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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 10, 1871, Image 2

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l)e (Enquirer,
J. W. IOWEH, Editir.
M'Artlinr, May 10, 1871.
Tit OoTernor, ;
gublect to the decision of tlio Democratic BUtc
Convention. '
To the Democracy of Vinton
There will be a Mass Convention
of the Democratic votera of Vinton
ton County, ut the Court IIouso, on
Saturday, May 20th, 1871.
at 1 o'clock, lor the purpose of se
lecting Four Delegates to attond the
Democratic Siata Convention to bo
held at Columbus, on Thurecluy,
Juno 1st, 1871.
It is expected that every town
6hip will be well represented in the
By order ot Dcm. Cen. Com.
A. J. Swaim,
(J. P. Ward,
Patrick 0 Kekffe,
0. W. Holland,
J. W. Bow EN,
Drm. Cen. Cum., V. Co,
A. J. SWAIM, Chair'n,
J. W. Bow km, Sec'if.
The Editorial Convention
Jackson-The Iron
Furnaces, &c., &c.
We attended the Editorial
Convention at" Jackson, last
Thursday and Friday, arriving
there on "Wednesday after
noon. The trip was made
over the M. & C. Itailroad and
its branch leading southward
from Ilamden. The railroad
is now in fine condition.
At Jackson we stopped at
the Ishara House, of which Dr.
I. T. Monahan, formerly edi
tor of the Jackson Times, is
proprietor. Every editor in
attendance at the Convention
stopped there ; and we observ
ed that almost everybody that
came to town went there. The
business meetings of the Con
vention were held at that con
venient and well kept -IIousJ
The Dr. is a whojented and
generoiisJuHtrfeu landlord. He
usinees man, too. Besides
keeping that popular hotel, he
has a first class Di ng Store, is a
news dealer, and practices
The business meetings were
held on Thursday, the pro
ceedings of which meetings
will be found in another part
of this paper.
Most of Thursday was de
voted to looking at the objects
of interest about the town.
Orange Furnace, the oldest
furnace iu the town and which
has been in successful opera
tion since April, 18G5, was first
visited by the Editors, under
the guidance of . a committee.
This furnace is operated by A.
C. Van Dyke, Receiver, and it
being the hour for "casting" all
had the pleasure of seeing six
or seven tons of healthy look
ing "pigs" quickly made in
"red-hot" style. The furnace
turns out from 12 to 15 tons of
a superior quality of iron daily,
giving constant employment to
nearly 100 laborers in casting,
the niiniug of coal from 40 to
50 feet beneath the furnace, etc.,
etc. The ores used are mostly
mined in Jackson and Vinton
counties. Mr. V an Dyke went
around and showed the com
pany the furnace and explained
the mode of operating it.
Under the guidance of Slier
iff Wado and C. C. James,
County Clerk, the Court House
was next visited, externally as
well as internally. From the
top of the- Court House we had
a fine view of the town and the
beautiful country for miles
All were pleased with the
beautiful appearance of Jackson
and the Burrotttwl'ing' country.
For beauty of situation, health-
r I l i ' t
lumens, bocum, religious, - ana
euucauonai auvanwges, tiacic
soo Is. a most desirable jlace to
reside, and ia very rapidly in
proving in every respect. The
population has doubled since
the beginning of 1804. The
people like (to live there be
cause the location is high and.
JO 4 U
pleasant. We noticed that in
all parts of the town a large
numler of handsome private
residences xrvre in course of
erection. The prospects for
Jackson are the brightest
much brighter than any place
of her size in this btate.
After dinner Fulton Furnace,
near the depot, was visited,
under direction of a Committee,
of which Capt. Lewis Davis
and J. II. Bunn were members
This furnace was not in opera
tion, having been sold recently
to an energetic company who
will soon put it in operation.
The next place on the pro-
gramme, "made up by uro.
