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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 17, 1871, Image 1

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I). i In Advance. f
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.J. W. EOWEN, Editor.
RI'Ailluir, ! fftay 1 171871.
April 10, 1871.
To the tyntitfahy if V16 StWof'd.:
'Xt'ft nieotliig- 6f ' tlio1 jfembtratlo
N Bifltef. Conlvftl domm'ittoo of Ojiioj it
wis resolved that the boxt Dotrto-
ol-htio Stato Cijnvontion "of Ohio bo.
ljintlie cityof ColumbuH,on ;
Thursday, Juiio 1st, Ai,D. 1371. i
. Ifwaaalso rosojvpd that, Uio.basisJ
of . voprqgqntaVion , in j Paid , Co.nsoii
tii)' ..bo, as J'oJIpws : TJiat . cacli
counly in Uio.Sltio bo , entitled, to
. onp.plcgalo, ami. also to ono dqlo-'
gatG fyr,',cvry five hundred ( vote's
fd'pTtoii. William llcislev. for
Secretary of Stalo, 'at tli'o" election
icld on Uio.fiCQona Tuesday , ot uc-
lolo,r, A, D. ISiO, and nlso ouo dyl-
"cgato' for - every fracljon 'f two
liundrc4.au'tJ..ifCx.'yi)tc8.oc over cast
for lli tit gpii,tleniau; i ut tlifttj1 time,
AvliPbU basis of, rcprcsentatioa will
vo cacb county in, ;Ohio tU6 . , fol
lowing nunibor of delegates iu.eaid
Convpiition;. , ;, , . !
We:, omit ( tlio .counties except
llioao composing tlio llib onres
. fiional District. (Total' iffo., of .elp
gates to which the tato,,U jntitlcd
'Adams ...,.:,..,. (0ajl,ia;.. ..,
Jackson '.'..'.'.'.'.'.l 'Lrvrortco
Vinton . ; 1 .1.4 fecioto .';'.
. .'V.5
Tlio following arc- Mid officers to-Co
iiominatod by tlio' ' onve'otion:
. Governor;1' "'. ' ' ' '' : ;!
t Lieutenant GovOrnor; ' i"
Attorney General; '-
Auditor of Stiite;w""
Treasurer of fetatc; '"' .
Ruprenio Judge;
Member lloaid of Public Works;
Commissioncrof Coiiiin'or. Schools
In announcing this call 'we deem
it not inappropriato to add a word
on tlio importance of tlio approach
ing Convention. The success of the
ticket to bo nominated depends, in
h very great degreo, upon the men
to be put in nomination tind the
harmony and unanimity of the
nominations. To this ond it ia de
sirable and important that every
county should bo fully represented,
iindtho will of s people should be
ascertained and expressed as nearly
as possible. Tlio election will bo
ono of vital importance to tho Stato
und country at largo, and will have
an important influonco upon tho
great contest of 1 872. With a judi
cious selection, of candidates and a
harmonious and united effort . tin
Democracy can and will redeem the
Stato from Radical misrule, ' und
answer back to tho East South and
West, the glorious news that Ohio is
truo to the Constitution nnd Union.
By order of tho Democratic Stato
Central Committee.
SrSe8 iiilvoi-tlsemcnt of lir Hutu' I)lBicii
ry, lipndudUunk for tho Jllllon hlAIMlAGK
OVlDK nnotlior column! It should Imj run-
We take plewurn In iiinit'iiiiiiK'l'lllf nninnT
Sum to llio uotlw or our riMiilcrs a ono tho
liri'tt lest. hirlhtlioit mul mwt vulimlilo ol t lie
liuMli'iitloiiH loryomix iooiil with wlil'n vo
nre lU'iiuulnlml. Si'o tiUvi'i'llNcmi'iit. li-ly
ForFino Perfumery, go to Sis-
. For All Who Road. .
We, vm without lirslin t ion, riM-oiiitucml Air
lllCN'ri HKA DY HOOK lllNliKIt ii tin-best wo
liavo cvtir noon ftir tlio liiirposPH IhIoimIimI. 11h
ttruut oonvoiiloiuw, podi'ia ii(liiitiitlnn to ho
iiviny waiils mid ItHrory low piicn will rrliitn
1y hrlnn It loloc.omiiion, If nob uulvorxiil up.
