM-'v1
The following is n list ofettors
omaining in the Post Office at Mc
Arthnr, on tho 1st of May :
A. 15. Arnold,
Ellen Bunn,
; Wm. Burnsidos;
James Briggs, ,
F. It. Cooper,.' ' .
i James Dobbins, . '
James Galivan, - ...
Jiouis Gibler,
E. II. McKnight,
M. Reynolds,- , c '
" Wm. Roberts !
Uriah Thomas.
Pitirs' JIirsicAL Monthly,, for
May, is beforo us and contains 16
pieces of beautiful music, for which
the publishers ask the modest sum
of 30 cents. Send 30 cents for sam
ple, or &1 for the January, Februa
ry, March nnd April numbers, and
we are confident J'OU will thank us
for recommending it. Address, J.
L. Peters, 509 Broadway, NY. ,
Wi welcome the May number of
Wood's Household Magazine. Wc
hardly recognized it as it entered
our ofiico in its new spring clothos;
but while admiring the color and
quality of its dress, wo woro pleas
ed to discover that it adorned our
old friend. The heavy paper is a
great addttfon as" well na the cover.
and its typographical appearance is
unsurpassed,. - y
. Its contents are unexceptionable,
and among its ; liat of, contributors
are somo of the most botcd writers
of tho day. Tho Magazino is furn
ished for the small sum of ?1. Spec
imen copy freo. Address S. S. Wood
& Co., Newburgh, N. Y. ;
Oh, How I've Suffered with
niy head ! All or account of
using the poisonons hair prep.
arations. I now use Nature's
Hair Restorative, ' and it has
removed the poison and restor
ed my' hair to its former vigor.
See advertisement.-;
Geo. Lnntz. Alex. Pearce.
'iKAi,nfl in
Hariware, Stoves, aai Apral
Manufacturers of Tinware,
DmUCT Bttontlon to tliolr InrRO nm varied
Htoolc fortlin Spring an Bummer Trmlo,
cuusistlng in purl 01
WllUon'8, Collins' and
all warrmitod to perform we.
of Pittaburgh and Zimesvlllo pftttorns, nnrt
Plow isiicvroQ
for name The Celebrated
Malta Double Sliovel Flow
admitted to be the best in us. The Znncuvillc
and other Cast IllowgBlwayi on bond. A large
atock ot
Hoes, Rakes, Sjtlies, &c.
Apnt for
Buckeye Mowers and
Reapers, Sweepstakes, and
Threshing Machines,
Also for lh
Double Harpoon Horse HAY Forks.
TIiom nixxllnir Itopnlin for Mowing Mnehlnoi
are nximwteil o m-iid in their ortloni curly,
.Morcli 2, ltm-tl -
At a recent election in Rhode
Island, a German ; citizen who
owned $100,000 in bonds, was
not allowed to vote, while his
negro coachman was. In that
State,; foreign born citizens
must Jo'wh elands before they
can' vote' but w'ero negroes
prohibited from voting, Con
gross would take the matter in
baud at onco- -':. - .
-" vi
Negro and White Social
Equality in the Common
Schools to be Enforced.
Fifty-one1 out of the fifty.
seven Republican members of
the 'Ohio' Legislature voted J to
have white and negro ,'childrenJ
attend the common schools, in
which I . they r. declared .' there
should be no distinction on ac
count! of color.; That c uestiou
will now.enter largely into the
legislative canvass this coming
election. On the. first vote the
proposition received fifty votes
In order to give an opportunity
to pass an amended school law,
which should hot contain the
obnoxious white and . black
mixture clause, Mr.' Parr, a
Democrat, moved to reconsid
er the vote, by which the bil
was lost; but on the second tri
al one more vote was added to
the Republican strength, ma
king fifty-one in favor of hav
ing whites and blacks in the
same school. That shows a
persistence of determination to
enforce the social equality o
whites aud blacks by legislative
enactment. So the question
must enter larp-ely into the
next canvass iu Ohio.