Mackley of the Standard, was
Monroe Furnace, 14 miles dis
tant by railroad in a south
westerly direction. About 2
P. M. the train, bound for
Portsmouth, in charge of the
gentlemanly Conductor Jones,
arrived ; and, on entering the
cars, we met a number of edi
tors who. had "got left." Away
we flew to Monroe Station. A
Committee and about sixty
of the joval citizens of Jack
son accompanied us. We had
a good time!
Monroe is situated on a hill
about three-fourths of a mile
from the railway station. It
is the property of the Union
Iron Co., of which company
Col.' W. M. Bolles, (the first
Surveyor of Vinton county af
ter its organization' in' 1850,) is
a member, '' who was present,
and from whom all learned
many facts connected with the
business of mining and opera-
tins the furnace. The furnace
was "out of blast" and was un
dergoing a thorough repairing
nrt'nnvntorv for another ."ln.st "
Returning to the stAlion-W-
found thft-Accoramodation
Train Fisher, Conductor
from Porthmouth waiting to
convey us back to old Jackson.
On our return we stopped at
Portland, 12 miles from Ja
son, and spent about an hour
in examining the ore, lime, and
coal banks, about one-half mile
East from the village. - At 0
o'clock we arrived at Jackson.
At 8 o'clock in the evening
a second visit was paid to Or
ange Furnace to witness anoth
er "cast," as the "casting" or
"running off iron" takes place
every 12 hours. The melted
iron looked beautiful after night
flowing down into the large
and email round gutters formed
to receive it.
At 9 in the evening the- com
pany repaired to the City Hall
to partake'of the Banquet.
About 125 invited guests, in
eluding n large proportion of
the leading citizens, sat down
to the most sumptuous and el
egant repast ever spread tn
that town, which was prepared
by Dr. I. T. Monahan. We
must not omit to say that the
wine for the grand occasion
was furnished from the Wine
House of Gen. T. B. Davis of
Mc Arthur, who was present to
see how pleasantly everything
passed off.
Dr. A. B. Monahan was chos
en President. He made a short
but appropriate address of wel
come to the guests. Full jus
tice being done to the feast, a
number of Toasts were offered.
"Our Country," "The Press,"
"Jackson, Her Interests and
Resources," were the regular
toasts, and were each respond
ed to as the above appear, by
Gen.T. F. Wildes of the Ath
ens Journal, Hon. R. M.
Stimpson of the Marietta Reg
ister, and Mayor J. "W. Laird
of Jackson. The responses
were, all appreciated by those
present. Mayor Laird, an old
citizen of Jackson, who edited
the Standard about twenty
years age, gave a nynoposis of
the interests and resources of
Jackson at the present time,
and gave a short history of the
old salt works of the vicinity.
We have a copy of the detail
ed statement of the same, which
we are compelled to omit for
want of ppace", but to which w.e
shall refer to at some future
The following were the vol
unteer toasts : .
"The Cincinnati Press."
Response by. W. S. Furay o
the Cincinnati Gazette.
Mr. Stimpson then made a
few remarks in eulogy of the
Cincinnati Press, when Gen.
Wildes called for three cheers
for W. S. Furay and the Cin
cwnati l'ress. whicu were
heartily given, Mr. Furay then
declared that he wa not to be
beaten in that way, and called
for three cheers for the Press
of Southeastern Ohio. The
cheers were given with a will
by the citizens.
"The Tress of North-western
Responso by Thomas Glid
don of the Erie Gazette.
"ThcSoxton of tho Press."
Col. J. R. S. Bond of the
Chillicothe Gazette responded,
but declared he had never bur
ied any newspaper.
"Crow, Chupmnn, Crow."
Response by O. B. Chapman
of the Poraeroy Telegraph.
"Tho Poets and -Poetry ol the
West." :
Response by J. J. Piatt of the
Cincinnati Commercial.
"Gen. Putnam, who drnggod tho
wolf from his den, and his descend
nnt, dipt. Putnnm of tho Chillicothe
Advertiser." . . ; .,.,.
Response by Capt. Putnam.
"Tho Bar of Jackson."
