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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 17, 1871, Image 2

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J. W. BOWEH, Editor.
. m -soma I
M'Annnr. fliay ioi
Tnt Governor,
...... ... 4.. Ct.lo I
hwwwwMww Bra,.-ou
w.. I
To the Democracy of Vimton
Twrntin State Convention to bo
L.u ... ri k... Thnmitnv
T imi
There will be a Mass Convention
of the Democratic voters of Vinton
ton County, at the Court IIouso, on
Saturday, Kay 20th, 1871,
at 1 o'clock, for the purpose of se
lecting Four Delegates to attend the
June 1st, 1871.
It is expected that every town
ship will be well represented in the
By order of Dcm: Con. Com
A. J. Swaim,
C. P. Waed,
Patrick O'Keiffs,
C. w. Holland,
J. W. Bowin,
Bern. Cen. Com., V. Co.
A. J. SWAIM, Chair'n
J. W. BOWEN, Sec'y.
Terror yet reigns in France,
and law and order are as far off
T -I 1- I
as ever, ram is in a snocK-
ing COUUIUOU, auu mo uiioio-1
ken revolutionists are suppress-
ing the press, instead of invi-1
ting, as they should, free speech
and an untrammeled discussion
of all their measures.
m LT7. a
IHE grave OI Oiepnen A.
lioagias is to De soia lor i-axes
due the city of Chicago, for
J .vi ..i
putiiDg uowu uuiusiuuco ttuu i
Tnt.tinw nn lftmn-nn?tg. The
Chicago all deserve hanging to .
, . . b ..
these lamrrosts for Dermittiner
such a disgrace. &
The Republican Legisla-
of Connecticut has "conn-
ted in" Jewell, and by a vote
oi l3 w iw, lias uwiareu
that he was elected Governor
of that State by 8G majority. er
rra ia ta koDOOf owinllo over
.1 u i
pvrpeua uy uy pm.y.-
English was undoubtedly elec-
tfidhra small maioritv. but...
X vr -I i ai
the Republican committee by
--.-ug ,-v-, o
T?i:,U 4 - 11
)ty for their candidate. The
telegraph says Gov. Jewell will
be inaugurated on Tuesday
RwvATnn nATTinirTV Ao.
livered an able and interesting
speech in the Ohio Senate, on
Monday before the adjourn
ment of that body, on the custo-
dy and disbursement of moneys
The trial of Ramey, one of
the Uoughenour burglars, was
commenced on Monday and
closed this afternoon- result
ing in a vrrdict of "Guilty."
derived from taxation.' and
about the first object of good
. . J 0, . 0f A
gwrcuuicu iuOvii.UUia.C0-
man, in referring to this mat-
ter says : "The Senator has a
plan for the collection of taxes
m installments from the people
of a county, by the creation of
tax district?, so that the money
will only reach the treasury as
it is required for public uses.
Of course this would require a
nice system of adjustment, but
once in operation, it would
prevent the accumulation of
large sums in the public depos
itories, relieve tne people by
Keeping me surplus in circuia
tion, and at the same time re
move temptation from officials
to speculate in or Kadicalize
tne publio funds.
The Engineers who have
been engaged during the last
inree weeKs in surveying tne
nne oi our l&auroaa rrom uai
lipolis northward reached Mc
Arthur this (Wednesday) even
ing. President Langley arriv
edlast night. The people are
pleased to see them. The line
will be surveyed to Lotran. and
an estimate made forthwith of
the portion of the line between
Dundas and Logan. The next
thing in order will be more
subscriptions to the capita
The Income Tax Nuisance.
then do Grant and Co. insist
upon keeping this infliction up-
TriA rnniH nf the Income
m - a -i.rt, w
Tax the present year show tha
the gross amount collected will
- . . .
gcarcelv pay the cost Ot tne ot-Lmhe
ficial service to obtain it. , Why
il. a J C!mn1n tn WO
uie peupic t ouuv w
. a At 1 1
tain in ollice a Horde ol arones,
who can be made servicable to
him when the time comes to
vote; but who are servicable
10 me people a largo iu uu wj
whatever. Time was, when
office holders were elected and
appointed to serve the people.