Son iiiivortlMOinont. li!-ly
B'li If :S
''. "'. AKD ." , .
Chonper than tho Clumpmt ut
ihotw, AVilla M illc;0.
For Pure Drugs and Medicines
goto Sisson's. ; yJ i:-;
A late fir'o'ftt Canton, filniost
completely 'destroyed Kotlis
ehild Co.'a block, entailing n
loss of about $25,000; ! ' ' "
' J i
i. .
-'Galion ia'cnlargiirg her bor
ders, nud prepering td;niK1
many valuable Improvement
in the way of ' business block
and dwelling houses.
The Condition of Mexico.
.; Th! tiomaVOitioij'pt'
Mexico is ona; of diapi,'derj; find;
senii-revolution. At.. preB'ent
she is tIie.ruidst"ora fierce
litical can;a?9' for' tie Pi cVideri
cy, wbicu renders matters voiiSe
than iu's'oaland',. tln-etciVs ' Jo
plunge 'the cuiry, erasing,
into civiHvfa'j't' Mesfers. Jiiai
ez, Jjcrdo ail'dj'piaz, are the
th rife; p'ri neipal Ycaiulidates' for
the presidency, j ;rT.uarez is ttie
preaenl . incumbeu V - and -has
been in office for the past four
including those of the army.
Juanz also eouul3---numerorl8
adlwrwnti -among the liberals,
and also in the conservative
anl ch ui;ch (elfment. m
juero.', uumoers many sup
Atcl lunnortAi! nvft . ;rifcni-1t
porJtijtfnBng the" liberals
"money changers," Avho are
crated with, plenty ;o pplitic-r
tii shrewduess..) Hid partisan's
are unsparing in their attacks
PsadmnDjstration o'( Juarez;.
They accuse him, especially, of
making, i fatal , land contracts:
with American companies', and.
even ot actuaily.contemplating
the-iibsolato- pale of Lower
CfiWbmia,!arjd perhafia Sonora
iWCtiliUi&i, othelfmted"
States. : ';
this standard those pflicers who
found their occupation r. gone
upVtlie fall.of tic emfroi(iud
'ft 'if ' i'i M' ! ,.
iilsii vcoiMiderbler portion: of
the lower class. II in enemies
do not deny that he is an lion-
e--t uian ami a, goad soldier, , , ,
i i-: n , . , ,
Adjournment of the Legislature.
Ohio Legislature ad
journed on the 2d inst., without
day. Let every citizen rejoice
at the delivery of the State.
Absenteeism and general worth
lessness were its prominent fea
tures. Not that there were
not gentlemen of ability in both
branches, who had the capaci
fy'and inclination to push bu
siness, Wid at tho same time do
it wellJjut that the main were
triflers and unfitted , for tho bu
siness which they were elected
to perform will not, we believe,
be disputed by any body.
What has been done during
the session of four months will
be made manifest 60 soon as
the clerks can make up the
record. We hope not to wit
ness just such another body.
After considerable angling,
quarreling and discussion, the
General Appropriation Bill
which hung fire so long in the
Senate, in consequence of the
advocates f tho payment of
the Morgan -Raid claims',.1 en
deavoring to have them inser
ted in the Appropriation Bill,
was fiually passed minus the
claims of tho Morgan Raiders.
So the people of Vinton county
can see that there is not much
of a prospect of the Morgan
Kaid claims being passed soon.
Among the laws passed was
one to prevent cruelty to ani
mals, which will commend it
self to all humane pooplo. It
U designed to prevent over
driving, overworking, overloading',-
torturing or impound
ing!' yarding the same, for a
longer period than twelve
hours, without a sufficient sup
ply of food or water.' ' Also to
provide for . the proper dispo
sition of poor and "worn out an
imaw turned into streets or
highways, &c.,t inflicting fines
for the violation of tho provis
ions of the law, ranging from
five to fifty dollars.
' i i ,. . , . '3 , V
'!. V lfclhfS.