Response by Irvine Dungan
of the Herald.
"The Red, White and Blue"
was sung with much enthusi
"The German Press."
.UesponSSTy Ed. Raine of
law w al Y a
the Portsmouth Correspondent
Music by Prices' String Band.
About 1 o'clock the festivity
ceased and all retired and all
feeling that they had had a glori
ous time.
On Friday morning a num
ber of the editors visited the
Star Furnace, after which all
departed carrying with them
very pleasant recollections of
Jackson and the good people
who dwell therein.
There was nn error in the call
fast week for the mooting to appoint
delogates to the State convention.
It uowTstnnds corrected. .
CocBTof Common Pleas convened
on Monday last. Judge Plvley
About Our Railroad.
We have received too late
for this issue a letter from W.
II. Langle'Yt President of the
Gallipolis, McArthur and Co
lumbus Railroad, in which we
find many interesting facts re
lating to the early completion
of the road. A corps of Engi
neers is now surveying differ
ent lines in Gallia county; and,
had the weather been fine last
and- this week, the engineers
would have reached McArthur.
The rains delayed the opera
tion of the engineers that they
had only reached eight miles
from Gallipolis up to Saturday
evening. - It is proposed to
run the entire line through to
Logan. Our citizens can sure
ly see that it will be to their
interest to have money enough
subscribed forthwith to enable
the officers of the company to
put the road under contract at
a verg early day. Parties will
be here next week soliciting
further subscriptions to the
capital stock. President Lang
ley says : "It will be a great
advantage to our road if we
can secure a connection with
the Hillsboro road to Cincin
nati as well as with the Chesa
peake and Ohio road at any
point between Gallipolis and
Keystone or Buckeye Fur
nace." It is proposed to con
struct this portion of the road
jointly with the Hillsboro and
iinciunau vo a no uiawiuuo
to be constructed jointly by
the two ' companies will be
about 12 miles.
We should be pleased to
make further comment', but our
pace is occupied by the ac
count of the late Editorial Con,
ventioc. - President ; . Lwgley's
letter will appear in our next.
(Kilmaii, ' Ward .' & , Co's
... n n.n.r.a.,
lira, lari Hy si v I ' : ffc7i
Pi I ' P ti! jfWH 0HE0BS'jH
Corner Main and Logan Streets, .... McArthur, Ohio,
JJAVING opened no unusually largo stock nml completely revolutionized tlio prices of every description of -
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' Cannot
The people are cordtlu
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Entire satisfaction ffitaranteed to everybody I .
, iRTew Store-.!
we shall :
It cost3 $46 30 per head , an
nually to boa rd .the convicts in
the Qhio "Penitentiary.
They arrest corn doctors in
Alliance when they grow too
I will sell a tract of 40 acres of Choice Tim
ber nml Ore l.an.l, situated about ono mile
north-weatof Viutiw Station, on vory reasona
ble and easy terms. -
or terms or luriner inionnniiiiB eau upon
II. II. Swaim, tlirce miles north of McArthur.
or address him at McArthur, Ohio,
aiuv iu, iH7i-aw ti. ii. nw ai.h.
'robate Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
Not lee ia lierohv clvrn that John R. Greimrr.
Juiirdlnn ol'Kliza.June Gregory, minor heirol
V A. (Jmirorv. iloeeaMHl. has filed Ills nci'ounl
with hisaalil Wanl, for partial settlement in
this Court: and that til heiirinir thereof Is set
or the 1st day ol June, IH71, ut II o'clock A. M.
tl, 11. MAI 7.
May 10, 1871 I'roliste Judnc,
Benj. llaincs' Estate.
Probate Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
Notice. Is hereby Riven Hint Alxlnllu Grlrllti
and Joseph (ox, Adininistraters of tlioestnte of
ijeiiminin luiini'H, iioceitheu, navu uiuu ini'ii
nceount with said estate lor partial settlement;
und that the aamo is set for hearing on the
1st dny of June next, at 11 o'clock A. H.
n , ii. naiu,
May 10, 1871-4t l'roliute .Indue.