Tu. : j u
appears. They are kept in
their places as tools of the
reigning power, to do little
no work, and are supported by
I, ,i tua cnioAf
to the orders of any demagogue
who may need their vote.
Important Railroad Arrangement.
An important arrangement
has been made between the
Baltimore & Ohio and the In
dianapolis, Cincinnati and La
... Tl ! - .l 1 I -t
rayeue .uaiiroaas, oy wmcn
iud hiiuujju uavu uciithu
Washington, Baltimore, Oma-
ha and California will pass
over the Marietta & Cincinnati
and through Cincinnati, via
- -
Mc Arthur, instead of Cleveland
and Chicago : and the time be-
nnMinra and Omnlifi
. , m .
. , . ti,0
wiku wuuimSwiwi ' lvl
, mail will be carried
? . .
Jover this route. Thel.,U.and
. , .. , . n n. .
trains daily between Cincinnati
. . J , ...
.1C& 1
Ureat xuastern K. Li. ine ar
rangement took effect last Sun-
day, the 14th, when a general
change of time took eflfect-
lAUis arraugemeui wm ue very
convenient and a much cheap.
route for those who wish tu
vi'aU. ffi for Waf
The meeting next Saturday,
1 0C10C1 r iV1, lo aPPomi
deiegate8 to represent Vinton
. tlie State Convention
Thno Tnno 1 1ft7l
President Langley's Letter.
The reader will find the let-
let written bv President Lane-
7i 01 WHlCn W6 8DOKe 188t
we' on the hr8t of thl8
Important to Farmers and
The attention of farmers and ev
erybody else is directed to the ad-
To those wishing Hardware or
Tin Wftrft wa nhnnlrl anv t Kof f Ka I
most extensive assortment can be
found at their House all at very
low prices.
vertisement of Messrs. Lantz k
PxARci on the third mtre of to-dav's
l' can assure the farming
publio that the Horse Hay Forks,
Reapers and Mowers, and all the
Agricultural Implements kept in I
their establishment, will command
the approval of every agriculturist
lhat Wltne88e8 operation.
Oif Tuesday afternoon last we
paid our first visit to Hamden Fur-
u-w, wu.u mumny
vm wm vbmvw v vii it ui u v vuvunauu
acres of land, in Clinton Township,
about six miles aouth of McArthur,
and one-and-a-half miles East of
Hamden. Most of the land ia ex-
portion of It still contains very cood
timber. The ore mined on the tract
Is of the very best quality. The "
furnace is in blast, but will soon
'blow out" for the purpose of re- er
pairing the hearth.
A change of the time
running of all trains on the
Marietta and Cincinnati Rail
road occurred
Sunday last. Not
at 1 1:35 on
lmvinrr rA. I
Uaing TO-
iV rTi' mi
CeiVeU a COpy Oi tne neW lime
i M ,
Card, we are unable to give the
time of arrival of all trains at
the several .depots in Vinton
The Time Table of "tbo Co
lumbus and Hocking Yalley
Railroad, in this paper, is cor
rect. The new time table took
effect last Sunday at 12 M.
spinning and manufacturing wool
into every conceivable variety of
I - - o
Tns AllonsviIIe Woolon Alius are
now in buccgasiuI oporation, having
been erected in connection wan wie
y Mi8 at that
...M!.vAllt la Bnnr,iid with
" .."" rr
latest and most improved
machinery, for cardtog, fulling,
w oA-nAIX Co. are nroDrie
tor8( nnd the jini8 wjh be in charge
0f J. W. Randall, a gentleman who
thoroughly understands his business,
under his management the bu
, siness in all its numerous branches
... . condncted with tho atm08t
regularity and promptness. Every
resident of Vinton county well
that among the many sourcos
of wealth to a community none arc
greater than those of its manufac
tures ; and among all branches of
industry none should be more gen-
onerously fostered than those which
consume home products and con-
vert them into mercnamaoie ana
Woolen Mills,
indispensable articles of general
utility. Now, we would say to all
the farmers of this county who have
wool they wish to have carded, or
exchanged, take it to the Allensville
The Steam Flouring Mills are now
prepared to accommodate all custo
mers daily.
See advertisement in tins paper,
and the Supplement wo have is-
Agents Wanted.