Donri Piattj the Washington
correspondent of the Cincinnati
Commercial, in his letter of th
22d inst., speaking of the late
District of Columbia Territo
rial election, and the-effovt thiv
may be made to enforce mixed
schools, as the Ohio Republ
cans are determined to 4urge
says : , ;-
"It would be a great outrage.
and probably result in the de
struction of the common school
system'. ' White 'Jiarents ' will
not consent to have their chil-l
dren sent to the mixed schools,
and iu this . they are perfectly
right. The student of Black
stone or the student of any sort
has been taught that there are
certain crimes considered crimes
in themselves, made so by the
law of God and the law of na
ture; there are other crimes
against that law, made such by
the municipal ordinances, or
more positively still by long
custom, which comfts to be' a
second nature, To this last
belongs the ' attempted social
equality to be brought about,
through tlie mixed education
of the two races. . No man can
send his child to one of these
schools without a sense of deg
radation, and the evil which
comes of this violation of our
social laws is as positive and as
well defined as that which
comes from the commission of a
crime against the law of God.
The parent who sends the child
into the society of negroes re
ceives in his or her moral na
ture as much punishment as if
the same child had been sent
among immoral characters."
That is strongly put, but not
too much so. The attempt to
compel this Pocial equality of
blacks and whites in the Com
mon Schools is an outrage
which no right-minded or right-
feeling parent should for a
moment countenance. The
Republican party intend to
have such laws , passed
everywhere, and in addition
thereto' another of compulsory
education, which will compel
the children of tho poor to as
sociate with the negroes. That
is the next step in the Repub
lican programme. It is the
last step,' , we are told, in the
path of progress : "emancipa
tion,'' .'. 'enfranchisement," I'so
cial equality." : , -
Cholera is' an epidemic in all
the ports of the Persian " Gulf,
and is slowly . spreading west-wardly.'-
( ;'
An' Indian f college boasts a
professor of tho Irish) language.
,ix ;;r :tj: ;u -it-
The End of the "Cincinnati
lhe Evening Times hasten
been knowff as one; of th?e yei-y
uccessful newspaper enterpris-t
of , that rcity,j( JJpdeivthe
guidance of. , thelato
btav.bucK it grew, Irom an;:.in-;
insignificant .daily publicatiot
o a mararaotn lnstituuqnwjui
,i ... . - -.i
daily, and, ;week)y ; circulation
second to no journal in, the city,
and;yieldiug an incom equal
to some of our mcst prosperous
lufactunng; establishments.
The death pf,Mr. Starbuck
threw , the Times upon the
market. Two. weekij ..ago H
was disposed of at public ven
due to the highest bidder, up
on petition of the heirs of the
estate. The highest bidder
was Wm. E. Davis, who repre
sented the chronicle publishing
company, and it was knocked
down to htm at the sum of
$138,550. , ' ' , J.
The following named gen
tlemen are given as the pur
chasers : Beniarain Eggleston,
Joseph II. Barrett, Win. E.
Davis, A. C. Sands, "Wm. Penn
Nixon, Robert S. Coleman,
WoodFosdick, O. W. Nixon,
J. W. Sauds, R. II. Stephenson,
William Henry Smith, Elias
Longley, James ' B. and John
M. Wilson, L. H. Crall and Cal.
W. Thomas. Possession was
given on the 1st day of. May,
and'f 'tliat-tiraeuthe Times was
consolidated with tne Chroni
cle, under the title of the'
Evening Chronicle and Times.
The new purchasers are com
peUed to fill out the unexpired
weekly subscription to the
Times, which will run up the
actual cost price to something
like $175,000. Thus is a long
cherished idea of the Chroni
cle realized. It has swallowed
up the Time's, and the after
noon field of newspaperdom is
nil its own.
Your local paper the Dem
ocratic Enquirer is a travel
ing agent makings its weekly
rounds to the houses or -your
customers. No matter wheth
er times are good or dull, no
matter "whether trade is brisk
or not, no man can take down
his sign, much less withdraw
the pleasing influence of a
weekly chat with his custo
mers through his local paper.
For a business man to 'stop ad
vertising would be equivalent
to saying, I have stopped busi
ness, and ask no favors of the
Take up the Duties of the
I Tlie road to success is, much
of it, a plodding, monotonous
highway, and those who reach
its goal brave many discourage
ments and perform many un
welcome tasks.