Iavid KifHe's Heirs.
'rotate Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
Notlm Is herehv irlven that John -Calvin.
Gimrdmn ni r ranuts, snraii, rjtincraim an
nnrvn. Uifrlt). has lllod his w.eounts with hit
said Waiila, forUnal settlement with the two
flrst named, nml partial settlement witn in
two lust named; and that tho muna are sot for
hearing on tlio 1st Uiiyouuiie.inii.nr iuo ciock
H ji, n. Jin i tr,
Mny IO,1S7l-4t I'rubiitu Judge. ,
Tim In. ltd in ir of tlio Northern I'neiflc. Railroml
(begun July last.) is being pushed forui.nl with
greatenergy from Iw.lh extremities of the linn,
H.-voml tho.i4.inil men lira employed la Minne-
sot ii and on the l'lieillc coast. Tho grs.te Is
nearly completed Jioo nines westwnru irom
Lake Hniierlor-, in.M.s are running over lisu
miles of finished rond, and trm k-lsy ing is nip.
Idlv progrusKing toward tho eastern border of
l)Hkotn. Including Us purchase of the 81. l'nul
A 1'iu'iflo ltoad, the Northern Pacific Oonimny
now has 413 miles of completed rosd, ami hy
September next this will bo increased to at
leant nau. . .
A Good Inveitmenf. -OOKO 1
are now selling ami iiiini'siuuingiy rotiinmeuu,
asa ProntnhlB and perfectly Mala investment,
the Kirst Mortgage band Grant Ool.l llnn.lsol
Tenths per cent, gnlil Interest (mora than 8 per
cent, currency) and ore aecurcd by llrst and
onlv mortgago nn the INTIKK roar a no its
luivin iwn to run. Iiear Seven and Thnw-
EO.I ip.intm, aim niso, asiusiaiioo iwau is
lu.innleloil. on
track, , or WW Acres lor oucli l,UOU lloml. They
are exempt from U.U.Tsxi Principal nnd In
tereatiru payable In Oold; Iienouilnntiona:-.
Coupons, I1U0 to fl,0UO iUjglitered, 1100 (o10,.
23.000 Acres of tan w. overy niitfl ot
ins! ul I times reuulVRIHe t T.N I'KR OKNT,
! tar Boadi- Nortnern rnine7-w-s
A hots par, In excliange for tuo ixwipnny't
Land, at their lowest csh prion. Thli r.nders
them practically ibtbkkht usahihu tjAnu win'
Sinking Fund , The proecda or all snlei
ofliinJs utS riilid to be devoted to tlie re.
nnr.'h.L.A nil eimee Mat on 01 the r rst Mort
snire bonds of the Company. - The LandUrnnt
of tlio ltoad exceeds fifty llilllon Acres. This
immense Hhikli.g Fund will undoubtedly tin
before it falls due. With their ample security
lirineipaiorilie i oinpnny a onnueo oeoi
and high rate of Interest, there is no more ruo.
Exchanging TT, 8. TlTTwnti.
Tho sni'ouss of the Now Oovcrnment S percent.
Ian will eoinnel the early surrender of United
MUtes 6 per cents; Many holders of Klve.
Twenties aae now exchanging them for North
ern Pwlflo Heven-Tblrtles, thus realixlng a
handsome profit, and greatly Increasing their
yearly income.
OtJieP.8ciirltiei AH mnrkntablelltorka
Hid bonds will be received at their highest
current price in exchange for Northern I'acltlc
aoven-Tnirlles. Eii'kxsm ciukokm on Money
or Bonds received, and on "even -Thirties sent
in return, will be paid by the financial Ageuts.
Full imormation, maps, pamphlet, etc,, can
he obtained on application at any agency, or
from the uiMlorslgned.
""M Jaycooke&co.
PHlLAPEt,m;A,w Yobs, Waihmotom,
Flaaneiat Agents Northern Paolflc Railroad Co.