Wo want w a,,ent mfti or female,
I in every town in this State, to whom
we will pay a salary of from 150 to
20,0 Per month d eiPe"Be8' a.n.d
mill nxta AflrrAiiahln And nOnOrSDIe
. tnr .t UnRt one vcfl.
Thifl Jg n0 hnmbuir as any one can
...,.(.: Wr. W.Ann
. Co No x 8nd 2 Seitl6 new
Block, Detroit, Mich. Nostampre
... i xt :.t
iu,re uiujimiuu o
apply. 18-4w
Da. S. 0. Kichardsom's Shirbt
vTini Bittibs A pbarmaceutica
. JL,i.r fillir.
preparation, by a regularly euuca
M pl7. one of the most
pleasant and valuable tomes of the
day. Persons recovering from pro
tore tracted illness, or
jff j.- tabuJS
pfttion or 8Dy disease arising from
disordered stomach, liver or bow-
els, will ffnd in the Sherry Wine
iiitters a iricna more w ue aesirea
than gold.
Sold by all Druirgists; 18-41
" '
T t . . .
It8 1,0 D8E the PO8onous hair
preparations have had thoir day and
done the mischief. Now comes
Along Nature's nair Bestorative, a
stores gray aairana Keepa iue ueuu
in a healthy condition.
See adver
Benjahin Fbankmn said; "A
newspaper and a Bible in every
house ; a good school house in every
district, all studied and appreciated
as they merit, are the principal sup
ports of virtue, morality and civil
liberty." Subscribe for this paper.
It may be very profitable
for somebody to occasionally
pass through our gate and en
I ,1 il 1 P II'
jm f;AB
ter and Bteal the kindling wood
sure it is unprofitable to us.
T1115 DruS House of K
"Waoner, at Zaleski, has just
received a general supply of
Drugg and Medicines of every
Always Full!
We always 'find the Dry
Goods House of Will & Co.,
at Zaleski, crowded -with CUS
tomers, whenever we visit it.
La8t satarday it was crowded
-e'erks all busy, wrapping up
pacKage alter pacsage oi nne
but cheap goods. Their assort
ment ia larrre. and thev are sell
ing a much better quality of
u. it
To-DAT we received anoth-
large lot of clean, white pa-
per for bill and poster printincr.
fnngon your worn
hereby (Iron to all portoni sot to pnrr.hMA
Boi'mur urmwa oa ma i ruuuroror viuux
Nlnel' imoi i utot ot i. s. waoiwb,
foiling; lu Hptmber 1, imi, nI ilrned by
johB5.:ummlnm, lat blrl :ofilf Town-
i.Mim'numerwM unlawfully ana fraud-
uluotly oMln1, and the Treaaurar of taJd
TowuiIiId Ii authnrlaMj at to par laid Ortixr.
vfc,rf J"" vinioa
r twn ofBorri.
On Wmtaatday mornlna. Mar IMh. 1R71. at
rmidanm of the brhle't uliiUir, Mm. O. W.
paroa, ia MoArkbar. Mr. Moaaia Kvam of
McArthur. and Alitf Abaxm vvvuuiktt of
I'wla, ia
N Card.
WaaclaowlcrtfO theraception of t portion
ana weddtof cake, for whloh Mr. Kr.Ni
pleat accept the tbanki of all taoaa cue-
aecUd with tba XnquXrtr offloe.
Wa wlkh our friend and hit loving wife all
happlneM that enn full to Uia lot of one hap
pnlr I
(bTilman, Ward & Co' -.New Store.
. ; m --
fill II 1 l : i: , " I Shawn, a hi
F r. J W 7 I 11 i ','i;M ,;V BootaHl SI
Mr Ms! Buff W
Corner Main and Logan Streets, ....... McArthur, Ohio,
JJ AVISO opened an unusually large stock and completely rcrolutlonljed the prices of every description of
Comprising all the Latest and most Beautiful Styles and the bent Qualities, consisting in part, of
Dreg ods, Cassimcres. Muslins, Prints, Gingham, Domoslicx, Clolli,
Hosiery) CIve, While Goods, CalicoM, Hhocs, Shawls, Alpacas, Ate!