:.:f I 1 J JJl' '. 4 a'
A'- '.;' j - ;, ' '-
I i riAfirrrl! ttt
I 1 Mi 1 4
To the Democracy of Vinton
JP0lw9l.!P,u ThftvB'day,
Thero will bo u Jlusa Convention
of 5th t)oniocitiU Vfetors
ton County, at tho Court House, on
Saturday, May 20th, 1871,
at 1 o'clock, tor tho purposo of se
lecting Four Dvlegatorto uttond: ho
DomocYatic Sttio Convention" to bo
Juno 1st, 1871.
It is expectod that every town-
shii) will bo well rcprcsdnted in die
v j .
By -order of Dcm: Ccn . Com . "4-
C. P. WAitn,
' " "' Patrick O'KfiKPFE
i . vm A "J . SW-A I if, 'C;tVr-
4 J It H hZii&y i l
[From the Railroad Record of May 4, 1871.]
Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad
We .have written so much
upon this subject, that we are
pleased to publish the views of
any any other part7, and there
fore cheerfully give place to
Mr. Langley's letter.
"What Mr. L. says of the
route ho defines is undoubtedly
correct, and we aro ready just
as soon as it can be brought
under a vigorous and strong
organization, to give it our
best support. '
Hitherto we have advoca
ted no special route for this
connection (though three or
four have been presented) be
cause they are all good .lines,
and unfortunately ;all in about
the same stagnant condition.
The Ilillsboro route has been
kept before our people, and we
have ' therefore 'spoken1 most
about it. AVe are for the line
that shall be the first vitalized,
and if Mr. Langley's route be
comes that one, we shall sup
port it with all our might and
main : 1 ' ' -
GALLIPOLIS, April 26, 1871.
Editors Jlailroad Record:
Gentlemen : I notice fre
quent remarks in the Record
in regard to a connection , of
your city with the Chesapeake
aud Ohio road by rail, at dif
ferent points, and by different
routes, but have seen but little,
if " anything in' ' regard "to"" a
route through this place, which
is undoubtedly the shortest
route by which that company
can reach your city from the
mouth of; Scary on; Kanawha
river,' front: which poit t they
start to - reach Catlettsburg ;
thence, I understand, they- pro-,
pose to run through. .Kentucky
and on to Memphis, and possi
bly cross the river between
Catlettsburg and Guyandotte,
orvStmV!&TdTaS opened to them
apTcl vi-ufa: Tieijtoe J S,your city
ahd-'DaytQUniugh I think
such crossing is 'not yet decided
upon., i ; : ;.' j j .:
s By . referenco tO'your maps
you wju nryi iiua,c a una irom
Scary-rtcif tnis - point passing
frdnv here South, of Cbntreville,
in Rapcoon townshipj Gallia
county,-to a connection with
the'IIijlsboro ,road, via Symmes
Creek, land thence to your city
lsxne sn or test " route tnat can
be found,' and has light ffradqs,
andean b,.e Cheaply built ; then
uy tnia ? ronsp- tee uuesapeaie
and Ohio Company would have
rtjaT outM Ijjy .oufoad t
our roatl, in connection wit
tho Ilillsboro road, your city
the ;fl'eralrXied, ps-JJkri,
Vinton, Uocking, Pei and
Athens coil n't iesj' " ! a , ''shoHer
route thartauy thing 37Pt-opep-ed
1 toj tho)u.y w hU i 1 they
of coal and iron, besides other
nrriflnrfa 1 rf thnt. rpo-inn mnet.
I all 'of which is-n'dfefcsabUio
me euiiuon iinu p-ospcriiy oj
your "citizens. :
5 LW5!B5ii edTaDB,glneHiig
party yesterday afternoon to
r,uq a Jig'e, from, here, ., to. , Mr.
rriinible!s ' Hillsbbro 'line
Symmeff CTeek;Ho- get the dis-ta-riccoV'
tbfe'Vbdrtest' p'ractica-
Tble jpuTalKlogetiah esti-
uiaio or me cost oi ouuuing me
lloffd.l Jti hid an .ihUrKew) with
Mr. Huntington of Guyandotte,
last, week. and he.gtivp; nie all
the encouragement for I' a ! con
nection with their road at this
point that we could reasonably
expect in the' present, situation
of our enterprise. ..',' He says
they want to reach Memphis
thiough "Kentucky arid" also
want to reach your city and St.