By BASKS and BANKERS iraUy sV-ospA.ist
jrw x thorough -ex sm ha AtkJi we tiae a.
enpteil an ,aamov for the ssle of the above
Bonds, i i iiiiweii Hibbi to our customers and
'"""""""aiOl. COCT'TV SANK.
Head, JEvcrybody, Mcal !
Let the people go to
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hip .Ifcis ,11 m Oils,
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SPRmGv 1871.
Wholesale Dealer in
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Perfumery Hair OiU and Fancy Soaps.
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Fifth Hooks Cotton, Linen, Silk and Grass Lines.
TrilillllillffM Tailors' and Dress Many New Patterns.
Itlailk Ilookw As usual, Full Line..
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to prompt short time buyers, or for Cash in hand, a Cash discount allowed.
ftarDccoratioiiH and Wall Taper Made a Speeiality.
ChllHcothe. April la. 1871.
Inconiiillnncowlth nn Act pns.od April .1. 1HVI, to provide for tbn bettor rcRiibitlou of the llu
ceiht, Uisbursuuivnt, und Bslc-kit'.lntl of tbn I'libllo Kuvcnuo i
Uulance in Trousiirv
i.nfihmauVki;jidi .
Ilnlanre In Triiwury
TKA( lit It's INSTITL'TK llllilli
Dullinre in Treasury ,
Hulini'H in Treasury
n.ilinifl In TrciiHiiry
lluUnco iu Treasury
Met Balance In Treasury ' 1 1,718 W
WK, thn underslRnod, Trohsurnr nnd Audllnr of Vinton County, Ohio, do hereby fortify thnt
the forcgoliiK suteinoiit Is s true Kslilbit of Ilia UhIioiccs ri'iiuilnliiK in tlieTrenury of Vinton
county, bflonKlnKto each ICiiiiiI, hi nppnarsof rewrd in the Auditor' Ollle. i ,,;
Ulvou undur our hamki.ollluially, tills 1st duyol Mny, A. I). IK7l.
. .f. I. DUNKIRK. Trensnrer Vlnlon County.
Mny 8, 1871-8 1IENUV HEYMOMW, Auditor Vinton Vo,
.. .
f StiNO 4
. 10X1 HO
. WH8I
.. 12SU0
.. 5TV10
.. 13 60
m i mi .
Oontr Kiln ti Jukiea Btneti, MoAtthnr, 0
Is manufacturing sin! soiling
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in the Market.
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They are ireat conotnliMir of feed, Al
iii&ii tthn ilhiIm stock should huvoviiu, ,
nd every
itfirBuy no other atacnino i
Krcry Mnchlna wnrrrnutid.
11 Tt.isiv y
1 nn iuily the people daring the tenson
A'unuirumd Nmt TUulrwt fur of the'
iM'st qimMiy, ni t i per uuinoi less quautltlca
Ot pnisirtlonnto ratii, '. ,. . j.
i Svvcct Potato rinnl.
I run nirnlsh the iwopl" cnrlco PlnnK
durlns the si'imon, or unl II June JimIi, ut .
rlnntishliiod toordor toanf pulutln gtiox)
condition. ....
My rcildiiisi; Is one niliooolitli of McArthur.
Cu,lm,nordd,.'H, ifRv( wvmn.
Mured Tl, H7l-e McArlliur.o.
The. Mmffsotf ffemocnit says
fnyiwers of that mvintrr a
preparing to j1&t h n larger
age of corn tfcni ever be
A pious deacon in Defiance),
wanted to get rich suddenly,
and. cent ouh hundred and
" Airw i oik ior
counterfeit greenback!. He got!
a box of sawdust, and iiow isn'tf
h pious n he "used to was,"
rn.jlMWT.Kr. MA.S8., or KT. .W IS, u", -4
AGENTS ',"'f"ll"i,"?.'"Twii.