In fact the beat Selected Block ever brought to this Market! We have everyy thing you can call for I And our assortment of
Cannot and shall not be beaten in Vinton county I And we almll
The people are cordiln invited to call at our sntabllshment. Our assortment is
complete in every branch! Entire satisaction guaranteed to everybody I
In connection with lha
AMfe Steam Floimi Kills!
J W. RANDALL 4 CO. would respectfully
announoe to the public In general, that tlih
Mlllis now prepared to doall klnOdof ( iihUiiii
Work, such as Koll Carding, Spinning, Weaving
and all kinds af work usually done In ( nstoin
Mills. With first-cliuMworkmennndniauliinury
work will be done with neatrniw and dinpatch.
Aiiirnrir wimulul. where the wool is good
andelean, and free irom burs and dirt.
WOOLKN tKKl)8 of every description, con
stantly on hand, which we will exchange for
nrul. at niM thktrannot fail to satisfy those
give ns aeall. and at thesame time give you the
satisfaction of patronising
To the Patrons of the Steam Flouring
The Steam Mill Compsny having thoroughly
repnlrod their Flouring Mills are prepared to
aocomiuodate their customers dnlly.
J. W. KAMI) l,lj n w.,
In Vinton County, O.!
IN pursuance of proceedings under the stat
ute In such case made and provided, upon
the petition of the Trustees of Original survey,
ed Township Number Ten, of Range Number
Nineteen, in tne ixniniy or vinion aioresuiu
lotparu, I will onor sine on
Saturday, June 24th, 1871,
It. tha ttnnr nf 1 o'clock P. M.. of said dav. at
the doorof the Court House, in cam county, bi
not teas than the appraised value thereof the
following lands with the appurtenanoos, to-
Th. Vni naif of the Rnnthsst Quarter of
Section In, Town iu, itnnge iv; nppruineu at
llja per acre, ueiagriw.
. mm art St a VI.Ia. i
or TBI
The hnildlnrofthe Northern Paolflc RallrrMid
rhrnn Jnlv liut.l is be in ir dusIkh! furward with
grout energy from both extremities of the line.
Sirl tlxminnd men areeinuloved In Minne
and on the Pud do coast. The grade la
nearly oompieieu van nines wesiwaiu imm
Lake Superior i tralus are running over 130
miiamr finished road, and travk-laving is rap
idly nroKrcsaing toward the eastern bonier of
Dnkota. Including lis puroliaM of the 81. Paul
I'aclfle Itnsul, the Northern faelflo Company
hu 4l!t miles of comnlctod rosd. and bv
HeiiUtmlHtr uoxt this will oe Increased to at
least nUi , . . .
A Go4 IsiTaatasaat, Jay sjooae to.
are now selling and unhumtAtlngiy rocominenu,
a I'roOlaoie sum nenectiy nine investment,
the First Mortvave Land (Jrant Uold ltonils ol
the Northern Paolflc Kailroad Company. They
- M .A loin H..UAM Bn.l fTtlMIB.
Toniii. in mnL roM interest (more than R Der
eenl. currency) anu am Mcureii vy iimv bum
nnl inortinura On the BNTIHH KOAD AND ITS
eui'iphehtm, and also, as fast as the ltoad is
Mimnlfltivl. on
B3.0OO Aerea of Iaa w T"rT n". ol
uik. ur auu Aonisloreae.il slouu iiona. i nns
are exempt from U.S. Tax i rrlnnlpal and In
tiiniiit.ra navablo In Uiildi Denominations:
Coupons, l00 to 11,0001 Iteglsterod, lU0to10,.
lnda for Bonds. Northern PaclfloT-80-s
are at all times rwelvable at rag ria cxnt.
nova PAR, in exchange for the ('onimny's
Ianls, at Iholr lowest cah price. This rrmlers
them practically intbhesv biasiko land wab
Kinklns Fnmd. Thaprocaods of all sales
irTumU Mr a moiiTi'Ml to ba devoted to the re.
narchaM and oanonllation ol the First Mort-
trnge Bonds of the Company. The Land Grant
t lie IUnuI exrds Kilty Million Acres. This
Immense linking Fund will undoubtedly ran.