Louis, and also through the in
terior of our State to the north
west via mouth of Kanawha, at
this point. Would not this be
their best point for crossing the
river, and from her.e reaching
Columbus and the lakes via our
road aud your city via the
Ilillsboro line, the first 10 to
15 or 20 miles from here run
ning over the same track?
It would certainly be the short
est route by many miles, and
cost much less money to con
struct the road, furnish more
business, and not have the com-
Eetition they would necessarily
ave on the river line, espec
ially for heavy freights. And
to become ' a link in a great
through road like the Chesa
peake and Ohio, the road
should be as short as practica
ble, and the shorter between
given points, the less curvature
there would be, consequently
the faster they could run.
I will take the liberty of
sending you a report of 0. B.
Shaw, O.E.(of 1852,) in which
you may find some facts of in
terest.' ; You will find on the
first and second pages his re
marks on the route from here
to Symmes creek, at a point
about where Mr. Trimble now
strikes it, with his Symmes
creek survey ; but I think we
will get a practicable route by
the present Survey to that
point from 1 to 3 miles shorter
than he makes, via the Ilodney
route he speaks of in his report.
1 I have always thought, and
yet think that to your city, the
Ilillsboro road would be al
most invaluable, if run into the
mineral belt of southern Ohio,
to a connection with our road
that will run 4.0 or 45 miles
continuously - through beds of
coal, . in the aggregato : 12 to 2)
or 25 feet thick, and ,beda , of
irou ore from 6 to 7, 10 and 12
feet thick in the aggregate, or
to a connection with r another
road running in same direction;
or if it was' extended itself
through: these ; minerals beds,
to havo such a road and such a
connection' ft)id j also a conuec-
I tion through this end of our
road with the Chesapeake and
Ohio road, would certainly be
a great gain and advantage to
your city. Wo alsowant a
connection t hrough ; the Ilills-
boi'Q road witlii your 'city, but
do notexpect the city .to aid us
to the'extcnt Df a dime (though
any aid wpuldibe thankful " re
ceived), but if they would unite
and vhelp;'put' tho 'Ilillsboro
road through to reach 'our route;
and "you say as much ns-the
merit of the route will ; justify
you in saying,. it will doubtless
be' af powerful 'lever1 with the"
Chesapeake and : Ohio' compa
ny :' and if they 'adopt this route
they will have, 'a3 stated above,
:t' "Li. JAii.- Hl -i ....
ine BiioTtesc, cueupesu anu nesi
foute 'from' Scary to youi 'city
via'iliJlsboro.'ancT' the" north,
west 'Via"''CbluhvW; "thai can
be fount?. And 1 with so. ad
yantageous a route fullybrought
to their notice. ' I dd,not think
they would every be. induced
to run a line down to your city
alone: the river, though1' of
conrse'tliffeeH't persons will
have ,' their !pwii views of , the
advantages of the different
routes, and nok doubt but, they
will ,. go .where .their' interest
.leads. : We shall push our mat
ters along as .last a3,circum
stances wiil permits . - r
Respectfully jour?,
, Dr. Ilolden, ha3 been en
dorsed r by the Perry county
Democracy for re-nomination
for Senator, and Judge Wright
for Common Pleas Judge.
Presideut Grant ordered ' the
accounting officers of the Treas
ury, to pay the U.S. Marshal's
office in New York $57,00.0 for
the expenses of the - enforce
ment act, or . for ederal inter
ference in the New- .York
elections last fall. This is said
to' be. only about half the act
ual expenses incurred in using
the army and navy. .