"No one can every morning
take np the duties of the day
with vigor and relish, for bu
siness, however well adapted
to our tastes, becomes at times
tiresome as an old stoiy.
Nevertheless, the work of
to-day is here, and, if neglected,
must be made up in the future
or be left forever undone.
And if distaste and indiffer
ence possess, us to-day, will we
feel to-raorrow like doing two
daysr work ? t
A recent visitor to a Texas
jail who asked a rregro:what
brought him there was told,
f'Twoob de State perlice."
And when he asked further
if ! drunkenness had not some
thing to do with it the ne
gro jwomptly - replied ?
t'les, sah; dey-
was ( bor
a b
Longing Hearts.
bf; iJitlSLn
3 mm tWWWWjmf U
stands: and comprehends, us.
- Pleuresre '.isprL wlfJI
great afflict ip.ns,.ca W porp; ,
with siirprjsinff fovtiiuap, whc)i( ,
the radiaqce.'.pf tru, b3,i'9il?athytl
lights the pathway. J-jr ,j ,
..The, gloqnK..:oLj).oueJme
makes; .tle . supUes iroji'W'e?-,) 4
seem like griefs', the ftacU;Uii)tl-?)
tion of which wear.uponf jtlre"
health and- spirit.
But schtude uoes; not i niply"
loneliness, nor does company
prove we are; not in soul alone.
lJay py day may., we sit at
the - same . board, . jmd walk
through life with another fir '
degree harmoniously when
really there is no true . company -ionship
between. usr and' soli
tude were better for the growth
of the souT. . '- -, ,
For it is- misery to conform
to the restrictions of a smaller'
nature, and the creature in ther !
valley of thought and aspka
tion grows weary and soit, in ,
striving to reach the soul that
dwells on the mountain
God (grant that lonely wo
men may find rest, cornforV'
and happiness that they may
not die of fasting and waiting: ;
at the windows of life for - the j
coming of the soul-feast f ,
The , following ' cwions sen-"
tence, "Sator arepo teret opera ;
rotas," is not first-class Latin '
but mav be. freely translated
(tT toncA Ti-Atn. Wrtl-Lr fcTio arvnroi ;
x .yvihov. a. via. ' twi n,,; Drri, tf ' t
will wear.awav his wheelaf' It ,
is in fact, something, like hon-
sense vfijsebut has these pe- '
culiarities J ' ' ' '
l.: It spella l)ciwar3 ftntl
forvvard all .the same.
2. Then the first letter f
each word spells the first word.
3. Then all the second let
ters of each word spells the
second word. '
4. Then all the third ; and
so ou through the fourth and-
fifth. , ; ,j
5. Then commencing with .
the last letter of each word,
spell the first word. , ' . ' ' J
G. Then, the' next to the
last letter of each word, and so '
on through. .
When Grant was informed!
by telegram from Concord that t
New ilampshire had gone .
Democratic he "kicked the'
chair on which he had been
sitting half-way across the
room, drank a glass of whiskey,
and said : . .'J
"Who cares ajlamn for Nev f
Hampshire, any how V The j
State may go to hell for what
I carel"
Grant should go to Snnday- 1
school a little - while. 'Such''
language is very unpretty for :
a nice, high-toned, intelligent, v
intellectual, sober gentleman. t
I)o daily and hourly yonr .
duty ; do it patiently and thor '.
oughiy. Do it as it presents
itself ; do it at the moment, and '
let it be its own reward. Nev- . :
er mind whether it be known ,
and acknowledged ot not, but
do not fail to do it.
Leaky tin or iron ware
easily and quickly mended by
hammering a small naiil or tack
of lead, fit to the hole, cat off
each side, and rivet it down.
Rivet of soft iron or other met -al
may be used to mend iron f
kettles, etc. , ' "
Anew counterfeit fifly-ccnt
fractional currency is in circn
lation in the Eastern States
which is said to be the best i
imitation yet produced. jj
The deepest excavation in thoVt
United States is a copper mine ' i
near Lake Superior It is 1m
;kv teet, aeep
X 1! 1 I ...li."; I'l
,. - ;.:!!7i)
. A cousin of the poet W.
VYilna is a policeman 1 in ',Nw u
York city.;! Ho is 7 years 'old, J' I

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