U.eprlnolpelof theCompany'a bonded debt
before It fails due. With their ample security
snd high ratsoriuterosi,tnereuBomorerBor.
EsesUMBsrlaii C, ft. FiTa-TwenUea-
Thesunoessoftlialfew liovemmenl Bperoenl.
Losn Will eompel the early surrender of United
HUtes por eenu. sian-f nniuers oi rive
Twmitlna are sow axchansrinr them lor North'
facile Meven-Thirtles, thas realising a
handaoroa proflt, and greatly Increasing their
yearly ianama. ...
QtliartsrOwritUa -AII marketableStoeks
Slid IToikU wlTTbe renelvwl at their hlgbent
current price lo exchange ror Northern riuitnc
Heven-Thlrtles, Exrsxss omasum on Money
IVmds raoetwi. and on Seven -Thirties sent
return, will be paid oy ins t inanciai Agents.
Full Iniormatton, maps, psnipnieta.eio,, can
obtained on application at any agency, or
from the undersigned.
rostuu f i v nnnw x rn
niiUDtira-iA, Niw Yori, Wassjnotoh,
Financial agents Northern Paclfle Railroad Co.
BANXB imuI BANXKB8 fniraUy OweughnU
A fur a thorough examination wa have an
oepted an agency for the sale of the above
ponds, recommend them to our customers snd
Ulead. Everybody. Read!
Lot the pooplo go to
.X. S. STRONG'S J32ru.gr Store
For anything in tho way of the finest quality of
Ohm, iilicis, lite U, Oils,
Together with a general assortment of
F NCY GOOD, & c, &c.
A beautiful stock of JEWELRY just recoivod, consisting of
Ladies,' Bracelets, Blackct , Rings, Oold Pieces,
WatoHes, efce.
We propose to sell these Goods Cheaper than the Chen vest. Give as
trial and see for yourself !
SFBING, 1871.
Wholesale Dealer la
i i ill
Paper and Small Wares and
Hosiery Large Stock, Suitablo for Spring Trado.
Handkerchiefs Put up in Attractive Styles and Chenp.
Perfumery Hair Oils and Fancy Soaps.
Shirt Fronts Wido Pleat, Embroiderod and Plain.
Nil spenders Adjustable and Prussia Braces.
Fish Hooks Cotton, Linen, Silk and Grass Lines.
Trimmings Tailors' and Dress Many New Patterns.
Blank Hooks As usual, Full Liine.
Paper French Notes nnd Envolopos to Match.
Spool Cotton At Agents Prices, and
That can be found in First-class Notion Jlousoit, sold at a small Advance
to prompt short time buyers, or for Cash in hand, a Cash discount allowed.
Har Decorations and Wall Paper Made a Speciality.
Oslllleeth. April 18, 1871.
:fo:r THE
In compliance with an Ant passed April H, IRT0, to provide for the tatter regulation ot tfio Re
ceipt, v.suursemuiit, nun ssiu-aeepinK oi me j nunc iicTunuo i
Bulanoo In Treannrv $ 8280 W
COUNTY rooii rum;:
Dalann-ln Tmssiiry 1088 HO
Balance In Tmasnrv ,. 601 SI
Baton In Trnannry 25 09
Balance In Treasury , 619
Balance InTmmtiirr , , WOO
Balance la Treasury II no
Set Balanoa UTreasnry.
1 1,718
WR. tha nnilarsfirnad, Treasurer and Auilltnr of Vinton County. Olifo.-do fmrnhr certify that
the foregoing Htateinont Is a trne Kxhlblt of tns Balances remaining hi the Tresaury of Vinton
county, belonging to each Fund, as appoars of roconl in the Amlltorvi OWe.
uiveniiniiurournaDua,viuciiiyliniimuay oi mny, n. i.pwi
Hay 8, 18Tt-w
.1. P. DUNKLK. Trensurnr Vinton Conntv.
IIKNHY KiiYNOI.DS,AiKlltor V hi ton Co.
OornsrMsirasiasoksoiBtrssts, MoArthr,0
Is manufacturing and selling
Cheapest, Simplest and Beit Machine
ia the Baricet.
fO OTHINO about It to get out of order. The
il KNIVKHareofthe bent Quality of BTEKL.
and readily aharppaitd.