For Humors.
rpiIESE Invnliialilo Mrilirlnui lmvo achlcve'i
X aComplete Triumph in unKlioiitinp; II iv
niiirs, of nil kinds, from the human KyHlem,
Thuy wore introiluitmt to tlio jmliliu somo six
yuiiinKhi.e, nml lmvo Iickii unciI With entire em
im'ks. Tho OA X OKU awl s , LT KHKL'M SYniU'
iHtnkfin internally, wlin li cli'Miisos tlio lllooil,
liy Ihrnwlnir inipuritiea to thg surface, when
tlio CKItATB ia nuiilii'il. oxteriinllv. nml nil
eruptions areiliwtroyeil, anil llonltli mul llcuii-
ty restoiea. Jiieir astonihiiiso ftirccKfS has
Introilueoil their woiiilerl'iil preimratiiuis totlm
IIM.n.. .......... I.. .)..... ...
nlleil outrnuny iornormit Hreloinlom. who hnvo
('im.ii... . tivy mcuuv ill nimiini. uvkiy luriii,
Irom Iiiniu.f:i'Kilown to Pills, autl till torilu
mom, (qf conns they are.)
nut it lias dcbii rmorveu to lm. WEAVEll 8
VliUl and CKKATE to aehieve what, (iimlertlie
clriMiin.-t inTOH,) may lie regarded us the most
hrilllAiit (riuniph yet uchluveil hv any medl.
e.lno ever iulrod need to tlm Ameriean public.
Why Ih this r Simply bei'iumo they lierform
what they proinixu; und niitwitlistiiniting the
Introduction of Ihiwe iipw and wiindeifuljirep
uratlmiBtotho nulilie.. thu Mult Uheiim Svrnn
auilt'erato keep stmulily nn their way, coinpier-
iiifr an inoy (ro. 11 mu iiiiuuewiMi ut try tneso
new preparation. wo liave not a word to sav,
for they lmvo stirt) Remedy to Fall Back ITpnii,
viz., Ua WEAViiii'u Canker and Salt Hlieum
Hyrup and Cernto. Of this fact the public are
well aware, for thousands, In all seetlnns of the
country, have been cured bv them, alter all
otlierreniedli'H hnvo utterly failed.
d. N, UAHKIS, X CO., iTonnewm.
Oil 10
llll. J. 8. 8TIIONO.
Jl. S. WILCOX & CO.,
H. :. wii.so.,
Words of a Reliable Druggist.
Allen's Liui? llalsnin,
iHwnrrnnted tobreak no tlin most trouhlosonio
(,'uukIi in nn incredibly Hlmrt time. Thero In uo
remedy tnac ean snow more ovliloneo of real
inerit than this lialsam, for curing Cunsuini
tiou, Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Croup, &c.
Which makes it mora tlmn a Cough Remedy I
Mabink City. Mif)M..,Iulv S7. 1H70. :
J.N. HABiuai.Co., Uciu- Sirs; Xbu Allen't
Lnnu BaUanilias arrived. I woulit not liko to
bo without it, for it Iiiih saved my life. I took u
bad couuli, and llntuly coimiiniptlon whm seated
n nun me. I was In a very bud stale. I tried
everything that wiw reeouinieniled, and spent
a irreni (iiau oi monev, aim Km no neip. i nan
.i.v. i n,.r.i... r.. u.,l.. i.... r V.......
I.III3 Alll'll B .'..11 II. ,113.. II. Il't Dill... llll,, X I.II. I,
ncitlihiK of its intuitu. IcIM not liko to take It
a nottlo. M'hei) vouritircnt called on me I told
t limit knowina more ahmit it. 1 had not sold
aliout. no urgou ino to try it niysoir. i uiu an,
nml to niv urutoful aurnrlse the Hint bottle
him l coiiiu not noli a ineiiicino i Knew notiiinir
Mtopncil my covikIi, and uol'oiu the third bottle
wiw luiLeii my i-iiiigaweiu neaiixi inni wen, nun
I eau now aiioak kuowluitly to my friomln and
e.iistoineit of tlio qiuilillesof Allen's Lung llul.
sum. 1 remain rvspuetlully,
VUiliil I
It Is told by Modloluu Pealers ovorywllero.