Mnla & .emh.. f ,hirwiiMif i Awnli la
SZl! ftw ""'" tV' "r
$T0 $20 A DAY!!
home. I Ml nnr new J Mrnml Whit, Wirt ( lJ,Y,
l.,tol,,tl,,,-rrfr )011't1M ,, rllnnr, fa
hi- tti-o AMrm furUm, Mr,, Win MM,H W'i.v
M.. N, V.or u. Dxnibim St.. t li cK(,. '
IJ wlinhHilnlT,'rH Inr jiws fn.in l)r.ft,fc f-L
llersyinna hv nnl vr.il lepromins h.r'o send ha
Aihloew Mr M O. U-muTT, .1vm-y t'lty, N. J.
ciir i ititri hiiiitimi uivi :
nil A n I rS .:. .'. " rr
w'Vu!. '.. I'" I"'". ... m nrilrra Inr nr
New Mi. .III. OrtrMp.' Srt OB 1 rt vw.Z
Mmr,irt MfuV. Ifsrt or.l. C.iiVn. ! Pl '
Dr. WcIIh' Carbolic Tablct87
They hiv sure . tire r..r w Thm,,), CoM Hr.-..
s:"VnK"' .TnTi
Krnin llui iirest niiniher of TnttlniMtls'. .. i i...
'l''..r lite
i, WjiliimnMi Ave, Clilriuro. in. 4.. 11 ton
"er mm Ire
IV..,,.. .... i... . . . 'V." " "nrr
Inst It'll yens 1 liri ho... . ...... .J '"
.1.. 1 " . t . "'. wnnis.
in. iii'tit mii.in nnv llllif l.i ... I... . V.
'.links until trll r. WeIU v,,,- iZ,.,.
.....ii... ... .. r inim i .m-
KlizkktiiT Hunt.
CAUTION rVV'i li"rtie' l,r
John Q. Km.ooo. Pint Si reel N v KaI.
... A ConenmptlTe Cored.
herr ilestli km hoitrlv i xpect. il from ri..n.n.
tlnn sn. Asiliina, all rrfn.'.lI7 ,vl falT '.T
vrr '.!. 1.- .. , -
' s,cr,
I ' IS A f'VKK
... ....... ,w r,nTnr
WiirrsMlr.l Iti still a ,,
for iuiI, mritchw. Andr
ssh. wlio.'snir only hr I ha
1 . 0. II.. x Km. s,.nd Ar Thrs
Aceliir I'lrruliir.
WA N TEI A 0 KNTS, .$20 l r diOto MlHie
relebrntcl lltlMK hlll.'TTI.K SEWIltfl MA
CIIINK. Ibis iliriindi r-rei'il, lu.ikrs ll.c luck stitch'
(s lko on Imlli shies) nml in fullv II.ciimiI. Thr hrst
sml i'lii'sM'sl In. nily Si-w.npr .Mnelilne In the nisrkrt
AlMrilMlJuHNSuN, I'UI.K . '! . Itiwll.ll, Mscs.. I'ltls
bnru'li. !'.. Ohh-uns III., nrSt.Iiuls, Mo.
best si-ll.n". sml most ntlrsnb e Ki.bsrrlptinn KMik
wr pulillslinl. One sp-nt hi Denvw, -l,,ra,,
wild list riihlns In 4 iliys, no ski iiI In Mlhrnnkie
elil .tnrupli-s iu i day. a. .1 a l...e number ftum'jm
Hi 811 cipli's in-r il.iv. Sinil tin Crt slurs, w.lft irjin
slnnrn, A.I.I ns. 17 S. I't'lll.rllINO t'O.-Clilnuan,
III. tJliiebiiisil. Olilin.r St. IhiI., Mil.
ntinsis no MUMifroT or
I,, Hy send Inn )) OKNT.1
w lib nar, Iii'IkMI. color of 'tMiidliiiir. vmi wil
rerclvH. by return iiihII, n riirm'l picture tit
your liitnrc busliund or wife, with nnme nn.f
dale orniurrlimc. Addrws M , KOX, P. (A lraw
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Alfl'IIKMTlO and UtfiClAL history of that great
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