Thcisu Miu'tilntis ran ba worked by a child.
Thvy are grent econimilsers of feed, nnd every
man wim mens suws rdouki iibtuuho,
lor Bay no other Machine I
ErerT Maohlna' wftrnsnted.
1 jjn snpsly the people during tho season
wit s the
KanmmdHaw iHatntu fir bvMtng, of tho
Iwst quality, ntl pur bushel Y qiiuntitlva
at proportionate ratos
Sweet Potato Planti.
I nan famish the peorila wltli ehnluo Ilsnts,
durliiK tlissfiwon, or until June 20tfi, nt
Plants shipped to order to any point la good
My rraldencK is one mils south of McArthur.
Call upon or aditrcns
Mivrch ri, 1B71-U: JlcVitliur, O.
What Effect a Railroad has
to a Town.
The population of New
Straitsville, Perry county, at
the present termini of the
Straitsville Branch of the Co
lumbus & Hocking Valley
Railroad, is GOO. The first
house was erected on the town
site in September last. A
school house and an Odd Fel
lows' Hall have since been
built, and a Catholic and
Methodist Church will soon be
erected. So much for having
a railio:d. What a changer
there would be in this town
even in one month after the
completion of tho GaWpoH,
McArtliur fc Columbus. Kail
road I
To Whiten Yellow Flannel.
Dr Artus tells u?, that flan
nel, which has become yellow
by use, may be whitened by
putting it for some time in a
solution of hard soap, to which
strong nmraonia has been nd
ded. The proportions he gives
m e one and n half pounds of
liard-curded soup, and two
thirds of a pound of strong
ammonia to fifty pounds of soft
water. The same object may
be obtained in a shorter time
by placing the garments for n
quarter of an hour in a weak
solution of bisulphate of soda,
to which a little hydrochloric
acid has been added.
To Clean Furniture.
Mix linseed oil, one quart;
gin or spirits of wine, half a
pint; vinegar, half a pint; but
ter of antimony, two ounces,
with half a pint of spirits of
turpentine. This mixture re
quires to be well shaken, before
it is wed. A little of it is then
to be poured upon a rubber,
which must be well applied tu
rtle surface of the furniture.
Several applications will be
necessary for new furniture, or
for such as has previously been
'French polished" or rubbed,
with bees-wax.
Two thousand active, un
principled Northern scoundrels
(State prison convicts preferr
ed), are wanted to travel
.1 t a- . '
tnrougn tne & uth, ecanng1,
robbing and murdering people
here and there, burning houses
and other property. Pay
prompt, and no particular dan
ger. These crimes to be charg
ed to the Ku-Klux, and paid
for by the Kepublicans, who
will then have something to
talk about while tbey are pass
ing bills to rob the people of
millions ot dollars and million
ot'acresof land belonging to
the public. For situations and
information, address U. &
Grant, President and breeder
of dogs, or B. F. Butler, spoon
thief and coward, Washiugton,
D. C.
Republican Opinion on the
Legal Tender Reversal.
[From the Nation.]
The present action of the
court ia to be deplored, (1) be
cause this sudden reversal ot a
former judgment, which hat!
been maturely considered after
full argument, will weaken
popular respect for all decis
ions of the court, including thi
last one : (2) because the valuer
of a judgment does not depend
on the number of judges who
concur in it, judges being
weighed, not counted, and be
cause the rehearing of a cause
in consequence of the number
of judges baring been increas
ed, ia peculiarly, and for obvi
ous reasons, ooicctionabie.
where the number is depend
ent on the will of the rery body
whose acts the court baa to ro
view, ana wnicu in mis very
case it is reviewing and
because the judges who have
been added to the bench since
the former decision are men
who were at the bar when that
decision was rendered, and
were interested professionally
and personally in having a dif
ferent decision, we. do not
mean to insinuate that this baa
effected their judgment, but
we do say that it is not enougu
for a judge to be pure ; ne musi
be likewise above iuspiciod;
that is, he must only be honest,
but must give no man any
reason for thinking bun otner
wise than honest
It is proposed to stock the
waters of the Delaware river
with fialppou.

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