CA.tJTIOr. ....
tb not bo doeel veil, vou who want a Rood mod-
Iclne, und leiru "Atlm'i Lung J)tlim." Do not
ilIUiw iniiiiiiii..lili.ildi'iLlei'H lo Hell vou other linl-
iliiih. Hue Dial, vou iretALLlCN'S LUNG UALHAM
HUH you will uuvo ino ousi. uoiiKii luiuuiiy uuureu
tothepublio; undone Hint will plve snllsfao-
. ; i ;. ,.' I3OI0 i'Wipi lUlOrS, VIUUIDI1UU) V.
fl. W. 91MMW. " MoArtlnir; "
IHt.. I. . BTKONO, '
K. B. .WILCOX 11, UKO,, . Htmdeni r
11. U. BlBUOl' BON, Wllkesvllk
A U. S. Army Officer Loses
a Large Amount of
Government Funds
Government Funds Desperate Efforts to get
Square With the Tiger.
[From the Chicago Republican.]
dirst- Lieutenant D.fG. 'Fen
no, of the Se ventjeewtU Infantry,
United btates Army, and Act
ine Post Commissary 1 at Orhnd
Kiyer Agency, -Dakota Territo
ry, with his wifu and; sister, ar
rived o,Mpnday ,in:-this city,
aud engaged rooms at the feher
mail.' jfter .partaking of his
utuncr, . renuo rt'uusieu a
blank check;1 arid 'fillinsf;it ' for
$500,' asked the clerk'1 to send
it to peaenolijtoj'y fpr collec
Cibn. 'ffiipfifcfyX a's deques
ted, and, the ""messenger soon
returned with the check, and a
note req.uestmf' tue jjieqtenant
to call 'at the depositary; reu
no did 80 at once,, and found
that hw'neglect to ! present Tin
person, his check aud authority
for drawing .it was the reason
payment was refused.'-' Settling
the preliminaries 'to the satis-'
faction of the cashier, he receiv
ed the $500 and 'departed.'
Abou .8. clock on the same
evquing he visited.' a house on
Randolph street, ; to try his
luck, at cards, lie was in a
highly intoxicated condition.
1 'lie- sat down at' the dealing
table and invested a ten-dollar
n-too ii Vn !.- hp wnn Arrmn
and again did the X go in and
yield a rich harvest.. He .won
upwards of $150, and then his
luck1' changed.' - lie came oiit
loser in several deals, and'- his
pile, wa reduced to $60. , ; '
. On the . following moruincr
Wednesday) his sister depart
ed lor no.me, ana ner mil -was
charged' up to her brothers
account.1 It would anper that
Feuno remembered ihis previ
ous night's debauch, forj with
an evident-In tentiott-to win
back all f he : had lost at the
Dearbon street establishment,
he revisited that : place shortly
alter dinner, naviug several
hundred dollars in his posses
sion. lie was perfectly sober at the
time, and drank but sparingly
duiincr tho entire afternoon.
His first venture was $10 : he
won. and next time lost. In a
few moments his losses amoun
ted to onward of $100. lie
then doubled the stake, and
the same.luck attended him.
He would win occasionally,
but not often. . In an hour he
had lost all the ready money
he had with him, $4G0. Call
ing for a blank check, he filled
it out for $1,000 on the Uni
ted States Depository. This
check was giveu to an attend
ant, who shortly afterward re
turned with the money.
Feuno now went in "with
"big" money as high as $300
on a deal. His lssses continued
and by 4 o'clock every dollar
of the $1,000 was lost.
Becoming desperate. Fenno
finally filled out a check on the
depositary for $2,000, and be
ing too late to draw it then, it
was taken for its full value by
the dealer, who was satisfied of
its worth by H enno 's statement
of the position he held. At 7
o'clock Fenuo; arose from the
table without a dollar, the los
er of $3,1G0. ;
Maj-Gcn. Ilartsuff, commaud
ant of the department iu Gen.
Sheridan's absence, sent for
Fenno yesterday morning, and
ordered . him. to immediately,
report himself under arrest to
the commanding General at
St. Paul,-Minn, that being the
headquarters of his department.
He stated his family to be
wealthy aud prominent persons
in Wheeling, Va., aud that they
would help him out of hi8
present difficulties. All the
money he lost was Government
funds, but as ho was obliged to
give bouds when appointed a
comrasssarv. the . Government
will probably not suffer by his
. 1 1 A
aisnouesiy. . -
About 5 oVloclc yesterday
afternoon Mrs. Fenno called at
the gambling-house, and with
tears h't her 1 eyes requested
money enough to cnablo her
and ) lier miserable husbaht! to
leave the city, stating that they
had not a dollar.-, 8he Was giv
en".$l00, vit .-which s Fenno
shortly, after paid his hotel bill
They left on the "8 ' o'clock," Via
the Chicrtgo. 'Burlin2tori 'and
vuincy road; ' ' !M
"V . ' , f . ...
1 ' . 4
- A good many of; the; Mor
mons came from the Metbodista
and from the more 'ignorant,
and superstitious fanlcB of Eng
lish . Methodism, rather than
from-thd-'betteV informed and
moieVliighly "' cultivated mem
bers , of , that denomination in
ihiscountry. A sort of system
of reprisal has been , organized
by thoJ4; EnglisBlJethodists,
through -which, they hope to
vyin-; backeouiojjf tho heep
which have, in unguarded mo-
meuts'of infatnatipni and under
the delusi vf preaching of Mor
mon missionaries, strayed into
the folds of the poJvgamists.
The plan of operations propos-
eu is cuaraccenstic ,or me .ag
gressive habit of the sect, which
is to carry the spiritual war di
rectly into the enemv's corfntrv.
and to take'the, kingdom of
ucavuu uy, aiurms, as it were.
It is prbposed to bfemizo'a
grand moVable and itinerant
camp-meeting, l to "journey
across the. continent, - andes
pecially to " spread its tent or
net in Utah, where they imag
ine there may' be mahly,who',. if
a favorable opportunity offered,
would be glad to retrace their
wayward sf&ps .and return, to
their first love and to the fold
of their former -faith. " ' '
A Queer Place to Carry Money
—A Gallant Conductor
W Um U nun nf ' tlio
accora modati ng ' cond,Kiptor3 on
a road running , north noji tar
liom tins city. Un Saturday
last he h.id quite a heavy load
coming in to Utica. All hand
ed over their tickets promptly
i t i
except one lat old Jaay, a resi
dent of Trenton, who sat next
the door, and who seemed to
be reaching down as if to get
something she had dropped on
the floor. .When her time
came to pay, . Bhe raised her
head, and thus addressed' the
blushing condnctorr '
"I- allers, when I travels,
carry my money in ray stockin';
for, you sec, nothin' can get at
it thar, and I'd thank you,
young man, just to reach it for
me, as l m so jemmed in 1
can't get to it. I forgot to get
a ticket at the depot."
M. glanced at the other
passengers, some of whom wero
laughing at his plight ; one or
two young ladies among them
blushed scarlet, aud he beat a
hasty retreat, muttering some
thing about not charging old
ladies, etc. His cash was short
that trip tho tare of one ¬
Utica Observer.
Lewis Green, editor ' of tlio
New Lexington Herald, has
been re-nominated for the Leg
islature, hy the Democracy of
Perry county.
Tho Dresden Monitor saysj
the work Of laying the track of
the Muskingum Valley Hail
road, between that place and
Zanesville, has commenced.'
A Famous March.
We beg leave to inform, our'
musical readers that tlio cele
brated March, known as "Ger
mania's Favorite March," com- :
posed by Hummel, with Trio r
by CsSerny, whichjwas perform-
ed by the Prussian Regimental ;
Bands when the German troops ,
entered Paris, has been pub-
lished for the Piano,' for two '
and foui' hands, by J. Fischer;'
& Pro.; Music Publishers, Day- j
ton, O. The two-hand arrange-.
raenfc will bo sent on roccipt of
. n. . . . 1 jl . .... t. 7i .. I
U cts., aca mo lour-uuou ui,
rangeraent on receipt of GO cts.,
to any address.' free of postage
Send your orders to J. Fischer ft
& Pro.,' Music PaU'whciyDayi ;
ton, omo. ;:v;';. ";
; t

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